; Types Of Hardwood Flooing
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Types Of Hardwood Flooing


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									Types of hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is widely recognized for its flexibility and elasticity. If you make up your
mind to install a hardwood floor I your house, you should get a knowhow about the different
types of hardwood floors. Actually you have to choose among the different hardwood floor
types. Hardwood flooring has many types and you can select among them according to your own

If you gain information about the various hardwood flooring types, then selecting one among
many becomes a lot easier. Here is some of the well known hardwood flooring types:

American Cherry

It is a type of hardwood that is particularly used for cabinet making. Its features however make it
the best option to be used as flooring. American cherry can be easily chopped and drawn into
sheets. Although it is not as hard as other hardwoods, it has got an elegant look that makes it a
favorite for most of the people. Also, it is mostly like by the people who prefer dark colored
flooring. This type of wood is known for its good quality and it has the ability to retain its quality
for a long time.

Red and white oak

This hardwood is used for flooring and for other purposes as well. This hardwood has hues of
different colors, such as pink and similar light shades. It is easier for the wood workers to work
on red Oak rather than the white one because it is less hard and makes their work easier.

Brazilian cherry

Brazilian cherry is among the most liked flooring types. It is reddish brown in color and with
time, it turns maroon in color. It has a very beautiful color which makes it the most opted for
option. In addition, its hardness ensures the good quality of the wood. Brazilian cherry is
particularly opted by the people who like exotic colors as well as durability in their hardwood
flooring. Brazilian cherry is one of its kinds and gives your home a elegant touch.

Hard Maple

Hard maple is considered to be the hardest type of hardwood flooring. The even texture of this
hardwood flooring makes it one of the most preferred hardwood flooring options. Since this type
of hardwood is available in a variety of colors, it is used by a majority of the American people.
As this type of flooring is scratch resistant, people who wish to maintain their flooring for long
should               install             this             type             of            flooring.
Hardwood flooring can also be categorized on the basis of its sturdiness and designs. Solid
hardwood flooring and customized flooring are the two major hardwood flooring types. Solid
hardwood flooring sheets are used to make solid hardwood. There are a number of sizes and
styles that you get in this type of wood flooring. http://www.rtaflooring.com/.

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