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					                                                           An e-Publication of Grant No. PHL-202-G09-M:
               “Consolidated malaria grant, advancing malaria control towards elimination by 2020.”
V O L U M E          6 . I S S U E 2                                                                             S E P T E M B E R    2 0 1 1

  INSIDE STORIES:                                         MAM completes
                                                          22nd period evaluation
                                                          by DARIUS DELA CRUZ

                                                                        n August 16 to
                                                                        19, 2011, the

                                           3                            Pilipinas Shell
                                                                        Foundation, Inc.,
PROTECTING PREGNANT                                       Principal Recipient (PR) of the
WOMEN AGAINST MALARIA                                     Consolidated Malaria Grant in
                                                          the Philippines, dubbed as
                                                          Movement Against Malaria
                                                          (MAM), completed the review
                                                          of its programmatic

                                                          accomplishments and financial
                                                          status for Period 22 (January to Isla Lipana & Co. Senior Associate
                                                          June 2011) of Phase I. The        Jennifer Chan Lee (top) validates
                                                                                            programmatic accomplishments with
WMD: THE 2011 WORLD                                       review was conducted by Isla      Movement Against Malaria Senior
                                                          Lipana & Co., the Philippine’s Project Officer Ynna Lauron-Doblado.
                                                          member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)’ global
                                                          network, acting on in its capacities as Local Fund Agent (LFA)
                                                          for Global Fund.
                                                              In the submitted Progress Update and Disbursement Request, MAM reported that
                                                          7 out of 10 reportable programmatic indicators reached 100% accomplishment or

                                       12                 better. These are: number of service providers trained (116%), uncomplicated malaria
                                                          cases treated (129%), severe malaria cases treated (115%), number of Long Lasting
                                                          Insecticide-treated Nets (LLINs) distributed (108%), number of houses sprayed through
                                                          Indoor Residual Spraying (119%), number of pregnant women receiving malaria
TREATMENT ORIENTATION ON                                  pregnancy packages (125%), and number of sentinel sites established for monitoring
MALARIA DURING PMS                                        trends (100%). The targets for the remaining indicators were substantially achieved.
CONVENTION                                                They are as follows: proportion of diagnosed patients treated correctly (92%), number
                                                          of Rural Health Units submitting complete reports on time (82%), and number of
The Movement Against Malaria e-news is the Program’s      trained personnel in outbreak detection and management (88%).
way of informing its partners of the activities and           MAM also describe that all conditions precedent to implementation and
accomplishments completed every two months. This also     disbursements have been met, and the strong performance was achieved despite
aims to reach out to our stakeholders and encourage       challenges faced due to prolonged rainy season, typhoons and floods, various
them to give their opinion and comments on how to
                                                          religious festivities (Lent, Ramadan, and Christmas holidays) and the Moratorium of
further improve project implementation. The Movement
                                                          the Department of Health in favor of National Measles Program.
Against Malaria e-news is part of the Shell’s continued
commitment of being transparent to all its implementers
                                                              On Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), the PR has assisted the Department of
and associates.                                           Health in the development of the Medium Term Development Plan of the Malaria
                                                          Program that will be used as reference for the finalization of the national M&E plan.
     Grant No: PHL-202-G09-M is funded by:                Regarding procurement, the PR conducted an emergency procurement using its own

                                                                                                                         (Continued on page 2)
                                                                          Program Update |           September 2011
                                             revisions in the training
MAM completes...                             plan and Sub Recipients
(Continued from page 1)
                                             work plans; and financial
funds to ensure that drugs are available     control which ensure that
where they are needed.                       expenses remain within
    On financial aspects, MAM                reasonable range and
accounted that for the period, PR spent      only necessary expenses
US$ 16.49M (56%), committed                  were allowed.
payables of US$1.54M (5%), carried               The Global Fund has
over US$2.30M (8%), and saved                yet to release the rating
US$9.06 M (31%) for the total of US$         of this revies as of this
29.39 M budget. The savings were due         writing.
to efficiencies in procurement through
                                             Isla Lipana & Co. auditors meet with MAM Project Management Office headed by
open tender among suppliers that foster
                                             PSFI Executive Director Edgard Veron Cruz (left) for an exit conference after the
competitive pricing; adjustment in
                                             period review to discuss issues and findings.
activity budgets brought about by the

PSFI cited at the 7th Governor’s Award in Palawan

W              ith its                       the times and played a significant role in   the award in behalf of PSFI Palawan.
                                             nation building,” said Gov. Abraham             The Provincial Government of
               outstanding                   Kahlil Mitra.                                Palawan conducts the annual
               social                            Its countless voluntarism on many        Governor’s Award in recognition of the
                                             medical missions also makes PSFI an          men, women and institutions who have
               development                   active partner of the government in          contributed significantly to its
programs, the Pilipinas Shell                reaching far flung communities to            development.
Foundation Inc. (PSFI)                       conduct health awareness even among
received a Special Citation                  peoples group.
Award during the 7th                             MAM
Governor’s Award, held on                    Manager Marvi
June 23, 2011, at Hotel                      Trudeau and
Centro, Puerto Princesa City.                MAM Deputy
    Through the Kilusan Ligtas Malaria,      Program
PSFI through its partner agencies            Manager Ray
contributed to the 81 percent decrease       Angluben
in Malaria incidents in the entire           Deputy received
province since 1999. In 1999, a
disturbing figure of 53,451 Malaria
incidents caused PSFI to launch an
intensified intervention resulting to only
10,371 cases in 2010.
    The foundation was also recognized
following its track record in providing
communities with relevant social
development projects to assist fishermen
and farmers gain new technologies with
added value on entrepreneurship              (Top photo from L – R) Palawan Provincial Budget Officer Luis Marcaida II, Palawan
through its Sanayan sa Kakayahang            Governor Abraham Kahlil Mitra, Palawan Vice Governor Clara Reyes, Movement
Agrikultura and Integrated Farming Bio       Against Malaria Program Manager Marvi Trudeau, and MAM Deputy Program
System programs.                             Manager Ray U. Angluben.
    It has also developed a local health
insurance system for low-income earners      (Left inset) Special citation award for Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. for its
in the community which allows them to        campaign against malaria thru its Movement Against Malaria project and its
avail free medical services for a cost of    support to Kilusan Ligtas Malaria, a private-public partnership of PSFI and Provincial
one peso a day.                              Government of Palawan. The 7th Governor’s Award is given during the Baragatan
    “PSFI truly responded to the needs of    sa Palawan 2011.

O N E        S C O U R G E                    O N E        F I G H T                O N E      M O V E M E N T                    2
                                                                        Program Update |        September 2011

Partner NGOs helped in protecting pregnant women
against malaria

                                            packages for 98
            arious Non
                                            pregnant women present
            Governmental                    in the event.
            Organizations                       The distribution of
            (NGOs) continue                 pregnancy package by
to support and collaborate                  MAM in partnership with
                                            the Maternal Child
with the Movement Against                   Health Program of the
Malaria and the local                       Department of Health,
implementing partners for                   Provincial Health Office
the protection of the                       and the RHU ensures
                                            protection of pregnant
pregnant women, a special
                                            mothers and their unborn
vulnerable group, against                   children against malaria.   1
malaria and promote safe                    The pregnancy package
motherhood in some project                  consists of Long Lasting
sites.                                      Insecticide-treated Net
    In Sarangani, the Mahintana             (LLIN), Ferrous Sulphate,
Foundation in partnership with Maasin       Albendazole deworming
Rural Health Unit, Movement Against         tablet, mother and child
Malaria and Sarangani Provincial Health     book and a malaria IEC
Office held Buntis or Pregnant Women        material.
Forum at Lakrina Resort, Poblacion on           The partnerships
March 15, 2011, with a theme “Kung          forged among local
mahal si baby, mga pangkaligtasan           health implementers
para sa pagbubuntis ay dapat sundin ni      guarantee that there are
mommy (Practice safe motherhood for
baby).” The forum focused on increasing
                                            no duplication of works
                                            among health institutions   2
awareness among pregnant women              and special project
about malaria and safe motherhood.          operating in the areas
Pregnancy packages were distributed to      while improving
60 pregnant women attending the event.      coverage and impact.
Free blood examination check-up
for hemoglobin were also
provided to the participants.
    In Zamboanga del Norte, a
Ligtas Buntis or safe motherhood
day celebration was held at
Baliguian Gymnasium on March
14, 2011. Gerry Roxas
Foundation, Inc. supported the       4                                  3
program by providing baby
accessories for every registered pregnant
woman, while Baliguian Local                1. A pregnant woman receives her pregancy package in distribution in Sarangani
Government Unit sponsored the meals            while receiving instructions from a health worker.
                                            2. Beneficiaries of pregnancy package and Buntis Forum in Sarangani.
and snacks and hosted a search for Miss
                                            3. Pregnant women in Zamboanga del Norte parade for Ligtas Buntis celebration.
Ligtas Buntis headed by MHO Dr. John        4. All the pregnant women received pregnancy packages from MAM to protect
Dongon. MAM provided pregnancy                 them and their unborn children against malaria.

