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									                Juris Doctor (JD)
Juris Doctor Asia   Your Postgraduate Professional Law Degree

                                                        Faculty of Law
                                  The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Table of
   Welcome                                    2

   Message from the Programme Director        3

   Vision and Mission of the Faculty of Law   4

   Overview of JD Programme                   5

   Programme Requirements                     6

   Study Scheme                               7

   Our Student Profile                         10

   The Learning Environment                   11

   Our International Academic Faculty         11

   International Exchange                     12

   Mooting                                    13

   Careers                                    14

   Entrance Requirements and How to Apply     15

   Tuition Fee                                16

   Scholarships                               16

   Continuing Education Fund                  16

   Contact Us                                 16
2   Welcome


              We are Hong Kong's most enterprising and dynamic Faculty of Law,
              located within one of Asia’s great teaching and research universities.
              The Faculty is innovative and responsive to the changing needs of the
              legal professions in the new century. We offer opportunities and
              challenges to talented people.

              Our Faculty is highly international in character, with professors and
              other teachers coming from seventeen different jurisdictions including
              Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Mainland China, Hong
              Kong, Taiwan and other parts of Asia. Upon joining the Juris Doctor
              Programme at CUHK, you will participate in a co-operative and
              innovative community dedicated to teaching, research, and
              international exchange bringing the best of China to the world and the
              best of the world to China.

              We will do everything possible to enrich your educational experience.
              We are confident that, together, we will form a professional
              partnership that will equip you to contribute to the development of
              Hong Kong’s community and the defence and advancement of the rule
              of law. Hong Kong needs and deserves individuals of your calibre to
              further its development and enable it to compete in an increasingly
              global environment.

              Join with us to explore this exciting and rewarding journey.

              Yours sincerely,

              Mike McConville (Professor)
              Simon F. S. Li Professor of Law and
              Founding Dean, Faculty of Law
                                                                                            Message from the Programme Director   3

    Message from the
    Programme Director

Hong Kong’s success, prosperity and freedom are largely dependent on the strength and autonomy of its
Common Law system, and on the skill and independence of the legal profession. This skill and independence
must rest upon a sound legal education which, in an open and complex society such as Hong Kong, demands not
only a solid grounding in the law’s rules, principles and values, but also a broader understanding of the
community within which the law operates.

It is this wider context which breathes life into the study and practice of law. This context embraces such fields
as economics, politics, science, commerce, culture, finance, language, history and government. In short legal
education should be an extension of a broader liberal education.

The Juris Doctor Programme at CUHK (‘Juris Doctor Asia’) builds upon the broad talent base of outstanding
graduates from non-law academic backgrounds. It provides those graduates with a first-class legal education,
equipping them for admission to the legal profession or for leadership roles in other professions and callings.
Our JD graduates are our gift to Hong Kong. We look forward to working together with you to achieve your goals
and to advance our global city.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Hall
Professor, Faculty of Law
Director, Juris Doctor Programme
4   Vision and Mission of the Faculty of Law

                                                    Vision and Mission
                                                    of the Faculty of Law

                                               Enriched by the intellectual and cultural heritage of its University and
                                               at the heart of the legal system, the Faculty of Law brings together
                                               common law and Chinese law with other great legal traditions and
                                               values to promote justice and safeguard the rule of law. An
                                               international family of research-led scholars creates a dynamic,
                                               flexible learning environment. Students are encouraged to develop a
                                               deep and critical understanding of legal theory and practice.
                                               Graduates will possess the intellectual skills and ethical values to
                                               enable them to become future leaders and better serve the needs of
                                               the community.

                                               Supported by world class research, the Faculty of Law provides a
                                               flexible, learner-centred environment in which students are actively
                                               engaged and prepared for distinction in the legal profession and for
                                               leadership roles in Hong Kong, China and internationally. The Faculty
                                               is building strong and enduring links with alumni and friends so that
                                               law students are educated and fully equipped for successful careers in
                                               the legal profession, government, business and industry.
                                                                                                Overview of JD Programme       5


