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					   Working Title: Invisible War v2.0
   Theme: Terror on War                                                             12/24/2011
   Original 04-07                                                                   Rev 2.0

Document Identifier : C-DP-100A
This document reflects the concepts of the said working title.

Invisible War is a story that depicts human suffering and survival towards the destiny of
human destruction. In essence, every object that exists has a continuous invisible war or
conflict. The main character in the story is struggling to find himself, in addition, to stop
the person who has become the Redeemer of the world. This Redeemer, is nothing but
the Influencer of many, who ultimately wants the human race controlled, contained, and
ultimately destroyed. During all this conflict, many factions are playing against each
other in a power struggle for land, water, and religious control. These factions believe
that they will be ‘the one’ that will up rise and bring stability and law to Earth, when in
the end, they were just a controlled force to destroy the other in attempt for total
In the time of The Coming, of the Ends Of Earth, humans will consistently build and re-
build, hoping that peace and structure will enter their lives. The followers of many shall
flock to the powers that be and in hopes that a structured society will prevail, only to find
that their destiny lies within their own paths, and influenced by the destiny of others.
Invisible War is a story that opens the mind of questions. It is a story of compassion and
determination. It is a story of mind psyche in which will help liberate the mind into
knowing that the events of reality are separate from the events from the mind. Our bodies
are the transport, and our minds are the tool to get us to our destiny…
…to our end.

(Treatment established during writing or after story)

   This document reflects the working title and roadmap. It is subject to change.      Page 1 of 31
   Design By C. Winters
   Working Title: Invisible War v2.0
   Theme: Terror on War                                                                            12/24/2011
   Original 04-07                                                                                  Rev 2.0

Character Descriptions
The Character Descriptions part describes characters in detail or working concepts. The main characters will
be described first, then other characters in detail.

(Main Character)
Names: Echo Hades
Status: Secondary Character
Known as: ANTI-CHRIST, REDEEMER, THE ONE, End of Earth Influential (EOEI) , End of Times, EOEI =
Conservative Crusader or The Redeemer (name instead of Anti Christ) Influential (EOTI)

Female, 5‘8, 120 pounds, attractive. Wears little makeup because of natural beauty. Hair constantly changes

Her Protecting AI is named Nituna. Nor-ROM and Nand-Rom are her regular AI‘s for intelligence, searches,
upgrades, and maintenance.

Came from poor family, became rich because of family invention. The father (Peter Hades) invented an
object called Cellophrane. (See technology below) Peter Hades invented the object for insulation and the
ability to self wrap. The cellulose was modified to act with its environment.
Abused, sexually and mentally, but has total control and learned from those issues. Most part of abuse is
used as an advantage, like ‗classy‘ and ‗seductive‘ traits. She constantly has flashbacks and evolves from
those dreams. Her abusers stemmed from various boyfriends in the past. What drove her to become the
Redeemer was the corruption of Power, from her abusive past, and seeing how she could change the world,
for the better, although is ultimately for the worst. She leads the world into total destruction as she de-
humanizes herself. Knowing this, she gains power from the dark side (Satan, the White Devil, etc) and uses
these abilities as she finds herself powerful as people worship her.

Abilities: Run fast, physically fit. Can levitate objects (in later years) very good staff fighter (learned from
Soren), can manipulate weak minds and others by persuasion.

* The Redeemer uses social security numbers or Social Economic Numbering IDs (SENI). These are similar
to social security numbers in America, except they are global tracking numbers. Since everyone uses SS for
buying credit, bank transactions and figuring out IDs, the SENI's will be used globally. (*MIDDLE*)

* The Redeemer will take two rival religions and talk bad about each other, using each other to fight wars to
finish off each other. (*MIDDLE*)

* The Redeemer is female. In addition, females will start over populating the planet near end of times.
(*BEGINNING –stated as a leader wanna be*)

* The Redeemer will use several key figure international money men to gain power. She will rule without a
country, but the money alone will prosper. This will be the next superpower of man. (*BUILDING OF
I believe that it is important to know what these big money men stand to gain out of helping Eco Hades. how
does their financing the destruction and end of the world benefit them? Or maybe they view Eco Hades as a
good samaritan figure who claims that she will use their money to do go in the world and then turns around
and uses it for her diabolical plans.
They become kings, she leads them to believe, because the world is half ruined.

* She becomes more and more inhuman or claims her self not human since she starts to find more mind
level powers. Soren proves she is when he cuts her.
What happens when he cuts her? Do she have super healing power where the cut heals right back up, or
does nothing happen to her at all?

* The woman is the Redeemer. She represents the world or the physical spiritual sense. The physical
characteristics of males and females are coined daytime and night time, as a sign of what the spiritual side of
the bible is talking about. Since Revelation discussed a Woman that rode the beast, we can use the woman
who rode the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns. This signifies peoples of nations, the 10 horns can be 10
   This document reflects the working title and roadmap. It is subject to change.                       Page 2 of 31
   Design By C. Winters
   Working Title: Invisible War v2.0
   Theme: Terror on War                                                                        12/24/2011
   Original 04-07                                                                              Rev 2.0

international money men. Since women are more organizational than men, and the public loves to see
women, and when a woman speaks, she is quite powerful in her drive. In addition, men fall to beautiful

* (character personality) The Redeemer IS NOT politically connected. She doesn‘t need to be. She is also
meant to arise from the old Roman empire (The E.U) (*BUILDING OF STORY*)
Can this be taken to mean that these money men are in on the Anti-Christ's plan or are the pawns that
facilitate Eco Hades' devious plans?

* She will introduce a new Valhalla-Jannah [garden] ( paradise heaven). It is basically a revamped city or
MegaCity of warranted people. (*END*)
What is the purpose of this garden paradise? If she wants to bring about the end of the world, how would
this benefit her? Or does she use it as a way to bribe people into her following? --bribery

* The Redeemer wanted power and leadership originally, but more power corrupted her, making her a
powerful leader from various support. (*BEGIN-MIDDLE*)
This seems to indicate that Eco Hades was originally good and wanted to rule people fairly. Is that what this
is saying? If so, what drove her to the hateful point that she wanted to destroy the world?

* Echo saves a lot of people and as she is sick of all the corruption, battles herself to not be corrupted. As
she fails, she is succumbed into herself. Her invisible war is self pride, vanity, and control. She uses people
in the end and their soul to build up an army to control the world. She never wanted to destroy the Earth as
Soren thought, which he ends up destroying the earth – cleaning it. Since people try to hold onto their life
(fountain of youth type) by using implants and genetically nano-tech organs, the human are replaced and
changed into hybridynes. Echo uses these people as slaves…. And the army.

* Echo constantly changes. In the end she becomes inhuman and makes herself that way. Her face is not of
human anymore as she die casts her head in gold, many bodily functions are upgraded by bio technological
devices, and she becomes very powerful. She is the work of the end of the earth‘s living destruction.

   This document reflects the working title and roadmap. It is subject to change.                   Page 3 of 31
   Design By C. Winters
    Working Title: Invisible War v2.0
    Theme: Terror on War                                                                       12/24/2011
    Original 04-07                                                                             Rev 2.0

(Main Character)
Names: Soren Salus (salvation)
Codename: Foto (Foe Of The Oppressor)

Fight, with staff, learns to be real fast.

UPDATE (Sept 08) AMBER KEYS will be the girlfriend of Soren, who ends up betraying him.
-He was originally an Orphanic (See Note on Orphanics and the relation )

* The main character is liked by kids and animals. He isn‘t aware of it until someone later on mentions it.
A cool thing could be if he had the power to communicate with animals and understand them (A power he
later discovers). Furthermore, we could say that he has the constant dreams that start suddenly, and he
doesn't quite understand the significance of them. In these dreams, he sees himself in certain settings and
situations, acting a particular way or doing something unique. When he awakes, the dreams initially mean
nothing to him, but he later finds himself in the exact same setting/situation that he pictured in the dreams,

* Favourite Band: Asteroid DayDreamers

* Worked for a company called Tek-Analogy that constructed AI‘s. He worked as a QA/QC engineer, but the
programmers liked his talent. They tried making him a project director, but he isn‘t interested. He has his own
lab and created himself an AI named Bler 44. Bler stood for Block Error because Bler 44‘s characteristic of
block errors occurring in his personality trait. He die-casted his RAM and there was a software bug. A block
error is a ration of the number of erroneous blocks to the total number of blocks received on a digital circuit.
BLER is measured after the channel de-interleaving and decoding by evaluating the CRC transport block.
Since this is a flawed characteristic, BLER can be sometimes a wise-cracker, dumb-founded, or just plain
hardheaded. (*BEGINNING / BUILDING*)
Be sure to explain all the technical details so that regular individuals that are not too tech savvy can
understand what you are talking about with all these high tech gadgets, etc.

*Has been cloned two times, and is a part of the Orphanics. Soren feels as if his life is never accomplished.
Although confident, he has to perform a mandatory mind dump. He isn‘t aware of this memory dump as he
thinks it is only sessions with his mentors.

* The mind and the events of the mind, along with the events of the surroundings are used. For example:
The main character will try to describe his feelings compared to those who are not aware of his/her
surroundings. Even the mind is what controls us; people do not understand that 'our' bodies are a mode of
transport. Our minds really control us, and do not really belong to it. We belong to our minds. We do what our
minds tell us, and this is proven by impulse. Impulse was based on what we were taught by habitual events
of out surroundings. Once this has been established, we now have the evens of the mind.
The main character also describes how many people in the world are asleep. Those people who are asleep
are the ones who are more influential. They only believe so many things and refuse the other knowledge, or
contain themselves in a realm of knowledge and do not expand. The ones who think, question, and gain
knowledge in all realms of the world, universe, and beyond can really only understand.
The main character also describes that mostly abused individuals are more expressive and are keener to
knowledge and being 'awake'.
Don't forget to address how the soul plays into all of this. It is still an aspect to consider, and although the
mind is a powerful aspect, this can be a point that is brought up.

