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					Career Development Center

 2007-2008 Annual Report

 Office of Student Affairs
I.     Executive Summary

Facilities - The new Career Development Center renovation project, sporting approximately
5700 square feet, is done! To date, we have hosted over 200 guests during two open houses
designed to show off our new space, new staff and new services.

Office hours in each school/college have been established and maintained in an effort to create a
presence in the school/college and bring career services to our students in their on-campus home.

Staffing - One of the major infrastructure tasks for the new Career Development Center was to
recruit and hire new staff. During the Fall 2007 semester the Center grew from 3 to 12 staff. With
the hiring complete the start of the Spring 2008 semester marked the point at which the new
Career Development Center officially opened its doors, beginning the implementation the
awaited “hub and spoke” model of service delivery.

Technology - Effective July 1, 2007 the Career Development Center migrated to Symplicity, the
only career services management tool endorsed by the National Association of Colleges and
Employers. With this change we were able to help the Speed School Co-op Program and the
main University Career Development Center take a big step towards offering a single on-line
career management tool for our student and employer customers. To date part-time on and off
campus, federal work-study, internships, co-ops and full-time job postings of interest to all
majors are available on Symplicity. We are currently looking to add volunteer, community
service and “dental practices for sale” opportunities to our growing list of possibilities that
students can access in Symplicity.

Sporting a fresh new look, the Career Development Center released a new webpage with the start
of the Spring 2008 semester. Each page of information is designed to assist our student/alumni
customers with every step of their career development, give our faculty/staff customer’s quick
access to career information useful for their advisees, and our employer customers efficient
connections to our students and campus community. While we are off to a great start there is a lot
more work to do on the webpage.

Programming - With space and staff in place, Career Coaches began the delivery of programs
and services to students in their assigned school or college. In each college that means
establishing and maintaining in-college office hours, hosting a variety of career development
workshops and meeting with and beginning to establish working relationships with the
school/college staff and faculty. In addition, working with each college has also meant
developing and catering to a number of specific high need areas of focus.

In, Arts and Science our focus has been to assist students with career decision making, offering
100 plus MBTI and Strong Interest Inventories to date; regular office hours have been
established and maintained during the spring semester, and the delivery of a career development
workshop series in the Arts and Science physical space was provided.
In, Engineering our focus has been to assist with their Symplicity implementation, the
coordination of the first ever Engineering career fair, delivery of mock interviews for all students
preparing to coop, regular office hours have been established and maintained during the spring
semester, and the delivery of a career development workshop series in the School of Engineering
space was provided.

In Education, we assisted with the Education Career Fair, hosting a number of school districts
participating in on-campus recruiting, regular office hours have been established and maintained
during the spring semester, and the delivery of a career development workshop series in the
School of Education space was provided.

In Music, regular office hours have been established and maintained during the spring semester,
delivery of a career development workshop series in the School of Music space was provided.
Interestingly, the majority of school of music students being served through individual
appointments are most interested in learning about the graduate school process.

In Social Work, our focus has been to assist with job postings, getting info out to prospective
students about grad school options and the collection of graduate follow up data. No school
specific office hours have been established to date.

In Dentistry, Public Health and Nursing we have had a bit of a delay in identifying space, but are
working closely now with each schools’ student government representatives to not only identify
space, but to design a menu of career development services customized to their needs. Office
space has been identified and formal office hours on site at HSC will begin Fall 2008.

With the School of Business Ulmer Career Management Center, we co-hosted a joint staff
luncheon designed to assist our staff in learning more about what each center does and to begin
the discussion of how we can best serve our students without duplication of effort.
II.      Staffing Summary

