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					 History of Unix operating
This system is considered one of the
oldest operating systems in the
computer and appeared in 1969 among
universities and research centers and
BELL laboratories they make the first
version of UNIX operating system and
the UNIX can be move between
different computer and it provides
hundreds of programs that makes the
the system easy to use
         Properties of the UNIX

Unix system considered from the powerful operation
systems because it depends on various concepts:
_Multitasking: means that UNIX can make more
than one task in the same time
_Multi user: means that UNIX allow more than one
user to sign in to the system
_Distributed: means that UNIX allow the users to
use the system resources through the network
  Features of the UNIX system
Stable: means that the system has no freeze
Security: means that there is no viruses in the
Types of application software: like realplayer
drawer office
The ability to connect to devices that uses
Windows system
The UNIX system contains an instant chatting
programs like (icq,aol)
  Advanteges and Disadvantages of
          UNIX system
We would talk about the important advantgae
of this system that is this system has a
graphical interface.

The main disadvantage of this operating
system that it doesn’t setup in any computer
it needs a special computers like (IBM and
Some photos for the interface of the
         UNIX system
     File system in the UNIX
File system is a system defined by the kernel
of the system tells us how to store the files
and the main built of system files created
from symbols and files
The types the symbols in the system:
_main symbols and it has another name (root)
_subsidiary symbols
      Functions of some symbols

1_(/):means that this the base of the system
2_(USR/):folder composes from files and
3_(bin/):this folder contain the operation files
for the system
4_(home/):this folder include the virtual
5_(dev/):folder includes all files of the
connected devices in the system

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