* The main character, as opposed to -being- the Redeemer, the character could be AGAINST it. For
example, maybe trying to either find a way for death or a way to avoid it, although he/she is the person who
is going to CAUSE it. Another way is he tries to stop the Redeemer‘s plans or the like, but ends up
advancing them. (*MIDDLE / END*)
Make sure to sort out whether or not the main character will be fully aware of his actions that lead to the
cause of redemption.

* Ok, if the main character is going to be the cause of it, due to certain actions imposed on the Redeemer.
Since he started a ‗threat‘ to her, and to other people now fighting various wars for unknown reasons, he will
be eventually blamed by her that will cause him to go to the Underground (see above ).
    This document reflects the working title and roadmap. It is subject to change.                 Page 4 of 31
    Design By C. Winters
   Working Title: Invisible War v2.0
   Theme: Terror on War                                                                          12/24/2011
   Original 04-07                                                                                Rev 2.0

* (personality) The reason why the Main character cannot detect friends evil or problems is because he
knows them well. Only he/she can detect strangers. In the long run, this 'ability' will not be ability, but a
judgment passed on people with a good guess. It may appear to be an ability, but it isn't. This is a symbolism
on how people judge others, without knowing them.
Ties into earlier note about deception.

* Sorens‘ invisible war is friends who deceive him, his past relationship with Echo, and his own torment and
failures. Soren also has a disease called Arachnoid Cyst, which grew over time, taking over his brain. He
destroys the Earth, or cleans most of its population by the means of a couple of followers of the Church of
the Order. In the end, he has a few followers who don‘t hear from him in a certain time to send off a Cyphron
Bomb in the Antartic. This is the first chapter, which will be the last, but Echo will change the dynamics of it in
the end story.

Soren is tied to the Orphanics but the Orpahnics hardly recognize him due to the deconstruction of his
―network‖ by Maceo Baker. Maceo had to revive or repair Soren due to a near devastation in an earlier
Orphanics War. Although the Orphanics did not ―know‖ him they at least remembered what he did in
previous years, and those years were a long time ago. Orphanics never aged like Soren did, but thy did
know of a great leader. Since they were disconnected via network, they did not recognize him by the years
he was aged and his body being cloned.
As a child, in his original physical form, Soren was a part of the Emptive-P li experiment (listed elsewhere)
but his emotions ran too strong. He was the only prototype which was not perfected as the later Orphanics,
which made him both bio-modified and truly organic. His organic being overruled the bio-modified body in
percentage. Since Soren was the prototype, the Orphanics were ever more so upgraded throughout the
years as they built, stole, and traded technology. When the Orphanics were re-designed after Soren, they
were already majorly upgraded and heavily bio-modified.
He became the leader of the uprising of the creators of the Orphanics. During the uprising he was badly
wounded, Near death, he was dumped, after being tortured, along with other junk parts, trash and the like.
Maceo Baker, hiding amoung the salvation yard noticed the commotion and waited for the intruders to leave.
He investigated and brought him into his own underground lab. Soren was thought to not survive the torture
as his captors believed that he would not live very long and wanted him to endure a painful death by the
Outside world. Poison, critters, and savages would eventually tear him apart.
Maceo previously was told through prophets are by ―spirits‖ there would be a great human that was to go
through great suffering who would fight the ultimate great cause for humanity. He would also rise to power
after defeating the evil one responsible for the final end of the world.

Maceo revived Soren and he took care of him, training him, and taught him many survival tactics. However,
Soren later died in the years that passed, by a disease named Arachnoid Cyst. It had characteristics that
spread throughout the body, strangulating nervous systems, brain functions, and muscle coordination. The
disease was arduous to destroy, Maceo learned. He was upset and decide to clone Soren at the age at
which he died. He also added his old bio-modified wares along with data cubes within his mind.
Throughout the years, Maceo made ―restore points‖ when he learned something new. This would enable for
him to monitor his life and make changes if needed to ―prepare‖ and make him a better person that himself.
Soren was not aware, but he instructed Soren to interface with a ―session device‖ to perform memory dumps
at certain intervals within his life. In addition, this session made soren feel at ease and put him in a state at
which refreshed his mind.

The Orphanics would eventually find Soren via he means of information brokers and the help of Maceo.
They find him accidentally during the battle of the Lost Children (Ashnishnia emergence finding them from a
raided convoy). Al Kasaar, a fierce bounty hunter tracked them down by stumbling on them.

Maceo let Soren go into the ―warranted‖ world, or the world that was at least established as a civil area for
several reasons: 1) To get well aquainted with a better world 2) Trade connections 3) Possible data mining
4) To be hidden and learn the ―ways‖ of the civil world and act as a secret infiltration for the possible
upcoming enemies Maceo knew that would arise.
Maceo, ultimately used Soren, although he cared for him as a son.

   This document reflects the working title and roadmap. It is subject to change.                     Page 5 of 31
   Design By C. Winters
   Working Title: Invisible War v2.0
   Theme: Terror on War                                                                                12/24/2011
   Original 04-07                                                                                      Rev 2.0

* Some characters will have artificial intellegence partners. AI Partners are like pets, defenders, or personal
advisors. See below for naming and description.

(BOLD) represents a CEO
(Italics + shaded) represent a LEADER. Except, on ―Side‖ it is used as a separator.

Character                  Description                               Alliance                Hybridyne           Side
Alina Sparks               Soren‘s colleague but ends up being       4th Stand                                   Soren
                           a rebel (4th stand)
Ribbon Boa                 Soren Supporter                           Church Of The Order                         Soren
Maceo Baker                Soren‘s Best friend                       Church Of The Order     Priode              Soren
Ehda O'Tega                One of Soren‘s followers                  Church Of The Order                         Soren
Sanji Sance                CEO Tek Analogy                           NWO                                         Soren
Ichio Yagasaki             4th Stand leader                          4th Stand
Benjamin Trygg             NSF leader                                ---
Chauncey Simms             CEO Altheon                               NWO                                         Echo
Zed Xan ―Jed Shee-         Leader of Church of the Order             Church Of The Order     Brother             Soren
Zeke Yarwood               CEO Cyto-Archtonics                       NWO                                         Echo
Tristan Palmer             CEO of Altirius Pharm Co.                 NWO                     Elo                 Echo
Al-Kassar Somer            Bounty Hunter (very keen, strong,         Ashnishnia, but
                           intelligent)                              defects
(*) Amber Keys             Echo‘s best girl friend.                  Re-Unification Of The   Bliss               Echo
(*)Teidra Toth             NWO leader                                NWO                                         Echo
Mike Nealon                CEO of Bosconia Pharm                     NWO                     3905 Cite           Echo
(*) Cherish Hades          Echo‘s 2nd best friend                    Re-Unification Of The                       Echo
(Hades = Hell)                                                       Interfaith
Simily Sjaarda (S‘Yarda)   CEO AtriaLife                             NWO                                         Echo
Persaphanie Fihr           Luminary Fihr                             Luminaries (Christian                       Soren
Alan Fontaine              CEO AmericanGreen                         NWO                                         Echo
Kevin Patterson Kirk       Transgressor Leader                       ---                                         Echo
Anthony Parkinson          Owner of Seery. Had skin cancer but       New Covenant                                Soren
                           Seery bit it off before he was
Harry Booth                Elderly man, father of Zach Booth.        New Covenant                                Soren
                           He belongs to the New Covenant.
Zach Booth                 Harry Booth‘s Son. He is murdered         New Covenant                                Soren
                           by The Incinerator (Mass Human
Azatt Samir                ---                                       ---                     Aria                ---
Mahesh Mujaheed            Semiramis leader                          Semaramis               Neter
Kimora Lea                 Semiramis                                 Semaramis
Brisa Monseratt            ---                                       ---                     ---                 ---
Dr. Damaris Hadley         CEO Oxygenetics                           NWO
Call Tiferet               Soren‘s advisor (he stumbles on and       Church Of The Order                         Soren
                           becomes ally to him) ends up not real
                           and an AI
Tianna Short               Anthony Perkinsons girlfriend.            Muslim
Saniyah Burgess            Luminary Burgess                          Luminaries (Muslim
Leticia Ciera
Becky Bortner              Ashnishnia Emergence                      Ashnishnia
Alia Yars                  Ashnishnia Emergence                      Ashnishnia
Kevin Aimes                1 terrorist of The Cephron Storm
Malaack Jeir               1 terrorist of The Cephron Storm
Dajon McCallister          1 terrorist of The Cephron Storm
   This document reflects the working title and roadmap. It is subject to change.                         Page 6 of 31
   Design By C. Winters
   Working Title: Invisible War v2.0
   Theme: Terror on War                                                                           12/24/2011
   Original 04-07                                                                                 Rev 2.0

Seery                      Dog of Anthony Parkinson. He was          ---
                           murdered for biting it off. Seery could
                           detect cancer because cancer cells
                           emitted a ‗smell‘
Soren                      The messenger. See character note         Forced to join The      BLER44         Soren
                           above this chart                          Church Of The Order     Needa
Echo                       The NWO leader. See character note        Re-Unification of The   Nituna         Echo
                           above this chart                          Interfaith/NWO          Peele

   This document reflects the working title and roadmap. It is subject to change.                      Page 7 of 31
   Design By C. Winters
      Working Title: Invisible War v2.0
      Theme: Terror on War                                                                     12/24/2011
      Original 04-07                                                                           Rev 2.0

Orphanics belong to a class of their own. See ‗Orphanics‘ section under the Hybridyne or AI description.
Orphanic                         Description                     Abilities/Weakness    Side
Maleen                                                                                 Soren
Mira                                                                                   Soren
Cyrus                                                                                  Soren
L34 (Elle)                                                                             Soren
Char                                                                                   Soren
Imir                                                                                   Soren
Petrov                                                                                 Soren
Chelsea                          Leader of the Orphanics                               Soren
                                 Emptive-Pi Li. She is16.
Hondo                            Cargo, transport,                                     Soren
                                 environment water
Chaktakk                                                                               Soren
Pram                             Prefers to work with Lam.                             Soren
                                 Both are excellent hackers.
Lam                              Prefers to work with Pram.                            Soren
                                 Both are excellent hackers.
Sy                               Medical Specialist                                    Soren
Romac                            Infiltration                                          Soren
Norske                                                                                 Echo
Palenco                                                                                Echo
L644                                                                                   Echo
Susa                             [deceased] Orphanic Lost                              Soren
                                 Children war
Bao                              [deceased] Orphanic Lost                              Soren
                                 children War
Tan                              [deceased] Orphanic Lost                              Soren
                                 Children War
Mae Mae                                                                                Echo

      This document reflects the working title and roadmap. It is subject to change.              Page 8 of 31
      Design By C. Winters
    Working Title: Invisible War v2.0
    Theme: Terror on War                                                                         12/24/2011
    Original 04-07                                                                               Rev 2.0

See the terminology for A.I below. Hybridynes is used instead of A.I., or Cybernectics.

