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									Unitarian Universalist Village Church
                                                    403 Barcelona Road, Hot Springs Village, AR 71909

                                                                                    September 2011


Remembering Dave Allen

                                                                         In Memoriam
             He was a man of sorrows,
               That no one can deny.                                     David Allen
      Yet he brought a softness to this world                  March 23, 1941 - August 18, 2011
             Which many can profit by.
      His private thoughts he tried to share.
             Our ears, deaf to his plea.
  Yet, hear him we must, his thoughtful words,                     August Sundays at UUVC
            For a world that is yet to be.              •   September 4 Sunday Service, Dane Nielsen
             So, if you still can hear me,
                                                            “Water Ceremony”
            And this really is not the end,
          I’m grateful to have known you,
                                                        •   September 11 Insight, DBLE Report
And I’ve been proud to have called you my friend.       •   September 18 Sunday Service, Dr. Rev. Bud
                                                            Hearn “The Twins of Doubt and Certainty”
           Lee Iafrate -- August 2011                   •   September 25 Insight, TBA
UUVC Membership Committee                             members and friends attended. Opportunities
Sheila Ford, Chairperson                              abounded for participants to identify strategies
                                                      and procedures that would hopefully make visi-
Members Attend Leadership Camp                        tors feel more welcomed at UUVC. In addition,
                                                      to the visitor discussion, time was spent on the
Four UUVC members spent a week at the Dwight          importance of keeping the membership needs of
Brown Leadership Experience in Denton, Texas          our members foremost in our mind and actions.
from August 7 – 12. Bobbie Bateman, Lee Irafate,
Carl and Sheila Ford were the Hot Springs Village
representatives. The group experienced a busy
schedule that began at 5:30 AM and ended at
9:45 PM daily. The jammed packed days includ-
ed large lecture type instruction and well as small
group discussion sessions. The four UUVCers
spent most of the day as a core nucleus. We
attended the evening Chalice groups indepen-

                                                      In the weeks to come Dr. Hearn and Sheila hope
                                                      to summarize the strategies developed and
                                                      implemented at a Congregational Conversation.
                                                      In the meantime, the committee hopes that you
                                                      will notice that we want “to show not tell,” you of
                                                      our welcoming actions.

                                                      Those present were: Dennis Abraham, Tom
                                                      Henderson, Steve Rittenmeyer, Alana Clegg,
                                                      Barb Robbins, Dick Robbins, Karen Williams, Jay
                                                      Williams, Anne Flueckiger, Cloe Bayer, Pat Hearn,
Susan Smith and Connie Noland (Southwest UU           Carl Ford, Sheila Ford and Seminar leader, Rev.
District leaders) were the lead instructors. Their    Dr. Bud Hearn.
topics dealt with the large picture projections of
where and how UUA would move forward in the           Personal Planning Form Requested
coming years. Emphasis was placed on how our
individual churches would aid in that forward         The untimely death of David Allen reminded us
movement.                                             of the need to have a Personal Planning Form on
                                                      file for each of our Members and Friends. Many
The four participants will be reporting to the        years ago, a Planning Form was distributed and
congregation on their experience, understanding,      collected by persons in UUVC leadership posi-
and prospective of their summer training op-          tions. As membership chair, I have updated the
portunity on September 11, 2011, at the Sunday        form and am ready to send it to each of our
Insight service.                                      Members and Friends for consideration. Comple-
                                                      tion of the requested information is purely vol-
Membership Seminar Held                               untary and the information will be held in strict-
                                                      est confidence. The purpose for collecting this
                                                      information is to make certain that your thoughts,
On Saturday, August 27, 2011, Rev. Dr. Bud
                                                      directions and wishes are followed in the event of
Hearn, lead the Membership Committee through
                                                      an emergency. There are no plans other than the
a day long seminar on “Nurturing a Loving and
                                                      sincere desire to represent you and our church
Welcoming Community.” A total of fourteen
                                                      when you are not available.
                                                       Fund. Because of the extremely severe drought,
Consideration of a Columbarium                         there is a crisis in Somalia and neighboring
                                                       countries, affecting many millions of people. The
Last year several folks began exploring the pos-       Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC)
sibility of purchasing and installing a Columbarium    has set up a relief fund to help ameliorate the
on our church property. Meg Koziar and myself          situation You may remember that last March our
have taken an active part in exploring various         Justice Sunday program was on how the UUSC
companies and location possibilities. If you would     operates in these humanitarian crises through
like to consider being part of this conversation       partners already on the ground. If you would like
and would like to explore the possibility of owning    more information on this fund, go to UUSC.org,
a niche, please call or e-mail Meg Koziar or Sheila    and click on Famine in Africa.
Ford. Those persons who began this conversation
are, Bud and Pat Hearn, Karen and Jay Williams
                                                       Community Donations
and Don and Barb Ost. It is anticipated that these
folks will play an important role in the decisions
pertaining to this topic.                              Our church also budgets for Community Dona-
                                                       tions from the operating fund. The board de-
Past Presidents                                        cides to whom these funds are donated, with
                                                       recommendations from the Social Action Com-
                                                       mittee. The recipient of our first major donation
Recognition of those UUVC members who have
                                                       is the Jackson House in Hot Springs.
served our congregation as past presidents shall
not go unnoticed! In the days ahead a framed list-
ing of all UUVC Presidents will proudly reside in
our church library.

