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Pagan festival
                            and    parade


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Photo: Venée Call-Ferrer

   12:00 pm   Parade & Processions
              Intro to Ritual
    1:00 pm   Anne Hill
              Fountain’s Muse
              Women & Song
   2:00 pm    Circle Dancing
              Sheltering Sky
              Hebrew Goddess
   3:00 pm    Ariellah Tribal Fusion
              Costume Contest
              Phoenix & afterbuffalo
              Patrick McCollum
   4:00 pm    Eileen Hazel
   5:00 pm    Closing Drum Ritual: Carolyn Brand


           The Pagan Festival brings together brothers and sisters of ALL indigenous,
           Earth-based, and nature centered polytheistic beliefs in pride and celebra-
           tion, as well as those who support arts, music, ceremony, theater and dance
within the Interfaith Pagan Community. In doing so, we unite in our message to the
world that we must live together in love and tolerance, as opposed to fear and misun-
derstanding, as voices in the great choir of Spirit.

Welcome to the Fifth Annual Pagan Festival and Parade. This year’s theme is Evolving Spirit-
how technology affects the way we connect with others and practice our spirituality. One of
our altarists, Rabbit, through her description of her gift of the East Altar, expresses this year’s
theme in the following:

  “The East is the direction of Air, breath, the rising sun and new beginnings. It
  is the spark of an idea and the creative communication that helps move that idea
  into reality. It is the direction of cutting edge technology and passionate dis-
  course about the ethics of technology as it develops. Today, there is much dis-
  cussion among the powers that be about who “owns” the airways, how many of
  our conversations may be listened to, how private our private communications
  really are. This argument is merely the continuation of an age-old debate about
  who owns the Earth, her body and atmosphere. As Pagans, we know that the
  Earth belongs to herself, and that we are her privileged stewards. It is easier for
  us to create a stewardship community if we know about one another’s individual
  efforts! So many Pagans who were formerly isolated in remote areas, or living
  as solitaries in urban areas for fear of being ridiculed or persecuted, have found
  community on the Internet. The developing means of online communication
  allow us to connect, to share, to challenge one another, and to ultimately know
  we are not alone. It is a great gift that begs the question, “How does cyberspace,
  with all its plastic and man-made circuitry, fit in with our dedication to caring
  for the Earth?”
Her altar is inspired by Richard Brautigan’s poem “All Watched Over By Machines
of Loving Grace” which, as she explains “is an exploration of the possibility that technology
and nature may peacefully co-exist as long as we all agree to detach from the
selfishness of ownership, and instead focus on how these tools may serve
us in our quest to care for the planet as we evolve.”

Our theme should inspire us to ask ourselves “How does technology allow us to be better
stewards of the Earth?” And “How do we integrate technology in creating ritual and living
magical lives? And “In what ways do we use technology to continue to connect with the Di-
vine? And “How does technology help us teach our children to live full and spiritual lives?”

Please take time today to experience the altars, participate in ritual, communicate with others,
learn from the speakers, appreciate the performers, and visit the vendors and information
booths to become inspired in new ways to continue on your path with the Divine.

Merry May and Beltane Blessings,
Arlynne Camire-Director
Pagan Festival & Pagan Alliance.
                                         ABOUT THE PAGAN ALLIANCE
The mission of the Pagan Alliance is to educate our communities and the general
public; to promote acceptance of our faiths and traditions; to connect our com-
munities; and to celebrate our spiritual diversity. We recognize the dire need to unite
based on concern for the current ecological crisis that faces our Mother Earth.

The Pagan Alliance began in 2001 as the Interfaith Pagan Pride Parade and Celebra-
tion. The original parade was modeled after the “Return of the Snakes” parades
seen in Ireland by one of the founders while vacationing on St. Patrick’s Day.

