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Final Report
                       Republic of the Philippines
                        Office of the City Mayor
                             City of Cavite

February 05, 2007

CDS Project Director

Dear Ms. Gozun:

We are sending herewith the hard copy of the city’s City Development
Strategies (CDS) Final Report in compliance with your office’s deadline.

Rest assured that the City Government would look for avenues that would help
put forward the efforts we have invested in the aforesaid report.

Best regards.

Very truly yours,

City Mayor
                       TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                                    Page No.
Message                                                  1-2
Acknowledgment                                           3-4
Executive Summary                                        5-8
City Development Strategies
I.      City Profile                                     9
            Demographic Analysis
            Land Area
            Physical Characteristics
            Geographical Advantages
II.     Situational Analysis                             10-14
            Key Opportunities/Strengths
            Main Development Challenges
            Key Opportunities/Strengths
            Main Development Challenges
            Key Opportunities/Strengths
            Main Development Challenges
        Good Governance
            Key Opportunities/Strengths
            Main Development Challenges
III.    Vision and City Brand                            15-16
        Good Governance
IV.     Development Strategies                           17-20
        Good Governance
V.     Priority Programs/Projects and Capital Investment Program   21-27
       Good Governance
       List of Priority Projects
       Capital Investment Program
       Capital Budget Analysis

   Urban Karte                                                     i-v
   Table 1 & 2, Revenue Analysis and Forecasting                   vi-vii
   Table 3 & 4, Expenditure Analysis and Forecasting               viii-ix
   Table 5, Projected Income and Expense Distribution              x
   Table 6, Projected Net New Financing                            xi
   Table 7, Capital Investment Plan                                xii
   Table 8, Source of Financing                                    xiii
   Project Identification Document                                 xiv-xxx
   Maps                                                            xxxi-xli
           Barangay Map
           Urban Land and Sea Use Plan
           Barangay Map (colored)
           District Map
           Population Density Map
           Road Network
           Educational Facilities
           Health Facilities
           Soil Map
           Slope Map
           Existing General Land Use
   Pictures                                                        xlii
                                                        CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

                                   Republic of the Philippines
                                  OFFICE OF THE CITY MAYOR
                                         CAVITE CITY


The provision of basic social services to our people has
always been the cornerstone of any incumbent

As a neophyte politician, it was always my goal to seek
avenues wherein the city could benefit so that it would spur
growth and development within its limited resources in the
shortest possible time.

During my first term, my personal slogan or battle cry was TUNGO SA PROGRESO. I
believe that there should be a common goal that would prevent lethargy and inspire the
people to look ahead and support any small steps towards progress.

It became TOTOONG SERBISYO PO at the start of my second term, for any undertaking
without the sincerest of intentions and a clear cut direction would just be a waste of any
movement in the development cycle.

However, although the city government and its elective officers are representative of the
interests of its constituency, the sad fact is that we could only do so much. It is therefore
a welcome respite that a program coming from the private sector such as the Cities
Alliance, have made us realize that we have to work hand-in-hand with private and socio-
civic group interests to pursue change in our developmental direction.

As a city engulfed by three bays and with a rich and colorful history, the city aims to
optimize these advantages by undertaking steps that would not only achieve our goals but
would be sustainable for the next generations of leaders.

There is a need to generate livelihood for our people, not only through commercial
enterprises but more so with the development of our aquaculture industry.

In order to attain the aforementioned, environmental sustainability should be achieved by
coordinating with municipalities surrounding the city with regards to the implementation of
environmental management strategy.

Vital infrastructures should also be in place such as viaducts, seaport so that accessibility
could result into mushrooming of businesses and activity. The additional reclamation of 32
hectares of land at the Ciudad Nuevo would spring back interest in the city as this would
serve as our gateway to the adjoining municipalities and the Manila area.

                                                         CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

The city has to learn to mobilize financial resources both from internal and external
sources for this would serve as the chain that would hold all the prospective projects and
programs for the next few years. Thus, financial management through sensible financial
policies should be undertaken.

