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					                     100 Black Men of Greater Lafayette
                        Recommendations for Finalist
                    Lafayette Parish School Superintendent
                               November 8, 2011

On behalf of the 100 BMOGL and the community which we represent we would like to
thank the Lafayette Parish School Board members for allowing community participation
in the selection process of our next school superintendent. We believe that your decision
to allow the 100 BMOGL and the Lafayette Parish Education Stakeholders Council
(LaPesc), to be part of the interview process will go a long way towards building trust
and the working relationship necessary to improve our school system.
We stand ready to partner with LPSB, the new superintendent, teachers, parents and
students to make LPSS not only the best school system in the state, but also in the nation.
We remain committed to the goals that all children can learn, that we can eliminate the
achievement gap by race and income and that we can achieve a 90 percent graduation

Listed below is our recommendation regarding the three finalists for superintendent?
In making these recommendations we kept several factors in mind:
     A leader who can articulate a clear vision of where we need to go
     A change agent who will bring a fresh perspective
     A person with a proven track record for reducing achievement gaps and
        improving graduation rates
     A person who can communicate with all stakeholders
     A person who can manage a complex public school operation consisting of
        30,000 students, over 4,000 employees and substantial assets

Keeping these factors in mind and based upon the interviews we recommend the
following candidates for your consideration in the final pool:
           1. Dr. Pat Cooper
           2. Dr. Donald W. Aguillard
           3. Dr. Maria Pitre-Martin

Dr. Cooper – Recognized as a state and national leader in school reform, Dr. Cooper has
demonstrated the ability to reduce achievement gaps and improve graduation rates for all
children. With over twenty years of executive experience Dr. Cooper has the leadership
to move our schools forward.
    1. Success in turning around McComb and West Feliciana school districts
    2. A data driven leader who believes that every child can achieve
    3. Uses a holistic approach to educating children
    4. Every teacher must be an expert in the curriculum
    5. Has demonstrated the ability to bring all groups “to the table” including parents,
       stakeholders, business and agencies
   6.  Implements a 100% In & 100% Out approach
   7.  Views discipline as part of larger problem
   8.  Strongest proponent of Universal Early Childcare “enter school ready to learn”
   9.  Provided an excellent power point presentation and took the time to write answers
       to the Interview Committee’s questions
   10. Clearly demonstrated that he wants to lead the LPSS
   11. Has demonstrated the ability to leverage funds from other sources to implement

  1. Was unable to answer all questions during the allotted time

Dr. Aguillard – As superintendent of St Mary parish Dr. Aguillard has been able to move
the District Performance Scores for St. Mary into the top 15 in the state. His power point
presentation was excellent. He is the first superintendent in Louisiana to be invited to
join the National Center for Education Research and Technology.

   1. Data driven uses data to set direction and make policy
   2. Believes all children can achieve and has record to demonstrate his success
   3. Really did his homework concerning issues with LPSS
   4. A leader with confidence, ability and know how
   5. Target schools with greatest need and allocate accordingly
   6. Says literacy is key and mentioned specific intervention program “Fast Forward”
   7. Keeps board informed with weekly information packet
   8. Visited every school to meet teachers and staff, accessible to the community,
       surveyed 3-11th grades
   9. Believes in strategic planning “Road map to top tier”
   10. Only candidate to include special education in his presentation
   11. Provided solid alternatives for school funding “pay as you go” or maintenance tax

   1. Not real specific on how he kept community and stakeholders involved
   2. Has strong attachments to LPSS staff, would he make needed changes?

Dr. Maria Pitre-Martin – Very personable, exudes confidence and leadership. Her
background working with turning around schools at the state level have given her a very
solid picture of what needs to be done. Her experience with actually doing it is limited.
She is a planner and “Big Picture” person.

    1. Strategic planning, presented well prepared handout. Really did her homework on
       what is needed in LPSS
    2. Provided plan for first 90 days
   3. Focus groups for communication to include students
   4. Emphasized teacher training in the curriculum as crucial. Teachers must be
      trained in their content areas.
   5. Gave best answer on discipline. Look at other data to solve problem. Early
      warning indicators. Modeling behavior. Must have multiple interventions
   6. Would keep board informed with 60-90 reviews. Retreat for strategic planning
   7. Must have common core standards
   8. Great power point
   9. Did her homework

  1. Her experience with actually accomplishing closing achievement gap is limited.
  2. Is she strong enough and does she actually have experience to run a school
  3. “I’m a planner”
  4. Has moved around a lot

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