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                   Farm Park
The Ark
                                                                                                                Winter 2010

                               Cover photograph
                                Our cover photograph of Manx Loaghtans in the snow was taken by Diana
                               Steriopulos. Originally from London, Diana developed a long-term interest in
                               photography when she moved the Kent countryside. She met her first Manx
                               Loaghtans there and moving to the Isle of Man, resolved to start a small flock
                               of her own. Beginning with just five, she now has a flock of about 125
                               breeding ewes plus some particularly fine rams. Since 2000, Diana has
                               been combining her breeding expertise and her photography, taking pictures
                               to help promote the breed. Needless to say, the ewes featured on our front
                               cover are from Diana’s own flock.

NEWS                                      6-8         Contributors in this issue ….

PIGS & GOATS                                 9
                                                         Lin Easton

                                                                               Lin became a first-time poultry
POULTRY                               10-11                                  keeper in 2009 and she describes for
                                                                             the Ark how she set up and the

CATTLE                                     13
                                                                             pleasure her Cream Legbars have
                                                                             brought to her life.

SCIENCE                               14-16              Pippa Geddes

EQUINE                                     17                                Pippa, Vice President of the
                                                                             Shropshire Sheep Breeders’
SHEEP                     18-19, 28-32                                       Association, talks about the
                                                                             expanding role for Shropshire sheep

                                                                             in orchard grazing.fe.
REGIONAL NEWS                         35-40              Dr Sarah Blott

                                                                              Sarah leads the Quantitative
Volume XXXV No.1 Winter 2010                                                 Genetics research group at the
                                                                             Animal Health Trust. Her association
                                                                             with RBST goes back to her
                                                                             university days when the Trust
                                                                             sponsored her PhD.

                                                          A Winter Double?
                                                           Readers may notice that the Winter 2010 issue of The Ark has
                                                         come hot on the heels of Winter 2009. This is not an indication
                                                         of the dramatic effects of climate change, it is simply that along
                                                         with our new format, we have decided to change the dating of
                                                         the quarterly issues to more closely reflect the seasons in which
                                                         they are published. Spring will follow next – promise!

                                            SPRING SALE
                                       RARE & MINORITY BREEDS
                                            CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS, GOATS
                                                HORSES & PONIES
                                              POULTRY & WATERFOWL
                                          YORK AUCTION CENTRE
                                             MURTON, YORK
                                              Saturday, 24th April 2010
                                          Closing date for entries: Friday 2nd April

                                        Futher details, entry forms & schedules from
                                         the Auctioneers or online at:

                                       York Auction Centre, Murton, York YO19 5GF
                                         T:01904 489731

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                                                  working for EBLEX, the Beef and Sheep              the Regional Groups have a crucial role to
                                                  producer levy board for England as a               play. Without them our efforts would be
                                                  breeding specialist. I would very much like        severely diminished. However I’m very
                                                  to thank Dawn for all her hard work at the         conscious that we need to talk more about
                                                  Trust over the past six years and wish her         our charitable activities such as breeding
                                                  all the best in the future. As she is based at     conservation units and the agisted stock
                                                  Stoneleigh we shall not lose contact with          scheme. It is this type of conservation work
                                                  her and she has already popped in to the           that encourages people to join and/or
                                                  office on a couple of occasions.                   donate to RBST.
                                                    We are still continuing with our very full
                                                  and active conservation programme, which           Recent activity
                                                  after all is the whole raison d’etre of RBST.        I provide a regular fortnightly update to
                                                  Grassroots who will be familiar to many of         Council on the many and various activities
                                                  you through their breed registration,              with which RBST is involved. I end by
                                                  Combined Flock Book and breed analysis             giving readers a flavour of what we do:
                                                  work, have assisted us for many years and            EID in Sheep – tags – We have been
                                                  that role will grow in the new structure.          trying to arrange for a bulk order of 10,000
                                                  Much of their work for us will be channelled       or so electronic tags for members to use at
                                                  through Claire Barber as our Conservation          a discounted price, but the sheer logistics of
                                                  Officer and we will continue to draw on her        this may prove difficult. You will find more
Staff changes                                     knowledge and research experience in               details elsewhere in this issue.
                                                  animal production and management.                    Native Breeds Trust – There has been
  As you will recall a number of significant
                                                    We are also saying goodbye to Annette            much talk on expanding our remit away
amendments to our Articles of Association
                                                  Grant who has been made redundant.                 from Rare to include all Native breeds. A
were passed at the AGM, notably the
                                                  Annette has had several positions at RBST          detailed report will be considered by
streamlining of Council to make it “fit for
                                                  including secretary to the editor of the Ark,      Council at its February meeting but it is
purpose” in the 21st century, at the same
                                                  P.A. to the Chief Executive and more               clear that the “success story” breeds which
time ensuring that the ordinary member still
                                                  recently Head of Business Management.              come off the Watchlist is an area where we
has adequate and appropriate
                                                  Again I would like to thank Annette for all        need to offer greater assistance.
representation in this key decision making
                                                  her hard work and wish her well in the               Breeds at Risk Register (BARR) – Defra
                                                  future.                                            have extended our contract to run this
  In exactly the same way a thorough
                                                    The crucial running of Head Office will          register until March 2011. I’m also delighted
examination of our staffing has been made
                                                  now be in the hands of David Leafe who             to say that the threshold levels will be
and what we have found is that in our
                                                  joins us in a new position as General              shortly removed so please keep registering
existing structure we had lost the vital
                                                  Manager. David is a chartered accountant           your animals irrespective of how many you
contact with members, support groups and
                                                  by training with a wide background in admin        have. It is your best protection if we are hit,
breed societies/breeder groups by not
                                                  and IT. He has worked in both the not-for-         God forbid, with another outbreak of FMD
having enough people “on the ground”.
                                                  profit sector and in the commercial world so       or something similar.
Thus the Council is appointing two Field
                                                  he has a lot of relevant experience.                 New Approved Conservation Farm Park –
Officers. Ruth Dalton has been appointed
                                                    It is always difficult to undertake office       We are delighted to welcome Church Farm
as Field Officer for the North and we are
                                                  reorganisations, particularly in a small and       Stow Bardolph near Kings Lynn to the
currently advertising for a similar position in
                                                  tightly knit group of staff, but I would like to   “family” of such centres.
the South. This is in response to a clear
                                                  thank everyone for their patience and                Dairy Event and Livestock Show – A small
message from our consultation during the
                                                  support over the past few months. I must           delegation went to the RABDF Exhibitor
summer that RBST needed to be out and
                                                  also apologise to those of you who have            Awareness Days at the NEC since as many
about more and providing practical support
                                                  queried what was going on but with                 of you will know this major livestock event is
alongside our scientific work.
                                                  personnel issues it is vital to get all the        moving from Stoneleigh to the nearby NEC.
  Ruth Dalton who starts in mid January is
                                                  issues sorted out before going public! I am        Native Breeds will be able to be far more
based in Cumbria and has a small hill farm.
                                                  confident that this new staff structure will       integrated here at this new venue than we
She has previously worked for the Wildlife
                                                  begin to demonstrate real benefits in 2010.        have been in the past.
Trust and has a research background in
                                                  It will also enable us to implement our key          I hope that this gives you a flavour of our
Biosciences and Zoology. She brings to the
                                                  strategic document, The Way Forward, over          plans for the future. RBST has had a noble
post practical experience across a number
                                                  the next five years.                               and highly successful past. I believe that we
of native breeds along with scientific and
conservation knowledge. Equally                                                                      can look forward to the future with
importantly she has loads of enthusiasm           RBST – the Charity                                 confidence.
and is a passionate advocate for native             Something we often overlook is that RBST
breeds.                                           is a registered charity and much of our
  What these two new positions mean is            income is derived from charitable giving
that our HQ Conservation Team has been            including legacies left in wills. Without the
altered. Dawn Teverson, who was Head of           generosity supporting our cause our
Conservation has now left RBST and will be        resources would be far more limited. Here
                                                                                 national governments to frame new
FAnGR Website                                                                    regulations in accordance with this existing
Goes Live                                                                        one.
  The National Standing                                                            Tim Brigstocke said: “It was a good
Committee (NSC) on Farm                                                          meeting, but in the course of the discussion
Animal Genetic Resources                                                         it was clear that the officials implementing
(FAnGR) has announced                                                            the EID legislation were completely
the launch of its website.                                                       unaware of this other Council regulation.
  The NSC was established                                                        RBST has taken legal advice and the view
in 2008 and RBST is well-                                                        is that the biodiversity regulation is binding
represented in its member-                                                       and amongst other things requires the EU

ship. As well as overseeing                                                      and national governments to frame all
delivery of the Recom-
mended Actions in the UK                Brussels to                              regulations, including those relating to EID,
                                                                                 in the light of their obligations towards

                                   Consider Impact
National Action Plan on                                                          keeping and promoting native breeds of
FAnGR, its role is to advise                                                     sheep, particularly those considered to be

                                  for Native Breeds
government and any other                                                         at risk.”
interested parties on FAnGR                                                        David Trotter expressed great concern
matters.                                                                         that the preservation of Farm Animals
  Progress to date has                                                           Genetic Resources (FAnGR) and Breeds at
                                   Following intervention by RBST Executive
included the development of                                                      Risk (BAR) have not been considered at
                                 Chairman Tim Brigstocke and David Trotter
plans for more efficient and                                                     the time of the framing of the EID directive.
                                 Chairman of the Shetland Sheep Society,
joined-up data collection to                                                     He felt that the legislation posed a risk for
help in monitoring and
                                 the EC has decided to look again at the
                                 impact of EID on agricultural biodiversity in   the future of primitive breeds, including the
conservation of FAnGR and                                                        Shetland, which are largely kept by
helping to draw up               relation to rare and native breeds.
                                   At a meeting in Brussels in October with      enthusiasts rather than commercial
specifications for research                                                      farmers. Tim explained that a recent
projects, some of which are      officials from D G Sanco, the European
                                 Directorate General for Health and              survey by RBST had indicated that a
now under way.
                                 Consumer Affairs Tim and David pointed          sufficient number of keepers of Breeds at
  Creating the website forms
                                 out a potential clash between the new EID       Risk would cease to keep sheep as a result
part of the Committee’s
                                 regulations and existing EC legislation.        of EID.
communications strategy, as
                                   Particularly affected is the European           He said: “The EC officials will be sending
does the launch of a
                                 biodiversity programme for agriculture          a note of ideas to rectify any potential
newsletter and
                                 which recognises the need to increase the       problems that the introduction of EID might
commencement of a series
                                 use of under-utilised native breeds. It very    bring and in future they will give greater
of meetings with
Government policy makers         clearly seeks to assist native sheep breeds     consideration to Breeds at Risk and the
across the UK.                   with low numbers by imposing a duty on          effect that any legislation may have on a
                                                                                 country’s FAnGR.”
Visit the FAnGR website on

                                  Championship Year for Reece

  In the last issue, the email
address for photographer                                       At eight years    Bryan Coventry, just to help him outside the
Andrew Hepburn was                                           old, Reece          ring. By the end of the season temptation
incorrect. Andrew can be                                     Lennard is the      got the better of him and soon he was
contacted on                                                 youngest member     taking sheep in to the ring by himself.                                       of the Soay Sheep     With a little help from family members and
. Apologies Andrew – but                                     Society, but that   with savings from his pocket money and
at least we have an excuse                                   did not stop him    prize winnings, Reece currently owns eight
to carry your lovely                                         from taking five    of his own sheep, with seven breeding
Portland picture again!                                      Championship        ewes now running with the ram. 2009 was
                                                             trophies in 2009.   an excellent season for Reece who won
                                                             His successes       many first places plus the Championship
                                                             included the Soay   trophies.
                                 Prize winner Reece Lennard.
                                                              Society Rumawill     At last year’s East of England autumn
                                                              Trophy for the     show Reece won the Coloured Sheep
                                 most points won in the season which was         trophy with his shearling ram Fernando
                                 presented to him at the society’s AGM by        which he is very proud of. Another major
                                 the president Joe Henson.                       highlight of the year for Reece was
                                   Reece was six years old when he started       appearing on BBC’s Countryfile being
                                 to show having never handled sheep              judged by Adam Henson at The Three
                                 before. He started by going to shows with       Counties Show.
                                 his grandad, RBST Berkshire secretary
                                                breed for over 25 years and was
                                                                                                         DISEASE DATA
                                                responsible for Loaghtan meat produced on
                                                                                                       • Scientists at the Biotech-
                                                the Isle of Man being awarded the
                                                                                                     nology and Biological Sci-
                                                European Protected Designation of Origin             ences Research Council’s
                                                stamp. This is given only to the finest food         Institute of Animal Health
                                                produced in Europe and the achievement               have warned that an out-
                                                was particularly significant in George’s             break of African swine fever
                                                nomination for the BBC award.                        virus in Northern Russia
                                                  In the run up to the finals, George was            poses a real threat to the
                                                interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s On Your                 British pig industry. There is
                                                Farm when he described what a privilege              no cure or vaccine for the
                                                he feels it is to work with “such incredible         highly contagious virus which
                                                animals”.                                            can survive for months in cold
                                                  The winners of the Food and Farming                store meat and for years in
                                                Awards were announced on 25 November                 frozen carcases.
                                                at Broadcasting House in the presence of               • The Medical Research
                                                HRH The Prince of Wales and the Duchess              Council, Wellcome Trust,
                                                of Cornwall. Already a winner as far as the          Biotechnology and Biological
                                                MLSBG was concerned, George came                     Sciences Research Council
                                                                                                     and Defra have launched a
                                                runner up to a Lincolnshire organic farmer,
George Steriopulos with his Manx Loaghtan Sheep                                                      £7.5 millions project to study
       at South Barrule on the Isle of Man.     and as a bonus Prince Charles personally
                                                                                                     the development and spread
                                                confirmed his admiration of George’s
                                                                                                     of swine flu.
   BBC Radio 4’s Food and Farming Awards splendid Loaghtan wool suit.                                  • The number of new
 celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2009.      Describing the competition and summing             bovine TB incidents in herds
 The Awards provide a showcase for the          up the impact that farmers like George               fell to 3206 in Great Britain to
 best in British food in what is described as   Steriopulos are having, chairman of the              the end of August compared
 the ‘Oscars for the food world’.               judging panel, chef Raymond Blanc said:              to 3,400 in the same period
   Nominations for the awards are invited for "What makes me feel more optimistic about              last year despite more cattle
 people and businesses making a difference the future is learning about the passion,                 and more herds having been
 to what we eat in Britain and featuring in the hard work, skill and knowledge of the                tested.
 ‘Farmer of the Year’ award was Isle of Man winners and finalists in these awards. It                  • MRSA has been discov-
 farmer George Steriopulos, who went on to has been an inspiration to hear stories of                ered in pigs in 17 of 24 EU
 be one of three finalists.                     producers reviving food traditions that we           member states but not in UK
   Former committee chairman of the Manx        came so close to losing, and of farmers              herds. Spain has the highest
 Loaghtan Sheep Breeders’ Group                 helping to secure the future of their own            level with 51 per cent of
 (MLSBG), George has been farming the           local breeds of animal.”                             herds testing positive.

  Continuing a Family Tradition in Warwickshire
  RBST members Oliver Muntz and Matt Porter will be                  Two of the first residents of the new facility are Thelma
reviving a long-standing tradition when they welcome the             and Louise, two Berkshire gilts and there are plans for a
first school party to a newly opened children’s farm in              good representation of rare breeds as the venture
February.                                                            expands. Oliver says: “The children’s farm is set within
  The Umberslade Estate in                                                                  the context of a 1400-acre working
Tanworth-in-Arden in                                                                        farm which has a mix of arable, beef
Warwickshire has been                                                                       and lamb production.
farmed by the Muntz family                                                                    We are offering a year-round
since the late 1800s. A                                                                     programme of activities which reflect
children’s farm was opened                                                                  the seasonal nature of farming.
on the estate in 1988 which                                                                   “Umberslade Children’ Farm always
for many years proved a                                                                     featured rare breeds and this is a
popular venue for both family                                                               tradition we are keen to continue.
days out and structured                                                                     They will help illustrate farming and
educational visits.                                                                         we also want to show the role they
  Now Oliver Muntz has                                                                      can play in modern agriculture. We
become the latest generation                                                                have plans to introduce meat
                                        Oliver Muntz and Matt Porter continuing a
of the family to take over                       rare breeds’ tradition.                 production on the farm and rare breeds
management of the estate and,                                                            will be a big part of
together with business partner Matt Porter, has been busy                                that.”
refurbishing the old children’s farm, which closed                   The first school visits start in February, with opening to the
temporarily in 2009, to create the new 30-acre Umberslade         general public during school holidays.
Farm Park.
Bluetongue Update                                                         Champion Sells
                                                                          for 4,800 gns
 Defra now have the
                                    days after import. Imported                                                   Milnholm Scott, the
results of the Bluetongue           livestock must remain at the first                                           bull was purchased by
winter surveillance,                holding of des                                                               John Pattinson from
                                    tination until the negative test                                             Hexham.
carried out in November             results have been received.                                                   The Reserve
2009, which shows all               Animals imported from The Isle                                               Champion Rosette was
                                    of Man, Northern Ireland and the
samples were negative               Republic of Ireland do not            Supreme Champion Blackburn Marshall,
                                                                                                                 collected by Barlaes
                                                                                                                 Gladiator, a March
for all BTV serotypes.
                                                                            Gordon Jackson and John Pattison.
                                    require testing for BTV.                                                     2008 bull from Messrs
                                       Vaccination has played a key          The autumn sale of                R & M Fergusson of
  There have been some further      role in keeping the UK free from       Whitebred Shorthorn                 Castle Douglas. Sired by
cases of BTV in Europe this         circulating disease in 2008/09         cattle saw the supreme              Raeburnfoot Talisman,
year. France had cases of both      and will provide the greatest          champion going under                this bull was knocked
BTV1 and BTV8, including            security against loss should           the hammer for 4,800                down at 3,400gns, with,
cases of BTV8 on the coast of       there be a resurgence of               guineas. The sale,                  Messrs Moore of Carlisle
France. Met Office modelling        Bluetongue next year. JAB              conducted by Harrison & writing this cheque.
suggests that there were some       continues to encourage livestock       Hetherington in                       The Fergussons then
limited occasions where the         keepers to vaccinate and take          November was held on                went on to purchase High
circumstances would have been       the advice of their vet when           behalf of the breed                 Creoch Fanfare, a March
right for infected midges to have   making vaccination decisions.          association.                        2008 bull from Messrs
blown across the Channel into         For cattle in particular it takes      The judge, John Clark             Gilligan from Gatehouse
England.                            six weeks and two doses to build       of Cockermouth awarded of Fleet for 1,000gns.
  As from 2 November 2009 all       immunity from scratch. It is           the Supreme                           The Champion Female,
Bluetongue susceptible animals      therefore, especially important to     Championship to                     Barlaes White Heather
imported into Great Britain from    boost now to avoid the animals         Blackburn Marshall, a               9th was sold at 800gns
continental Europe and the          losing immunity and having to          March 2008 bull bred and and travelled home to
Crown Dependencies of Jersey        face the added cost of                 exhibited by Gordon                 Aberdeen with new
and Guernsey should be post         vaccinating twice next year in         Jackson from                        breeder Ann Malcolm.
import tested only once, 5-7        the face of a potential threat.        Newcastleton. Sired by