The decentralization of the local government should be optimized to heighten levels of
performance in government, accelerate the operations of the government so that basic
and key services would not be compromised.

All of these strategies, if aggressively pursued and planned would drive the city, within the
next ten (10) years, into a bustling seaport community, a major aquaculture hub in the
Mega Manila and CALABARZON areas and with an enabled tourism industry that hopefully
be comparable with the traditional tourist spots in this part of the country.

The vision may yet be farfetched, as of now, but with single-mindedness these strategies,
coupled with sound policies, political will of the leaders and tactical and well-timed capital
and human investments, may once again start a spark of hope for our people.

City Mayor

                                                        CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES


The city wish to convey its gratitude on those who helped Cavite City realized the myriad
possibilities and opportunities that await the city in the immediate future. My hats off to
the City Development Strategy or CDS Team, in the persons of City Vice-Mayor Dino Carlo
R. Chua City Councilor Amorico Alvarez; City Councilor Rolando Villegas; City Councilor
Mike Ponsones; Atty. Rosalino T. Sismaet, Jr., City Administrator; Engr. Danilo
Camposanto, City Engineer and Jesus I. Barrera, City Planning and Development

Likewise, to the local stakeholders who attended the two (2) consultations in developing a
vision and strategy formulation for the city. The first was held last August 10, 2006 at the
New Chefoo Restaurant. The local stakeholders who attended came from the City Council
headed by Vice-Mayor Dino Carlo Chua, City Councilors Enrico Topacio, Rolando Villegas,
Dennis Bernal, Amorico Alvarez, Romel Enriquez, Michael Ponsones, Rizaldy Don Rusit,
Elmer Presa, Joey Albert Fojas, Benjamin Enriquez; the City Hall Department Heads, City
Administrator, Atty. Rosalino Sismaet, Jr; City Treasurer, Augusto Almazan; City
Accountant, Annabella Poblete; City Health Officer, Dr. Lino Antonio Barron; Local Civil
Registrar, Evangelina Bautista; City Agriculture Officer, Solita Campit; City Engineer, Engr.
Danilo Camposanto; City Budget Officer, Jose Dela Rosa; Acting City Assessor Roberto
Gonzales., General Services Officer, Engr. Edwin Timtiman; City Social Welfare Officer,
Pureza G. Ambat, City Veterinarian, Dr. Anna Teresa Baleda and City Planning and
Development Coordinator, Jesus I. Barrera.

Other participants include Leon Young and Regidor Nava (Media Sector); Dr. Ramil
Badajos (Tourism Council), Rev. Arnold Arellano (Religious Sector), Al-Faizar Caranay
(Religious Sector), Cdr. Angelito Delos Santos (Military), Dr. Enrique Escalante (Education
Sector), Jaime Escobar (Business Sector), Edilberto Sabater (Business Sector), Boy
Hangsitang (Business Sector), Manuel Gonzales (Business Sector), Rolando Mojica
(Business Sector), Virgilio Papa (Business Sector), Juan Poblete, Jr. (Business Sector), Dr.
Efren Sayoc (Health Sector), Dr. Cresenciana Fancuvilla (Civic Sector), Prof. Isaac Mahinay
(Education Sector), Dr. Virgilia Holasca (Education Sector), Noel Presa (Education Sector),
Romeo Rosales (Education Sector), Soledad Tubay (Education Sector), Virginia Olaes
(Education Sector) and Rev. Avelino R. Sapida (Religious Sector)

A second consultation meeting, composed of the technical working committee formed to
draft the city’s new vision, convened last August 14, 2006 at Big Anie’s Café, Cavite City.
In attendance, were Mr. Boy Hangsitang, representing the Business Sector; Dr. Virgie
Holasca for the Academe; the Acting City Assessor Roberto Gonzales, representing the
Executive Department of the City Government; Navy Commander Angelito Delos Santos
from the Military and Leon Junn Young, on behalf of the Media Sector.

