Fruit _ Vegetable Juices Barcode by fjzhangxiaoquan


									                                                          Fruit & Vegetable Juices
                                                          Barcode: 974-7588-78-1
Roselle cool/ Roselle freeze                                  Barbados cherry drink / Barbados cherry soda
Cabbage juice / Cabbage and pineapple blend                   Watermelon freeze / Tangy watermelon
Corn milk/ Corn and yogurt shake                              Muskmelon frost / Muskmelon shake
Ginger tea / Ginger punch                                     Pomegranate drink/ Pomegranate freeze
Carrot juice / Mixed carrot shake                             Sugar apple milk/ Sugar Apple Freeze
Iced Celery / Celery and Carrot blend                         Blueberry shake/ Blueberry smoothie
Iced rosy pink / Torch ginger flower punch                    Icy Japanese apricot drink/ Japanese apricot blend
Lemon grass tea / Lemon grass punch                           Guava juice/ Guava freeze
Cucumber juice / Cucumber and yogurt blend                    Plum blend/ Tangy plum freeze
Soybean milk / Soybean smooth                                 Tamarind cool/ Tamarind Smoothie
Iced beetroot/ Frosted beetroot                               Emblic Myrabolan Drink / Emblic Myrabolan Drink Blend
Pandanus tea/ Pandanus smoothie                               Lime soda/ Sparkling ruby lime
Indian pennywort tea/ Indian Pennywort shake                  Marian plum freeze/ Marian plum punch
Garden salad juice / Mixed lettuce and fruit juice            Coconut blend/ Sweet coconut juice
Taro sweeties/ Taro Smoothies                                 Star fruit blend/ frosted star fruit
Hog plum cool/ Frosted hog plum                               Mango cool/ Mango smoothie
Tomato juice/ Iced tomato blend                               Antidesma drink/ antidesma punch
Bitter gourd juice / Bitter gourd blend                        Papaya blend/ Tangy papaya
Lotus root tea / Lotus root blend                             Hawaiian papaya blend/ Hawaiian papaya shake
Job’s tear milk/ Job’s tear smoothie                          Mangosteen blend/ Mangosteen freeze
Aloe drink / Frosted aloe                                     Salacca cool/ Salacca shake
Asparagus sweet/ Asparagus blend                              Sapodilla blend/ Sapodilla frosty
Iced water chestnut / Water chestnut shake                    Lychee milk shake/ lychee soda
Pumpkin drink / pumpkin and yogurts shake                     Persimmon juice/ tropical persimmon freeze
Mint soda / Ice mint and apple                                Jambolan cool/ jambolan and kiwi fruit blend
Iced butterfly pea sweet / Aromatic butterfly pea cool        Strawberry juice/ strawberry freeze
Mix green salad juice / Frosted mined green salad blend       Tangerine juice/ tangerine shake
Fruit Juice                                                   Pomelo cool/ pomelo freeze
Banana and tomato freeze/ Tangy banana frost                  Pineapple punch/ mix fruit juice
Kiwi fruit tangy / Kiwi fruit freeze                          Pear juice/ pear freeze
Dragon fruit drink / Dragon fruit smoothie                    Passion fruit and carrot blend/ passion fruit juice
Cantaloup blend / Cantaloup shake                             Grape juice/ grape shake
Rambutan cool / Rambutan blend                                Apple shake/ apple and vegetable cool
Sparkling red cherry / Cherry freeze

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