        Leslye Erickson       Director                White                 F

        Debra Mayberry        Career Coach Sr         African American      F

        Greg Bocchino         Career Coach Senior     White                 M

        Jessie Graham         GA/Career Coach in      White                 F

        James Atkinson        Career Coach Sr         White                 M

        Caroline Young        GA/Career Coach in      White                 F

        James Brown           Career Coach Sr         African American      M

        Matt Real             GA/Career Coach in      White                 M

        Heather Drake         Program Assistant Sr    White                 F

        Andrea Hughes         Unit Business           White                 F

        Roshni Patrawala      Job Location and        Indian                F

        Scott Nicolas         Student Staff           White                 M

        Carlos Rowlett        Student Staff           African American      M

        Valerie Browning      Program Assistant Sr    African American      F

                                         Staff Assignments

     Leslye Erickson – Director and Career Coach for the School of Music
     Katie Adamchick – Grad Intern – Career Coach in Training – School of Music, 8/07 – 5/08
     Debra Mayberry – Career Coach Sr., Arts and Sciences
     Greg Bocchino – Career Coach Senior, Arts and Sciences – Started 12/07
     Jessie Graham - GA/Career Coach in Training – Arts and Sciences Started 8/07
     James Atkinson – Career Coach Sr., Engineering - Started 12/07
     Caroline Young, GA/Career Coach in Training – MPA, Dentistry, Nursing, 8/07 – 12/07
      James Brown – Career Coach Sr., Education, Social Work and Business
      Matt Real – GA/Career Coach in Training Education, Social Work and Business, Started
      Andrea Hughes - Unit Business Manager, position eliminated due to Reduction in Force,
      Roshni Patrawala, Job Location and Development Coordinator, terminated 5/08 position to
       be re-filled
      Scott Nicolas – Student Staff/Assistant to the Director, 8/07-12/07
      Carlos Rowlett, Student Staff/Front Desk Receptionist, 8/07 – 5/08
      Jennifer Beswick – Grad Intern – Staff Training and Graduate Follow-up Survey, 8/07 –
      Valerie Browning – Program Assistant Sr. – Front Desk Support, Started 11/07
      Heather Drake – Program Assistant Sr. – Career Coach/Employer Relations Support – Started
       12/10/07, terminated in probation, position to be re-filled.
      Corey Brown – Student Staff – Started 6/08
      Dana Kelly – Graduate Intern – Employer Relations, 6/08 – 8/08

We currently have two vacant positions and are in the recruiting/hiring process for those
positions – Employer Relations Coordinator and Job Location and Development Coordinator.

III.       Program/Service Metrics

Our progress shows in the numbers:

          2294 employers registered in Symplicity since July 2007 implementation
          3431 students registered in Symplicity since July 2007 implementation
          630 jobs posted in Symplicity since July 2007 implementation
          490 Individual Student Appointments since the start of the Spring 2008 semester
          380 student career assessments since the start of the Spring 2008 semester
          70 student presentations since the start of the Spring 2008 semester
          Conducted our largest ever, two day career fair with 115 participating employers and over
           650 student participants, February 2008

Please see attached Metrics Reports for 2007 and 2008 for a more detail account of our activities.

IV.        Assessment Initiatives -Not Available
V.     Activities/Initiatives in Support of Academic Units Fall 2007
See Attachment A

VI.    Activities that Supported Diversity – Not Available

VII.   Activities that Support Community Engagement

VIII. Staff Professional Development Activities

As most of the Career Development Staff we hired in December, we spent two full weeks in
December in what we affectionately refer to as the CDC Bootcamp. During this period we were
able to bring together a group of people who did not know each, develop a working plan for the
spring 2008 semester, and emerge from this intensive staff development program a working
team. See CDC Bootcamp agenda below for a sample of our activities.

Boot Camp/Staff Orientation and Retreat

Tuesday, Dec 11 -Welcome, Intro, Ice Breaker, History of Office, MBTI and Strong
Presentation/Team Building, Lunch Just Us, Career Center Vision

Wednesday, Dec 12 -Dr. Jackson's Vision for the Division, Career Center Vision Continued,
Lunch Just Us, Art Experience Team Building

Thursday, Dec 13 - Ice Breaker, The Office, Lunch with Admissions Counselors, Staff Meetings,
Individual Meetings, GroupWise, Symplicity

Friday, Dec 14 - Ice Breaker, How to Legitimately not show up for work, Lunch Just Us, Your
Job, Goals,

Monday, Dec 17 - Ice Breaker, Career Coaches: The Job, Lunch with Academic Advisors

Tuesday, Dec 18 - Individual Planning Meetings with Academic Units: 9-11 Arts and Sciences
and Music, 1-3 Engineering and Education, 1:30 MPH, 4:00 Dentistry, Lunch with Metro

Wednesday, Dec 19 - Re-group and debrief from planning meetings, Lunch on your own, break
out to begin scheduling

Thursday, Dec 20 - Resume break out for scheduling, Lunch on your Own, pull back together at
3:00pm for updates

Friday, Dec 21 - Present final plan for the semester and individual goals, Holiday Lunch
provided by the Office
IX.      Accomplishments

The most notable accomplishment for this annual report period is the grand opening, held
January 29, 2008 of the UofL Career Development Center after almost a 5 year absence of this
service, as this marks the culmination of all the required effort to complete the search for an
office location, to complete the necessary renovations, to recruit and hire an improved caliber of
support and professional staff, to build the technology infrastructure necessary to operate a state
of the art career development center and to build the internal and external relationships needed to
gain support and positive working relationships necessary for the center thrive.

X.       Goals

     Increase employer awareness of our graduates’ capabilities and participation in on-campus
      recruiting, career fairs, job postings, advertising possibilities and information presentations
     Increase student awareness of and participation in the programs and services offered by the
      Career Services Office
     Increase faculty and staff awareness of and participation in the Career Services Office
     Improve job related knowledge and skills of all staff with special emphasis on improving
      technology skills
     Improve data collection on career program/services and outcomes
     Document all related policies and procedures relative to service model
     Increase technology (print, audio, video, computer and internet) resources          available for
      student, employer and staff utilization
     Improve main office facilities and all satellite locations

XI.      Issues and Challenges

     Continuing to negotiate space in each college
     Continuing to develop relationships with staff, faculty and students in each college
     Continuing the professional development of our staff on a limited budget
     Continuing the development of the new office structure to include additional services – on-
      campus recruiting, services for alumni, on-line portfolio services, on-line career resources,
      better and consistently update webpage information.

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