Most especially, the city offers its warmest and sincerest thanks for the patience and
immense assistance extended to the city government by the CDS-LCP Project Team, to

                                   CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

     Elisea “Bebet’ Gozun, CDS Project Director

    Vickie Antonio, National Project Coordinator

Zeny Manalo, Local Economic Development Specialist

    Antonio Avila, Jr., Urban Finance Specialist

   Anna Gonzalez, Social Development Specialist

        Babes Ancheta, Technical Assistant

         Roderick Durmiendo, IT Specialist

                                                                  CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

                                         EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Introduction                                               Revolution,” the Cavite Mutiny of 1872, which
                                                           historians consider as the beginning of the
         One of the smallest cities in the country,
                                                           Filipino sense of nation.
Cavite City has through the years parlayed its
diminutive size into the forefront of our                           Corregidor Island, the last bastion of our
country’s libertarian struggle. The unusual                country’s military defense during World War II,
tongue of land thrust into Manila Bay has                  forms part of the territorial jurisdiction of the
proved to be a bastion of leading personalities in         city. The fortress island is now a major tourist
history, unsung heroes and many other lives                attraction, as the buildings, tunnels, gun
forgotten in the name of independence. The city            emplacements and other structures remain well-
is a living testament to the myriad possibilities          preserved.
that we could have accomplished if we both
                                                           Key Issues and Opportunities
knew where we are going and how to go about
it.                                                                The city is beset by a number of
                                                           development challenges and has continuously
         Through the years and centuries gone
                                                           sought to address this within the means
by, Cavite City became rich in history and
                                                           available to the city.
culture and the many transcendental events
which brought about the merging of the                     Livability
Castilian and American customs and traditions                      The city has to cope-up with the fact
with the native mold and character of its people,          that informal settlers would have to be
has somewhat failed to diminish the fact that              considered in its development plans since 35 of
Caviteños would always stand proud of its                  its 84 barangays are lying along the coast of the
heritage and traditions as Filipinos, in blood and         city.
in deed.
                                                                     As the city has proven to be vulnerable
Background Information                                     to effects of sea-level rise and considering that
       Cavite City is located at the northern tip          it is lying below sea level, there is also the need
of Cavite Province, 34 kilometers away from                to address the saltwater intrusion that affects
Manila and bounded by three bays, Cañacao                  the city’s supply of potable water.
Bay, Manila Bay and Bacoor Bay and the                              It becomes evident that an essential
Municipality of Noveleta.                                  component of the city’s envisioned development
        Fishing is the primary industry of the city        is the provision of an alternative route that
with its 190 kilometers of coastline and varying           would help the city become accessible via land
fishing grounds that includes estuarine and                or sea transport. The forth-coming operation of
brackish water.                                            a Ferry Services from Cavite City to the Mall of
                                                           Asia is an initial step towards that direction.
       The city was best known in the past as
the main base of the Philippine Navy and an                Bankability
important trade center since Spanish times, but                    Moreover, the city also lacks additional
has now become a satellite city of Manila, and is          source of local revenue that at present accounts
highly regarded for its mussel and oyster                  for 28.2% of the city’s total income, while the
production.                                                city continues to depend on its Internal Revenue
        Cavite City can justifiably claim to be the        Allotment for various expenditures.
birthplace of the nation as it is the site of the so
called “Grandmother Event of the Philippine

