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									                                                                      The Oldest Continuously Published Student Newspaper in the Nation

Thursday, Oct. 9, 2008                                                                                                                                                           Volume 147, No. 5

Most WCSA terms to shift to calendar year
By Christine Hurley               will, in theory, increase stu-     said Monday. On that day              “This new election sched-        said junior Adam Koorn,           reps, but representation will
Transcript Reporter               dent accessibility to their stu-   executive members of WCSA         ule will increase student            WCSA treasurer.                   not be based on which specific
                                  dent representative govern-        will be chosen. The current       awareness of WCSA,” said                Goodrum said one of the        dorm students live,” Goodrum
    WCSA revealed its consti-     ment, WCSA President Rory          executive members will help       Goodrum.                             main reasons for change was       said. “The only requirement
tutional changes and outlined     McHale said.                       mentor the newly elected for          After the election of the        to increase student participa-    is that the students live in a
its new election schedule dur-       “The privileges are more        a smooth transition, Goodrum      year representatives, the exec-      tion in their government.         dorm.”
ing its Monday meeting, fol-      abstract than concrete right       said.                             utive members will announce             Junior Eric Wise said, “All       An unspecified date in
lowing the constitutional con-    now,” McHale said. “We are            Dec. 5 is the next election    candidates for at-large mem-         of the representatives outside    April will conclude the series
vention, held the previous day    trying to be more democratic.      date. Year representatives will   bers of WCSA. The candidates         of the executive members will     of four elections.
and during which the changes      The new system should make         be chosen on that day. Year       will not be elected by the stu-      represent a ratio of one repre-      During this election, one
were established.                 it more convenient for stu-        representatives were formerly     dent body, but agreed upon by        sentative to 100 students.”       fraternity, one SLU, and two
    These include replacing the   dents to contact their repre-      known as class representatives    executive members and year              A week after returning from    off-campus representatives
geographical representatives,     sentatives. Also, the new elec-    said Goodrum. There will be       representatives. The purpose         winter break another elec-        will be selected. Students
who represented specific dor-     tion schedule will hopefully       two representatives for each      of the members at-large is to        tion will be held. On Jan. 21     who hold one of these posi-
mitories, with campus repre-      encourage more students to         class.                            ensure equal representation of       campus representatives will       tions will work based on the
sentatives and changing the       run for positions.”                   The senior class will have     all student groups.                  be elected. These representa-     academic year, in contrast to
dates on which the various           Nov. 12 will be the first of    one year-long representative          “The role of the members         tives will be taking the place    students who hold any of the
WCSA elections will be held.      the four election dates, WCSA      in addition to the senior class   at-large is to fill gaps of under-   of geo-representatives.           other positions, who will work
    Changes to the system         Vice President Ben Goodrum         president.                        represented student groups,”            “Campus reps are like geo-     based on the calendar year.

                                  PS officer saves lives in fire
                                    By Danny Eldredge                                                   person for about a minute. He assumed the person was
                                    Managing Editor                                                     overwhelmed by smoke and informed DFD about the
                                                                                                        person as they entered the building.
                                       A Public Safety officer was first on the scene at an                “It was weird because you could hear them getting
                                    apartment building fire and saved the lives of three resi-          closer, then you saw one foot, another foot, and then they
                                    dents around 2 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 28.                            suddenly appeared out of the smoke,” McCann said.

  Vote early
                                       Officer Jay McCann was on patrol at the intersection                “It was interesting -- people panicked. Even telling
                                    of Rowland Avenue and Washington Street when he                     people to get down on the ground didn’t always work.
                                    heard the Delaware Fire Department (DFD) dispatched                 People remained upright and were walking out of the
 in Delaware                        to 126 S. Franklin St. for a structure fire. He responded
                                    to the scene immediately because he was less than a
                                                                                                        building despite the smoke.”
                                                                                                           “I’ve done this line of work for 12 years, and I’ve seen
    Early Vote, a 35-day            block away and could inform DFD dispatch on what was                a lot of ugly stuff, but I’ve never pulled a person from a
 period during which regis-         occurring there.                                                    burning building,” McCann said. “It was unnerving. It’s
 tered Ohio voters can vote            “I went around the corner, and there was heavy black             something I’ll never forget.”                                                  Photo by Jack Stenger
 early, began last Tuesday          smoke coming from the building, and there were several                 The Delaware Police Department (DPD) arrived on                      Public Safety Officer
 and will end on Nov. 3.            people running in the street and screaming,” McCann                 the scene about two minutes after McCann showed up,                        Jay McCann
    An Early Vote location          said. “Several people were on the ground coughing, and              and assisted in rescuing people from the building. DFD
 can be found in each coun-         I could hear people screaming for help inside the build-            arrived about four minutes after the initial call.
 ty in Ohio. The Delaware           ing.”                                                                  A total of 12 people were rescued from the building.
 County Board of Elections,            As McCann approached the building, two people                    DFD focused on rescuing people from the second and
 Delaware County’s Early
                                    exited the building and fell to the ground coughing. The            third floors, while McCann and DPD focused on rescu-
 Vote spot, is located on 140                                                                                                                                                 Background photo: A
                                    entire entryway to the building, which was a glass enclo-           ing people from the first and second floors. McCann ran
 N Sandusky St. in Delaware
                                    sure, was filled with heavy black smoke.                            around to the south side of the building at this point.               first-floor apartment in
 and is open for voting Mon-                                                                                                                                                  the burned building,
 day to Friday from 8 a.m. to          “I took three or four steps into the building, and I had            One person was hanging from a third story window
                                                                                                                                                                              located on 126 S. Frank-
 4:30 p.m. and on Saturday          to back off. You couldn’t even see your hand in front of            before a ladder could be set up. When the person could
                                                                                                                                                                              lin St.
 from 8 a.m. to noon.               your face,” McCann said. “So I did what I have been                 not hang on any longer, he fell from the window, hit
    All registered Ohio vot-        trained to do at the university, which is to scream as              an air conditioner below him and fell to the ground.
 ers may vote early, even           loudly I could to tell people to ‘get down on the floor,            His body was badly mangled and he was transported to
 if they have never voted           cover your mouths, and crawl to my voice’.”                         Grady Memorial Hospital. McCann assisted EMS and
 before.                               Three people exited the building by following McCa-              firefighters in loading the man by holding a light and an
    For more information,           nn’s voice, and McCann pulled them to safety after they             IV bag while they rendered care and packaged the man.
 go to www.VoteForChange.           staggered out of the building. He could still hear a fourth
 com.                               person, so he continued to yell until he could not hear the                               See FIRE, Page 2

   The 2008 Election

                                  ‘Family Guy’ campaigns for Obama
    According to yesterday’s
 Gallup Pole, Senator Barack
 Obama leads Senator John
 McCain in the presidential
    These results, based on       By Kyle Sjarif                             “We’ve never been more separated,           showed their support for the Repub-                                   Seth
 a three-day rolling average      Transcript Reporter                        and I don’t even think of my neigh-         lican Party took a few shots from the                              MacFarlane
 of interviews with national                                                 bors anymore. I’ve been inspired to be      funnyman. When asked why he was                                    discusses
 registered voters, represent        Family Guy creator Seth MacFar-         American by Obama,” she said.               in attendance, junior Trevor Hawley,                               politics and
 the best lead Obama has had      lane and Friday Night Lights actress          The arrival of Palicki was a surprise    community outreach coordinator for                                  cartoons.
 to date over McCain.             Adrianne Palicki presented their pro-      to all the supporters in attendance;        OWU College Republicans, replied,
                                  Obama political views on Fraternity        however, the crowd belted a raucous         “To see you.” His response drew                                      Photo by Sara
                                  Hill Sunday before a group of students     applause upon the introduction of Seth      cheers from the crowd, which was                                            Mays
                                  and fans of the two visitors.              MacFarlane.                                 predominantly Democratic.
                                     In an event organized by OWU Stu-          “I can’t believe that the creator of        MacFarlane explained
                                  dents for Obama, the creator of the hit    one of the most influential TV shows        why Barack Obama is “his
                                  television show said he was invited to     for all college kids came to speak          guy.”