In 2004, the organization made some changes, including changing our name to The
Pagan Alliance. We want to further emphasize our collective mission to provide a
place for the Pagan community to come together to jointly, educate the public in
an attempt to change the public’s view of Paganism, as well as to make room in
our name for events beyond the annual
parade and festival.
                                               For More Information:
Today, the organization has evolved into
a bright and shining example of coop-          2410 Byron Avenue
eration and celebration of Earth-based;        Berkeley, CA 94702
nature and justice centered; and poly-         (510) 872-1188
theistic faiths and traditions. Endorsed
by the Interfaith Center at the Presidio,
the Alameda Green Party, San Francisco
LGBT Pride Parade and Celebration,
Council Members Kriss Worthington
and Dona Spring of Berkeley, Covenant
of the Goddess, and Reclaiming, this
event has become a blossoming new
tradition that brings together commu-
nity, family, friends, and neighbors to cel-
ebrate the ‘Spirit’ of all living beings and
Mother Earth.

The Pagan Alliance is committed to edu-
cation of the general public with the in-
tention of changing public views, opinions and response to the Pagan Community.
We will present workshops and a ‘Speakers Series’, presenting different traditions.
We hope this will lead to the creation of increased acceptance and understanding,
and dispel common misconceptions. We are committed to justice and eliminating
prejudice and ignorance in all communities, including accepting all across ethnic
backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, age and class affiliations. We
are also committed to incorporating deep ecology into the ‘Speakers Series’. We
sponsor activities and events that reflect how our traditions are supportive and in
tune with Nature, and play a positive role in healing human’s relationship with the

         The Pagan Festival & Parade is an annual event that requires the dedication
         and hard work of a large of volunteers. We would like to thank this yeaar’s
         staff and volunteer force.

        Arlynne Camire: Director, Board President
        Venee Call-Ferrer: Artistic Director
        James L Bianchi, Esq.: Executive Assistant & Legal Advisor, Board Secretary
        JoHanna Coash: Board Member & Acquisitions/Volunteer Coordinator
        Donald Burbano: Vendor Coordinator
        Patricia Kevena Fili a.k.a Amethyst Moonwater: Communications Director
        Amara Morrigan: Board Member & Treasurer: Communications Director
        Morgan Anduin: Security Manager
        Briane Spore: Stage Manager
        DJ Hamouris: Music Director
        Sarah Soward: Assistant Art Director
                                                                     Event Videographers:
        Jennifer Robinson: Outreach Director
                                                                     Heather “Lamia” Jaeger
        Matthew Davis Fox: Christian Liaison                         Steven Ng
        Jason Robinson: Webmaster                                    James L. Bianchi

        MC: Shay Black & Venée Call-Ferrer


 The Pagan Alliance would like to thank joi wolfwomyn for creating our sacred space
 and ritual today. joi wolfwomyn is a radical faeiy, a respected community elder,
 teacher, ritualist and queer activist.

  The Buddhist Peace Fellowship Prison Program
  The BPF Prison Program is deeply committed to working with prisoners, their
  families, and all other persons associated with the prison system to address the
  systemic violence within the prison-industrial complex.

  Heifer International
  Heifer’s strategy is… To “pass on the gift.” As people share their animals’
  offspring with others along with their knowledge, resources, and skills an ex-
  panding network of hope, dignity, and self-reliance is created that reaches around
  the globe.

  Alameda County Community Food Bank:
                                                   KEEPER OF THE LIGHT
Anne Hill, D.Min., has worn many hats in her adult life. Author, musician, songwriter,
poet, mother, scholar, dreamworker, facilitator, and business owner, Anne’s first career
plan was to become a concert bassoonist. Music being her first love, she has performed
widely, first as a classical musician, and more recently as a singer-songwriter. She has
produced a number of albums of sacred music, which are recorded on her own label
Serpentine Music.

Anne received a BA in Women’s Studies and a teaching credential at UC Santa Cruz,
and spent several years teaching while her own children were young. In 2003, Anne
earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from the University of Creation Spirituality in
Oakland, CA, and received professional dreamworker certification through the Marin
Institute for Projective Dreamwork. She has been involved in activist and Pagan circles
in the San Francisco Bay Area since the 1980s, and has taught classes, intensives and
workshops in dreamwork and feminist spirituality in the US, Canada, and England.
Anne holds elder (ministerial) credentials through the Covenant of the Goddess, and is
an initiated priestess of the Reclaiming and Feri traditions.

