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                   Summer1995                    Monthly newsletter of The Washington Group
            Volume XI Number 5                   An Association of Ukrainian American Professionals

1995 TWG Leadership Conference
The Ukrainian Community: Defining a New Role
    Conference to be held                 nian-American community has been          methods of doing business need to be
                                          on events in Ukraine—and with good        overhauled to take advantage of new
    October 6-8 at the Key
                                          justification. The Millennium of Chris-   opportunities, and innovative meth-
    Bridge Marriott Hotel                 tianity in Ukraine, perebydova and the    ods of financing our activities need to
          By George Masiuk                rise of Rukh, the Declaration of Sover-   be implemented.
           TWG President                  eignty, Declaration of Independence,              Conference Structure
   This year’s Leadership Conference      the December Referendum and, fi-             In keeping with tradition, the TWG
will focus on the Ukrainian-American      nally, worldwide recognition of           Leadership Conference will start with
community. The Conference will try        Ukraine as an independent country         a Friday evening get-together. This
to answer the following three basic       were dramatic one-time events. Now        year it will be held in the Gannett
questions.                                that the euphoria has subsided, it is     Building, home to USA Today. We
   • What should the Ukrainian-           time to look inward, at least for a       will be on the top floor which will
American community be doing?              moment, at the state of our commu-        provide a spectacular view of Wash-
   • How should it implement its goals?   nity and to start drawing a road map      ington. It will be a great time to meet
   • How can it finance its activities?   for its future. Old assumptions about     old acquaintances and develop new
   Since 1988 the focus of the Ukrai-     our role need to be reexamined, old       contacts.
                                                                                       Saturday will be an intense day.
   Chamber recital, jazz piano, contemporary                                        The Conference will start-off with a
                                                                                    keynote address. (We’ll tell you who in
    films begin Cultural Fund’s Fall Season                                         the next issue of TWG News.) Then
         By Laryssa Chopivsky             Graduates of the Lviv, Kiev and                  (See Conference, Page 4)
       Cultural Fund Director             Moscow Conservatories, these
   The TWG Cultural Fund is
planning several exciting events for
                                          outstanding musicians are laureates
                                          of numerous international competi-
                                                                                          IN THIS ISSUE            ➠
the fall season. First, on Sunday         tions, have recorded extensively and              Notes on Members       2
evening September 24 at the Lyceum        have concertized throughout Eastern              Osinchuk on Alaska      3
in Old Town, Alexandria, the              and Western Europe, performing                Courtney leaves Almaty     4
Cultural Fund will present Ukrai-         works from a wide and diverse                           Club Suzy-Q      5
nian classical music excellence as        repertoire, including many works of             Conference Program       7
personified by violinist Lydia Shutko     major Ukrainian composers.                     Why stay at Marriott?     8
and pianist Maria Krushelnytska (of          Next, during TWG’s Leadership              Conference Registration    9
the renowned musical and theatrical       Conference, the Cultural Fund will                Calendar of Events
Krushelnytsky family), both of Lviv.              (See Cultural, Page 5)
                                               Notes on Members
         If you have any interesting news about a TWG colleague, or about yourself, share it with the rest of the
      TWG family. Send it to the TWG NEWS editor by e-mail, if you can, ( or by “snail-mail”
      to TWG, Attn: Editor, P.O. Box 11248, Washington DC 20008.