  52%                             the Ohio Wesleyan campus to encour-
                                  age students to vote early and really
                                  make a difference in this year’s elec-
                                  tion. However, MacFarlane spent most
                                                                             in front of us,” said sophomore Tim
                                                                                Sticking closely to the formula that
                                                                             has made his TV show such a favorite
                                                                                                                            “When is it bad to be
                                                                                                                         smart?” he asked.
                                                                                                                            He said the McCain
                                                                                                                         camp believes that vot-
                                  of the time informing the audience of      among so many teenagers and college         ers lack intelligence by
                                  Obama’s policies and stances on sev-       students, MacFarlane opened his talks       showing dislike and
                                  eral issues affecting students.            with a witty remark that immediately        scorn toward people of
                                     Palicki, a resident of Toledo opened    drew laughter from the crowd.               intelligence.
                                  the presentation with a statement as          “There are two things here that the         MacFarlane also

                     41%          to why she is supporting Obama and
                                  said students across the country have
                                  the opportunity to elect the next Martin
                                                                             McCain party isn’t. Young and smart,”
                                                                             he said.
                                                                                After MacFarlane asked how many
                                                                                                                         expressed his belief that
                                                                                                                         Sarah Palin was selected
                                                                                                                               See FAMILY
                                  Luther King, Jr.                           students in the crowd were Democratic
                                     “We’ve failed as a nation,” she said.   or Republican, the few students who               GUY, Page 2

                                      Mr. OWU                                                            Babbling                                                               Bishops take
                                      supports                                                           Bishops                                                                the Tigers
                                      neglected                                                          perform in                                                             Friday in a
                                      children                                                           the smoker                                                             2-1 win

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Page 2                                                                                  The Transcript                                                            Oct 9, 2008

 FIRE, from page 1____________________________________                             Daughter of
     McCann also assisted firefight-
 ers by bracing and holding a lad-
 der so a firefighter could climb
                                          to take all fire alarms seriously.
                                              “Paying attention to fire alarms
                                          is extremely important so this
 to rescue a woman from a third
 floor window. The ladder had to
                                          doesn’t happen on campus. I never
                                          want to see something like this on       hopeful visits
 be braced because the ground was         campus. People wouldn’t have had
 steeply inclined on that side of the
                                          to risk their lives if people had got-
                                          ten out of the building,” McCa-
                                                                                   OWU on tour
     A woman and her child were           nn said. “I don’t want to imag-             Megan McCain, the 23-year-old
 rescued from a third story window        ine someone on the fifth floor of        daughter of Republican Presidential
 by firefighters on a ladder truck.       Smith coming out into heavy black        Candidate John McCain, made a pit-
 There were no fatalities, but a total    smoke.”                                  stop in the Bishop Café last Friday to
 of four people were transported              Donahue said they are always         meet students and campaign for her
 to the hospital. Two patients were       going to respond to any alarm, and       father.
 treated and released on Sunday,          encourages students to do the same.         After arriving nearly an hour late,
 one patient was transferred to the           “It may not be the real thing,       McCain told The Transcript that her
 Ohio State Medical Center and was        but it could very easily be the real     father is the best candidate for college
 released on Sunday, and the other        thing. You don’t want to have            students because he is a moderate who
 patient was transferred to Grant         something like 126 South Frank-          represents the future.
 Medical Center and remains in the        lin,” Donahue said. “It may be an           “I want the country to stay safe,
 hospital.                                inconvenience, it may be three in        and I think my dad can do that,” she
     A second alarm had to be called      the morning, but you don’t want to       said, before hopping back on her bus,
 because of the extensive rescue          have someone injured, or heaven          labeled the “Straight Talk Express.”
 operations. Firefighters responded       forbid … die.”                              McCain is well-known for her blog
 from Concord Twp., Orange Twp.,              McCann said that this situation      “McCain Blogette,” where she writes
 Liberty Twp., Scioto Twp., BST &         is a perfect example of the rela-        about life on the campaign trail and
 G and Tri-township.                      tionship between Public Safety and       other interests, such as fashion.
     “We didn’t necessarily need all      Delaware City.
 the vehicles and the equipment to            “We have a great relationship            Photo and brief by Mike DiBiasio
 aid in the operation; we mostly          with DPD and DFD. Some of the

                                                                                   Do you smell what
 needed the manpower,” said Del-          firefighters from Liberty Township
 aware Fire Chief John Donahue.           said they haven’t seen the police,
 “We needed to be able to constantly      the fire department and Public
 attack the fire while conducting the     Safety working together like this,”

                                                                                   the Rock is cookin’?
 rescue operation.”                       McCann said. “They don’t tell us to
     Donahue likened this situation       get out when emergency situations
 to the volatility of a house built       happen. We work well together; it
 with a deck of playing cards.            is not an adversarial relationship.”
     “We were very fortunate that             McCann said he has worked for
 it didn’t just topple over,” Dona-       private entities where the relation-
 hue said. “It was a very dangerous       ship is adversarial.
 situation not only for the people            “This relationship is very
 trapped inside, but for our firefight-   unique. Just the ability to share
 ers in the building.”                    some of the radios is beneficial,”
     Firefighters had the fire            McCann said. “I was able to save
 knocked, or almost extinguished,         time by just flipping over a chan-
 approximately 18 minutes after           nel. I didn’t have to waste time by
 arrival on the scene and had it com-     making a call on my cell phone.”
 pletely extinguished 40 minutes              Donahue said the relationship
 after the call.                          between DFD and Public Safety is
     The fire was caused by cooking       outstanding.
 material being left unattended in a          “We are on a first name basis
 first floor apartment. The fire dam-     with all the officers, and are in
 age was limited to the first floor,      contact with them at least a couple
 and nothing could be salvaged            times a week for business matters
 from that apartment. Smoke dam-          so we can assist with whatever is
 aged the entire building. Damage         happening on campus,” Donahue
 has been estimated at $80,000 for        said. “For instance, we work with
 structural damage and $40,000 for        them during the football games –
 the contents.                            we have a medic unit down there.”
     Donahue said this building is            Donahue said the relationship
 similar to a residence hall or a fra-    between the rest of Ohio Wesley-
 ternity house and encourages stu-        an and DFD is great as well. DFD
 dents not to ignore the importance       works with Residential Assistants
 of fire safety. There was a fire in a    to train them to use fire extinguish-
 fraternity house in 1996 that caused     ers and conduct fire drills effec-
 a fatality.                              tively. They also perform training
     “It is important to know your        programs for freshman students,
 building, have smoke detectors in        such as filling a dorm full of the-
 place, and to keep your fire doors       atric smoke to give them an idea
 closed. You should also have an          of what to expect. The programs
 escape plan, and practice it,” Dona-     started in 2006.
 hue said. “It is important that you          McCann said this relationship
 have these precautionary measures        benefits the campus enormously.
 in place and operational.”                   “It’s not a matter of if -- it’s a
     McCann said it is important for      matter of when the bad thing hap-
 students to not mess with smoke          pens. We’ve been very fortunate
 detectors in the residence halls and     recently,” McCann said.

 FAMILY GUY, from page 1__________________________
 as a manufactured persona.                  Continuing to explain his
     “I’ve been around enough actors      selection of Obama, MacFarlane
 to know one,” he said.                   explained his disagreement with
     “She winked so many times dur-       the notion that President George
 ing the debate!”                         Bush is the type of president one
     MacFarlane said he encourag-         would have a beer with.
 es a movement toward promoting              “I don’t want to have a beer with
 intelligence and the liberality alien-   my president,” he said. “I want a
 ated by the Republican Party. He         president who could stand up and                                                                                     Photo by Sara Mays
 said he feels that the general feel-     oppose the conventional beliefs like      Ohio Wesleyan President Rock Jones cooks pasta rocca, the Jones family’s favorite dish, in
 ing is that Americans are tired of       Barack Obama.”                            Smith Dining Hall on Monday with the help of his wife, Melissa.
 being taken advantage of, and as a          Both Palicki and MacFarlane
 result Obama serves as a “refresh-       highlighted the importance of going
 ing breath.”                             out to vote, especially because it
     One percent of the population        will be the first opportunity for
 is controlling half the wealth in the    many of the students of our genera-
 country, he said, and McCain is          tion to express themselves.
 aiming to make the rich richer.             They said touring colleges and
     “As someone in that one per-         offering their perspectives is their
 cent, I could tell you that we don’t     way of volunteering.
 need the money,” MacFarlane said.           “We’re not getting paid for
     Furthermore he emphasized that       this,” MacFarlane said. “We want
 the trickle down effect does not         to do what we can to get people
 really work because, as with the         inspired.”
 current economic situation, there is        Freshman B.T. Thomas, a volun-
 not enough money being spent to          teer at the Obama Delaware Head-
 ever reach the lower classes.            quarters, said, “We’re lucky enough
     The trickle down effect, estab-      to get Seth. It helps to draw people
 lished with the Reagan presidency,       out and gets them to register.”
 will continue if McCain is elected          Following his delivery, in a
 following two terms of President         Stewie Griffin voice, of the line
 George Bush, he said.                    “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb
     One of the highlights of Mac-        Iraq,” MacFarlane made one final
 Farlane’s appearance was his imita-      plea to the audience.
 tion of the Palin-Katie Couric inter-       “Please guys -- if McCain is
 view, in which he delivered Sarah        elected, you’ll make it a hell of a
 Palin’s responses in Peter Griffin’s     lot easier to make Family Guy,”
 voice.                                   MacFarlane said.
     “We were definitely waiting for         “Don’t make me make those
 that to happen,” Davis said.             jokes.”
Oct. 9, 2008                                                                              The Transcript                                                                                                    Page 3