You can get information on her two websites: (dreamworking) (pagan music)

2005 Keeper of the Light
Macha NightMare is an author, teacher and ritualist. The community is grateful for
your year of service and support of the Pagan Alliance. We look forward to many more
year your participation.

The Pagan Alliance is especially grateful for our sponsors, who make it possible
for the organization to continue to reach out to the Pagan community as well as
continue in our efforts to educate the general public. We invite you to support the
sponsors who support us.

                                                  Event Insurance

                                                   sponsored by
We have some of the finest Pagan authors in the Bay Area here at the festival! Come
visit these wonderful people in the Author’s Circle for conversation and book sign-
ing. The Authors are scheduled at the times listed, but are welcome to come early,
stay late or just hang out, so stop by often!

       V. Vale & John Sulak                    Patrick McCollum
       Candy Taylor Tutt                       LaSara FireFox
       Trina Robbins
            East / Air
            by The Sacred Well
            The East Altar, inspired by Richard Brautigan’s poem “All Watched Over By Ma-
            chines of Loving Grace” is an exploration of the possibility that technology and
nature may peacefully co-exist as long as we all agree to detach from the selfishness of ownership,
and instead focus on how these tools may serve us in our quest to care for the planet as we evolve.
The Sacred Well is a healing oasis for the spiritual seeker and practitioner. For more information,

South / Fire
By Venée Call-Ferrer/ Divine Offerings.
Venée received a degree in Arts and Social Change from New College of California. She is an
artist working in the mediums of Photography, performance and Altar building. She has created
altars for over 7 years for numerous public and private events such as Spiral Dance, Bioneers, Day
of the Dead at the Mission Cultural Center, the Crucible, and The Altars of Extinction Project.

West / Water
By: Victoria Slind-Flor
She is a Dianic witch who lives in Oakland, where she makes art and writes about intellectual
property law. She is a member of the faculty at Cherry Hill Pagan Seminary. The west alter is
simple and graphic. This is the format I prefer for large public rituals, so people can see at a glance
what the altar is about.

North / Earth
By Jim Fish of The Bay Area Spark Collective
The Bay Area Spark Collective is a monthly gathering to celebrate spirit, community and each
other. Our mission is to bring people together in community, to explore and share, to inspire posi-
tive transformation, to support and celebrate each other through various life enriching experi-
ences. The Bay Area Spark Collective is a new flame, kindled from embers carried home from fire
circle events around the country. Please consider this your invitation to participate in our growing
magical community.

Eris Discordia Altar
By Ceilidh Chaos, and other Discordians, Erisians & Radical Faeries
Eris Discordia is the Graeco-Roman Goddess of Chaos. An apple of discord is a reference to the
Golden Apple of Discord which, according to Greek mythology, the goddess Eris had engraved
with the word ‘Kallisti” which means “to the fairest of them all” and threw into the crowd at the
wedding of Peleus and Thetis, a party which Eris crashed by the way, sparking a vanity-fueled
dispute between Hera, Pallas Athene and Aphrodite that eventually led to the Trojan War. 5 is
Eris’ Sacred Number, so this year, being the 5th Pagan Festival, we’d like to acknowledge her. Hail
Eris! Hail Discordia!

By SHARANYA is a unique 501(c)3 religious organization and devi mandir (goddess temple)
dedicated to an embodied and engaged spirituality that facilitates the life-affirming transforma-
tion of individuals, communities and our world. Our altar combines contem-
porary and traditional items and art that reflects the intersection of modern technology with
ancient spiritual practices. We seek to illustrate the many ways Kali manifests Herself in this
world, both past and present...Jai Maa!
                                          PROCESSION PARTICIPANTS
The Pagan Alliance is grateful to all those who have joined us on our march through the
streets of Berkeley celebrating the diversity and vibrancy that is the Pagan community
in the San Francisco Bay Area. This yearly procession grows each year, showcasing the
beauty, artistry and passion of our many faiths. For more information regarding the
participants in the procession, please visit the Pagan Alliance website.

Interfaith Procession Banner Honor Guards- Kay and Bryce, practioners of the Gard-
nerian Tradition, celebrate their family tradition of Paganism by presenting and carry-
ing the Interfaith Pagan Pride Banner. They annually demonstrate their support for the
Pagan Community by proudly processing at the Pagan Festival.

