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									Press Release Distribution - Getting Your
News Out There
Press release distribution is not the easiest thing to do effectively these days because with the
accessibility of the internet you are competing with millions and millions of people to get your
news to the top of the search engine rankings and on to a prominent footing on social networking
sites. But if you can master the aspects needed to produce the best pr releases then you will be
able to get your news out there.


This seems like a really obvious thing to include within your press release, but the truth is there's
only so much you can do yourself. Most popular and well-known pieces of news get around
through the words of your readers. Readers are much more likely to help you get news of your
press release out there if you can make your news attractive to read. A picture here and there can
really help brighten up an otherwise featureless and barren block of text.

Expanding your Territory

One of the best ways to put your news about is to expand your press release distribution. This is
pretty simple to do because the way it works is that the more places you post your news on, the
higher the chance you have of people noticing and reading it. Finding multiple reputable
websites to post your press release on will go a long way to getting your news out there.

Social Media

Social media is fast becoming the main vehicle of news for this generation because people are
spending the large majority of their internet time on social networking sites such as Twitter and
Facebook these days. One of the best ways to get your content out there is to post a link to it on
one of these social networking sites and all of your followers/friends will be instantly notified of
it. Don't wait for people to find you!


Backlinks are now one of the most important factors in press release distribution because of the
way major search engines work. Backlinks in simple terms are links which are pointing directly
to a website. In other words, if a website has lots of links to a specific page on other websites
then a search engine will interpret the specific page as an important page; then it will be ranked
accordingly. This is an example of masterful distribution.

Try or Buy?

The question of whether you should try all this yourself or have a specialised company to do is
quite easy to answer. If you are not experienced in the art of press release distribution then don't
take a chance and get a specialised company to do it instead. For a competitive price, most of
these companies will provide all of the above and even a few extras if you are lucky.

If your news is important then you need to put its needs into the hands of the professionals or
risk messing something up and having all your hard work instantly undone because few people
will even know of your press release.

Online Press Releases to Promote Your
In these uncertain economic times, it is pretty tough trying to run a successful business.
Competition is stiff and good clients are at a premium. It is, therefore, becoming more and more
important to get your business into the public eye so that you can get a step ahead of the
competition. One of the simplest, most cost-effective methods of driving business your way is by
means of an online press release.

Getting media exposure through an online press release is so easy you'll wonder why you haven't
done it before. It really is as simple as writing a short news announcement or article about your
business. Any little piece of news will serve as a subject: a new project, an open day, an
achievement of a staff member and the like are all suitable topics. With your topic decided, you
write your story and introduce your business to the world.

Of course, there are a few basics you need to get right to give yourself the best chance of
success. The first thing is to make sure that your title is as specific to your business as possible
and keep it short so that it doesn't get truncated by the search engines. You should also restrict
your online press release to a maximum of about 500 words so that readers are not intimidated
by its length.

One important thing to remember is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). At the basic level,
which is all you need to worry about, SEO is simply the inclusion of key words for the search
engine to pick up on. For example, if your business is selling cars, key words like car sales,
quality cars etc. should appear a few times naturally in your online press release.

You will need to structure your article. You should start with a short introductory paragraph to
let readers know what the article is about and to whet their appetite, and follow this with a few
short paragraphs containing the body of the article. The final paragraph will be the one that tells
the reader a little bit about your business and should contain contact details with an invitation to
get in touch with you. It's as simple as that. All you that is left is your press release distribution.

There are plenty of online press release distribution services to help you. They will edit your
article and some will even write it for you if you prefer. Most have different packages to suit
your particular needs and all will make sure that your online press release reaches the top online
new sites like Yahoo! News and Google News and the major search engines such as Google and
Once your online press release hits the Internet it should not be too long before new clients start
ringing or emailing you to find out what your business has to offer.

Online press releases will give your business a vital edge over your competition; you can't afford
to ignore them.

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