   • Former TWG Vice-President Andrew and Lesia                      with their representatives in Congress.
Bihun are leaving August 9 for Kyiv, where he will head                  Mr. Deychakiwsky ran into numerous TWG-ers or
the US Embassy's Commercial Section for the next two                 ex-TWGers working or touring in Kyiv, including
years. Mr. Bihun works for the Department of Com-                    George Sierant, Orysia Pylyshenko, Kathy
merce, where he managed the Industry Sector Analysis                 Chumachenko, Roman Goy, Taras Shmagala Jr., Marta
section of the International Trade Administration. In                and Rostyk Chomiak, Maria Rudensky and Vlodko
Kyiv, he will take over after former TWG member                      Sulzhynsky, who also will soon re-join us here in D.C.
Stephan Wasylko. Also leaving the Embassy in August is               after completing his tour of duty at the U.S. Embassy.
former TWG News Editor Maria Rudensky after a                        Nonetheless, the Western presence in Kyiv continues to
three-year tour in the Consular Section, which she                   grow!
helped establish.                                                        Mr. Deychakiwsky found Kyiv a very dynamic,
   • TWG Secretary Orest Deychakiwsky recently                       happening place—and not only politically. He noted
returned from Kyiv where he spent a week as advisor for              many encouraging signs after a year’s absence from Kyiv,
the Indiana University/U.S.-Ukraine Foundation’s                     including many more Western restaurants and cafes,
Parliamentary Development Project. Deychakiwsky met                  road improvements and building renovations, and a real-
with deputies and staff of the Verkhovna Rada, as well as            estate boom (it looks as if Westerners who bought real
with Ukrainian non-governmental organizations,                       estate a few years ago made a wise investment).
informing them about how hearings in the U.S. Con-                       Kyiv is becoming a “modern” city in other respects as
gress are conducted and about how U.S. citizens interact             well, Mr. Deychakiwsky noted. Coming back from a
                                                                     friend’s apartment near Basarabsky rynok late one night,
                                                                     he was robbed at gunpoint by three Russian-speaking
                                                                     “hooligans.” (They took his money but left his wallet
                      TWG NEWS                                       following brief negotiations, and actually apologized as
        Published monthly for its membership by                      they were leaving, blaming their action on the current
               The Washington Group                                  economic situation in Ukraine). Despite this unpleasant
        P.O. Box 11248, Washington, DC 20008                         incident, the TWG Secretary left with a feeling of
                           EDITOR                                    optimism about Ukraine’s future.
                          Yaro Bihun                                     • COL. Askold D. Mosijczuk, chief of pediatrics at
            (202) 362-0569 • E-mail:                   the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, is on temporary
                                                                     assignment to Guantanamo, Cuba. You can keep his
                   PUBLIC RELATIONS                                  spirits up by dropping him a line at: US Army 133-38-
                       Jane Kunka                                    1264, A Co. 261 ASMB, JTF 160, DET. D, Unit No.
            ((703) 922-5898 • E-mail:                 82266, FPO-AE 09509-8280. (The first card or letter to
                       CALENDAR                                      successfully arrive at this cryptic destination should get
                    Danusia Wasylkiwskyj                             some kind of prize from the TWG News.—Ed.)                 ❏
                         (301) 652-3938
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Summer 1995                                                                                                                    2
                                          in many ways like other American           forums, local schools, and other
    “Could                                cities “outside” (the Alaskan term for
                                          continental US). We have Wal-
                                                                                     organizations. I seem to have far less
                                                                                     time now than when I lived on the

    anyone                                Mart, K-Mart, McDonald’s, etc. but
                                          we also have some four & five star
                                          restaurants, a Performing Arts
                                                                                     east coast.
                                                                                         Summertime is beautiful, with
                                                                                     long daylight hours—19 1/2
   imagine                                Center with three halls seating from
                                          350 to 2,000 and lots of other great
                                                                                     hours—so it gives everyone a chance
                                                                                     to plan hikes and, most importantly,
                                          entertainment and shopping. For a          fishing trips. I never understood
        m y                               city of its size, it is very cosmopoli-
                                          tan and self sufficient. Our closest
                                                                                     fishing until I got a King Salmon
                                                                                     hooked on my line. After you catch
                                          neighboring, major cities are              them comes the really great part—
  Steinway                                Vancouver and Seattle, both about
                                          three hours flying.
                                                                                     eating a freshly caught Alaskan wild
                                                                                     salmon. Your palette is spoiled