O N E        S C O U R G E                  O N E        F I G H T            O N E       M O V E M E N T                3
                                                                          Program Update |               September 2011

More than 5,000 individuals complete
malaria related trainings

I      n just over a year and               and control. Provincial and local trainers      management orientation for BHWs and
                                            provide the updates on malaria control          other volunteers.
       half, the Movement                   management and basic malaria
       Against Malaria
       through its sub-
recipients and partners has
trained 5,469 health service
providers, personnel and
manpower on various
malaria related topics.
    Among them were 2,161 personnel
from the Rural Health Units, mostly
composed of midwives, municipal health
officers, public health nurses and other
in key positions, who received basic
malaria management training to provide
a working knowledge on technical and
management skills applicable to the
implementation of the malaria program.
There were 171 clinicians from                1
government and non government
hospitals who completed a course on
clinical management on acute and
severe malaria. A total of 562 barangay
microscopists (BM) and medical
technologists (MT) either had basic
malaria microscopy training or refresher
courses on malaria microscopy. To
ensure the high standard for malaria
diagnosis, 517 health service providers,
mix of BM, MT and municipal health            2                                              3
officers, were given orientation on
quality assurance system for malaria
microscopy. A total of 1,818 other
workers completed an orientation on
Indoor Residual Spraying, procurement
and supply management training,
updates in malaria control
management, skill based training and
vector control implementation training.
Finally, 501 individuals were trained for
outbreak detection and control to ensure
preparedness for malaria emergencies.
                                              4                                              5
    The National Pool of Trainers of the
                                             (1 )Trainees from Surigao del Sur enhances their skills in diagnosis of malaria parasites
Department of Health leads the conduct           thru regular slide microscopy series in Basic Malaria Microscopy Course for Barangay
of trainings for malaria diagnosis. The          Microscopists.
Asian Collaborative Training Network         (2) Medical technologists of Sulu improves their blood smear collection techniques
for Malaria or ACTMalaria facilitates the        during return demonstration in a Refresher Course on Malaria Microscopy.
training on clinical management of           (3) A participant from Sultan Kudarat delivers her group’s output during the Outbreak
                                                 Detection and Control Training.
malaria and malaria program                  (4) A volunteer health worker in Zambales discusses the life cycle of malaria parasite
management course for RHU while the              during the Basic Malaria Management for Health Worker.
Field Epidemiology Training Program          (5) Barangay Microscopists in Isabela receive inputs on the new quality assurance system
Alumni Foundation, Inc. or FETPAFI               for malaria Microscopy.
does the training on outbreak detection

O N E       S C O U R G E                   O N E        F I G H T                  O N E         M O V E M E N T                        4
                                                                           Program Update |             September 2011

LLIN use and care- “The 10 reminders”

T            he project sites in             of a MASUVECO Team is also a pre                     9. Do not wash the net frequently
                                             requisite before net distribution.                       (once in every quarter only) .
             Regions 10 and                  MASUVECO Team or Malaria                             10. During washing, do not bleach,
             11 delivered                    Surveillance and Vector Control Team is                  chlorinate or beat with a stick.
                                             a local action organization that leads
             thousands of the                the distribution and monitoring
long lasting insecticide nets                of net use at the barangay level.
(LLIN) to their respective                       Since 2010 LLIN distribution,
                                             it has been practiced by the
communities since 2010                       partners from regional to the
under the consolidated                       grassroots level that awareness
                                             raising in all LLIN distribution
grant. MAM targets to                        activities should emphasize the
achieve at least 100% of                     proper management of the
people living in malaria                     mosquito net. It is summarized
                                             though “The 10 Reminders” that
endemic areas, specially                     must be discussed fully during
children under 5 years old,                  the orientation prior to LLIN
                                             distribution. Tarpaulins are
pregnant women, workers                      posted at barangay halls, rural
and indigenous people, are                   health centers, and barangay
protected with LLIN. It is a                 microscopy centers as a
                                             reminder for residents.
collaborative task of the                        The 10 reminders come in
Department of Health, Local                  different Visayan versions to fit
                                             the local dialect in Bukidnon,
Government Units, Provincial                 Misamis Oriental, and Davao
Health Offices and the MAM                   provinces. Rural Health
project to ensure that every                 Midwives in the field say that the
                                             10 reminders is easy to
member of the household is                   remember and are retained in
effectively covered by LLIN/                 the minds of the community
                                             members. Moreover, a
Insecticide Treated Nets                     community penalty is imposed to
(ITN). But far more                          those who violate the reminder
important than the LLIN’s                    number 6 and 7 as stipulated in
                                             in their barangay ordinance.
delivery is for people to sleep                  The 10 reminders are:
under the net every night.                       1. Sleep under the net every
    The LGU partners in Bukidnon,                     night.
Misamis Oriental, and Davao Provinces            2. Fold/keep the net
religiously remind the communities in                 properly after use to
taking care of the nets. Barangay                     prevent damage by rats.
ordinances, various awareness                    3. Mend/sew the torn part
campaign and political supports from                  of the net.
the local executives are implemented in          4. After wash, hang the net
the mentioned provinces.                              in a cool dry place, not
    In Davao del Norte and Compostela                 under the sun.
Valley, no distribution is made unless the       5. Bring back the net if you Habit-forming reminders
barangay officials are oriented of their              are using it outside of
                                                                                 The proper way of using and maintaining an LLIN are
responsibilities in allocating, monitoring            your barangay.             listed in the ‘10 reminders’.
and implementing the LLIN ordinance to           6. Do not use net as a
                                                      fishing net.               To familiarize the malaria endemic communities on the
their constituents.                                                              ‘10 reminders’, the ’10 reminders’ are printed on
    In Bukidnon, before actual LLIN              7. Do not use net as a          tarpaulin and posted during major events (top),
distribution, barangay level stakeholders             drying mat for             installed in important places in the community such as
completes an orientation on various                   agricultural products.     the barangay hall (middle) and barangay center, and
                                                 8. Do not sell or give the      used in demonstration and awareness campaign before
surveillance, vector control and social
                                                      net as token to friends.   LLIN distribution.
mobilization activities. An establishment

O N E        S C O U R G E                    O N E        F I G H T                 O N E        M O V E M E N T                     5
                                                                          Program Update |          September 2011

MAM and partners observe WMD:
The 2011 World Malaria Day celebrations in the Philippines

S       ince World Malaria Day (WMD) begun four years ago, the
        Movement Against Malaria (MAM) and the Department
        of Health together with the local implementing partners
        and stakeholders at various levels, from regional down
to barangay or community level, gather every 25th of April
each year to join the world in the celebration of intensified

efforts towards malaria                      happy to see everyone participate in the
                                             celebration of the World Malaria Day,”
elimination. This year’s                     said Dr. Zewdie. “The fight against
celebration marked the                       malaria can only be won with the
                                             cooperation of everyone in the
success and impact gained                    community. It is a shared responsibility
so far by the country as the                 among the government, private
World Health Organization                    organizations and the people. Let us all
                                             do our part. We will fund the programs
reports that the Philippines                 and you have to make sure that you do
has showed progress                          your part as well by making sure that
                                             you sleep under the nets every night,”
towards the targeted 70%                     Dr. Zewdie addressed the residents of
reduction in malaria                         the barangay.
incidence rates; and has                         Distribution of Long Lasting
                                             Insecticide-treated Nets (LLINs), mass
already reached the overall                  blood smearing, insecticide re-treatment
mortality reduction target of                of conventional nets, and information
                                             drive activities such as film showing,
70%.                                         malaria jingle and poster making
    Celebrations of World Malaria Day        contest and other fun games were held
around the country have significantly        the same day after the program.
evolved since four years ago. For most           GF executives also witnessed a
of the year, this celebration is called      bioassay test of five (5) different brands
Malaria Awareness Day (MAD) but              of LLINs being done by Research
whatever name it bears, the theme of         Institute for Tropical Medicine. The GF
intensified awareness campaign and           executives were joined by Pilipinas Shell
consolidated efforts against the scourge     Foundation, Inc. (PSFI) Executive
remain the same.                             Director Edgardo Veron Cruz and MAM
                                             Program Manager Marvi Trudeau for a
Global Fund Executives, CCM                  random house-to-house visit to check if
Members join WMD celebration in              the residents have mosquito nets, the
Palawan                                      conditions of their nets and if they are
                                             sleeping under mosquito net every night.