Your postgraduate professional law degree

The Juris Doctor (JD) is a versatile postgraduate law degree leading
potentially to admission as barrister or solicitor in Hong Kong. It is also
perfectly suitable for the assumption of leadership roles in fields such as
commerce, finance, government, community service, law enforcement,
public administration, education, and the media. It is a respected and
internationally-recognised award conferred by many universities in leading    Colin Hung
                                                                              BSc (Wisconsin-Madison), JD (CUHK) candidate
jurisdictions abroad. All courses in the JD Programme at The Chinese          Training contract, K&L Gates 2011
University of Hong Kong (CUHK) are taught and assessed entirely in the
                                                                              Studying at the Juris Doctor Programme of
English language.                                                             CUHK is great fun and intellectually
                                                                              challenging. At the same time, the
                                                                              students here receive enormous support
The JD Programme at CUHK provides students with an                            from the Faculty. The quality of teaching
intellectually-enriching general education in law, while simultaneously       is excellent and the professors are all
                                                                              approachable and ready to respond to
permitting them to complete a wide range of challenging elective courses      questions raised by students. A wide range
in the common law, Chinese law, comparative law, international law, and       of courses is available for students to
                                                                              explore their interests and classes allow us
the law of trade, business and finance. All students entering the JD           to have a lot of interaction. The CUHK Juris
Programme will be encouraged to look behind the contemporary rules of         Doctor Programme provides exceptional
                                                                              legal education and equips students for
law to the values, purposes, and policies underlying them. Emphasis will      the challenges in their future legal career.
be placed on the acquisition of transferable skills and competencies rather
than on a simple identification of the existing rules.

An important feature of the JD Programme at CUHK is that it is entirely
postgraduate in both form and substance. Our JD students will not be
sharing classes with undergraduate students, but will often be joining
Master of Laws (LLM) and other postgraduate law students in stimulating
classes led by first-rate faculty at one of Asia’s premier research and        Carrilyn Lui
                                                                              BBA (CUHK), JD (CUHK) candidate
teaching universities. The JD Programme is formally classified as a Taught
Master’s Degree and it is not customary for JD graduates to use the title     Joining the JD Programme at CUHK was
                                                                              one of the wisest decisions of my life.
“Doctor”.                                                                     Besides having the chance to learn and
                                                                              work with the brightest people, I am also
                                                                              grateful for the high teaching quality and
With CUHK as its home, experienced and dedicated international                the excellent learning environment that
professors, a strong focus on students, and the teaching of law in context,   the school provides. My studies at CUHK
                                                                              have not only equipped me with
the JD Programme provides students with a rare opportunity for                professional legal knowledge, but also
professional and academic growth.                                             practical skills such as critical thinking and
                                                                              political and business awareness. These
                                                                              skills are equally useful in non-legal
The JD Programme at CUHK has already established itself as a leader in        careers. I look forward to applying my
                                                                              knowledge that I acquired here to better
professional legal education in Hong Kong and the East Asian region.          comprehend our society in the future!
6     Programme Requirements


                                                         The JD Programme consists of 72 units (i.e., the equivalent of 24 term-length
                                                         courses each worth 3 units). Students can enroll in full-time or part-time mode of
                                                         study. Full-time students can complete the Programme in as short as 24 months
                                                         (the normative study period) or as long as 48 months (the maximum study period)
                                                         while part-time students may complete the Programme in 42 months* (the
                                                         normative study period) or as long as 84 months (the maximum study period).

                                                         In order to graduate, students must complete four required courses (Legal
                                                         System; Jurisprudence; Legal Research, Analysis and Writing; The Individual, the
                                                         Community and the Law). This required component is designed to provide JD
                                                         students with the essential foundational knowledge and skills for a well-rounded
                                                         general legal education and a first-hand appreciation of the relationship between
                                                         the legal system and the broader community which it serves and regulates.
                                                         Moreover, all students must complete a mandatory research component by
                                                         undertaking either Independent Research or the more extensive Independent
                                                         Research Dissertation. This component conforms to the JD’s postgraduate status
                                                         and is aligned to the most respected JD programmes abroad. In completing the
                                                         research component, students should demonstrate a mastery of legal research
                                                         and writing and the capacity to think creatively about the law.

                                                         The Faculty of Law offers its own highly innovative Postgraduate Certificate in
                                                         Laws (PCLL) Programme. Students aspiring to admission as a barrister or solicitor
                                                         in Hong Kong must pursue elective courses which will enable them to apply for
                                                         admission into the PCLL Programme. These elective courses are also open to
                                                         students who do not plan to enter the PCLL.