  Grand in                                    Anchorage is situated in a
                                          gorgeous natural setting, surrounded
                                                                                         Believe it or not, there is a small
                                          by ocean on two sides—Turnagain            group of Ukrainians living here and
 an igloo?”                               Arm and Knik Arm of Cook Inlet,
                                          and the splendid Chugach Range on
                                                                                     we had a barbecue together last
                                                                                     summer. It was most fascinating to
                                          the third. Views of snowcaps, and          hear all the stories of what brought
                                          the ocean abound. Across the Knik          each one of us to Alaska. We have
     and other myths                      Arm is the Alaska range with famous        had a large Ukrainian dance group
                                          volcanoes such as Mt. Augustine,           from Kiev perform here three years
     about cultural life                  Mt. Readout, and Mt. Spur, and             ago. There are also Ukrainians who
        in Alaska                         farther out Mt. McKinley which at          come from Magadan and other
                                          100 miles is often visible on a clear      Siberian areas. I met one wonderful
                                          day. Throughout the city are many          Ukrainian from Zaporizhzhya who
        By Juliana Osinchuk               lakes and several rivers. My husband,      read my name in the newspaper and
                                          Mark, and I live on a lake where all       decided to call and find out if I was
    If anyone had told me five years      summer long we are visited by great        Ukrainian.
ago that I would be living in Alaska,     varieties of ducks, loons, and other            I just recently returned from
I would have probably laughed it off      birds as well as occasional moose and      Ukraine, where I was invited to
as a joke. Unbelievably, it has           bald eagles. It is true that you can see   speak and perform at the Interna-
already been almost three years since     moose standing on the side of a            tional Music Conference honoring
I moved to Anchorage from New             main street in midtown. Traffic on a       Borys Lyatoshynsky. It has been
York. Life “up here,” as many would       four lane road is also often brought       2 1/2 years since my last visit and I
say, is quite wonderful. For those        to a screeching halt for a crossing by     saw many positive changes in Kyiv.
skeptics—yes, we have indoor              a large family of lesser Canada geese.     Unfortunately, Lviv struck me as a
plumbing, electricity, paved roads,           I have a very busy professional        quite depressed city with greater
and, no, we do not live in igloos.        and social life. This last season I        negative feelings of the future.
Could anyone imagine my Steinway          performed over fifteen solo and                I was greatly honored this year to
Grand in an igloo? For the unin-          chamber recitals in Anchorage and          receive a solo recital grant from the
formed: an igloo is simply an             other Alaskan communities. On              National Endowment for the Arts
Eskimo word for hut or house.             several programs I was able to             resulting in a recital on October 27,
Alaskan Eskimos do not live in ice        present works of Ukrainian compos-         1995, at the Jon F. Kennedy Center
igloos. The ice huts are found in         ers to Alaskan audiences. The              for the Performing Arts in Washing-
Northern Canada.                          response is always very positive. Also,    ton, and November 8, 1995, at
    Getting back to Anchorage—this        I have established a private teaching      Merkin Hall in New York City. I
is a city of c. 250,000 population,       studio and receive many requests to        cordially invite everyone to attend,
half of the state’s total. Anchorage is   present lecture/recitals at university     and hope to see you all soon.          ❏