I      n Barangay Concepcion, in the
       North of Puerto Princesa City, a
       festive parade of residents wearing
       different colored mosquito nets
and children donning mosquito
costumes welcomed Global Fund (GF)
Deputy Executive Director Dr. Debrework
                                             Editha Eleo, one of the residents in the
                                             community said, “I can sleep without a
                                             blanket but not without a mosquito net”,
                                             as she demonstrated how she puts up
                                             her net every night. In another home,
                                             Roderick Daclas told that “my children
                                                                                          (top) Global Fund Deputy Executive
                                                                                          Director Dr. Debrework Zewdie and
                                                                                          other guests join the Batak community
                                                                                          in a photo opportunity. This semi-
                                                                                          nomadic indigenous group is the most
                                                                                          vulnerable to malaria in Puerto
                                                                                          Princesa City.
                                             refuse to sleep without a mosquito net.
Zewdie and GF Regional Director Elmar        They are afraid of contracting malaria
Vinh-Thomas together with members of         since they already saw me suffer the         (center) Batak children parade with
the Country Coordinating Mechanism           disease last year.”                          their malaria slogan written in a used
(CCM) and other stakeholders. A short            “Please continue the good work that      sack.
program was held at the barangay plaza       you are doing here in the Philippines.
where the Batak tribe performed a            The hard work and dedication of the          (bottom) Other community members
traditional dance.                           people behind this program led to very       parade wearing their mosquito nets.
   “We at the Global Fund are very                              (Continued on page 7)

O N E        S C O U R G E                    O N E        F I G H T                O N E     M O V E M E N T                      6
                                                                      Program Update |         September 2011
                                                                                    requested the celebration of WMD to
MAM, partners ...                                                                   raise awareness and preventive
                                                                                    measures against the disease. The whole
(Continued from page 6)                                                             day celebration focused on stream
impressive results. We are happy with                                               clearing of the residents to flush out the
what we witnessed here in Puerto                                                    larvae and eggs of Anopheles
Princesa,” Dr. Zewdie expressed at the                                              mosquitoes. They also prepared their
end of day’s celebration. - ANGELA
REBUENO                                     1                                       homes for the Indoor Residual Spraying,
                                                                                    submitted themselves for mass blood
                                                                                    smearing, and participated in malaria
                                                                                    information drive. - IRENE BATUL

                                                                                    Motorcade, Malaria Forum held in
                                                                                    Kalinga for WMD

                                            2                                       I      n the far north of Luzon,
                                                                                           government agencies, private
                                                                                           partners and local media outfits
                                                                                           joined a motorcade held at the
                                                                                    Capital City of Tabuk to raise awareness
                                                                                    about the disease for the WMD
                                                                                    celebration. The Kalinga Office of
                                                                                    Health Services led the event with the
                                                                                    Provincial Planning Development Office,
                                                                                    Department of Interior and Local
                                                                                    Government, National Commission on
                                                                                    Indigenous Peoples, Department of
                                                                                    Education, Philippine National Red
                                                                                    Cross, Kalinga Provincial Hospital,
                                            3                                       Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Kalinga-
                                                                                    Apayao State College, Community
                                                                                    Environment and Natural Resources
                                                                                    Office, Provincial Social Welfare and
                                     5                                              Development Office, Tabuk City Health
                                                                                    Office, Provincial Health Team Office,
                                                                                    Saint Tonis College of Nursing, Kalinga
                                                                                    Medical Society, Philippine Information
Stakeholders prepare for malaria                                                    Agency and DZRK-Radyo ng Bayan.
emergency in Sitio Saleng, Coron                                                        In his key note speech, Vice
Island in the eve of WMD                                                            Governor Allen Jesse C. Mangaoang

                                            4                                       recognized that the malaria program is

I      n Sitio Saleng, Barangay Turda, in                                           a key aspect for promoting maternal
       one of the remaining patches                                                 and child health care in the province, a
       where malaria still looms in the                                             program which he said he fondly
       island municipality of Coron in      1. School children of Barangay          supports. He also acknowledged that
North Palawan, community officials,            Concepcion in Puerto Princesa        “the rapidly scaling up of malaria
health volunteers and residents gathered       donned in mosquito costume as        control interventions has proved to have
together on March 17, 2011 on what             they parade for WMD celebration.     dramatic impact on reducing illnesses
would be the earliest celebration of        2. Global Fund Deputy Executive         and deaths caused by malaria. But more
WMD in the country. Sitio Saleng saw,          Director Dr. Debrework Zewdie        must be done,” he said as he pledged
during the same month last year, an            and MAM Program Director Marvi       his commitment for the continued efforts
upsurge of malaria cases when 25 of            Trudeau during house-to-house        to battle this disease. Malaria Forum
the 35 cases in the municipality were          visit to check the status of         followed at the Davidson Hotel and
from the hamlet. This year, all efforts        distributed mosquito nets.           Restaurant for the updates on malaria
and manpower were given to this area        3. Residents of Sitio Saleng in Coron   status, stratification of the province, and
to prevent such crisis from occurring          island clear their stream to flush   operational issues and concerns
again. Coron Municipal Health Officer          out the mosquito eggs and larvae.    including malaria epidemic
Dr. Alan R. Guintapan alerted all health    4. A barangay health worker             management and quality assurance. -
workers and ordered intensified                prepares for mass blood smearing     MAY LANGBAYAN
surveillance and monitoring. For their         at Sitio Saleng.
part, the Barangay Council and              5. A member of Batak tribe pins her
                                                                                                        (Continued on page 8)
Barangay Captain Roderick M. Echague           commitment for malaria program.

O N E        S C O U R G E                  O N E       F I G H T              O N E     M O V E M E N T                     7
                                                                           Program Update |          September 2011
                                              previous distributions followed. A mass
MAM, partners ...                             blood survey was also done to eliminate
                                              remaining reservoirs of the parasites. -
(Continued from page 7)                       ROMUEL FLORES
Bikers commemorate WMD in
Cagayan                                       Information Drive launched in Nueva
                                              Vizcaya for WMD celebration

            ike enthusiasts from the
            provinces of Cagayan and
            Isabela joined the celebration
            of WMD to raise awareness
on the dreaded disease and to promote
healthy lifestyle. The two-day activity was
spearheaded by Pilipinas Shell
Foundation, Inc. (PSFI), Center for
                                              I       n the heart of Luzon, barangay
                                                      chairpersons from different
                                                      barangays, barangay health
                                                      workers, members of the
                                              Philippine Army, students and teachers,
                                              and residents of the community gathered
                                              in Barangay Ocapon Elementary School
Health Development Region 2, and              in Villaverde for a culminating activity
Cagayan Provincial Health Office in           and malaria information drive in
cooperation with the Cycling Association      celebration of WMD. In her keynote
of Cagayan, The United Mountain               speech, Municipal Mayor and Inter
Bikers Association, Integrated Cycling
Federation of the Philippines, the local
                                              Local Health Zone – North Cluster
                                              Attorney Ronelie U. Valtoribio
government units of Amulung, Gattaran,        encouraged participants to get involved
Lal-lo, Gonzaga, Santa Ana and Aparri,        in the fight against malaria. She
Center for Health Development and the         explained that the fight to declare the
Kabalikat Civicom Aparri. This mini-race      province malaria-free can be won with
aimed to inform and promote awareness         everyone’s cooperation and that would
to the people regarding malaria and           mean social development for the
healthy lifestyle as well according to        community. Municipal Health Officer Dr.
MAM Project Officer Nestor Allain             Telosforio A. Raspa and Association of
Darauay. To strengthen the fight against      Barangay Captain President Rodolfo N.
the disease, information, education,          Pascua also graced the event. -
communication (IEC) campaign and              ROMUEL FLORES
case surveillance were conducted in the
mountainous areas, and distributed            Malaria surveillance, vector control
Long-Lasting Insecticide-treated Nets         intensified in Northern Mindanao during
(LLINs) in every household of the             WMD celebrations
province. - JS AVENA

Stakeholders, partners celebrate
WMD in Sitio Pinagbakahan in
Nueva Ecija                                   D            own South in Northern
                                                           Mindanao, local
                                                           implementers and partners
                                                           used the WMD celebrations
                                              as venues for intensified malaria

M               alaria program                monitoring and vector control initiatives.
                implementers led by              In Bukidnon, Malitbog Mayor Aida B.
                Provincial Health Office in
                cooperation with
                                              dela Rosa and the Rural Health Unit
                                              brought the celebration to Barangay San      4
Provincial Health Team Office, General        Luis with LLIN distribution as a main
Tinio Rural Health Office, and MAM            activity. In a short opening program,
                                                                                           1. Kalinga Vice Governor Allen Jesse
Project Officer Romuel Flores drove a         Mayor dela Rosa, the local champion
                                                                                              Mangaoang recognized that MAM’s
motorcade from municipal site to the          and advocate of malaria program,
                                                                                              interventions already show dramatic
foot of the Sierra Madre Mountain             encouraged the beneficiaries of the
                                                                                              impact on reducing illnesses and
Ridges in Sitio Pinagbakahan, Barangay        mosquito nets to use them properly and
                                                                                              deaths due to malaria.
Nazareth, a hamlet in General Tinio           forewarned that those who will utilize
                                                                                           2. Net re-treatment in Nueva Ecija
which is recovering from a recent             them for unintended purposes, sell or
                                                                                              during WMD celebration.
upsurge of malaria cases. A short             barter the     nets, will be penalized
                                                                                           3. LLIN distribution in Barangay San
program and an awareness campaign             accordingly by virtue of the barangay
                                                                                              Luis in Bukidnon during WMD
followed where disease prevention and         resolution approved by the barangay
interventions were discussed thoroughly.      council. Prior to the LLIN distribution,
                                                                                           4. A mother and her child pose with
LLIN distribution to cover the remaining      Provincial Malaria Coordinator Reuben
                                                                                              the LLIN they received during WMD
community members who had not yet             H. Babanto together with the Provincial
                                                                                              celebration in Misamis Oriental.
received adequate number of nets from                            (Continued on page 9)