EID and Goats
                                                                                                   Pig Societies Combine
                                                                                                   on Show Rules
  While there has been much discussion of       recorded on a movement                               The British Lop Pig Society
EID in sheep, we must not overlook the fact     document from 1 January 2001.                      (BLPS) and the Pedigree
that there are some changes in the rules         • Goats born before 31 December                   Welsh Pig Society have com-
affecting goats.                                2009 will need to be individually                  bined their resources to en-
  The good news is that, as the UK goat         recorded on a movement document                    force show regulations.
                                                                                                     In order to compete in the
population is below the EU threshold, EID for    from 31 December 2011.
                                                                                                   Lop of the Year or the Welsh
goats is not a mandatory requirement so the                                                        Champion of Champions pigs
current double-tagging rules for goats            • Goats intended for slaughter within            of either breed will have to be:
continue to apply from 31 December 2009.        12 months of age do not need to be                   • Owned by the exhibitor, who
  The main change for goat keepers is the       individually recorded. They can continue to        must be a Society member
introduction of mandatory individual record     be recorded on a batch basis.                        • Correctly and clearly identi-
keeping rules. These rules will apply to all      Keepers are not required to maintain             fied by tattooing in accordance
goats irrespective of age and they came into    records electronically so you won’t need to        with the individual Society's rules
                                                                                                     • Fully registered with the
force on 31 December 2009.                      use a computer or electronic reading               Society
  The key elements of the rules are:            equipment unless you want to. For more               • Correctly entered in the
  • Goats born or identified after 31           information about EID and the individual           show's catalogue with their
December 2009 now need to be individually       recording elements contact Defra on 08459          Name, Ear Number, Herd Book
recorded in the on-farm holding register.       335577 or go online to                             number and Exhibitor's Name
  • Goats born or identified after 31           shown
                                                                                                     • Committed to take part in the
December 2009 will need to be individually      ments/goats.
                                                                                                   respective Society's finals
                                                                                                     BLPS Chairman Frank Miller

 New Chairman for BPA
                                                                                                   says: “The pigs will be in-
                                                                                                   spected at the qualifying
                                                       should get a pig: a Gloucestershire Old     shows by an appointed repre-
                                                      Spots to be precise. Since that time we      sentative of the Society before
                                                      have kept, bred and shown Gloucestershire    judging starts to ensure that
                                                      Old Spots, British Saddlebacks, Middle       they satisfy these require-
                                                                                                   ments. Any that don’t will be
                                                      Whites, Large Blacks, Landrace, Large
                                                                                                   identified by a small spot of
                                                      Whites, Berkshires and Durocs. We have       paint, on the shoulder to pre-
                                                      had some success in breeding and showing     vent them competing. We
                                                      over thirty years.”                          hope that the show societies
                                                        Amongst his many roles, Alan has been      will not allow these pigs to
                                                      involved on both Modern and Traditional      compete in any of their
                                                      Breed committees, represented the Minor      classes.”
                                                      Breed Committee at Council and he is an        The shows involved are:
Alan Rose and Saddleback litter at home in Somerset. active member of the Assured British Pig
                                                                                                   Newark & Notts, Royal Welsh
                                                    Technical Committee. Of his new                Smallholders, Devon County*,
  Alan Rose has been elected Chairman of            appointment, he says: “The job of the Chair    Stafford County**, Bath &
                                                                                                   West, Royal Cornwall, Three
the Council of the British Pig Association. He would be to help, encourage, delegate and
                                                                                                   Counties, Cheshire, Royal
was previously Chairman of the Technical            evolve policies to grow the organisation, to   Norfolk, Great Yorkshire, Royal
Committee and Deputy Chairman of the                act as mediator, but most important to be an   Welsh**, PWPS Show & Sale,
Traditional Breeds Committee.                       independent adjudicator, balancing the wants   Beeston**, BLPS Show &
  Alan farms in Somerset with his wife Pru          and needs of all sectors, to encourage         Sale, Melton Mowbray*.
and he says that it is down to Pru that he got people to keep and record pigs and have as            * British Lop Pig Society only
involved in pigs at all: “When we moved             much fun with them as we have.”                **Pedigree Welsh Pig Society
down to our first farm in Devon we had                Alan Rose with a Saddleback litter at home   only
joined the RBST and she decided that we             in Somerset.

                                                 TRAFALGAR PADDOCK CLEANERS
                                                                     WEBSITE VIDEO
       New                                                                                                                   New
        o  ivel                                      Unique ‘clean fan’ system
    36 0 sw                                                                                                               pull-a
            el                                                                                                            paddo g
        mod                                          Easy to use                                                                 ck
                                                     Light yet robust                                                             r
                                                     Easy to empty
                                                     Non-corroding bin
                                                     Low engine noise
                                                     2 year warranty on machine
     Clean much more in less time ... easily         5 year warranty on collection tank

                         (0845 37 31 832                

                 LIN’S FIRST STEPS IN
                   Lin Easton – hooked on rare breeds poultry keeping

                    Chicken Keeping
 Keeping chickens has always been an ambition of Lin Easton and her par tner Jago. When
circumstances gave them the oppor tunity last April, a visit to the Royal Show and a meeting with
RBST’s Claire Barber put them on the road to acquiring their fir st rare breed hens.

  A self-confessed animal lover, Lin         contact numbers. I then went away and,        foxes. Ordinary fencing would not have
admits that although she and Jago have       very typically of me, did a lot of internet   provided enough protection because
always wanted chickens, they actually        research which only served to confuse         foxes can dig so again I did some
came as an in-between step, until they       me. So, I got back in touch with Claire       research. We decided on an electric
could replace the dog that they had lost.    and she put me back on the right track.”      fencing poultry kit, which gave us 50m of
She explains: “We moved house last             With no plans for egg or meat               electric fencing. That amount of space
April and although this gave us a lot        production, Lin was looking for hens that     would accommodate a lot more
more space it wasn’t practical to have a     she and Jago could simply enjoy having        chickens very comfortably so our birds
new puppy because of the work we still       around and they settled on the Cream          could have a lovely free-range time.”
had to do. We have always talked about       Legbars that they had seen at the Royal         With the chicken house ready and
having some chickens but had been            Show, contacting Chris Sanders in             waiting, Lin and Jago drove from their
waiting for the right time and it was a      Northamptonshire who had provided             home on the Surrey/Hampshire border
case of ‘well I suppose this is the right    those birds.                                  to choose the two Cream Legbars they
time’.”                                        Another Royal Show contact was              had decided on – and came home with
  When beginning her research on what        Wallace Fox & Son, whose chicken              those two, plus a brown hybrid hen as
type of chickens to have, Lin faced her      houses had been on display at the             Lin explains: “We hadn’t realised that
first hurdle in that the choice seemed to    RBST stand. Lin contacted the company         the Legbars wouldn’t be ready to lay
be endless. She and Jago decided that        for their advice and soon found herself       until the following spring, so Chris
the best thing would be to go                heading to Oxfordshire to collect a hen       advised us to have the brown hybrid hen
somewhere where they could see               house and a 6ft 6in chicken run.              as well.”
poultry on display and the Royal Show        However, having got those home, Lin             When they first got their chickens
gave them that opportunity. It also gave     decided that the chickens would enjoy         home, Lin and Jago were advised to
them the chance to meet RBST                 having a bit more space to wander in.         keep them in their run for the first week
conservation officer Claire Barber and a     She says: “I couldn’t see any point in        and then wait until later in the day, when
trio of Cream Legbars on loan for the        keeping the chickens if they were going       they would be thinking of returning to
display of poultry on the RBST stand.        to be cooped up. I wanted them to have        roost, before letting them out. Even so,
Lin says: “I talked to Claire for a long     a nice life with plenty of space to wander    one took off over the fence and landed
time and got lots of information and         in but the main problem was to deter          in the vegetable patch. “That took us by

surprise,” says Lin “but she did come             chickens and sat reading that while                           have yet, but it definitely has to be from
back and the next evening we learned to           Jago fished the River Test.                                   the RBST Watchlist, that way we hope
clip wings.”                                       “Because I am used to keeping                                that we can help make a difference.”
  Although Lin did not acquire her hens           animals, I felt comfortable with the
primarily for their eggs, there was no            basics of handling the chickens but I did
denying her excitement when the first             have to learn about things such as
eggs were produced: “I can’t tell you             worming and vaccinations.
how it felt to have our own eggs – it was          “All the research was worth it though.
like the egg fairy had arrived!”                   Our chickens – Clarissa, Winifred and
  Describing her experience of getting             Harriet – give us so much enjoyment.
started with poultry, Lin says: “It can be         Just walking around they can be really
quite hard if you don’t really have any           hilarious; they are very friendly and an
experience to locate the right people but         absolute joy to look at.”
it is important to do your research. For           Admitting that once started, it is very
us, RBST was the main source of                   easy to get hooked, Lin is now
information – I put my trust in Claire and        considering expanding her flock by
she guided me in the right direction. I           adding another two birds. She says:
also bought myself an encyclopaedia on             “We haven’t quite decided what to

   What does it cost to get going?
    Lin estimates that in all, her                  are around average costs to get going                        eggs to cover the cost of their food and
  introduction to chicken keeping cost in           with a small group of rare breed                             don’t have to buy many eggs for your
  the region of £400 (not counting the cost         chickens. It may seem a lot at first, but a                  own consumption.
  of petrol for her cross-country quests for        house of the quality Lin got lasts a good                     Lin obtained her hens from Peartree
  research, house and hens):                        20 years if well maintained and native                       Farm Poultry
    House - £250.00                                 pure breeds tend to lay for more years                       ( and
    Electric fencing - £180.00                      (as a rule of thumb) than hybrids. Costs                     her hen house from Wallace Fox & Son
    Chickens (a trio of pullets including two       should start to even out if you stick with                   (
  Cream Legbars) - £50.00                           chicken keeping for a few years,
    RBST’s Claire Barber says: “These               especially if you are able to sell a few

                                                                                                                                      Tel: 01264 356 753
                                           makers of quality Poultry and Duck houses

                                  SWISS CHALET HOUSES                                                                                     CHICKEN ARKS
                                                                     12 Bird Swiss Chalet (left)    Standard Ark (right)                    Galvanised Mesh Runs
                                         st                           For up to 12 hens - £320      For up to 3 hens - £195
                                  Our Be ouse                                                                                                   Carrying Handles
                                Selling H to                                  Mini Swiss Chalet     Large Ark                                Robust construction
                                   for up ns                           For up to 6 hens - £265      For up to 6 birds - £315
                                    12 He
                                                                           20 Bird Swiss Chalet     Mini Swiss Ark
                                                                      For up to 20 hens - £435      For up to 6 birds, with run
                                                                            Grand Swiss Chalet      and nest boxes - £375
                                                                      For up to 30 hens - £555      Bantam Ark - £145
                                                                    40 & 50 Bird Swiss Chalets      Budget Ark - £115
                                                                          avaiable from - £640

    ALL our houses are            DUCK HOUSES and ARKS                                                                            RUNS and SUNDRIES
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 RBST National Show on the Move . . .
                                                                                     that competitive classes ensured that
                                                                                     the best of breeds were being shown to
                                                                                     what is a very knowledgeable audience.
                                                                                     A ring programme with an informed
                                                                                     commentary also offered a very active
                                                                                     promotion of breeds rather stock just
                                                                                     being on display.
                                                                                       RBST and a number of breed society
                                                                                     members have recently been to the
                                                                                     NEC to inspect the site. The livestock
                                                                                     hall has all the facilities needed and
                                                                                     temporary stockmen’s quarters are
                                                                                     being erected alongside. Livestock can
                                                                                     be unloaded straight into the hall and
                                                                                     free exhibitor parking is very close. The
                                                                                     Diary Event’s experienced stewards
                                                                                     and contractors will still be on hand.
                                                                                       This is not the first time that the Dairy
                                                                                     Event and Livestock Show has moved
                                                                                     to a new home. For nearly 100 years it
                                                                                     was held in the heart of London at the
                                                                                     Agricultural Hall then after the war at
                                                                                     Olympia. It moved to Stoneleigh in
                                                                                     1974 but it increasingly it needs more
                                                                                     undercover space for trade stands.
                                                                                       Also moving are the days the show is
                                                                                     being held. This year it will be on
           Showing Red Polls at the 2009 Show, Helen Arthur and Terry Mancey.        Tuesday 7th September and
                                                                                     Wednesday 8th September.
 The RBST National Show and stand area with                                            The NEC is only half an hour or 15
                                            outside space for the vehicles,
Native Breeds Exhibition will               machinery and demonstrations.
                                                                                     miles away from Stoneleigh. It is right
                                                                                     on the M42 and M6 and on the A45
take centre stage when the                    Sally Renshaw of RBST says: “When from Coventry and parking for visitors
                                            the Dairy Event and Livestock Show
Dairy Event and Livestock                   was at Stoneleigh we had to fit in with
                                                                                     to this event is free. Central
                                                                                     Birmingham is only 8 miles away. There
show moves to its new venue the existing layout as we had come                       is a train service to the NEC from
at the National Exhibition                  quite late to the show. Moving to a new Birmingham New Street which runs
                                            venue now gives us a wonderful           every 10 minutes and, of course,
Centre (NEC) in September.                  opportunity to fully integrate into this Birmingham Airport is right next door.
                                            major farming industry event.”             RBST National Show Schedules will
 The livestock event takes place in a         Central to the promotion of native     be out later in the year. If you would like
dedicated two-acre hall which will          breeds will be the RBST National Show. to receive one please call RBST on 024
house RBST, the dairy classes, beef         It was very popular with                 7669 6551 or
displays, sheep and goats. Four             exhibitors last year and after
additional halls will provide the trade     consultation it was thought by many

                                                                    SPRING SALE OF RARE & MINORITY BREEDS
                                                                     OF POULTRY AT NEWTON ABBOT MARKET
                                                                            SATURDAY, 27th MARCH 2010
                                                                         13 Market St, Newton Abbot TQ12 2RL
                                                                               Entry forms & schedules
                                                                            please telephone 01626 353881
                                                                             Sale catalogues £2.50 by post.


                                              A Glimpse                                   at an Ideal World

Once reduced to 800 breeding               established as red, preferable deep         and longevity. Steers finish at 22 to 24
                                           red, with white touches only on the tail    months, weighing about 550kg,
females, the Red Poll has become           switch and udder.                           depending on the feeding regime,
one of the greatest rare breeds’             Combining both dairy and beef             although some breeders are able to
                                           qualities, the Red Poll is one of the       finish stock at the same weight at
success stories. With 2,800
                                           original native dual-purpose breeds         between 17 and 19 months. The killing
registered breeding females in the         and in the first half of the 20th century   out percentage is around 54% with
UK, it has moved to category 6 of          was one of the dominant breeds in           meat of excellent taste and texture
                                           English dairy farming.                      produced from a pure-bred animal at a
the RBST Watchlist, along with               So how did so successful a breed find     much lower cost per kilo compared to
other native cattle breeds whose           itself in the latter part of the same       continental breeds.
                                           century in decline? According to Diana        Heifers, if calved at around three
number of adult breeding females           Flack, Field Officer of the Red Poll        years will develop to withstand many
has reached over 1,500. It can now         Cattle Society (RPCS), it was largely a     years of trouble free production: the
                                           question of fashion. She says: “In the      Society cites one cow which is in calf
be rightly said to give us a glimpse       1960s there was a swing to Friesians        for the twentieth time at the age of 23.
at an ideal world, where a once            and essentially we had a lot of young       The mature cow averages 520kg and
                                           dairy farmers emerging from                 an adult bull around 1,000kg.
endangered breed has now become
                                           agricultural college determined to            Another factor in the Red Poll’s
commercially successful again.             ‘modernise’ by converting the               success is crossing. Diana Flack says:
                                           traditional                                 “In my opinion, I am very much in
                                           herds. For the Red Poll this meant that     favour of crossing and the Red Poll is
  The Red Poll is derived from the
                                           the emphasis switched to beef               one of the native British breeds that
original cattle of Norfolk and Suffolk.
                                           production, but at that time quantity       produces an outstanding cross. It
The Norfolk cow was a beef type,
                                           was valued above quality and the            gives hybrid vigour with the ability to
frequently blood red in colour,
                                           numbers went very low.”                     raise the butter fat percentage in
described in 1787 as “fattening as
                                             Happily, the RPCS remained                commercial dairy herds and gets milk
freely and finishing as highly at three
                                           determined to preserve the integrity of     into beef animals so they can rear their
years old as cattle do at four or five”.
                                           the breed and kept to their purpose,        calves better.”
This was crossed with the Suffolk
                                           eliminating those bad attributes in their     With the dedication of the Red Poll
polled bull, from an excellent dairy
                                           breeding programmes and keeping the         Cattle Society, with the support of
breed of predominantly dun coloured
                                           cattle pure – and the pendulum has            RBST, the future of the Red Poll is
cattle. The polled gene in the Suffolk
                                           now swung back in the Red Polls’            now assured. The Society is active in
suppressed the horn on the Norfolk
                                           favour.                                     sales and shows and there is a strong
breed and in 1863 the name Norfolk
                                             Diana Flack: “The Red Poll has come       international market particularly for
and Suffolk Red Polled cattle was
                                           back into its own, only better because      semen. The World penetration of the
adopted with the first standard
                                           the faults have been bred out. It has       breed is exemplified by the fact that the
description being agreed 10 years
                                           maintained its dual purpose                 XII World Red Poll Congress held in
                                           characteristics. The meat is snapped        Jamaica included delegates from the
  The first herd book followed in 1874,
                                           up for niche markets and specialist         UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand,
compiled by Mr Henry Euren, and in
                                           herds produce excellent milk.”              Panama, USA, Uruguay and the West
1883, the breed became known as the
                                             The qualities of the Red Poll are         Indies.
Red Polled. The Red Poll Cattle
                                           typical of many traditional native
Society was formed in 1888 by which
                                           breeds: low input costs, the ability to                 
time the colour of the breed was
                                           outwinter, easy handling, easy calving,
Conserving rare breeds –
                                               a matter of managing inbreeding?

