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                             POLICIES & PROCEDURES


Before your child can be enrolled, you must fully complete and return the following
forms required
   • Enrollment Application, Policies and Procedures and Contracts
   • Health and Emergency Medical Form
   • Child Profile & Health History Form
   • Annual Registration Form & Fee
   • First weeks tuition
   • Notice of behavior offenses


Horizons Montessori requires a nonrefundable annual registration fee which is due
at time of enrollment and each year on your child’s enrolled anniversary date. You will
receive a bill at the time this is due.


All tuition fees are due Friday for the following week and are considered LATE after
Monday. A late charge of $25 will be assessed on payments received after Monday. If
fees are unpaid one week after due date, your child will not be allowed to attend until
payment has been made.

If a child is present any portion of a week, the regular weekly rate will be charged for that
week, even if the child was present only one day of that week. If a child is going to be
absent more than one consecutive day, please inform the director of the center.

Because regular expenses continue to accumulate, you will be charged full tuition rates
during weeks with closed holidays and during inclement weather.

Horizons Montessori has tried to make payment options as convenient as possible. We
accept weekly tuition payments by cash, check or credit card.


Parents must notify the office if you have made arrangements with someone other than
those authorized to pick up your child. The individual must present identification at the
time of pick-up. There is NO exception to this rule! If you forgot to inform us, or the
individual doesn’t have identification, we will NOT release your child!


After 6:00 pm, Horizons Montessori’s posted closing time, there will be a late fee of $20
the first minute and $5 each minute after. This is to be paid in cash to the person in
charge at the time of the late pick-up. More than three late pick-ups in six
months period, you are subject to dismissal from the center.

Horizons Montessori will be closed for the following holidays: New Year’s Eve Day,
New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor
Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas
Day, and 2 In-service Days for teachers.


In the event of inclement weather, special closing and opening instructions will coincide
with the Murfreesboro City School System. In this event the school will open at 7:30am
to 4:30pm. In the event that the center has to close early due to bad weather conditions
we reserve the right to notify you of immediate pick-up, however, your child will be well
cared for until you, or someone you authorized, can arrive.


In case of loss of power, water, heat in extreme cold weather, or air conditioning in
extreme hot weather, parents will be notified by phone or local radio or television stations
that the school will be closed and that they must pick-up their children. In the event of an
emergency requiring evacuation of the building, an applicable plan designed by the
director will be followed.


Horizons Montessori is in compliance with the Emergency Management Agency and has
developed a plan for emergency situations. If a tornado warning goes into effect, all
persons will go into the hallway areas and remain there until the warning has been lifted.
Parents are advised to stay at home or work until the warning has been lifted. If parents
arrive at the school during the warning, they must stay in the sheltered area. It is against
the EMA recommendations to permit parents to pick-up their child and leave the school
during a tornado warning.


We realize that families take vacations, and we encourage this family time by allowing
each child one week at 100% discount tuition, after being enrolled for ONE YEAR.
During that week, the child CANNOT be present at all to qualify for this exemption, and
a prior notice of two weeks is REQUIRED to schedule your vacation. To qualify for sick
leave exemption, we require a 24 hour notice of non-attendance for the week. If sudden
illness occurs and a 24 hour notice is not possible, we require a call by 8:00am.


Horizons Montessori offers a 30 day Probationary period for each child. During this time,
if we feel your child is not a good fit with us or if you are not satisfied with the services
you have received, your contract can be terminated with no penalty. After the 30 day
probationary period, we do require a 2-week notice if you wish to terminate services.
Your weekly fee still applies until the end of the 2-week period. Failure to comply will
result in a $200.00 early termination fee due immediately.

To encourage desirable behavior in all children, the parents and the teachers must work
together. If a problem occurs with your child’s behavior, a plan of action to guide the
child towards more appropriate and desirable behavior must be developed and
implemented. Plans will be made according to the age, developmental level, and the
needs of that particular child. It is expected that all parties involved will work together to
modify and improve the child’s behavior.

If the behavior is causing undue stress for the other children and teachers, or has become
a physical threat to anyone, Horizons Montessori reserves the right to request suspension
or termination of the child’s enrollment with the center. Although, it is our goal to meet
the individual needs of all children in our center to the best of our ability, we cannot
allow one child to be disruptive because it effects the education of the other children. We
cannot allow any child to continually behave disrespectfully or exhibit force toward
teachers or classmates.