    Jeffrey Kwok
    BBA (HKUST), JD (CUHK) candidate
                                                         All our JD students are able to choose elective courses from a wide range of
    Training Contract, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher &   intellectually stimulating and professionally enhancing offerings, thereby enabling
    Flom 2012
                                                         them to complete their degree requirements while achieving their own academic
    The JD Programme at CUHK has been a                  and professional goals.
    truly invigorating and rewarding
    experience. Faculty members are highly
    experienced and enthusiastic. The                    Most of the courses in the JD Programme are 3-unit courses. This means that
    curriculum is intensive yet comprehensive
    and practical. Classes are well-organised
                                                         students will have an average of 3 contact hours per week with teachers in that
    and opportunities such as mooting                    course. Finally, all students must meet the minimum cumulative GPA required by
    competitions and vacation placements are
    widely available. Also contributing to the           the University for postgraduate programmes and must fulfill the University’s IT
    dynamic learning environment is the                  Proficiency Test requirement before they can graduate.
    diverse student body that brings together
    distinguished individuals with unique
    backgrounds and work experiences. I have
    really enjoyed my time in this Programme;
    it is unquestionably a lot of hard work, but         * Part-time students may apply to accelerate their studies and complete the Programme in 36 months
    at the same time, a lot of fun!                        with the permission of the Graduate Council on the recommendation of the Faculty of Law.
                                                                                                                        Study Scheme   7

                                                                                     Charmine Cheung
                                                                                     BA (Boston), JD (CUHK), PCLL (CUHK),

     Study Scheme
                                                                                     LLM (Cambridge) candidate

                                                                                     The two years I spent studying the Juris Doctor
                                                                                     Programme at CUHK were not only focused on
                                                                                     teaching the black-letter law. The Faculty were
                                                                                     always supportive in student endeavours, both
                                                                                     academic and private. The professors and
Full-time                                                                            teaching staff sought to develop our critical
                                                                                     analysis and research methodology skills, which
                                                                                     later proved invaluable in my subsequent work
                                                                                     experience and my further studies in law.
Full-time students aiming to complete the JD Programme in the normative
study period of 24 months and to enter the PCLL Programme will need to
observe the following sequence of courses:

  Year 1
  Term One           •   Legal Research, Analysis and Writing
                     •   Legal System
                     •   Principles of Constitutional Law*
                     •   Principles of Contract*
                     •   Elective
  Term Two           •   Principles of Administrative Law*
                     •   Principles of Civil Procedure*
                     •   Principles of Tort*
                     •   Elective
                     •   Elective
  Summer Term        •   Jurisprudence
                     •   Elective

  Year 2
  Term One           •   Principles of Company Law*
                     •   Principles of Criminal Law*
                     •   Principles of Equity and Trusts*
                     •   Principles of Land Law*
                     •   Elective
  Term Two           •   Independent Research OR Independent Research Dissertation
                     •   Principles of Commercial Law*
                     •   Principles of Criminal Procedure*
                     •   Principles of Evidence*
                     •   Elective
  Summer Term        •   The Individual, the Community and the Law
                     •   Principles of Conveyancing*

* Required for admission to the PCLL Programme.
8     Study Scheme


                                              Part-time students aiming to complete the JD Programme in the normative
                                              study period of 42 months and to enter the PCLL Programme will need to
                                              observe the following sequence of courses:

                                                  Year 1
                                                  Term One           •   Legal Research, Analysis and Writing
                                                                     •   Legal System
                                                                     •   Principles of Contract*
                                                  Term Two           •   Principles of Civil Procedure*
                                                                     •   Principles of Tort*
                                                                     •   Elective
                                                  Summer Term        •   Jurisprudence

                                                  Year 2
                                                  Term One           •   Principles of Constitutional Law*
                                                                     •   Principles of Criminal Law*
                                                                     •   Elective
                                                  Term Two           •   Principles of Administrative Law*
                                                                     •   Principles of Criminal Procedure*
                                                                     •   Elective
                                                  Summer Term        •   The Individual, the Community and the Law