Chi Phi haunted house
improves Greek Life image
By Emily Rose                                      partially due to the great weather.”
Editor-at-Large                                        Messer, who spent that evening impaled on
                                                   a fake spike on the gore-themed second floor of
    This month, Chi Phi sophomore Lucas            the house, said the event benefits the fraternity
Bazerra has been coming home each night to a       and the community in a number of ways.
haunted house.                                         “Not only does this raise a lot of money for
    “Each floor of the fraternity has a pretty     Big Brothers Big Sisters and donates food to
elaborate theme,” he said. “The basement, like     People In Need, it is great to get the Delaware
every year, is a maze. The dining room is a        community itself involved through people’s
human butchery. The second floor has a tribal-     participation,” he said.
warfare theme. The third floor’s my favorite—          “I also think it gives the community and the
it’s an insane asylum based off of the newest      school a healthier and better perception of Greek
Batman movie. But it’s way, way creepier.”         life,” he added.
    The brothers of Chi Phi aren’t holding an          Like Messer, Bazerra has been involved since
elaborate gory theme party -- they’re putting      even before he pledged Chi Phi.
on their annual Haunted House philanthropy             “Last year as a freshman I participated in
project.                                           building construction for it,” he said. “It’s a
    The event, which is being held from Oct.       different experience this year for me, though.
23-25, benefits the Big Brothers Big Sisters       We all have a lot of fun living in a haunted house
program through cash fundraising and People In     for a month while we plan this. I have to crawl
Need with food donations.                          through a giant tarp just to get into my room.”
    “Building the house is always the biggest          Junior Nora Curtis attended the event last
challenge when it comes to this project, and       year and plans to go again, on one condition.
sometimes people in [Big Brothers Big Sisters]         “Last fall I had a great time,” she said. “It was
help us out. Otherwise they just come through      scary and really fun. But if they have clowns this
when we put the program on. It’s always a lot of   year I’m not going.”
fun,” Bazeera said.                                    Meanwhile, Bazerra is excited to flex
    Chi Phi Senior Bobby Messer said the event     his acting chops in addition to helping the                                                                                                     Photo by Sara Mays
is often a success.                                community.                                              Held each year on the first Sunday of October, the Delaware Crop Walk has long
    “I started volunteering to work construction       “I think I’m going to be a tour guide [through      been a campus/community event to raise money and awareness for Church World
for the house as a freshman before I even became   the house] this year,” he said. “I can’t wait to        Service. This non-denominational aid organization has been in existence for over
a member,” he said. “Last year we raised $3,400    figure out what twists to bring to my character         60 years, providing global disaster relief, refugee relocation and sustained self-help
and had lines out the door all night, which was    on the first night.”                                    programs. Above: Local participants display the Crop Walk logo.

                                                                    Federal funding awarded                                                                                         Homecoming
                                                                    for library digitization project                                                                                   Event
                                                                        Ohio Wesleyan University           pledged financial support in the     1904 Ohio Wesleyan graduate
                                                                    has been awarded more than             1840’s to help purchase Ohio         Branch Rickey.                             Friday, Oct. 10
                                                                    $47,000 to collaborate with the        Wesleyan’s first building. The           As president and general
                                                                    Delaware County Historical             effort was spearheaded by the        manager of the Brooklyn            3:30 p.m. - The Inauguration of Dr.
                                                                    Society to digitize and place          Rev. Adam Poe, then-pastor of        Dodgers, Rickey opened the         Rock Jones, Ohio Wesleyan’s 16th
                                                                    online an estimated 1,200 rare         the William Street Methodist         door for Jackie Robinson to             president. Gray Chapel
                                                                    documents recounting the               Episcopal Church.                    break baseball’s color barrier.       5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. - Campus
                                                                    history of the university, the            The joint project also            For his leadership, Rickey         Dinner Celebration. Gather with the
                                                                    Delaware community, and their          will involve sorting and             was honored as ESPN’s most         entire campus community for a cel-
                                                                    ties to the Methodist faith.           scanning              historically   influential sports figure of the    ebratory dinner after the inaugura-
                                                                        The     one-year      Library      significant manuscripts, maps,       20th century.                      tion. Please R.S.V.P. HWCC Benes
                                                                                                                                                                                         Room and the Jay Walk.
                                                                    Services and Technology Act            monographs, pamphlets, and               Rock      Jones,      Ph.D.,
                                                                    (LSTA) grant was awarded to            photographs, Byrd said               president of Ohio Wesleyan,          7 p.m. - Men’s Lacrosse Alumni
                                                                    OWU by the State Library of               The pieces will be digitized      said the initiative to digitize     gathering at Hoggy’s Restaurant.
                                                                    Ohio using funds provided by           using an archival imaging            and share information ties into
                                                                    the federal Institute of Museum        scanner purchased with LSTA          the university’s educational          7:30 p.m. - Men’s Soccer vs.
                                                                    and Library Services.                  grant funds. The $30,000             mission.
                                                                        The grant marks Ohio               scanner uses an arm-mounted              “Ohio Wesleyan’s historical    8:30 p.m. - The Student Homecom-
                                                                    Wesleyan’s first LSTA grant,           overhead camera to create            archives contain a wealth of        ing Organization presents “Home-
                                                                    said Theresa Byrd, Ed.D., the          electronic images without            information,” Jones said. “Not        coming on The Hill.” Students,
                                                                    university’s chief information         damaging, or even touching,          only do we have information           alumni, friends and family are
                                                                                                                                                                                   invited to the Hill for our traditional
                                                                    officer and director of                delicate documents. Also, the        about our founding and about       bonfire, free hamburgers, hot dogs,
                                                                    libraries.                             scanner will be available to         alumni like Branch Rickey, but       cookies, and hot chocolate. Live
                                                                        “This grant allows us to           other area libraries, Byrd said.     we also have a Walt Whitman         music from “Antennas Up.” FREE
                                                                    accelerate our efforts to digitize        The project – titled “Our         collection and we house the           Homecoming 2008 T-shirts will
                                                                    and share with the world some          Shared History: Delaware,            Archives of Ohio United               be distributed to students, and
                                                                                                                                                                                    the Homecoming court will be an-
                                                                    of our rare and fragile historical     Methodism, and Ohio Wesleyan         Methodism for the East and                       nounced.
                                                                    documents,” Byrd said. “The            University” – is expected to be      West Ohio Conferences of
                                                                    project also allows us to form         completed by July 1, Byrd said.      the United Methodist Church.       9 p.m. - Rededication of the Butler
                                                                    an educational partnership with        While it is being completed,         Digitization allows us to share     A. Jones House of Black Culture
                                                                    the Delaware County Historical         the university will be busy          this information with scholars,      and the Willa B. Player Center.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Help us reconnect with the purpose
                                                                    Society to tell a more complete        planning additional digitization     students, and others worldwide     and mission, share the history, and
                                                                    story.”                                projects.                            who may not be able to travel       reminisce with fond memories of
                                                                        One of the fragile documents          Work already has begun,           to Delaware, but who will              these two OWU landmarks.
                                                                    being digitized is a handwritten       for example, to create a digital     benefit from access to these
                                                                    list of Delaware residents who         library of information about         documents.”                          9:30 p.m. - Men’s and Women’s
                                                                                                                                                                                    Soccer Alumni Post-Game Social.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Immediately following the game vs.
                                                                                We want to know what you think. Write a letter to the editor                                        Denison. Team members, parents,
                                                                                                                                                                                   and men’s soccer alumni are invited
                                                                                           and email it to                                                           to attend Hoggy’s Restaurant

                                                                                                                                                                                         Saturday, Oct. 11
                                                                                                                                                                                   8:30 a.m. - 2008 Homecoming/Del-
                                                                                                                                                                                    aware Pumpkin Run 5K. Register
                                                                                                                                                                                      online, or on-site at 7:30 a.m.

                                                                                                                                                                                    10 a.m. - Men’s Lacrosse Red -v-
                                                                                                                                                                                              Black Game.

                                                                                                                                                                                   10 a.m. - OWU Field Hockey game
                                                                                                                                                                                      -v- Grove City College (club).

                                                                                                                                                                                    1 p.m. - Football vs. Kenyon Col-

                                                                                                                                                                                     1 p.m. - Volleyball vs. Allegheny

                                                                                                                                                                                       Halftime of Football Game:
                                                                                                                                                                                       •Introduction of Rock Jones,
                                                                                                                                                                                          OWU’s 16th President
                                                                                                                                                                                     •Kappa Kappa Gamma Balloon
                                                                                                                                                                                    •Naming of the Homecoming King
                                                                                                                                                                                                 & Queen
                                                                                                                                                                                   •Announcement of the Spirit Week
                                                                                                                                                                                              Award Winners
                                                                                                                                                                                   •Recognition of new inductees into
                                                                                                                                                                                   the Ohio Wesleyan Athletic Hall of

                                                                                                                                                                                       4 p.m. - Alumni Swim Meet.