O N E        S C O U R G E                    O N E        F I G H T                O N E      M O V E M E N T                  8
                                                                            Program Update |        September 2011
                                                                                         in the area.
MAM, partners ...                                                                            In Agusan del Norte, mining
                                                                                         operators and workers in Sitios
(Continued from page 8)                                                                  Kamingawan and Cantikol in Barangay
Health Team Office staff conducted an                                                    Doña Telesfora, paused mining
orientation on Malaria Surveillance and                                                  operations for the WMD celebration.
Vector Control Team (MASUVECO) for                                                       They voluntarily went down to the
barangay officials from malaria endemic
barangays        of     the     municipality.   1                                        barangay proper, some 10 kilometers
                                                                                         away from their mining sites despite
MASUVECO is a malaria local action                                                       highly inaccessible roads to participate
committee organized to conduct                                                           in mass blood smearing conducted by
community-based malaria prevention                                                       Rural Health Unit. The RHU pledged to
activities such as stream clearing,                                                      intensify malaria control program in the
monitoring of proper mosquito net use                                                    area with the Barangay Action
among others. Before the end of the                                                      Committee (BAC) for Malaria. The BAC
activity, the targeted barangays for LLIN                                                in Doña Telesfora was expanded with
distribution were required to pass and                                                   the new membership of mining
approve an ordinance on proper                                                           operators in the area and the motorcycle
mosquito net use and a resolution for                                                    drivers locally known as “habal-habal
the creation of MASUVECO team.                  2                                        drivers”, which served as volunteer
    In another town of Bukidnon, in the                                                  ambulance for suspected malaria
Municipality of San Fernando,                                                            patients and malaria reports.
commemoration of 2011 WMD was                                                            Representatives from four (4) other
done with simultaneous LLIN                                                              endemic barangays also joined the
distribution, insecticide re-treatment of                                                commemoration. Doña Telesfora
conventional nets for the residents of                                                   Barangay Council allocated fund in
Barangay Halapitan, and blood-letting                                                    support to the activity. Last year, the
activity. A total of 200 bags of blood                                                   barangay also hosted the Malaria
were collected after the activity.                                                       Awareness Month celebration in
Volunteer spraymen of the barangay                                                       November featuring the Sexy Mama
were also trained in preparation for the
Indoor Residual Spraying operation in
                                                3                                        pageant, a safe motherhood campaign
                                                                                         which is being supported by MAM thru
the area.                                                                                its Pregnancy Package distribution. -
    In Misamis Oriental, the celebration                                                 MUNTAZAR MUKARRAM and MARISOL
was held in the Municipality of Talisayan                                                TUSO
with mass blood smearing and LLIN
distributions by local implementing                                                      Implementers sought support from
partners led by Talisayan Vice Mayor                                                     malaria endemic communities
Rommel Maslog. - MARK CONSTANCE
CLOMA and LENY TAMO-O.                          4                                        during WMD in SOCCSKSAR

WMD celebration in CARAGA
Region focused on community
awareness, mobilization
                                                Enduring partnerships
                                                WMD celebration is a time to
                                                strengthen partnerships for malaria
                                                                                         I      n South Cotabato, the Provincial
                                                                                                Health Office with the Department
                                                                                                of Interior and Local Government
                                                                                                (DILG), Provincial Health Team
                                                                                         (PHT), and Movement Against Malaria

I      n Surigao del Sur, Provincial            elimination.                             (MAM) conducted a Symposium on
       Heath Office Chief Dr. Romeo             1. Motorcade of local program            Malaria Information, Control, and
       delos Reyes led a motorcade to              implementers at Surigao del Sur       Management for barangay captains of
       highlight the WMD occasion                                                        malaria endemic areas during the
within the City of Tandag and                   2. Habal-habal drivers in Agusan del     WMD. The activity discussed the present
Municipality of Tago. According to Dr.             Norte support the malaria program     malaria status, targets, and project
Delos Reyes, the event aim to sustain the          as members of its Barangay Action     accomplishments, tackled important
gains in raising community awareness in            Committees.                           issues and concerns for program
combating malaria in the province. As           3. Barangay Captain Joery Muyco of       implementation, strengthened existing
part of the celebration, on April 27, the          Sinolon, T’boli in South Cotabato     partnerships and explored other
health office went to an indigenous                signs on a Pledge of Commitment to    collaborative undertakings for malaria
peoples community in Barangay Libas                signify support to the program.       control related activities. After the
Sud, San Miguel, 31 kilometers South of                                                  presentation, the Barangay Local Chief
the City and provided medical and               4. Mosquito net relay in Barangay        Executives (BLCEs) affixed their
dental examination, distributed of long-           Bacong in North Cotabato.             signatures to the Pledge of Commitment
lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs), and
                                                                                                          (Continued on page 10)
conducted indoor residual spraying (IRS)

O N E         S C O U R G E                     O N E        F I G H T                O N E   M O V E M E N T                  9
                                                                            Program Update |          September 2011
                                              information against the disease. Photo       Mamali in Mati. The Provincial
MAM, partners ...                             exhibit featuring the accomplishments in     Government and the Municipal Local
                                              the previous years and informative           Government Units contributed funds and
(Continued from page 9)                       tarpaulins, and distribution of IEC flyers   other counterpart for the observance of
to signify their support to the program.      and pregnancy package were also part         WMD in the Province.
They agreed to pass and approve               of the celebration. Indoor Residual              In Davao del Sur, active case
ordinances and resolutions to retain the      Spraying in Barangay Bacong started on       detection and pregnancy package
services of barangay microscopists and        the same day and radio plugging was          distributions highlighted WMD
health workers trained for Rapid              played for ten days. - LELANIE               celebration in Barangay Molmol in Jose
Diagnostic Test, provide honoraria,           TOGONON and GLADYS AMITA                     Abad Santos.
monitor mosquito net ownership and                                                             In Davao del Norte, the Department
utilization and enforce sanction to any       Stakeholders in Davao Region                 of Education and PHO joined hands to
violation thereof, and allocate budget        intensified malaria program during           celebrate WMD. “It takes a village to
for various malaria control related           WMD                                          educate a person”, said DepEd Division
activities. WMD was also celebrated in                                                     Superintendent Dr. Cubero, CESO V

Barangay Upper Sepaka, Surallah with                n Davao Oriental, WMD                  during the opening ceremony. She
mass blood survey, stream clearing and              celebration kicked off with a          believes that right and early information
start of the period’s indoor residual               motorcade followed by re-              is the best tool to combat malaria and
spraying operation. Celebration of                  treatment of conventional nets,        that the DepEd as part of the village
WMD continued the next day in                 and distribution of LLIN and Pregnancy       entirely supports the program thru the
Barangay Bacdulong, Lake Sebu with            Packages. Also done were active case         continuous integration of Malaria
poster making contest and stream              detection, malaria quiz bee, advocacy        Control program under the Philippine
clearing; and in Barangay San Jose and        sessions and press conference. Indoor        Elementary Learning Competencies
in Barangay Mabini both in Koronadal          residual spraying operations were done       (PELC) in Davao del Norte. DepEd
City with LLIN distributions.                 in Barangays Cabuaya, Macambol and           launched the Division Search for best
     In North Cotabato, local                                                              lesson plan and best demonstration
implementers brought the WMD                                                               teacher on Malaria Integration, both for
celebration to Barangay Bacong in the                                                      elementary and secondary level which
Municipality of Tulunan, the topmost                                                       started on April 14, 2011. The
malaria endemic barangay in the                                                            provincial wide search was participated
province. The celebration focused on                                                       by eight municipalities of which ten
promoting malaria awareness among                                                          finalists were selected for elementary
the residents of the community and of                                                      and five finalists for secondary level. The
the four (4) adjacent barangays with a                                                     top three finalists were given the chance
motorcade and parade for malaria                                                           to demonstrate their lesson plan under
awareness which was participated by the                                                    the meticulous eyes of DepEd
offices of the Provincial Malaria                                                          supervisors and school principals last
Coordinator, Provincial Disease                                                            April 27, 2011 at Alejal Elementary
Surveillance Medical Coordinator,                                                          School, in Carmen. PMC Engr. Bong
Provincial Health Education, Provincial                                                    Suaybaguio recognized DepEd as a
Health and Municipal Health. Also                                                          strong partner in educating the young
present were staff of Tulunan RHU,                                                         minds against malaria, according to
Municipal Malaria Coordinators of CHD                                                      him, “tomorrow’s future depends on the
-DOH 12, IRS spraymen, Municipal                                                           investment we made to our youth and
officials, barangay officials and residents                                                maybe next year, every pupil in Davao
of the five barangays. Municipal Board                                                     del Norte knows the relationship
member and Chairman of Committee of                                                        between anopheles and using LLIN
Health Fabio Lapating expressed his                                                        because of our hardworking teachers.”
high hope that malaria will eventually be                                                      In Compostela Valley, WMD
eliminated in the municipality as it                                                       celebrations were held in Barangay
already recorded zero malaria case for                                                     Cadunan, Mabini with LLIN distribution,
the first quarter of the year. Lapating       (top) Community members submit               information drive on the proper usage
also expressed his support for the            themselves for mass blood smearing           and care of LLIN, and parlor games.
program.                                      during WMD celebration in Davao              Similar activities were also done in Sitio
     Information drive, choral                Oriental.                                    Lawaan, Barangay Kingking, Pantukan. -
competition, Malaria Quiz bee, and                                                         ART GERALD GODOY, DESIRE
malaria-themed parlor games such as           (bottom) A classroom demonstration of        SECUYA, HAZEL ANN SIATAN and
palo lamok or hit the mosquito effigy,        malaria integration in elementary            MYRA MACLA
mosquito net relay, and horse                 education in Davao del Norte. The
decoration using recyclable materials         search for best lesson plan and best
and mosquito net filled the celebration       demonstration is part of the WMD
with fun as well as provide practical         celebration in the province.                                    (Continued on page 11)