                                                  Year 3
                                                  Term One           •   Principles of Company Law*
                                                                     •   Principles of Equity and Trusts*
                                                                     •   Principles of Land Law*
                                                  Term Two           •   Principles of Commercial Law*
                                                                     •   Principles of Evidence*
                                                                     •   Elective
                                                  Summer Term        •   Principles of Conveyancing*

                                                  Year 4
                                                  Term One           •   Independent Research OR Independent Research Dissertation
Chen Li
                                                                     •   Elective
LLM (NYU) candidate
                                                                     •   Elective

The JD Programme has done many
wonderful things for me. It has made me
think more sharply, critically and            *    Required for admission to the PCLL Programme.
analytically. It has enabled me to
approach and solve new problems in ways
which will help me for the rest of my life.
The JD Programme is devoted to helping
students learn about Hong Kong law,
Chinese law and transnational law. I am
grateful for the incredible opportunities,
patient guidance and full support I
received as a JD student. The JD has
already opened many doors in my
continuing legal studies at premier
institutions in Asia and the United States.
                                                                                                                                           Study Scheme   9

Elective Courses*
•   Australian Constitutional Law                    • Copyright, Digital Subject Matter and                 •   Issues in Remedies
•   Business and the Law in Hong Kong                  Information Technology                                •   Issues in Tort
•   Canadian Constitutional Law                      • Crime and the Sanctioning Process                     •   Jessup International Law Moot
•   Chinese Accounting and Law                       • Dispute Resolution                                    •   Law and Literature
•   Chinese Banking Law                              • Dispute Resolution in China                           •   Law of International Business Transactions I
•   Chinese Civil Law                                • European Union Law                                    •   Law of International Business Transactions II
•   Chinese Civil Procedure Law                      • History, Culture, and the Law                         •   Legal System and Methods in China
•   Chinese Commercial Law                           • International and Comparative                         •   Mooting
•   Chinese Company Law                                Environmental Law                                     •   Non-Marine Insurance Law
•   Chinese Constitutional and Administrative Law    • International and Comparative Intellectual            •   Preferential Trade Agreements: Theory and
•   Chinese Contract Law                               Property Law                                              Practice
•   Chinese Economy and Law                          • International Commercial Dispute Resolution           •   Principles of Constructional Law
•   Chinese Environmental Law                        • International Economic Development and the            •   Principles of Corporate Crime and Social
•   Chinese Finance and Law                            Law                                                       Responsibility
•   Chinese Financial Law                            • International Economic Law Skills                     •   Principles of Employment Law
•   Chinese Foreign Trade and Investment Law         • International Economics                               •   Principles of Environmental Law
•   Chinese Intellectual Property Law                • International Finance and Accounting                  •   Principles of Family Law
•   Chinese Law Internship                           • International Financial and Banking Law               •   Principles of Intellectual Property
•   Chinese Politics and Law                         • International Investment Law Principles and           •   Principles of International Law
•   Chinese Practice on International Law              Practice                                              •   Principles of Mediation
•   Chinese Securities Regulation                    • International Legal Advocacy                          •   Principles of Remedies
•   Chinese Tax Law                                  • International Relations                               •   Principles of Revenue Law
•   Common Law: Globalization and Convergence        • International Taxation                                •   Principles of Securities Regulation
•   Common Law: Origins and Development              • Internship (non-credit bearing)                       •   Private International Law in China
•   Comparative Company Law                          • Interviewing and Counselling                          •   Property Law in China
•   Comparative Constitutional Law                   • Issues in Company Law                                 •   Refugee Clinical Legal Assistance Programme
•   Comparative Constitutional Traditions            • Issues in Contract                                    •   Secured Transactions and the Law
•   Comparative Contract Law                         • Issues in Criminal Law                                •   Shipping Law
•   Comparative Corporate Governance                 • Issues in Equity and Trusts                           •   The Law of Electronic Commerce
•   Comparative Legal Traditions                     • Issues in Human Rights                                •   Trans-national Legal Problems
•   Competition Law                                  • Issues in International Law                           •   World Trade Law
•   Conflict of Laws                                  • Issues in Land Law

* Courses on this list may be offered from time to time. The offering of an elective course in any
  term will depend on teacher availability and sufficient student interest.

