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BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED _A Govt. of India Enterprises


									                                 BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED
                                        (A Govt. of India Enterprises)
                                     O/o The Executive Engineer (Civil),
                            BSNL Civil Division, 1st Floor Old SDO (T) T.E. Building
                             Room No.- 19, Telephone Exchange compound, Patel Chowk,
                                             Durg (Chhattishgarh)
                                            Ph:( 0788)2322332 & 34

No.4(4)/2011/EE(C).BSNL/DRG/354                                    Durg Dated 04.08.2011


  Reference NIT No.23/CD/DURG/2011-12 dated 12.07.2011.

  The date of opening of tender for NIT No.23/CD/DURG/2011-12 dated 12.07.2011
  circulated vide this office letter No. 4(4) EE(C). BSNL/DRG/255 dated 12.07.2011 is hereby
  extended to dated 30.08.2011 due to administrative reasons, accordingly the last date of
  receipt of application and issue of tender form shall be 26.08.2011 & 27.08.2011
  respectively. All other terms & conditions shall remain unaltered. For detailed NIT & other
  particulars please log on to website or contact to O/0 EE(C)
  BSNL Civil Dision Durg on all working days.

                                                                Executive Engineer (C),
                                                                 BSNL Civil Division,

                                                                              Cont. - 2 -
                                            -   2    -

Copy to :-
    1. The Chief Engineer (C) BSNL Civil CG Zone, Raipur w.r.t. your office letter No.
       10(129)/2011-12/CE (C)/ BSNL/ CGZ/ RYP/ 299 Raipur dated 04.08.2011.
   2. The Superintending Engineer (C) BSNL Civil Circle, Raipur.
   3. Dy. GM. Telecom Factory. Hathkhoj, Bhilai.
   4. C.G.M. Telecom Factory, Ranital Chowk, Wright Town Jabalpur. (M.P.)
   5. The Ex.Engineer (C) BSNL Civil Division, Bilaspur/Raipur/Nagpur/Jabalpur I & II.
   6. The Executive Engineer, CPWD, Raipur/Nagpur/Bhopal.
   7 The E.E. State PWD (B&R), Divn.I/II Raipur/ Jagdalpur/
   8. The DRM, South East Central Railway, Raipur/Bilaspur.
   9 The Garrission Engineer, MES, Cantt area Jabalpur & /Nagpur .
   10 The Executive Engineer, Postal Civil Division, Bhopal.
   11 The EE AIR Civil Construction Wing, Bhopal.
   12 The AGM(Civil) Airports authority of India, Mana Airport, Raipur.
   13 The SDO(C) BSNL Civil Sub-Dn., Raipur-I, II, III, IV/ Durg /Jagdalpur / Bilaspur .I,II
       /Raigarh/ Ambikapur.
   14 The A.E.Postal Civil Sub-division, Raipur.
   15.The SDE(C) Technical Audit,O/O CE(C)BSNL Civil Zone , Raipur.
   16. The Contractors Association Office at Raipur / Bilaspur.
   17. All working contractors of Division (as per available list )by post (NIT copy)
   18. Accounts Officer BSNL, Civil,Division Raipur
   19. The JTO(P)/D`man(P),BSNL Civil Division Raipur/Durg .
   20. The Cashier , BSNL Civil Division Raipur
   21. Notice Board.

                                                            EXECUTIVE ENGINEER (C)
                                                           BSNL CIVIL DIVISION, DURG

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