O N E        S C O U R G E                     O N E        F I G H T                O N E      M O V E M E N T                  10
                                                                      Program Update |           September 2011
                                          secondary students. The highlights of the   mosquito net distribution covering its
MAM, partners ...                         event were the awarding of certificate of   three (3) largest barangays namely
                                          appreciation to outstanding partners,       Poblacion A, B, and Bacahan. The
(Continued from page 10)                  search for best well-maintained             activity was conducted at Midsalip
                                          mosquito nets, and the awarding of          Grand Stand with more than one
                                          winners of the poster making contests for   thousand five hundred people flocked at
                                          elementary and secondary students. The      the venue to witness the festivity. Field
                                          students also joined the film showing       demonstration, dance contest, and
                                          and symposium on malaria.                   actual mosquito net distribution are
                                              In Zamboanga Del Sur, the               amongst the highlights of the
                                          Integrated Provincial Health Office         celebration. In Municipalities of
                                          (IPHO) in cooperation of the Philippine     Lakewood and Tigbao, WMD
                                          Information Agency (PIA), the Provincial    celebrations were simultaneously done
                                          Governors Office, and the Movement          at their respective areas with more than
                                          Against Malaria conducted a media           200 people in attendance.
                                          forum as part of the WMD celebration            This year, WMD celebration in
                                          on April 28, 2011 at New Roxan Hotel,       Zamboanga Sibugay was brought to the
                                          Pagadian City. Members of the               interior barangay of San Fernandino in
                                          Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster sa             Roseller T. Lim. Residents from the
                                          Pilipinas – Zamboanga Del Sur Chapter,      neighboring Barangays of Perfecto and
                                          from print, radio and television media      Malubal also known malaria endemic
                                          outfits, such as Mindanao Balita,           communities of some four hundred thirty
                                          BizNews, DXWO – FM, DXKV – FM,              residents took part in the celebration.
                                          Radyo Natin, Pagadian Express,              Active case detection, blood typing, Best
                                          Frontline Mindanao, Radyo Bagting, and      “Moskitero” (mosquito net) contest,
                                          ZSMIT-TVN joined the event. This served     poster with slogan contest for Elementary
                                          as venue in promoting malaria control       and High school students, and Malaria
                                          and prevention. MAM Project Officer         advocacy film viewing highlighted the
                                          Charlou Peligro discussed the roles of      event. The Health Workers who made
                                          Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. in the     great outstanding contribution to the
                                          fight against malaria and the grant from    implementation of malaria program in
                                          the Global Fund to Fight AIDS,              the Province also received certificate of
                                          Tuberculosis, and Malaria. IPHO             appreciations for their relentless efforts.
                                          Provincial Malaria Coordinator Artemio      Provincial Board Member Datu Wilborne
                                          Delda lectured on malaria epidemiology      Danda, a well respected Datu of the
                                          and the provincial accomplishments for      Subanen Tribe of Municipality of
                                          the past two years. At the end of the       Kabasalan emphasized that the diligent
                                          forum, a partnership with KBP was           use the LLINs every night ensures
                                          forged. Malaria press releases will now     protection against the disease in his
(top) Entries for well maintained nets    be included in Monthly Scheduled            message delivered in behalf of the
with slogan during WMD celebration        Media Forum of the PIA.                     Provincial Governor. Barangay Perfecto
in Zamboanga del Norte.                       A series of WMD celebrations were       Chairman Federico Baterna, a
                                          also conducted in the five (5) areas of     community champion recognized the
(Middle) Beneficiaries of LLIN            Zamboanga Del Sur which kicked off in       importance of public-private
distribution in Zamboanga Sibugay         Barangay Dulop, Dumingag on April           partnerships in the rapid reduction and
during the celebration of WMD             25, 2011. More than 200 residents,          possible elimination of the disease in his
                                          barangay health workers and officials,      barangay. LLIN distributions were done
(bottom) Children watch the film          and LGU representatives joined the          in eight (8) malaria endemic barangays
showing for malaria prevention during     event as Municipal Health Officer Dr. Ju    all throughout the celebration of WMD.
WMD celebration.                          Kanra Panugaoe decided to merge the         - CHERRY ANN ODANTABAO,
                                          WMD celebration with Measles-Rubella        CHARLOU PELIGRO, and GARCIO
                                          Campaign to create a greater impact in      TAHAMID
More partners join in the efforts to      the community. Malaria awareness
win the battle against malaria in         campaign, medical outreach, and mass        Sulu commemorates WMD with a
Zamboanga Peninsula                       blood smearing were simultaneously          motorcade
                                          done. In the Municipality of

A            simple celebration for WMD
            was held in Barangay San
            Jose, in Baliguian,
            Zamboanga del Norte which
was attended by local partners,
residents, teachers, and elementary and
                                          Kumalarang, more than 150 barangay
                                          health workers attended the celebration,
                                          which was spearheaded by MHO Dr.
                                          Lynbert Gapor. In Midsalip, local
                                          implementers decided to celebrate
                                          WMD in time for their scheduled
                                                                                      I      n Sulu, a motorcade in
                                                                                            commemoration of the WMD was
                                                                                            done around Jolo City, which was
                                                                                            led by the Sulu Integrated

                                                                                                         (Continued on page 12)

O N E       S C O U R G E                 O N E        F I G H T               O N E       M O V E M E N T                  11
                                                                       Program Update |          September 2011
MAM, partners ...
(Continued from page 11)
Provincial Health Office, DOH
Autonomous Region for Muslim
Mindanao and local implementers and
stakeholders with MAM Deputy Program
Manager Dr. Antonio Bautista and Sulu
Governor Abdusakur M. Tan. A short
program followed, where cooperation
for malaria elimination were once more
sealed and strengthened. Malaria Cases
in Sulu dropped significantly with 308
cases reported last year compared to
more than 3,400 cases in 2003 as a
result of strong partnership among       Sulu Governor Abdusakur M. Tan and MAM Deputy Program Manager Dr. Antonio
stakeholders. - NORMINA                  Bautista, Jr. join hands to continue the impact gained so far in decreasing malaria
                                         cases and deaths in the Sulu.

                                         Sulu and Tawi-Tawi, respectively. Per         Princesa City, the Movement
Partners’                                region, stakeholders in Region IV-B gave
                                                                                       Against Malaria saw the
                                         more than 46% of the documented
counterpart to                           counterpart trailed by Region 3 and           opportunity to strengthen the
                                         Cordillera Administrative Region,
Project activities                       respectively.
                                                                                       rolling out of the new
                                             Most of these documented                  malaria drug protocol to
increased                                contributions were provided by Local          health professionals and to
By DARIUS DELA CRUZ                      Government Unit in the barangays and
                                         municipalities for incentives of volunteer    cover medical practitioners

F         or the first semester
          of 2011, a total of
          were documented
as monetized counterparts or
support contributed by
implementing partners and
                                         health workers and in support to malaria
                                         control and awareness activities.
                                             Most of the support provided come in
                                         the form of logistic suppor (vehicle, fuel,
                                         etc.), human resource complement,
                                         meals, mobilization expenses, and
                                                                                       in the private sectors.
                                                                                           MAM supported an orientation on
                                                                                       the New Drug Protocol on Malaria
                                                                                       before the Health Professionals
                                                                                       during the PMS convention with
                                                                                       emphasis on management of severe
                                                                                       malaria cases and cases among
                                                                                       highly vulnerable groups such as

other stakeholders in the                MAM sponsors                                  pregnant women and children under
                                                                                       five years old. Center for Health
implementation of malaria                new treatment                                 Development Region IV-B Extension
                                                                                       Office Provincial Health Team
control activities. Compared
to the same period last year,
                                         orientation on                                Leader Dr. Peter Hew Curameng
                                                                                       delivered the lecture on the new
there is an increase of over             malaria during                                drug protocol. MAM also provided a
6.7 million pesos or 45%                                                               quick reference guide and complete
from the documented
                                         PMS Convention                                reference on malaria treatment to
                                         By DARIUS DELA CRUZ                           the members of the PMS.
counterpart for the same                                                                   Palawan Provincial Health Office

period; summing up the                               n 4th Annual                      Provincial Health Officer I Rebethia
counterpart to over 38                                                                 Acala and Puerto Princesa City
                                                                                       Health Office Assistant City Health
million pesos since                                  Medical Society                   Officer Dr. Ricardo Panganiban also
Movement Against Malaria’s                           (PMS) – Post                      provided updates on malaria cases
Consolidated Malaria Grant               Graduate Convention held                      and deaths in the province and in
started in 2010.                                                                       the city, respectively, in relation to
                                         on June 23 to 24, 2011 at
  Palawan tops the province with over
46% of the contributions followed by
                                         Hotel Centro, Puerto                                          (Continued on page 13)

O N E       S C O U R G E                 O N E        F I G H T                O N E       M O V E M E N T              12
                                                                      Program Update |       September 2011
MAM sponsored ...                             Local leaders train                 Balabac, rebuilds
(Continued from page 12)
their lectures on the Millennium
                                              for IRS operation                   the dream
Development Goals.                            in Sarangani                        By MARITES MANDERI
                                              By WALTER NOTARIO