Much of the scientific debate about conservation of livestock breeds focuses on which subset of
global breeds should be conserved in order to represent the broadest range of diversity, as it is
unlikely that sufficient resources will be available to support all breeds. In countries like the UK there
is no dilemma in deciding which breeds deserve to be saved. All existing native breeds are being
conserved through the actions of enthusiasts and breeders – work that the RBST has been
supporting over the last 37 years. The conservation of rare breeds in the UK is, thus, an issue of
ensuring that these breeds continue to exist in a healthy state. This means, not only working to
make sure they have reasonable utility in the modern economy, but managing their genetic health by
monitoring within breed diversity and preventing rapid rises in inbreeding.

INBREEDING                         ‘homozygous’, and the                disease is present because      have a similar consequence
  In its simplest sense            greater the degree of                the normal copy of the gene     because selected
inbreeding is defined as the       inbreeding the more                  is expressed). In an inbred     individuals are likely to
mating of related                  homozygous individuals               individual there is a chance    come from a limited number
individuals, whether they          become across their                  that they will inherit two      of families. Inbreeding
are closely or more distantly      genomes. This is the                 identical copies of the         results in a decline in
related. The inbreeding            underlying reason why                disease allele and will be      genetic diversity, both within
coefficient of an individual is    inbreeding is a high risk            afflicted by the disease.       and between individuals,
the probability that two           factor for the emergence of          The inbreeding coefficient of   due to increased
copies of the same gene            inherited disease. All               any individual can be           homozygosity, and the rate
have been inherited by an          individuals carry some               predicted by the relationship   of inbreeding (or diversity
individual from a common           disadvantageous (disease)            between its parents (their      loss) in a population is
founder (an ancestor shared        mutations, which normally            coancestry or kinship           proportional to the effective
by both parents) or are            do not cause a problem in            coefficient), so can be         population size (the number
‘identical-by-descent’ (IBD)       non-inbred individuals               checked prior to making a       of individuals making a
                                                                        mating.                         contribution to the gene
                                                                          Inbreeding arises in small,   pool). It is generally
                                                                        genetically isolated,           recommended, by scientific
                                                                        populations like pedigree       experts working in this field,
                                                                        breeds because all              that the rate of inbreeding
                                                                        members of the breed trace      should be constrained to no
                                                                        back to a small number of       more than 0.5% per
                                                                        founders and over the           generation, which
                                                                        generations they become         corresponds to a minimum
                                                                        more and more related to        effective population size of
                                                                        each other. Inbreeding thus     100. If the effective
                                                                        accumulates over time and       population size falls below
                                                                        this is a natural,              this then the fitness of the
                                                                        unavoidable, process.           population will steadily
                                                                        Certain events such as          decline, due to the effects of
                                                                        genetic bottlenecks and         inbreeding depression, and
                                                                        selection can, however,         the population may be
Figure 1. The sheep at the bottom of the pedigree is the product        accelerate the rate of          become unviable in the long
of an inbred mating between two half-sibs. The relationship             inbreeding. Bottlenecks         term.
between the parents is quantified by the kinship or coancestry co-      occur when a limited
efficient, and represents the proportion of genes they are              number of individuals           METHODS FOR
expected to share. The inbreeding coefficient of the offspring is       contribute to future            CONTROLLING
predicted by the parents’ kinship coefficient, and is the probability
that two copies of the same allele (genetic variant) have been          generations, for example,       INBREEDING
inherited by the offspring from a common founder (in this case a        popular sires will have more      Tools for controlling
grandparent).                                                           offspring than other            inbreeding can be divided
                                                                        individuals and will            into two main types: those
(see figure 1). If the             because they are present in          consequently have a higher      based on mating strategies
individual has inherited two       the heterozygous state (one          chance of contributing their    and those that constrain the
identical copies of the gene       copy of the gene is normal           genes to subsequent             rate of inbreeding. Mating
then they are termed               and one is mutated, but no           generations. Selection can      strategies include the

                                  illustrates the observed rate    strategy that can be used to       methods to actively
avoidance of matings              of inbreeding and the blue       delay the accumulation of          constrain the rate of
between close relatives and       line the expected rate, so in    inbreeding. Factorial              inbreeding must be
factorial matings. The            1980 the expected rate of        mating requires that each          employed.
constraint of the rate of         inbreeding is equal to the       female is mated to every
inbreeding can be achieved        average kinship of horses        male, as opposed to                CONSTRAINING THE
using rotational breeding         born a generation before in      hierarchical matings when          RATE OF INBREEDING
schemes or more complex           1973 (as the generation          single males are mated to            Effective methods for
approaches such as                interval in the Suffolk Horse    different groups of females.       constraining the rate of
minimising the average            is about seven years). The       Figure 3 illustrates the           inbreeding include rotational
relationship of animals           fact that the observed rate      concept, showing the               breeding schemes and the
selected to be parents. In        is below the expected rate       difference between factorial       minimisation of relationships
some situations out-              of inbreeding shows that         and hierarchical matings.          among selected parents,
crossing to other                 Suffolk Horse breeders are       The use of factorial mating        based on advanced
geographical sub-                 doing well at avoiding the       is a practical option in           computational techniques.
populations of the same           mating of close relatives. If    species where the female is        Rotational breeding
breed or even to closely          the observed inbreeding          capable of being multiple          schemes can be used when
related breeds may have to        was above the expected           mated and can have large           the pedigrees of individual
be considered.                    inbreeding this would be an
                                  indication that matings were
MATING STRATEGIES                 being made between
  Avoiding the mating of          closely related individuals.
close relatives keeps the         The gradient of the line (rate
inbreeding coefficients of        of inbreeding) can be used
individual animals as low as      to obtain an estimate of the
possible. Breeders of rare        effective population size. In
breeds are generally well         this case, the rate of
aware of the need to avoid        inbreeding was found to be
                                                                   Figure 3. In hierarchical mating schemes each female is mated
close matings. Population         1.4% per generation and          to a different male (matings represented by a X in the box), while
analysis based on a breed         the effective population size    in a factorial scheme each female is mated with all males.
book allows the rate of           of the Suffolk Horse is
                                                                   numbers of offspring. For          animals are not known or
                                                                   example, in poultry and fish       are difficult to record. Two
                                                                   breeding, where the                such schemes are ‘maximal
                                                                   females lay eggs, or in pigs       avoidance of inbreeding
                                                                   where females can be               (MAI)’ and ‘breeding circles’
                                                                   mated more than once in a          (Windig and Kaal, 2008). In
                                                                   year and bear several              MAI schemes inbreeding is
                                                                   young at a time. It can also       postponed as long as
                                                                   work for other species, such       possible by mating females
                                                                   as dairy cattle and                of a subpopulation each
                                                                   potentially horses, when           year to males of a different
                                                                   reproductive technologies          subpopulation. Breeding or
                                                                   such as AI and MOET                ram circles have been used
                                                                   (multiple ovulation and            in sheep breeding for some
                                                                   embryo transfer) are used          time: males from one flock
                                                                   to boost the reproductive          are used in a second flock
                                                                   capabilities of the female         which in turn contributes
                                                                   and make it possible for her       males to a third flock, and
                                                                   to be multiply mated. It is        so on. Flocks never use
                                                                   not, however, very practical       sires born in their own flock
Figure 2. Graph of the rate of inbreeding over the last 50 years   in the more natural                and always use sires from
in the Suffolk Horse.
                                                                   management systems                 the same donor flock.
                                                                   commonly used for beef             Figure 4 illustrates the
observed and expected             estimated to be about 40.        cattle and sheep, where one        concept of MAI and
inbreeding to be estimated.       This is below the minimum        or a small number of males         breeding circles. Breeding
Expected inbreeding is the        recommended figure and           tend to run with a group of        circles have several
average kinship                   further research is              females and management             practical advantages over
(relationship) among              underway to establish the        issues make the use of             MAI schemes, for example,
individuals born in the           best breeding strategies for     reproductive technologies          additional subpopulations
previous generation. For          this breed to help increase      more difficult.                    can be easily incorporated
example, figure 2 shows the       the effective population size      Mating strategies delay the      into the circle and, because
rate of inbreeding in the         to a sustainable level.          accumulation in inbreeding         subpopulations always
Suffolk Horse over the last         The use of factorial mating    but do not change the              receive males from the
50 years. The red line            systems is another mating        overall rate. Instead              same donor subpopulation,

                                                                                              sound breeding principles for health,
                                                                                              which ultimately lead to financial or
                                                                                              economic advantage for those
                                                                                              breeders that participate. Successful
                                                                                              conservation requires successful
                                                                                              management to constrain inbreeding
                                                                                              rates. If we are unable to put in place
                                                                                              practical breeding schemes that
                                                                                              achieve sustainable rates of
                                                                                              inbreeding in our rare breeds then we
                                                                                              may have to consider the possibility
                                                                                              that we have failed in our efforts to
                                                                                              conserve them.

                                                                                              Windig, J.J., Eding, H., Moll, L. and
                                                                                              Kaal, L. 2004. Effects on inbreeding
                                                                                              of different strategies aimed at
                                                                                              eliminating scrapie sensitivity alleles in
                                                                                              rare sheep breeds in The Netherlands.
                                                                                              Animal Science 79, 11-20.
Figure 4. Maximum avoidance of inbreeding (MAI) is illustrated over a five year span,
showing that by year five the genes are well mixed among participating flocks. The
donor and recipient flocks that are paired together change every year. In contrast            Windig, J.J., Meuleman, H. and Kaal,
within a breeding circle (illustrated bottom left) the donor and recipient flocks remain in   L. 2007. Selection for scrapie
fixed pairings.                                                                               resistance and simultaneous
                                                                                              restriction of inbreeding in the rare
the circle can be designed to minimise          resistance and for other conditions,          sheep breed “Mergellander”.
geographical distance between                   such as Fell Pony Foal Syndrome (for          Preventive Veterinary Medicine 78,
subpopulations exchanging animals.              which a DNA test has recently been            161-171.
  A state-of-the-art approach to                developed by the Animal Health
constraining inbreeding is to select            Trust).                                       Windig, J.J. and Kaal, L. 2008. An
parents based on relationships. In                                                            effective rotational mating scheme for
optimal contribution schemes animals            CONCLUSIONS                                   inbreeding reduction in captive
selected as parents and their                   Implementation of these tools in              populations illustrated by the rare
contributions to the next generation            practical breeding schemes will               sheep breed Kempisch Heideschaap.
can be calculated so that the average           require breeder co-operation. The             Animal 2:12, 1733-1741.
inbreeding in their offspring is minimal.       more advanced methods, such as
This requires complicated computation           optimum contribution selection,
and full pedigree of individuals to be          prescribe not only rules about which           Biography
known – it is, therefore, not a viable          animals should be mated together but
approach in situations where pedigree           which should be selected for breeding.                                  Dr Sarah Blott
                                                                                                                        leads the
is not recorded and/or computers are            This may cause controversy when
not available! However, it is likely to         working with numerous individual                                        Genetics
be an option for many British pedigree          breeders, as there may be different                                     research group at
breeds including rare breeds. One               views about which animals should be                                     the Animal Health
advantage is that the method can be             selected. To succeed it requires a                                      Trust. Her PhD,
modified to allow for selection for             strong co-operative culture, the                                        completed at the
desirable traits or against undesirable         willingness to work together for the                                    Roslin Institute
traits such as inherited disease                good of the breed and to consider                                       (University of
(optimum contribution selection). This          time-scales beyond our own lifetimes.                                   Edinburgh) and
                                                                                               sponsored by the Rare Breeds Survival
is of particular importance for rare            The management of inbreeding is of
                                                                                               Trust, included an analysis of genetic
breeds when applying selection can              crucial importance to the long-term            diversity in the Traditional Hereford and
have serious consequences for the               health of rare breeds and needs to be          European cattle breeds. Following the
maintenance of diversity. A recent              high in the priorities of breeders. To         award of a Wellcome Trust Travelling
example is selection for scrapie                achieve a successful outcome it will           Fellowship, she went to the University of
resistance in sheep breeds. Optimum             be necessary to produce practical              Liège, Belgium to work with Professor
contribution (OC) selection has been            implementation plans and this raises           Michel Georges on methods for fine
demonstrated to allow selection for             questions about who should be                  mapping quantitative trait loci (QTL) in
scrapie resistant genotypes while               responsible for managing and                   dairy cattle. In 2002 she joined Sygen
                                                                                               International plc (now part of Genus plc),
constraining inbreeding to an                   financing the implementation. Breeder
                                                                                               one of the world’s leading animal
acceptable level in rare breeds of              compliance will also obviously be of           breeding companies, as a senior
Dutch sheep (Windig et al., 2004,               great importance, and breeders may             research scientist. She joined the
2007). OC selection would also be of            need incentives to encourage them to           Animal Health Trust as a principal
likely benefit to British sheep breeds in       participate. One possibility might be          researcher in 2006.
their progress towards scrapie                  quality assurance schemes, based on


                                                       New tax could hit hor se owner s
               Under Defra’s proposals, each horse or pony could be subject to a minimum £10.50 per head annual tax.
   Concern is growing in the horse world over        an annual charge of £10.50 per animal. Horse
                                                                                                               New Home for
 Defra’s proposals to set up an independent          industry experts, however, say that the final
 body of animal health and industry experts to       levy per head could be considerably higher or             Cleveland Bay
 take decisions on animal health issues. As          be set at a preliminary level for the first year          Horse Society
 funding for the new body will come in part from     and rise thereafter.
 the tax payer and in part from the livestock          RBST Trustee Sandra Mansell says: “This is                The Cleveland Bay Horse
 sector, the fear is that horse owners will          something we are all trying to fight. It could            Society (CBHS), which
                                                                                                               celebrated its 125th
 effectively find themselves subject to a new tax    spell disaster for some breeds as it will be
                                                                                                               Anniversary in 2009, has
 on any horse or pony that they own.                 another expense that horse and pony owners
                                                                                                               relocated to prestigious
   The scheme would start in 2012 and will           will have to fund and it will further discourage          premises at the new
 involve a per capita tax on all livestock, which    ownership.”                                               Regional Agricultural
 could include horses. Although Defra is               Another area of concern being voiced by the             Centre (RAC) on the Great
 currently saying that it is not definite that       equestrian world is that with 65% of owners               Yorkshire Showground,
 horses will be included, a spokesman has            having just one horse, the new body would                 Harrogate.
 been quoted as saying: “The main rule of            spend much of its time simply collecting                    The Great Yorkshire Show
 thumb remains that all keepers of disease-          charges, making the cost of physically                    hosts several important
 susceptible species should contribute to the        collecting the charge significant. Campaigners            classes every year for the
 costs of exotic disease control unless there are    claim that added to the high set up and                   Cleveland Bay horse and
 compelling reasons as to why they should not.”      ongoing costs, this would not represent value             so is no stranger to the
 If included, horses will be treated on the same     for money for either the equine community or              breed. The new site
 basis as farm livestock which does not take         the taxpayer.                                             represents a real focus to
 into account the significant number of horses         Efforts to counter Defra’s proposals are                raise awareness of this
 and ponies that are involved in activities that      being channelled through a campaign led                  versatile endangered breed
                                                                                                               which remains in the critical
 are entirely non-commercial, sporting or not-       by the British Horse Industry Confederation
 for-profit.                                                                                                   category on the RBST
                                                     (BHIC). “To join the campaign against the tax
   In considering horses, Defra has suggested        visit

Foals to be saved from fatal condition
                                                FIS, which is fatal to all affected foals, is   working with distraught breeders and
                                              seen not only in Fell ponies but also in          owners, that we can now see our way to
                                              Dales. It causes foals to become                  a future in which no more sick foals are
                                              anaemic and fall prey to opportunistic            produced. We can also ensure that this
                                              infections. Sadly, any foal born with the         problem does not spread to other horse
                                              syndrome will not survive.                        breeds.”
                                                The team led by the AHT’s Dr June                 The research has been possible thanks
                                              Swinburne and Laura Fox-Clipsham, in              to funding from The Horse Trust and the
                                              collaboration with Professor Stuart Carter        support of the Fell Pony Society and the
                                              of the University of Liverpool, believe the       Dales Pony Society who have
                                              discovery will prevent unnecessary                suppliedDNA samples.
                                              suffering by preventing the birth of foals          Laura Fox-Clipsham, a PhD student
                                              affected with this dreadful condition.            whose work has led to the breakthrough
                                                Dr. Swinburne, said: “After ten years of        and development of the proposed test,
                                              research, this is an exciting and                 added: “We would urge any breeders of
                                              important discovery for breeders of Fell          Fell or Dales Ponies to utilise the test
                                              and Dales Ponies across the world. By             once it is available. All they will need to
                                              identifying the mutation and developing a         do is send the AHT a sample of hair from
                                              DNA test, breeders will be able to make           the ponies for analysis. The information
  Scientists from the Animal Health Trust     informed decisions about which ponies to          they will gain in return will arm them with
(AHT) and The University of Liverpool         breed. This should prevent unnecessary            the facts to avoid breeding foals with this
have identified the mutation responsible      suffering and, in time, eradicate this            devastating illness.”
for Foal Immuno-deficiency                    awful condition.”
Syndrome (FIS), more commonly known             Professor Carter, said: “The University         Photograph courtesy of The Fell Pony Society -
as Fell Pony Syndrome. Geneticists ex-        of Liverpool’s investment in the latest 
pect a DNA test to identify carriers of the   genomic technologies has made this
mutation to be available at the AHT from      breakthrough possible. On a personal
February 2010.                                level, it is so gratifying that after years of

 Where Sheep May Safely Graze

      Shropshires grazing beneath French fruit trees near Maizieres, in Lorraine.