                                                                  CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

Competitiveness                                            Livability
        Although fishing is the city’s primary             GOAL: Uplift the quality of life of informal
industry, it has not contributed much to the               settlers in their respective areas by 2015
local economy since the city lacks pre and post
harvest facilities as well as an aquaculture
development and marketing program that would               1. Resettlement                Community
help this become competitive vis-à-vis leading             Program - To organize informal settlers in a
aquaculture producers within the Mega Manila               resettlement community.
area.                                                      2. Barangay Water System Program - To
Good Governance                                            safeguard and protect the city’s limited source
                                                           of potable water.
         There are a few areas in the country
that has the same colorful and rich historical             3. Social Service Program - To provide a
past but somewhat been trampled and totally                continuing and sustainable social service
forgotten by force of circumstance. The lack of a          program and projects.
tourism office, inadequate financial clout to              4. Environment Protection Program - To
heighten the level of historical and tourism               formulate policies and programs that would
awareness of its people and others, the                    protect the environment and maintain its
insufficient tourism infrastructures has conspired         cleanliness for future generations.
to halt any progress on these areas.
                                                           5. Urban Transport System (Mobility) -
                                                           Link-up with Metro Manila and other local
City Brand/Vision                                          destination by land and sea transport.
         As the “Historic and Cultural City by the         Competitiveness
Bay”, with a vision of “A seaport community by             GOAL 1: To accredit the city as a tourist
the bay which is the premier “histo-cultural”              destination in CALABARZON and Mega Manila
destination in the CALABARZON and Mega                     Area.
Manila area and as a major aquaculture
products provider by 2015,” the city aims to               GOAL 2: To increase production and
optimize its nearness to the seas and its rich             marketability of fish & aquaculture products.
historical roots by focusing on it as a take-off or        Strategies:
spring board for development.
                                                           1. Tourism Infrastructure Program - To
         It acknowledges what it has and                   build tourism-related infrastructures and
embraces it so that other benefits would follow.           facilities
Likewise, it seeks to utilize the richness of its
history as an enticement for local and foreign             2. Marketing and Tourism Promotion
tourists to visit the place and relive our                 Program - To market the city’s rich history and
libertarian struggle in the site where it started it       culture to heighten its people’s awareness as
all.                                                       well as prospective local and foreign visitors
                                                           3. Coastal and Sea Use Plan - To formulate a
                                                           zoning or sea utilization plan for the three bays
Goals and Strategies
                                                           4.   Aquaculture      Development        and
        Towards the realization of its vision and          Marketing Program -           To    formulate
development goals, the city has outlined several           Aquaculture Development Marketing Program
strategies that would shape the priority
interventions of the city.

                                                                CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

Bankability                                              Based on the aforementioned the following were
                                                         deemed as priority for the overall impact on the
GOAL: To enhance Fiscal Autonomy and
                                                         city’s development goals:
Improve Tax Administration system
                                                         1. Construction of a Via-Duct
                                                         2. Construction of a Jetty Park
1. Fiscal Policy Program - Formulation of
ordinances that aims to enhance its financial            3. Construction of a Centralized Bus Station
                                                         4. Construction of a Galleon Ship Museum
2. Capital Investment Program - To improve
                                                         5. Construction of a Ciudad Nuevo Hotel and
business structures and facilities to improve
                                                         Seminar Center
local revenue extraction.
                                                         6. Construction of a Porta Vaga Fishermen’s
Good Governance
GOAL: Establish linkages, institutionalize
                                                         7. Extension of the Rosario Isthmus Boardwalk
various tourism undertakings and maximize
                                                         8. Construction of a Porta Vaga Wall Replica
                                                         9. Construction of a Training and Research
1. Mainstreaming Tourism Development
                                                         Center for Aquaculture Products
Plan - To strengthen and institutionalize
tourism as a focal point of the city’s                   10. Construction of a Water Sample Treatment
development                                              Center
                                                                  Moreover, with regards to the sources of
                                                         financing for the city’s top ten priority projects,
Capital Investment Program
                                                         they are expected to come from the budget
        The City Local Development Council               surpluses starting 2007, the increase in tax
(CLDC), through Local Development Council                collection, from the revision of the city revenue
Resolution No. 03-2006 adopted last October              code, income deriving from these projects, bank
23, 2006, a set of policies and criterion in the         loans, BOT/Joint Venture, Grant/ Subsidy from
selection of projects and programs to wit:               the National Government, i.e. coming from
                                                         government agencies such as DOTC, DOT,
        Policy No. 1 :      Social Impact-The
                                                         Senators’ and Congressmen’s Countrywide
development project should improve the social
                                                         Development Fund.
well- being of the constituents.
                                                                 To ensure that these funds would be
       Policy No. 2 : Relevance to city’s
                                                         utilized for the intended purposes, constant
Productivity - Projects that can be measurable
                                                         monitoring and proper accounting of expenses
by its expected impact on the City’s over-all
                                                         would be undertaken so that these high impact
                                                         projects would be realized at the soonest and
        Policy No. 3 :             Environmental         could immediately affect the city’s development.
Implication-   The      project    must    have
                                                                 The priority projects scheduled for
Environmental Integrity.
                                                         implementation within a five-year period with
       Policy No. 4 : Financial Viability- The           their budgets to be implemented via
Development Project or Program should be                 installments or stages. A bulk of the funds
economically efficient and sustainable.                  would be released on the first two years, the
        Policy No. 5 : Urgency of needs -                largest of which would be devoted to the
Projects that has multi-priority in every locality       Proposed Construction of Via-duct - an elevated
or Barangay.                                             expressway from Kawit, Cavite to Cavite City.