                                              S         ARANGANI – Four
                                                        local leaders from
                                                        Barangay Tuayan in
                                                        the Municipality of
                                              Malapatan joined the indoor
                                              residual spraying training for
                                                                                  I      n Palawan, the
                                                                                         Municipality of
                                                                                         Balabac ranked third
                                                                                         in 2010 based on
                                                                                  Annual Parasite Incidence.
                                                                                  However, despite the high
                                                                                  incidence of malaria in the
                                              volunteer spraymen on               municipality, Indoor Residual
                                              March 15, 2011 at                   Spraying was never
1                                             Malapatan Rural Health              employed as vector control
                                              Unit. The training was made         strategy since Movement
                                              in response to the abnormal         Against Malaria started in
                                              increase of cases at several        2006 due to security reasons
                                              sitios or communities of            among others. Reaching this
                                              Barangays Tuyan and Lebe.           island municipality off the
2                                             Center for Health                   southwestern tip of mainland
                                              Development Region 6                Palawan likewise takes at
                                              Provincial Malaria                  least 2 days from Puerto
                                              Coordinator and Sarangani           Princesa City. According to
                                              Provincial Health Office            Municipal Health Officer Dr.
                                              facilitated the transfer of         Dennis Ponce de Leon, they
                                              knowledge and skills to local       already planned to conduct
3                                             spraymen. The four local            Indoor Residual Spraying
                                              leaders, now part of eight-         before but was hampered by
                                              man team, came up with a            the information they received
                                              plan for IRS in Sitio Kibo of       about the unresolved case of
                                              Tuyan and Sitio Rancho and          missing sprayman some few
                                              Sitio Molo of Lebe targeting        years ago and history of
                                              409 houses.                         unresolved murder in the
4                                                Training of local spraymen is
                                              part of the strategies for IRS
                                                                                  area. They were then worried
                                                                                  of the safety of spraymen
                                              operations since local volunteers   and therefore had to
(1) Palawan Provincial Health Office
    Provincial Health Officer I Rebethia      have extensive knowledge of the
    Acala discusses the significant drop of   community ensuring coverage of
                                                                                  postpone such plan. Fund
    malaria cases and deaths in the
                                              all houses during the actual        for the mobilization and
(2) Center for Health Development Region      operation. Engagement of local      other logistic requirement of
    IV-B Extension Office Provincial Health
    Team Leader Dr. Peter Hew Curameng        leaders promotes sustainability     spraymen from the Local
    lectures on the new drug protocol for     and will also reduce cost of        Government was just
    PMS members                               sending spraymen team from the
(3) PMS members read the quick reference                                          recently approved.
    guide for treatment of malaria.           central village to the remote          With logistic and security issues
(4) The MAM exhibit provided further          barangays and sitios.
    reference on malaria treatment for PMS                                                          (Continued on page 14)

O N E        S C O U R G E                    O N E      F I G H T           O N E     M O V E M E N T                   13
                                                                          Program Update |            September 2011
                                            by the Department of Health- Center for       concerned barangay local government
Rebuilding...                               Health Development MIMAROPA Region            units (BLGUs). BLGUs pledged support
(Continued from page 13)                    Extension Office Entomologist Allan           for the food and on other mobilization
finally resolved, stakeholders in Balabac   Laraccas and Entomologist Aide Gil            needs of the spray team. Safety of
finally launched the spraying operation     Gacita. “We are grateful for the conduct      spraymen during the operation was also
through a-three-day training on Indoor      of IRS here as we believe that it [IRS] is    guaranteed. “We’ve always wanted to
Residual Spraying operation for spray       indeed an effective malaria vector            do IRS operation because it can help us
men held on May 10 to 12, 2011.             control measure” says Dr. Ponce De            achieve our dream to decrease malaria
Thirteen spray men attended the course      Leon in his message during the                cases in Balabac and finally this training
and trained on the proper technique of      culminating program of the training.          marked its beginning, ” shared CO
insecticide preparation and proper              Meanwhile, Kilusan Ligtas Malaria         Padrones.
spraying of houses. Participants were       Community Organizer Virgilio Padrones             Over 1,200 houses in six highly
provided with complete sets of personal     in cooperation with the Rural Health          endemic barangays of Balabac were
protective equipment after completing       Office started social preparation in the      sprayed from May up to the date.
the course. This training was facilitated   communities and coordinated with the

LGU recieved IRS equipment from NGO for malaria
outbreak response in Malapatan

S         ARANGANI – On                     In 2006, the foundation donated                 chairmen, and members of the
                                            mosquito nets worth P15,000 in support          Sangguniang Panlalawigan.
          June 21, 2011, in                 to vector control activities of the                The Municipal Local Government
          the occasion of the               program.                                        Unit also received counterparts for other
                                                With the IRS equipment donated by           projects co-implemented by these
          42nd Foundation                   the partner NGOs, local malaria                 NGOs in the area.
Anniversary of the                          program implementers can now respond
Municipality of Malapatan,                  immediately to
                                            malaria outbreak
Sarangani Energy                            that may occur in
Corporation Quality                         the municipality.
                                            In outbreak
Assurance Officer Joel Aton                 response, the
and Agri Business Unit-                     PHO provides
Alcantara Group of                          the technical
                                            assistance and
Companies Human                             the Center for
Resource Manager and                        Health
Conrado and Ladislawa                       Region 12
Alcantara Foundation, Inc.                  provides
representative Maritess M.                  insecticides.
                                            Malapatan Rural
Miranda handed over an                      Health Unit
eight-liter sprayer and 5                   detected 29
                                            malaria cases in
personal protective                         December 2010
equipment for malaria                       and another 23
control program.                            cases in February
    The active collaboration of the         2011 at
Provincial Health Office (PHO) and the      Barangay Libi.
existing local Non-Government                   The turn-over
Organizations (NGOs) in the province        ceremony was
such as Alcantara Foundation in the         witnessed by
                                            Municipal Mayor        Malapatan Municipal Mayor Alfonso M. Singcoy, Sr. (left)
fight against malaria has been known                               receives the donations from Sarangani Energy Corporation
for years. Alcantara Foundation, which      Alfonso M.
                                            Singcoy, Sr.,          Quality Assurance Officer Joel Aton and Alcantara Group of
is engaged on development programs                                 Companies Agri Business Unit Human Resource Manager and
including health, is an active member of    Sangguniang
                                            Bayan members,         Conrado and Ladislawa (C& L) Alcantara Foundation, Inc.
the Provincial Management Committee.                               representative Maritess M. Miranda.

O N E        S C O U R G E                   O N E        F I G H T                O N E        M O V E M E N T                  14
                                                                            Program Update |                September 2011

Barangay Microscopist and Volunteers trained on
Malaria Program Management

K            IDAPAWAN
             CITY, NORTH
             COTABATO -
             On June 20-21,
2011, five (5) barangay
microscopists and thirteen
(13) Barangay Health
Workers were given Basic
                                            (L) A trainee discusses the life cycle of malaria emphasizing the vector control options and
Malaria Management                          importance of correct treatment. (R) Regional Malaria Coordinator Dr. Jebie Areen
Training at Boylyn’s Pension                Biron explains the new stratification for malaria endemic areas.
    The training was conducted to
update the participants on the malaria      Volunteers trained on IRS Ops
control program and the various             by CLUSTER JOSE ESPINOSA
prevention, control and elimination

strategies espoused. It also discussed                 AMBALES - 23                            They were barangay police, welder,
their roles as frontline implementers.                                                         mason, rigger, carpenter and some were
    Regional Malaria Coordinator Dr.                   barangay                                Kagawads.
Jebie Areen Biron gave the overview of                 volunteers from                             At the beginning of the training, Dr.
the malaria control program including                                                          Cruz asked them if they had experience
its opportunities and challenges.
                                                       Zambales and                            spraying before. Others raised their
Discussed lengthily was the malaria         Tarlac volunteered                                 hand and shared their experiences in
epidemiology and the life cycle of          wholeheartedly to render                           spraying mangoes, rice and other crops
malaria parasite for better                                                                    to get rid of pests. “From now on you
understanding of the disease. On the        services to their respective                       won’t be spraying to save your crops
second day, Center for Health               municipalities through                             from pests, instead, you will be spraying
Development Region 12 Regional                                                                 to save your family and your community
Entomologist Royfrextoper Boholst
                                            participating in the recently                      from one enemy- Malaria”, Dr. Cruz
tackled the vector control options and      concluded Indoor Residual                          emphasized.
their impact with emphasis on Long          Spraying Training held on                              The Malaria control program and
Lasting Insecticide-treated Nets (LLINs),                                                      entomology of malaria mosquito were
indoor residual spraying and treatment      July 27-28 at Anne                                 discussed by Dr. Cruz on the first day to
of conventional nets. Proper treatment      Racquel’s Hillside Resort,                         give an overview and idea of what the
and new treatment guidelines were also                                                         aspiring spray men are to deal with
reviewed. This has enlightened the
                                            Olongapo City.                                     when they will be deployed in the field.
                                               Center for Health Development                   Dr. dela Cruz introduced the principles
participants on the importance of proper
                                            Region 3 Regional Malaria Coordinator              and objective of IRS and its preparation.
diagnosis and correct and prompt
                                            Dr. Rhodora Cruz and Laguna Provincial             They were taught to assemble a spray
treatment. Through group exercise,
                                            Malaria Coordinator Dr. Gil Dela Cruz              can and how to care for the cans.
participants learned the correct
                                            spearheaded the Vector Control Training            “These are not just cans, these will be
treatment protocol for pregnant and
                                            amidst the bad weather brought by                  your partners in the field”, said Dr. Cruz.
lactating mothers. Social Mobilization
                                            tropical storm “Juaning”. Zambales                 They took turns in practicing the proper
was also discussed and the roles of the
                                            Provincial Health Team Office Provincial           spraying technique in a practice wall
participants as malaria health worker on
                                            Malaria Coordinator Mr. Honorio                    observing the proper timing and
malaria advocacy, community
                                            Ambuyoc was also present to co-                    distance.
organizing, and capacity building in
                                            facilitate the training. The 23 volunteers             The second day was supposed to be
their respective communities.
                                            were properly selected by their respective         a field work in Barangay Mangan-Vaca
    The Movement Against Malaria
                                            Rural Health Units and barangays from              in Subic, Zambales wherein they will be
project continues to increase capacity of
                                            Zambales and Tarlac to participate in              spraying actual households using
health workers at various levels.           the said training. They were composed              insecticides. But due to bad weather, the
                                            of 11 men coming from Subic,                       field work was cancelled. Instead, the
                                            Zambales and 12 from Capas, Tarlac.                                     (Continued on page 16)