                                                                                                                                                                                   4 p.m. - Men’s Lacrosse Alumni -v-
                                                                                                                                                                                             Varsity game.

                                                                                                                                                                                   4 p.m. - 7 p.m. - Annual Rafiki-Wa-
                                                                                                                                                                                   Afrikan Minifest Annual celebration
                                                                                                                                                                                   of the African Diaspora. The Cave.

                                                                                                                                                                                     5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. - 48th Annual
                                                                                                                                                                                     Alumni “W” Association, Athletic
                                                                                                                                                                                         Hall of Fame Induction.
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CASA benefits from Mr. OWU

                                                                                                      Photos by Sara Mays
Senior Adelino Gomes (above) collects money for CASA during Mr OWU. Seniors Jimmy Long, Cliff
Williams, and sophomore Binh (JP) Phan (above right) perform the “Penis Monologues” during the
talent section of the contest. Sophomore Jason Walsh (right) performs an original song.

By Katharine Mannix                      speak up for abused and neglected         Alpha Theta for holding Mr. OWU.
Transcript Correspondent                 children in court.                            “I would like to thank all the
                                             CASA is Kappa Alpha Theta’s           people out there supporting charity
    Singing “Let’s Get it On” by Bar-    national philanthropy. The OWU            and give a warm welcome to Presi-
ry White, senior Adelino Gomes took      chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta sup-         dent Rock!” Walsh said.
the title of Mr. OWU last Wednesday      ports the Delaware branch of CASA,            As the event came to a close
in Gray Chapel. This year’s theme        to which all the proceeds from Mr.        the judges -- President Rock Jones,
for the Mr. OWU contest was “Rock        OWU were donated.                         psychology professor Vicki DiLillo,
of Love,” a play-of-words on the             Last Wednesday, students piled in     Greek Advisor Allison Bressler and
name of Ohio Wesleyan’s new presi-       just before 8 p.m. and the event got      humanities professor Lee Fratan-
dent, Rock Jones.                        started around 8:15 p.m.                  tuono decided on a winner and the
    Mr. OWU was put on by Kappa              The event began with beachwear.       two runners-up.
Alpha Theta as one of its two main       Eight male students, one from each            Second runner up was sophomore
annual events, the other being “Jail     of the seven fraternities and one from    Zach Weaver of Sigma Phi Epsilon;
n’ Bail.” According to the Greek Life    the basketball team, strutted their       first runner up was Frizzo; and the
web site, Mr. OWU is a male “Miss        stuff through the aisles wearing close    winner was Gomes, crowned by last
America” pageant that benefits the       to nothing.                               year’s winner, senior Stanilaw Osei-
National Court Appointed Special             The next event displayed the con-     Bonsu of Alpha Phi Alpha.
Advocate Association known as            testant’s talents, including dancing,         Junior Alexander Linde said he
CASA.                                    stand-up comedy and singing. Senior       thought this year’s event was very
    Senior Hilary Holmes of Kappa        Grant Daniels of Alpha Sigma Phi          funny and he looks forward to at-
Alpha Theta said they have been do-      danced while senior Matthew Louis         tending next year’s Mr. OWU.
ing this event since the early ‘90’s.    Frizzo of Phi Delta Theta performed           “It is a really fun event, one of my
    “I think it is a great fundraiser,   “The Penis Monologues.”                   favorites at OWU, and it goes to a
and we get a lot of support from lo-         Senior Adelino Gomes of Sigma         great cause.” Linde said.
cal businesses to help put the show      Chi played the piano and sang “Let’s          According to Holmes, Kappa
on,” Holmes said. “Student turnout is    Get It On” by Barry White and se-         Alpha Theta raised just over two
always high.”                            nior Ryan Willis from the basketball      thousand dollars for CASA. Holmes
    CASA supports abused and             team did a stand up routine: “The         said she thought the turnout was bet-
neglected children so that they can      field of dreams -- you may know it as     ter than the past couple of years.
thrive in safe and permanent homes.      Clancey’s,” Willis joked.                     “I thought the event went really
According to the Greek Life web              Sophomore Jason Walsh of Phi          well. It is one of my favorite events
site, CASA consists of community         Kappa Psi performed a song he             that we put on because it really in-
volunteers appointed by a judge to       wrote, and afterward thanked Kappa        volves the community,” Holmes said.

Ham-Wil food service goes vegetarian on Mondays
By Mark Dubovec                                                       less every Monday, over 7,800 animals will be saved this year.             She added that information will always be posted in the food
Transcript Correspondent                                                 According to a press release from the Meatless Monday group,        court explaining the nutritional information of the options.
                                                                      fast food hamburgers contain residues of 113 different pesticides,         Dutt also said Meatless Mondays won’t require any extra
   Those looking for a cheeseburger at the Hamilton-William           and the United States Department of Agriculture estimates that         money from students. “We don’t need funding,” she said. “It’s
Campus Center on Mondays will instead find a number of veg-           89% of all beef in the U.S. contains traces of E. coli bacteria.       through dining services. You’re paying for it with your food
etarian entrees replacing the standard meat fares.                       “It’s the easiest thing you can do,” said senior Pooja Dutt,        points.”
   For the rest of fall semester, the Ham-Will food court will not    student leader of the program. “The facts are there; it’s an easy          Gene Castelli, resident district manager of Chartwells Dining
offer meat products on Mondays. Meatless Monday, a student-run        step…You don’t have to buy an $80,000 car because you love the         Service, said, “The menus are really good and well thought out.
program of Sagan National Colloquium, has been implemented            environment.”                                                          The recipes make sense and the items make sense.”
to educate students on the environmental repercussions of eating         Dutt took the idea to dining services and brought a list of items       Castelli added, “We’ve toyed with the idea in the past, but it
meat and how eating a vegetarian diet can be healthier.               and recipes that could be used.                                        wasn’t successful. I’ve had students come to me in the past and
   Meat production requires land to be cleared for cattle to graze,      “Some people don’t think a vegetarian meal is a healthy diet,”      say, ‘Don’t serve meat because I’m a vegetarian.’ Well, that’s not
and this increases carbon emissions. The eight-student group that     she said. “Every meal is ensured that it has all the needed nutri-     a good enough reason. But now, everyone wants to be green. Ev-
comprises Meatless Monday estimates that if OWU goes meat-            ents and proteins.”                                                    eryone wants to be environmentally friendly.”
                                                                                                                                                 The program has WCSA approval. “It gives people another
                                                                                                                                             option, the chance to try something different,” said senior Ben
                                                                                                                                             Goodrum, vice president of WCSA. “And it’s only one day. So
                                                                                                                                             for the people who don’t like it, there are four other days in the
                                                                                                                                             week to get meat.”
                                                                                                                                                 If the program proves successful, there are plans to continue
                                                                                                                                             and expand it beyond this semester. “[The response] has been
                                                                                                                                             positive,” said Dutt.
                                                                                                                                                 Castelli said, “There have been more positives than negatives.
                                                                                                                                             From our end, it was successful.” However, he added that on the
                                                                                                                                             first Meatless Monday, Sept. 24, the food court saw about 40 to
                                                                                                                                             50 less students. “Bishop Café was a little more busy. Smith was
                                                                                                                                             busier,” he said. All other food services on campus still sell meat
                                                                                                                                             products on Mondays.
                                                                                                                                                 The new initiative has upset some students. “I think it’s a good
                                                                                                                                             idea, but it takes away people’s choice,” junior Abbie Higgs said.
                                                                                                                                             “It shouldn’t be forced on us.”
                                                                                                                                                 Senior Jessica Black said, “I know some people on campus
                                                                                                                                             who are allergic to wheat and can’t get their protein if there’s no
                                                                                                                                             meat.” She added, “And if people eat lunch with their friends at
                                                                                                                                             Ham-Will, they now have to go elsewhere if they want meat.”
                                                                                                                                                 Senior Ray Rozman, who went to the 12 South Deli for a reu-
                                                                                                                                             ben sandwich on Monday, said, “I understand that cattle ranching
                                                                                                                                             is detrimental to the environment, but restricting people’s choices
                                                                                                                                             is not the way to go… I oppose it.”
                                                                                                                                                 Dutt acknowledged the challenges facing her group. “We’ve
                                                                                                                                             been brought up eating meat. It’s such an inherent part of our
                                                                                                                                             life,” she said. “The goal of Meatless Mondays is not to convert;
                                                                                                                                             it’s to inform. We want people to know the consequences of what
                                                                                                                                             they eat.”

