How To Create Newsletters For Richer Investors

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					How To Create Newsletters For Richer Investors

Sometimes it pays to invest in a little newsletter printing to get at those richer investors. Some of those
higher economic potential partners typically need a good spread of information and special features for
them to realize that you are a real beneficial partner that is worth investing in. So in this special tutorial,
I will teach you how to create the best marketing newsletters for those richer investors. Just follow the
tips on newsletter printing and design below and there should be no trouble at all with your color
newsletter prints.

1. Adopt larger newsletter dimensions – For those richer investors and partners, the small type of letter
sized newsletter will not work. To impress them with your own marketing newsletters, you will want to
adopt larger newsletter dimensions. A 17 inch by 11 inch newsletter should be fine for most purposes.
This is big enough to be impressive and not small enough to look like an amateur print. So try to adopt
your color newsletter printing to these larger sized dimensions for a better and more respectable impact
to those rich investors and partners with your newsletters.

2. Use white glossy paper – While most people will print newsletters in those cheap gray paper just like
those broadsheets and tabloids, for special investor or client newsletters it is a must to use white glossy
paper. These kinds of paper materials that are similar to glossy paper in magazine printing helps add
that air of priority prints that look professional and very special. Most of those important readers should
be well impressed with the printing quality if they see this kind of paper, and more importantly they will
not throw those prints away immediately since they look expensive. So if your budget permits in
newsletter printing, try to use those white glossy paper.

3. Use high resolution full color professional images – When it comes to the images for your special
custom newsletters, you better try to give your full efforts in developing it. Use high resolution full color
professional images in your custom newsletters to make it look as impressive as it can be. A very clean,
colourful and vivid visual picture on your cover and inner pages will engage your important readers
easily and with a professional image composition, those readers should quickly respect your newsletters
as a professional print indeed. So try to have professionals handle your newsletter images whenever
possible to get the best and impressive results out of them.

4. Get a professional newsletter layout template – Of course, to make sure that your color newsletters
are design well, you might want to get a professional newsletter layout template. Instead of using the
newsletter templates built into your design software, you might want to go for those professional ones
that are free on the Internet. These more professional templates typically have some special features
that make them more noticeable and more readable than other standard newsletter templates. So try
to get these so that you can be more visible to those important and rich readers.

So those are the important pointers that you must remember when it comes to newsletter printing for
those rich investors. Your marketing newsletters should typically have all the features and tricks listed
above to maximize its impressive quality and get those marketing messages across in a respectable and
professional manner. Keep all these tips to heart and you should never get lost in this type of special
newsletter printing. Good Luck!

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