                                                                                                                    Shek Ka Man, Camille
                                                                                                                    BSc (UCLA), JD (CUHK) candidate

                                                                                                                    Coming from a microbiology background, I
                                                                                                                    find the JD Programme at CUHK to be very
    Catherine Hau                                                                                                   educational and useful. Taught by
    BA (Cornell), JD (CUHK), PCLL (CUHK) candidate                                                                  highly-experienced and approachable
    Training contract, Slaughter and May 2011               Darwin Goei                                             faculty members, the Programme not only
                                                            BSE (Duke), MS (Stanford), JD (CUHK) candidate          equips its students with practical legal
     I believe the CUHK JD Programme provides                                                                       knowledge but also with the necessary
     a good transition for students who went to             Having trained and worked as an                         skill to solve problems logically in
     university overseas and now aim to                     electronic circuit designer, I first thought             deducing effective and innovative
     become a lawyer in Hong Kong. I gained                 that going to law school would be a big                 solutions. For that reason, I find the
     not only a solid foundation in doctrinal law           change. In fact, I have so far found                    Programme conducive to the growth of its
     but also a firm understanding of the                    studying law very similar to studying                   students regardless of their academic
     practical implications of the law. The                 engineering. Both require one to examine                background and future career endeavours.
     Programme also gave me the chance to                   the problem thoroughly, identify the
     participate in an international commercial             issues, and attack them one by one. In
     arbitration moot, which was a rewarding                addition to analytical skills, the CUHK JD
     experience.                                            Programme equips students with the
                                                            necessary writing and communication
                                                            skills, professional networks and, of
                                                            course, legal knowledge in order to
                                                            become successful legal professionals.
10    Our Student Profile

                                                                             Our Student Profile
                                                                     The JD Programme at CUHK is distinguished not only by the strength and global
                                                                     character of its academic faculty, but also by the quality and breadth of its
                                                                     student body.

                                                                     Admission to the JD Programme is highly competitive. Every year, around half
                                                                     of our students are admitted with an undergraduate degree awarded with first
                                                                     class honours, a doctorate, a master’s degree with distinction, or a bachelor’s
                                                                     degree with borderline first class honours (or equivalent). The remaining
                                                                     students are admitted with a strong second upper class degree or equivalent.
                                                                     Typically, about 60% of our students received one or more of their degrees
                                                                     outside Hong Kong, frequently at leading universities in North America, Europe
                                                                     and Australia. Our students’ academic backgrounds cover virtually all
                                                                     disciplines from accountancy to zoology. This mix of students significantly
                                                                     enriches the teaching and learning experience in the JD Programme.

Student Statistics for 2011/12 intake

                                    Banding of students admitted to the JD Programme

                                          Band 1 34%
                                          First Class Bachelor’s degree or PhD or equivalent

                                          Band 2 21%
                                          Borderline First Class Bachelor’s degree or distinction
                                          Master’s degree or equivalent
                                                                                                                        Geographic origins of Bachelor’s degree
                                          Band 3 45%
                                          Strong Second Upper Class Bachelor’s degree or credit
                                          Master’s degree or equivalent                                                      Hong Kong                                  39%
                                                                                                                             United States                              25%
                                                                                                                             Canada                                     12%
                                                                                                                             United Kingdom                             11%
                                                                                                                             Mainland China                             7%
                                                                                                                             Australia and New Zealand                  5%
                                      Range of discipline of Bachelor’s degree                                               Other parts of Asia                        1%

                                           Social Science                                      34%
                                           Arts                                                14%
                                           Business Administration                             14%
                                           Account / Finance                                   13%
                                           Pure Science                                        10%
                                           Computer / Engineering                              7%                       Career fields of students upon admission to the JD Programme
                                           Law / Legal related                                 6%
                                           Medicine / Health                                   2%                            General Business & Management              20%
                                                                                                                             Internship                                 16%
                                                                                                                             Others                                     13%
                                                                                                                             Education                                  13%
                                                                                                                             Finance / Banking                          12%
                                                                                                                             Public body / Law enforcement              6%
                                                                                                                             Account / Audit                            6%
Academic qualification upon admission to the JD Programme                                                                     Legal                                      5%
                                                                                                                             Computer / Engineering                     3%
                                                                                                                             Media                                      2%
                                                                                                                             Sales / Marketing                          2%
With Bachelor and other postgraduate degrees                                                                                 Medicine / Health                          2%
               (Masters and Doctoral degrees)