 One of Britain’s oldest sheep                   programmes in Germany show
                                                 that many of the agrochemicals
breeds, the Shropshire Down, has                 used for crop management
a well-established reputation for                have already reached the
                                                 groundwater in catchment
being “tree safe”, particularly in               areas with substantial
conifer plantations. Here Pippa                  acreages under fruit and
Geddes of the Shropshire Sheep                   vegetable production. Market
                                                 pressures for natural food are
Breeders’ Association explains                   driving a demand for a
how Shropshires are now safely                   reduction in the use of
                                                 agrochemicals. One of the                      lower branches and soft shoots depended
grazing between fruit trees.                     key reasons for the German trial was to        on the quantity and quality of other
                                                 investigate the potential for Shropshire       herbage on offer – in other words, on
  The compatibility of Shropshires and           Sheep to play a role in controlling the        pasture management. In all, compared
conifers was first identified more than 20       vegetation in fruit tree plantations and       with an earlier trial using Milk Sheep, the
years ago by Graham Allan, a Scottish            consequently reduce or replace                 damage caused by Shropshires was
shepherd who lives and works in                  herbicides.                                    insignificant and did not affect the long-
Denmark. The breed is now used                     The trial showed that Shropshires are        term viability of the trees.
successfully by hundreds of Christmas            indeed suitable for use in orchards, subject     Of course, for growers to convert to
tree growers in northern Europe and the          to some management restrictions. They          management by grazing, there has to be a
UK. More recently, practical experience          were found to be docile and easy to            financial advantage.
suggested that Shropshires are also              manage amongst the trees. Subject to             When stocked at a rate of between 6 and
suitable for grazing in deciduous                water and minerals being provided, no          10 animals per hectare, Shropshires can
plantations, including apple and pear            additional adaptations such as extra           replace the need for mowing, root vole
orchards, where as well as controlling           shelter were required. The sheep               control and to some extent scab control
grass and weeds, they eat fallen leaves          eliminated the need for routine mowing         with resulting cost savings of some £619
and so can help prevent the spread of            and, while they did not eat growing nettles,   per hectare. To ensure that any grass not
fungal diseases such as apple scab.              they did consume them if they were cut         eaten by the sheep is kept short and
  Back in 2006 Raimund Kohl, a soil              and left to dry on the ground. Under           remaining leaf litter shredded, it is
scientist working for Baden-Württemberg          normal conditions the grass sward              recommended that a mower is used once
State Agency of Environmental Protection         remained in good condition.                    a year – the cost for one run being
and secretary of the German Shropshire             If trees do require any spray treatment,     calculated at £58. Another 4 working man
Sheep Breeders’ Association, was                 this must be carefully co-ordinated with the   hours are necessary for some root vole
instrumental in setting up a trial at the        sheep grazing management and disease-          control at an estimated £48. Allowing for
Research Centre for Fruit Growing at Lake        resistant varieties which require reduced      this, there is a potential saving of £500 per
Constance in Germany to establish the            spray programmes are preferable.               hectare a year.
suitability of Shropshires for use in              Leaves were attractive to the sheep but        The cost of managing the sheep,
commercial orchards.                             the height to which tree foliage was           including labour, additional winter feed and
  He believed that if Shropshires were           consumed was limited to the height of the      routine health care products also has to be
suitable for this type of grazing, there         sheep (1m or below): the Shropshires did       taken into account, but balanced against
would be significant environmental               not rise on their hind legs to reach higher    this is the revenue that can be obtained
benefits. Groundwater monitoring                 up. The amount of damage caused to the         from lamb sales – and Shropshires are

renowned producers of meaty lambs.                  The SSBA continues to gather technical
Overall it is estimated that the cost of          information about the management of                 Biography
keeping the sheep is roughly equivalent to        Shropshires in commercial fruit tree
the revenue from lamb sales, which leaves         cultures and is happy to make this                                            Based in
the £500 saving intact with the added             information morewidely available to                                         Shropshire,
environmental bonus from having replaced          farmers and growers interested in this                                      Pippa Geddes is
the need for agrochemicals.*                      environmentally-friendly method of weed                                     Vice President of
  The results of the Lake Constance trial         control.                                                                    the Shropshire
were published in 2007 and generated                                                                                          Sheep Breeders’
much new interest in Shropshires in                * Data based on work by Stockert (1997)                                    Association (UK).
Europe. The British Shropshire breed              and KTBL Datensamlung öckologischer                 Pippa is a livestock farmer and has a
society has received very positive reports        Obstbau (2005).                                     BSc (Hons) in agriculture. She has
of Shropshires grazing among a number of                                                              worked in agricultural journalism and
different fruit tree species, including their                                                         marketing and owns the Alderton Flock
use to control herbage in vineyards                                                                   of Shropshire Sheep. Pippa can be
between the grape harvest and bud burst                                                               contacted on or

 Record Exports
in the spring.

                                                                            Shropshires in 2008.     SSBA’s export officer, Sue Farquhar, and
                                                                              The consignment of     sales officer, Claire Jakeman. Sheep from
                                                                            101 females and 3        twelve different flocks had to be inspected
                                                                            males to Slovenia has    on-farm to ensure they met breed
                                                                            had the distinction of   standards, before the animals were
                                                                            being the first          transported to an EU Approved Export
                                                                            Shropshire sheep in      Assembly Centre in Herefordshire. Sheep
                                                                            that country. They       destined for Slovenia also had to be
                                                                            were purchased by        vaccinated by a vet against Blue Tongue,
                                                                            Branko Lazarevic         because they were moving from the UK
                                                                            from Maribor. His        into a BT Free Zone.
                                                                            sheep will be used         Claire Jakeman comments: “Keeping up
                                                                            primarily as a meat      with export regulations and informing our
                                                                            producing flock, but     breed society members of the
                                                                            will also graze grass    requirements, especially with BTV and
                                                                            between ground-          Scrapie Monitoring, is very time-
                                                                            based solar panels.      consuming but it is rewarding to see the
                                                                            Electricity generated    growing market for Shropshires. We
   French fruit farmer Benôit Gille with one of his imported Shropshire rams by this enterprise is   received excellent support from Defra’s
                                                                              sold back to the       new Central Export Department based in
   Shropshire Downs are bred successfully                                     Slovenian .            Carlisle
 in a number of European countries, but                Government.
 there is still a strong demand for UK-bred              Branko became interested in the breed
 animals. French fruit producers made a                after seeing them exhibited at the Paris
 joint importation of 150 British Shropshires          Show a few years ago and he visited the
 in the summer of 2008 and last year the               UK twice in 2009 to view Shropshires on-
 breed society broke its export record,                farm and at the Cheshire County Show. He
 sending a total of 197 registered                     comments that he is very proud to be the
 Shropshires to France and Slovenia.                   first Slovenian to own a flock and plans to
   The consignment to France was                       join the Shropshire Sheep Breeders’
 purchased by Benôit Gille in Maizieres,               Association as an overseas member.            Slovenian purchaser Branko Lazarevic (2nd
 Lorraine for grazing orchards: this was a               Selecting the Shropshires for the export    right in the black polo shirt), with a group of
 repeat order as Benôit also imported                  consignment was a mammoth task for the          SSBA members pictured at the Cheshire
                                                                                                                     County Show.

                                                                                                     Castlemilk Moorit
                                                                                                      Sheep Society
                                                                                     Please use our new, improved web site
                                                                                            for membership enquiries,
                                                                                          breed description and history.
                                                                                        Contact us for breeding advice,

                                                                                        classified ads and much more.
       Further information 01570 423135
                                                                                       Secretary: Sheila Cooper – 01676 535242
      RBST AND FARM PARKS                                                                                                           –
 Joe Henson and son Adam who now farms Bemborough home of the Cotswold Farm Park and known to Countryfile viewers as Adam’s Farm.

  RBST Approved Conservation Farm          until in the early 60s commercial            White Parks, the rarest breed of
Parks play an important part in both       pressures led to the curator, Victor       cattle, went to the National
running breeding programmes and            Manton, looking to replace them with       Agricultural Centre (NAC) and the
providing a public showcase for rare       something a little more exotic. Joe        remaining sheep went to Reading
breeds. It should come as no surprise      Henson explains: “The zoo scene            University.
then that the person who started           had changed with places like Longleat        Although with the relocation of the
Britain’s first farm park was also         and Woburn introducing lions in a          stock the working party seemed to
instrumental in the creation of the        parkland setting and Whipsnade was         have achieved its objective, during its
Rare Breeds Survival Trust. That           losing visitors. Victor felt that          year of meetings an enthusiasm for
man was farmer Joe Henson.                 agriculture should be caring for its       preserving rare breeds grew and it
  The story begins in the late 1950s       own and that the Gene Bank animals         was realised that its work had barely
with Sir Solly, later Lord, Zuckerman.     should be in a farm not a zoo. So, he      started.
Realising that some of Britain’s           rang up Christopher Dadd, who was            It was at this point in 1968 that Joe
traditional native breeds of farm          then director of the Royal Show and        Henson was invited to join the
animal were on the brink of extinction,    said ‘You ought to be looking after        working party because of his known
he established a collection at             these creatures. If you don’t come         interest in the work. Joe, with a
Whipsnade Zoo which he described           and take them away, I’m going to feed      business partner, was farming 400
as his ‘Gene Bank’. He had done this       them to the lions.’ “                      acres at Bemborough, in the
when he realised that the vast spread        While the threat was not taken           Cotswolds – known today to viewers
of genetic variation available to          literally, it did prompt action. The       of BBC TV’s Countryfile as Adam’s
livestock breeders in the past was fast    Royal Agricultural Society of England      Farm.
disappearing. Breeds which had             and the Zoological Society of London         Together with John Farmer, the
played their part in our history were      set up a joint working committee to        manager of the NAC farms, Joe
being lost at an alarming rate. The        advise on alternative locations for the    started a programme of breeding back
collection consisted of just eight         Gene Bank breeds. The poultry              for the Norfolk Horn sheep, using the
breeds of sheep, four of cattle and        collection went to the Duchess of          three remaining pure-bred rams on
several of pigs and poultry.               Devonshire at Chatsworth, half the         Suffolk ewes, a breed of which the
  The collection stayed at Whipsnade       breeds of sheep and a nucleus of           Norfolk Horn was the main progenitor.

    Joe also purchased some of the
    remaining cattle from Whipsnade.
    When Reading University
    subsequently decided that rare breeds
    were no longer relevant to modern
    farming education, he purchased their
    stock and also the stock that had gone
    to the Royal Show ground, where it
    was felt there was insufficient space.
      These animals formed the nucleus
    for the first Farm Park, as Joe
    explains: “We had a rare breed
    collection and needed to make it pay.
    We felt that the way to do that was to
    open up to the public. This was a
    totally new concept but one that our
    landlord supported. We also won the
    support of the local authority because
    it realised the importance of tourism to
    the local economy.
      “Unfortunately, support wasn’t
    universal and we had a lot of local
    opposition: people didn’t want hordes
    of visitors driving around the
    countryside! However, when our                White Park Cattle – the rarest breed of cattle when RBST was established and model for the
    application went to the planning                                                       Trust’s logo.
    committee it got through – by one vote
    – and we opened in 1971.”                  been some thoughts of making this              in 1973.
      While this was all happening in the      part of an organisation like the World           With Joe Henson’s Cotswold Farm

–                A SHARED HISTORY
    Cotswolds, the movements of the            Wildlife Fund but Sir Peter said that it       Park already established, there was
    Gene Bank animals had attracted            was essential that we had an                   ample proof that rare breeds could

    media coverage and called the              independent body. Between                      earn their keep as a public attraction if
    nation’s attention to the plight of its    identifying the many birds that were           displayed in a farm setting. The
    historic breeds. The number of             landing on the lake in front of his home       Council agreed to encourage the
    enquiries that were being received         by name, Sir Peter gave us one very            establishment of Farm Parks around
    prompted the Royal to arrange a one-       valuable piece of advice: he said that         the country and ultimately the RBST
    day symposium with a conference and        it was essential that the word ‘survival’      farm park approval scheme was
    live display of animals. The               should appear in the name. So the              introduced to ensure that any breeding
    conference voted overwhelmingly for        Rare Breeds Survival Trust was born.”          or display centre carrying the Trust’s
    the establishment of a national              The working party became the first           name was of the highest quality.
    organisation for the conservation of       RBST Council, with Joe Henson asked              Needless to say, the Cotswold Farm
    rare breeds and so the working group       to be the founder Chairman and Peter           Park was the first approved centre and
    set about its next task.                   Hunt, previously fund raiser for Dr            has remained a flagship for rare
      Seeking advice from someone who          Barnardos, was recruited as a                  breeds’ conservation.
    was already immersed in the world of       specialist to link into those charitable
    animal conservation, Joe Henson was        trusts which offered start-up funding             
    despatched to meet Sir Peter Scott at      for small charities – and the work of
    Slimbridge. Joe says: “There had           the Trust began with an official launch

      Images from the early
        days: Joe Henson
       and business partner
      John Neave, the farm
        buildings pre-farm
          park and Adam
       Henson and Duncan
        Andrews who now
       farm Bemborough in

RBST Conservation Farm Parks 2010
RBST Conservation Farm Parks play                                   Telephone for details
                                                Open season: Daily from Easter to Sept.         Admission charges: Free
an important role in the development of
                                                Weekends only Oct to Easter
some of our rarest breeds and several           Opening times: Check website for details        Sandwell Park Farm
are also home to special breeding               Admission charges: Check website for details    Sandwell Valley Country Park,
                                                                                                Salters Lane, West Bromwich,
groups of animals which are managed             Cruckley Animal Farm                            WEST MIDLANDS B71 4BG
with RBST, while the Exhibition                 Foston on the Wolds, Driffield,                 Tel: 0121 553 0220
Centres have good examples of rare              EAST YORKSHIRE YO25 8BS               
                                                Tel: 01262 488337                               Open season: All year
and native breeds for the public to see.                              Opening times: 10.00-4.30
As well as the animals and all the              Open season: Daily from 27th March to 19th      Admission charges: Jan to End Mar - Adult
                                                Sept. Weekends to end of Oct.                   £1.50; Child £1.00; Senior Citizen £1.00;
educational information about them,
                                                Opening times: 10.30-5.00                       Family £4.50. Prices will change in April.
there are also other attractions to keep        Admission charges:                              Check website for details.
the young and not so young                      Adult £4.00; Child £3.75; Under 2’s Free;
                                                Senior Citizen £3.75                            Sherwood Forest Farm Park
entertained throughout the day.                                                                 Lamb Pens Farm, Edwinstowe,
                                                Home Farm Tatton Park                           Mansfield, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE
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                                                Tel: 01625 534431                     
Aldenham Country Park                                            Open season: 2nd April to 26th Sept
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Tel: 020 8953 9602                              Oct closed Mondays.                    Opening times: Low season: 11.00 to 3.00.       Wimpole Home Farm
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vehicle                                                                                         Mar)
                                                Home Farm Temple Newsam                         Open times: Summer: 10.30-5.00. Winter:
Bill Quay Community Farm                        Temple Newsam Estate,                           11.00-4.00
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Admission charges: Free                                                               
                                                Newham Grange Farm Park                         Open season: All year
Church Farm Rare Breeds Centre                  Wykeham Way,Coulby Newham,                      Opening times: Summer: 10.00-5.00. Winter:
Church Farm, Stow Estate Trust, Stow            Middlesbrough,                                  10.00–4.00
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to 31st October 2010                                                                            Salisbury WILTSHIRE SP4 0EW
Opening times: 10.00 - 5.00. Winter opening     Odds Farm Park                                  Tel: 01980 629 438
times: please see website for details           Wooburn Common, High Wycombe,         
Admission charges: Adult £7.00; Child £6.00;    BUCKINGHAMSHIRE HP10 0LX                        Open season: All year
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GLOUCESTERSHIRE GL54 5UG                        10am – 5.30pm. Winter: 10am – 4.30
Tel: 01451 850307                               Admission charges: check web site for details   South of England Rare Breeds Centre                      as prices change in April                       Highlands Farm, Woodchurch,
Open season: Daily from 13th Mar- 5th Sept.                                                     Ashford, KENT TN26 3RT
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LIVERPOOL L12 0HB                               4.30pm. Oct – March: 9am – 4.30
Tel: 0151 233 6910
 A Taste of the Past With an
 Eye to the Future . . .
 Situated at Coulby Newham,
Middlesbrough, Newham
Grange Country Farm is an
RBST Approved Conservation
Farm which, now in local
authority ownership, allows us
a real glimpse into England’s
agricultural heritage.

  Records show that this area of
Cleveland has been farmed for over
900 years, and it is mentioned in the
Domesday Book (1086AD). Robert De
Brus gave Newham to Whitby Abbey
in 1120 and the land was worked by
the inhabitants of the nearby village of
Newham, which became deserted in               Terry Brittain one of Newham Grange’s four stockmen shows off one of the
the 16th Century. With the dissolution                                    farm’s champions.
of Whitby Abbey by Henry VIII in           The Newham Grange Farm tenancy              farmhouse. It was a small single
1539, the land at Newham passed            was one of the first farms to be            storey house, built with stones taken
into the hands of the Crown and in         occupied. The tenant Nathaniel              from the mediaeval village as well as
1560 Queen Elizabeth I granted these       Hopper chose the farm because the           stones and boulders found in the
lands to Ralph Tailbois.                   slope of many of the fields afforded        fields and in the beds of the boundary
  By 1580 a manor house, Newham            natural drainage of the land which was      streams. He sited the house to the
Hall, had been established in the          of thick clay. After planting their first   south of the crest of the hill, so it
south part of the estate which had         crop of wheat, Mr Hopper and his            would not be exposed to the cold
been divided into several farmsteads.      family set to work building the             northerly winds.