Summer 1995                                                                                                                 3
  Amb. Courtney ends tour in Kazakstan
           By R.L. Chomiak                 many Kazakstanis said they knew           arms reduction, non-proliferation,
    ALMATY, Kazakstan—William              they were an independent country          trade, exchanges. Practicing tradi-
H. Courtney is a “household name”          when they saw the American Flag fly       tional American hospitality, he
in Kazakstan.* In the latter part of       in Almaty. That flag, kept in a U.S.      opened the embassy doors to the
June 1995 every important newspa-          Information service drawer since the      people of Kazakstan and he traveled
per in this Central Asian country,         embassy moved to its present, much        throughout the vast country.
radio and TV stations carried              larger quarters, was presented by the         Both the embassy chancery and
interviews with and articles about         staff as a souvenir to the first ambas-   the ambassador’s residence—first in
the first American ambassador who          sador at his farewell reception.          hotel suites, later in small quarters
was ending his three-and-a-half-year          The arrival of William H.              and now in more representational,
tour.                                      Courtney in Almaty, less than two         normal spaces—there were frequent
    Amb. Courtney, honorary                months after Kazakstan became             receptions and informal gatherings,
member of TWG, left Kazakstan              independent, served as a civics lesson    and press conferences at which
July 1 for Washington with his wife        in American democracy for Kazak-          Kazakstanis and visiting Americans
Paula Feeney, and children Will and        stanis: he came in as chargé              could meet and exchange informa-
Allison. Three days later, the fourth      d’affaires, pending his formal            tion. The American Embassy hosted
Independence Day reception                 nomination by President George            artists who displayed their works or
organized by the American Embassy          Bush, followed by the US Senate           put on performances.
in Kazakstan was the first without         hearing, the Senate’s consent vote            All media had no problems with
Bill Courtney as the host. But on the      and the swearing-in ceremony in           access to the American envoy, and
eve of his departure there was a           Washington. So it was in early            his ties with the Kazakstanis were
farewell party for him at the Embas-       September, 1992, that Amb. Court-         not limited to those in the capital.
sy which was attended by the now           ney could present his credentials to      The country with 16 million
large American and local staff, and        President Nursultan Nazarbayev of         inhabitants is two time zones wide,
several former Kazakstani embassy          Kazakstan and become ambassador           and Ambassador Courtney got to
employees who have moved to other          extraordinary and plenipotentiary.        know virtually every region of this
jobs but remain close friends of           The ceremony, in fact, took place         large piece of real estate through
“Meester Ambassador,” and “Beel.”          about half hour after that for the        personal visits, while the people
(I timed my short visit to Almaty          ambassador from Iran.                     there got to know this American.
from Kyyiv to catch Bill Courtney’s           But there is no doubt in Kazak-            And it was during Amb. Court-
farewell.)                                 stan about which foreign diplomatic       ney’s tenure that Operation Sapphire
    The American Embassy opened            mission was first. When the country       took place. After extensive and
in Kazakstan in February 1992, and         got around to producing its own           supersecret negotiations and plan-
                                           diplomatic plates for cars (until 1992    ning that lasted for months and that
    * Note: Kazakstan is spelled           such things were handled by Mos-          could serve as the subject of exciting
without the “h” because that, appar-       cow for all of USSR), the American        TV miniseries, Kazakstan was able to
ently, is what the State Dept. geogra-     cars received “001” as the country        get rid of 600 pounds of highly
pher has recently determined. It would     designation, and the plate on the         enriched uranium (warhead quality)
have been even closer if it were spelled   American ambassador’s car in              left over from the time when the
Kazaqstan. Stalin’s linguists who          Kazakstan is “001 001”.                   country was the main Soviet atomic
invented a Cyrillic alphabet for the          Throughout his service in              backyard. The stuff was bought,
Kazak language created an additional       Kazakstan Amb. Courtney stressed          packed and transported by the US
“k” with a “khvostyk” and the sound        the word “American” in his title          just before Thanksgiving Day 1994.
like “kh” in order to keep the people’s    “American Ambassador.” He was                 And it was also Amb. Courtney,
name separate from kazak/kozak, and        American first and ambassador             an economist by profession, who
some Kazaks maintain that the              second, although his tenure included      never lost an opportunity to encour-
Zaporozhtsi, et al., got the name from     some very serious US-Kazakstani           age market reforms and democratiza-
them.—RLC                                  diplomatic initiatives in the areas of             (See Courtney, page 5)