                                                               CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

         Today, the city tries to weave an                       Cavite and its people, what they are
indelible identity through the threads of our           today, and what will be tomorrow, will remain
libertarian history. The daunting geography, the        with infinity, as a place with glorious history and
bravery and the tragedy of our people, has              a people fortified with strength to live and die
through the years kept us on our toes and on            for a worthy cause, a Filipino in the truest sense
the right track… that is to stand proud in the          of the word and a Patriot, in every sense of it.
midst of our own flag flying in the same mast
with the Philippine Flag, experience self-respect
and high esteem as a people as the voices of
our children resonates in the air while singing
our city’s hymn and march and geared up to do
battle with poverty and deprivation through a
simplistic yet effective battle cry – Totoong
Serbisyo Po…Tungo sa Progreso.

                                                               CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

                                            I. City Profile

        Cavite City is a hook-shaped peninsula                  Gross Urban Density is 158 persons per
located at the northern tip of Cavite Province,         hectare. More than half of the populations are
lying 34 kilometers southwest of Manila and             concentrated in the shoreline barangays.
surrounded by three bays, Manila Bay, Bacoor
                                                                 b. Land Area
Bay and Cañacao Bay. It was founded in 1571
by the Legazpi Expedition and became a                           The city has a cumulative land area of
Chartered City via a congressional fiat in 1940.        1,238.63 hectares, including Corregidor Islands
It is the site of several important historical          with a total land area of 609.37 hectares and
events foremost of which as the site of the             the two Naval Bases, Sangley Point and Fort San
“Grandmother      Event   of   the     Philippine       Felipe, with a combined land area of 229.95
Revolution,” the spark that started it all – the        hectares. However, due to the former’s
Cavite Mutiny of 1872.                                  declaration as a National Historical Site and the
                                                        latter being military installations, the city was
        As one of the smallest cities in the
                                                        left with only 399.31 hectares as administrative
country, the city faces a number of development
challenges ranging from its topography, lying
below sea level; its single entry and exit road;                 Its land limitation has goaded the city
lack of available buildable area and land for           government to resort to reclamation and to date
development; inadequate source of local                 was able to reclaimed 18 hectares of land while
revenue; the proliferation of service-oriented          32 hectares are still in the planning process.
establishments and lack of employment                   This existing reclaimed land is envisioned to
opportunities.                                          house several commercial and industrial
                                                        establishments becoming the new business hub
       a. Demography
                                                        in the city.
        The city has through the years
                                                                c. Physical Characteristics
experienced fluctuating population growth
scoring at a 1.5% growth rate based on the                     The city lies below seal level with slopes
2000 National Census. It has a projected                ranging from zero to three percent (0-3%) and
population of 107,099 and 23,091 households             prone to flooding due to soil erosion and poor
covering 35 shoreline barangays and 49 inland           drainage system. It only has one entry and exit
barangays or a total of 84 barangays. Males             point.
numbering to 52,827 (49.32%) while the                          d. Geographical Advantage
females total 54, 272 (50.68%). This indicates
an over all sex-ratio of 97.34 males for every                  A territorial part of the city is the Island
100 females. The age dependency ratio is                of Corregidor and its adjacent Islands (El Fraile,
56.81% in which young dependent is 49.3%                Caballo, Carabao, Limbones and La Monja).
and old dependent is 7.5%. Thus, it has a very                   The city is home to two vital military
young population with a median age of 22                installations in the country, Sangley Point Naval
years.                                                  Base and Fort San Felipe and it is a mere 19.7
        The city is considered a sending area in        kilometers      northeast   of   Ninoy     Aquino
terms of population growth as a component of            International Airport.
population change with a -331 average net                       It is 15 minutes away from the country’s
migration or an out migration rate of 8 person          second largest Processing Zone, the Cavite
per 1000 population at risk.                            Export Processing Zone in Rosario, Cavite.