AI Names           Characteristics
Trucket            Spy AI. No owners, Various renters. Infects Ving, lives dormant.
Flask              Information broker
Seekr              Hired assimulator/hacker. Assimulates with Peele to a assassinate Echo. No owners.
Noah               Noah (Non Organic Analytical Hybridyne) The only Hybridyne that self evolved with vast
                   of information for energy trade. It is the hybridyne that is the ‗Oracle‘ to many knowledge
                   facets. NOAH is the ends of an information broker. It is unknown of its where abouts, but
                   some say an orbiting satellite. NOAH is also a major information broker (disguised as a
                   holographic, elderly man behind an old, ―writers‘‖ desk). NOAH self exists to survive and
                   collect. *See notes on NOAH
GateCrasher        Defender and update AI. No owners, Just updates AI. Defends AI against viri
Dity Bit           Rebel AI. Likes to copy others by assimulating knowedge and personality. Takes over
                   BLER, leaving him against Soren.
Boopal             Spy AI. No owners, Various renters
Needa              Defender (Double ICE armed)
Diacron            Updater, mechanic, writer (software), interfaces
Vixie              Defender (ICE armed). Sea Archology (Pound Penny)
Brother            Defender (ICE armed), recites philosophy of the ‗religion‘
Pineda             Defender (ICE armed). Porperty of Sea Archology (Solimar)
Elo                Always says Hello, without the H.
BLER               From a flawed error transport block, wise-crack, hardheaded, jokes
Pilot              Very stern, intelligent, devoted AI for transports / driver. Various transports carry this AI
3905 Cite          Information specialist
Fowler             Mean AI. Likes to pick on others. Rougue AI from rebels. BLER destroys him.
Prui               Quick AI to answer questions. Gives too much data
Mathews            Very intelligent AI with smart elce answers. Resembles BLER
(Search AI)
Wynne              History bot (Histo-Bot)
Aria (Hebrew       Defender (ICE armed)
(*) Bliss
(*) Nituna (Nit-   Intelligent, guardian, armed with ICE projectiles. Means daughter in Native American lang.
Priode             Pronounced Pree-ode-ee
(*) Peele          AI capabilities, Search, developer, guardian, updater. However, when it attempts to
                   assassinate Echo, Nituna destroys Peele. Peele was assimulated by Seekr (hired by
                   Ashnishnia Emergence)
Isla Shara         Property of Sea Archology (Pressha)
Aloma              (Ah –lo-mah) means Dove. Peaceful AI. Property of Sea Archology
Pace               Tour hybridyne (antartica) –pre NOW at Fine Bliss Ego Station (so life begins anagram)
Ara                Care Taker, IT, updater, hist-o-bot, etc. Property of Sea Archology (Pound Penny)
Bijay              Funny redneck type AI. It lives in the Outside Unwarranted World. Various outside
                   warrants or unwarranted people hire Bijay. Bijay is worn but always gets upgrades.
                   Hacker project.
Sanford            Information Broker
Delmonico          It lives in the Outside Unwarranted World (worked with 4 stand)
Triple ANI         It lives in the Outside Unwarranted World. Loner.
NorROM             Faster to read, slower to write (memory storage) (Nor ROM), fadter to write, slower to read
NandROM            (Nand-Rom) to ‗brother‘ AI‘s. Very efficient when together.

AI‘s are simply specially constructed organic/cybernetic/artificial intelligence that can give advise or pose
questions towards their Owner. The design of the Hybridyne:
    This document reflects the working title and roadmap. It is subject to change.                    Page 9 of 31
    Design By C. Winters
   Working Title: Invisible War v2.0
   Theme: Terror on War                                                                        12/24/2011
   Original 04-07                                                                              Rev 2.0

Not all Hyybridynes‘ locomotive is done by levitation. Some are also are bipedal.
Levitation is done by the means of magnetism of pyrolytic graphite-carbonic metal. Loca-motion is done by
small propulsive energy impulses of neodymium magnetism and magnetic distortion disruptors. Some
surfaces that do not support magnetic properties cannot support levitation.

Holograph – HoliVector (holographic vector) representation of a face. It contains nano elements or voxels of
energetic plasma to form a volumetric display. IT is created by materials such as photorasters,
photothermoplastics, and photokinsetics.

- Nano-Refractors are nano robots that aid in refracting light. They are used in HoliVectors (holographic
machines for Hybridyness)

The Holograph is enclosed in a device to create it. The device has various designs. It can also float along
side its Owner. Propulsion is the same, magnetic impulsive energy. Each AI is ―recorded‖ from the source
when created to give it a personality. Sometimes AI‘s can be updated.
When an Owner is in trouble and compromising secret information, he/she can command the AI to self
destruct. The AI will erase all data and backups and then end up in an endless loop of pointless
mathematical calculations. Basically, the AI ends up confusing itself until it is spent. Most AI‘s are designed
at Tek-Anaology Headquarters, where Soren worked. He was one of the QA specialists there.

A great description on how efficient some AI technology is as far as memory goes is:
‗RAM is where stuff runs. When you turn on your device, it loads programs from the ROM into the RAM and
runs them from the RAM. When you play a song, it loads a bit of the song out of the ROM into the RAM,
plays that bit, throws it out, and loads the next bit. When you read an email, it loads the text from ROM into
RAM and displays it. When you load the next one, it throws that text out and loads the new text. Go back to
the one you just threw out, and it'll load it out of ROM again.‘

AI communications can be accomplished by occipital ioctls (I-oct-tuls) (input – output controls) or voice
synthesis in presence. Ioctls are from implants and are transmitted via a gps type signal. The signal carries a
text format and is sent to reciver/transmitter. A ack/nack is followed.

Instead of the cellular phone, which is a thing of the past, communicative devices are within these occipital
implants. Using GPS and the Satellite Net system (STARS), one can device a message by thought and
deliver it to a recipient using their GPS .Since the development was created in the q2Ks, messages up to 55
characters where allowed.

Orphanics (Codename: The Missing Children)
Human children abandoned by natural mothers (by choice or medical buyout) that was used in military or
bio-medical experiments. Some are cloned, replicants, or bio-modified soldiers.
Instead of abortion, clinics would buy the embryos or buyout new borns. They would condition the humans
into possible soldiers, or medical experiemrnts, but secret to the main public. After various revisions of
conditions, the children would be put to use, starting from the age of 12. These newly conditioned children,
dubbed, Orphanics, were bio-modified to the point that they became a machine. Orphanics were networked
together. If one of the network was to drop ACK/NACK transmissions, then the network was sealed to have
communication continuity. Orphanics have a huge datacubes installed and purge out information from the
main network at an unknown, un-disclosed location. Some sources rumoured tha the Orphanics are now a
part of NOAH, and that‘s where the information is being data mined.
The medically modified revised children were supposed to be made for fighting in armies that would buy
them. Those armies making the purchase, were told that the specs were hybridynes. However, eventually,
The Missing Children fought back under a bad batch of revisions. After a huge explosion at the birthplace
which they were created, they gathered all information, freed all Orphanics (Missing Children), transferred all
data collected, eradicated all servers and data warehouses, and went into exhile. Most Orphanics live in the
Outside World, or the Un-warranted areas.
The Missing Children possess extraordinary bio-logical powers, mostly powered by nano-technology. One
known Orphanic, Chelsea Grant was adopted by parents, who inside the new world order secretly had their
own problems. Chelsea was bought right before the establishment of the new world order. They knew that
their derelict Chelsea, being a wonderful, obeying child, would never report their problematic parents.
All Orphanics possess bio-technical powers, but in addition to that, they:

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Can communicate via dedicated satellite orbiting Earth, slightly higher than the normal low orbiting satellites.
Their communication comes in a series of packets, with PEL-4 encryption and dual-coupling error detection.

Energy rate expenditure is lower than any other bio-modified individual. This means they‘re equipment is
powered by body (admosis), but alternate current by solar-synthesis.

Self evolving by data mining.

Very human like, and some adopt emotion, and some do not adopt emotion.

Once attacked, then the attacker will submit as much as information by optical, audio, position location, and
infra-red snapshots via network. Prior to meeting destruction, all information is dumped, and then perform a
complete mind swipe and lock-out before short circuiting their equipment and terminating.