  Newham Grange Farm was handed            farm which Albert Hopper, who had no       played a big part in getting it involved
down through the family for almost         children to continue on the farm after     with RBST. In the last few months,
175 years until in 1755, with the death    his retirement, sold to Middlesbrough      Middlesbrough’s Countryside staff
of Thomas Hopper, the farm was             Corporation. He had heard that they        have moved to the farm which has led
passed into the hands of his sons          had plans to turn it into a public farm,   to the name being changed to
Robert and John. Unfortunately, the        so felt that maybe the old farm would      Newham Grange Country Farm. The
two brothers could never agree on          survive for a few more years.              Countryside team carries out
how the farm should be run and after         To this day it is used as a visitor      conservation work in the area around
six years of conflict, Robert sold his     attraction, attracting between 32,000      the Farm.
share of the farm to John and moved        and 40,000 visitors per year. The farm       The farm also hosts educational
north to take over the tenancy of a        is a RBST Approved Conservation            visits from schools from
farm in Northumberland.                    Farm Park with rare and native breeds      Middlesbrough and surrounding
  By 1786 the farm was in the hands of     such as Beef Shorthorn and British         boroughs. It has an educational
Richard Hopper and with a growing          White cattle, Whiteface Woodland and       package that is part of the school
family he felt the farmhouse, which        Kerry Hill Sheep, Tamworth, British        curriculum which is sent out to the
was nearly 200 years old, was too          Saddleback, Berkshire,                     schools when they book a visit.
small. In this year the Hoppers            Gloucestershire Old Spots and Middle         Mark Saunders says: “At the
approached one of the brick makers in      White pigs and a wide range of             moment the farm is going through a lot
Marton with a view to building a new       poultry. Farm Manager Mark                 of development work as we try to
farmhouse. The brick maker found           Saunders says: “Our stock is               improve the quality of the visit for the
that the fields contained suitable brick   regularly taken to shows such as the       public with more hands-on
clay and this was dug out in the           Great Yorkshire, Ryedale Show,             experiences. We are also working in
autumn and left for the frost to break     Cleveland and many others during the       partnership with other agencies to
down over the winter. Next spring the      summer months. I might add that we         improve the experience the public get
brick maker returned and erected a         do very well at them – testament to        when visiting the farm by incorporating
small kiln and started to mould and fire   the hard work and dedication of the        walking and cycling centres and
the bricks. The Hoppers then recruited     farm staff.”                               possibly a pony trekking centre.
bricklayers from Marton and by               The farm has a manager and five            “However the real reason people visit
autumn the family had moved into           stockmen, one full-time and four part-     the farm will never be lost – the
their new home which still stands to       time who look after the animals 365        animals themselves.”
this day.                                  days a year. Norman Small who is the         Newham Grange Country Farm is open
  By 1976, the A174 Parkway had            full-time stockman has been at the         at weekends during the winter from
been built and it sliced through the       farm from the very early days and          10.00am to 4.00pm. For more information,

  Full range of energisers and accessories in stock.
         Call anytime for details and price list.
  Electric netting with posts all 50 metres in length.
                   Prices on request.

                   GA & MJ Strange
       Broadfield, North Wraxall, Chippenham,
                   Wilts SN14 7AD
        Tel: 01225 891236 Fax: 01225 891121

N EW V E N U E Joins Farm Park List
                                                                                                                 A freezing day in
                                                                                                               December saw Trustees
                                                                                                               Viki Mills and Pat
                                                                                                               Holloway and RBST’s Sally
                                                                                                               Renshaw and Claire
                                                                                                               Barber making a visit to
                                                                                                               East Anglia – a visit that      latest acquisitions, White Park
                                                                                                               proved very worthwhile          cattle and Norfolk Horn sheep,
                                                                                                                                               have been chosen specifically
                                                                                                               since it resulted in a new      because they are on the RBST
                                                                                                               venue being added to the        Watchlist.
                                                                                                               RBST’s Approved                   “The selection of livestock is
                                                                                                                                               excellent and there are active
                                                                                                               Conservation Farm Park
                                                                                                                                               breeding programmes in place
                                                                                                               list.                           which includes the Suffolk
                                                                                                                                               mare, something that we do
                                                                                                                 Situated near Downham         not always see. Added to that
                                                                                                               Market, Church Farm Rare        is the fact that the farm is so
                                                                                                               Breeds Centre Stow Bardolph well presented, with plenty of
                                                                                                               is a 30-acre Farm Park with an information on display making
                                                                                                               impressive array of rare and    it a very positive visitor
                                                                                                               native breeds. The list         experience.”
                                                                                                               includes Boreray, Hebridean,
                                                                                                               Manx Loaghtan, Norfolk Horn,
                                                                                                               North Ronaldsay, Southdown
                                                                                                               and Wensleydale Black and
                                                                                                               White sheep, Berkshire,
                                                                                                               Gloucestershire Old Spots and
                                                                                                               Tamworth pigs, White Park
                                                                                                               Cattle, Golden Guernsey and
                                                                                                               Bagot goats, two Suffolk          Church Farm Rare Breeds
                                                                                                               horses and an array of poultry Centre is part of the 4,000-
                                                                                                               that includes Marsh Daisy and acre Stow Estate which is
                                                                                                               Buff Orpington.                 arable plus forestry. Farm
                                                                                                                 Viki Mills says: “Church      park facilities include an
                                                                                                               Farm offers everything we look education room, adventure
                                                                                                               for in an Approved              playground, indoor play area,
                                                                                                               Conservation Farm Park.         shop and café.
                                                                                                               Underlying everything is a true
                                                                                                               passion for the conservation of
                                                                                                               rare breeds with knowledge
                                                                                                               and enthusiasm displayed by
                                                                                                               the team who run the farm.
                                                                                                               An example of this is that the

  Indoor Grand Arena • Indoor Trade Stands and Food Hall
       Shire Horse Grand Parade • Ridden Shire Horse Competition
      Vintage Tractors and Farm Machinery • Farriery Competitions
Dog Agility Competitions • See the Gentle Giants in their Traditional Glory
                                                                              Information Line
                                                                              (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm):
  Ticket Hotline (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm):                                          01733 234451
  0845 600 5445                                                               Email:
  NB: Advance Tickets are subject to a booking fee of £1.00 per transaction


EID for sheep is now with us and here      must be electronic.                       number will be on the EID chip inside
we answer some of the key questions                                                  the slaughter tag. EID tags for sheep
regarding its implementation:
                                            Q   What happens with sheep that
                                                will be slaughtered before 12
                                                                                     not intended for slaughter before 12
                                                                                     months old will carry both the flock
Q     What are the options for EID?        months old?                               mark and the individual number both
                                                                                     on the tag and on the chip inside the
      There are three: an EID tag, an
                                            A    These can be identified with the    tag.
      EID bolus or a pastern tag.                full EID tag and visual matchup.
                                           Alternatively they can be identified by
                                                                                      Q    Will the data on the EID chip
Q     Can we use chips similar to
      those implanted in pets?
                                           either a single electronic tag or a
                                           single non-EID tag, both of which will
                                                                                     and the tag look the same?

                                           visually only bear the UK flock            A     Mostly it will look the same but
 A No – because of concern the
      the chip can move within
                               that        number.                                   on the EID chip the letters UK will be
                                                                                     replaced by the numbers 826. This
animal’s body there are not an option
in the UK as they may cause a public
                                            Q    What about sheep born before
                                                 31 December 2009?
                                                                                     will be followed by the six-digit flock
                                                                                     number preceded by a zero and
health problem.                                                                      followed by a five-digit individual
                                            A    There is no need to                 animal number starting back at 00001.
Q     What are the rules about the
      colour of tags?
                                                 electronically identify them or
                                           record their movements individually in
                                                                                      Q   What happens if a sheep with
                                           the holding register. However, from       an EID tag and a non-EID tag loses
 A   For sheep born after 31               31 December 2011, these animals will      one?
     December 2009, EID tags must
be yellow. If a replacement tag is
                                           have to be individually recorded on
                                           movement documents unless they are
                                                                                      A    You can either order an identical
required and the animal is not on the      moving direct to slaughter or via a       replacement or you can remove the
holding of birth, it must be red and the   market to slaughter. When moving to       remaining tag and replace it with two
matching tag in a sheep with an EID        slaughter, a batch movement               new ones. If you replace both and the
bolus has to be black. For sheep with      document can still be used.               sheep is not on its holding of birth, the
an EID tag, the secondary tag can,                                                   replacements must be red. The old
therefore, be any colour except
yellow, black or red.
                                            Q    Can I use up existing stocks of
                                                                                     and new tag numbers will also need to
                                                                                     be cross referenced in the flock
Q     Which sheep need to be
                                            A    The way tags are numbered            Q
      electronically identified?                 changes from 31 December so                 What if a sheep loses both
                                           new tags will be needed for all sheep     tags?
 A    All sheep born on or after 31
      December 2009 and not
                                           born after that date.
                                                                                      A    You will have to fit two new tags
intended for slaughter within 12
months old have to have to be
                                            Q    What numbering will be on the
                                                 new tags?
                                                                                     and make a note in the flock register
                                                                                     entering the sheep as ‘identity
electronically identified. These sheep                                               unknown’ and cross reference this to
will have two identifiers, one of which     A   On non-EID tags for sheep            the new tag number.
                                                             going to
                                                             slaughter under          Q    How quickly do I need to
                                                             12 months old, it       replace lost tags?
                                                             will just be the
                                                             flock number.
                                                                                      A     Within 28 days from discovering
                                                             EID slaughter           the loss. It will probably be simpler to
                                                             tags for sheep          keep a stock of replacement tags and
                                                             going to                fit them as you find losses.
                                                             slaughter before
                                                             12 months old
                                                             will only the flock
                                                                                     Q    How much will EID tags cost?

                                                             mark will be
                                                             printed on the
                                                             tag: for these
                                                                                      A    Costs will vary but they should
                                                                                           start at around 65p per single
                                                             animals the flock       EID tag. Standard non-EID tags
                                                             mark and an             should remain at round 75p upwards
                                                             individual              for a pair.
Q     Are some tags better than
      others?                               A     For animals born and identified
                                                  after 31 December 2009,
                                                                                       January 2011. This can be done by
                                                                                       attaching a list to an AML1 form.
                                           individual numbers have to be               Animals dentified with a batch tag will
 A    So far there is no firm evidence
      to say that some are better
                                           recorded when the animal is first
                                           tagged, when they are moved on or off
                                                                                       need to be on a batch basis, and
                                                                                       batches within the main batch will
retained than others. Retention            your holding, have a tag replaced, are      have to be recorded. When moving to
problems can be because of poor            upgraded or die. Most of this               a CPRC, the AML1 only needs to
insertion technique or because the         recording will not require a single-line    record the number of sheep moving.
wrong applicator is used. For all tags     entry and CPRCs will send back
the closer to the head they are            movement-related entries. Slaughter         For more detailed information on the
inserted, the less chance there is of      lambs identified by batch tagging will      new EU regulation, EBLEX has
them being caught on fences or             continue to be recorded on a batch          produced an excellent farmer’s guide
feeders. For loop tags, inserting them     basi, but in addition batch within batch    to EID. Copies of the guide are
on the front of the ear, about one-third   recording must take place to record         available, free of charge, from RBST.
of the distance from the head has          the number of lambs of different flock      To obtain a copy, call 024 7669 6551
been shown to work the best.               numbers.Will movement forms need            or email
                                           individual numbers on them?
Q    What do I need to record on the       For animals born after 31 December
     holding register and movement         2009, movement forms will have to
forms?                                     include individual numbers from 1

      Lambs for Slaughter – Full EID or not?
                                                                                       slaughter but we decided to keep
                                            mixed organic farm in Devon                things simple and use the full EID tags
                                            where he rears Manx Loaghtan               across the board.
                                                                                         “In reality with a number of native
                                            and Hebridean sheep. Having
                                                                                       breeds, the meat sold is hogget rather
                                            considered all the options, Richard        than lamb since the animals don’t go
                                            has chosen to go the full EID route        to slaughter until they are between
                                            for all of his lambs.                      one and two years old – ours tend to
                                                                                       be around 14 months. Effectively,
                                             He explains: “We put 130 ewes to          therefore, whether the lambs are
                                            ram in November so we are                  intended for slaughter or will be kept
                                            anticipating quite a few lambs to deal     as pedigree breeding stock, the
      RBST Council member Richard           with in the spring. The regulations give   regulations will require them to have
     Barker farms Fowlescombe, a            us two choices for lambs destined for      the full EID tag and visual matchup.”

Combined Flock Book
 Meetings of the Combined Flock Book (CFB) breeds during the autumn last year provided an
opportunity for RBST to build on cooperative activities with breeders and breed groups discussed at the
earlier spring meetings, and demonstrated significant progress in support and promotion programmes.

 GENERIC ISSUES                     NATIVE BREEDS AT RISK             BREED STRUCTURE                      to the breed) follow a different
   The twin objectives of CFB         Native breeds are at risk       ANALYSES                             pattern. Castlemilk Moorit and
 are to maintain the purity of      from three main factors,            The analyses showed                Portland have the greatest
 each breed, and to develop         namely numerical scarcity         considerable variation               proportion of extant founder
 its use within the sheep           (rare breeds), genetic erosion    between CFB breeds. In               lines at risk, and both are
 industry. Programmes for           (inbreeding), and localisation    some cases there is a long           following active and
 genetic conservation have          (geographical concentration).     history of data. Analyses have       successful programmes to
 been very successful over the      RBST takes all these factors      been carried out for some            combat this threat. The
 years, and now it is timely to     into account, and develops        breeds since 1979, but in            Norfolk Horn and Boreray
 look more actively at wider        programmes to monitor and         other cases full analyses of         have the least number of
 opportunities for CFB breeds.      control each risk factor. The     founders are not available           lines at risk owing to careful
   Current activities include       Watchlist has tracked             currently. Usually, this relates     ongoing management.
 semen archives (both the           numerical status for many         to the absence of analysis for
 RBST Gene Bank and the
 NSP Sheep Semen Archive),                                Table 1: Founder Effects for Five Breeds
 sheep identification, Breeds
 At Risk Register (BARR) and
                                                                  Total      Exotic      Pure       Extant        Extinct     At risk
 disease threats. On a positive
 note, no new cases of                                               14       nil          14         14           nil         2
 bluetongue were reported in
                                     Castlemilk Moorit*
 2009 and the contract for                                           32       8            24         18           6           8
 RBST to administer BARR             Norfolk Horn**
 has been extended to 2011.                                          32       16           16         11           5           1
 The danger is that the              Portland
 bluetongue situation may lead                                       66       17           49         36           13          18
 to complacency, and failure to      Whitefaced Woodland             66        nil        108         68           40          19
 vaccinate may open the door
                                              * originally only 10 animals were ‘rescued’ at the dispersal of the Castlemilk flock
 to a renewed epidemic this
                                            ** some ‘pure’ founders were high grade animals from the back-crossing programme
 year. Similarly, it is important
 that BARR entries are              years; inbreeding is              female founders, which are at
 updated. The agreement with        calculated to monitor the         the greatest risk of loss, but       DNA PROFILES
 the National Sheep                 genetic health each breed;        also the male founder lists            An active programme of
 Association (NSA) for future       and geographical                  require rationalisation for          DNA testing of CFB breeds
 administration of the NSP          concentration is measured for     breeds such as Manx                  was started in 2008 to build a
 archive is nearly completed.       RBST by customised GIS at         Loaghtan, North Ronaldsay            profile for each breed. It has
 Together with the RBST Gene        University of Worcester,          and Soay.                            been completed for some
 Bank, this archive forms a         although CFB breeds have            Full analyses are available        breeds (Portland, Castlemilk
 joint major genetic resource       been distributed more widely      for five breeds (Table 1), and       Moorit, North Ronaldsay) and
 for native breeds of sheep. It     during the past 35 years to       they vary from Whitefaced            is close to completion for
 was reported that an RBST          minimise this threat.             Woodland with more than 100          others (Manx Loaghtan,
 delegation to Brussels to            Presentations at the breed      pure founders, to the Boreray,       Whitefaced Woodland).
 attempted to negotiate for         meetings brought members          Castlemilk Moorit and Norfolk        Programmes for the
 concessions on sheep EID for       up to date on the results of      Horn, each descended from a          remaining breeds (Norfolk
 native breeds at risk was not      various programmes,               mere handful of founders.            Horn, Soay and Boreray) will
 successful in that regard, but     including breed structure         The loss of pure founder lines       be completed in 2010. The
 had achieved in getting the        analyses, prion protein           is correlated closely to the         sampling was carried out with
 Government to admit that           (scrapie) allele frequencies,     original number, with                excellent help from many
 they had failed to carry out       and DNA profiles, that are        Whitefaced Woodland                  people especially the
 the required risk assessments      designed to monitor and           experiencing the greatest loss       Portland team, Sue Roberts
 and consultations on the risk      control these risk factors and    and Boreray the least.               and others for Castlemilk
 to UK rare and native sheep        protect the genetic health of     Founders at risk (i.e. those         Moorit, Jeff Clarke, Barry
 breeds by EID.                     CFB breeds.                       with less than 1% contribution       Lewis and others for Manx

Loaghtan, June Morris, Viki Timmis and         contrast, breeds with a small founder         MANX LOAGHTAN
Tom Goatman for North Ronaldsay,               base, such as Boreray, Castlemilk               A broad founder base is reflected in
Cathy Wainwright for several breeds.           Moorit and Norfolk Horn, will have            relatively high heterozygosity, and the
  DNA testing has several uses                 lower heterozygosity.                         flocks on Isle Of Man provide further
including parentage verification,                The analyses provide great                  genetic insurance. There was some
provenance of products and                     encouragement to CFB for the                  discussion at the meeting, to be taken
assignment of animals to a breed. The          maintenance of purity in each of the          further with representatives of the
latter is of particular relevance to CFB       breeds as the level of introgression is       Breeders Group, to find possible ways
as it seeks to apply the primary               insignificant, with the exception of the      to accommodate closed purebred
objective of a breed society, namely to        Norfolk Horn where the introgression          flocks of animals from the Isle of Man
maintain the purity of its breed. In this      (13.2%) derives mainly from the use of        into the CFB. The Supplementary
context, it is used as part of the             the Suffolk (which is a descendant of         Register is one option, but others are to
screening of animals in applications for       the Norfolk Horn) in the back-crossing        be discussed.
the Supplementary Register.                    programme.                                      The high frequency of the ARH
  The Supplementary Register provides                                                        scrapie allele remains a mystery, as the
a path to bring unregistered purebred          BREED-SPECIFIC ITEMS                          only other breed with a high frequency
animals into the CFB, and owners are             Several breed-specific items were           is the Texel.
urged to take advantage of this                identified and discussed during the             The breed benefits from an active
procedure. Applications and details of         meetings.                                     breeding programme with the ability to
the costs involved should be made to                                                         develop special qualities of value in the
the RBST office (for the attention of          BORERAY                                       sheep industry.
Claire Barber), and thereafter Peter             Despite its very small founder base
Titley will coordinate the procedure for       and small population, the level of         NORFOLK HORN
short-tailed breeds, and Lawrence              inbreeding has been held steady for the      Despite a difficult starting point of near
Alderson for other breeds.                     past twenty years, albeit at a relatively  extinction and a back-crossing
  Diversity (i.e. within-breed variation) is   high level. Applications for the           programme, the breed has made very
a good indicator of the genetic health of      Supplementary Register are anticipated     good progress. Inevitably it suffers from
breed. It is necessary to allow the            in 2010, and a DNA profile will be         low heterozygosity because of its small
adaptation and evolution which enables         completed during 2010.                     founder base, but it has expanded its
a breed to develop, and DNA testing                                                       numbers and range. It is not at risk
provides valuable indicators. Measures         CASTLEMILK MOORIT                          from geographical concentration
of heterozygosity, alleles/locus,                Despite the difficulties of a very small although about 60% of the population is
inbreeding, GCI (a measure of founder          founder base, the breed has made very in East Anglia. It enjoys a high
effect) and introgression, all enable the      good progress. Low heterozygosity is       frequency of the ARR scrapie-resistant
genetic health of a breed to be                inevitable, and is seen in the high        allele.
evaluated. Again, there are marked             frequency of the ARQ scrapie-                A DNA profile will be completed in
differences between the breeds.                susceptible allele, but commitment to a 2010.
Breeds with a broad founder base and           planned breeding programme is paying The breed description was discussed,
high GCI, such as Whitefaced                   dividends.                                 including a possible update, and advice
Woodland, Manx Loaghtan, North                   Applications to the Supplementary        from Lawrence Alderson would be
Ronaldsay and Soay, are likely to have         Register have been processed and           sought.
a higher level of heterozygosity. In           approved.