Summer 1995                                                                                                              4
   Soyuzivka bracing for Club Suzy-Q week
   The 12th Annual Club Suzy-Q           married couples, singles, whatever;          Reservations for rooms to be
Week will be held August 12-19 at        people make friends for life; now         made directly with Soyuzivka (914)
the UNA resort Soyuzivka, in             there is even a second generation of      626-5641; fax (914) 626-4638;
Kerhonkson, New York.                    Suzy-Q-ers growing up.                    address: Soyuzivka, UNA Estate,
   This is a fun week for young-in-          Activities include a visit to the     Foordmore Road, Kerhonkson, NY
spirit Ukrainian professionals,          Culinary Institute of America             12446.
students, retirees, etc. People come     (Italian dinner), river rafting on the       For further information/registra-
from all over North America and          Delaware, hiking at Lake Mohonk           tion forms call these folks evenings
even overseas sometimes.                 and Lake Minnewaska, winery tour,         until 10 p.m.):
   The setting is beautiful, interest-   sports, masquerade, steak night,             Marta Tyshynsky (NJ) (201)
ing people, from all walks of life,      Hutsul Vatra, slide show, horseback       472-3972.
                                         riding, mountain biking, Hudson              Roma Nightengale (Rochester,
                                         River cruise, presidential mansion        NY0 (716) 594-9323.
Courtney...(from Page 4)                 tour, welcome party and hug-in,              Marta Terebenec (Toronto) (416)
tion in Kazakstan. He even did it in     farewell banquet and hug-out,             249-0225.
his farewell interviews in the media     zabava, zabava, zabava.                      Roman Nazareqycz (Toronto)
and he did it in his farewell remarks        Bring your fancy duds, casual         (416) 535-0480.
at the embassy reception. It’s safe to   clothes, costume for masquerade,             (Information courtesy of Orysia T.
say that few post-Soviet Kazakstanis     Ukrainian outfit for Hutsul night.        Tracz.)                           ❏
will forget the name of the first
American diplomat in their indepen-
dent country.                            Cultural Fund Fall Season...(from Page 1)
    While it’s never safe to predict     feature Canadian-born jazz pianist        Washington, on Sunday, October 8,
what the US Senate will decide,          John Stetch. Mr. Stetch received his      at the Leadership Conference, at the
Amb. Courtney is not about to rest       music degree with high distinction        Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington,
in the Foggy Bottom. He is getting       in jazz piano from McGill University      Virginia.
ready for his next challenge—            in 1991 and was one of three                  In addition, the Cultural Fund
Georgia, not the site of the next        finalists in the 1993 Thelonius           has arranged for two subtitled
Olympic Games, but the one in the        Monk International Jazz Composers’        contemporary Ukrainian movies, M.
war-torn Caucasus that is due for a      Competition. He has recorded two          Ilienko’s Fouchoo and Vadym
complete political, economic and         CDs for Terra Nova Records;               Castielli’s The Treasures of Hetman
physical reconstruction. With the        “Rectangle Man” and “Carpathian           Polubotok, to be shown at the
Senate’s consent, his issues of TWG      Blues,” which have been played on         Kennedy Center’s American Film
News will soon be on their way to        hundreds of radio stations across the     Institute in November.
Tbilisi.                          ❏      US.                                           And, for a very special holiday
                                             He has toured Canada and the          treat, the Cultural Fund has arranged
    Former TWG News Editor Ross          US, and currently resides in New          for Lviv soprano, Oksana Krovytska,
Chomiak helped establish the US          York and performing and recording         who recently sang leading roles in
Information Agency operation in the      with the Tanareid Band. Many of           several New York City Opera
early months of the US Embassy in        Stetch’s compositions are based on        productions (including Violetta in
Almaty. Now, his daughter, Tania         Ukrainian folk themes cleverly            La Traviata at Wolf Trap), to kick-
Chomiak, a USIA foreign service          interwoven with new harmonies to          off the International Music Series at
officer, serves there as Information     create innovative structures. Don’t       the historic and very beautiful
Officer and Acting Public Affairs        miss this rare opportunity to hear        Meridian House on Sunday after-
Officer. Mr. Chomiak has spent the       “some of the best jazz you’re likely to   noon, December 11. Please watch
past year in Kyiv as director of the     hear on either side of the Canada/        TWG News for more details on all
USAID-funded International Media         U.S. border” (Peter Hadekel, The          these events and we hope to see you
Center.                                  Montreal Gazette), live, here in          there.                              ❏

