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					Confidentiality and the limits of confidentiality

My focus of care is on you and your situation.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to my organisation. I will take every step to insure
that information entrusted to me will be treated with all the sensitivity and security that I am
capable of providing.

             What is confidential?

I will type up notes of the session after each session, these will be kept in accordance with the
Data Protection act (1998). These are purely to help me in my work with you, they are
disclosed to no one other than, and if necessary, to my clinical supervisor. These notes will be
securely stored.

  (a) Information that I may obtain from you in the course of our interactions will be treated
as confidential during and after our contract has finished.

  (b) Confidentiality applies to all information that could identify you: name, address,
biographical details, physical appearance, job, life history and experience, family and other

 What are the exceptions to our agreement?

In exceptional circumstances, where I am concerned for your wellbeing, or that of others, I
may find it necessary to seek help outside the Counselling relationship; I would always in the
first instance seek to gain your agreement to this. I would appreciate you telling me about any
medication you may be given and about any ‘other help’ you may receive during our
therapeutic engagement.

(a) If consent is given to me by you.

 (b) Preventing or lessening a serious and imminent threat to the life or health of a person,
including yourself.

(c) Preventing a child from the risk of harm either physical or psychological harm (Child
Protection Act, 1998).
(d) Reporting the commission, or preventing the likely commission, of an offence involving
violence or a threat of violence to another person. Also including damage or threats of
damage to property.

(e) Court subpoenas.

  All personal records are kept under lock, key, and password to insure your privacy. If you
wish to view your information then please apply in writing and you will receive a date when
you can expect the information. You can request to view any of your stored information at
any time (in accordance with the Privacy Act 1998).

I understand and agree to the Confidentiality Agreement.

       Client(s) Signature                                         Counsellors Signature

       Date                                                        Date

      Parent or Legal Guardian if a Minor


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