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									                                                                                       BILLING INTERFACE PROCESS
          STEPS                                                                                                        NAVIGATION

1         Agency Creates/Sends Billing Interface

2         Appworx picks file up.
    2a      File Format Passes - File moves to SWIFT Billing Staging Table
    2b.     File Format Fails- Response sent back to Agency, Repeat Step 1

3         Process Billing Interface                                                                                    Billing>Interface Transactions>Process Billing Interface
    3a      No Errors- Bills on Bill Entry Screen in RDY status
    3b      Errors- Fix Errors and repeat step 3

4         Run Single Action Invoice                                                                                    Billing>Generate Invoices>Non-Consolidated>Single Action Invoice
    4a      No Errors - Job will have "Success" on every job.
    4b      Errors- Fix Errors and repeat steop 4

5         Print/Extract PDF Invoice Files from Single Action Invoice Run Control(Process Monitor)                      Billing>Generate Invoices>Non-Consolidated>Single Action Invoice
                                                                                                                             Process Monitor: BIJOB03K>BICPJ00>BIPRNT00

6         Run AR Update (manually or wait for batch process)                                                           Accounts Receivable>Receivables Update>Request Receivables Update
    6a      Success- Invoice will now be items in AR
    6b      No Success- Invoices will be sitting in Pending Items, Correct errors and Repeat Step 6


          Journal Generator will need to run to get accounting entries into GL. (Batch Process)

          After AR Update is run successfully it may appear that accounting entries have been posted.
          They are just posted in the module sucessfully, not GL. To verify they have posted in GL successfully, you
          will see a Journal ID referenced.

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