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         My Taco, where my taco is your taco
By Sabrina Ketel
Feature Associate
                                                  atmosphere. Painted with bright colors and
                                                  hung with festive gourds and vivid paintings,
                                                  My Taco puts you in a beachside restaurant in
    These days, it seems like there are only      Enseñada, sipping horchata and enjoying the
ever two types of Mexican food—greasy, pre-       lively ambiance.                                                                                      Many sailors used to wear
cooked fast food or over-priced, unauthentic          The restaurant even boasts a couple claims                                                        gold earrings so that they
sit-down meals. But for those looking for a       to fame—pictures of the Black Eyed Peas                                                              could afford a proper burial
healthy medium between Taco Bell and Aca-         hang proudly on the walls. If and                                                              when they died!
pulco, My Taco comes to the rescue.               Fergie eat here, then clearly so should you.
    Nuzzled between Super Panda China             But as good as My Taco is to black eyed peas,
Buffet and an education center, My Taco is        it’s even better to students—for those night                                                           The Nobel Prize resulted
Mexican-food-heaven on earth, specifically        owls who find their stomach rumbling while                                                               from a late change in
located on the corner of York and Garvanza        in the midst of cramming for tomorrow’s                                                             the will of Alfred Nobel, who
in Highland Park. The home of carne asada         Econ test, My Taco reopens from midnight to                                                           did not want to be remem-
fries, lamb tacos and amazing enchiladas, My      two o’ clock just to make those after-hour taco                                                        bered after his death as a
Taco offers what seems like infinite options—     runs possible.                                                                                       propagator of violence - he
each more delicious than the last.                    While there may only have been two types                                                              invented dynamite!
    But what sets My Taco apart is more than      of Mexican food before, My Taco is adding a
just the barbacoa beef or the delicious Agua      third: cheap, delicious, and authentic. To go,
                                                                                                                                                      Turkeys have heart attacks.
del Día—never a disappointment—it’s the           or not to go—it’s not even a question.
                                                                                                                                                      When the Air Force was con-
                                                                                                                                         Sam Gurley   ducting test runs and break-

 Shutter Island doesn’t disappoint
                                                                                                                                                      ing the sound barrier, fields
                                                                                                                                                      of turkeys would drop dead.

                                                                                                                                                      King George III was declared
                                                                                                                                                        violently insane in 1811,
By Jim Wood                                                                                            the two to create a unique sense of               9 years before he died!
Staff Writer                                                                                           tension throughout the film.
                                                                                                           One of the largest problems with
                                                                                                                                                      There’s no word for “Yester-
    While The Hurt Locker and Avatar                                                                   the movie is that it has a running time
were the big names at the Academy                                                                      of 136 minutes. Fortunately, the music         day” in the Eskimo language.
Awards, the Gothic thriller Shutter Island                                                             and sound effects, combined with su-
has been making a big run at the box of-                                                               perb cinematography, make even the                   The magic word
fice. The film has already broken $100                                                                 blandest of scenes both captivating            “Abracadabra” was originally
million, and continues to be one of the                                                                and disturbing. In addition, DiCaprio          intended for curing hay fever!
top 5 weekly grossing films. The movie                                                                 delivers a stellar performance, fully
stars Leonardo DiCaprio and is directed                                                                capturing Daniels’ feelings of love,           The parachute was invented
by the masterful Martin Scorsese, direc-                                                               fear, confusion and insanity. The sup-            by DaVinci in 1515!
tor of The Departed and Taxi Driver.                                                                   porting cast, while not on DiCaprio’s
    The story is set in 1954, as U.S.                                                                  level, still does an excellent job of
Marshals Teddy Daniels (Leonardo Di-                                                                   furthering the story. Ben Kingsley             Chimps are the only animals
Caprio) and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo)                                                                  does a great portrayal of the chilling             that can recognize
arrive at Shutter Island, a high security                                                              head psychiatrist Dr. John Cawley,               themselves in a mirror!
prison for the criminally insane. Dan-                                         and Ruffalo backs up DiCaprio’s star
iels and his partner were sent to Shutter Director Martin Scorsese works with DiCaprio,                performance with a solid one of his                 Japan’s literacy rate
Island to search for the missing Rachel star of the mind-bending thriller.                             own.                                                  is almost 100% !
Solando, who was sent to Shutter Island                                                                    While Shutter Island isn’t Scors-
                                              Lehane’s book is influenced heavily by B-
after drowning her three children. During                                                       ese’s greatest work, it still is a classic thriller         It is illegal to be a
                                              movie mystery films and pulp, and Scorsese
the investigation, a troubled Daniels must                                                      that is a must-watch for fans of Scorsese or
                                              carries this feel over onto the big screen.                                                               prostitute in Siena, Italy,
also deal with the loss of his wife Dolores                                                     DiCaprio. If you’re looking for 2 hours of
                                              While it can be hard to mix the predictable                                                                if your name is Mary!
and the search for her killer.                                                                  heart-pounding, twisted drama, then Shutter
                                              aspects of Gothic mystery into a major mo-
    Shutter Island is based on Dennis Le-                                                       Island is the movie for you.
                                              tion picture, Scorsese flawlessly combines                                                               When Albert Einstein died,
hane’s best-selling novel of the same name.
                                                                                                                                                      his final words died with him.
                                                                                                                                                       The nurse at his side didn’t
                 Personality Profile: Hank Mehren                                                                                                          understand German!

