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					                          Reston Raiders Hockey Club
                              Board of Directors Meeting

                         January 31, 2011 (February Meeting)

1. A quorum being present, Chris Kelly called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.
   Present were Board members Rene Shiohama, Kevin Burch, Kathleen Herrmann, Tony Pane,
   Aloysius Hogan, Katie Pieruccini, David Fishman, and Jeff Ivey.

2. The minutes from the January meeting were distributed and approved with correction to
   item #8.
   The minutes from the Special January meeting were distributed, revisions were requested.
   Rene will revise and redistribute.

3. President-Chris Kelly
        Club Ops – scheduling is in good shape; only 1 team is short 1.5 slots. Spring
          schedule is being reviewed with the rink manager.
        Spring Development team tryouts are scheduled for March.
        Spring IP program will be run – 3 sessions will be held in April (9, 16, 30).
        Rink manager reviewed several issues with Chris: U16 Blue – locker room has been
          left untidy and they have given staff a hard time. The coach has been informed.
          Pucks have been on the ice when the zamboni is out. Glass has been removed for
          Mite, and is not being replaced. Zamboni door on NHL rink – player stuck his stick
          through it, so temporary plastic has been put in place until permanent correction is
          made. Annex and party room availability for tryouts.
        Margie Weiss – Wednesday workout sessions are being offered.
        Domain registration has been completed for another 5 year period.
        Mini-net inserts – Chris would like to purchase four.
        2013 Nationals – Steve Winter offered, but Raiders have declined. 2012 Nationals
          will be at Ashburn (rather than at Reston).
        Coaches-Level 4 training will be held in September. Coaches will be reimbursed
          after attendance.
        Head Coach Contract – The BOD considered and debated a number of modifications
          to the Head Coach contract requested by Larry Roe. The BOD will offer Coach Roe a
          contract very similar to past contracts with a similar quantity of responsibilities and
          the same level of compensation.

4. Secretary-Rene Shiohama
        Spring Registration is underway. PW level is light.
        Spring Development team registration – will open on 2/3, coaches will be
           announced later.

5. Treasurer-Kathleen Herrmann
        The Club is in good financial standing.
        DSP refunds were processed.
        Tax return is done.
        Still owe half for the goalie program.
          Volunteer rebates are coming up – need names of 1 head coach, 2 assistant coaches
           and managers for each team.
          Treasurer will be stepping down at the end of her term this year.

6. HDB – Dave Fishman
       HDB was not held in January.
       CBHL: If anyone has a team that they want checked by the CBHL regarding the birth
          year ratios, they can forward the name to Mr. Fishman. Dave will request rosters
          for all teams from all Clubs.
       Coaches Selection Committee – will move forward with the committee.

7. Travel-Kevin Burch
        Coach evaluations will be going out soon.
        Player evaluations will be going out soon.

8. House-Tony Pane
       Playoffs – waiting to hear back from John Sherlock regarding schedule.

9. Equipment/Spring – Aloysius Hogan

10. Scheduling – Katie Pieruccini
        Playoff schedules will be posted soon.
        March tryouts are being reworked.

11. Initiation/ Special Events – Jeff Ivey
          New banners are in.
          Newsletter went out last week
          Larry was not at IP this past weekend.

12. Mr. Kelly moved that the meeting be adjourned at 9:55 p.m. The motion was seconded and
    approved by voice vote.

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