                                      Table 2: Genetic Diversity in CFB Breeds
                               inbreeding          heterozygosity      alleles plocus (ay)          founder           introgres-sion
                                % / trend                                                             GCI                   %
 Boreray                       13; steady                n/a                   n/a                    6.51                 nil

 Castlemilk Moorit             7.0; falling              0.41                  4.2                    6.22                 0.2

 Manx Loaghtan                 6.7; rising               0.57                  4.9                    n/a                  n/a

 Norfolk Horn                  5.3; falling              n/a                   n/a                    7.89                13.2

 North Ronaldsay               3.2; falling              0.57                  4.7                    n/a                  n/a

 Portland                      7.4; rising               0.48                  4.7                    17.7                 0.4

 Soay                          8.5; rising               n/a                   n/a                    n/a                  n/a

 Whitfaced Woodland           6.2; steady                0.68                  6.6                    15.2                 nil

 The CFB survey is to be run in 2010, and reinstated each year from then on.
NORTH RONALDSAY                           article in the Fellowships “The Hemlin”     the associated high level of
                                          to inform members who were not at           heterozygosity.
                                          either meeting about the DNA profile.         A Hill Register has been established
                                            It was discussed that North               by RBST, and it was noted that a
                                          Ronaldsay was never designated with         significant number of “A” Register rams
                                          other closed flocks from islands in         had been used in several hill flocks in
                                          earlier CFB’s as a “flock of origin”,       southern Pennines.
                                          enabling animals to enter directly into       The analysis of scrapie allele
                                          the “A” register. This matter is to be      frequencies indicates a likely
                                          investigated further.                       relationship with Swaledale and
                                                                                      Cheviot breeds.
                                             Four founder groups have been             SOAY
                                           identified and the variation between
                                           them confers a relatively high level of
                                           within-breed diversity. The analyses
          Photograph: John R Lane
                                           also identified alleles which were not
  A wide founder base and a significant derived from any of the founder groups
population on the island of origin are     and this requires further research. They
strong insurance factors, but the male may be linked to observed variation
founder lists needs rationalising and      outside the breed standard, especially
female founders added. There is a          with regard to size and colour.
good level of heterozygosity, but the        Applications to the Supplementary
DNA profile on the mainland indicates Register have been processed and                   A large male founder base gives a
the likelihood of low-level introgression approved.                                     high level of heterozygosity, but it
(confirming the earlier work at              Claire Barber confirmed that the           requires rationalisation and the
Liverpool). The very high frequency of RBST had approved the application for            addition of female founders.
the ARQ ancestral scrapie-susceptible breed support funding for this breed at            A Parkland Register has been
allele highlights the genetic significance the meeting, in order to complete a          established; applications to the
of the breed.                              Portland wool analysis study.                Supplementary Register are
  Further discussions regarding the                                                     anticipated in 2010; and a DNA profile
breed profile were to be discussed at      WHITEFACE WOODLAND                           will be completed in 2010.
the North Ronaldsay AGM held in early The breed has the largest founder
December, and to be followed by an         base of all CFB breeds, together with

                                                                   MANX LOAGHTAN
                                                                     ANNUAL SHOW AND SALE
                                                                      SATURDAY 12th JUNE
                                                                   WOODBINE FARM, GRANDBOROUGH FIELDS,

                                                                      NR RUGBY, WARWICKSHIRE, CV23 8BA
                                                                          By kind permission of Jeff Clarke & Family

                                                                      SHOW CLASSES FOR REGISTERED (OR BIRTH NOTIFIED)
                                                                    PEDIGREE MANX LOAGHTAN SHEEP, PHOTOGRAPHY, CRAFT
                                                                                      AND FLEECES

                                                                       For details contact Carol Kempson, 01452 790309


                                                                                           including their use in controlling
                                                                                           bracken on heathland and in
                                                                                           regenerating neglected ancient

                                                                                             The purpose behind all these
                                                                                           improvements is to allow GAP to
                                                                                           reach a wider audience of graziers.
                                                                                           However this is not just a matter of
                                                                                           providing the right information to
                                                                                           people – it is also about how and
                                                                                           where you make that information
                                                                                           available. This was one of the key
   The Trainers’ Meeting at Wimpole Hall (l to r) Andy Needle, Jane Wilson, Tom Cairns
 (GAP), David Burton (Natural England), Alison Rickett (National Trust), Eleanor Newson    themes to come out of GAP’s Exeter
                               (GAP) and Matt Stanway.                                     Conference in September – the need
                                                                                           for ‘conservationists’ and ‘farmers’ to
                                               participants. Thirdly, GAP would like to
 With a successful three-day                   recruit more accredited trainers to
                                                                                           learn each others’ languages.
                                                                                             So what can GAP do for the
conference under its belt, the                 make this possible.                         extensive but commercial livestock
GAP team is working hard to                       If you are a qualified LANTRA-           farmer? We have some ideas but
                                               accredited trainer and might be             believe that you should always ask the
improve the service it provides                interested in participating, get in touch   potential customer first. To this end,
both to its members and                        with Eleanor Newson at the GAP              GAP has started convening informal
anyone interested or involved                    Unlike its accredited training
                                                                                           discussion groups with farmers in
                                                                                           different parts of the country, a
in grazing for environmental                   courses, GAP’s one-day workshops            recognition that regional differences
benefits. Two areas of activity                are intended for those already              really matter.
                                               involved in conservation and                  Our first visit was made in Cumbria
are worth highlighting – GAPs                  extensive grazing. Workshops provide        to a farm on Helvellyn and a meeting
website and its training                       an opportunity to exchange ideas and        in Shap with a group of hill farmers
                                               information as well as pick up some
programme.                                     useful tips from the experts in the
                                                                                           that gave us some very useful
                                               field. This year, GAP has run a               The following day, in complete
  GAP’s website has been                       number of workshops successfully            contrast, we met a group of upland
reconstructed and its navigation               with Flora Locale and more are              dairy farmers in the Peak District in
system completely overhauled. A                planned for the coming year.                Derbyshire. While dairying would
range of new web-tools are being
                                                                                           normally only be considered viable in
developed to provide practical
                                                                                           the valleys, Derbyshire is different with
information which include a ready-
                                                                                           flat fertile uplands that provide a good
reckoner that will allow graziers and            A GAP-led workshop on the use of          living for the dairy farmer.
land mangers to make those all-                native ponies to graze land of high           Although visits to other regions are
important cost calculations.                   environmental value was held at             planned, it is already clear that certain
                                               Fordingbridge in the New Forest.            themes recur, themes that had already
                                               Presentations from equine experts           surfaced at our conference – that
                                               were complemented by site visits to a       farmers are confused by conflicting
  GAP is currently in the process of           new Forest Pound and a commoner’s           advice, feel under-valued by the public
becoming a LANTRA-accredited                   farm. Presentation topics included          and (for their generation at least)
training provider in its own right from        equines and environmental                   prefer to receive information person to
January 2010, a move that will allow           stewardship, the importance of              person, ideally from one of their own
existing courses to be administered            equines as a grazing tool and an            peers. These important messages
efficiently and new courses to be              insight into the work of the Dartmoor       are already informing GAP’s future
developed.                                     Pony Heritage Trust.                        development and makes for
  At a recent GAP Trainers’ meeting a            Uncllys Farm at Bewdley in                challenging times ahead!
number of developments were                    Worcestershire provided the venue for
agreed. Firstly, GAP intends to run            a pig workshop. Gloucestershire Old                                      Tom Cairns
most of its accredited courses from            Spots were being used in the unique                  GAP Communications Manager
fixed regionally based venues to               environment of the Wyre Forest to     
ensure the availability of high-quality        open up an area of ancient woodland                               Tel: 01666 511304
resources and easier accessibility for         adjacent to the farm. The workshop,            GAP is a partnership of RBST, Natural
participants. Secondly, all existing           led by Mark Cleaver, considered all         England, the National Trust and Defence Estates

course material will be reviewed and           aspects of pigs as a tool for
updated to provide a better service for        conservation land-management
 Wood - the fuel for
 a better future
                                                                                 Fed up with using
•1 tonne of dry wood, burned
 efficiently, will produce as much heat as
 300-400 Lt oil - a nett saving of 1072 Kg CO2
                                                                                chemicals & want a
•Compare the cost per Kw/hr: Electricity -
 10p, Oil - 5p, LPG - 5p, Wood - 1.25p.
                                                                                natural alternative?
                                                                                     range of topical and surface sprays
•integrate with your current system                                        help reduce stress for your animals or birds,
                                                                           which result from challenges, such as insects,
•latest gasification technology                                             bacteria and noxious odours.
•maximum efficiency, minimum emissions
                                                                                   Reduce stress now!!
•log, chip or pellet burning options
•boiler outputs 25 - 80Kw (log), 20 - 100Kw (chip)
                                                                            Emvelo Spray+, Protect+, Breathe+
•Government grants may be available in your area                                                                        .

                                                                     Call today
                                                                   01494 875848

                                                            Chalfont St Giles, BUCKS

      CHELFORD - 2010

  Supported Sale in conjunction with the Cheshire Support
         Group of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust            Proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly the
       On Saturday 18th September 2010                       International Year of Biodiversity (IYB) takes place in
      Sheep, Cattle, Pigs, Horses, Goats, Poultry
                                                              2010. This year coincides with the 2010 biodiversity
                                                               target adopted by the Parties to the Convention on

           SPRING SALE
                                                                 Biological Diversity and by Heads of State and
                                                                Government at the World Summit for Sustainable
    OF POULTRY AND WATERFOWL -                                       Development in Johannesburg in 2002.
     SATURDAY 6TH MARCH 2010.                                 The celebrations will seek to raise public awareness of
                                                               the importance of biological diversity to human well-
                                                                 being. Within this context the International Year of
                                                            Biodiversity will seek to encourage a global discussion on
                                                                the extent to which the goals of the Convention and
                                                            relevant Millennium Development Goals have been met,
                                                             including a celebration of successes. The objective is to
                                                              have these discussions culminate in a commitment, by
                                                              the global community, to reinforce these goals beyond
           Chelford Agricultural Centre,
    Chelford, Cheshire (just off M6 J18 or J19)              RBST has joined the UK Partnership supporting IYB to
       Tel: 01625 861122 Fax: 01625 860079                  promote the importance of biodiversity in relation to rare
      e-mail:                              and native breeds of livestock.

                                                                                        25 Years of
                                                                                        Support in
                                                                                         RBST Vice Chairman who
                                                                                       spoke at the Group’s
                                                                                       anniversary dinner said: “You
                                                                                       have a great track record in
                                                                                       your corner of England and
                                                                                       your long standing links with
                                                                                       the Royal Cornwall Show
                                                                                       would be the envy of many.
                                                                                       You have a past to be proud
                                                                                       of and RBST is proud of you.
                                                                                       The future of our RBST family
                                                                                       is in good hands in the South
 A major milestone was                        Programme Secretary. The other
                                                                                       West so, here's to the "The
                                            committee members were John
reached in Cornwall in 2009                 Woods, Sue Flitter, Barbra Willis and      next 25 years!"
when the regional group                     Viv Caust.
celebrated its silver                         The Group’s involvement in the
                                                                                     flock and the shorn fleeces. The
                                            Royal Cornwall Show began in 1985
anniversary. Group Secretary                and this is our main display and         weekend included a trip by boat to St
                                                                                     Michael’s Mount for a special dinner
Audrey Durrant describes                    activity of the year, especially as it
                                                                                     hosted by Lord St Levan with a main
                                            now includes pig and rare breed
how it all started and some of              sheep showing classes which were         course of Manx Loaghtan lamb.
the highlights of those 25                  introduced by our Group. Over the        There was also a visit to Breja Farm,
                                                                                     Towednack to view the many
years.                                      years we have welcomed many
                                                                                     traditional breeds owned by Colin
                                            members of the Royal Family to our
  Joan Hughes, who now lives in             stand, including HRH the Queen and       Nankervis and enjoy a wonderful
Cirencester, remembers going to the         the Duke of Edinburgh, HRH Prince        cream tea provided by Jenny
annual Waterfowl Show held in               Charles, HRH Princess Anne, HRH          Nankervis.
November each year at the Royal             Princess Alexandra and the Earl of         During the summer months, we
Cornwall Showground. It was there           Wessex, plus the Duke of                 attend leading shows throughout the
she met June Moore who was                  Westminster and Lord and Lady Peel.      county. After the Royal Cornwall, we
promoting RBST and trying to start a        All showed interest in and knowledge     go to Stithians, a great one-day show,
local group. Following an                   of rare breeds.                          followed by St Buryan Rally, now a
advertisement placed by June in the           We greatly appreciate the co-          two-day event, then Ruan Minor
West Briton newspaper calling for           operation we receive annually from       followed by Young Farmers’ Country
anyone interested in forming a support      the Royal Cornwall Agricultural          Fair and Lanlivery Country Fair in
group, an initial meeting was held on       Association and the help we have         September.
December 6, 1984, at St Pirians’            received from Ros Ragg, RBST               Over the years, livestock workshops
Church Hall in Truro.                       merchandising officer over several       have proved popular, and we have
  Twenty five people attended and so        years.                                   held two of each for pigs, sheep and
started the Cornwall support group.           A practical activity unique to our     poultry, and we have evening
The first committee consisted of Ray        group was the ownership of a flock of    meetings most months during the
Goodswen, Graham Stone (pigs),              Manx Loaghtan sheep, which were          winter with very interesting speakers.
Jacky Wood (sheep) and June Moore           used for conservation grazing at         Our finale for the year is our annual
(cattle).                                   Bosigran Farm near Zennor for 12         Christmas lunch.
  The group met eight times in that         years. Bob and Liz Scambler                All of this has been made possible
first year and activities included a talk   provided the day to day management       by the enthusiasm and perseverance
on wool by the manager of the Devon         of the flock and group members           of June Moore 25 years ago – and
& Cornwall Wool Board and a                 assisted activities such as lamb         looking to the future, we would
September evening visit to the Farm         selection.In 1999 we welcomed the        welcome anyone interested in rare
Park at Colliford, Bolventor.               Manx                                     breeds to join us at any of our events.
  A year after the first meeting, an          Loaghtan Sheep Breeders Group for
AGM was held and officers and               a weekend at Bosigran to see our 35
                                                                                                             Audrey Durrant
committee elected. Ray Goodswen             ewes, 1 ram and 47 lambs. Chris
                                                                                                             RBST Cornwall
was Chairman, June Moore Secretary          Eddy kindly dealt with the shearing
and Treasurer and Diane Bell became         and members inspected the whole
                                      Devon Group Bobbin' Along
Last year saw a busy                                                                                      prestigious Equine Fair at
summer of shows for RBST                                                                                  Westpoint near Exeter,
Gloucester. Having taken a                                                                                where artist Carol Payne
break from the hard work for                                                                              had generously donated her
some fun in the form of a                                                                                 spectacular and valuable
“brilliant” harvest supper and                                                                            painting of a Suffolk Punch
the annual Christmas meal                                                                                 mare in aid of RBST. While
at Taynton Farm Shop near                                                                                 selling the raffle tickets
Newent, plans are well                                                                                    members were able to talk
under way for 2010’s events.                                                                              to many visitors about the
There will be speakers at the                                                                             work of RBST in general
group’s meetings in                                                                                       and with our native horses
February and March and                                                                                    and ponies in particular.
looking forward to May,                                                                                   The painting was won by a
there is a planned event with                                                                             lady from Plymouth.
Gloucester City Farm. Last                                                                                  You will be reading this
year this coincided with                     Artist Carol Payne with her Suffolk Punch painting.          after the AGM at the end of
Gloucester RFC playing at                                                                               January and before we launch
home which created a very           Our 2009 season of events concluded
                                                                                         out into the show season. Plans are well in
local festive with                with a visit to a Victorian spinning mill, a
                                                                                         hand for our new and improved RBST
Gloucestershire Old Spots         sociable if unskilled skittles evening and an
                                                                                         stand at the Devon County Show (20-22nd
pigs, Gloucester cattle,          excellent Christmas meal at the aptly
                                                                                         May) and your offers of help would be
Cotswold sheep and RBST           named "Three Little Pigs" in Crediton.
                                                                                         welcomed by the Secretary. Someone to
in amongst the shoppers             Coldharbour Mill at Uffculme in Devon is
                                                                                         take over responsibility for managing the
and rugby fans.                   well worth a visit,
                                                                                         merchandise sold in aid of RBST at Devon
Diary dates:                      especially on occasions when the mill
                                                                                         Shows is being sought by the Committee,
February 23 – Group               machinery is powered by a huge and
                                                                                         so if this could be you please do get in
meeting                           unique steam engine. Not only did we find
                                                                                         touch (or see our website) for details.
March 30 – Group meeting          the whole wool spinning process
                                                                                           We would like to wish all members a
RBST Gloucester meets at          fascinating, the steam engine enthusiasts
                                                                                         trouble-free and successful livestock
the Gala Club, Fairmile           were treated to a spectacular display and
                                                                                         breeding season this spring. Look out for
Gardens, Gloucester. To           there was the added bonus of a World War
                                                                                         event and show details in the Devon Ark,
find out more, contact Sheila     II exhibition raising a few comments of "I
                                                                                         and we look forward to seeing you there!
Wellman on 01453 546519           remember those". As all rare breed
or email                          enthusiasts enjoy their food (it to me!) the
                                                                                                                          Hillary Hanson            homely cooking on offer in the restaurant
                                  was partaken with gusto.
                                    In December members attended the
RBST Derbyshire

