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LEARN-RCIT Workshops by ghkgkyyt


									                          LEARN-RÉCIT Workshops
                                        April 19, 2010
                                       Sheraton LAVAL
                                             8:45 – 3:45

              Hands-on, teacher centered, QEP-friendly workshops!
              Small groups, dynamic presenters and hot topics.

              Four workshops are available this year.

              Please note:
              1. There is a fee of $75 for all sessions except for Session 4 to help cover hotel costs.
                 The cheque must be received at LEARN by March 30th to confirm your
              2. Lunch is included as part of the fee.
              3. You must register online at before March 26th.

Session 1     Lesson Design made easy -- the IWB way
Fee $75       Presenters: Lisa Diner, Alain Phaneuf, Avi Spector, Michelle Fontaine, Bill Bedard,
              Caroline Dupuis, Shelley Longney & Ofra Aslan

Session 2     Media Literacy
Fee $75       Presenters: Tom Stenzel, Michel Luchs, Melanie Stonebanks & Claudine Turnbull

Session 3     EPearl, an ePortfolio as a Tool to Organize, Structure, Reflect and Grow
Fee $75       Presenters: Christiane Dufour & Susan van Gelder

Session 4     Taking it Global
Fee $35       Presenters: Katherine Walraven & Sara Hassan
Detailed      Lesson Design made easy -- the IWB way
descriptors   This workshop is designed for teachers who are already familiar with interactive
              whiteboards and use it in their practice.
Session 1
              Lesson design is a crucial component to the classroom delivery of curriculum. There are
              many models and tools available to help in the design of lessons, but not in integrating the
              Interactive Whiteboard with the QEP. The goal of this workshop is to give experienced
              IWB teachers of all subject areas an overview of lesson design as well as the time to
              network with other Interactive Whiteboard users and to begin developing individual lessons
              using Interactive Whiteboards as a pedagogical tool.

              Please feel free to bring your own laptop. We will not have the time to load software during
              the session so please ensure that you have the latest version of Notebook software (at least
              version 10.6) along with the Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.
            Media Literacy
            This hands-on workshop will address the Media Literacy and Production requirements of
Session 2   the secondary ELA program. Discover planning and creation strategies for media
            production in your classroom Learn how to use basic tools that come with your computer or
            are available for free on the Internet. Explore podcasting and enhanced slide shows. These
            media production techniques can be used to create powerful messages that can help you
            evaluate the development of competency in any subject area.

            Bring your own laptop and digital camera if you have one. Laptops and cameras will be
            available for those who don't.
            Mac requirements: iMovie and GarageBand
            PC requirements: MovieMaker and Audacity

            EPearl, an ePortfolio as a Tool to Organize, Structure, Reflect and Grow
            In this full-day, hands-on workshop, participants will engage in and reflect on the portfolio
            process while exploring EPearl, an on-line portfolio tool available in many Québec school
Session 3   boards. Through video excerpts of interviews, sharing by practitioners who use the tool,
            discussions and reflection, workshop participants will come away with a better
            understanding as to why portfolio is a powerful pedagogical tool and how it helps students
            become more aware of their thinking and learning. Current portfolio leaders, users and
            educators interested in developing a portfolio practice will find here the rationale for their
            portfolio practice as well as concrete ideas and tools to help make it happen in their schools
            and classes.

            Note: ePearl is a bilingual tool and the workshop will be given in both languages.
            This session is a hands-on workshop with laptop computers. Bring your own if you have
            one. Wireless capabilities required.

            Taking it Global - Take your Classroom Global!
            Come and spend a day learning about how you can become an active member of TIGed, an
            online community of globally minded educators from over 100 countries.
Session 4
            To get the most from this session, we recommend that you bring a partner from your school.

            LEARN will pay the membership for any school in the English community who wishes
            to join TIGed.

            Taking IT Global (TIG) operates the world’s most popular online community of young
            leaders. TIG members inspire each other to make a difference, learn about issues that
            matter, and find out how to constructively channel their energy and ideas. With a growing
            membership of close to 300,000 individuals in over 200 countries, the site,
            has reached 10 million youth since its launch in 2000.

            As TIG's vibrant global community has evolved, educators have sought to integrate its
            resources and focus on action-based learning into their teaching. This was made easier in
            2006 with the launch of the TakingITGlobal for Educators (TIGed) program. TIGed
            comprises a community of educators interested in empowering their students to think and
            act as world citizens, a collection of resources that facilitate the inclusion of global
            perspectives in the classroom, and a virtual classroom that allows students to use
            technology to learn with and about peers the world over.

                                        Come and LEARN with us!

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