IDs of Orphanics are UIDs (User Identification). Example: 9IR47QRZ93-34TR245BRE

N.O.A.H. (Non Organic Analytical Hybridyne)
The only hybridyne that self evolved with vast amount of stored information. It uses this information for
energy trade to help sustain. It is the hybridyne that is considered the Oracle to many. NOAH, mainly, is an
information broker. It trades and mines data constantly. It also depends on other information broker dealers.
In exchange, the dealers are remitted in global access, credits, information, and free transportation from
hybridyne transporters.
It is unknown of its where about, but some say an orbiting satellite higher than any other satellite within
Earth. Some rumoured that NOAH was constructed in the year 1985, and evolved. Once technology became
advanced, NOAH decided to take over, without worry from its creators. The purpose of creating NOAH is
unknown although there was interest in major space exploration. Those individuals who were responsible
were eradicated during the Great Collapse. Previously, NOAH managed to self sustain. Concerned, NOAH
tried contacting anyone, anything throughout the universe, NOAH figured the time the transmission was to
be sent out and return, would take decades to report back, if anything.
NOAH typically appears on various Holivectors and prefers to communicate that way. The transmissions are
encrypted in PEL-4, the same as the Orphanics, and uses many hops on sub-nets making NOAHs
transmissions untraceable.
Although NOAH brokers information (which is a valuable commodity these days), it will also give freely
information that is non-specific to sensitive data. NOAH appears is properly summoned at the right
communication points.
It is said that the Missing Children Orphanics are a part of NOAHs sub-system. Even though they cannot
trace NOAHs original position, they appear to be a part of NOAH due to their encryption schemes. Their
security system is also similar to NOAH‘s, whereas if you tried to attack any of NOAHs information brokers or
syndics, then all would be notified of such threat.

NOAH is THE entity that you believe will be the ultimate hero- helping others, although it has no regard for
human life. It is machine, and machines typically have no regard for life. NOAH will ultimately be the puppet
master that controls all machines and robotics throughout the world. It already controls information, sub
systems, and many other robotic and electronic devices via vast network or (new word) exterranets.
Exterranet are extranets and internets combined.

NOAH actually uses everyone. It wants to remove all individuals who are 100% Organic. Noah will tolerate
organic life, but it must be converted to hyberdyne. Noah will use Echo, who creates a clone hybredyne army
to turn against each other after the destruction of factions.
Everyone thinks Noah is a human entity based on its appearances via holographic graphics. In addition,
many believe it is human in some unknown location. Most do not pursue the location of Noah—except when
Kasaar stumbles across the disassembly of a few Orphanics. When he learns they are tied together, then
Kasaar wants to utilize Noah as an ultimate weapon.

* ―Cares‖ for Orphanics. Since Orphanics are mostly bio-modified and well connected with Noah, it hires
bounty hunters who attack any Orphanics. The bounty hunters are typically lone Areocrons, hybredynes, or
other inorganic entities.
When he tried to destroy Al Kasaar, he re-routes his logic plan because Kasaar eventually joins Echo and
her world. Noah knows that Soren and the Orphanics will be looking for him based on Chelsea‘s death. Noah
actually helps located Kasaar. Kasaar‘s death is met by the Orphanics after a battle. Soren cannot fight him
due to his abilities. Soren is wounded by Kasaar, but the Orphanics are superior to Kasaar.
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Note: Even though Chelsea‘s death has been met, Noah doesn‘t seem to have regard for Chelsea. The
reason why is because Chelsea is still more organic than the other Orphanics. This is why Chelsea is the
leader. Also Noah cannot ―control‖ Chelsea‘s mind.

* All information brokers deliver energy cubes to a specified location. Noah acquires them by unknown
means and gets them delivered to its station. He even employs organics as information brokers.

* Uses Echo or directs her when she is heavily bio-modified to become the most powerful organic/hybredyne
entity. Echo will be the ―human‖ form for Noah to get its job done: control of the world for a machine dwelling.
Echo learns the location of Noah via Kasaar and Noah grants access. Once accessed, Echo is killed off, and
then Noah‘s logic and functions are transferred through the internals of Echo.

* Gives information that individuals need, but this information is used for their purpose. Noah will never be
reached or found and isn‘t worried over protection. It already has it by the means of hybredynes.

The reason why Noah canot fully control or declare itself a self sufficient entity is because it needs to rely on
organics to help build the hybrdynes population. Once enough hybrdynes are in populous then it can begin
the finalization. The organics that are not bio modified in any way –cannot- be controlled in anyway, and this
makes it hard to control, so hybrdynes must seek out and destroy or assimulate.

* Noah has archived information ince its inception of the 1980‘s. Naoh started as a classified military
satellite. It was updagraded within time and revamped in the 2000‘s by various countries in space
exploration. It ―disappeared‖ during the Great Collapse and re-appeared (see previous notes on it trying to
transmit data outside our world and within). It constantly collects data. It fed off other satellites and also fed
off data within the world that started to regain communication from the Great Collapse. These days, data is
collected by information broker exchange, hybdrdynes (while collecting data, and transferring data, and etc).
Since all data is sent by networks, Noah, collects them. No one knew its presence.

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Moments in Time
The Moments In Time are events that are events described in chapters of the book.
Make sure to lead significance to the Moments in Time. Once they are introduced in the story, they should
really tie into things that will come in later on. When they are first introduced, the readers may not
understand them, but events later will explain why they were there and what their importance was.

* Although we talk about weird weather changes, like California having 20 degree cold or another state
having weather it ISNT supposed to have, this is a tell tale sign of the end times. (*BEGINNING / MIDDLE*)
Only the New Covenant individuals know about this one.

During many battles corporations will blame each other, run false ―ads‖; Echo will also hire her management
team to extinguish unwarranted people as she feels. However, she will not know how they are extinguished.
Many religious factions are constantly fighting along with other social unrest within communities. Until order
is restored, human race cannot get a step ahead.

* twist: since God has a plan, humans are following the path to self-destruction, A twist is taken to destroy
ourselves. god had a plan to carry but ended up upset and wants to destroy all man kind, and start over, like
he did with the dinosaurs. Jer 29:11 (For I know the plans I have for you,‖ declares the Lord, ―plans to
prosper and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.‖ Note: Main thing in this is people lose
faith in everything: themselves, god, and life
In this paragraph, the only people who have faith are the unwarranted people. Warranted people feel secure,
but live in constant fear. Because many of the unwarranted people may ―work‖ for next to nothing within
warranted areas, there are always cargo robberies. There will always be social unrest as people need
supplies. Another situation is where people try and try their best to hold onto life, and wheter it is bad or
good, mistakes or a step ahead, humans ultimately are destined for removal of the universe. Even if humans
live through 11 millennia, the Earth will be engulfed with a super nova of the sun.

* New World Order or NWO will be presented at a big reform conduction meeting, by Echo, the Redeemer.
All financial bankers will intervene at a huge rally held in Sweden. Once this NWO is established at a
conference, many will follow. Countries will start joining the faction. (*MIDDLE*)
Don't forget to point out why all the countries wanted to join. What was so good about the NWO?

* From beginning to end, life will be suffering. Not all painful, or what not, its just suffering as in challenges,
wars, and constant turmoil. Corporations will have child corps to keep people in control. (*MIDDLE*)

* In the story – there will be multiple counts of various ―Leaflets of Terrorism‖ that will strike in various places.
The NWO (New World Organisation) will help fight this. BUT the twist is the NWO is a corporation that will
also try to sway the multitude into following the EOEI. (*BEGIN / MIDDLE*)
Bear in mind that not all terrorists are Middle Easter/Islamic Extremists. There are also Neo-Nazis,
Axbangers, terrorists in Ireland that have been fighting for years.

[Conversation between Echo and Ashishnia Emergence. In this conversation, Echo is trying to persuade
Ashnishnia in a deal that the Luminaries are the bad guys, while showing the her created Re-Unifiers are
peaceful. As she masses the Re-Unifiers, then only when she would attack Ashishnia]
―Yes I told the Luminaries and the Re-Unifers should talk. You humans should talk to work things out, but
you don‘t! This is why wars start. This is why conflicts happen. This is why I always intervene and makes
things better. You know, the Luminaries are never loyal to their allies. For instance; they are dependent on
us, but we‘ll talk to Luminaries to help aid in the re-construction to join the Re-Unifiers! Luminary Separatist,
is ultimately, our enemy.‖

[Conversation between Echo and Re-Unifiers. Since the Semaramis left the Re-Unifiers, and broke up into
their own, Echo felt as if the Re-Unifiers became weak. Therefore, she needed to rally up support to
strengethen them. She also made sure the higher religious monarchs were strict against any rebels]
The Semaramis, strong? The Semaramis was never strong, just determined until to exhaust everything.
They even flinch at any threat and begin building up their big guns, only exhaust everyone and everything in
the end. The Semaramis and its soldiers cry and beat their chest as if they are this superpower, and then
later realize that holding a smoking gun of murder. It seems those individuals enjoy blowing up a bunch of

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people, but as soon as the dust settles, you finally realize that a little girl is carrying her mother‘s hand; or her
dad‘s head. All of you humans are hypocrites!‖

* During a billboard type ad from the major financial institution, AmericanGreen, the sign is eventually
vandalized to look like ―AmericanGreed.‖. The ―N‖ is fixed in a way to look like a ―D‖. (*BEGIN / EARLY
Soren sees this during one of his trips

* Current environment:
The Earth‘s atmosphere is already way above the limits from the previous warnings ignored by many
countries. For that fact, there is an air tax to be paid by citizens in US. In addition, the fish population is
limited and the food supply is damaged by the environment. Many fresh foods are expensive due to the
environmental damage and pollution. (*BEGIN / MIDDLE /END*)

Water is processed and charged. It is now mostly polluted by factories. Only the large oceans flourish, but
sea-life is limited. (*BEGIN / MIDDLE / END*)
Luminary Separatist will eventually pull out of battle with the Ashishnia, 4 stand, and Semiramis battle. It
will turn into turmoil. From that point the Re-Unifiers will be MORE divided and damaged. Unstable areas will
eventually cause another world war from a rising power. Echo will use clones (Replicants, Triplicants,
hyberdynes) in the final battle to desroy most. Ashishnia will be defeated but will remain in secret until forces
are built back up. (*MIDDLE, when US economy is hurt*)

Luminary Sep. will become more divided and isolated. More orthodox Luminary Separatist and more divided
sects will end up leaving Israel. (*MIDDLE*)

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Factuals are best described as descriptions under the story. It only describes interventions and non
inventions between chapters.