                                 A Message for Cumbria Members
Brenda Hodgkinson reports:
“Derbyshire once again had
a challenging year with
declining numbers in the
working group. We were
                                   First can I remind the Cumbria RBST                 Diary Dates:
unable for the first time in
                                 members all you need to do to receive the
the groups history not to be                                                           March 9 A G M at the Llama Kafe
                                 Cumbria Newsletter is send your e mail
able to support the 3 day                                                              March 21: Meeting with Dales Group at David
                                 address to and
event at Chatsworth Country                                                            Kinsman’s Farm (Hebridean Sheep )
                                 indicate that you would like to receive it. If you
Fair. All the others events                                                            May 29/30: Country Fest (Westmorland Show
                                 want a hard copy by post there will be a small
scheduled were a success                                                               Ground )
with good results, which is                                                            May: Visit to Mason Weir’s Farm (various
                                   Another reminder if you want to be on our
difficult with only four                                                               breeds of sheep )
                                 INFO LINK for advertising stock and farm
working members.                                                                       June: Farm open day
                                 related items, email
Our AGM will be held on                                                                June 25/26 Woolfest ( Cockermouth )
                        and ask
Sunday 7th March at the                                                                July: Skelton Show
                                 for an “INVITE”. This gives instant circulation       July: Cumberland Show (to be held at Carlisle
Memorial Hal,l Bamford, at
                                 amongst the other members who have                    Race Course )
2.30pm. This could well be
                                 already joined so that as well as advertising         August: Networking day with local interested
the final year for the group
                                 what you have for sale you can see what is            groups
as age is taking its toll and
                                 available.                                            August: Sheep Day ( Husbandry Course )
our livestock has to be the
                                   Our programme for 2010 includes:                    September 9: Westmorland Show H&H Show
priority. Without some one
                                 Confirmation and details will be available in         and Sale
coming forward to assist, the
                                 future issues of The Ark and the Cumbria              September:
group will inevitably fold. If
                                 Newsletter.                                           (Carlisle)
there is any one willing to                                                            September: Visit to Masham Sheep Fair
help please contact H Baker                                                            October: Visit to York Show and Sale
                                                                   Peter Ryan
on 01773 712103                                                                        November: Nutrition/Welfare Talk
                                                                 RBST Cumbria

Significant Year for Caledonian Group                                                              RBST Dales
                                                                                                   The Masham Sheep Fair,
                                                  sheepzfleeces and wool products, including:      held annually in late
                                                  Castlemilk Moorit, Wensleydale, Soay,            September, is a key date for
                                                  Leicester Longwool, Manx Loaghtan and            the Dales group. The two-
                                                  Jacob. A number of charts and photographs        day event is visited by
                                                  augmented the fleeces and demonstrated           thousands of people from
                                                  sheep breeds and their origins, fleece and       all over the country. As well
                                                  wool characteristics The display was well        as organising a
                                                  received by the 150 delegates who were           merchandising stand, RBST
                                                  spinners, weavers, dyers and knitters from all   Dales sells fleeces to
                                                  over Scotland and we attracted some new          spinners and group
                                                  members.                                         members enter their stock
                                                    As the nights started to draw in, the Group    in the show classes.
                                                  held its final autumn event, a Harvest Supper    Visitors are always
   The Group’s stand at the Battleby Gathering.
                                                  at the Village Hall, in rural Cleish. The        impressed by the quality
  The Group put on three very different events    evening started with a film show of rare         and variety of breeds
during the autumn. All were well attended,        breeds, wildlife and landscapes from around      represented by the group.
which will hopefully encourage existing and       Scotland, followed by a really hearty supper
                                                                                                   The show itself dates back
new or potential members alike to come and        created by several volunteer ‘chefs’ from
                                                                                                   over 500 years. In the
join in the events of 2010, which will be a       within the Group. The event, which proved a
                                                                                                   1800s as many as 70,000
significant one for the Group.                    real success, was rounded off with a quiz and
  Our first autumn event was a visit to Kate                                                       animals were sold from the
                                                  a raffle.
Sankey’s Organic Farm, West Moss-side, in                                                          town’s market square each
                                                    As the year 2010, will have a special
the Carse of Stirling. The farm visit was a       significance for the Caledonian Group, the       year. Today there is a
shared event with the Central Scotland            Committee are currently finalising a host of     whole range of sheep and
Smallholders Group. The tour of the farm,         appropriate events, details of which will be     wool related events and
which lies within the Flanders Moss National      unveiled at the Annual General Meeting on        stalls. The Young Farmers
Nature Reserve, included getting up close         28th January 2010. All existing members of       raise money for charity and
and personal with the organically reared          the Group are urged to attend and any RBST       the atmosphere is always
Shetland cattle herd and an insight into          Members, but not currently Caledonian Group      convivial.
conservation grazing on the fringes of the        members, would also be made very welcome.
largest raised peat bog in Scotland. The          For details contact Moyra Simpson                RBST
opportunity to explore common preservation/       (Membership Secretary – 01250 870 108 E-         Northamptonshire
conservation interests with the Smallholder       mail or Ian         Two excellent speakers
Group was equally rewarding.                      Bell (Secretary – 01250 884 771, E-mail          entertained the group in the
  Next up was the Group’s stand at the  
                                                                                                   autumn. Neil Rowe gave
Battleby Gathering, home of Scottish Natural
                                                                                                   an extremely interesting talk
Heritage, for the celebration of ‘Scotland with                                       Ian Bell
                                                                                                   in October on robotic
Natural Fibres’. The Group displayed a range                                  RBST Caledonia
of rare and minority native breed                                                                  milkers and the hardship
                                                                                                   people are facing in

Animals on Show in Ireland
                                                                                                   Moldova. In November
                                                                                                   George Genemore spoke
                                                                                                   about his thriving bee
 The Sperrins & Lakelands Group (which              duly re-landscaped by some Tamworths,          keeping business, his
covers counties Londonderry, Fermanagh and        Saddlebacks and Gloucestershire Old Spots,       farming and writing. The
Tyrone in Northern Ireland) had another           albeit with the kind permission of the Hotel     annual Christmas dinner
successful year. The main social highlights       owner.                                           was held on December 4,
were the homeopathy talk, quiz night (won by        2009 came to an end with our annual            where everyone enjoyed
a very intelligent man from Croydon) and, of      Christmas Dinner, this year in Salley's          delicious food, wine and as
course, the annual BBQ where top marks            Restaurant in Augnacloy, Co. Tyrone. The         ever good company. Very
must go to Deirdre Hilton for her superb          event was again well attended by members of      many thanks go to all who
sherry trifle skills.                             the Sperrins & Lakelands and NI Groups. The      helped make the evening so
 On the animal scene the main highlights          prize for best young exhibitor in 2009 went to   successful.
were the display on the May Bank Holiday          Aoibheann Murphy for her splendid skills in      Diary dates:
weekend (4th and 5th May) at the Ulster           showing her father's fine Dexter cattle          February 1 – talk by Bruce
American Folk Park in Omagh                       throughout the Province.                         Smith on droving
( and the Rare Breeds              Anyone wishing to know more about the          March 1 – talk by Colin and
Show and Sale in September where Group            Group can email the Secretary - Gavin            Judith Lill on hedgehogs
members assisted the Northern Ireland             Goodman -, or why          All meetings are held at The
Group. In keeping with previous years we also     not come along to one of our meetings, the       Red Lion, Market Square,
put a lot of effort into local fairs to get the   2nd Wednesday of every month at Askins,          Brackley at 8.00pm –
animals out to the general public.                Main St., Ballygawley, Co. Tyrone at 8pm.        everyone is welcome. For
Commiserations must go out to The Hotel                                                            more details, ring Carrie on
Carlton in Belleek whose well kept lawn was                                  Gavin Goodman         01327 857195.
                                                                    RBST Sperrins & Lakelands

RBST East of
                                Royal Date for Warwickshire Member
The East of England Group                                                                           then in for a treat as Gillian
held their AGM at Wimpole                                                                           played Christmas songs on
Home Farm in November.                                                                              her saxophone. There are
Business was quickly dealt                                                                          hidden talents in the
with to give way for a                                                                              Warwickshire group, that’s for
fascinating talk by Philip                                                                          sure!
Ryder-Davies. He started                                                                              Talking of talents we were all
by telling the group about
                                                                                                    that Doris Goode received the
the Education and Heritage
                                                                                                    MBE for services to the
site being set up at the
                                                                                                    community in north east
home of the Hollesley Bay
                                                                                                    Warwickshire. Doris had a
Colony Stud of Suffolk
                                                                                                    super day at Buckingham
Punch horses which will                                                                             Palace when she received her
incorporate everything                                                                              award and brought the photos
Suffolk in the way of                                                                               along to show us. Doris and
livestock once it is fully up                                                                       her husband John are keen
and running. As a taster, he                                                                        RBST members and breed
then went on to show a                            Doris Goode and husband David                     and show their Welsh
series of pictures of heavy                           at Buckingham Palace.                      mountain sheep but we didn’t
horses being used in and        We had a mystery speaker booked for                know that Doris has been doing voluntary
around London during the        November and didn’t quite know what to             work in her local community for many years.
last century. After that,       expect. Our speaker got us all up on the floor     Doris said that Prince Charles was interested
there was a tour of             to do some line dancing which was great fun        to hear about their sheep when she received
Wimpole Home Farm               and good exercise! Thanks to everyone in           her award.
conducted by Mark Field.        the group for being good sports and taking           We hope that 2010 will be a good year as
The group is intending to       part in something completely                       we look forward to helping out at various
field a team at the Quiz        different. We ended the year with our annual       events. We will be on the RBST stand at the
night at Abbots Ripton          Christmas bash which was enjoyed by all.           Shipston on Stour Wool Fair on Bank Holiday
Village Hall on Thursday        Thanks to everyone for the wonderful bring         Monday 31st May. We hope to visit the
11th Feb 2010. Please           and share buffet and for the entertainment!        Cotswold Farm Park later in the year.”
contact Jayne Drinkwater        We seem to be following a trend in reading           If you would like to know more about our
on 01763 838485 or              short stories and poems and shed tears of          programme please contact Karen Ellis on if        mirth this year at George’s monologue of the       01926 614514 or at
you are interested in going     Lion and Albert delivered in a Lancashire                                               Karen Ellis
                                accent (as only George can do!) We were                                       RBST Warwickshire
along. Jayne is also the

                                Sad News after Wiltshire Farm Visit
contact for all volunteers to
help with shows next year –
the first one is the Shire
Horse Show at
Peterborough on 19th to           The October meeting saw a dozen members          varieties of meat from other local farms.
21st March.                     and friends braving the chilly weather to visit      The location of the farm – accessible across
                                the expanding enterprise of former active          two fields from the main road – and the recent
RBST Dorset                     Wiltshire members, Digby and Catherine             opportunity of concluding a visit with drinks
  The Dorset Support Group      Hawkins.                                           and snacks at the beautifully decorated café,
now has a brand new               On taking possession of the farm in the early    had resulted in a marked increase in footfall
committee and is continuing     nineties, Catherine and Digby’s initial strategy   for all aspects of the farm.
with the Rare & Minority        was to produce quality venison, pork, beef           All members were devastated to learn that
Show at Sherborne Castle        and lamb. Recognition of the consistent            less than a month after the visit that Digby
Country Fair on Monday          quality and high standards set at the farm         Hawkins died. His memorial service,
May 31st. 2010. The group       resulted in recent additions of a highly           attended by a number of RBST Wiltshire
looks forward to welcoming      successful farm shop and newly opened café.        members, was held in Seend Parish Church,
any Rare or Minority              Digby’s infectious enthusiasm for his            on Thursday 19th November. It was a
                                animals and obvious love of the farm               privilege to know Digby and have him as a
animals, e.g. sheep, pigs,
                                endeared him to all present. On the farm           member – he was a truly genuine ‘fun’
cattle, ponies. For a
                                tour, members and friends viewed a large           countryman who never said ’no’. Donations at
schedule or more
                                herd of deer, which are killed on the farm,        the end of the service were given to a charity
information please contact
                                prepared at the local abattoir and sold            very close to Digby’s heart, the RSPB Birds of
either Shelagh Tooze on
                                through the farm shop. The meat from the           Prey. On behalf of the RBST Wiltshire we
01935 850809                    Belted Galloways and Aberdeen Angus cattle,        send our condolences to his wife, Catherine,
shelagh.tooze121@btinternet,    Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs, Herdwick and       and four children.
or Una Hennessy on              other varieties of sheep and various species          of poultry, are also sold through the shop.                                    Wendy Chambers
                                Digby was in the enviable position of demand                                     RBST Wiltshire
                                exceeding his own ability to supply the farm
                                shop and hence he had to source certain
     Flying the RBST Flag in East Anglia                                                                                    RBST Shropshire

     We flew the RBST flag at numerous shows                       plan a Harvest Supper and we have already                In November Gwen Howell a
   across East Anglia in 2009, starting with the                   fixed the date for October 8 at a new venue in           rare breed pig breeder in
   South Suffolk Show in early May and                             a new setting.                                           Shrewsbury invited the Group
   concluding with the Aylsham Show at the end                       The committee is working hard to offer a               to take the RBST
   of August.                                                      varied and interesting programme of events               stand to a sausage tasting
     Highlights of the year were those in which                    for the year, aiming to maintain an active               that she had organised at a
   the youngsters got involved. The Spring Fling                   presence at selected shows. The success of               local restaurant. All
   kicks off the year for us and is a great                        our presence at any event depends entirely               proceeds were donated to
   opportunity to connect with members of the                      on the small number of dedicated helpers who             the RBST.
   public who do not come into regular contact                     ensure that everything four-legged, two-                 The winter/Christmas dinner
   with livestock. Our display ranged from the                     legged and inanimate is in the correct place at          was held late November and
   magnificent presence of a White Park bull to                    the correct time. We are grateful to all those           saw a good crowd
   Eric the bottle-reared lamb, only a few weeks                   who give of their time and would ask all of our          assembled.
   old. It is a humbling experience to be able to                  members to consider giving a little time to help
   teach these youngsters just a little about our                  us ensure we maintain our presence at the                Diary dates:
   livestock and it reminds us of the privilege it is              shows in the professional manner the public              Plans for 2010 include a
   to work with these animals on a daily basis.                    has come to expect. Even one hour at a                   barbecue in June, a visit to
     The Young Handlers’ workshop at the Mid                       single show would be welcome.                            Temple Newsam to see the
   Suffolk Show in April has become a firmly                                                                                Vaynol cattle and a visit to
   fixed annual event. In 2010 we are extending                                                        Gail Sprake          Gwen Howell at Pigs in
   the age range of our ‘young’ handlers and                                                       RBST East Anglia         Paradise. Also on the
                                                                                                                            calendar are the following
   opening the workshop up to any adults                            Diary Dates:                                            shows:
   interested in learning more about the start of
                                                                    March 8: A G M                                          June: the West Midland
   showing. It may well be that some of our
                                                                    April 15: Spring Fling                                  (if reinstated).
   younger regulars will be able to teach the
                                                                    April: Mid Suffolk Show                                 July: Newport.
   older handlers a thing or two.
                                                                    (date to be confirmed)                                  August: Oswestry.
     In the autumn we started to put into action
                                                                    May 9: South Suffolk Show                               August Bank Holiday: the
   our plans to reach out and connect with other
                                                                    June 2-3: Suffolk Show                                  Onslow Steam Rally.
   like-minded groups and we held a very
                                                                    June 13: Country Fair and Rural                         The Group AGM, planned for
   successful event at the Museum of Norfolk                                                                                January has been postponed
   Life in Gressenhall.                                                                                                     until early February. Please
                                                                    June 30 - July 1: Royal Norfolk Show
     Looking to the coming year, planning is                        August 1: Wayland Show                                  ring Sue Lawrence 01588
   already well underway for the 2010 Suffolk                       August 30: Aylsham Show                                 650407 for details.
   and Royal Norfolk Shows. For the autumn we                       October 8: Annual dinner
RBST Regional Groups

 RBST Berkshire:            janettod-                    07818 431548                   Free to a Good Home –
 Bryan Coventry                RBST Devon:                  peter-                         Back Issues of the Ark
 07919 851111                  Elizabeth East-Robinson                                You know what it’s like: you            01548 560342                     RBST Lincoln:                                               desperately need to have a
                        Maureen Turner               RBST South Wales:
                                                                                                                            clear out but there are things
 RBST Caledonian:                                               01673 857363                 Wayne Sargeant
 Ian Bell                      RBST Dorset:                07969 835981                   you just can’t bear to throw
 01250 884771                  Shelagh Tooze                                                     away. That time has come     01935 850809                     RBST Northants:                                             for long-standing RBST
                          Caroline Kellner             RBST Sperrins and Lakeland:    member Lorna Gartside.
 RBST Cheshire:                                                 01327 857195                 Gavin Goodman                  Lorna has unearthed back
 Susan Blakeman               RBST East Anglia:               02866 386642                   copies of The Ark going back
 01260 280067                 Suzannah Coke                                                  to the 80s – so far complete 01485 528944                       RBST North East Scotland:                                   bound sets for 1982 and
                                      Terri Lockwood               RBST Staffordshire:            1983 plus various other
 RBST Cornwall:                                                 07747 666922                 Pat McLaughlin
 Audrey Durrant               RBST East Midlands:                                            01782 396689
 01209 820307                 Marie Webb,                       RBST Northern Ireland:
                                                                                                                            Lorna doesn’t want to throw 01509 843280                      Dr Graham Wilson                                            these away but can’t keep
                             02892 638145                   RBST Warwickshire:           them, so if there are any
 RBST Cumbria:                                         Karen Ellis                  members who would like to
 Peter Ryan                   RBST East of England                                             01926 614514                 take on guardianship, they
 01697 742709                 Karen Philippson                  RBST North West Wales:           are on offer. She will post                    Derek Harrison                                              them, subject to the recipient
                                                                01286 88134                    RBST Wiltshire:              paying P&P, or you can
 RBST Dales:                   RBST Gloucestershire                                            Wendy Chambers               collect from Lorna who lives
 Melanie Fryer                 Sheila Wellman                   RBST Shropshire:               01225 859519
                                                                                                                            in Saddleworth, near Ashton-
 01282 842279                  01453 546519                     Susan Lawrence       
                                                                                                                            under-Lyme. Anyone who is            01588 650407
                                                       RBST York Centre:             interested can contact
 RBST Derbyshire:              RBST Lancashire:                                                Fiona Fenton                 Lorna on
 Keith Hazlehurst              Janet Todhunter                  RBST Somerset:                 01757 618446       
 01298 815366                  01772 465691                     Sula Gibbard