     With two or more Bachelor's degrees only         1%

                With a Bachelor's degree only                                                                     70%

                                                0%      10%        20%          30%        40%       50%   60%   70%
                                                                        The Learning Environment • Our International Academic Faculty   11

    The Learning Environment
Graduate Law Centre

All JD courses are delivered in the CUHK Graduate Law Centre, located in Hong Kong's central business district at 2/F,
Bank of America Tower, Central. Teaching facilities in the Graduate Law Centre include the Warren Chan Moot Court,
lecture theatres and breakout rooms. All the rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities which provide an
ideal environment for learning. In addition, there is also a Legal Resources Centre, the computer laboratory and a
student common area with computer stations to serve all postgraduate students undertaking their studies at the
Graduate Law Centre. Students in the JD Programme also have access to all facilities on the main CUHK campus at
Shatin on the same basis as other postgraduate students of the University.

    Our International Academic Faculty
The Faculty has a strong team of experienced academic staff from various jurisdictions from around the world. Aiming
to provide leadership in teaching, learning and research, our teaching staff are committed to educating students in the
law through innovative teaching approaches and by drawing on their diverse research and professional experience in
numerous jurisdictions.
12     International Exchange


                                                                                          Exchanges give you the opportunity to travel to new places, to meet
                                                                                          new people, to experience new cultures, to learn new subjects, to
                                                                                          refresh your mind, and to impress future employers.

                                                                                          Credits earned abroad may be transferred back to count towards
                                                                                          your degree requirements without affecting your grades. In addition
                                                                                          to university-wide exchanges, which cover more than two hundred
                                                                                          destinations, there are also faculty-based exchanges whereby
                                                                                          students can go to the Melbourne Law School of University of
                                                                                          Melbourne (Australia), Washington College of Law of American
                                                                                          University (Washington DC, USA), Benjamin N. Cardozo School of
                                                                                          Law of Yeshiva University (New York, USA), Faculty of Law of
                                                                                          University of Auckland (New Zealand), and Faculty of Law of
                                                                                          Maastricht University (Netherlands).

                                                                                          Further information about destinations, funding, and credit transfer
                                                                                          is available on the Faculty of Law website.

Luk Ching Ping, Theresa
BSc (Hons) (Toronto), JD (CUHK) candidate
Training contract, Deacons 2012

Studying in CUHK’s JD Programme has gone a long way in preparing my legal career. Not only has
the academically challenging programme enhanced my critical thinking skills, the wide variety of
courses has also broadened my perspectives on the law. The teaching is done from a practical
perspective and the Programme has provided me with all the legal skills that I need in order to
thrive. In addition to the resourceful professors, the diversity of the student body has also fostered
an innovative and stimulating learning environment in which I can take part. My experience at
CUHK has truly been fruitful.

                                            Ho Yue Ho, Justin
                                            BA (Tufts), JD (CUHK), BCL (Dist) (Oxford), LLM (Harvard) candidate

                                            The JD Programme gave me a very useful introduction and foundation to core substantive law topics. More importantly however, the
                                            Programme taught me to think and speak like a lawyer; the problem-solving skills and ability to construct logical, coherent arguments
                                            which were introduced to me at CUHK continue to be extremely useful to me today. Additionally, the opportunity to represent the
                                            Faculty as an oralist in international moot competitions has been invaluable in training me to respond to difficult questions put to me
                                            in argument with level-headed, precise answers.
                                                                                                                                                                  Mooting        13

                                                                         Moot team preparing their case


In mooting, law students present written and oral arguments on a
hypothetical legal case in a courtroom simulation. Mooting gives students
                                                                                                                                      Siu Tsz Him, Patrick
a taste of life as a lawyer presenting a client's case in court. In recent years,                                                     BA (Oxford), JD (CUHK), PCLL (CUHK) candidate
JD students have participated in internal, local and international mooting                                                            Pupil barrister, Des Voeux Chambers, Hong Kong