                                                                   CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

                                         II. Situational Analysis

Livability                                                  the city. MAYNILAD serves 81 of the city’s 84
                                                                    Key Opportunities/Strengths
        Cavite City has a low crime rate and
high crime solution rate of 98%. It has an                          Since fishing is the foremost livelihood
education completion rate of 90-95% which                   of its residents and considering that there are
results into a high literacy rate of 97.39%. It             35 coastline barangays, the bays’ accessibility
has an average household income of P117,559                 provides regular livelihood.
(NSO 2000), poverty threshold figure of
                                                                    In terms of fishing grounds, the city has
P17,437.00, way above the regional standards
                                                            an estuarine area (brackish water ponds) that
and a minimum wage (non-agricultural) at Php.
                                                            covers 30.8366 hectares along Manila Bay and
267 per day.
                                                            (freshwater) fishponds with an area of 5.45
       The city’s labor force population is                 hectares located in Bacoor Bay. In the
71,753 (67%) aged 15 years old up to 74 years               brackishwater fishponds, “bangus” (milkfish)
old (2005). Of these, 34,939 are males                      and “sugpo” (shrimps) are cultured. Species
(32.62%) and 36,814 are females (34.37%).                   usually caught by the city’s fishermen include
The annual employment rate is around 86.9%.                 goby, mullet, asohos, kanduli, samaral, kitang,
                                                            urilis, malakapas mamali, sapsap, alimasag,
        There are 11 public pre-elementary
                                                            hipon, pusit, alimango, lapu-lapu, mackerel,
schools, 12 public elementary schools and 2
                                                            bisugo, malbansi, salay-salay.
national high schools; one (1) state university
and one (1) public technical school in the city.                    The city has inadequate employment
Complementing these public institutions are 20              opportunities for its high quality of human
privately owned elementary schools; eight (8)               resource. Around 4.61% of the total population
private high schools, three (3) private colleges            has undergraduate degrees with 252 registered
and one (1) private vocational.                             professional individuals practicing their trade
                                                            here and outside of the city.
          Health institutions in the city consist of
one (1) district hospital, two (2) military medical                 Main Development Challenges
facilities, five (5) Rural Health Units, a City
                                                                    Difficulty of Monitoring City Waters
Lying-In Hospital and two (2) private medical
facilities                                                           The coastal and marine resources of
                                                            Cavite City are covered by Manila Bay, which
         The percentage of households living in
                                                            has a total area of 1,800 sq/ km and a coastline
secure shelter or with security totals to 83.43%
                                                            of about 190 km. The bay receives water and
while 16.57% are living in informal settlements.
                                                            wastewater from the National Capital Region
Households with access to piped water (level 3)
                                                            and about 17,000 of watershed drained
totals to 79.15% of the population while
                                                            by 26 principal rivers. The polluted state of the
93.12% has access to electricity. The average
                                                            Bay is a consequence of the major river
cost of electricity per kwh is around P8.19/kw
                                                            systems, which are highly polluted, that drain
hour. Moreover, 94.51% of the population has
                                                            into it, as well as activities within its periphery
toilet facilities
                                                            that pose additional threats to the bay.
       PLDT and Globe Telecoms provide
                                                                    This is aggravated further with the
telephone service, with PLDT serving 7,500
                                                            informal settlers residing along the coastlines
telephone subscribers in the city. This
                                                            since they throw their wastes directly into the
represents 32.48% of the total households in
                                                            sea. This has proven to be difficult to monitor or