Summer 1995                                                                                                           5
                                            covered by this panel.                       your friends.
Conference... (from Page 1)                     The hard part is over. Time to              After Brunch there is entertainment.
the first panel of the Conference will      change—and go for a dip in the Jacuzzi       the Ukrainian-Canadian jazz pianist
present ideas on what issues and activi-    —if you’re staying in the hotel, that is.    John Stetch.
ties the Ukrainian-American commu-          Otherwise, time to go for a cocktail.           The formal part of the conference is
nity ought to be focusing.                      Feeling relaxed and a bit hungry,        over but there are still things to do. If
    Next, there will be a panel presen-     dinner is served. No banquet would be        you have an interest in the Informa-
tation on how our community can             complete without an Awards Cer-              tion Highway, you’ll want to meet
help itself. The following issues will be   emony, and this evening is no excep-         some of the participants from ukes-
discussed: How can we as a commu-           tion. TWG will present the TWG               social or ukes-news Internet groups.
nity protect our legal rights, for ex-      Journalism Award for the best cover-         We’ll have a few computers on hand
ample, with respect to defamation and       age of Ukrainian-related matters.            and hooked up to the electronic high-
immigration issues, and affect the de-          An elevator ride to the top floor gets   way. Don’t know about the ukes groups
velopment of Ukraine as a state based       you to the View Lounge, the site of the      on Internet? We’ll tell you all about it.
on the rule of law? What can we as a        TWG dance and another breathtak-                Don’t care for technical talk. How
community do to provide adequate            ing view of Washington.                      about a leisurely walk across Key Bridge
care to our elderly, and what can we do         No need to set the alarm clock—          to Georgetown and visit the Alla Rogers
to help improve the medical situation       Brunch is at 11:30 Sunday morning.           Gallery, which will be featuring the
for our friends and relatives in Ukraine?   It’s great to find yourself in a Key         works of a Ukrainian artist, Alexander
How can we effectively provide social       Bridge Marriott room on this Sunday          Pogrebinsky.
services to our needy in the US.            morning. No need to travel. Time to             And before leaving town—don’t
    Then we break for a working lunch.      eat and to catch-up on things with           forget that one last soak in the Jacuzzi.
During lunch the conference partici-
pants at each table will discuss various
topics related to the conceptualizing           UABA to meet during TWG Conference
and implementing a new role for the
Ukrainian-American community.                     In view of the compelling need         tion needs, estate matters, etc.
    Toward the end of lunch the dis-           to redefine and evaluate the role             The private Saturday afternoon
cussion group facilitators at each table       and goals of the Ukrainian Diaspora       session of the UABA will include
will summarize the key ideas generated         and its community organizations,          discussions on: the specific short-
at their table for the benefit of all          and their relationship to Ukraine         term and long-term role and goals
participants.                                  and its people, the Ukrainian             of the UABA in relation to Ukraine
    After lunch the third panel will           American Bar Association (UABA)           and the diaspora; the election of a
focus on how the Ukrainian-Ameri-              has chosen to hold its annual fall        new UABA Board of Governors;
can community can get its message out          meeting in conjunction with the           government financial grant pro-
to the broader community. Participa-           TWG Leadership Conference to              grams; financial report; plans for
tion in election campaigns, lobbying           be held this October 6-8 in Wash-         the Spring 1996 UABA meeting
the White House, Congress, and gov-            ington.                                   and the Third World Congress of
ernment departments and agencies,                 In addition to participating in        Ukrainian Jurists in October 1996,
participating in and influencing think         the panel session on “Developing a        and other miscellaneous general
tanks, and participating in and influ-         Consensus on Ukrainian Commu-             UABA business.
encing the media will be among the             nity Goals,” UABA panelists will              For additional information
topics covered by this panel.                  discuss the nature, complexity and        about the UABA meeting, please
    The final panel of the day will            potential conflicts of legal repre-       contact:
present information on the how our             sentation and defense of issues of            UABA President Orest Jejna
community can obtain funding to fi-            importance to the Ukrainian com-          at 602-254-3872 or OJEJNA@
nance the implementation of our goals.         munity, such as, defamation, news or Vice President
Obtaining funds through government,            distortion, misrepresentation, dis-       Bohdanna Pochoday at 201-701-
corporate, or foundation grants as well        crimination, Ukrainian immigra-           0544 or
as through direct fund raising will be

Summer 1995                                                                                                                     6
          The Ukrainian Community: Defining a New Role
                        1995 TWG Leadership Conference