competitions. They have successfully represented Hong Kong at
competitions in Austria, India, USA and Vietnam.                                                                                      While I was a Juris Doctor student at
                                                                                                                                      CUHK, I was fascinated by the extensive
                                                                                                                                      learning opportunities. In particular, the
                                                                                                                                      Law Faculty is supportive of students'
The Faculty of Law fully encourages the participation of JD students in                                                               participation in mooting and CUHK is
mooting competitions. Participation will count as course credits towards                                                              indeed gaining recognition as a mooting
                                                                                                                                      power house. I keenly took part in
degree completion. For each moot a professor advises the team and                                                                     international mooting competitions when I
                                                                                                                                      was in both the JD and PCLL programmes.
supervises their preparation. Practice moots also take place in the                                                                   The Faculty gave me considerable
Graduate Law Centre's state-of-the art Moot Court.                                                                                    guidance, through which I sharpened my
                                                                                                                                      advocacy skills.

The Faculty of Law has enjoyed great success in both local and
international mooting competitions. For example, teams from CUHK
recently won the prize for best written argument at the Philip C. Jessup
International Moot Court Competition, the best written argument at the
Red Cross Humanitarian Law Moot, and prizes for outstanding advocacy in
the Vis Commercial Arbitration Moot and the Philip C. Jessup International
Moot Court Competition.

                                                                                                                                             Nancie Zhu
                                                                                                            BA (Hons) (HKU), JD (CUHK), PCLL (CUHK) candidate
                                                                                                  Training Contract, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom 2011

 The CUHK JD Programme has without doubt given me a great foundation for my career in law. The ever knowledgeable and approachable professors
 and teachers, the facilities and convenient location of the Graduate Law Centre amongst all the major law firms, made for a comfortable experience.
    There was a professionalism about the whole programme which put me in the right frame of mind from day one. The broad range of courses and
     activities, such as mooting competitions, combined with the added incentives of the scholarship prizes, really kept me focused to achieve the best
                                                                                grades and secure a training contract at a top international law firm.
14    Careers


            The Faculty runs a careers advice programme which supports students by informing them about the range of
            careers available to law graduates, and preparing them to develop the skills and attributes that will enable them
            to meet their personal career goals.


            The Faculty helps students explore career opportunities in several ways. First the Faculty’s Virtual Careers
            Resource Centre is a unique on-line resource that serves as a contact point for employers, teaching faculty and
            students. The Centre contains information about employers and advice on applying for jobs and preparing for

            In addition, the Faculty regularly invites guest speakers to talk about careers in the legal profession and in other
            areas in which students are interested. Members of the Faculty’s academic staff are also willing to offer
            guidance. Between them they have experience of legal practice and academia in Hong Kong and most other
            common law jurisdictions as well as continental Europe and the PRC.

            Many solicitors’ firms and barristers’ chambers invite our JD students to social events at which they can meet
            practising lawyers and find out more about their work and working environment.

                                                          Personal Preparation

                                                          Once students have identified their career goals, they must consider how to
                                                          meet them. The Faculty runs workshops on writing job applications and
                                                          attending interviews. These workshops give students practical advice and the
                                                          opportunity to develop the skills and attributes for which employers are

     Tania Tse
     BA (Brown), JD (CUHK), PCLL (HKU) candidate
     Training contract, Clifford Chance 2011

     The JD Programme is an intense and enriching experience. The
     diverse backgrounds of the teaching faculty and students make
     the learning environment all the more exciting. Students are
     given the opportunity to learn and develop the skills expected of
     future lawyers through a variety of law courses, complemented
     with self-studying and research. Also to be found is a
     constructive and meaningful dialogue between the Faculty and
     the students. Being able to balance the workload of the JD
     Programme, participation in extra-curricular activities and the         Joseph Wong
     enticements of city life with my JD friends have definitely made         BBA (HKUST), MPhil (CityU), JD (CUHK) candidate
     my JD experience a very rewarding one.                                  Training Contract, Herbert Smith LLP 2012

                                                                             The JD Programme is demanding but also rewarding. I am exposed to the virtues
                                                                             and rigours of the common law system in Hong Kong. It was difficult starting from
                                                                             scratch in the law, but our professors have made it manageable by being
                                                                             supportive and dedicated in their teaching. I believe what makes the JD Programme
                                                                             special is the focus on preparing students for the challenges of professional life. I
                                                                             am also involved in two mooting competitions. Mooting is an invaluable experience
                                                                             because you experience the life of a solicitor and a barrister in just a few months.
                                                                                          Entrance Requirements and How to Apply   15

