Black_Holes by xiaoyounan


									Black Holes
   What is a black hole?

   A black hole is an infinitely dense object that
    occupies a single point in space. It is so dense
    that not even light can escape from them.

   Why is it impossible to escape from a black hole?

   It is impossible to escape from a black hole
    because its immense density warps space,
    creating a gravitational pull that not even light
    can ignore. Thus making it a black hole.
   If we can not see a black hole how do we know
    they exist?

   We know they exist because we can see the
    effects of a black hole. We can see the cosmic jets
    that they generate as well as the objects they pull

   What are cosmic jets?

   A cosmic jet is a release of matter from the are
    surrounding a black hole. Cosmic jets move at
    almost the speed of light. However how they move
    this fast isn’t really understood. It is believed that
    opposing magnetic fields play a key role
    How can something like a black hole be

Scientists aren’t entirely sure. Because the
  changes in the universe happen so slowly, we’re
  talking in hundred of thousands of years maybe
  more, the process that forms a black hole has
  yet to be observed. However it is believed that
  when a massive enough star explodes it will
  then implode and due to the unbelievable power
  of that implodsion the star will collapse into a
  black hole.
   Okay why should we study black holes?

    Well aside from curiosity and a pursuit of
    knowledge, black holes could prove
    instrumental in improving our
    understanding of gravity. The conditions
    that a black hole creates allows scientists
    a natural laboratory where they can test
    out their theorems. This is important
    because well computer models can aid
    scientists there is still nothing like the real
    thing. Which is what black holes provide.
   White Holes, what are they?

   White holes are the opposite of black holes.
    Matter is continuously pushed away from a white
    hole, instead of being pulled in. They have been
    predicted by as of yet no evidence has been

   Well if there’s no evidence, why have they been

   Mostly because of the fact that a similar
    mathematic equation describes electricity, gravity
    and magnetism. But so far only electricity and
    magnetism have been proven to be repulsive as
    well as attractive
    How are black holes and white holes
    related to wormholes?

   It is theoretically possible for a black hole
    and a white hole to ‘connect’ and form a
    gateway. However both would have to be
    spinning holes. Which further complicates
    matters as then both would have to be
    electromagnetically in sync. Also no white
    holes have been found as of yet. It is also
    believed that any gateway would be too
    small for a human to use.

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