 Temple of the Hebrew Goddess
 Fellowship of the Spiral Path
 Thelema Lodge
 Women & Song
 Grove of the Oak
 Doire Bhrighid
 Radical Faeries
 The Mist Tree Moon Circle
 Berkeley Chapter of the National Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans
 Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley and Berkeley Fellowship of
 Unitarian Universalists


          The performers who grace our stage come from different paths and tra-
          ditions and offer up their artistry as a part of the magic of this Festival.
          The Pagan Alliance is grateful for their contributions to our day. For more
information regarding the performers, please visit the Pagan Alliance website.

Fontain’s M.U.S.E. blends electronic dance grooves, eastern instrumentation and spir-
ited vocals in English, Persian, Hindi, French and Spanish. Blending Fontain’s hyp-
notic vocals and Farhan’s mesmerizing dance grooves, One could best described their
style as an interesting mix of pop, dance, world and jazz.

Phoenix and Afterbuffalo is an earthy and worldly East Bay rock band whose music
transcends genre and breaks down social boundaries. They are an expression of both
diversity and unity in the celebration of the human spirit with the fundamental belief
that we are all “Kindred Spirits”.

Maureen Atkins has been teaching Sacred Dance for 11 years and became one of the
organizers of Bay Area Circle Dancers in 2001. She leads dance worships through out
the Bay Area & Northern California and is currently studying dance at Cal State East

Jamie Isman writes and performs music as devotion and prayer to the Hebrew and
Middle Eastern Goddesses of her ancestors. She founded Temple of the Hebrew
Goddess, a sanctuary created for the healing and reclaiming of the divine feminine
within the Jewish/Hebrew lineage.

Eileen Hazel is a bard of the human soul. Her minstrel spirit and finely crafted songs
will take you on a journey from the depths of sorrow to the healing solace of laughter.

Sheltering Sky is one of the Bay Area’s newest Celtic bands, performing a wide range
of music from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Brittany. They bring a unique blend of
solid folk and dance music traditions and classical performance expertise to their ar-
rangements. Visit their website

MAHAL, (pr “mah- HAHL”) a word derived from Sanskrit, in Filipino means “Be-
loved, Noble, and sacred.” Mahal blends powerful and beautiful voices with sacred
world instruments from the Philippines, Native America, Australia, India with modern
instruments in a way that is unique: earthy, transcendent, luminous and cutting-edge.

Rev. Patrick McCollum is the Statewide Wiccan Chaplain for the CA Department of
Corrections and Rehabilitation, and the National Chaplaincy Liaison for the American
Academy of Religion. He also serves as the Program Chair of the National Correc-
tional Chaplaincy Director’s Association and as the National Coordinator for the Lady
Liberty League. He is a member of the National Advisory Council for American’s
United for Separation of Church and State and teaches at Cherry Hill Seminary.
Siamsa Performs traditional Scottish and Irish music and Dance. They all share a
love of traditional Gaelic culture and many of their members have made serious
study of the culture and its arts. They pass there enthusiasm and love of t Gaelic
arts from both traditional and modern folk cultures through their performances.

Women & Song, under the direction of DJ Hamouris, is a group that formed for
last year’s Pagan Festival & Parade. These singing sirens bring a taste songs and
chants from a variety earth based traditions. They’re always looking for a few good
women! Info is available at the info table and at

Ariellah performs tribal fusion and gothic belly dance nationally. Paying tribute to
her ethnicity of Moroccan descent, she has studied and performed belly dance with
both Janine Ryle of Danse Mahgreb and Rachel Brice of The Indigo. Her strong,
sensual and dark interpretation of tribal fusion belly dance incorporates a range of
styles – from American tribal and cabaret to gothic and Indian – infusing her own,
darker flare…

MOONRISE is harmonies with timeless lyrics. Singing a cappella and with acous-
tic instruments, Moonrise makes magic in the world with a feminine spirit. With
a history of creating magical music for Reclaiming’s Spiral Dance, MOONRISE
created their first CD, “Songs of Love, Magic & Other Mysteries”, in 2003 and are
working on a second.