A Year of Variety
in North East Scotland
  The year has seen the group enjoy a       where a good turn out was given a really          The latest news regarding Doonies
varied and interesting schedule of          interesting and entertaining farm tour by      Farm is that Aberdeen City Council have
events starting with a quiz night           Lorna Renshaw not only about the               closed the farm to the public in order to
presented by Eric Kirby that proved so      Alpacas and Llamas but also about her          carry out some refurbishment and
popular that another is planned for next    herd of Aberdeen Angus and flock of            maintenance work during the winter in
year. Liz Adams gave an interesting talk    Ouessant sheep. August started with            order to be ready to reopen in the early
on native breed ponies and at the next      our visit to the historic Lourin Fair at Old   spring. Let’s hope the work and support
monthly meeting at Fyvie, a very            Rayne but unfortunately the bad                given by the group and HQ members
entertaining insight into the ups and       weather reduced the attendance.                leads to a successful
downs in crafting by the Alvah Weavers      Compensation came later in the month           conclusion
was given by Allan and Anne Rodgers.        with a visit to retired farmer Ron                The programme for next year so far is
  May saw us at the usual Rare and          Greenlaw's holding where we were               another quiz, a talk on the Welsh Cob,
Minorities Breed Sale at Thainstone         given an interesting tour around his           discussion with a retired gamekeeper
Mart and later in the month at Easter       poultry breeding pens and needless to          and visit to a local sheepdog trainer who
Anguston Farm on the outskirts of           say some of us purchased poultry and           will put the dog owners right. If there are
Aberdeen where my wife Joan                 hatching eggs.                                 any members of the RBST out in our far
demonstrated her spinning skills much         September once again saw us at               flung country who would like to join our
to the delight of the bulk of the           Thainstone Mart and this was followed          very informal and friendly group or even
workforce who though they have              up later with a resumption of our very         just like to contact us for advice or
learning difficulties made it a wonderful   informal monthly meetings at Fyvie.            sympathy please get in touch with me
weekend with their humour and               October was our annual harvest supper          Ernie Strachan at 019755 71276
hospitality.                                where members enjoyed a very varied            or e-mail me on
  June included two visits to our           menu of homemade delicacies. Group    .
Secretary Victoria's for an official Farm   member Dave Harris enthralled the
Open Day and later in the month the         group at our next meeting by giving us                                Ernie Strachan
Metson's entertained us with a very         an insight into his hobby of Pheasant                       RBST North East Scotland
enjoyable barbecue. This was followed       keeping surprising us with the number
next month by a visit to Ardo Alpacas       and diversity of the breed.

A Busy Year in Lancashire
  A busy summer of events and displays      make the Wallings show 2010 the place          For the events below, some of which are
was rounded off by the RBST                 to start!                                      not yet confirmed, contact Group Secre-
Lancashire’s annual show at                   Earlier in the year the Sausage Sizzle       tary (Janet Todhunter, 01772 465691)
Cockerham, hosted by traditional meat       at Barry and Jopey Hope’s was                  unless otherwise stated. Please make a
marketing butchers and restaurateurs        also a great success, with several             special effort in February as PC Thomas
Walling’s.                                  varieties of rare breed sausages to            normally only addresses groups of over
  The show attracted 47 entries and we      compare (Hebridean mutton sausages             100!
were delighted to welcome judge Phil        were narrowly voted ‘best in show’) after
Pennington back to Lancashire. He           demonstrations of sheep and gun dog            Diary Dates:
made Elaine Walmsley’s Wensleydale          handling. After lunch harnessing and
ewe lamb champion, with Kath and Tony       driving of a carriage horse was ably           23 February: PC Duncan Thomas,
Bennett’s Shetland ewe as reserve. A        demonstrated, with excited children            Lancashire Constabulary Wildlife
new                                         standing as footmen as the carriage was        Officers: the Role of the Wildlife Officer. 8
generation of Bennett was in evidence,      driven around the yard.                        p.m. Tickled Trout, Preston
with Elizabeth Bennett winning the            In November Simon Booth (of Booth’s          30 March: Talk on Made in Lancashire
Junior Young Handler and Senior Young       supermarkets) described his week (and          (provisional), 8 p.m. Ticked Trout, Preson
                                                                                           25 April: Showing and judging workshop
handler was won by a very competent         much more) to the group. It had been
                                                                                           at David Walton’s barn, Longton
Lewis Walton.                               quite a week – not least the flooding of
                                                                                           3 May: Wray Scarecrow Fair Display
  The show is an excellent introduction     the Keswick shop, but also including
                                                                                           22 May: Cuerden Valley Display
to showing for novices – parking,           issues of traceability, shop-lifting, re-
  unloading and penning is easy and         structuring and future shop
theatmosphere is good                       developments. We are grateful to Simon
                                                                                                                     Richard Small
humoured and friendly. Even the             for speaking to us despite this hectic
                                                                                                                   RBST Lancashire
judging, although serious, is not           week.
daunting. If you haven’t shown before,

                                                                         The Ar k Director y
                        Sheep                                                                                                                       Pigs
                                                                     THE LEWISLOX FLOCK
                                                                    MANX LOAGHTAN stock for sale from
                                                                    this superb and prizewinning pedigree
                                                                               registered flock.

                                                                   These are all high grade animals and an
                                                                       ideal choice for a starter flock.                        TAMWORTH PIGS
     Soay and Boreray
                                                                  Practical advice available from experienced breeders,
                                                                                                                                Pedigree stock usually available.
                                                                                Barry and Caroline Lewis.                     Also a variety of pig keeping courses.
                                                                  Please email or telephone
                                                                   01327 842016 or mobile 07850 761679                        CONTACT: Sarah Dodds, Northumberland
                                                                                                                                  TELEPHONE: 01668 281336
    Bred using foundation stock from
    some of the finest flocks in the UK                                                                                         Web:
           Contact: Julie Suffolk                                           Castlemilk Moorit                                            Smallicombe Herd
             Back Forest Farm,
        near Macclesfield, Cheshire                                             Hebridean                                          Berkshire, Middle White and British Lop pigs
                                                                                                                                            Breeding stock or weaners
            Tel: 01260 227643
                                                                         Shetland, Wensleydales                               Introduction to Pig Keeping course or Piggy weekends

         Mobile: 07974 131135                                              Leicester Longwool                                      Tel 01404 831310 •
                                                                          Suffolk, Norfolk Horn
                                                                     Good quality M V accredited and scrapie
                                                                        monitored stock usually available                       Golden Guernsey Goat Society
                             KERRY HILL SHEEP                                   Miss A E Goodman                                  For stock enquiries throughout the UK
                                Registered breeding                      Airyholme, Hovingham, York
                                                                               Tel: (01653) 628275                                         Contact Emma Rose
                              stock for sale including
                                                                       email:                                  Tel: 01267 281631
                              rams, ewes and lambs.
                                  Scrapie tested.
                                                                       Soay, Boreray and Balwen                                 Visit our website for further information
                                   Tel: North Yorks                                                                      

                                                                          Registered Sheep

                                   01653 698580.
                                                                    Regularly handled stock of all ages available.

                                                                           Advice and help gladly given.
                                                                   Christine Williams (Monmouthshire) (01291) 650382

      Hebridean, Manx Loaghtan, North
                                                                                                                                         EAT GRASS FED

Ronaldsay, Soay, Shetland, Boreray, Kerry
                                                                                                                                         RED POLL BEEF

Hill, Greyfaced Dartmoor and Kendal Rough
                                                                                                                                        direct from the farm
  Fell Sheep. Quality breeding stock from
                                                                    Wether for guarding lambs & hens & for fine fibre.
            prizewinning bloodlines.
                                                                                                                                        01747 830720
                                                                        Also breeding females in many colours.
        Unrelated males and females                                       Lesley Beazer Tel: (01749) 831182                       KERRY CATTLE: traditional Irish dairy
             sometimes available.                                     Email:                breed, thrifty, easy calving, manageable size.
     Tel: 01455 553097 or 07980 540727                                                (Somerset)                                  British Kerry Cattle Society. Mrs Joan

                                                                                                                                Lennard, Windle Hill Farm, Sutton On The
                                                                                                                                   Hill, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 5JH
SHROPSHIRE SHEEP                                                                                                                             Tel: 01283 732377
Versatile breed                                                     SOIL ANALYSIS, have your soil analysed for
producing high quality                                                nutrient and lime requirements. Take the
meat and finishing                                                  guess work out of your fertiliser applications,
early from grass.                                                     and save money. I will tell you when and
                                                                       what to apply. INCLUDING ORGANIC                       We are here to help. For whatever you need
Grazes tree plantations                                                SOLUTIONS. Postal service available.                     to know about this small easy-care dual
without stripping the                                                  Dr Russell Young. Chartered Scientist,                          purpose breed contact us.
bark. Stock available                                                         Member of the Institute of                         Sales list available for Mainland Britain.
                                                                             Professional Soil Scientists.                       Secretary Barry Allen 01768 870433.
countrywide. Contact sales officer

                                                                                                                                        Ponies & Donkeys
                                                                    Tel: (01974) 831397 Email:                   Website
Claire Jakeman: 01244 301546
                                                                           Mobile number: 07881930479

                                                                                      For Sale

Southdown Sheep Society                                                                                                        EXMOOR PONIES, Hawkwell and Tawbitts
                                                                   Ifor Williams livestock trailer 8ft x 6ft
             Southdown – versatile all rounder                                                                                   herds running on the moors of Dunkery.

                                                                    full height with sump, new 11/09. cost
                                                                                                                                Very hardy, well bred strong ponies. Young
         Great conformation, great carcase, great flavour.
                                                                               £3500, used once,
      Lambs finish easily off grass. Equally suited to large and                                                                stock always available, foals may be seen in

                                                                            genuine reason for sale.
             small flock. Stock available in all regions.                                                                                October prior to handling.

                                                                     £2750 ovno. 01789 772980 (Warks)
For more info contact the Secretary Gail Sprake: 01986 782251                                                                           Mrs Ablett/Mrs Langdon.
                                                                                         Tel/Fax: (01643) 841330


                  SHETLANDS                                                                                                                           DELIGHTFUL DONKEYS
         Ewes, lambs and rams.                                                                                                                        AND BABIES FOR SALE.
                                                                   Books Antiquarian, Out of Print, Agriculture, Livestock,
   SR tested rams used. Lesley Beazer                                            Veterinary, Harness etc.                                                Well-handled and
                                                                           Free catalogue. Phenotype Books,                                                 very friendly.
           Tel: (01749) 831182                                               39 Arthur St, Penrith, CA11 7TT.                                            Tel: 07850 883440.
  Email:                              Tel: 01768 863049 Mob: 07944734485
                                                                                                                                                        Hants/Surrey borders.
                      (Somerset)                                          Website:                                              Delivery possible.

My Story                                         RBST member pig breeder Emily Paddock,
                                                 16, recalls her Royal Show experience
                                                                                          could any other pig breeders I asked.
                                                                                          Firstly all the male champions of each
                                                                                          breed went out to compete. This went
                                                                                          to 190 Portbredy Prince by B & H
                                                                                          Loveless. Then all the female
                                                                                          champions of each breed went out to
                                                                                          compete. I won this with Lewin
                                                                                          Dorothy 3. This seems simple so far,
                                                                                          but just wait.
                                                                                            The breed champions went out,
                                                                                          regardless of whether they were
                                                                                          female or male, even though most of
                                                                                          the pigs had already been beaten by
                                                                                          the female and male champion.
                                                                                            This was the final showdown and,
                                                                                          with not enough pens left, my pig was
                                                                                          stranded in the middle of the ring with
                                                                                          my dad. My dad was given the
                                                                                          challenge of showing her due to the
                                                                                          fact that I have always shown her
                                                                                          mother and Lewin Dorothy 3 shows
                                                                                          better with my dad at the helm. With
                                                                                          them stranded in the middle,
                                                                                          confusion soon ensued. Miss Uglow
                Emily Paddock and dad Mick who shares showing duties.                     decided, due to the numbers, to move
                                                                                          some pigs back into the pens. My dad
  To say the Royal was the best               first with my home bred sow Lewin           and Lewin Dorothy 3 were asked by
                                              Dorothy 3 and fifth with my other sow
experience of my life would                   Eaves Dorothy 3. Please note that
                                                                                          the steward to enter the pens at the
                                                                                          side of the ring. They were then
be a cliché but true. I went                  these are two different pigs and they       promptly stopped by Miss Uglow and
into the Royal Show for the                   do not often swap rosettes after the        returned to the ring. The mad circus of
                                              competitions despite what the
first time not because it was                 published results may often report.
                                                                                          circles continued before Lewin
                                                                                          Dorothy was awarded the trophy and
the last show but because the                   Then we had the July class which I        rosette of Supreme Champion at the
                                              would have done very badly to lose
joys of my GCSE’s were over.                  seeing as the other competitors did
                                                                                          final Royal show, with the great
                                                                                          compliment of being called the
This meant that I was free for                not bring their pigs! This meant I got      “Perfect Middle White” by Miss Uglow.
three months with nothing                     first with Lewin Dorothy 11 and               The tears then ensued causing
                                              second with Lewin Dorothy 12.
to do.                                          This was followed by the Female
                                                                                          much concern until it was realised that
                                                                                          they were tears of joy at actually
                                              Middle White Championship which             winning. It was truly beyond what I
  The Royal got off to a slow start with      was won by Lewin Dorothy 3 and the          thought I would achieve.
the identity of my previous champion          reserve was Dappleheath Dorothy             Since winning the Royal Show, Lewin
Eaves Dorothy 3 being questioned.             68th from John Herbert. This was            Dorothy 3 has been photographed by
Once I had found a tattoo on the              shortly followed by the overall             the local paper, sculpted and drawn –
inside of my pig’s ear, I could show          Championship which was also won by          working hard as usual!
my whole team.                                Lewin Dorothy 3 with the reserve              Unfortunately the fairytale does not
  The first class was thankfully not a        Dappleheath Dorothy 68th, from John         live on as she only managed fifth in
sign of things to come. My pig was at         Herbert.                                    her class just the next week at the
his first show and, with Nick Hunkin’s          The next day was the moderns. This        Yorkshire show. As they say, a
microphone screeching while he was            meant it was the turn of my Welsh           different judge a different day but still
directly under the speaker, he decided        which did not do quite as well, only        the same breed standard.
that this showing lark was not for him.       coming third out of three. This was not
He exited the ring with the speed to          too disappointing as this is my first

                                                                                            Have you got a story
rival Usain Bolt’s plus a nose dive,          year showing Welsh, whereas I have
just for a bit of extra flair. After we had   been breeding Middle Whites for a
ushered him back into the ring he
came a disappointing but expected
                                              grand total of three years.
                                                This left the final day of pig judging,           to tell?
fifth.                                        the Championships. This is a                         Let us know on
  This was followed by a much more            complicated system which I cannot     
successful class of the sows. I came          really explain or understand, but nor
 What’s                On                          RBST Cattle - Semen for Sale
                                                   Semen from the following breeds and bulls
                                                   are available from Genus by calling 0870

 RBST will be out and about at a wide
                                                   162 2000 or

range of events this year. Here’s a full listing
                                                   cost £9.50 inc VAT plus a consignment fee
                                                   of £4.50 inc VAT. Further details are also

to the end of May.
                                                   available on the RBST website under the
                                                   Stock Exchange.

                                                   Aberdeen Angus
                                                   Emperor of Newark

                                                   Lincoln Red (Traditional)
                                                   Donnington Trooper
                                                   Market Stainton Fascination
                                                   Walmer Prince
                                                   Whitehouse Robin

                                                   Red Poll
                                                   Underhills Horatio
                                                   Wheatfield Duke Nigel

                                                   Beef Shorthorn
                                                   Pennan Winchester

                                                   Arford Dicon
                                                   Audumla Samuel
                                                   Ballyconnel Jim Bob
                                                   Bemborough Murphy
                                                   Castlelough Albert
                                                   Oro Andy

                                                   Garths Adonis
                                                   Hengae Fearsome
                                                   St Trinians Lawrie
                                                   St Trinians Mansie
                                                   Stanemore Odin

                                                   Northern Dairy Shorthorn
                                                   Cannsmill Snowball
                                                   Castiles Delson
                                                   Lords Just Right
                                                   Winbrook Atom 2nd

                                                   Doynton Viscount
                                                   Hasbro Maximillian
                                                   Kemerton Jan Vermeer
                                                   Noent Colour Sargent
                                                   Templeson Oliver

                                                   Irish Moiled
                                                   Argory Edward
                                                   Glassdrummond Defender 2nd

                                                   Whitebred Shorthorn
                                                   Corire Reiver
                                                   Murtholm Parky
                                                   Spoutbank Gay Gordon

                                                   Hereford (Traditional)
                                                   Bodenham Energy
                                                   Freeby Laird
                                                   Gwastard Fergus
                                                   Llandinabo Mackie
                                                   Llandinabo Pop
                                                   Llandinabo Quirk
                                                   Westlake Leo
                                                   Westlake Lysander

                                                   White Park
                                                   Ash Michael
                                                   Dynevor Calibre
                                                   Dyenvor Rampant
                                                   Nemea Albion
                                                   Smoile Albion
                                                   Smoile Butler
                                                   Toddington Adam
                                                   Toddington Daniel



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$' ( #! #& $ ')& #& &)"""    * " )' #& "()&' '        #)( #)& +'( #&
'! # " #$&(#" (               "()& +- (# &$ " #"(&#           !#& ( ' #&  )' (# " -#)&
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#'( (* +- #  $" (# $                                            &#)&
"(&" $&'(' +- *   " 
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(    '(    '("&'      &#!                                                +++ *&! , #!

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