                                                                                                                                             It’s a great place to advertise.
                                                                                                                                             Reach the OWU campus audience
                                                                                                                                             in the pages of The Transcript.
Arts& ntertainment
Oct. 9, 2008                                                                             The Transcript                                                                                            Page 5

Music honorary society performs
eight-hour marathon to raise funds ‘Baby Babblers’ audition in Stuy
By Samantha Beany                   sors, like one dollar for a half      The event ended with the
Transcript Reporter                 hour of playing, and we also       Mu Phi Extravaganza, which
                                    asked for flat donations.”         included encore presenta-
   A drum set occupied cen-             The donated gift cards were    tions of songs like “Play That
ter stage. On the left was an       raffled off during the play-a-     Funky Music” by Wild Cherry
electric guitar, and on the right   thon.                              and a Mu Phi original sing-
were a bass and a keyboard.             Junior John Landis, treasur-   a-long, “Pay Me My Money
For eight hours, performers         er of Mu Phi, said the group’s     Now.” For the last song, all
rotated through these instru-       initial fundraising goal for the   the Mu Phi members gathered
ments, playing old favorites,       year was $350.                     on stage and sang “Hey Jude”
classic pieces and contempo-             “Thanks to our fundraising    by the Beatles.
rary radio songs, all as a part     efforts surrounding the Play-         Junior Sarah Murphy
of the Mu Phi Epsilon Play-         A-Thon, we have managed to         attended the Play-A-Thon.
A-Thon.                             raise over $450,” Landis said.        “I enjoyed it. It was an
   The play-a-thon began on             Koh said, “We are going        original event,” said Murphy,
Saturday at 10 a.m. in the Stuy     to donate as much as we can        but she added she was disap-
Smoker and ended at around          to the Columbus Symphony           pointed by the lack of student
6 p.m. Student musicians            Orchestra, but some will go to     attendance.
performed solo as well as in        our other programs.”                    “I feel the event went
duets, trios, and quartets. Each        Other ideas considered by      well,” Landis said. “Although
played 15 to 30 minute sets.        the group include a Children’s     we didn’t have as many peo-
   “We put this together in a       Music Fest or a “fake” Okto-       ple as we had hoped, we did
month,” said senior Evie Koh,       berfest.                           have fun. We went into the
president of Mu Phi Epsilon,            The Play-A-Thon opened         event knowing that these are
an honorary music society. “It      with a combo.                      grassroots efforts and events
took a lot of dedication and            “I arranged a combo of         will continue to grow in the
enthusiasm from our officers        several guys playing every-        future.”
and members. The point was          thing from oldies to new rock         Koh also felt the event went
to promote music through            and roll, and everything in        well.
entertainment and to raise          between,” Landis said.                “It was a great success and
money, through donations,               Koh said, “The combo John      definitely something we’re
for the Columbus Symphony           got together worked so well        going to try and continue
Orchestra. Most of our dona-        together, as musicians and as      through the years,” she said.
tions came from businesses in       colleagues and peers. It was       “We had a lot of fun doing
Delaware, in the form of gift       really great to see some of the    what we all love to do: per-
cards, and from parents. Some       new talent in the freshmen         form and be surrounded by                                                                                         Photo By Sara Mays
of our performers had spon-         class.”                            music.”

Poems only one of many talents
                                                                                                            Freshman Brian Kaiser (left) and senior Brett Riffle (right) reenact a debate be-
                                                                                                            tween Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles over who should get the last jelly donut
                                                                                                            on Saturday during the “Baby Babbler Audition Show,” in which nine Babbling

showcased during poetry slam                                                                                Bishops hopefuls auditioned to join the improv comedy troupe.

By Clay Davis                                        trying to save his girlfriend was sad, and the
Transcript Reporter

   Sisters United hosted a poetry slam last
                                                     song fit perfectly.”
                                                         Spencer said that she was preparing for the
                                                     poetry slam for about two weeks, but it was not
                                                                                                          Eco-friendly artwork currently
Thursday night in Bishop Café, showcasing a
variety of entertainment, including poetry read-
ings, guitar playing and singing.
                                                     until recently that she was motivated to perform
                                                     it at the poetry slam.
                                                         “I heard one of my friends listening to the
                                                                                                          on display at Ross Art Museum
   Treasurer Patrice Murphy, a junior, sees the      song and I knew it would fit perfectly because       By Cliff Williams                                      “I’m really fascinated by Aurora’s works,”
event as a way for students to experience the        it meant so much,” Spencer said.                     Transcript Reporter                                 Wallace said. “It’s just plastic Dasani bottles
creative side of campus.                                 Spencer received help during the perfor-                                                             being used to make these. It’s amazing.”
   “The poetry slam is a way for us to express       mance from Joe Venters on the guitar, along              The Richard M. Ross Art Museum is pre-             While the exhibit is showing these pieces
ourselves and connect with the greater cam-          with Lauren Spavelko on lead vocals and Chan-        senting their exhibit “Discarded to Distinctive”    of art, it is also raising some questions about
pus,” Murphy said. “Every year, the poetry           tel Dean on accompanying vocals.                     as a part of the Sagan National Colloquium’s        recycling in Delaware and with recycling in
slam changes. Last year we had a def jam poet;           Freshman Lathania Brown brought a differ-        “Cultivating a Green Campus.”                       general.
this year, we had guitar players, singers and        ent dynamic to the poetry slam. She opened up            “I’m so excited that we finally got this           Sophomore Billy Brown has always been
short stories. Every year, it gets better.”          with a poem called “Nature,” which was writ-         exhibit up,” said museum curator Tammy Wal-         an avid recycler, even before he got to Ohio
   Many who participated did so not just for         ten by H.D. Carberry. The poem describes the         lace. “We wanted to do something like this last     Wesleyan.
the enjoyment, but because they said they were       weather in Jamaica, where Brown is from.             year, but we didn’t have the time.”                    “I keep things I’m going to recycle in a sep-
able to speak from the heart, such as sophomore          “People often ask me about the contrasts             The exhibit contains various items that at      arate container,” Brown said. “Once it’s full, I
Chardae Spencer.                                     between home and here, especially about the          first glace would not appear to be made from        take it to the recycling bins around the dorms.”
   Spencer, the historian for Sisters United, was    weather, and I think the poem sums it up, so         recycled material.                                     Sophomore David Hunter said he didn’t start
moved by the song “How to Save a Life,” writ-        that inspired me to read it,” Brown said.                There are necklaces, handbags, bracelets and    recycling until he got to OWU.
ten by The Fray, as it related directly to her own       Brown also wrote a song inspired by the          rings that all seem like something one would           “My family never got around to it while I
personal experience. One of her close friends,       AIDS epidemic, which she calls “Brown Skin.”         see everyday. A closer look reveals that the        was at home,” Hunter said. “But I do recycle
Jeff Neumann, died after she graduated from              “One of the reasons that the AIDS epidemic       bracelets are actually made from recycled paper     while I’m here.”
high school. Spencer told the story of the day       has continued to spread is that many people          and the handbags were made from women’s                While the Ross Museum is creating art with
when Neumann went to the beach after football        judge the AIDS status of a potential sex partner     panties.                                            their recycled items, the Sims Recycling Center
practice. During his time there, his girlfriend      by their appearance or attitude,” Brown said.            Also at the exhibit were items that were        is working hard to prepare recyclables so they
struggled in the water and was taken under by        “This song is meant to address that issue. It is     made from tires and wood. These used tires          can be used again. They accept scrap iron and
the tides. Neumann went under to save her, and       saying to the listener, ‘Look, HIV does not have     were made into the shape of a flower.               steel, nonferrous metals, cardboard, newspaper,
he was able to push her to shore. Tragically,        a face. You cannot tell if someone has AIDS              Along with the tires, plastic bottles were      plastics and glass.
Neumann was not found until 45 minutes later,        just by looking at them and it is not worth the      used to create figures that varied from the looks      Some of the items they receive they will
and at that point it was too late. Neumann had       risk’.”                                              of a bug, a rain drop and a series of connected     even pay for. If you are not interested in being
passed away.                                             Brown saw the poetry slam as very success-       tubes.                                              paid for the recyclables you bring, Sims will
   The song that Spencer performed was a clear       ful, with many people turning out and getting            These recycled creations were brought to the    donate the money to various non-profit organi-
reminder of a good friend who died trying to         into the action.                                     Ross Museum by various artists such as Chaka-       zations.
save someone else.                                       “The poetry slam was a good time for some        ia Booker, Lyne Kearns, Hayley Muse Rupers-            To recycle through them, you must take your
   “I chose to play ‘How to Save a Life,’            clean fun,” Brown said. “The poets and musi-         burg, Aurora Robson and Francesca Vitali.           recyclable items to their warehouse during their
because following Neumann’s death, it was the        cians bravely did their thing and I respect that.        The exhibit’s main goal is to help students     normal business hours. For more information
only song we heard or played in our commu-           The turnout was great and everyone seemed to         realize that one person’s trash can become          about Sims Recycling, Inc. visit their website at
nity,” Spencer said. “Also, Jeff losing his life     enjoy themselves.”                                   another person’s art.                     

