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									I do not know what it is about the North American concept of what a garden should look like, but, for me, I like the wild, cultivated, overgrown look of an English garden. When I go by gardens and see the trees all in their own little isolated mounds with the raised earth surrounded by nail clipper manicured lawns, it all looks so processed to me. Everyone's taste it different though when it comes to making a garden statement. Some prefer the neat manicured looks while other like the wild adventuresome sort of atmosphere. In an English garden, you expect to see insects doing insect things so that garden functions naturally as it should instead of some pre-processed hygienic experiment in conformity. As far as the actual flowers or plants that should go into your English garden, you should go with what you think is right, but before you go ahead and plant make sure that all the plants that are going to use will all look good together. It is always best to be enthusiastic certainly, and run wild with it, because what else is it but creativity - always splurge when it comes to being creative in whatever you do. When it comes to anything to do with design of any kind, always go with what you want first, and then go with what work with the overall concept. The beauty of an English Go Wild garden is that practically anything goes, unlike the sterile molding of synthetic esthetics. It is just that if you are going to live in nature you should look like you a part of it instead of apart from it. The whole concept is of and English Go Wild garden is to show your creative range, not how much lawn envy controls you, and I mean that in a positive way. We are far too programmed currently, and a garden should be a kind of sanctuary where you can reconnect, rather than a re-affirmation of how well you fit in. It is hard to go out into a pre-processed environment and allow yourself to re-connect with nature when there is no nature anymore for connection. With an English Go Wild garden, it allows you to explore all the different little islands of nature that you have created so that you can go out and enjoy the fruits of your labors. A friend of mine had a waterwheel in her English garden, and that sound made me forget that I was right in the middle of the city, or had anything to do with time. So, do not be afraid to create something different - you will thank yourself in the end! About the Author: T.O. Chuong writes home & garden articles for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Arlington, Texas. Visit us if you need plumbers Fort Worth, or plumbers Alvarado TX.

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