* The government has its hands with the Redeemer -BUT does not approve of it because it has its own
political agendas. The reason being is because countries use other countries for countries interests. They do
not just use one country or base faith in a country but use other countries against each other due to national
interest. It may hurt another, but countries are just looking out for their interest only.
Does this mean that they possible distrust each other or a conflict may arise between them later? If this is
the case, why do they partner with Eco Hades when they don't approve of her?

* The pharmaceutical companies do. Of course they PUSH pills to people. They used to think that giving the
pills to older generations would make money, but by creating new pills for new illnesses, they can push the
pills to a younger generation, which cures only so much of an illness. Since the 'illness' cannot be cured,
because of constant commercialized propaganda, the younger generations is now 'hooked' on the illness
and believed that the pill may work for them. This leads to the pharm companies to thrive and have power in
decisions. The Redeemer uses them for good business and power leverage.
Devote a chapter describing this and then fall into Tristan Palmers corruption. Tristan ultimately overrules the
rest of the Pharm companies, Echo ultimately destroys the companies and their leaders. This makes Tristan
Palmer a top official to Echo.

* The SENI or the mark, will be embedded in the skull at child birth. The animals are having this as well.
They are embedded at SPCA's. Humans think that this is a GREAT concept, the anti Christ think it‘s the
BEST concept to receive the mark of the beast. Anyone who disapproves will find it very hard to do
transactions, get medical treatment. Views to get people to do it, are: distrust in non payment to medical
companies (pharm companies pushing it, which get the government involved)-- basically, major influences.
One of the reasons why SENI was invented was because in the q2Ks‘ identify theft was a huge problem.
Occipital implants fixes that. See Technology SENI / STARS.

* The body is a transport; the mind is the main master.

* A sign DO NOT EXIT appears, signifying ‗to leave is towards non existence‘

* Anthony Perkinson is a character in the main story. He is a person who is middle class. He owns a dog
named Seery. Seery developed keen senses and now Anthony is becoming aware of it and becomes afraid
of the animal, although Seery begins to sense it. Anthony begins to develop a skin cancer, melanoma, and
Seery begins to investigate by sniffing his lower leg. Seery eventually tries to bite it off and succeeds. After
the biting, Anthony‘s girlfriend shrieks and orders a NOW police officer to kill the dog. The dog is hard to kill
and as it is shot, it yelps and whines… looking at its master, Anthony. Anthony begins to feel the dog and his
senses… He cries. Realizing after what had happened, Anthony now knows that the dog was just trying to
save his life.
Right in the exact moment, ―I only tried to help…‖ ghostly voice enters his head. Before he had a chance to
change his mind or do anything, the last bullet screams into the dogs head, killing him. The voice of the dog
appears, because he finally pays attention to him.

Why are there se7en? Why do I dislike three; greed, gluttony and sloth?
And appreciate three (if mixed with respect); lust, envy, vanity. And the last?
wrath- the blaspheme.
Lust, Envy, and Vanity is concentrated within Echo as she is consumed with power and money. She is goes
through mental breakdown after the assassination attempt and wants to reconstruct her beauty, but fails.
When this fails, she decides to re-construct her face with metals and cosmetic surgery. She becomes in
human in her struggle to become perfect out of surgeries. When she is more machine than human, she
struggles with herself and becomes evil. Wrath is the last evil she inflicts on everyone, causing a world

* Ambiance is a huge part of the story. Signifies - isolation, desolate, lacking warmth, and also drama.
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The past, Roman Catholic Church will house a lot of evil entites. The Church has been noted for internal sex
scandals and other political or moral corruption. More will be revealed. In addition, The Pope is considered a
powerful and WEALTHY man. Since he is international, he will be one of those 10 horns. They will also
teach more into going to Hell, than to Heaven, which turns the faith into a cult. (*EARLY MIDDLE*)
*addition – the religion also funneled funds to fund certain terrorism factions like Neo Nazis.
The Catholics, along with Muslims, agreed to splice together serving in parallel. This was talked about in
2010 as the Pope decided that both religions worship similar beliefs. The Re-Unifiers was born during
Redeemers reign, but broke back up after the major wars of the Luminaries, Semiramis, Ashishnia, and the
4 stand rebels.
You could even go as far as to imply that the Internal Sex Scandal was always something present from the
start of the Roman Catholic Church and was somewhat of an unwritten but known requirement.
Addition: This is pre-sequel, however, since the religions have combined in this time period. Echo gets them
together as The Re-Unifers.

International organizations such as the World Bank, IMF, European Union, the United States, the United
Nations and NATO are often listed as core NWO organizations. These are also represented as the 10 horns.
However, since the Great Collapse, most monetary was transferred to survivors who try running such
institutions. The NSF at the time was one of the best security teams they devised until the wars of the
religious factions. AmericaGreen was a major financial institution. The World Banc existsed but only helped
in the re-construction of the New World, and Sea Archologies. The EU became the NEU (new for New
European Union) (*BEGIN / MIDDLE*)

The Y2K scare tactic was actually a money making faction to help power up the international money men.
(*BEGIN -explain *). The Hist-O-Bot usually explains the history of events.

 international terrorism = resistance
 protects = controls
 NOTE: These are in graffiti – all over the place.

* Leaflets of Terrorism = People who believe in factions against the West or any other country that doesn‘t
believe in their beliefs. These people are also people converted and willing to sacrifice to make a point or
proof. They are not associated with any factions, just a spin off of anti-christian, anti-buddism, and usually
poor or moderately rich. They tend to float as non citizens of countries.

* The catholic religion holds information on the holocaust. They never helped the Jews. They actually did not
side with the Nazi‘s, but some did act as informants. The catholic religion eventually spawns another faction –
based on belief: The Re-Unification Of The Interfaith (Re-Unifiers). The Pope creates a leader for it. This
leader works with the EOEI on various things.
NOTE: What leads to the destruction? Sex scandals, Nazi intervention, lavish way, people not wanting
control, organized religion, and many denials as it appears on the news. Since people see religion and
money being corruption and power, they‘ll blame the largest groups. Other religions take note and
individuals who feel for the painof their destruction (along with its own members who are loyal) end up
joining forces, with the help of Echos‘ plan to create the mainstream religion, The Re-Unifiers.

*Corporations will do business with the Leaflets of Terrorism. (*MIDDLE / END*). NOTE: This is a key factor
of deception because it is important to other entities and to gain more power, along with espionage. An
example of this deception is a corporation funds another corporation for humanitarian efforts/relief, but that
corporation that receives it uses that against the corporation that funded it. Nations/Factions/Factions do the
They should. It would be in their best interest to bribe, side with, and please them in order to protect their
own interests.

NOTE: Story characteristics
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Various POVs with characters. These POVs will also shine light on their weakness, failures, and strengths.

Seafood will be expensive due to the Fish population down. Since Global warming is in its medium point or
mid life, there are more famines, less fish, thus creating a competition for food. Prices soar. (*BEGIN /
NOTE: Zeke Yarwood work with Seafood CEO‘s
Zeke  Harry and Zach Booth  Kevin Aimes
-In story, Kevin Aimes is one of the Artic Exepedtionist and helped Zeke with H2O patterns. He later joins a
faction--- which ultimately helps destroy most of the world (chapter one).

* Humans have been deceived and exploited all along (slaves). As the beginning of time, we‘ve always been
used for something for someone‘s‘ purposes, mostly in an evil way or gain of the loss of the person

China is peaceful, but tolerance led to war. China inland still stands tall and is a super power. The became
one due to the massive investment back in the quondam 2K. This pretty much brought many nations to a
dependency until the Great Collapse. China‘s government, through the great devastation, still functions
somewhat. China did not anticipate the great devastation. Since monetary has become weak in value, social
unrest there caused millions to be executed by governmental agencies.
Russia is badly damaged and still suffering even through the great devastation. However, the formation of its
government is taken down by Echo but starts to re-build its nation as a power entity. Much of its land still
stands, but inhabitable due to climate changes.
Factions who try to prove they are the best with their religious beliefs try to stabilize the world, but have
trouble because several other factions fighting each other.

Pharm companies had population hooked on serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and other drugs throughout the
years. It also kept fear up to live a clean life, thus training the body‘s immune system not to fight naturally.
This led to our drug dependency.

Man wants to re-create the world of illusion. for instance: what is the difference of using a GPS map utility on
your web browser (which is non-existent in future because gone are the days of people at home on their
computers) and the difference of walking down the same street you searched on?
Althought he warranted people are constantly fed advertisements, fear (for stability and order), and illusion.
They believe the outside world is TOXIC, inhabitable, unsustainable, and crime ridden. To become and
remain warranted means stability and economic harmony!

The Abernyth, centre of the TriFold of FIRST LIGHT
During the chapter of Echos assasination attempt:
Echo prepares and talks with her close personnel. There was a terrorist from the Asnishnia Eemergence,
who originally hired another hyberdyne to clone itsself inside internals of Echo's hyberdyne, Peele. who has
been domicile. Peele has been operating under this 'hypnotic' rage until the rigth time. The time was decided
against when Ashnishnia learend after Peel's reporting mechanisms.
While presenting her speech to the multitude, Peele is hidden, with a HELCOR sniper. Since the sniper
would contain signatures of high energy and ID tags of ammuniition, Peele used a highly corrosive ammo
which would explode after timed immpact. It also had other methods such as steel projectiles like shurikens
with acidic poisen properties.
The bankers and the corps are also present. They take there seats. Some talk about Echo coming out. The
place she talks from is a high tower, called the "Abernyth", it also contains the First Light Tri-Folds (See ―first
Light‖ description ). The Abernyth is made from brick and stone. It is smoothed at the top
She presents her speech of all the progrssions that have been done. Some are complete - some are being
worked on. There are those that need improvement. However, she claims stability. Her speech also includes
messages of expansion and the research of energy (solar sails). She also mentions further technology in
planning (this will be a GREAT way to ESTABLISH the technologies mentioned in the concepts doc). Before
she moves onto the 'future' of humanity, she explains the significance

   This document reflects the working title and roadmap. It is subject to change.                     Page 17 of 31
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   Working Title: Invisible War v2.0
   Theme: Terror on War                                                                         12/24/2011
   Original 04-07                                                                               Rev 2.0

Factions are the groups involved in the story. They either: fight, help, ignore, or get along with each other.