‘Nick and Norah’ movie a possible teen cult hit in the making
By Kaitlin Thomas                   lovely Michael Cera. Every         and the producers have made            Contributing to the feel-      of the indie music genre com-     direct this grievance as well
Enterntainment Columnist            movie and television show he       a mistake by omitting it from      good atmosphere are genu-          plain about this music being      to Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson,
                                    is in is guaranteed to be funny    the film).                         inely likeable supporting          thrust into the mainstream by     Robert DeNiro, Harrison Ford,
    Beverly Hills Chihuahua         and put a smile on your face.         This time I decided I would     characters in the form of two      calling these bands and artists   Keanu Reeves, Adam Sandler,
was the number-one gross-           If it does not, you have no feel   see the movie first. And I         gay bandmates of Nick’s, and       “sell-outs.” Instead of becom-    Samuel L. Jackson, Brad Pitt,
ing film last weekend. How          for comedy. And number two,        am glad I did because I have       Caroline, Norah’s hot-mess of      ing annoyed your favorite         Anna Faris, Matthew McCo-
did this happen? How did this       the movie has a stellar sound-     read reviews from a few dis-       a best friend (who I dare say      indie band (one I’m sure you      naughey, Reese Witherspoon
movie (which you know was           track.                             gruntled fans who said the         almost steals the show). Mix       claim to have heard before any    and, though I hate to admit it,
conceived from those annoy-             “Nick and Norah’s Infinite     movie strayed too far from         this with a laidback and gener-    of your friends, thus making      Will Ferrell.
ing Taco Bell commercials           Playlist” is based on the book     the book. For once, I was able     ally awesome soundtrack and        you the Master of Cool) has          These actors consistently
years back with the talking         of the same name by Rachel         to enjoy the film for what it      a New York where parking is        sold out by having their music    play the same characters in
chihuahua) reach the number         Cohn and David Levithan.           was: a night-in-the-life-of teen   apparently abundant, and you       featured in a medium with         every movie. This is not to say
one slot? The last movie with           Usually, I will not allow      romance with the feel of a         have a cult hit in the making.     wide distribution, maybe you      the above are terrible actors
non-animated talking animals        myself to see a film adaptation    John Hughes film.                      I left the theatre extreme-    could be happy more people        for continuing to take roles
I allowed myself to sit through     without having read the book          The movie is about two          ly content and just as the         are picking up on the sound.      in which they play the same
was “Homeward Bound,” and           first, but this time I let that    music lovers, Nick and Norah       movies “Almost Famous,”               Another complaint I have       character. They take these
I was seven.                        slide. Too often have I been       (obviously) who meet one           “High Fidelity” and “Empire        heard is less about the movie     roles because they are good at
    I myself went to the mov-       let down by a movie because        night in New York City during      Records” before it, this movie     or the music and more about       portraying a certain type.
ies on Friday, but I saw “Nick      I could not get over the fact      a scavenger hunt-esque search      further enhanced my love of        Michael Cera only being able         So get off Michael Cera’s
and Norah’s Infinite Playlist,”     they left out a detail I felt to   for the legendary elusive band     music. This sounds lame now        to play one character; the        back and let him play the cute,
which I can guarantee is better     be important (e.g. the unre-       ‘Where’s Fluffy?’ Nick also        that I have written it because     mumbling, sarcastic but sweet     awkward, mumbling guy. He
than “Beverly Hills Chihua-         leased “Harry Potter and the       happens to be the ex-boyfriend     everyone loves music, but this     character he originated in        does it well. And plus, I think
hua.”                               Half-Blood Prince”: the omis-      of Tris, a witch with a capital    movie for once has music that      “Arrested Development.”           he is just naturally that way.
    For one, “Nick and Norah’s      sion of the fight scene at Hog-    b from Norah’s New Jersey          I really enjoy.                       If you are going to make          Which kind of makes it
Infinite Playlist” stars the        warts in the end is essential,     high school.                           Unfortunately, some fans       this complaint, please also       cuter.
Page 6                                                                                                         The Transcript                                                                                                Oct. 9, 2008

                                                                                                                                  All invited to watermelon party,
                                                                                                                                  offered free spam on Mondays
                                                                                                                                                                            looking tough for old Johnny        ronment. These include the
                                                                                                                                                                            McCain. Polls are indicating        resources used to feed and
                                                                                                                                                                            nationwide gains for Obama,         overfeed animals grown to be
                                                                                                                                                                            as well as in specific swing        slaughtered, costs and effects
                                                                                                                                                                            states. As such, myself and the     of transporting large quantities
                                                                                                                                                                            rest of The Transcript staff will   of meat, and the nutritional
                                                                                                                                                                            be going door-to-door across        problems of getting carbohy-
                                                                                                                                                                            Delaware this weekend, col-         drates through a secondary
                                                                                 Photo by Jack Stenger     Yo what up ’WU? There                                            lecting for the McCain cam-         source of the animals rather
In transit from Manitoba to southern South America, this Hudsonian Godwit refuels is a party this Friday at 27                                                              paign.                              than eating ourselves the nutri-
in Central Ohio on Oct 5. It will need much energy for its extreme migration.                          Park Ave. It’s the house right                                           All interested in help-         ents we feed in other forms to
                                                                                                       behind the library and next                                          ing please let me know at the       animals.

Nature appreciation lies at                                                                            to the Early Childhood cen-
                                                                                                       ter. The party is a watermelon
                                                                                                       party. All readers are expect-
                                                                                                                                                                            watermelon party or write a
                                                                                                                                                                            letter to the editor with your
                                                                                                                                                                            phone number and the subject
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Those who are in favor of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                the program are most likely so
                                                                                                                                                                                                                because of a concern for the

