Exotic Fruit or Vegetable Presen by fjzhangxiaoquan


									                            Exotic Fruit or Vegetable Presentation

In groups of two, you will be researching an exotic fruit or vegetable, creating a Power Point (or Smart
Notebook) presentation, and presenting your findings to the class. You will also need to find and print a
recipe using that fruit or vegetable. Minimum of 5 slides in your presentation.

Information to include in your presentation:

        Title page including group members’ names
        Origin of the fruit or vegetable- the country or area of the country from which it originates
        Type of plant it grows on (bush, tree, etc.)
        Part of plant it is
        Picture of the fruit or vegetable (inside and outside preferable)
        Picture of the plant it grows on
        The nutrient content
        Description of the texture and flavor
        How the fruit or vegetable is commonly eaten (raw, in salads, cooked, etc.)
        Recipe using the fruit or vegetable

Fruits                                                            Vegetables

Mangoes                         Cherimoya                         Chayote

Papaya                          Ugli Fruit                        Cactus (Nopales)

Figs                            Kumquat                           Bok Choy

Casaba                          Lychee                            Gai Lan

Plantain                                                          Jicama


Guava                                                             Daikon

Passion Fruit                                                     Sea Bean

Star Fruit (Carambola)                                            Salsify

Feijoa                                                            Tomatillo

Kiwano Melon                                                      Fennel

Scoring Guide:           10 points for each item of information

                         5 points for Sources Sited

                 Total points: 105 pts.

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