Semiramis – (created by leaving Re-Unifiers) This organization are secessionist (withdrawing from an
organization, union, or political unity) from The Reunification of Interfaith. They withdrew due to the
overwhelming, and unfair practices of the Redeemer. When they split and formed a more unified union, they
got their weapons from hijacking convoys, selling information, or inside traders. Most Semarians do not care
for other factions, but tolerate them. Semaramis dwell mostly in Sea Archologies. Most do not believe in bio-
modification, but ironically most are (bio-genetically cloned [insert new name here]).
* (characters name) Semira, a spin off of Semiramis, ruler of Babylon.
NOTE: Semira will be considered as a ‗status‘ of an Order .For example: Semira Amir or Semira Wilham.
These people are part of a faction or Order. The Order is Semiramis.

The Luminary Separatist - (Pre-existing) Under Muslim and Christianity domination, this group has two
rulers. These two rulers are governors at day and at night. There are two separate rulers for 12 hours in a
day. The two rulers have a symbolic name such as Luminary Azatt, or Luminary Fihr. The Luminaries are
very peaceful, only preaching to those who are interested. Religious beliefs established later. The
separatists are largely overran by the Redeemer as the Redeemer uses over factions to over power them.

The Church Of The Order (Nickname : T‘Coto) – (pre-existing) The smallest of the groups. T‘Coto is a group
that recruits others by expressing peaceful meanings and explanations. They believe in the mind, body, and
soul, along with various religious beliefs and dominations.

The Reunification of Interfaith – (created by Amber Keys under the arm of Echo) This faction is die hard
religious fanatics who wrapped various religions like Buddhaism, Hindu, Muslim, and Christianity all
together. They believe there is not one religion that should control and there is a tolerance for a dominating
religions to be wrapped together to form a large union. The Reunification of the Interfaith usually disagrees
with the Luminary Seperatists and the Semiramis. They fall short to the Redeemer and control as well as a
path of destruction.

New World Organisation – Defenders of the ―Leaflets Of Terrorism‖. (create by Teidra Toth under Echo) The
NWO calls many factions who do not obey standard policies and procedures of law this name. The NWO are
standard, regular, everyday citizens. This force is basically the World police represented by the largest,
powerful countries. If there are no characters that want to associate themselves with anyone, and have a
decent life, The New World Org supplies the best education, training, and benefits!

National Sectarian Force (NSF) – (pre-existing) These are state or regional forces within a country. It is
branched off by large corporations who fund them.
NOTE: Already in existence

Non–Proliferation of Social Transgressors – (pre-existing) A secret security force created from major
corporations (master puppeteer) to induce spies. It also serves as a security force. They rival with NWO, but
the NSF will work with them. In addition, corporations designed this task force because they needed extra
protection that the NWO cannot.

Ashishnia Emergence – (pre-existing) A terrorist group the want world domination. It is created by many other
faction that might have failed, but becoming an increasing world power. They are armed heavily. Echo
makes a deal with them (also funds) to extinguish other factions, except the Re-Unifiers. Afterthat, she turns
the Re-Unifiers against them after massing up a larger army.
To the Luminaries: ―you will surely die, if you do not join the new world organization.‖
Luminaries: ―Then so be it. We shall not succumb to some…. Diety, who hides evil behind their back!‖
NOTE: The ones who end up using the Cephron bombs, which usually do a great deal of damage but not
what is expected.

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New Covenant – (pre-existing) The last Christian group that unified all of its broken Christian beliefs and sub-
types. The New Covenant is against most factions and sects. The New Covenant is extinguished by the
Redeemer. Only a few remnants survive. They end up joining TCOTO.

4th Stand – Rebels. These are people who believe in nothing, and want nothing but stability. Bounty Hunter
Al-Kassar Somer is a part of 4 Stand.

Most of the factions (except Orphanics, although some join) will end of following the Redeemer, except for
the Church Of the Order.

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Passages are material written for the story to be included.

* I‘m not asking or wanting to be a dictator. I do want to be a leader, but most importantly, I ask everyone to
follow me towards this wonderful destiny‖ -Echo

* (quote) Not a longing to Blame, but a longing to hope.

*Avoye dabelye sfinye = Here comes the fat pig

* Respect and fame is in the eyes of the people who admire -cwinters

* (quote) life is a never-ending quest to have a life

* (quotes) They are like the hydra…. Once you destroy a section of their forces, they seem to regroup

* (phrase) "One World Government" redirects here. We will be considered the New World Order.

* ―Why isn‘t there any God coming? Or helping? IT seems that this is our last, darkest hour, and the twilight
of human destruction. . . Why are we not seeing anything?‖
This is perhaps the human destruction and not the world destruction.

* ―I am Christian and Muslim. I am both. I belong to the Reunification of the Interfaith. We are both, united—
just as I am a American woman of African decent!‖

* ―Extending respect to religions because they are religions is impossible to justify. Respect must be earned
and deserved. In the case of religion, it is neither.‖

* ―If God cannot beget God, does this totally mean he is not all powerful?‖

* God and Allah are the same, it‘s the context is what people do not accept.
        Observe from the Quran
        [2:136] Say, "We believe in GOD, and in what was sent down to us, and in what was sent down to
        Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the Patriarchs; and in what was given to Moses and Jesus, and
        all the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction among any of them. To Him alone we are

* The Catholic religion breaks up because there are so many cultures collisions. In addition, they also do not
recognize any other religion such as Presbyterians, Protestants, Baptist, and other small Christian religions.

* the Redeemer:
―You do not get it – do you? This is an invisible war. It‘s not just a war based on the issue at hand or
emergency. IT is a war that people have everyday. Look at the Iraq war: United State was fighting a war to
liberate Iraqis, but now the US is fighting various factions and beliefs. Even in your own backyard, dear…
there is a war going on. There is the Klu Klux Clan for instance. They still fight to this day over some belief.
Or perhaps you are in a store, like WAl-mart. If you believe in something and have a disagreement with
someone in a conversation, you try to take control by using the last word—until you eventually fight. No war is
meant for a good cause. No war is meant for a bunch of people. It is meant for a person and belief. People
will always fight people for some reason- whether it be money or just a mere belief. We just happen to have
followers from the automatic mind, or the mind that automatically believes another based on mere influence.
This is why the human race will inevitably die‖
It is true that most wars are meant for bad causes, but there have been wars (ancient and modern) that have
been for good causes. For example, during the time of the Vikings and such, (around 1066 AD) England
was a divided country and each area was under a different ruler's control. They eventually decided to ban
together to form a unified body of fighter to battle the invaders in England. So, even thought he invaders of
England had a bad reason for war, the English Lords, etc. have good intentions of ending fighting amongst
themselves and banning together to push out their common enemy and invader. So, both sides in war are
not necessarily in it for a bad reason. One can be an aggressor and one can be the "good party." Always
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remember to address the opposite viewpoints and arguments that someone can bring up, so that you can
come up with a rebuttle to support your particular view or idea and discredit the opposite thinking. A modern
example of a good war was, in my opinion, the American Invasion of Afghanistan. That was truly a good war
because those people Afghanistan were being oppressed by the Talibani Tyrants and lived in complete
destitution when they had previously lives affluently before the Taliban took control and enforced their
extremist version of Islamic government. No one really knows why we went in or what we got out of it
(because they still haven't caught Bin Laden), but at least these Afghan people have a chance to live
independently and redevelop their country from the dirt that the Taliban turned it into.

* Redeemer:
―War is another way to weaken a country. I managed to even weaken the Luminaries by provoking that war. I
told the Luminaries they should keep the occupation going because it is their only chance. I know, but they
don‘t, that this war will never end. It is the only way to weaken a group. Once weakened, you can make them
venerable. Once venerable, they‘ll be under my control, as they are under more and more debt and dispair.
Once the Re-Unifiers intervene, we‘ll own more of them until the final call.‖

* Redeemer:
You‘re al just sheep… Following everyone else… If there is a huge catastrophe, then everybody jumps on the
band wagon of help, only to refit your own stupid little lives back to your hypocritical selves. Sadly, while you
were not looking, Corporate capitalized on all those things. Now your pathetic, little lives call on God when
you are desperate and it is too late.

Conversation between Soren and a character:
Soren: ―Time has no value of definition. We leave things undone, unfinished, or incomplete when we die. We
never realize that time is a thing that is a value of definition. (more later)‖

Orphanic to another Orphanics on the general population: Are we under their control, or are they under our
control, or, what?

One of the Khmer Rouge mottos, in reference to the New People, was "To keep you is no benefit. To destroy
you is no loss.". This will reference the two phrases used in the book:
"We lost the capacity to dream... but live in the reality of illusion" and "To ensure your existance is no benfit,
at all. To destroy your existence is no loss"

Live fruitful, fulfililng lives, but you are only experiencing the seven deadly sins in which kill you, so what is
yuor true purpose in life? Around you is deciet and destruction! We already live in fear, that was originally
bestowed upon us by governments who installed those fears to controll. So... That leaves me to one
question: What is your purpose in life.
 - before individuals who did not want to follow the Re-Unifiers path and chose destruction

Money is the tool of empire. What can be controlled by force, can be controlled by money.

