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«Reflecting on Time» – Capturing the beauty and intensity of the moment in an essential per-
manence. For Mido, the expression of time is an authentic tradition, a philosophy; it is the
expression of a unique spirit, a creative evolution, sublimated over time by exclusive time-
piece collections. Since 1918, the Swiss brand has made and guaranteed superb self-winding
timepieces designed with lovers of fine watches in mind. They embody a distinctive design
and each one of them is a lasting symbol, revealed in a distinctive and timeless style.

The founder’s vision
From the inception of the watchmaking company in Bienne, Georges Schaeren was determi-
ned to establish the fundamental criteria which underpin the prestige of this Swiss brand. The
company’s development centred from the outset on the pursuit of the highest possible stan-
dards. Perfection and fine styling: these two constant quests have laid the foundation for the
strength and reputation of the house. Mido accordingly confirmed its principal mission – that of
supplying self-winding timepieces made to a high quality standard at an attractive price under
its own brand name.

Attention to detail
The watches made by Mido embody a commitment to production incorporating the finest com-
ponents. They are fitted with high quality Swiss self-winding movements and benefit from tech-
nology which assures the highest precision: Nivaflex systems – Incabloc (shock resistance)
– Aquadura (cork crown gasket, specially treated to ensure superior water-resistance). The chro-
nometer movements are timed in five positions and certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer
Testing Institute (COSC). The Oscillating weight of the self-winding movements is finely decorated
and can be admired through the transparent case back. Mido assures the finest possible finish
for all its watches, including applied logo and indexes. Most models are fitted with diamond-cut
hands and protected by an anti-reflecting sapphire crystal.

A reflection of time
Or the art of capturing the instant and precious moment in history. The models designed by
the manufacture have constantly born the stamp of innovation. Mido has built its collections to
a unique design, representing at one and the same time a tribute to the present and to perma-
nence. The philosophy of the brand is expressed unashamedly in a commitment to tradition and
watchmaking expertise which guarantee lasting value for its timepiece. This language of high
quality has been expressed over time in diversified aesthetic trends, but always with a clear and
distinctive identity. A range of classical and contemporary watches, either «retro» or more inno-
vative, is emblematic of the brand’s creative evolution.
A range of exceptional products:

Mido Bugatti: Among the major lines produced by Mido, the Bugatti series is
an outstanding symbol. In 1930, it was the first collection to present such a
distinctive profile. With its original design, emulating the radiator of the famous
Italian car, it already announced the emergence of a timeless concept. This
shape remains unchanged today and, like the Mido creations, has become
an authentic brand of permanence. Today, Bugatti vehicles still use this un-
usual shape as a signature which is also an unmistakable feature of the
Mido heritage.

Mido Multifort: 1934 – this collection is one of the hallmark creations of
the brand. As its name implies, this timepiece features great strength
and remains highly topical today. Its performance is equal to that of
the measuring instruments used in the air force. The timepiece was
also regularly tested in the early days by Walter Schaeren, son of the
founder of the company and an experienced Swiss air force pilot.
Its technical and aesthetic qualities prove that a robust watch can at
the same time be elegant and worn at all hours of the day. For over 70
years, the success of the Multifort models has symbolized the perennial
nature of a spirit dedicated to perfection.

Mido Commander: A symbol of tradition which became an emble-
matic line of Mido as soon as it was created in 1959; the series has
strengthened the brand identity. The elegance of this model is embo-
died in a unique classical composition with a monococque case that
is unusually refined and distinguished by its timeless elegance.
Mido Baroncelli: This line is now thirty years old. To mark the occasion,
Mido is launching in 2006 a new collection which prolongs the spirit of
eminently classical creation – sobriety and subtle elegance united in
a model expressing the nobility of precious objects that stand the test
of time like a classical musical instrument. The attention to detail is
always remarkable with a finely decorated movement and oscillating
weight modified by Mido and diamond-polished hands. In music, as in
watchmaking, true beauty reflects permanence in time.

Mido Captain: This collection has a more sporty character. Responding
to the criteria of reliability and strength which are so dear to the make,
the creations belonging to this line launched back in 1982 correspond
perfectly and quite naturally to the characteristics inherent in the nauti-
cal world. An exacting activity which allies the finest technology to las-
ting elegance. The Aquadura system developed by Mido (cork gasket
to protect the winding stem) guarantees superior water resistance for
all the models in this range. Loyal to its own philosophy, Mido privileges
a design which is timeless in character.

Mido All Dial: The 3rd millennium is beginning for Mido under the hall-
mark of innovation. The All Dial collection is the crowning achievement
of a reflection inspired by one of the most famous monuments of the
Roman era: the Coliseum. Its ingenious architecture enabled 50,000
visitors to be accommodated, while ensuring that each one of them
had a perfect view of the arena. Since 2002, the Swiss brand has been
developing its watch line according to the same concept. The All Dial
models are distinctive for their timeless design and feature an exceptio-
nal time display. The case designed with a narrow rim accommodates a
big dial occupying the largest possible amount of space, while the use of
an anti-reflecting glass favours an intense impression of the time displayed
on the dial. This principle which is never out of fashion has survived down the
centuries and is still used today in the design of our modern stadiums.

Since their inception – beyond aesthetic currents and trends – Mido watches have reflected time
in its most essential values and defined its accuracy with lasting emotion. As valuable pieces,
they have a symbolic force and are destined for connoisseurs who prefer the excellence of out-
standing expertise expressed in a timeless mode.

Mido – the mark of true design

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