Honoring our Past Members

Plans are underway to honor our members and
friends who have died in a special commemora-
tive way. Those who were a part of UUVC begin-
ning in 1997 will be listed in an appropriate and
dignified way that celebrates their contribution to
our church. The acquisition of our church will also
enable us to commemorate those persons we
have lost after moving into our building. Our first
                                                       Janie Smith, director, was very pleased to re-
commemoration will be for David Allen.
                                                       ceive $1400 from UUVC, and as she was in
                                                       the process of unloading a food order from the
                                                       Arkansas Rice Depot when it was delivered,
                                                       pointed out that this donation would purchase
 Social Action                                         about four thousand dollars worth of food for the
 by Meg Koziar, Chair
                                                       needy. (The cost of food through the Rice Depot
                                                       is about one third of the retail cost.) We plan to
 Share the Plate                                       have more information about Jackson House in
                                                       a future program. Though this congregation has
 Thank you for your contributions to the August        been contributing to them since 1997, their work
 Share the Plate collection. We were able to give      may not be familiar to some.
 the Paul Bewie Boys and Girls Club $356. We
 normally chose a local organization for our share     Recycling
 the plate collections, but on Sept. 4 the recipient
 will be the UUSC Somalia and East Africa Relief
                                                       Please note that we now have a bulletin board
               (Social Action Cont.)                    Book Corner

above the recycling bins (thanks to Tom Tirrell and     If you are one of those like me who know next
Michael Kloack). We have a notice there that we         to nothing about the second U of UU, I have the
hope will clarify our recycling efforts. It seems       book for you: “American Universalism: Its Origins, Or-
that some people have thought that we receive           ganization and Heritage,” by Elmo Arnold Robinson.
money for what we recycle, or get some point
somewhere. Not true. Our recycling is solely a          Unless you are a history buff, one who can’t get
social justice activity. Check the bulletin board for   a long with out loads of details, I recommend you
more details. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for     skip Part II -- The Story. I think even Elmo will
two types of recycled items we need: computer           understand. Concentrate instead on Part 1 -- Ori-
equipment for C4K, and winter bedding for the           gins (pp. 1-70), and Part III -- Heritage (pp. 207-
Oaklawn Migrants program.                               238). For me, both were informative, providing a
                                                        readable insight into where we came from. Part II
                                                        -- Organization is great for the specialist, but for
Future Plans
                                                        me it was a tough slog.

The committee will meet on September 9 at 6:30
                                                        “Theology in America,” edited by Sydney Ahl-
at the church and discuss plans for activities
                                                        strom, offers an excellent summary from Puritan-
related to our focus on food security and ethical
                                                        ism to Neo-Orthodoxy, bringing to life a topic
eating. You are welcomed to join us.
                                                        alien to many of us. If you only read the intro-
                                                        duction, your time will have been well spent, but
Sign Up to Volunteer                                    don’t stop there. A careful selection of primary
                                                        sources allows you to explore the thoughts of a
For our monthly activities at the Jackson House         wide range of theologians in their own voice. We
Kitchen, Thrift Shop, or Ouachita Children’s Cen-       have Bud Hearn to thank for sharing with us this
ter. Sign up books are near the name tags.              book from his own library.

             Something to Think About
         Here we are together, you and I.
         You and I without a word to say.
 Why should lips be used to murmur words when
  love is waiting, maidenly and shy, to have her
          maiden shyness kissed away.

