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									Laurel School District
Accountability Rating
Year 2 of District Improvement
Schools Must Reach Targets Set by the
Delaware Department of Education: Adequate Yearly Progress
(Based on DSTP/DCAS Performance)

                                 Performance Targets to 2
                                                                                  100 100
    100                                                                     95
    90                                                          84     83
    80                                          73               75
                                   68    68                67
    70                62    62
          57    57                                   58
                                    50    50                                                Reading
                       41    41                                                             Math
    40     33    33
          2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
    How do we compare statewide?

 Rating                            Number          Districts

 Superior                          1               Sussex Tech

 Commendable                       0

 Academic Review                   10              Brandywine, Caesar Rodney, Cape
                                                   Henlopen, Delmar, Indian River, Lake
                                                   Forest, Milford, Polytech, Smyrna,
 Academic Progress                 3               Appoquinimink, Laurel, Red Clay

 Academic Watch                    5               Capital, Christina, Colonial, NCCVT,

Note: 2 districts statewide made Adequate Yearly Progress or “AYP”:
Sussex Tech and Polytech
  Laurel Schools
  Accountability History

Schools       2005       2006      2007        2008      2009        2010

  PL        Commend-   Academic   Commend    Academic   Academic   Commend-
Dunbar        able      Review      able      Review     Review      able
 North      Commend-   Commend-   Academic   Commend-   Academic   Academic
 Laurel       able       able      Review      able      Review     Review
  Laurel    Academic   Commend-   Commend    Academic   Yr. 1 SI    Yr. 2 SI
Intermed.    Review      able       -able     Review    Academic   Academic
  School                                                Progress   Progress
    Laurel Schools
    Accountability History

Laurel   Academic   Superior   Commen     Academic     Yr 1 SI     Yr. 2 SI
Middle    Review                dable      Review     Academic
School                                                 Watch
Laurel   Yr. 1 SI   Superior   Academic    Yr. 1 SI    Yr. 2 SI    Yr. 3 SI
 High                           Review    Academic    Academic    Corrective
School                                    Progress     Watch       Action
Laurel School District
Accountability History

   District            2006          2007        2008          2009             2010
 Gr. 3-5; Gr. 6-8;
      Gr. 10

      Laurel         Commendable   Commendable   Academic   Academic Watch     Academic
                                                  Review          UI           Progress
                                                             District Yr. 1        UI
                                                                              District Yr. 2
                                  SCHOOL RATINGS
                                     2009-2010 SY
     Paul Laurence Dunbar                        North Laurel Elementary
      Elementary School                                  School
Met AYP Target                               Below AYP Target 1 Year
Commendable                                  Under Review
                                              Not Under Improvement

    Laurel Intermediate                          Laurel Middle School
Below AYP Target 3 Years                     Below AYP Target 3 Years
Year 2 of School Improvement (Title I)       Year 2 of School Improvement (Non-Title I)
Consequences include Choice and SES          Consequences include revising
                                              improvement plan and grant application

       Laurel High School
Below AYP Target 4 Years                     Consequences include revising
Year 3 of School Improvement (Non-Title I)   improvement plan and grant application with
Corrective Action                            outside technical assistance; develop a
                                              corrective action plan and grant application
What happens when a district does not
reach AYP?

Year 1
• Develop and implement a District Improvement Plan

Year 2
•Evaluate and modify the District Improvement Plan
•Incorporate the District Improvement Plan into the
Consolidated Application
   What happens when a district does not
   reach AYP?

 Year 3 (Corrective Action)
 • Continue with activities outlined in Year 2
 • Develop a Corrective Action Plan

Note: No further consequences have been mandated
by DDOE at this time.
    What are we doing to improve
student achievement and reach AYP?
Using grant resources at the
classroom/student level:
Elementary Reading in grades K-6:
Title I and Title II funds provide 6 teachers above the state unit count for
elementary reading intervention, 5 FT paraprofessionals, and 2 PT
paraprofessionals for K-6 RTI Reading Programs
IDEA/Tuition provides a 3 and 4 year old pre-school program
Secondary Math in grades 7-10:
Title II funds provide 2 math intervention teachers above the unit count:
one at LMS and one at LHS
IDEA Part B Stimulus funds, provide 1 Special Educator above the unit
count in the LHS Math Intervention Lab
Using grant resources at the
classroom/student level:
Climate/Daily Attendance in grades K-6:
Providing an Inclement Weather Bus from November 29, 2010 through April 21
Implementing Positive Behavior Supports in all schools

Technology in Classrooms:
Smart Boards, Mimios, LCD Projectors, Digital Document Cameras, Responders
Assistive Technology Devices
Web based assessments and activities
Additional laptops/net books for student use
Instructional software: such as Success Maker, Cognitive Tutor,
Destiny Follette Library Management System
District level actions to improve student

Revising the Race to the Top grant application and the
District Success Plan
Re-aligning K-12 Curriculum
Completing Learning Focus Solutions training
Implementing Problem based Mathematics Programs
Expanding Response to Intervention to secondary schools
Building 21st Century Schools to support college and career
Building level actions to improve student
Paul Laurence Dunbar Elementary School:
Daily small group reading for 50 minutes with students
grouped by identified needs
Pupil Progress Reviews held every 6 weeks to discuss
student needs
“Double Dosed” reading
“Double Dosed” math after Thanksgiving break
Professional Learning Community time to score writing
prompts, identify areas of need in writing instruction and align
Building level actions to improve student

North Laurel Elementary School:
•Implementing RTI Reading Instruction in addition to Core Instruction
•Meeting regularly to analyze student performance results
•Providing Math Club after school extended learning time
•Implementing Learning Focused Strategies in every classroom
•Implementing Positive Behavior Supports
Building level actions to improve student

Laurel Intermediate School:
 Summer alignment of reading program and assessments to DE
Prioritized Standards
Weekly grade level lesson planning meetings and progress
monitoring for ELA
RTI Reading implementation
Additional instructional time in computer lab to access Learning
Points DCAS feature
Grade 6 fully implementing Connected Math Program
Supplemental Education Services/Bulldogs Bound for Success
After school tutorial program for parents to acquaint them with
Building level actions to improve student

Laurel Middle School:
LFS professional development at faculty mtgs. and PD days
Monthly data analyses around LFS walk throughs
 “Catching Kids Up” extra math time for struggling students
Complete instructional technology with teacher training
Independent reading projects
Building level actions to improve student

Laurel Senior High School:
Implementing Learning Focused Strategies focusing specifically on
student summarizing and writing to learn
Implementing Literacy (Content Area Reading) Strategies in every
classroom with strategies modeled at faculty meetings
Providing RTI “double dosed” math intervention in the Math Intervention
 Providing Academic Advisement in which every student is assigned to
an academic advisor to focus on college and career readiness
  How can our community help the
  district and its schools reach AYP?

•Encourage your child to do his or her very best on the
state assessments
•Attend school events and conferences regarding student
•Ensure children attend school regularly and on time
•Take advantage of after school academic programs
•Volunteer at your child’s school as a mentor or offer
assistance where needed
•Participate in parent/school organizations
•Participate in community meetings regarding the
upcoming planning for building new schools for the 21st

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