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					     A BRIEF BEHIND



       M. S. Elhalaby

      To: Louise Maniette

      15 October 2010


During the industrial design lecture of 2010-10-14, the teacher delivered to us some products
to start analyzing them. My chance was with one of the famous fiskars scissors. I put it in my
fingers and started using it, looking at its details carefully and analyzing its way of design.
Briefly, I can say that I liked it. My hand felt comfortably, The scissors are steady and strong

In the same day I used my personal classical scissors at home. I felt the difference between
two kind of scissors in my hands directly. I recognized the goodness and the quality though
the material used in the classical scissors are more than it in the fiskars scissors. That why I
became more interested to know the idea behind it, how and when it become to life.


Fiskars company is in origin a metal manufacturing factory. It established 1646. A Dutch
merchant called Peter Thorwöste ordered to built this factory in the finish village of Fiskars,
so the company got its name from the name of its village. Fiskars villages placed in the south
of Finland (see figure 1).

                          Figure 1: Fiskars village in Finland (source: Google maps)

In the early history of Fiskars company the fiskars scissors wasn’t existed. The company was
working with metal manufacturing and producing many kind of metallic products, like nails,
wires, wheels ..etc.

The famous orange Fiskars scissors became to life 1967, or in others words 321 years after
the Fiskars company first establishment.


The designer of the scissors wanted the scissors to be in one of those colors: black, red or
green. After the designing the sketches went to the prototyping process to produce some
prototypes before beginning producing the succors officially.

The mechanist who is responsible for the machine wanted to finish the orange plastic in the
machine, The machine was originally for producing orange juices, so he started making the
scissors prototypes. The stuff there in the factory saw the orange color of the scissors handle
and decided to make a vote to decide which color to be the official color of the scissors.
Black or orange. The result of the internal vote in the company showed that the orange color
beat the black color. Then a final decision of orange color had been make to be the first
plastic-handled scissors in the world. See figure 2

                         Figure 2: Fiskars scissors (source: fiskars company)

Now the orange scissors if very famous in the world. From 1967 to now, more than 1 billion
scissors have sold!


After I saw and used the scissors I can say it a successful example of combining design and
engineering in one product.

        A. Design view

As we see in the pictures the design of the scissors is very nice. Many nice curves in the
handle. It looks different than the classic shape of scissors. The color is interesting. As we
know the orange color shows the happiness. The scissors handle look thick, but it is not! This
thing shows how the designer was professional.

        B. Engineering view

      If you look at the scissors handle (see figure 2) you will think that the thickness of
       handles is more than 2 centimeters. Actually and after I used the scissors, the scissors
       have only some millimeters thick! And this means a material saving and decreasing of
       manufacturing cost.
      Other thing: if you we look to the down handle and blade we will notice that it is
       straight, this feature give the scissors more flexibility in usage. For example it gives it
       the ability to cut the papers while they are on the board.
      The scissors is ergonomical. It fits into hands comfortably. As well this feature makes
       the scissors steady.
      If we look to the up handle, or the thumb hole (see figure 3), we will notice that
       straight inclined hole! This feature makes the thumb to fit quickly, easily and
       comfortably. But the more important, this long hole provides more area. More area
       with the force of the thumb means more provide pressure. This make the scissors
       strong in usage!

                              Figure 3: Up handle (source: Fiskars company)


1. (October 15, 2010)
2. (October 15, 2010)


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