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					                    Fruits of the Spirit Awards
 Please return this form to the request file or fax to the office no later
          than 3:00 p.m. on April 9, 2010. This is a firm deadline.
Each year, NCCS gives Character Quality awards to our students. We have named this award the
Fruits of the Spirit Awards (from Galatians 5). We consider character development an important
aspect of education. Please read the following list of character qualities. Take time to consider what
quality your student has exhibited or improved in this school year. The awards will be presented at
the Awards Night Program on May 10th.
Charity (love): having love for one's fellow men and willingness to aid those in need

Joy:              focusing on having delight in God rather than focusing on the circumstances of life

Peace:            freedom from strife of any kind; ignoring the taunts of instigators

Patience:         an uncomplaining acceptance of one's circumstances, realizing that God will provide
                  everything one needs to adjust to such circumstances when He thinks it is best.

Kindness:         the feeling for another's needs that leads to helping that one without expecting
                  anything in return. Doing good rather than harm; sympathetic friendliness

Goodness:         excellence in virtue; having a high moral quality in one's work and life

Gentleness:       restraint of personal power in a situation for the benefit of another

Faith:            believing without proof; confidence; faith is the substance of things hoped for,
                  the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1); belief in God's promises.

Self-control:     control of one's actions or feelings

         ******************************** CUT HERE ************************

Please list one character quality for each child. Please use only those qualities listed above.
If you list other qualities, we will not be able to process the award.

Student Name:                                            Quality:                            ________

Student Name:                                            Quality:                            ________

Student Name:                                            Quality:                            ________

Student Name:                                            Quality:                            ________

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