Lady Pirate Strength_ Speed_ and Agility Camp 2011 by ghkgkyyt


									         Camp Registration
                                                                           Lady Pirate
           Make Checks Payable to:
               Christie Parsley
                                                                         Strength, Speed,
                   1901 76th
               Lubbock TX 79423                                         and Agility Camp
CAMPERS NAME: ___________________                                              2011
ADDRESS: _______________________

EMAIL: _________________________

PARENT’S NAME: ___________________

DAYTIME PHONE: __________________

EMERGENCY CONTACT: ______________

We as parents or guardians of the above
named girl, hereby grant permission for her to
participate in the Lady Pirate Strength, Speed,
and Agility Camp and acknowledge the fact
that she is physically able to participate in camp
activities. We hereby release the camp and its
employees from all claims from injuries or
                                                                              Camp Schedule
illness which may be sustained by our daughter
                                                                                June 6th-9th
and authorize the director and her designee to
select hospital facilities and/or physician and                           Time: 6:00PM-8:00PM
                                                     Lubbock TX 79423
                                                     Christie Parsley

authorize treatment of the above named camper
                                                         1901 76th

on an emergancy basis in the event such
treatment becomes necessary whle attending the
                                                                              Camp Location
Lady Pirate Strength, Speed, and Agility Camp
                                                                         Lubbock-Cooper High School
                                                                                Front Gym

(Parent’s or Guardian’s Signature)     Date
      CAMP COST                          CAMP                                CAMP
        AND                          INFORMATION                           OVERVIEW
                                      Camp Directors
     Camp Participants                Christie Parsley
Girls entering 6th-9th Grade        Courtney Pesterfield

Camp Cost and Registration              Camp Staff                DATE:    June 6th-9th
    The cost for camp                 Lubbock-Cooper                       (Monday-Thursday)
  is $35 for each camper.           High School Coaches

                                                                  TIME:    6:00PM-8:00PM
       Camp Location
Lubbock-Cooper High School
         Front Gym                                                COST:    $35 for each camper
        16302 Loop 493
     Lubbock TX 79423
  806-863-7105 EXT. 5895 or                                       PLACE:   Lubbock-Cooper
         806-241-1830                                                      High School
                                        About the camp:                    Front Gym
                                    This camp is designed to               16302 Loop 493
                                   teach basic and advanced                Lubbock TX 79423
                                 principles of power, strength,            806-863-7105 EXT. 5895
                                   agility and speed. We will              or 806-241-1830
                               focus on individualized training
                                  leading to improvement in
                                  explosiveness, agility, and     PAYMENT:
   Can mail payment to:           speed needed for upcoming               Christie Parsley
      Christie Parsley                    sport seasons.                  1901 76th
         1901 76th                                                        Lubbock TX 79423
     Lubbock TX 79423

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