O N E        S C O U R G E                   O N E         F I G H T                   O N E         M O V E M E N T                       15
                                                                          Program Update |           September 2011
                                            respectively. The facilitators handed their   Training is one of the activities
Barangay...                                 certificates of completion and Personal       performed by Movement Against
                                            Protective Equipment to the new spray         Malaria to meet 2 of the objectives of
(Continued from page 15)
                                            men signifying the beginning of their         the program. One is to scale up vector
trainees took turn in spraying a wall for
                                            mission.                                      control to reach at least 80% protection
a mock IRS spraying as their practicum.
                                                These men were just ordinary people       of the population in malaria endemic
All 23 passed the DOH and WHO
                                            when they came in for the training; at        areas, and the second, is to strengthen
standards. Mark Joseph Catalon and
                                            the end of the day they became warriors       capacity for sustainable community-
Gerome Continedo, 2 volunteers from
                                            to fight and eliminate malaria at their       based malaria control, prevention and
Subic bagged the awards for being Best
                                            areas and render their services. IRS          surveillance.
in Practicum and Best in Written Exams,

SOCCSKSARGEN conducts region wide PIR for Malaria

G            ENERAL SANTOS                  program goals and                             program in the region was set in
                                                                                          strengthening awareness of the
             CITY – The                     objectives. Likewise,                         population at risk of malaria and
             Center for Health              assessment of contributing                    intensifying vector control interventions.
                                                                                              During the presentations, the
             Development                    and limiting factors by                       Municipal Health Officers of the
Region XII in partnership with              program component such as                     municipalities where significant decrease
the Movement Against                        diagnosis and treatment,                      of cases were recorded shared their
                                                                                          success stories and best practices. In
Malaria led this year’s                     vector control, surveillance                  Sarangani, the Maasim Rural Health
Project Implementation                      and epidemic management,                      Unit (RHU) forged partnership with
                                                                                          Mahintana Foundation in transporting
Review at Sun City on August                health promotion, quality                     the LLIN from the provincial warehouse
10-12, 2011. Key malaria                    assurance, stratification and                 to the different barangays for
program implementers met                    program management were                       distribution. In North Cotabato, Tulunan
                                                                                          RHU attributed the decrease in cases in
for the activity. Among them                done to effect a more                         an intensified awareness campaign
were provincial health                      improved management and                       promoting the use of LLIN during big
                                                                                          social events such as World Malaria Day
officers, municipal health                  implementation of the                         and Malaria Awareness Month.
officers, and Provincial                    malaria control at all levels.                Awareness raising activities were also
Epidemiology and                                The activity was also set to review       done during LLIN distribution. The RHU
                                            and validate the accomplishment of the        also coordinated to the barangay
Surveillance Unit                           endemic provinces, to update                  council for a 9-o’clock-in-the-evening
coordinators from the                       participants on the Medium Term               curfew for children to minimize vector-
                                            Strategic Plan and to develop and             human contact among high-risk
provinces of South                          establish a comprehensive plan for            population. Also in North Cotabato,
Cotabato, North Cotabato,                   implementation of malaria control             Carmen RHU in coordination with the
Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani,                  activities.                                   Office of the Mayor provided financial
                                                Based on the presentations, all           support to spraymen for their food
and General Santos City.                    provinces have decreasing trends of           during IRS activity and transportation for
The PIR was conducted to                    cases except for Sultan Kudarat which         both IRS operation and LLIN distribution
                                            had an upsurged of cases in 2009 and          activities. Kalamansig RHU in Sultan
enable key implementers of                  a 42% decline in 2010. In addition,           Kudarat discussed its surveillance system
the Malaria Program to                      Sultan Kudarat has the most number of         in coordination with the hospital located
formulate an evidence-                      cases in region for two consecutive           in the municipality. All positive cases in
                                            years. Implementers in Sultan Kudarat         the hospital are reported immediately to
based, comprehensive and                    identified that one of the factors that       the RHU and the latter conducts
well developed plan for the                 contributed to increase of cases in the       appropriate intervention in the
                                            province was the transients or mobile         community where the case came from.
succeeding year. It was also                population from Maguindanao. The                  CHD XII Assistant Regional Director
deemed necessary to                         province has planned to strengthen case       Dr. Virgie Condes and MAM Deputy
establish current                           surveillance, monitor LLIN utilization,       Program Manager Dr. Antonio Bautista
                                            and strengthen IRS operations and LLIN        graced the event.
performance level against                   distribution. Overall, the direction of the

O N E        S C O U R G E                   O N E        F I G H T                 O N E      M O V E M E N T                 16
                                                                         Program Update |   September 2011

MAM and GK team up for
LLIN distribution in COM

C           OMPOSTELA                         the community
                                              including individuals”,
            VALLEY – The                      Dr. Basanes
            Movement                          concluded.
            Against Malaria
and the Provincial Health
                                                 A beneficiary (right)
Office in cooperation with                      receives the LLIN for
                                                     her family from
the Local Government Unit                       Project Officer Myra
(LGU) and officials of                             Gazo-Macla (2nd
                                                 from right) and GK
different Gawad Kalinga                                     officials.
(GK) villages conducted a
series of LLIN distribution on
July 5 to 15, 2011 at seven
municipalities.                               Bukidnon works to cover 100% of
    MAM Project Officer Myra Gazo –
Macla said that the activity aimed to
                                              population with LLIN
educate and inform the beneficiaries of       by MARK CONSTANCE CLOMA
GK Villages on the prevention and

control of malaria and to distribute LLIN                 UKIDNON - In                In most of the LLIN distribution
for their protection. “We want to give                    June 2011, the          activities, Provincial Health Office-
proper and correct information to the                                             Provincial Malaria Coordinator
villagers for them to take pro-active                     local government
                                                                                  Reuben H. Babanto conducts
steps on malaria prevention. This battle                  units of
needs a collective effort from all                                                awareness campaign prior net
stakeholders of the community.” Macla
                                              Cabanglasan, Kibawe,                distribution. The “Ten Reminders on
said. “We target cover at least one           Malaybalay, Malitbog and            Proper Bed net Use” are emphasized
hundred percent (100%) LLIN coverage          Manolo Fortich facilitated          by an actual demonstration of the
in all malaria prone areas for protection
against malaria transmission.” Macla          the distribution of 3,257           desired behavior.
added.                                        LLINs. Among the nets                   The provincial and municipal
    Compostela Valley Provincial Health
Officer Dr. Renato B. Basanes
                                              distributed are those               partners of the project believes that
mentioned that seven municipalities           provided by Center for              the LLIN distribution and its use
                                                                                  contributed significantly to the
benefited this activity. Included were        Health Development
Municipalities of Montevista,                                                     decrease of malaria cases for the
Maragusan, Nabunturan, New Bataan,            Region10 (CHD 10) for the
                                                                                  first half of 2011. Comparatively,
Maco, Monkayo and Compostela. A               Municipality of Manolo              from January to June 2010, there
total of three hundred twenty three (323)
households became beneficiaries. A
                                              Fortich, which were intended        were a total of 68 malaria cases
total of 1,079 nets were distributed to       not only for malaria but for        whereas there are only 8 malaria
Gawad Kalinga Villages. “Thanks to the        filaria endemic barangays as        cases from January to June of 2011.
LGUs of these seven municipalities who
are our abled partners in this activity”      well. These barangays are               For the remaining months of
Dr. Basanes said.                             sharing the border with the         2011, the province has targeted
    He concluded that active                                                      over 30,000 more LLINs to be
participation from the community as well
                                              malaria endemic barangays
                                              of Agusan del Norte and             distributed in targeted barangays of
as the dynamic support and assistance
                                                                                  7 Municipalities. Among these
from the government units are the key         Misamis Oriental. As of this
against malaria elimination in the                                                municipalities are the Municipalities
country. “This is not a battle of the Local   writing, CHD 10 has
                                                                                  of Kadingilan and Sumilao, which
Government Unit or of the barangay            provided a total of 5,080           after the distribution will reach
officials. This battle needs a mutual
obligation from different stakeholders of
                                              LLINs to the province.                              (Continued on page 18)

O N E        S C O U R G E                     O N E         F I G H T        O N E   M O V E M E N T              17
                                                                        Program Update |                  September 2011

(Continued from page 17)
                                                                                          Would you like to ...
almost 100% of the population provided with LLINs. The                                    feature an outstanding health worker, a
                                                                                          remarkable health facility or a
province hopes that the same decrease in cases in the                                     commendable community?
mentioned barangays will happen.
                                                                         You may send an article at the Project
                                                                         Management Office. We welcome article
                                                                         to feature our unsung heroes and heroines
                                                                         and be able to showcase best practices in
                                                                         community-based malaria control.