                            September Milestones •••• Congratulations
                   Birthdays                                            Anniversaries
                                                        Helen & Bob Stark -- 1 Sep
Jay Williams 8 Sep        Colleen Wagner 23 Sep

Fred Voda 9 Sep           Joanne Whaley 25 Sep          Elizabeth & John Foster -- 6 Sep

Daryl Wedwick 13 Sep      Bob McCleskey 28 Sep          Bridget & Franz Van de Kop -- 28 Sep

Pat Hearn 14 Sep          Sheila Ford 29 Sep

Cynthia Saalfield 21 Sep Cloe Bayer 30 Sep

Mayo Stiles 21 Sep        Leon Koziar 30 Sep

Jack Newman 23 Sep

       Still time to register for Bud’s seminar:       Some of the works hanging in other parts of the
                                                       building are also for sale. Check with the artist
                                                       or any member of the committee: Pat Hearn,
        A New Series of Seminars for
                                                       Daryl Wedwick, or Meg Koziar.
           Religious Progressives
               from Rev. Dr. Bud Hearn
                                                         Conflict Resolution Committee Prepares
                 PROGRESSIVES                          The Conflict Resolution Committee (Cloe Bayer,
                                                       Tom Henderson, Bud Hearn, Moni Lacy, Steve
No book in American history has had a greater          Rittenmeyer and Jim Umphrey) has met five times
historical and cultural impact than the Bible. It      through the summer preparing to assist UUVC
remains the “story of all stories”. Its story has      members and friends with voluntary, confidential
impacted political, social, economic history from      settlement of church centered disputes. Although
political speeches to artistic expression. This        the majority of committee members have experi-
seminar lays a foundation for understanding the        ence in non-adversarial dispute resolution meth-
Bible, later seminars will address the place of        ods, we are refreshing and updating our skills
the Bible in American culture: art, music, politics;   with the excellent Mediation @ MIT: Mediator
and an emerging school of thought that ques-           Training Program. Supplied to us, free of charge,
tions the historical reality of Jesus. See Bud         by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
[922-3689] for info and registration.
                                                       By passing the Conflict Resolution Policy, UUVC
                                                       is being proactive with dispute resolution. Just as
                                                       fire departments don’t wait until the alarm sounds
             Something Beautiful                       to start getting ready to respond. Our church,
             (or at least interesting)                 while hoping no disputes erupt, has put into place
                                                       a process with trained people to help. Should the
by Meg Koziar, Art Committee                           need arise.

The Wall of Art in the Community Hall will be          To receive more information, or discuss assis-
changed out on September 16. We will display           tance with a conflict. Please feel free to contact
one piece from each artist, and hope to have           CRC Chairman, Steve Rittenmeyer, at 915-0575
more of the many talented people in the congre-        or SD-Rittenmeyer@wiu.edu.
gation participating this next time around. As
we would like a seasonal theme, keep Autumn
in mind. Art may, or may not, be for sale, Some        Sign-up for the Friends of the Coronado Center Library
artists will donate a portion of the sale to the              Trivia Night fund raiser at the AIG Table.
church. Check the catalog for information, it is in
the black folder at the bottom of the display.         This event is held twice a year in the Coronado
                                                       Center Auditorium. The next ‘Trivia Night’ is
(Hint: Last chance to purchase one of the pieces now   coming up on Friday, September 23, 2011.
                     displayed.)                       Seats are sold at $10 each; and the Library
                                                       accepts entries from Teams of Eight; or from
Artist should place their Autumn display pictures      entries of less than a full team; or from individu-
in the Art/Craft room near the kitchen before          als. Interested entrants may sign-up as a team
Sept. 16. Make sure they have a wire for hang-         (8 entrants), 2 to 7 entrants, or as individu-
ing. Please do not remove pieces from the cur-         als. The Library will assign individuals to other
rent display; they will be placed in the art room      incomplete teams taking part in the competi-
for you to pick up after Sept. 16. We will hang        tion. UUVC already has a complete team, which
one work from each artist.                             has entered and competed in the last two Trivia

