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Name:               Jean D'Eau                                                                                Semester: Winter 2011

Teaching                                                                        Preparation             Evaluation Feedback
Course              Assigned Hours        Type              Factor Attrib. Hrs. Addit. hrs. Class size % Essay          % Routine % Process Factor
SEN100                                  4 EB                    0.6        2.4                       35              60         40         0    0.024
SEN200                                  4N                      1.1        4.4                       33             100          0         0      0.03
SEN400                                  4 EA                  0.85         3.4                       50             100          0         0      0.03

                                    12.00                                  10.20          0.00
                                                 Preparation                                                  Evaluation Feedback
                                             From Article 11.01 D 1                                           From Article 11.01 E 1
                                            Type             Factor                                         Type            Factor
                    Established A           EA                  0.85   Essay or Project                     E                    0.030
                    Established B           EB                  0.60   Routine or Assisted                  R                    0.015
                    New                     N                   1.10   In-Process                           P                   0.0092
                    Repeat A                RA                  0.45   Maximums:
                    Repeat B                RB                  0.35   44 hours/week total workload; voluntary overtime [OT] to 47 hours
Continuous Intake   Special A /Est. A       SA1                 0.85   18 Teaching Contact Hours/week (20 non-post-sec.); 1 TCH OT max/week
& Self-learning     Special A/ Est. B       SA2                 0.60   4 different preparations
packages            Special A/ Rep. A       SA3                 0.45   6 different sections
Work Settings       Special B/ Est. A       SB1                 0.85   Minimums:
                    Special B/ Est. B       SB2                 0.60   6 hours/week complementary functions: 2 for routine administrative tasks, and
                    Special B/Rep. B        SB3                 0.35   4 for out-of-class help to students
Summary of Weekly Totals
Assigned Teaching Contact Hours                12.00
Preparation hours                              10.20
Evaluation Feedback Hours                      13.32
Complementary Hours Allowance (minimum 6)       6.00
Complementary Hours Assigned                    0.50        How to use this workbook:
Total Workload -see maximums/minimums at E29   42.02   1.  Enter data only in the blue spaces.
                                                       2.  Enter your name & semester in B3 and J3, & enter all assigned courses in A7 to
Complementary Hours Assigned                           3.  Enter the assigned teaching hours for each course in B7 to B15.
Description    Weekly Hours                            4.  Enter the preparation type for each course in C7 to C21. (See explanatory comm
Dept. Meetings               0.5                       5.  Enter additional preparation hours, if any, in F7 to F21.
                                                       6.  Enter class sizes in G7:G21.
                                                       7.  Enter the percentage for each type of evaluation for each course in H/I/J7 to H/
                                                       8.  Enter your assigned complementary functions in A48:A53, and hours in B48:B53,
                                                              B54 is reserved for union officers to enter their Teaching Contact Hours (TCH)
                                                       9. Once you have entered the data that reflects your real workload, you can compare
Union Release (TCH)               0                          your supervisor issued to you. Contact a WMG rep or steward if you have any c
Total                           0.5                    10. Click on "File" and "Save As" and create an appropriate file name, if you wish to
                                                       11. Place your cursor over boxes with small red flags for more information.
             Complementary Hrs.
Attrib. Hrs. Allowance Assigned

    13.32       6.00       0.50
assigned courses in A7 to A21, replacing the existing data.

1. (See explanatory comments in C26 to C36.)

 ch course in H/I/J7 to H/I/J21. (See notes in E26.)
53, and hours in B48:B53, replacing the existing data.
hing Contact Hours (TCH) of release time.
orkload, you can compare the results with the SWF
r steward if you have any concerns!
e file name, if you wish to keep this file.
 more information.

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