Conjugation _present progressive_ I go He goes She goes It goes by ghkgkyyt


									To Go                                        I am going

Conjugation: (present progressive)           He/she/it is going

I go                                         We are going

He goes                                      They are going

She goes                                     You are going

It goes                                      All of you are going

We go                                        All of us are going

They go                                                           Past Tense
You go                                                            I went
All of you go                                                     He/she/it went
All of us go.                                                     We went
Usage:                                                            They went
I am going to church this Sunday.                                 You went
I am not going to church this Sunday.                             All of us went
Is she going to church this Sunday?

Yes, she is going to church this Sunday. (Say: Yes, she is.)

No, she is not going to church this Sunday. (Say: No, she’s not.)

Does she go to church on Sundays?

Yes, she goes to church on Sundays.

No, she doesn’t go to church on Sundays.

Who is going to church with her? She is going with Consuelo.

Where is she going to church? She is going to the Third Ward.

When is she going to church? She is going to church on Sunday.

Why is she going to church? She’s going because it’s a commandment and she loves to
Practice Using Go
     1. I _______________ to the store near my house.

Go      goes are going

     2. He __________________ to the store on Saturdays.
        Is goes    goes        are going

     3. She is ___________________ to the store next Saturday.
        Are going   goes       is going

     4. He ___________ to church last Sunday.
        Is going          goes         went

     5. They ________________ to church in New Jersey this week.
        Went       are goes    goes

     6. We _______________ to the temple every month.
        Go         goes        going

     7. I ___________________ to the ward picnic on Saturday.
        Go          am going          goes

     8. Are you ______________ to English class on Wednesday?
        Go          goes        going

     9. Yes, I _____________ to English class.
        Am going     are going          is going

     10. No, I am not _____________ to English class.
         Go     going       goes

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