                               Program Schedule
      Friday, October 6

        7:30 -       9:30   Reception at the Gannett Building

      Saturday, October 7

        8:00 -       9:00   Registration
        9:00 -       9:15   Introductory Remarks
        9:15 - 10:00        Keynote Address
       10:00 - 11:00        Panel 1: Developing a Consensus on Ukrainian
                            Community Goals
       11:15 - 12:15        Panel 2: Providing Services to Our Community
       12:15 -       2:30   Working Lunch: Participatory Discussion on what the
                            Ukrainian community ought to be doing.
        2:30 -       3:30   Panel 3: Getting Our Message Out to the
                            Broader Community
        3:45 -       4:30   Panel 4: Financing Our Projects
        7:00 -       8:00   Cocktail Hour
        8:00 - 10:00        Banquet
       10:00 -       1:30   Dance

      Sunday, October 8

       11:30     -   1:00   Brunch
        1:00     -   2:30   Jazz-Piano performance by
        2:30     -   5:00   Informal Activities
                            — Trip to the Alla Rogers Gallery in Georgetown
                               The works of Ukrainian artist Alexander Pogrebinsky
                              will be exhibited.
                            — Cyberspace Enthusiasts get-together

Summer 1995                                                                          7
                  TWG’s TOP TEN Reasons to Stay at the Key Bridge Marriott
      10. Help keep TWG financially solvent. (TWG is financially liable for 100 room nights.)
        9. Enjoy a great room with a great view for a great price ($105) (If reserved early, most rooms provide a
view of Washington or of the Potomac river or both.)
        8. Georgetown and the Ukrainian embassy are a ten-minute walk across the Key Bridge.
        7. You will be close to a Metro stop, with a free hotel shuttle.
        6. You will be only 10-minutes away from National Airport and 25 minutes from Dulles Airport.
        5. Enjoy hotel amenities such as an indoor/outdoor pool and Jacuzzi.
        4. Your best friends will be at the hotel.
        3. No need to fight cross-town traffic to change into evening attire.
        2. Sleep late Sunday morning and still be on time for the conference brunch at 11:30, or get up early
and go for a swim at the hotel pool before brunch.
        1. It’s 1:30 Sunday morning, the dance is over, and you can’t tell the difference between your house and
car keys. Take the elevator home.

                         Key Bridge Marriott Reservation: 1-800-327-9789
    Reserve a room as soon as possible but BEFORE SEPTEMBER 15. Please specify that you are with TWG in
order to get the Conference discount rate of $105 per night.
                         Key Bridge Marriott, 1401 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA 22209

        Advertisement Rates for the Washington Group Leadership Conference Book
       The Washington Group will place your camera-ready advertisement in the Leadership Confer-
    ence Book at the prices listed below. All advertisements must be submitted by September 15, 1995.
                                            Full page          $500
                                            Half-page          $250
                                            Quarter-page       $125
                                            Business Card       $50
                    Individual donations also will be listed in the Conference Program.
                      Please send all of your correspondence to the following address:
                                      TWG 1995 Leadership Conference
                                            P.O. Box 11248
                                        Washington, D.C. 20008
      If you have any questions, please call Jane Kunka, TWG Public Relations Director, at (202) 418-
      0254 (day) or (703) 922-5898 (evening) or George Masiuk, TWG President, at (202) 651-2302
                                     (day) or (703) 960-0043 (evening).

                                                                        COMPUTER CLUB
          ✔ Medication directly to friends
            and relatives in Ukraine                            To help its members share knowledge, exchange
          ✔ Guaranteed delivery                              information and, thus, improve their computer skills, the
                                                             Washington Group is forming the TWG Computer Club.
                 1-800-RX-UKRAINA                               If you're computer-illiterate but would like to learn; if
                   (1-800-798-5724)                          you're somewhat experienced and would like to improve
                                                             your skills; or if you're an expert and would like help
       Proprietors – Lesia & Jaroslaw Palylyk                improve your colleagues’ skills—call Yaro Bihun at (202)
                                                             362-0569 or e-mail