    Entrance Requirements and
    How to Apply

Applicants for admission to the JD Programme must have:
(I) graduated from a recognised university and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in a non-law subject or a law degree from a
      non-common law jurisdiction, normally with honours not lower than Second Class; or
(II) graduated from an honours programme of a recognised university with a Bachelor’s degree in a non-law subject or
      a law degree from a non-common law jurisdiction, normally achieving an average grade of not lower than “B” in
      undergraduate courses; or
(III) completed a course of study in a tertiary educational institution and obtained professional or similar qualifications
      equivalent to an honours degree.

Students may apply for admission to the JD Programme before having completed a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)
provided they are in the final year of study for a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent). In these cases any offer made will be
subject to the conditions that all requirements for graduation in the Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and for admission
to the JD Programme are satisfied prior to commencing the JD Programme.

Applicants must also satisfy the English Language Proficiency Requirement by:
•   possessing a Bachelor’s degree obtained by completing a programme of study in Hong Kong or an English-speaking
    country, or which was taught primarily in the English language; or
•   achieving a result of Band 7.5 or better in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), which result
    was obtained not more than two years prior to the date of applying to join the JD Programme; or
•   achieving a result of 600 (Paper Based Test), or 100 (Internet Based Test) or better in the Test of English as a Foreign
    Language (TOEFL), which result was obtained not more than two years prior to the date of applying to join the JD
    Programme; or
•   providing alternative evidence of English proficiency equivalent to one of the preceding measures.

How to Apply

Applicants should make their applications via the Internet on the Graduate School webpage:
Please follow the instructions to submit an application for admission. Applicants must read the “notes for online application”
on the Graduate School webpage before submitting an application via the Internet.

There is a non-refundable application fee of HK$180.

Application Deadline

29 February 2012 (first round)
13 April 2012 (second round)
Applications will be processed on a rolling basis until all places have been filled. Therefore, early applications are
strongly encouraged.
Applications submitted after 13 April 2012 may be considered, subject to the availability of places.
16      Tuition Fee • Scholarships • Continuing Education Fund • Contact Us

                                                                               Tuition Fee*
                                                                           HK$4,000 per unit for a total of 72 units within the normative study period
                                                                           *   Subject to annual review

                                                                           There will be a limited number of scholarships and prizes for JD students.
                                                                           For details please visit <>.

                                                                               Education Fund
                                                                           Thirteen postgraduate courses offered by the Faculty have been included
                                                                           in the list of reimbursable courses for the Continuing Education Fund (CEF)
                                                                           purposes. For details regarding CEF please refer to the website:

     Lau Ting Ting, Bonnie

                                                                               Contact Us
     BS (Dist) (Penn State), MBA (Dist) (HKU), JD (CUHK) candidate
     Training Contract, Baker & McKenzie 2012

     The CUHK JD experience has been really
     enjoyable. Classes are taught by passionate                           Telephone:   (852) 3943-4310
     professors and the discussions amongst
     students are intellectually enlightening. Because                     Fax:         (852) 2994-2505
     of the unique feature of the JD being a second                        Website:
     degree, I am exposed to a range of different
     perspectives from my colleagues. This                                 E-mail:
     broadened my mind and would certainly help in
     my future career development. Furthermore,
     the professors not only focus on academic                             Address:     Faculty of Law
     theory, they also bring in practical experience
     from their profession and provide guidance on
                                                                                        6/F., Lee Shau Kee Building
     students’ professional development.                                                The Chinese University of Hong Kong
                                                                                        Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

                                  Talent Chen
                                  BASc (UBC), MSc (Stanford), JD (CUHK),
                                  PCLL (CUHK) candidate

                                  The JD Programme was a great challenge for me since it required lots of hard work, dedication and perseverance. However, it was also
                                  rewarding beyond my expectations. Having been an engineer in my earlier life, I was not really sure whether the study of law could further
                                  advance my career. Thanks to the continuous guidance and support of the Faculty, I soon discovered the treasure of legal knowledge and my
                                  passion for it. I believe the JD is the right step toward success and it has played a vital part in my career.

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