Horizons Montessori has designated reasons why children can be dismissed. Dismissal
will occur when:

1. Non-payment of Tuition second notice (two-week delinquent). Readmitted when
delinquent tuition is paid in full.

2. Verbal abuse from parent or a child (ages 4 and up) toward staff. Expulsion.

3. Fighting with other children (ages 3 and up) per recommendation by staff and final
  decision by director. The frequency of fighting cannot occur more than 3 times per 6
  consecutive months depending on the severity of the fight. Expelled 5 consecutive
   days. Second offense, expulsion.

4. Physically attacking a staff member. Per recommendation by staff and final decision
by the director, expelled 5 consecutive days. Second offense, expulsion

5. Biting of another child between the age’s 6 months to 2 years old.
   The frequency of biting cannot occur more than 5 times per 3 consecutive months
   Depending on the severity of the bit, expelled 5 consecutive days. Second offense,

6. Biting of another child age 3 and up. The frequency of biting cannot occur more
   than 3 times per 6 consecutive months depending on the severity of the bit. Expelled
   5 consecutive days. Second offense, expulsion.

7. Results from evaluation reveal that the center has not been successful in meeting the
child’s medical assistance and behavior problems.

***The parent of a child who has been dismissed must schedule an appointment with the
director for readmission.


Our policy is to encourage self control and independence in our children. We use
redirection and daily encouragement. Teachers are expected to communicate their
expectations to our children in a positive way. Consistency is the key to teaching self

Discipline varies depending on the age of the child, however physical punishment is
NOT allowed, for any reason, at this center.

If a problem or situation arises that you feel may affect your child’s behavior, please
notify your child’s teacher or the director. We want to be sensitive to each of our
children’s needs, especially during their developing years.


Before medication can be distributed to your child, a release form to administrate
medication must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. If your child must be given
medication while at the school, an authorized staff member will administer the
medication. The medication must be labeled with his/her name and instructions for giving


A teacher will compassionately treat a child’s minor injury. Every room will have
accessibility to a first aid kit that will be replenished as needed. An Accident/Injury
Report Form will be completed by the child’s teacher should an accident occur. The
parent will be notified immediately by telephone, and a copy of the accident form will be
provided for the parent.

If a more serious injury occurs, the teacher will administer first aid, while another staff
member contacts the parent using information on file. If the parent feels that further
treatment is necessary, they will be asked to transport their child to a physician’s office or
medical facility. If neither parent can be reached, the person designated by the parent on
the emergency form will be asked to make this decision.

The staff will call 911 if immediate and urgent medical attention is needed. The child’s
Health and Emergency Medical form will be sent with the person accompanying the child
to the medical facility. In the event that the child‘s parents can not be contacted, this form
gives the school permission to seek emergency medical treatment for the child.


Parents must stay current on their child’s immunizations to help our efforts to control and
prevent disease spread. We strongly advise our parents to observe our center’s policy
concerning sickness. Our policy is recommended by the American Academy of
Pediatrics, which states that children be excluded from group care for the following
    • The illness prevents the child from comfortably participating in daily activities.
    • The illness results in the need for more care than the staff can provide without
        compromising the safety and health of the other children.
    • If the child has any of the following conditions: fever at or above 101 degrees
        (orally), lethargy, irritability, persistent crying, difficulty breathing, or other signs
        of illness.
    • Diarrhea that is not contained by diapers or toilet use, or stools that contain blood
        and/or mucus. The definition of diarrhea as two loose bowels movements within

       the hour. As long as the symptoms persist, children should not return to the
   •   Vomiting two or more times in the previous 24 hours, unless the vomiting is
       determined to be caused by a non-communicable condition and the child is not in
       danger of becoming dehydrated.
   •   Mouth sores associated with inability of the child to control his or her saliva,
       unless the child’s physician states the child is noninfectious.
   •   Rash with fever, discharge and behavior change, until the physician has
       determined it is not a communicable disease. Ringworm must be treated for 24
       hours and covered before returning to school.
   •   Pink and red conjunctivitis with white or yellow discharge, until checked by a
       physician and cleared before coming back to the daycare. Pink eye must be
       treated with prescription eye drops and their must be no discharge coming from
       the eye before re-admission.
   •   Strep throat until 24 hours after treatment has been administered.
   •   Impetigo until 24 hours after treatment has been administered (all lesions must be
       covered before returning to school).
   •   Scabies until after the final treatment has been administered.
   •   Head lice until the morning after the first treatment.
   •   Pertussis until five days of prescribed antibiotic treatment.
   •   Chicken pox until the sixth day after the onset of the rash, or when all lesions
       have dried and crusted.
   •   Mumps until nine days after onset of gland swelling.
   •   Hepatitis A virus until one week after sickness or jaundice or until immune
       globulin has been given to appropriate children and staff at the facility as directed
       by the health department.

