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                    RESEARCH BULLETIN - AUGUST 2011

                    Arts & Humanities Research Council
                    Digital R&D Fund for Arts and Culture – deadline 2nd September 2011.
                    is a partnership between the Arts Council England, the Arts &
                    Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and NESTA and aims to support
                    arts and cultural organisations across England to work with digital
                    technologies to expand their audience reach and engagement and/or
                    explore new business models.

                    Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative
                    Economy – call for expressions of interest – deadline 8th September
                    2011. Expressions of Interest are invited for a multidisciplinary
                    research centre that focuses on real research challenges in the creative
                    economy, relating to new digital technologies and issues of copyright
                    and new business models.

                    RCUK Global Uncertainties Leadership Fellows
Research Bulletin

                    Call for Expressions of Interest – The RCUK Global Uncertainties
                    Programme brings together the activities of the seven UK Research
                    Councils in response to global security challenges. The Programme
                    helps governments, businesses and societies to better predict, detect,
                    prevent and mitigate threats to security, focusing on six core areas:
                    ideologies and beliefs;
                            terrorism,
                            transnational organised crime;
                            cyber security,
                            threats to infrastructures
                            countering the proliferation of chemical biological, radiological
                             and nuclear (CBRN) weapons and technologies.
                    Applicants are expected to have an outstanding track record of
                    research and international acknowledgement of their scholarly
                    leadership. Deadline for Expression of Interest 28th September 2011.

                    BREAST CANCER CAMPAIGN
                    Breast Cancer Campaign funds innovative world-class research
                    throughout the UK and Ireland and has an annual research spend of
                    around £5m. In 2010, Campaign awarded 17 project grants, 11 pilot
                    grants, five PhD studentships and one scientific fellowship. Campaign
                    is now inviting applications for Pilot Grants to be awarded in November
                    2011. The closing date for applications is 9th September 2011.

                    EPILEPSY ACTION are offering Research Grants and a PhD
                    Studentships. Also available are small innovation grants, postgraduate
                    and travel bursaries. Deadline 7th October 2011.
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                    EPSRC - Latest Calls for Proposals:
                    Integrated Energy Storage Grand Challenges: Submission of Ideas
                    The Research Councils UK Energy Programme is seeking input from
                    stakeholder groups to help identify opportunities for Grand Challenges
                    in the area of Large Scale Integrated Energy Storage for Future Energy
                    Networks. Closing date 25th August 2011.

                    Integrated Energy Storage Grand Challenges Scoping Workshop –
                    Expression of Interest: The RCUK Energy Programme is holding a
                    scoping workshop on 7/8th September 2011 to develop areas for Grand
                    Challenges in Energy Networks. Closing date 10th August 2011.

                    EPSRC Fellowships - Applications for Fellowships at all levels are now
                    open. There is a new framework which removes closing dates and
                    eligibility requirements based on years of experience and establishes a
                    person specification against which applicants will be judged. No
                    closing date.
Research Bulletin

                    Research Council Follow-on-Fund – Invitation for Proposals: The
                    Follow-on-Fund helps researchers to bridge the ‘funding gap’ between
                    traditional research grants and commercial funding. Closing date 25th
                    August 2011.

                    Discipline Hopping in Information and Communications Technologies –
                    Opportunity for ICT researchers to pursue an immersive experience in
                    other disciplines and user environments. No closing date.

                    UK Data Service – Core – deadline for outline application 8th September
                    RCUK Global Uncertainties Leadership Fellows – deadline for
                    expressions of interest – 28th September 2011
                    Future Research Leaders – call for outline proposals – deadline 15th
                    September 2011
                    Rising Powers and Independent Funding – deadline 8th September 2011
                    for research grant proposals.
                    Active and Healthy Ageing Across the Life Course – deadline 3rd
                    October 2011.
                    International Partnership and Networking Scheme – deadline 12th
                    October 2011
                    ESRC-DFID Joint Scheme for Research on International Development
                    (Poverty Alleviation) Phase 2 Call 3 – deadline 27th September 2011.

                    The Leverhulme Trust – Research Programme Grants
                    Three themes for the award of Research Programme Grants have been
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                    announced for 2012. Each of these grants will be for sums of up to
                    £1,750,000 and will enable research of up to five years duration to be
                    conducted on a set of inter-linked projects lying within the over-
                    arching theme. The themes selected for the 2012 competition are:
                    Conspiracies, Patronage and Value. Deadline 11th January 2012.

                    Lister Institute Research Prizes 2012
                    Applications are invited from outstanding researchers in biomedical or
                    related biological sciences for its 2012 Research Prizes. Three awards
                    will be made on the basis of the originality, quality and potential
                    significance of the research. Deadline for applications - 2nd December

                    Royal Society
                    Early Career Fellowship Schemes – This scheme aims to provide
                    outstanding scientists who should have the potential to become
                    leaders in their chosen field, with the opportunity to build an
                    independent research career. Subjects covered are all areas of the life
Research Bulletin

                    and physical sciences, including engineering, but excluding clinical
                    medicine. – Deadline for applications 15th September 2011

                    Collaboration and Travel Schemes – International Exchanges – this
                    scheme is for scientists in the UK who want to undertake a
                    collaboration with scientists overseas through either one-off visit or
                    bilateral travel. Closing date for the China cost share round is 10th
                    October 2011. See website for details of other countries closing dates.

                    Technology Strategy Board
                    ‘Internet of Things’ Markets - The TSB has announced a £500,000
                    competition fund for studies that will determine how to give UK
                    industry and academia a competitive advantage in the emerging
                    markets. ‘Internet of Things’ decribes the trend for physical objects –
                    environments, buildings, vehicles, clothing, portable devices and other
                    objects – to have more and more information associated with them
                    and./or the ability to sense, communicate, network and produce new
                    information. It is estimated that the number of connected objects will
                    reach 50 billion by 2020, generating a potential worldwide added value
                    services market of £200 billion per year, requiring new business models,
                    applications and services to be developed across different sectors of
                    the economy.
                    Projects must be led by a single business and should involve
                    collaboration through sub-contracted partners. Businesses in all
                    sectors are eligible to apply.
                    Application deadline is 16th November 2011.

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