                                                                                      You may submit a hand-written article but we
                                                                                      will appreciate if articles are in MS Word
                                                                                      format. Please attach pictures with caption.
                                                                                      Article may be written in English or Filipino.

                                                                                    Send the electronic file to any the following
                                                                                    email addresses:

                                                                         You may also mail a print out in our mailing address.

                                                                         A gift awaits the contributors whose
                                                                         articles are published.

                                                                        Editorial Advisors:     EDGAR R. VERON CRUZ
                                                                                                MARVI R. TRUDEAU
                                                                                                RAY U. ANGLUBEN

                                                                        Editing and Management:
                                                                                         RL YNNA M. LAURON - DOBLADO
                                                                        MITCHELL GIMENA, JONALYN JACKARIA, WALTER NOTARIO,
                                                                        CHERRY ANN ODANTABAO, DARIUS DELA CRUZ, ERROL A.
                                                                        MERQUITA, ANGELA REBUENO, IRENE BATUL,            MAY
                                                                        LANGBAYAN,        JS AVENA, ROMUEL FLORES,       MARK
                                                                        CONSTANCE CLOMA, LENY TAMO-O,                MUNTAZAR
                                                                        MUKARRAM, MARISOL TUSO, LELANIE TOGONON, GLADYS
                                                                        AMITA, ART GERALD GODOY, DESIRE SECUYA, HAZEL ANN
                                                                        SIATAN, MYRA GAZO-MACLA, CHERRY ANN ODANTABAO,
                                                                        CHARLOU PELIGRO, GARCIO TAHAMID,              NORMINA
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The 10 Commandments against Malaria                                      Movement Against Malaria e-news is an official publication of the
(Top) Provincial Health Office-Provincial Malaria Coordinator                       Movement Against Malaria Program
                                                                                              with address at:
Reuben H. Babanto discusses the proper way to install a mosquito
nets during an LLIN distribution in Barangay Minsuro in Manolo                                   Unit 2 Gabinete Building
                                                                                                 Tiniguiban Heights
Fortich. He also explains the correct maintenance of the net with the                            South National Highway
“Ten Reminders” and demonstrates them afterwards.                                                Puerto Princesa City
                                                                                                 5300 Palawan, Philippines

(Bottom) This young family poses with the LLINs they received before     For comments and contributions, please send to the
travelling back to their home. The new nets will ensure their                      address stated above or at:
protection against malaria.                                             Telefax:   +63 048 434 5202

O N E       S C O U R G E                    O N E        F I G H T                O N E           M O V E M E N T                    18
                                                                           Program Update |          September 2011
Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc.
Movement Against Malaria -  
Progress Update Report 

                                                           Target until    Accomplishment 
                           Indicator                                                                  Reasons for Variance
                                                            June 2011       for Period 22 

1       Number of Health Service providers trained            1,575                           

        Number of uncomplicated malaria cases 
2       (confirmed by either microscopy or RDTs)              7,420                           
        treated according to national guidelines

        Number of cases diagnosed with severe malaria                            330 
3                                                              390                            
        receiving treatment at health facilities                               (115%) 
                                                                                             Although the new treatmet protocol has 
                                                                                             been rolled out, there are still a few 
                                                                                             doctors who continue to treat using the 
        Proportion of people diagnosed with malaria 
                                                                                90%          old treatment protocol. Fortunately,  all 
4       (uncomplicated and severe) correctly treated          98% 
                                                                               (92%)         patients recovered  despite  being 
        according to national guidelines                                                     treated with old protocol.  In future, the 
                                                                                             PR will prepare IEC materials to aid 
                                                                                             doctors in the new protocol 
        Number and Percentage of Health facilities with 
        no reported stock outs lasting more than one 
5                                                           Not due                           
        week of nationally recommended anti‐malarial 
        drugs during the past 3 months
                                                                                             Report submission has improved 
                                                                                             considerably in this period compared to 
                                                                                             last period submission of 74%. There 
                                                                                             was an 81.5% achievement in the first 
                                                                                             quarter of this year which further 
        Number and percentage of Rural Health Units                             82%          improved to 82.2% in the second 
6                                                             100% 
        submitting complete reports on time                                    (82%)         quarter .  This was achieved through 
                                                                                             constant reminder to RHUs by the 
                                                                                             Project Officers on the neccesity of 
                                                                                             submitting complete reports on time.  
                                                                                             There were RHUs which submitted on 
                                                                                             time but with incomplete reports. 
        Number of LLINs distributed to people in target                      2,201,089 
7                                                          2,030,522                          
        areas                                                                 (108%) 

        Number of houses in designated IRS‐target                              89,352 
8                                                            75,000                           
        areas sprayed                                                          (119%) 
                                                                                             The intended attendees to this training 
                                                                                             participated in the MRSIA in compliance 
        Number of health personnel trained in outbreak                          316 
9                                                              360                           with the DOH moratorium. The training 
        detection, control and management                                      (88%)         of 66 health personnel from Cagayan 
                                                                                             was done on July  26 to 28, 2011. 

        Number of pregnant women receiving                                     13,738 
10                                                           10,991                           
        pregnancy package for malaria                                          (125%) 

        Percentage of people aware of at least 2 
11                                                          Not due                           
        preventive measures for malaria.

        Number of sentinel sites established for                                 30 
12                                                             30                             
        monitoring malaria trends                                              (100%) 

O N E        S C O U R G E                     O N E       F I G H T               O N E         M O V E M E N T                   19
                                                                                   Program Update |              September 2011
Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc.  
Consolidated Malaria Grant  
Budget vs. Actual (Audited) in US$ 
As at June 30, 2011 
                                                                                BUDGET               ACTUAL EXPENSES           VARIANCE 
                     EXPENDITURE CATEGORY                                  (January 2010 to           (January 2010 to      (January 2010 to 
                                                                              June 2011 )                June 2011             June 2011  
Human Resources                                                                  1,609,532.00              1,133,521.79             476,010.21  
Technical Assistance                                                                299,519.00              170,388.93              129,130.07  
Training                                                                         2,991,101.00              1,332,434.11           1,658,666.89  
Health Products and Health Equipment                                            13,734,756.00            10,963,424.67            2,771,331.33  
Medicines and Pharmaceutical Products                                               118,349.00              128,238.62                (9,889.62) 
Procurement and Supply Management Costs                                             980,950.00              411,176.03              569,773.97  
Infrastructure and Other Equipment                                               2,207,346.00               305,724.61            1,901,621.39  
Communication Materials                                                             889,606.00                 6,873.82             882,732.18  
Monitoring and Evaluation                                                        4,699,930.00               760,001.16            3,939,928.84  
Planning and Administration                                                      1,172,625.00               947,766.77              224,858.23  
Overheads                                                                           687,705.00              325,384.71              362,320.29  
Other                                                                                       0.00                   0.00                     0.00  
TOTAL                                                                           29,391,419.00            16,484,935.22           12,906,483.78  

   A Thousand Words                                      We let the pictures tell you more stories behind our stories 

  1                                               2                                                    3
   How many ways?
   Celebration of World Malaria Day (WMD) in the Philippines is unique in each province but the spirit of partnership and
   intensified awareness campaign against the disease remains a common theme. Each celebration reflects the unique
   approach towards malaria elimination in a particular malaria-stricken area. Here are some examples:
   1. In Bukidnon, residents in one of the malaria endemic barangay of San Fernando wave their hands in anticipation and excitement for
      LLIN distribution. LLIN distribution and other vector control measures were done simultaneously with the WMD celebration.
   2. In North Cotabato, residents of Barangay Bacong and four other barangays in Tulunan gather with the program implementers for a
      parade to extend malaria awareness among the affected communities during WMD celebration in the community.
   3. A mosquito net with a child sleeping under it became a canvas to exemplify the importance of sleeping under insecticide-treated
      mosquito net to avoid malaria transmission and control the vector population. This is one of the entry for Best Mosquito Net during
      WMD celebration in Zamboanga del Norte.
   For details of the different celebrations of WMD in the Philippines, read story on page 6.

O N E         S C O U R G E                         O N E         F I G H T                     O N E       M O V E M E N T                 20

Tags: volume, issue
Description: On this issue, the Movement Against Malaria once again recognizes its partnerships with various government agencies and programs, non-governmental organizations, business and religious groups, and academe as well as with outstanding community leaders and individuals in their various efforts done in the last few months in the continuous fight against the scourge, that is, malaria.