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									HD TV Flat Screen Television - From The Sixties To Present Day

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You can not help but notice that flat screen monitors have been around for some time now.
Laptop production would not be cost-effective if it had not been for the production of a flat

The original design was quite heavy and had a rounded screen but these were later replaced by
the superior and lighter flat screen version.

Remarkable as it may sound the original design dates back to 1964. This technology was
discovered due to the need for scientists to have better computer screens that did not require
constant upgrade.

Plasma TV offers a better screen resolution and eliminates the need to have a normal TV set as a
computer screen. LCD and plasma TV came as a result of a revolution in TV technology. It did
not happen immediately, but 1964 was certainly the starting point from which scientists had
begun to work on developing this idea.

TV has come a long way since it's humble black and white beginnings. It was a novelty to own a
device that can display an image that was being broadcast hundreds of miles away. Of course,
the picture was grainy and black and white but at one time a television was something that only
the rich could afford.

LCD TV has finally become more affordable and is within the reach of most families. Television
has changed from the original small set to having much larger screen sizes. Although bigger the
original large screen TV's where distorted and lost their bright colours. LCD and plasma resolved
this dilemma by the replacement of the cathode ray tube to the revolutionary plasma screen.

People from all over the world are choosing flat screen TV and throwing out their old TV sets.
The reduction in price has enabled most customers to swap to the new fantastic models that are
out there.

Plasma screens generally, manage faster moving images better than LCD. The plasma and LCD
screens look similar but are in fact different. Some LCD's do not have the level of colour
accuracy as the plasma screen displays.

Historically plasmas have better viewing angles than LCD and you will tend to see variations of
colour while the colours of the plasma remain much stronger.

Manufactures advancements in new technology has resulted in suppliers being able to offer
realistic selling prices and LCD TV's have fallen in price from several thousand of dollars to just
several hundred dollars.
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