Examine: 2 Timothy 3:1-4 – Men shall be lovers of themselves. This is resembling the ―Me‖ generation. This
generation is mostly self preservation due to economic hardship, the Great Collapse, and prior to Echo‘s

―Let me live my life, when we can no longer live our life, then let us give our life for the liberation and
salvation of humanity‖

―he was, he is, and he shall be…‖

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All terminology goes here

Cytoarchitectonics – study of microscopic cellular composition of structure within the body

The Archology is a place for archives, research and study. The Archology itself is a huge hyper building
constructed as such to live in.

Epithology – Branch learning

Hyperspectral – sensors scanning objects and creating a data cube

Cellphrane – Is the component which was invented by THE REDEEMER‘s father. It was a superset of
cellophane, a natural polymer that was made from cellulose. Except Cellophrane collapsed automatically, it
was bio-degradable, and was an excellent insulator.

Vandalit / Replicants / Replicas– Clones. Some clones are duplicated as three, which are called Triplicate or
Triplicants. Triplicants are usually used as protectors and cannot deviate from each other since each other
relies on each others movements.
NOTE: The speak in step unison, or complete their sentences. Fierce-some beings! Bio genetically modified,
hardly any soul, at all. Echo, eventually is given an army of Replicants for war against any factions that build

Lieg - The device used to transport people from the Underground to the regular world. It is used by everyone.
Most of the time the NWO keeps lower class people in the lower section of the Underground before their
extermination. A valid pass and login is required prior to entry.

Tan‘yr – The land that Soren bought. It is a secretive spot where he goes for hiding. In the end, he destroys
the land as well as his AI before going into exile.

Sharshad – Being of extreme faith or belief in a shared environment.

Siro –

Warrant or Warranted – Individuals who received SENI implants are warranted for society. People who are
not warranted cannot buy products and receive services. Individuals that are warranted can be tracked by
ID, which also can link up to financial and medical institutions.

Hyperspecta Cube (DataCube) – Memory banks. This technology replaced the older Flash type memory
sticks. They can contain Terabytes of information, consume low amount of power (solar-recharged), and can
be used with HyperSpectraCorders. HyperSpectraCorders use gamma ray emitters to record and read data.
Usually when completed, they emit a sound. Recording creates a (buh-Bee-buh) type sound and reading
(‗whoa‘) sound. Typically a datacube is 2 Quadratech (100 Terabytes)

Decades – Instead of a person disclosing their age as 24, 35, 19 or 7, they can disclose in decades which
they lived. For example: If a person is 7, then they are almost a decade. If a person is 23, then they are 3
decades. A person who is 38 is a person who is ‗in their 4th decade‘ or 'coming to the 5th decade'. The ‗in‘
workd describes a late decade amount. ‗coming to‘ decade is a person who is in early stages of decade.

First decade = Birth thru 9 years 364 days old
Second decade = 10 years old thru 19 years 364 days old
Third decade = 20 years old thru 29 years 364 days old
Fourth decade = 30 years old thru 39 years 364 days old

Shards – Mostly used within the Leaflets of Terrorism, the shards are considered what ‗cells‘ are in the early
2000‘s. The Quondam 2000‘s (―q2Ks‖)

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BlackSky – Codename for cloud cover. Most of the environment is barron, with a haze always covering the
earth. This was from various super volcanoes exploding tons of ash, injecting them into the atmosphere.

Cacooning – At home because of home studios, entertainment and technology. Cacooning came a part of
lives of richer countries. People have stayed in their home, not getting to know their neighbors. By the means
of the media pumped into their homes, nourishing the cacoons, anyone else is suspect.

First Light -
First Light was the simple codename of Echo‘s sanctuary and existence of her reign. It is established in
(Tri-folds are three poles bent slightyl at top. At the top is has a small point. ). The Abernyth is made from
brick and stone. It is smoothed at the top. The Abernyth is located in Kansas, which is now considered
barron and the population is relatively low.

Hunilous –

Diroha –

Liro –

Ney‘r – The lab/research base next to Vay‘r in Antartica, governed by Echo.

Vay‘r – The main base in Antartica governed by Echo. No nation owns this icey foundation. Echo‘s
establishment is a huge one equipped with technological advancements, cloning, nanotech, and weapons.

tricephryl - NEW AGENT inventions by Echo‘s father. Undefined at this point.

SAINT-N – Self Aligned Integrated Network

"Koinonos" in classical Greek means a companion, a partner or a joint-owner. This too can reflect religions.
The Re-Unifiers mention this word to show the Muslim Brothers and The Zionist Brothers live together
without barriers.

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Weapons, Security, and Technology
Cephron Bomb – The Bomb used by the opening sequence of the story. The Cephron Bomb is similar to a
dirty bomb, except it can take out a 10-15 mile radius. It contains Cephron-Titantiate, Pentaborane, and
TetraCrystallin. (Cephron-Titaniate is a substance in which interacts with air, making objects weak in matter).
TetraCrystalline injects piezo-electric crystals to additionally break up matter). Pentaborane is a substance
which is highly poison and interactions with any living life is fatal. The Cephron Bomb is usually constructed
in small packages and can be setoff by a Ibinichi-Ignitor (piezo-electric lighter in which to crystals are
constructed in a way that carried electric current to create a spark by metal filaments). The bomb can be
carried in such compartments like a duffle bag or a round cylinder. The Cephron Bomb can mass produce
within the re-action of air, replacing it with the Pentaborane,
Ibinichi-Ignitor – created by Dundalk Labs.
Nubaric device - is one that works like a thermo baric bomb, but instead of using areosol type, it would use a
higher nano related materials and high output energetic bio materials (or nano- termites). This weapon is
used throughout before the invention of the Cephron bomb.

Hydra-Cellophrane – Regenerating cell that replaces cells within a living organism. It got its‘ name from the
‗hytdra‘ and cellophrane compositions. It was invented by terrorists.

NanoMahr bomb. It is a nano flash and small nanite bomb. The size of this bomb is about a cigarette lighter.

Aerocron – Battle drones. Typically used as patrol bots. These are officially NSF technology.

Nano-technology / NanoRobots –
- Jehepsil - Nano robots
- NanoFactors. Nano-Factors are Nano-technological robots who aid in self repair of human tissue.

Inertial Confinement Energy (ICE-47) Similar to Inertial confinement Fusion or Inertial Fusion Energy, where
energy can be stored in smaller objects. Most notably used in HELCOR (Hyper-Eluktoid Core Resonator)
pistols armour.

Hyper-Eluktoid Core Resonator – pistols that shoot out ICE-47 projectiles. These projectiles attach to the
target by means of signature IDs. Once locked, then they will attempt to home in on the target and explode
within. Also, the ICE-47‘s projectile sends a shock wave disrupting anything around it. If the signature ID is
not locked then the ICE-47‘s cannot home in on the target. ICE-47 Projectiles can penetrate metals up to 3
inches thick. ICE-47‘s projectiles are highly heated, and can be seen clearly in day or night. The projectiles
resemble a glowing bug while traveling in mid-air. By the time the victim has viewed the projectile, it has
already penetrated.

Tantalum-Molybdenum – are compounds used for heavy metals.

Deuterium & Tritium – From the isotope table, are high energy compounds.

Dineutron - A dineutron is a hypothetical particle consisting of two neutrons that was suggested to have a
transitory existence in nuclear reactions produced by helions that result in the formation of a proton and a
nucleus having the same atomic number as the target nucleus but a mass number two units greater. A
Dineutron Cluster will be used possibly in the story.

Beryllium – Not good for air and highly poisonous, it IS highly transparent to X-Rays. Casing made could be
used to shield unwanted scanned items during shipments.

Cyclonic Vortex Separation Recyclers (Cyclo-VORS) – Are air filtration systems. Since the air has been badly
contaminated, corporations have installed these Cyclo-VORS and charge for air filtration. There is a NO AIR
TAX starting to go in effect ever since Echo‘s reign. Corporations charged these ‗taxes‘ to help maintain the

Emptive-P li experiment – The experiment done by q2Ks time when human occipital implants occurred.
Although a bit outdated, they do contain certain technologies to track and upgrade, but cannot handle the

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newer technology upgrades. Emptive P li experiment was a success and a company named AtriaLife was
born to handle all the occipital implants.
MORE: Researchers were able to extract ‗memories‘ from humans. These memories lasts about 2-5
seconds. The first stage of memory was the Pre-Mem which stated the trail to another brain cell that carried
the stored memory. Once the Pre-Memory was excited, its path can be traced to the stored memory. A
memory cell only carried about 2-5 seconds worth of audio visual combined. Text and other data were stored
and linked to other Pre-Memory cells that related to another part of that memory. The extraction could be
stored on datacubes and then later re-inserted back into the brain through occipital implants. The process is
called ‗Ionsetion‘.

Transgenic – when an animal or human has a foreign gene deliberately inserted in its genome. It is done by
recombinant DNA (rDNA) (DNA that has been created artificially)

Xenohypoglyphic – Strange font glyph implanted under the skin. Usually Warranted people have this symbol
in the back of the neck to symbolize occipital implants and warranty. The symbol glows under the skin by
materials made from it.

Fraizhon staff – (correct spelling undetermined at this point, but it looks good! ) The staff designed by Soren.
The staff is a light metal with soft rubber grips. At the end of the staff is an eletctic type conductor (research)
that will slightly paralyze, and shock an individual. It can also be used as an EMP device against certain type
of machinery.

STARS (Satellite Tracking and Range Communication) - It was designed by a company called BioMedLife, a
bio-engineering company that produced bio and cybernetic engineering products. STARS was a project
started in the late 1990‘s and ended around the early 2000‘s due to company troubles and scandals.

