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									                                Veuve du Vernay                                          FEATURED
                              Brut ‘Blanc de Blancs’                                      WINE

        parkling wine is made, in the
    S  simplest terms, by initiating
    a second fermentation of a fin-
                                                     Ugniblanc and Colombard grapes in order to
                                                     make an ultra-premium sparkling wine. The spe-
                                                     cial wine needed a special name, and Robert
                                                     recalled that when his father was just starting
    ished wine.                                      out in the wine business, he had received finan-
                                                     cial assistance from a local woman. So the spe-
    In the case of French Champagne, that sec-       cial wine was named for her: Veuve du Vernay.
ond fermentation takes place after the wine has          This signature bottling is a tasty testament to
been transferred to bottles. It’s a very time- and   Charmat’s assertion that not all great sparkling
labor-intensive process that contributes to the      wines are made exclusively from Chardonnay
high prices we often pay for French bubbly.          and/or Pinot Noir, nor are they all made from
    But not all sparkling wine is made that way.     the expensive methode champenoise.
In 1907, Jean Eugene Charmat developed a                 Unlike many Blanc de Blancs, Veuve du
faster, easier and less expensive method that        Vernay is not at all austere. It’s an engaging
involves placing wine in large, pressurized tanks    wine that expresses the flavors of the grapes
for its second fermentation.                         used to make it, and its bubbles are fine and
    And the company that Charmat founded con-        persistent in the glass.
tinues to make fine sparkling wine more than a           Yes, there’s more than one way to make a
century later.                                       world-class sparkling wine.
    During the 1960s, Charmat’s son, Robert,
began securing the finest French Sauvignon,

                                                                         Cut out
       TASTING NOTES                                                  this wine tag
                                                                     and keep it with
                                                                      your wine as
             Grape Composition:
                                                                         a handy
        A Blend of French Sauvignon,                                    reference.
          Ugniblanc and Colombard

           Winemaking Method:                                     Veuve du Vernay
       Charmat (Second Fermentation                             Brut ‘Blanc de Blancs’
        Takes Place in Large Tanks)
                                                          This sparkling wine, reminiscent of
              Aromas and Flavors:
                                                       Chardonnay-based Blanc de Blancs, has fine
               Pear, Star Fruit and
                                                       and persistent bubbles that frame the engag-
           Tapioca, With Tiny Bubbles
                                                       ing flavors of pear, star fruit and tapioca.
               When to Drink:
              Now Through 2008                         Food pairing suggestions: Brie cheese, or a
                                                       caviar pie.
            Our Tasting Panel Score:
                   90 Points

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SKU 9424

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