heart of environmentalism
                                                                                                       ed to attend. There should                                           line: “McParty.” I have not yet     environment. Those opposed
                                                                                                       be enough watermelons for                                            decided if McParty is a play        feel beliefs they do not hold
                                                                                                       everyone, but of course, all are                                     on McCain or McHale. Both           are being forced into their diet.
                                                                                                       encouraged to bring additional                                       great, traditional Irish names,     Although meat is available
By Jack Stenger                                    able to contact the bander and find out that the
                                                                                                       watermelons.                                                         though.                             elsewhere and the other six
Environmental Columnist                            bird was banded in Churchill, Manitoba, Can-
                                                                                                           I heard over the summer                                              Hey, is anyone in a fantasy     days of the week.
                                                   ada. It was last seen there on July 11. It was a
                                                                                                       that watermelons are fantas-                                         football/basketball/baseball/           I think it’s a fair program
    Central Ohio may not be the Mecca of male that raised three chicks, all of which fell
                                                                                                       tic. Apparently they are mostly                                      whatever league? Surely some        to provide some information
wildlife viewing, but it does host enough trea- victim to predation.
                                                                                                       water, but the remaining 20                                          of you are. Those are ridicu-       about how meat and the vari-
sures to wow a sane mind. Every now and                The bird was banded as a part of a study
                                                                                                       percent is full of antioxi-                                          lous. I cannot do justice to how    ous meat industries affect us
then it is crucial to forget about environmental on how climate changes affects long-term
                                                                                                       dants. Supposedly watermelon                                         hilarious the concept is, and       and the world we live in. For
efforts and journey to their roots, the pure migrants. The researchers want to know if
                                                                                                       causes the same effect in the                                        I only pray that somewhere          anyone who cannot stand it,
enjoyment and wonder of nature.                    godwits are able to change their migration
                                                                                                       human body as Viagra, only                                           online another person has           I’ll be giving away free cans
    After all, without these roots who could dates in response to the shifting seasons in the
                                                                                                       less organ specific. I guess if                                      properly caricatured or ripped      of spam every Monday dur-
passionately be involved with any environ- Northern Hemisphere.
                                                                                                       you really want that effect,                                         it apart. I love it though.         ing the lunch hour outside of
mental issue.                                          The life histories of godwits are nothing
                                                                                                       though, you should go for the                                            I have heard both good          Ham-Wil.
    Birds were my gateway drug to the harder short of inspiring. They also illustrate that
                                                                                                       legit Viagra. Why go halfway                                         and bad things about the new            Lastly, I feel my column is
stuff, like climate change and environmental destroying our Alaskan wilderness will be felt
                                                                                                       with watermelon.                                                     “Meatless Mondays” program          subpar this week. Admittedly,
politics. For the past eleven years my life all the way to the beaches of Tierra del Fuego.
                                                                                                           Also (don’t listen little kids                                   in Ham-Wil. Every Mon-              it has been written close to
has been loosely based on observing birds             It’s amazing how much nature still abounds
                                                                                                       from the early childhood cen-                                        day the cafeteria in Ham-Wil        the deadline and without a lot
in their natural conditions. Whenever I think around us, and even more amazing how few
                                                                                                       ter) I believe you can illegally/                                    doesn’t serve meat, although        of creativity or even thought.
about environmental issues my motivation for people pay it much attention. Last Thursday,
                                                                                                       easily order prescription drugs                                      it’s available in Smith and         But who are you to complain?
learning more and contributing comes from while eating lunch behind Mowry Alumni
                                                                                                       online. They may be tainted                                          other eating areas. The project     Please address all complaints
my intimate relationship with nature. I take it Center, a friend and I discovered a Hermit
                                                                                                       and/or kill you, but its well                                        is being done to highlight the      formally by means of a letter
personal.                                          Thrush sitting on the cobblestone walkway at
                                                                                                       worth the risk.                                                      effect that the meat industry       to the editor with the subject
    While on a birding trip last Saturday with our feet. These birds live in the dense under-
                                                                                                           Next topic, things are                                           as a whole has on the envi-         line: “McParty”.
fellow bird enthusiast Sean Williams we had story of forest edges, usually in the pres-
an experience that will never fade from my ence of conifers, but here it was yards from
conscious. At Big Island Wildlife Area (20 the JayWalk in the heart of Delaware. It was                                           Computer named ‘Carl’ to run Columbus
miles north of Delaware) we discovered a evidently stunned from a window collision. I
Hudsonian Godwit, a large shorebird standing picked it up and placed it in a secluded area. It                                    for unlimted term, or until beaten at chess
16 inches tall with a 29 inch wingspan. Appar- remained there for twenty minutes, but within                                                                                Devon Devin, of Upper               ONE PERSON PER WEEK.”
ently, this was the first sighting of this species a half-hour it shook off its concussion and                Mad                                                           Arlington. “I don’t know why        Carl was built with a new kind
in Ohio since last November.                       continued its journey. Who knows how many                                                                                we didn’t think of this before.     of trial artificial intelligence
    Hudsonian Godwits are long-distance creatures like this go unnoticed?                                   Money                                                           I guess Carl is right; we are       that enables it to have the
migrants that make non-stop flights for many          Forget about class, forget about your home-           with Tavish                                                     all a bunch of cotton-headed-       same emotional capabilities of
thousands of miles. A close relative, the Bar-                       work and forget about your               Miller
                                                                                                                                                                            ninny-muggins.”                     a fat two-year-old child, while
tailed Godwit holds a record for the longest                              material life. Get out-                                                                              Carl plans to get straight to    being smarter than any other
non-stop migration. In a nine-day journey                                       side and see what          COLUMBUS-The city of                                             business; he has even begun         resident of the city. The city
across the Pacific Ocean, one godwit, outfit-                                        life really is    Columbus, Ohio, will be run                                          doing some work ahead of            council revised a law enabling
ted with a radio transmitter, flew 7,145 miles                                             like.       by a super computer begin-                                           his office date! Carl plans to      machines to be mayor regard-
from Alaska to New Zealand. The godwit we                                                              ning on the next full moon.                                          use fear tactics to motivate his    less of age. “Well I think it is
saw will be spending its winter on the Pacific                                                         The computer, known as Carl,                                         staff: “I WILL ELIMINATE            just great! Maybe he can teach
Coast of southern South America. Thanks to                                                             was able to convince local                                           ANY PERSONNEL WHO                   me how to use e-mail! (loud
leg bands on the bird, we know exactly                                                                 officials that it was the right                                      DO NOT COMPLETE THE                 annoying laughter),” said Shir-
where it came from.                                                                                    thing for the job by using a                                         ASSIGNED TASK PROP-                 ley Shire, 43, of Idiot Street.
    Ornithologists use leg bands to                                                          Hermit series of logic questions that                                          ERLY. ALSO NO ONE CAN               Carl also argued successfully
mark birds for personal identi-                                                             Thrush no one at the meeting was able                                           LOOK AT ME OR USE MY                for an unprecedented unlimit-
fication. Since we were able                                                                Photo by   to answer.                                                           BATHROOM. ALSO I WILL               ed term, or until someone can
to read the bands we were                                                                 Kim Steese!      “He is very smart,” said                                         RANDOMLY ELIMINATE                  beat him at chess.

Economic problems transcend borders in Europe
By Alexandra Panait                         alent of the American stance                  France maintaining the tenets            situation felt in Ireland and            and the overall economy.            economic situation is trans-
Transcript Columnist                        on the rampant economic situ-                 of both complexity and coor-             France.                                     Similarly, France is on the      gressing the EU borders, and
                                            ation, aiming more for a com-                 dination present in Europe,                  In stark contrast to its well-       verge of a secondary negative       spreading into former solid
   With the American eco-                   mon ground and cooperation.                   and coming as the analogy of             earned name as the Celtic                growth that would place the         financial markets, that now
nomic downturn that has                     Credibility and stability are                 the US’s federal system, the             Tiger as the result of continu-          country in economic recession.      signal the extent of the gravity.
reverberated throughout the                 part of the convergent attitude               reality depicts a manipulation           ous economic growth span-                There was plenty of rhetoric        For instance, the Swiss UBS
European financial markets,                 adopted by the four EU coun-                  in the EU body in which more             ning twenty five years, Ireland          over the real prospective of        bank intends to cut 2000 jobs
the EU-4 (Germany, Italy,                   tries struggling to maintain the              segregation rather than unity            experienced a dire collapse              recession. President Sarkozy        and reorganize its unit.
France and the UK) are build-               motor of European develop-                    is present.                              of the property market. The              acknowledged the slowdown               The consequences are thus
ing economic fences.                        ment.                                             Moreover, the economic               policy quickly adopted aimed             of economic growth, despite         felt worldwide, leaving no
   The Paris meeting held on                    Does the meeting equate                   recession toward which the               at protecting the banks’ sav-            the government officials’           room for policy divergence.
Oct. 4 became a sign of the                 a stable and united Europe?                   countries are heading is not             ings, avoiding increased costs           insistence on overall positive      Convergence has to be inclu-
negative prospects the econo-               Critics underline the leader-                 bounded to only the U.S. or              through the tax system.                  growth in 2008 of less than         sive, and Europe, more than
mies in most of Europe are                  ship and individualistic pro-                 Western Europe; it comes as                  Analysts point out the high          one percent.                        area, should try to be realis-
facing. The common agree-                   cedure the Western European                   part of globalization, and not a         risks incurred by the govern-               The reticence in label-          tic and unitary beyond its self
ment rested on flexible poli-               countries adopted while under-                gamble for ensuring new hier-            ment in providing guarantees             ing France and including it         interest.
cies that could single out                  mining the power of the rest                  archies of powers and inter-             to banks, no longer in power             into the Eurozone economic              Rather than guiding its
a European unitary voice in                 of the economic body. Against                 ests.                                    to discipline the market. Nev-           decline is related to the effects   policies as a reaction to the
supporting the financial insti-             Sarkozy’s claim of “concert-                      Beyond the image of coor-            ertheless, the Irish government          of the domino effect in both        U.S.’s solutions, both Europe
tutions in crisis, avoiding the             ed collective action” came                    dination and drawing lines               is resting its policies on the           policies and confidence in the      and the U.S. should come to
American solution of a bail-                the skepticism of both UK                     of power inside the EU, the              increased confidence given to            EU institutions, a risk too high    common grounds in the eco-
out fund. The Western Europe-               and Germany in developing                     Saturday meeting comes as a              its citizens that it sees as the         to be prematurely assumed.          nomic downturn that knows
an frontier becomes the equiv-              a Europe-internal plan. With                  reaction to the dire economic            fuel for the financial market               What lies ahead? The dire        no borders.

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Oct. 9, 2008                                                                             The Transcript                                                                                              Page 7