By Kait Feldmann                          ter to the passionate pianist. “He’s     which only recently disbanded. So
Feature Editor                            the most musically talented person       far it’s been “just the two, nothing
                                          I’ve ever known,” says friend Oliver     else official,” says Mehren, though
    In this year’s talent show, a group   Kinnoin. When Hank plays, those          he does get together with fellow mu-
of students pulled together a modest      listening pray that he’ll find no rea-   sicians to play from time to time.
but musical group to sing “Home,”         son to stop.                                 On top of his talents as a skater
a cover of Edward Sharpe & The                And lucky for us, he doesn’t         and a musician, Mehren is also an
Magnetic Zeros. “We just did it for       plan to. Though Mehren tries not         artist. This year Mehren is taking
fun, it wasn’t anything serious, but      to think too far into the future, he     AP art, a class he’s been using to
in the end it turned out well.” Not       knows that he wants to go to a good      experiment with different mediums
only did it turn out well, it won third   music school to major in music com-      and concentrations. Recently he’s
place. The boy who was in it just for     position. “I want to compose music       been focusing on a unique style that
fun? That’s Hank. A boy who doesn’t       for commercials and movies,” says        he discovered, “I color in a sheet of
seem to realize the extremity of his      Mehren, who admits he’d also enjoy       paper and leave it in the rain, then
talents.                                  owning his own skateshop, “Just a        outline the rain splashes. You can
    Born in Hollywood and raised          small one in a small town, when I’m      still see where I wrote, so it creates a
in South Pasadena, Hank Mehren            old.”                                    cool effect.”
is one of those people you secretly           Mehren joined his first band in          On the weekend Mehren plays
would love to get to know. He’s been      8th grade, Wild Youth. In the couple     it low-key, skating, chilling with
playing piano for ten years, since        of years that Mehren took part, the      friends, and playing music. His life
his friend’s mom gave him his first       band played at Henry Fonda with          isn’t charted or graphed, he just
set of keys, which still reside in his    Midlake (an indie band), as well as      “goes with the flow as they say.” But
room today. Mehren started off self-      at the Roxy (twice), and performed       don’t mistake this for lack of moti-
taught, but was soon signed up for        shows on Sunset Strip. The youths’       vation. Mehren is inherently driven
weekly lessons, and learned fast.         biggest spotlight came in the form       by his own abilities—his passion to
And though Mehren recently at-            of a music recorder who took inter-      do what he loves, and what he is for-
tained his license, he remains loyal      est in the group, and arranged to fly    tunately talented at. “It’s just fun,”
to his trusty skateboard as his main      them out to Chicago to record a few      shrugs Mehren, “I don’t know. I
mode of transportation.                   songs.                                   don’t know why I do the things I do,
    One would never connect the               After Wild Youth, Mehren             I just do them. It feels nice to land a
half-shy skater with a charming stut-     formed a second, called Local Oak,       trick, and play a song.”                                                                           Sam Gurley

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