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					Curriculum Technology Demos at AEA - October 7
Educators encouraged to attend.
On Tuesday, October 7th five products that support the curriculum will be demonstrated at
Keystone AEA in Elkader by company sales staff. Each will present in a large group setting at a
designated time, and will be set up all day from 9;00 to 3:30 to exhibit their product, do mini-
presentations, answer questions, and provide information

The AEAs have negotiated discounted pricing for all these products, with savings ranging from
10% to over 50%. Now is a good time to investigate these products to see what they can do for
student achievement, and to decide whether your school wants to invest in any of them.
All teachers and administrators are invited and encouraged to come that day to see these
products. Feel free to come for the full day, or for a portion of the day, whatever your schedule
allows. Please register if you will be joining us for lunch (see below).

Curriculum Mapper                Large group presentation at 10:30 a.m. Rm D2
Online curriculum mapping program that promotes cooperation, collaboration and
communication between teachers, administrators and schools across the country. The
Curriculum Mapper™ is based on the model developed by Heidi Hayes Jacobs and presented in
her book, Mapping the Big Picture (1997, ASCD). To see an online demo, go to Access code is 47537675.

Plato Learning                     Large group presentation at 11:15 in Rm D2
PLATO Learning consists of over 5000 hours of K-12 online curriculum. Ranges from core
academic subjects, career and life skills, to interdisciplinary real-world projects. Reading First
and NCLB are addressed with complete curriculum and management tools. Provides examples of
implementation strategies. Over 40 years of experience. For more information go to > K-12

LUNCH 12:00-12:30, catered lunch sponsored by the vendors for those who register
EduTek Midwest                       Large group presentation at 12:30 in Rm D2
Classroom Performance System (CPS) allows for data driven instruction that combines
interaction, assessment, and a little entertainment through the use of a wireless response system,
blue response pads (clickers) and a receiver. Capabilities range from taking attendance,
conducting classroom opinion polls, checking comprehension and allowing for immediate review
if needed, to taking objective tests and scoring them. For more information go to

NCS Pearson                        Large group presentation at 1:15 in Rm D2
SuccessMaker, a standards based online curriculum for preK-8. Includes 6,000 hours of
research-based instruction (Stanford Univ) in the areas of reading/language arts, mathematics and
ESL/bilingual education. Over 30 years of experience. For more information go to
NovaNet, standards-based, interactive curriculum for grades 6-12, with thousands of hours of
instruction in basic skills, English, math, science, social studies, ESL, GED and more. Currently
used in over 2500 schools nationwide. Integrates assessment and student management. Over 30
years of experience For more information go to

To Register, go to:
Password is workshop
You will need your teacher number or social security
number, and the workshop number which is 61006.

For more information, contact Bev Brink at Keystone AEA.


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