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Most Excellent Prince Hall Grand Chapter Holy Royal Arch Masons by dffhrtcv3


									                     Most Excellent Prince Hall Grand Chapter
                  Holy Royal Arch Masons State of California Inc.
Most Excellent Grand High Priest                                 Right Excellent Grand Secretary
Vodhen G. Fucles                                                 John A. Richey
3615 Oak Knoll Blvd.                                             6306 Tooley St.
Oakland CA., 94605-4457                                          San Diego CA., 92114
(510) 568-0105                                                   (619) 262-5461
Fax: (510) 553-9461                                              Fax (619) 266-9404

To: Excellent High Priest, Kings Scribes, Past High Priest & Companions of all Subordinate
Chapters & Courts owing obedience to the Most Excellent Grand Chapter HRAM State of
California & Jurisdiction.

From: Most Excellent Grind High Priest Vodhen G. Fucles, Jr.

Subject: Grand High Priest Itinerary 2007\2008

Greetings: Companions and Heroines of Jericho

September 9            Prince Hall & Americanism Day                     Oakland, CA

September 12           Royal & Select Master Study Club                  Oakland, CA

September 19           HOJ Opening School                                Oakland, CA

October 4-7            United Supreme Council AASR S.J. USA              Jacksonville, FL

October 14             Royal & Select Master Study Club                  Oakland, CA

November 4             Royal & Select Master UD                          Oakland, CA


January 20             HOJ Workshop South                                Los Angeles, CA

February 16            MWGM Official Visit                               Oakland, CA

Feb 28- March 1        Council of Deliberation                           Fresno, CA

March 16               Palm Sunday Service                               Oakland, CA

March 23               Easter Sunrise Service                            Oakland, CA
March 29            Official Visit and Workshop            Fresno, CA

April 12            Council of Deliberation Workshop       North

April 20            Zerubbabel Day                         Hawaii

May 22 – 25         Desert Conference/Gala Day             Sacramento, CA

June 1              Jubilee Day                            Sacremento, CA

June 20 – 21        HOJ Grand Youth Palace                 Oakland, CA

June 22             Saint Johns Day                        Oakland, CA

June 26 – July 3    General Grand Conference               Boston, Mass

July 10-11          M.E.P.H.G.C HRAM Convocation           Ontario, CA

July 12             Knights Templar Grand Encampment       Ontario, CA

July 11 – 12        Pacific Prince Hall Grand Guild        Ontario, CA

July 10-12          Grand High Court Heroines of Jericho   Ontario, CA

July 14 – 16        MWPHGL Annual Session                  Ontario, CA

Copy to:

Most Worshipful Grand Master, Charles E. Tyner
RE Deputy Grand High Priest, Leo Williams
RE Grand King, John Aaron
RE Grand Scribe, Rufus Johnson
RE Grand Lecturer, John Fuller
Grand Worthy Matron, Jean W. Patrick
RW Grand Worthy Patron, Ernest M. Johnson
Most Ancient Grand Matron, Gerri G. Smith
Right Excellent Worthy Grand Joshua, William G. Palmer
Right Excellent Deputy Grand Joshua, C. John Jefferies
Right Eminent Grand Commander, Rollie J. Paul, Jr.
Grand Princess Captain, Helena Simpson
Deputy of the Desert Terrell A. Gray
Deputy of the Orient, Herby Price, Jr.

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