September AIG Report                                   The September Sunday Golf Scramble will be on
by Tom Henderson                                       the 2nd Sunday, 09/11/11. Folks wanting to play
                                                       in this event may sign-up for it on Sunday morn-
The Art AIG continues to meet at UUVC on 1st,          ings at UUVC. If you have played in it previously,
3rd, and 5th Friday from 9:30 a.m. to Noon, with       you can expect to get a reminder e-mail from
Meg Koziar as its Facilitator. Artists interested in   Facilitator (‘Golf Commissioner’), Wally Johnson,
joining the Group for practicing their Art should      prior to the 2nd Sunday. His e-mail will tell you
contact Meg to discuss their interest.                 which course and the tee times reserved for the
                                                       UUVC Sunday Golf Scramble.
The Book Club is reading the book, “We Hear All
Voices” by a Benton AR author, Sam Taggart. The        A new AIG, “Religious’ Studies” Group, will start
book will be discussed at the regular meeting          meeting in September. This AIG is full, but if
hosted at the Umphreys home at 2 p.m. on the           you are interested, please sign-up as a Standby
4th Thursday of September, 09/22/11. Interested        should someone drop out. The first conversa-
persons please contact Joanne Umphrey at home          tion -- Remedial Christianity -- begins Sunday,
via telephone, via e-mail or you may get informa-      September 11 (and every other week after that) at
tion at the AIG sign up table on Sunday mornings       12:30 PM in the room behind the UUVC kitchen.
at UUVC.                                               Please contact Sheila or Carl Ford for more de-
The Games Group will meet at UUVC on its regular
scheduled 2nd Saturday at 6 p.m. at UUVC. After        Another new AIG is forming, the Astronomy/Star-
trying pot lucks, snacks only and desserts only,       gazing Group, with Jay Williams, as Facilitator.
since moving meetings to UUVC, watch for Facili-       Jay may have contacted you already to find out
tator, Paul Lakey’s e-mail in September to find out    your preference for a time and day of the month
what the AIG has settled on for attendees to bring     to meet. If you are interested in joining this AIG,
to the church for the AIG’s next meeting.              please let Jay Williams know of your interest right
                                                       away, so you are included in the Group’s first
Members of the Grief Support AIG, or others want-      meeting.
ing Group support, please call contact, Cynthia
Saalfield, to let her know of a support need, or       The Current Issues Discussion AIG, formerly facili-
to find out when and where the next meeting will       tated by Meg Koziar, and hosted by Mac McPher-
be held. This AIG has decided to meet only when        son will begin again Thursday, September 22 at
there is a support need for someone, since no          10:00 AM, with Carl Ford as the new facilitator and
member felt the Group needed to meet again for         host. The topic for the 22nd is “Obama’s NSC”;
the summer, but they wish to continue to sup-          Newcomers welcome.
port anyone who needs Grief Support - when it’s
needed.                                                I am presently seeking someone to takeover the
                                                       Spirituality AIG from Dave Allen. Other members
Members and Friends interested in the next Mov-        of this Group interested in volunteering for this
ie/Film night, please contact Cloe Bayer to find out   position, please call the UUVC AIG Coordinator,
when the next meeting will be held at UUVC.            Tom Henderson.

The Poetry Reading AIG Facilitator, Elaine Voda,       We now have eleven (12) AIGs meeting or plan-
reports that this AIG will continue with its regular   ning to meet; two of these are new; and one AIG
meetings on the 2nd Thursday, from 10 a.m. until       is looking for replacement Facilitators in order to
12 noon, in the UUVC Library.                          continue meeting regularly.

                                                       The AIG Sign-up Table includes a sign-up folder
The Restaurant Dining AIG meets at a Friday at
                                                       for a non-AIG,the Tanzanian Sewing Project, co-
Brave New Restaurant in Little Rock, (www.brave-
                                                       chaired by Sheila and Eve-Marie Renner.
newrestaurant.com) 6 p.m. September 16.
                    UU Village Church of Hot Springs Village, AR
                                          Treasurers Report
                                            July 31, 2011

             ( see Balance Sheet)

Total Cash as of: July 31, 2011                         $    70,497.99
Total Equity as of: July 31, 2011                       $   237,722.05

                 Fund Balance
           (see P&L Budget v. Actual)

Year end Fund Balance - June 30,2011                    $     65,923.58
Operating Income - July 1 to July 31, 2011              $     20,774.91
                                           Totals       $     86,698.49
Operating Expenses - July 1 to July 31, 2011            $     (5,056.50)
Income Correction for Prepaid Pledges                   $    (11,200.00)
Cash on Hand (July 31, 2011)                            $     70,441.99
                                      Difference        $         56.00

Net Increase (Decrease) in Cash                         $      4,574.41

Respectfully Submitted,

Bob McCleskey, Treasurer

                                    Treasurers Report_7-31-2011.xlsx

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