                                                                CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

control due to several factors, such as                           The gradual siltation of the city’s
ordinances      or     laws    preventing    the         shoreline, due to deforestation and agricultural
establishments of dwellings along the coastlines         activities has deteriorated the coral reefs within
and other bodies of water. Likewise the                  the bay to a point of “malfunction” that coral
effluents coming from the different business             reefs never grew again in Bacoor Bay.
establishments and residences adjacent to our
                                                                 As per records from BFAR, there is a
areas, particularly those coming from Manila Bay
                                                         decrease in fish catch in the area, i.e. Manila
also are contributory to the waste management
                                                         Bay and Bacoor Bay, from a catch per unit of
issues along our shores.
                                                         effort (CPUE) high of 61.8 kg/hr in 1970 to 10
       Illegal Structures                                kg./hr in 1993. This dwindling fish population
                                                         was also attributed by municipal fisher folk to
         Moreover, there is also the problem of
                                                         the pollution and waste that contaminate the
proliferation of fish pens, even some exceeding
beyond the legal limits. There are also cases
that the owners are not from Cavite City or to                   Available Lands
some extent are fronting for some foreigners, in
                                                                 The city has a total commercial area of
the process depriving the city’s fishermen what
                                                         about 18.20 hectares, 96.90% of which is
is due them.
                                                         already a built-up area. This limitation has
       Illegal Fishing                                   hampered the city in attracting more businesses
                                                         due to the high cost of lands and rental spaces
        Further, another perennial headache of
                                                         to the existing commercial buildings in the area.
the City Government is the wide-scale and illegal
municipal fishing of big-time financiers that            Competitiveness
comes as far as the Navotas-Malabon areas.
Although there is existing cooperation between
adjoining municipalities in patrolling municipal                  The local Tourism Council has come-up
waters, the lack of manpower and equipment               with a “histo-cultural” tour for students and
hinders their operations.                                tourists. This involves going around local
                                                         historical sites and monuments describing its
       Modern Fishing Technology
                                                         importance and relevance to the country’s
         The fishermen in the city still rely on         struggle for independence. It has also
traditional technology in fishing. The types of          institutionalized various festivals such as the
fishing gears that they utilize ranges from gill         Live Via Crusis during the Lenten season, the
net, lift, net, push nest, spear and gun, hook           Regada Festival during the Feast of St. John in
and line and multiple set long line. Out of the          June, the annual City Fiesta every November
1,095 registered fishing bancas, 750 of them are         and the Christmas Festival in December. The
motorized while the remaining 345 are still non-         council has likewise stages various historical
motorized.                                               commemorations in between.
       A Decrease in Fish Catch                                  Key Opportunities/Strengths
        Coral reefs are considered important                     The city is blessed to have a natural
habitats for fish and the functioning of the             harbour in Cañacao Bay. Natural harbors have
Manila Bay ecosystem. It is estimated that, in           long been of great strategic and economic
general, coral reefs yield 10-15 percent of the          importance. This was evident in the city’s role in
total yearly fish production, not to mention its         the Acapulco-Manila Galleon trade during the
other uses in construction, medicine and                 Spanish period and the strategic locations of the
shoreline protection.                                    military installation such as Sangley Point and
                                                         Fort San Felipe in the area.

