The search for the steam locomotive in its watery grave chugs on by alicejenny


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530-549-3340                                                                           January 20, 2011                                                                       Volume XII, Number 2

The search for the steam
 locomotive in its
watery grave chugs on
   By Sharyn Cornelius                                                The “J.G. Kellogg” locomotive,
                                                                    which toppled from a ferry into
                                                                    the Sacramento River in the 1890s, was built in 1866 and first served on the San Francisco and Alameda Railroad. It was rebuilt
    Shasta County historian Dottie Smith, of Palo Cedro, is         in 1872 and eventually purchased by the Terry Lumber Company which used it to haul lumber from Bella Vista to Anderson.
on a mission: to locate the steam locomotive that fell off
a ferry into the Sacramento River near the Deschutes Road
Bridge over 100 years ago and then to raise it from its wa-
tery grave. Though she and her supporters failed to find the
“J. G. Kellogg” on their first attempt last Saturday, Smith is
undaunted. “We’ll be back,” she said as the search ended.
“Finding something that’s been buried that long is bound to
be a process of trial and error.”
    Equipped with two important maps--one that showed the
location of the dredged channel which enabled the ferry to
float right up to the tracks of the Bella Vista/Anderson Rail
Line, and another that showed where divers had seen the en-
gine during construction of the modern bridge in the early
1970s--volunteers with metal detectors searched the shal-
lows and sandbars in line with that channel. Dave Freeman
Tom Wulfert, Dave Hartman and Tom Keefer, aided by Shas-
ta County Supervisor Les Baugh, donned waders and clam-
bered down the steep bank to the river’s edge where they
worked for over an hour hoping to hear the tell-tale whine
from their metal detectors that would indicate a sizeable ob-
ject beneath the surface. They concentrated their efforts on                                                Photos by Sharyn Cornelius
a triangular gravel bar at the mouth of Stillwater Creek that        Above: Tom Keefer and Dave Freeman search for signs
they believed could have formed around the sunken locomo-           of the locomotive J.G. Kellogg that fell off a ferry into the
                                                                    Sacramento River near the mouth of Stillwater Creek in the
tive.                                                               1890s.
    Meanwhile on the bridge above, Richard Moseman, the               Right: Keefer uses his metal detector along the side of
contractor whose divers had come upon the locomotive while          a gravel bar that searchers believe may have been formed
surveying the river bottom, was pointing out to Smith where         around and above the submerged locomotive.
they had said it was—in the deep water beyond the triangular            In an email dated Jan. 17, Smith writes “I am now
sandbar, out of reach for the volunteers in waders.                 100 percent certain [that the locomotive is still in the
    After the search ended, several people came forward with        river]. Saturday proved to be a very fruitful day. . . [We
additional information to stoke the fires of hope. One gentle-       gathered] more information and more positive sightings
man said he recalled seeing a photograph of the locomotive in       by at least four reliable and believable eye witnesses.
the river taken when it was briefly exposed during the severe        They all saw the locomotive back in the 70s and 80s and
drought in the late 1970s. And Shasta County Supervisor             all claim it’s in the same place without knowing where
Glenn Hawes called Smith to report he had personally seen it        the other witnesses saw it. We were close to it on Satur-
sticking up through the sand at that time. He described it in       day, but not quite close enough. . . . So now it’s time to
the same place Moseman had pointed out to her.                      regroup and organize another search.”

     4-H members’ mobile soup
                                                                                                             Jones Valley family lives home
     kitchen helps feed homeless
   By Sharyn Cornelius
                                                                                                                 foreclosure nightmare
                                                                                                              We’ve seen the headlines       their $2195 mortgage pay-        they would immediately owe
   Members of local 4-H                                                                                   in other papers over the past      ment to Washington Mutual        the whole amount of the
clubs have formed a mobile                                                                                three years noting that the        which was subsequently pur-      original mortgage payments
soup kitchen to provide a                                                                                 foreclosure rate in Shasta         chased by Chase.                 for as many months as it took
hot lunch for homeless peo-                                                                               County is one of the high-             Even after the recession     to process their application.
ple one day a month. On                                                                                   est in the state, but until last   started, Stacey says they were   “If we had known that, we
Monday, Jan. 17, a school                                                                                 week when we received an           never more than a month and      could have put some money
holiday, three members of                                                                                 email from a reader asking         a half behind on their pay-      aside,” she said.
the Twin Palms and Cow                                                                                    if we would tell her story so      ments, but in 2009 they re-          Believing that all they
Creek clubs—Dani Plake,                                                                                   that others might not fall into    ceived a letter from WaMu        needed to do to ensure their
Karah Harbuck, and Ruth                                                                                   the same trap, we did not          inviting them to participate     qualification for the perma-
Bailey--gathered in the                                                                                   have a personal connection         in a government sponsored        nent loan modification was
Millville kitchen of Adri-                                                                                to this nationwide problem.        loan modification program         to make their reduced pay-
enne Hulst, Cow Creek 4-H                                                                                 We are not using the family’s      called the “Making Home          ments on time, they did so
community leader, to cook                                                                                 real names to protect their        Affordable Program.” They        meticulously, and in April
up a batch of chili and bake                                                                              anonymity.                         decided to apply and were        of 2010 they received a let-
cornbread muffins. They                                                                                                                       put into a trial loan modifica-   ter saying they were in the
will also hand out bottled                                                                                   By Sharyn Cornelius             tion program in June of 2009.    final stages of qualifying.
water and canned peaches.                                                                                                                    Their payments dropped to        But on another front, things
   Hulst, who is also the                                                                                      Stacy and Paul Anderson       $1278 per month, and they        were not going well for them
goat project leader, had                                                                                  bought their Jones Valley          were told that as long as they   financially. Their eldest son,
to help one of her young                                                                                  area “dream house” in 2003,        made these lower payments        for whom they had co-signed
charges with a goat-birth-                                                                                and even though their well         on time, they would be put       several expensive purchases
ing emergency that morn-                                                                                  went dry for the first time a       into a permanent load modi-      including a vehicle, default-
ing, but she left the young                                                                               week after they moved in,          fication program once their       ed on his loans, and his cred-
cooks under the capable                                                                                   they were content to haul          application was processed        itors came after his parents.
supervision of her daugh-                                                                                 water every summer in or-          and approved.                        They decided to file for
ter Sierra, Twin Palms                                                                                    der to live in the beautiful           Stacey says that although    bankruptcy to get those cred-
community leader Lynette                                                                                  custom-built log house with        the trial plan agreement they    itors off their backs, but were
Plake, and mothers Heath-                                                                                 their three children. They         signed says “all of the origi-   careful not to place their
er Dyer and Jennifer Col-                                                                                 both worked—Paul as an             nal terms of your loan remain    home mortgage on the list of
lins.                                                                                                     auto mechanic and Stacey in        in full force and effect,” no    debts for which they sought
                                                                              Photo by Sharyn Cornelius
   As the girls poured                                                                                    various retail jobs—and un-        one warned them that if they     relief. The lawyer they con-
                                    Karah Harbuck stands on a step stool to stir one of the giant
cornbread batter into muf-         pots of chili she and her friends made to distribute to homeless       til the recession hit two years    were not approved for the        sulted did not advise them
          See 4 H members page 4   people later in the day                                                ago, they were able to make        permanent loan modification,                  See Foreclosure page2

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