Summer 1995                                                                                                                 8
                 Leadership Conference Registration Form
   Name ___________________________________                       Profession ____________________________
   Home Address _____________________________________________________________________
   Business Address ___________________________________________________________________
   Home phone _____________________________ Business phone ___________________________
   Fax ____________________________________ E-mail ___________________________________

         Conference Package — admission to all conference events and all meals
                                                                   Before After
                                                                    9/15 9/15

   TWG members (dues paid through Oct. 1995)                 ____ x $195   $215       _______
   All others                                                ____ x $225   $245       _______

   Yes you can join TWG, renew your membership, or extend your current membership, and take advantage
   of TWG member rates. Just fill out the form on the back of this TWG NEWS and include a separate
   check for your membership.

                                   Individually Priced Conference Events
   Conference including a working Lunch                           ___   x $120       ________
   Friday Evening Party                                           ___   x $35        ________
   Banquet and Dance                                              ___   x $60        ________
   Dance only                                                     ___   x $30        ________
   Dance only (student rate)                                      ___   x $20        ________
   Brunch and Jazz-Piano performance                              ___   x $30        ________
   ENCLOSED SUM                                                                      ________

   Check ____ VISA ______
   VISA # ____________________________________                      Expiration date _______________

   Signature _______________________________________
         Clip and mail to : TWG, Leadership Conference, P.O. Box 11248, Washington, DC 20008

                                              COMING EVENTS
 27 August, Sunday. Noon - 7:00 p.m. Fourth                        24 September, Sunday. Recital by pianist Maria
    Annual Ukrainian Independence Day Picnic.                         Kryshelnytska and Lidia Shutko (of Lviv)
    Free admission; cash bar and picnic basket platter.               sponsored by TWG Cultural Fund. The Lyceum in
    Music, dancing, tennic, volley ball, soccer, baseball,            Old Town Alexandria, VA. Contact: Laryssa
    tot lot. Sponsored by TWG and the SelfReliance                    Chopivsky 202-363-3964.
    Baltimore Federal Credit Union. At Centennial Park,            6-8October, Friday-Sunday. TWG Leadership
    Columbia, MD. Contact: Roman Stelmach 410-997-                    Conference. See stories on Page 1 and else-
    0853; Sophia Caryk 301-854-2062; Jane Kunka                       where in this issue and program on Page 7.
    703-922-5898; Victor Hrehorovich (for tennis
    tournament) 410-825-9067. Directions: I-95 to                  27 October, Friday, 7:30 p.m. Recital by pianist
    Route 32 West (Exit 38B); follow to Route 29 North,               Juliana Osinchuk. Terrace Theater, John F.
    then to Route 108 West; East Entrance to park on                  Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washing-
    right. RAIN OR SHINE.                                             ton.

Summer 1995                                                                                                              9
                The Washington Group Membership Information/Application Form
    TWG is an association of Ukrainian-American professionals who live throughout the United States and in several countries of the world. It offers
    its members an opportunity to meet and get to know each other through a variety of professional, educational and social activities. TWG NEWS
    is a monthly newsletter for TWG members, and a membership directory, published for members only, helps them in networking.
                        To apply for membership, please fill out the form below and mail with a check to:
                             The Washington Group, P.O. Box 11248, Washington, D.C. 20008.
                           (The Board of Directors considers membership applications at its monthly meetings.)

    DATE: ___________                   NEW MEMBER                           RENEWAL                      DIRECTORY CORRECTION
 Name                                                                                     Profession
 Home address                                                                            Home phone
 City                                             State           Zip                    E-Mail
 Company                                                                                 Position
 Business address                                                                        Office phone
 City                                             State          Zip                     Fax
                                 Circle information you would like omitted from the published TWG Directory.
                                              Membership Dues (Please check where appropriate):
             $50 Full Membership                           $35 Associate (Members outside Washington metropolitan area and retirees)
             $15 Full-time students                        $10 Surcharge for foreign addresses (Payment must be in US Dollars)

 VISA/Master Card No.                                      Expiration date                   Signature

P.O. BOX 11248


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