We recommend that a child remain at home if he or she is still contagious and until he or
she has been free of fever for 24 hours after the illness. If a child leaves the center during
the day with a fever of 101 degrees (oral) or 100 degrees (auxiliary) temperature or
higher, the child would not be permitted to return to the center the next morning without
a written permission from the child’s physician.

If symptoms develop while the child is at the school, the parent will be contacted
immediately to come pick-up their child from the school. While the child waits to be
picked up, he or she will be separated from the rest of the children. Depending on the
situation, sometimes a physician’s note stating when the child may return to the center
may be requested. At Horizons Montessori the most important concern is the overall
health and well being of our children and staff. Therefore, we ask that all parents follow
these guidelines carefully.


Weekly menus will be available and posted at the front foyer. Each day your child will
be served nutritious food for breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon
snack. If your child is on a restricted diet, you will be asked to supply your child’s food.


1. Baby Wipes
2. Clean change of clothes
3. Diaper and/or Pull-Ups
 1. Diapers
 2. Baby Wipes
 3. Extra clothes
 4. Bottles of formula or breast milk ( remember to label)
 5. Appropriate food
 6. Pacifier if needed must be labeled with the child’s name
           • Teacher’s will notify parents when these supplies are low
           • Diapers will be checked and changed at regulars intervals depending on
                the child’s age.


A child will begin showing signs of readiness and willingness in learning to use the toilet
around the age of two. Assuming the child is ready, the staff will begin this process at the
parent’s request. This is a joint effort where the parents and staff work together in
planning a successful approach to toilet training. Children WILL NOT be punished for
lapses in toilet training. Children WILL NOT be coerced into toilet training if they are
not showing developmental signs of being ready. Although there is a variety of
information and books on toilet training, not all methods are compatible with group care.
All toilet training activities should be discussed with your child’s teacher, and they will
do their best to see that your wishes are granted.


 Dress your child appropriately and comfortably for play and fun time activities. Tennis
shoes or soft soled shoes are recommended. No open-toed shoes. A change of clothes is
required in case they have an accident or they get dirty. And please do not forget to label
their items.


To make it easier on you, your child, and our staff, please make sure that all removable
items have your child’s name clearly marked on every piece. Because we can not predict
the weather, we suggest that you dress your child for indoor and outdoor play.

We request that children leave food, gum, candy, money, or other valuables at home. We
will have special share days for your child to bring toys or other prized possessions to

center. It is difficult to keep up with such items everyday. We appreciate your

We understand that many children are attached to an object that makes them feel secure
in a new environment or situation. These objects help ease the transition from home to
the center. We understand that most children prefer not to share this item. Our teachers
will try to help the other children respect and understand such feelings. Though we can
not be responsible for loss or damage to personal possessions, our teachers will do their
best to keep up with children’s belongings.


$25.00 handling fee will be charged for ALL returned checks and the check must be paid
in full with cash within one day of the notice. If we receive a second returned check, you
will be required to make future payments in CASH ONLY. All non payments of funds
will be turned over to a collection agency. You will be responsible for all collection and
attorney fees.


If your child(ren) will be arriving after 10:30 a.m., we ask that you call the center
to inform us of an approximate arrival time. This will help reduce classroom interruption
as well as having an accurate lunch count.

I have read and understand the policies of Horizons Montessori School & Daycare, Inc.,
payment contract, signed their copies verifying my receipt and agree to adhere to them.

I have received a summary of the licensing requirements.

I do hereby authorize Horizons Montessori School & Daycare, Inc.’s staff to obtain
emergency medical care for my child: (In some cases, such as military dependents, a
limited power of attorney may be required by Horizons).

I visited Horizons Montessori prior to enrolling my child.

I understand any changes in the above information must be entered immediately and

The above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Parent Name _____________________________________________

Parent Signature __________________________________________

Date ____________________________

Child’s Name: ____________________________________________

*If you have any questions, concerns or a complaint, call Child Care Resources and
Referrals at 1-800-462-8261.

Date child enrolled_________ Date child was withdrawn _______________
Reason for withdrawal ___________________________________________________

Special Notes for Child Care Facility or Parent/Custodian:


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