Portable Arm Communication Optic device (PACO) The device fits on one's wrist and serves as a tool to
communicate, receive storage data, and other day to day activity applications. The PACO was designed by a
company in the quandom 2000's called Bio-MedLife. Now defunct, a company named Atrialife handles all
support and occasional upgrades, but the technology has not improved because the company's sole focus
has shifted to biological implants. Application include, tactical light, clock, ambient temp, communicator
(uses outdated cellular technology), calculator, etc)


SENI Stuff
BrainWave System Manipulation by EM Fields
Abstract --- Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the
brain with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near 1/2 Hz or 2.4 Hz, such
as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images,
emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to
manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or
TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by
modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal. The image displayed on a computer
monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program. For certain monitors, pulsed
electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects may be generated even as
the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity.

Method & System for Remotely Determining Information as to Person's Emotional State ~
Abstract --- In a method for remotely determining information relating to a person's emotional state,
an waveform energy having a predetermined frequency and a predetermined intensity is generated and
wirelessly transmitted towards a remotely located subject. Waveform energy emitted from the subject is
detected and automatically analyzed to derive information relating to the individual's emotional state.
Physiological or physical parameters of blood pressure, pulse rate, pupil size, respiration rate and
perspiration level are measured and compared with reference values to provide information utilizable in
evaluating interviewee's responses or possibly criminal intent in security sensitive areas.

When a person is bio-modified, with many nano-technological parts, exo-skeleton, or some type of
technological implant/surgeries, they can use what is described as FOCUS. The technology adds an extra
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few senses to the body. For example, if a person is equipped with some type of tele-kinetic ability, they can
use FOCUS to concentrate the power on it, transferring power from Admosis Diffusion. As opposed to
osmosis diffusion where water is moved through a membrane, it is similar to Adenosine Triphosphate. Taken
from Adenosine, it works similar because the energy from the body can be transferred to an equipment
element. However, drawbacks can be light headed, metallic taste, nausea, and loss of energy. Some
equipment varies because once the energy is depleted, it needs to replenish by rest. By depleting the
energy, the implants suffer energetic forces. For example, if a person uses kinetic push, and the energy is
expended by using it over and over, then the kinetic push become weak, as does the body as it uses the
energy. The person will feel ―like life is fading‖.
Some plasnergic and plasmeric receptors within the technological equipment may contain side effects,
depending on the abilities. The FOCUS energetic depletion rates can be modified using illegal modified
implants. Those illegal bio-modification units can be at times, lethal.

Plasnergic/Plasmeric receptor side effects in sub-types
This chart displays some side effects in some equipment. This global chart shows the connection receptors
that are used in bio-modified equipment implants. The receptors must be installed by a licensed technical
surgeon only.
Receptor           Side effect
A1c                decreased heart rate
B1                 cardiac ischema (chest pain, insufficient blood flow)
B2r                Brain (or cerebal) ischema (insufficient blood flow)
L1-22 (limbs+digitals) peripheral numbness or paralysis

Mitogen – Substance designed to help repair tissue wounds through mitosis.

Bulk Eraser – Degaussers that erase magnetic properties. Used to destroy hybredynes. They are attached to
the exterior or interior and over time will render them useless.

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Sea Archologies
Sea Archologies were designed by earlier, thriving corporations in various Nations. This was to establish life
outside the world and for research. In addition to this, the Sea Archologies are positioned towards Antartica.
The Three Sea Archs, Pound Penny, Pressha, and Solimar house many groups of families. They are mostly
ran by religious factions who govern them.

Pressha, Solimar, Junta (Pound Penny) - Sea Archoligies, were Harry Booth and son works. Zeke Yarwood
is a scientist who works for Cyto-A because he is studying how fish interact and talk to each other

Many sea archs exists for research many endowments. One of these are the oceans fisheries. Since oceans
around the Pacific and the Atlantic are poisoned and contaminated, sea archs are placed near the Antartica
for future research and restoration possibilities. Also the sea archs are currently constructing a water push.
These water pushes are main water lines to land.

Sea archs are also the de facto in power creation. Big Al, one of the Energy companies, installs future Solar
Sails and water turines within sea archs to help create natural renewable, energy resources.

Sea archs crime rate is relatively low due to Areocrons bought from various corporations to maintain
security. In house security is pretty tight and keeps unwanted visitors out rather well.

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AmeriGreen – AmericanGreen is the largest financial institution in the world. It has merged with so many
institutions and is a very devious company, although it hides its corruption. It has many influences over
peoples lives. During invisible War, AmericanGreen is substituted as American‘greed‘, where the D is fixed
from the ‗N‘. AmericanGreen has schemed up ways to prey off individuals who bought houses during the
economic bubble in the early 2000‘s. americanGreen is also noted for going after other races and cultures,
giving credit where those people may not be able to pay credit. AmericanGreen supports SENI.

Oxygenetics – Health care system that branched globally. It has many systems in place to aid in medical
research and operations. Oxygenetics has other umbrella installations in other countries with different
names. They are a German based company. Oxygenetics is also a major financial backer along with the
Luminary Seperatist.

Altheon – (also known as Big Al) An alternate electric power company. Their power comes from high altitude
power Solar-Wind Sails. These Solar Sails are affixed high in the mountains gathering solar and wind
energy. Some models are composed of a huge square solar sails with many turbin fins collecting wind. The
solar sails are placed on the sides, collecting solar sun rays. Other models look like Kites with anchorlike
characteristics. Other power sources are satellite systems collecting sun particle crystalines from space.
They are converted into energy by tapping into the stored energy in the material. CaleOil - Oil derived from
plants and used in various everyday mechanical vehicles.

AtriaLife (Life On A Chip!) – The company that handles all occipital implants and upgrades. They originally
constructed the Emptive-Pi Li project. 1 - See note.

Cyto-Archtonics (Cyto-A for short)- (Study of Cytoarchitectonics) A bio-technological company that combines
the brain with nanotechnology. They are the designers of SENI. They are based in the UK, China, and

Bio-MedLife (Life Is Science) – A now defunct Bio Medical corporation that failed due to funding and sell out.
They were also sued for selling BioToxins to other countries.

Altirius Pharmacy – One of the leading pharmacy corporations. It rivals Bosconia, but Echo will bring them
together via SENI.

Bosconia Pharmacy – The second leading pharmacy corporation. It rivals with Altirius, and comes together
when Echo introduces SENI.

Tek-Analogy - Engineering company Soren worked for. They build AI, software development, and have
various technological research facilities

PiezoChem – the pharm company that is competition with Merck and Pfizer

1 – AtriLife originally performed Emptive-Pi Li but failed stage 2 research because they reported false
outcomes. They benefit from the false outcomes performed on children.

During STAR and SENI intro, Echo mentioned the other companies involved will restore the reputation of

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The Great Collapse
The Oceans are angry. The unprepared will be destroyed...

Volcanoes can produce sulfuric acid and tsunamis. The sulfuric acid poisoned skies. Oceans still dictate
weather patterns but now those weather patterns are also affected by the polluted skies.

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Notes are regular notes completed from cache text files:

2015 - Many Years before

THe world has changed throughout the years since the infamous Iraq invasion by United States forces.

* The few major corporations that exist are puppeteers to smaller companies who do their gruesome work.
* Majority people live in poverty due to greedy, corrupt government scandals, and debt.
* Most governemts from various countries no longer have control or establishments from the political break-
ups, scandals,
and lost of faith in the government political figures. Most corporations have control over certain sects

* the start would be Soren being a QA and second identity as a investigative 'reporter'. Its his hobby. He gets
mixed up with Echo's bad companies, get caught and gets into trouble with them. He was originally trying to
find a way to expose major corporations of corruption. He just happen to be in the way. The story could start
with the introduction to him, (one view is him signing out with his SecureID card and packing up to go

* The goal is Sorens need to stop the goals of Echo, but most of the time, he is outwitted eventually because
the things he does is just a step further to everyones destiny: non-existance.
* the way soren will destory the world is when he is fooled by echo to not destroy the world, but she places
major turmoil for humans.

- 3 attempts to destroy humanity:
Cephron bomb is planted under a national stadium or large public foundation, but the devastation is foiled
due to technology of the Cephron bomb not complete.
In the 3 attempt, the Cephron bomb completes id destinry- which is the frist and last chapter.

1. The one‘s who end up destroying the world is a results from soren‘s ‗followers‘. When he doesn‘t report to
them his status at the end of the story, then they ultimately replay the first chapter. If they hear from him,
then they will not commence the last activity.
2. A crazed religion who decides the fate of earth should be cealed due to some prophet stating that the
worlds end would result in glorification. This same religion is established by Echo in the beginning from
people who end up joining forces with Leaflet Of Terroism.

-scene in the sotry of Soren- his past with Echo. Sexual and regular everyday life scenes.

Why most places are—grim:
- Government corruption tries to police but cannot. Most governments struggle for power. Every government
in nations depends on each other, as all are globally linked. Corporations is what keep them alive along with
high taxes. However, most credits are spent on securtity and within city or ‗warranted‘ (echo) areas.

People: people have less and less faith which ruins them. This could range in government, heroes,
themselves, or their country. Most people live in lower class with the exception of the rich.

Investment: Since most corps invest in themselves and other countries for trade, they do install security
measures such as drones or spies. The governments also back them up.

Future: People will never realize that major control of one way isn‘t going to work. It never does. Society, as
a whole, doesn‘t want to be controlled forever, however, will want to when their spirits are back up or feel the
need to be motivated. However, as time progresses, the controllers get corrupt. So who watches the
controller? Those people will then will tear downt he controlling forces again—only to rebuild.

-examine 2 Timothy 3:14 – Men shall be lovers of themselves. This pertains to the ―ME‖ generation.

It is a shame that religion causes so much hate.

Give a poor person a little money or power and watch them grow in corruption.
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[Undetermined name] During the collapse earthquakes cause oil pockets to burst and spill oil all over the
land. In the middle of the US contains a huge river that runs up and down. It is a river of oil.
Possibles? Dusoma, Somadu, pudavera, sadawadog.

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