                                                                      Bishops Sports
Bishops tame Tigers
By Steve Ruygrok
                                                                                                                                           13 years later,
                                                                                                                                           O.J. convicted                      that O. J. got away with mur-
                                                                                                                                                                               der. ‘If I Did It’ was ultimately
                                                                                                                                                                               never published.
                                                                                                                                                                                   I don’t know if Simpson
Transcript Reporter                                                                                                                                                            believes in karma, but there
                                                                                                                                                                               are some who think that karma
   Ohio Wesleyan field hockey triumphed over Wit-                                                                                                                              has come to Simpson.
tenberg last Friday with a 2-1 victory over the Tigers.                                                                                                                            Last Friday, O. J. was found
                                                                                                                                                                               guilty on charges of crimi-
   The Bishops wasted little time scoring first with a                                                                                                                         nal conspiracy, kidnapping,
goal by freshman Macie Miller, putting the team up                                                                                                                             assault, robbery, and using a
   1-0. Wittenberg player Tori Casanta answered that                                                                                           If I were to write a column     deadly weapon after leading
     goal for the Tigers 17 minutes later. Into half-                                                                                      about Orenthal James Simpson        a group of men in a robbery
        time, the teams’ score was knotted up at one.                                                                                      and the fact that “The Juice”       of sports memorabilia in Las
              Then with about five minutes into the                                                                                        has been convicted of a crime       Vegas in Sept. 2007.
             second half, sophomore Erin Fleck                                                                                             and will be sentenced to pris-          There were no legal con-
                                                                                                                                           on, I guess it would go like        nections made between the
                stepped up for the Bishops with her
                                                                                                                                           this:                               first and second trials, but the
                     first goal of the year. Fleck’s goal                                                                                      O.J. Simpson was a big time     symbolism is still there. The
                          proved to be game-winning.                                                                                       football player in the 1960’s       verdict came thirteen years to
                                 With the victory,                                                                                         and 1970’s. He rushed for a         the day after his first acquittal.
                                                                                                                                           lot of yards and won a Heis-            The number thirteen also
                                                                                                                                           man Trophy. He was an NFL           played other strangely ironic
                                                                                                                                           Player of the Year, a multiple      roles in this trial. His armed
                                                                                                                                           Pro Bowler and a Hall of Fame       robbery took place on Sep-
                                                                                                                                           inductee.                           tember 13. The trial lasted 13
                                                                                                                                                As a result, O. J. was a       days and the jury deliberated
                                                                                                                                           huge celebrity and also did         for 13 hours.
the                                                                                                                                        some acting. But most of this           While the robbery was not
Bishops improve                                                                                                                            was before those of us who are      as brutal as the murders and
to a 7-2 mark overall.                                                                                                                     students were born.                 this trial did not even come
They have now won                                                                                                                              Though we may have heard        close to reaching the publicity
seven of their last eight                                                                                                                  the stories about how Simp-         and media attention that the
games and are undefeated                                                                                                                   son ran the ball against UCLA       murders received, the verdict
in conference play.                                                                                                                        in a big game in 1967 or how        does speak.
                                                                                                                                           he had costly turnovers in a            It could be the case that the
   “Defensively speaking, I think                                                                                                          Rose Bowl loss to Ohio State,       members of the jury felt the
we did a great job shutting down their two                                                                                                 we can certainly remember the       armed robbery case against
strongest players,” Fleck said. “This gave our offense                                                                                     long period of time that O.J.       O.J. was a strong one and they
an advantage which helped give us stronger transi-                                                                                         spent as a criminal defendant.      convicted him based solely on
tions and opened up our passing game.”                                                                                                         O.J. stood trial for the mur-   the facts of that case.
   Along with Fleck’s go ahead goal, the point in the                                                                                      der of his ex-wife, Nicole              Or it could be the case that
first half also proved to give the Bishops confidence                                                                                      Brown Simpson and her friend        the jury felt this was their
offensively.                                                                                                                               Ronald Goldman. Many                chance to give Simpson the
                                                                                                                                           believed the evidence was           justice they and many others
   “Scoring through a deflection was, for me, my                                                                                           strong, but on Oct. 3, 1995 the     felt he always deserved.
biggest moment. However, I also think that the beau-                                                                                       jury acquitted him.                     I think many people that
tiful pass moving to Macie Miller, who scored the                                                                                              In the years since, there       always believed Simpson was
first goal, was just a great textbook play,” Fleck said.                                                                                   have been accusations made          guilty were able to get some-
   Complacency can be a common obstacle for a                                                                                              by former friends that O.J.         what of a smile on Friday from
team once they go on a long stretch of winning, but                                                                                        confessed. Some think O.J. has      the fact that, in December,
the Bishops are confident that it won’t happen for                                                                                         made comments that make him         Simpson might be sentenced to
                                                                                                                                           sound guilty. O.J. has defend-      life in prison.
                                                                                                                                           ed himself against skeptics by          I think the jury was prob-
   “I don’t think complacency will be an issue for                                                                                         writing a book in which he          ably saying that even though
our team, considering how determined we are and                                                                                            claims he couldn’t have com-        O.J. might have been “break-
utterly focused on improving ourselves for our next                                                                                        mitted the murders because he       ing for daylight” when he was
opponents,” Fleck said. “We do have a busy sched-                                                                                          would have done them differ-        in college, they don’t want him
ule with up to almost three games a week, which will                                                                                       ently.                              to see daylight for a long time.
keep us focused on the hard work ahead of trying to                                                                                            Describing in gruesome              And the jury, like I’m sure
reach the goal of the NCAC Finals.”                                                                                                        detail how he would have            a number of other people,
                                                                                                                                           killed his former wife and          felt that “You got away once:
    The field hockey team’s next home game will be                                                                                         her friend, the book did not        shame on you. You get away
on Sunday, Oct. 12 against Transylvania.                                                                                                   sit well with the many people       again: shame on us.”
                                                                                                                                           who believed and still believe

                                                                                                                                           OWU Volleyball
                                                         Photo by Cliff Williams
Freshman Kathleen Lewis passes the ball against Wittenberg.

Men’s soccer rebounds against Hiram,  squeaks by Denison
looks towards Homecoming with Denison
By Colin Magruder                  the lead to one when senior        theme for the Bishops when         past few games as a reason for
and Josh Powers                    T.J. Trigg scored on a 35-yard     they have had success so far       their recent struggles.
Transcript Reporters               free kick to make the final        this season.                           “We are having trouble
                                   score 3-2.                            As with most young teams,       finding a team leader,” Martin
   Looking to follow up on            “It was a very disappoint-      cohesion is the key to building    said. “We are young. In the
their big win against Earl-        ing loss, and the team gave up     success in a program.              progression of a college team,
ham, the OWU men’s soccer          three soft goals,” Martin said.       “The team came together         seniors should lead. But we
team traveled to Case Western         Saturday night the team         against Hiram and we played        have only a few seniors so it
Reserve University to play a       travelled to Hiram for another     tough defensively,” junior Jor-    is tough.”
tough road game.                   NCAC conference game look-         dan Halloran said.                     “The current or next game
   The Bishops fell behind in      ing to redeem themselves. The         The soccer team began           is our only focus,” Halloran
the second half and could not      team did just that, shutting out   the 2008 season 4-0 but has        said. “We don’t look two
recover, losing 3-2.               the Terriers 3-0.                  recently had some tough loss-      games in advance because we
   The team was able to open          Freshmen Taylor Kiefer          es, dropping three of their last   know that we are going to get
up the scoring in the sixth        continued his streak of scoring    four.                              everyone’s best game.”
minute on a penalty kick goal      from the Earlham game, when           “We were clicking on all            “Every game is critical for
by sophomore Tyler Wall to         he tallied an unassisted goal      cylinders of the ball and it was   the team to make the postsea-
put them up 1-0. The team          just minutes into the game.        as a team, our most complete       son,” Wall added. “It’s harder
was able to hold onto the lead        “The team came out with a       game of the year, in my opin-      when you have a big target on
going into the half.               lot of energy and was excited      ion,” freshman Travis Wall         your back heading into every
   Just minutes into the second    to play,” Martin said.             said.                              game.”
half, Case Western was able to        OWU dominated the first            “I think we will have to            “We are getting everyone’s
answer, scoring on a ball that     half by out-shooting Hiram by      continue to work as a team in      best game and Hiram was no
was loose in the penalty area      a total of 13-1.                   order to continue to taste suc-    different. It is very impor-
   The Bishops had played               With two minutes left in      cess like that.”                   tant to stay mentally sharp in
well throughout the game, and      the half, junior Sam Striler          Sophomore Brian Greene          every game because from here
head coach Jay Martin said he      notched his first career goal to   said, “We without a doubt          on out, every game matters
didn’t believe Case was in the     put the Bishops up 2-0.            played our best game of the        towards the post season.”
game until their first goal.          With 31 minutes remaining       season against Earlham, and            On Friday night NCAC
   Six minutes later, Case         in the game, he added another      then had a big game against        rival Denison will come to
Western took the lead when         goal from the penalty spot to      Case Western Reserve, and we       Roy Rike Field to face the
they scored a goal into the left   put OWU up 3-0.                    tried to keep our aggression       Bishops for OWU’s Home-                                                           Photo by Cliff Williams
corner of the net to take a 2-1         “The team dominated the       and defensive pressure up to       coming game.                      Junior Kristin Kovach serves against Denison. Ohio
lead.                              whole game, and they worked        help us carry on our momen-            “When we play Denison         Wesleyan topped Denison in a recent game, winning the
   They were able to tack on       very hard for the win,” Martin     tum against Hiram.”                records don’t count, because      match by scores of 26-24, 24-26, 26-24, 25-19. The win
a third point just five minutes    said.                                 Martin commented on the         this is such a huge rivalry,”     gives the Bishops’ 3 straight NCAC wins and 4 straight
later. OWU managed to cut             Team unity has been the         team’s inconsistency in the        Martin said.                      wins overall.
Page 8               The Transcript       Oct. 9, 2008

         OWU Homecoming
          The first 1,000 OWU
         supporters through the gate
               at Selby Stadium
              Saturday afternoon,
         Oct. 11, for the Homecoming
          football game will receive
              red and black
            Bishop football beads!

         Get there early to support the
           football team as it takes
             on Kenyon at 1 p.m.!

             Sponsored by the
                 Ohio Wesleyan

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