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					                  Origin                                   Nutritional Value                                Delicious Recipes
  Originally from Sri Lanka and the Moluccas,                                                                           “Seeing Stars”
and cultivated in Southeast Asia and Malaysia
 for several hundred years, star fruit also goes                                                       Ingredients
                                                      Serving: 1 cup cubed
    by many other names including: bilimbi,
 belimbing, Chinese star fruit, five-angled fruit     Calories: 45
                                                                                                               1/2 cup apple juice
and the star apple. Today, star fruit flourishes in   Fat Calories: less than 1g                               1 teaspoon honey
   south Florida and Hawaii because the fruit         Carbohydrates: 11 g                                      1/8 teaspoon cardamom (ground in coffee
thrives on growing in a warm environment. Star        Fiber: 3.4g                                               grinder)
    fruit are a good choice during the winter                                                                  1 clove (ground in coffee grinder)
     months, when they're readily available.                                                                   1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger
                                                                                                               1 pinch cinnamon
                                                       An average star fruit is about 5 ounces                 1 star anise (ground in coffee grinder)
                                                      and has approximately 45 calories. It is an              1 star fruit, peeled
                                                                                                               1 orange, peeled
                                                           excellent source of Vitamin C.                      1 slice pineapple, 1 inch
                                                                                                               1 lime-juice
                                                                                                               4 ice cubes
                                                       Because star fruit are a good source of
                                                        Vitamin C, star fruit can help ward off        Directions
                                                            winter colds and flu symptoms.              Heat apple juice and spices to a boil. Simmer five
                                                                                                          minutes and strain and cool. Pour apple juice
                                                                                                         mixture with rest of ingredients into blender and
                                                        With only 45 calories per fruit plus lots of              blend till icy smooth. Drink up!
     Types of Star Fruit                              fiber, star fruit is a great choice for anyone
                                                          trying to lose weight. They are also a
                                                       great source of polyphenols, which are a                      “Star Fruit Salad”
   There are two main types of star fruit: sweet
                                                            potent anti-oxidant that can fight
(think orange meets pineapple] and tart (think
  lemon). Tart varieties typically have narrowly        cardiovascular inflammation. Star Fruit is     Ingredients
spaced ribs, while sweet varieties tend to have          low in calories, high in potassium, fiber,
  thick, fleshy ribs. The tastes between the two                        and Vitamin A.                         2 star fruit
  are hardly distinguishable, as the tart variety                                                              2 kiwis
still has some sweetness. Either type progresses                                                               2 bananas
   from tarter to sweeter as it ripens. When the                                                               1 cup mango fruit nectar
                                                                                                               1 cup low fat vanilla yogurt
 skin is a clear waxy yellow, and the angles of
the ribs are beginning to brown the fruit is ripe.
 You can ripen it at room temperature (turning
 it occasionally will help it to ripen evenly) and
then place the fruits in the refrigerator to keep                                                      Peel kiwi and banana, cut into medium size pieces.
                                                                                                       Slice star fruit into ¼-inch thickness. Combine all fruits
   for about a week. This tropical fruit is readily
                                                                                                        in bowl. Add nectar over mixture. Refrigerate for 3
          available July through February.                                                                           hours. Top with vanilla yogurt.
     What is Star Fruit?                            Make Star Fruit Part of
                                                                                                           Looking for something sweet or different in the
                                                                                                            fruit department? Star fruit is just the ticket. This
                                                                                                           tropical treat has been cultivated for hundreds
                                                     Your 5-a-day Plan                                          of years throughout Southeast Asia. Now
                                                                                                             flourishing in the warm climates of Florida, it's
 Great taste, looks to kill, and a                                                                             enjoying a growing audience in even the
 cinch to prepare. This FRUIT is                    -- Add to fruit salads.                                        United States' not-so-balmy locales.
                                                    -- Use for tarts, preserves, chutney and
        really is a STAR!

                                                                                                           * StaR FrUiT *
                                                    stewed fruits.
                                                    -- Garnish chicken, pork or fish dishes.
                                                    -- Garnish beverages.
                                                    -- Add to your fruit smoothies.

                                                         More Information
    Question: “What is star fruit? At an
    upscale restaurant, my plate was                If there ever was a fruit with an obvious name,
garnished with a star-shaped food. I was
told it is called star fruit. What is star fruit?
                                                       it's star fruit! Cut the yellow five-ribbed fruit
                                                     crosswise, and there you have a golden star.                  * Kristen Huselid *
                 Is it edible?”                      It's easy for fun and quick snacks, keeps well,
                                                       and is available almost all year. But is there         Even though this fruit is exotic, that doesn't
                                                     more you would like to know? If so, be sure to        mean it's complicated. Just wash, cut and eat.
Answer: Yes! The star fruit, or carambola,                    check out the following websites:               And when it comes to cooking, star fruit is
      is a tropical fruit that is gaining                                                                    surprisingly versatile. Slice and sauté it as an
 popularity in the United States. This fruit               easy side dish, or add star fruit to a standard
acquired its name from the five-pointed                                                                         stir fry. While tart varieties work best for
 star shape when cut across the middle                                                                       cooking, the sweeter ones are great mixed
of the fruit. It has a waxy, golden yellow                                                                 into fruit salads or used in preserves or desserts.
                                                                                                              Finally, the fruit's unique shape makes it a
 to green color skin with a complicated
                                                                                                            ready-made garnish. So put down the pastry
  flavor combination that includes kiwi                                                                        bag, and throw a slice or two of star fruit
   fruit, apple, plums, pineapples, and                                                                                    on top of that cake.
                                                                                                           Read more to see why this star of the produce
                                                                                                                 department is a wish come true.

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