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                                                 Black                                2011
Sponsored by the Spokane NAACP
                                             Agenda Summit                    Black Agenda Summit

                                                                              Voices of the community are
                                                                              concerned about: education, jobs,
                                                                              politics, communication, legal
                                                                              services and social services

 We care
                                            Workshop Facilitators                   Let’s Make It Happen!
 This Black Agenda Summit is
 sponsored by the NAACP. The                                                   DATE:       July 30, 2011
 objective is to create a coalition   Session 1 -    Rev. Donnie Stone
 of organizations and concerned                      Robert Lloyd              PLACE:     Spokane Falls
                                                     James Wilburn
 citizens to address the critical
                                                     Dorothy Webster                      Community College
 issues of today, which negatively
 impacts the African American                                                  TIME:      9 – 5 PM
                                      Sessions 2 -   Dr. Roberta Wilburn
 community. We encourage you                         Rev. Jimmy Pierce
 to help us bridge the gaps that                     Evelyn Anderton
 exist in our community so that                      James Wilburn
 we can together climb the ladder
 of success.

                                          Spokane Falls Community College
                                         3410 West Fort George Wright Drive       Building a better and
                                                Spokane, WA 99224
                                                                                  stronger community
                                           Please email any inquiries to:
                                                  Committee Workshop Sessions

                                                                                                             Session 2
                                                                   Session 1
                                                                                                        SOCIAL SERVICES
                                                                                                             Health care
                                                       Protest against building of prisons
                                                                                                        Senior citizen support
          This Summit will form a                      Lack of jobs for convicted felonies
                                                                                                            Youth support
            solid and enhanced
                                                         Lack of jobs in the community
       African American community.                                                                         EDUCATION
                                                             Economic development
                                                                                                   Create/establish & maintain good
                                                             COMMUNICATION                     relationships/programs with the Spokane
How it began                                            Lack of Black media access (i.e.
                                                                                                        Public School Districts

February 21, 2011 the NAACP hosted a                      internet, newspaper & TV)              Provide more support to our children
forum “LET’S TALK”. The focused issues                  How to support or provide more       Encourage/influence more parent involvement
were education, jobs and police abuse. It was                 cultural exposure
recommended (as African Americans) that                                                                 LEGAL SERVICES
we, must bridge the gaps that exist in our                        POLITICS
                                                                                                            Police abuse
community. After the NAACP assessed the               Government awareness (City, County,
concerns expressed at the forum, together                  State and Federal Level)                    Civil and Human Rights
with other concerned African American                                                                  Access to legal support
                                                               Global involvement
individuals and organizations it was decided
that the next step would be to create a Black
Agenda. The format to create this agenda                                                           We hope by the conclusion of
would begin by uniting the African American                                                        the workshops we will have
community in a day of work sessions                                                                assembled a coalition of strong,
developing solutions and a plan of action that                                                     enthusiastic and influential
                                                                                                   community organizers willing to
strengthens us. One of the most important
                                                                                                   work on implementing plans
goals we want to accomplish from this
                                                                                                   that identify positive and
summit is a coalition of organizations that are                                                    effective solutions to improve
willing to work on resolving the issues in our                                                     the quality of our lives.

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