BEMBE YA: Music - This group presents music honoring Earth spirits known as
Orishas in the Santeria tradition. It is sung in the Lukumi language of the Yoruba
people who came to Cuba as slaves from West Africa. Bembe Ya is led by Carolyn
Brandy, a Santari Priestess for 6 years, who is joined by some of her students.


      Grey School Of Wizardry ~
      Reclaiming ~
      Aging In Community/Cohousing ~
      Berkeley Psychic Institute ~
      Sharanya ~
      Thelema Lodge ~
      Transgender San Francisco ~
      Fellowship Of The Spiral Path ~
      Ardenwood Celtic Festival ~
      Fellowship Of The Spiral Path ~
      California Revels ~
                                          Photo: Venée Call-Ferrer


            (707) 745-9699

25 years experience in Family Law, Bankruptcy, Social Security, and the law of
the Arts. He is among the first graduates of oldest public interest law schools
in the country, New College of California, School of Law. He is a professor of
“Pagans and the Law,” at the Cherry Hill Seminary for the Pagan Ministry. Jim
is a Druid in the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids of East Sussex, England,
and the leading Ovate of Taliesin in the San Francisco Area.
Women & Song Sessions
Thursday Nights
5/11 to 6/22 (skips 5/25)

Join this fun group of women, singing together to strengthen our voices and
spirits! We will learn some easy tunes & rounds, focusing on good technique
and building harmony skills. Sessions include warm-ups, vocal harmony exer-
cises, and lots of spirited laughter.

Our songs are drawn from earth-based and indigenous traditions, bringing us
closer to the natural world and our love for all life. Bring a friend, or make new
ones, while expressing your creative self in song.

Music Director, Deborah “DJ” Hamouris, has a BA in Music and performs lo-
cally with Moonrise (a women¹s folk trio) and the Nomadics (a jazz band). She
brings a lifetime of musical training and compassion to lead Women & Song.
For performance and class schedules go to

To register email ( or call 510/910-2574.
Oakland location near Ashby BART (directions upon registration)
Suggested donation: $5-$15 per rehearsal

SpiralScouts International
                            SpiralScouts International, a program for girls
                            and boys of minority faiths working, growing
                            and learning together debuted in February of
                            2001. SpiralScouts began as an organized chil-
                            dren’s program within the Aquarian Tabernacle
                            Church (ATC).

                            Word of the program spread and the ATC formal-
                            ized SpiralScouts into an expanded program now
                            available to anyone worldwide.The program has
                           a unique approach to youth programming. Each
group is led by both a male and a female adult, to achieve and teach the
balance that is so central to Earth-centered beliefs. While SpiralScouts was
developed on Pagan beliefs and practices, it is designed to be adaptable
by other minority faiths as well. In addition to traditional woodland lore,
camping and the outdoor living skills, the program includes teaching the
many mythologies of the ancient world. Uniquely, it includes a component
new to youth group programming - life strategies and skills for teens, to
help them learn early how to have good relationships with their peers and
adults, and interpersonal skills that will serve them throughout their adult

The Pagan Alliance is sponsoring a new East Bay-based circle. We are look-
ing for interested children/families, as well as a adult male co-leader. Please
contact for more info!

          The Pagan Alliance would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the ven-
          dors who have joined us in making the Festival a memorable occasion and
          providing the Pagan community with their products and services. For more
information about this year’s vendors, please visit the Pagan Alliance website.

     A Peace Chain ~
     Adornments ~
     Amethyst Moon ~
     Ancient Circles ~
     Ancient Egyptian Collection ~
     Art By Max Dashu ~
     Belili Productions ~
     Belladonna ~
     Berkeley Psychic Institute ~
     Blessed Be! ~
     Body Bliss Station ~
     Clairose ~
     Dancing Rainbows ~ willowallen@comcast
     Dj Hamouris ~
     Don Simpson / Northwind ~
     Dragon-werks ~
     Enchanted Pumpkin ~
     Eyescream Jewelry ~
     Fredrick V James Luxuries ~
     Improoovements Conscious Body Work ~
     Jewels By Olivia ~
     Just Rewards & Barbarian Splendor ~
     Kerre Reese Arts ~
     Lionlight/Tigereye ~
     Magical Fire Arts ~
     Myth & Magic ~
     Nymphly Delights ~
     Pan Communications ~
     Second Sight: Extraordinary Readings ~
     Sierra Creations ~
     Sword & Star ~
     Tarot To Go ~
     The Broom & Candle ~
     The Sacred Well ~
     Guru ~
                                                             OUR APPRECIATION
The Pagan Alliance Acknowledges and thanks:

Councilmember Dona Spring and Councilmember Kris Worthington, City of Berkeley Po-
lice, Fire, Park and Recreation and Public Works Departments, Suzy Rombilas, Sarah Cohen
and Change Makers, Glenn Turner and Ancient Ways, George Franklin and Reclaiming,
Epic Arts, Eco-Center, Safety Joan Curry, Safety Dave Nee, Safety Malcolm, Safety Fred
and Aaron Dence of San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender Pride Celebration,
M. Macha NightMare, Matthew D. Fox, Shay Black, Axis Mundi, Ariellah Aflalo, Linda
W, Robert Ferrer, JD, Michele Jones, Chris O’Sullivan, The Love of Ganesha (corner of
Page & Ashbury, SF), John Brownson, Randy Mopin and Val at the Cat Club, John and
Devon, Berkeley Farmers Market,Anna Korn, Covenant of the Goddess, Rowan Fairgrove,
Don Frew, Sarah Soward, Jason Mahar, Jon Kuroda, Mitch Blank, Jr.,SF Bay Area Guard-
ian, Gary Suto, Change Makers for Women, Sarah EJ Cohen, Eris Discordia, Ma’at, Mr.
White, Dylan X. & Morgan Myschief, Juliana & Gabriel, Brenda, Johnathan & Marjorie
Ariza, Rick Coash, Hera, & Ix Chel, Jason Robinson, Jennifer Robinson, Natalie Case, Brian
Spore, Rev. Venée-Call Ferrer, Donald Burbano, JoHanna Coash, Sarah Soward, Rose Bar-
ber, David Rice, James Bianchi, Covenant of the Goddess, Teddy Witherington and the
SFLGBT Pride Parade and Celebration, Leigh Ann Hussey, Rosin Coven, Axis Mundi, Lord
of the Fangs, Tempest, Sharon Knight Band, John Koenig, Chris O’Sullivan, Michelle Jones,
Stormy Leather, Becca, Carlos Winborn, SF Pride Beer Booth Volunteers, Ethan Koenig,
Indigo Belly Dance, Firetribe 451, Shay Black, Misty, and Grace McGuire, Starry Plough
Pub and Restaurant, Cat Club and Randy Mopin, City of Berkeley – Suzanne Rombilas,
Manuel Hector, and Diana Cardona, City of Berkeley, Public Works, Environmental Health,
Police Department and Fire Department, Lemlem Rijio at KPFA, MagicLamp, Dulcinea
Gonzales of San Francisco Bay Guardian, George Franklin and Reclaiming Quarterly Maga-
zine, Danse Macabre, Rose Barber, JD and Dan-Two Knotty Boys, Dave Sherry, Jason Ma-
har/ Squee/DJ Slaveboy, Rowan Fairgrove and Russell Williams, Orion Stormcrow , Sam
Webster, Dennis Scarborough, Barbara McCormack, Het Nuit Lodge of the Open Source
Order of the Golden Dawn, Buffalo, Gary Suto, Roxy Carmichael-Hart, Transgender San
Francisco, Pierre Nelson, Forrest Bryant, Alicia Wood, Peter Shipley, Rain Graves, Sonja
Dal Bianco, Dame Edith Jacklin, Tori Crawford, DJ Mitch, Raven Alexander, Erin Glover
and Fire Pixie, Colene Whiteside, Don Wilkenson, DJ Prince Tristan Von Wasserspeier,
Nadia Von Wasserspeier, Kurian Davis, SF Goth, Dr. Becky Brockman, Gianna Ranuzzi
and Telegraph Area Association, Dmitri E. Ville, Peete ’s Coffees and Teas, Sarah Cohen
& Change Makers for Women, Taka, Lamia, Sion of Troll Forge, Ren Spore, Kai McTane,
Jeff Mitchell, Anna Rensi, Diana Paxson, Jay Wiseman, Lee Greenberg, Hank and Renee at

The Book Shop in Hayward, Urban Forrest in Alameda, Coven Trismegiston, Paul Chaffy,
Robin Dolan, Nicole Ureda, Chista Osier, Glen Turner of Ancient Ways, Panpipes Magickal
Marketplace, The Love of Ganesha in San Francisco, The Sword and Rose in San Francisco,
Fields Books in San Francisco, Good Vibrations, Sarah & Change Makers: Books, Gifts &
Events for Women, Mr. White, Katie Kaos, Dylan Xavier (still in utero), the lovely Jessica
& Li’l Mike, Mistress Liana, Ma’at, Eris, Morrigian, Maeve, Heru & Re-Harakhti, M. Macha
NightMare, Matthew D. Fox, Sam Webster, Kate Pennington, 9 Sisters, Carolyn Brandy, DJ
Hamouris, Sirens, Kala, Spark, Victoria Slind-Flor, Diana Paxson, Spark Collective, Kala,
Don Frew, Ariellah Aflalo, Neysa, Dana Ma, Linda W, Robert Ferrer, Rev HPs, Phyllis W.
Curoh, JD, Models for The Hunger fund raiser: Anyssa, Tressa (Fierce Couture), Esperanza,
Casey, Michele Jones, The Love of Ganesha,

Renaissance Faire Vendors: Jon Schulps, Potter, Tickle Thy Fantasy Clothiers, Ye Olde Sheep
Shack, Tower of London Leather Goods, The Pirate’s Cove, Pale Moon Designs, M. Loren
                                                                   ual           l
Blow Salon                                                    d Ann Free Festiva
                                                       fun 3r
2112 Berkeley Way
                                                JoinBerkeley World Music
Berkeley, CA 94704
                                                         Sat. & Sun.                                    June 3rd & 4th, 2006
                                                         Noon - 9 pm

510.644.1971                                             coming to Telegraph Ave.
                                                         in cafes and at
                                                         People’s Park Stage
Blow Salon is proud to present “Rock
Hard”, an art exhibit featuring local artists
on Saturday, May 6 at 8pm. Artists include               Continuous Music!
Becky Brockman, a Pagan Alliance commit-
                                                         Something for Everyone!
tee member, as well as Angela White, Judy
Shelton, and Eric Riebeek. Succulent hors                West African Highlife Band to
d’oeuvres by Habib Cutolo and beverages                  Stephen Kent’s digerdu, Moh
by the fine people at Triple Rock Brewery                 Alileche, Tmbuktoubab, Parlor
will be provided. Blow Salon is located at               Tango, Rafael Manriquez,
2112 Berkeley Way, one block north of Uni-
                                                         Laurie Chastain & more...
versity, just east of Shattuck.

The 8th Annual Ardenwood
Celtic Festival promises a full day
of fun for lovers of music, dance,
and the history and mythology
of Ireland through the ages. This
is an outing for the whole family
with plenty to entertain visitors
from eight to eighty!

Druid Sisters Tea Party will mesmerize audiences with a wide range of traditional
and tribal Celtic rock. Other groups such as Tinkers Damm, Celtic Junket, and San
Francisco Scottish Fiddlers offer traditional music from Ireland and Scotland. Ancient
Romans and Celts, Mary Queen of Scots, Highland Warrior sword fighting, Irish step
dancing, Belly dancing at the Gypsy camp, The Prince Charles Pipe Band, and Claude
the fire breathing dragon are only a few of the attractions and entertainments to be

East Bay Regional Parks and Wee Hand Productions are once again joining forces
to bring this popular event to life at Ardenwood Historic Farms. Lively step dancers,
singers and musicians will provide continuous entertainment on four separate stages
located on Ardenwood’s extensive grounds. Living history reenactors inhabit a variety
of centuries in their various encampments and period clothing. The young at heart
will enjoy a Haggis Toss, face painting, story telling, and sword play.
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