                                                                   CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

        The city is likewise adjacent to the                need to rehabilitate and highlight existing
target end-point area of the on-going Coastal               historical markers and monuments.
Road II construction which is in Kawit, Cavite.
                                                                    Post Harvest Facility
This would provide the city with an alternative
exit and entry area that would lessen travel time                     The city has no fish port and storage
to and from Manila.                                         facilities that it could utilize in the harvesting of
                                                            its aqua-culture products. It also has no pier or
         There are few places in the country that
                                                            sea port since the existing one is located inside
could lay claim in having a “brimming” sense of
                                                            the military bases making it inaccessible to the
history. Many of the country’s historical events
transpired here in the city from the so-called
“Grandmother       Event    of    the   Philippine                  Military Bases
Revolution”, the Cavite Mutiny of 1872, the first                   The refusal of the national leadership to
unfurling of the Philippine Flag, the composition           explore the possibility of a joint use for the two
of the Philippine National Anthem and the first             military installations of the city, primarily into a
transatlantic flight, which set into motion                 sea or container port and for light industries
Philippine aviation.                                        hinders the future development potentials of the
        The city also has territorial jurisdiction          city.
over Corregidor Island – the last bastion of the                    Histo-Cultural Tour Packages
country’s military defense against the Japanese
invaders during World War II. At present, this                       Although the City Tourism Council
has been declared a national historical site and            already has an existing Historical Tour, there is
one of the country’s vital tourist attractions.             a need to tie this up with Corregidor since the
                                                            area has an abundance of historical sites and
         One of the country’s remaining Spanish             artifacts. This could help the city gain much
forts, the Fort San Felipe, is likewise located in          needed attention for its own tourism potentials
the city, which is now a military installation. This        and tourist spots.
is now converted into a museum that houses
several naval artifacts and depicts its rich                Bankability
history.                                                            Background
        Bordered by three bays, the city offers a                  The City is a Fourth-Class Component
variety of commercial fishes, mussels, oysters,             City. Based on 2005 figures, it has a total
milkfish and prawns and its proximity to Metro              income of P194.8 million.
Manila and other commercial centers makes its
products accessible to other markets. This is                        In terms of the revenue contribution of
complemented by a 24 hour transport facilities,             the different tax types, Business tax constitutes
in and out of the city, which makes traveling               the largest share of 10.44% while RPT taxes
trouble-free.                                               represent 4.72%, Non-Tax Revenue at 13.04%
                                                            and IRA at 71.8%. It is noted that the City is
        Main Development Challenges                         dependent from IRA contribution. The present
        Tourism Office                                      efforts of the local government is focused on
                                                            intensified tax collection and improvement in the
          There is the lack of a Tourism Office             assessed real property tax values as well as
that would spearhead in tapping the city’s rich             improvement of front line services through
historical past. The city also lacks tourism                information technology.
facilities or infrastructures such as hotel, one-
stop shop that could be utilized in disseminating                    In terms of expenditure pattern; it has
vital information on the city. Likewise, there is a         been Cavite City’s experience to provide funds
                                                            for its local government operations. Most of its

                                                                  CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

expenditure is invested on public welfare and              under the Local Government Code of 1991. It
safety 45.03% of the service budget allocation.            consists of 14 government departments or
General government expenditures comprise                   offices carrying out various programs, projects
26.17 % while economic and other charges at                and activities of the City. Offices in the City
28.8% with a total P185.4 Million It has an                Government are the Offices of the Mayor,
average surplus of P37, 696,037.81 over the last           Administrator, Legal, Treasurer, Assessor,
five years (2000-2005) and total loan of P114,             Engineer, Planning and Development, Budget,
042,188.75 for the same period.                            Agriculture,    Health,      General     Services,
                                                           Accountant, Civil Registrar, Veterinary and Social
         The city’s debt servicing to total regular
income amounts to 4.8% and the city’s assets
totals to P937,913,652.00, enumerated as Land                        The city government has a total
(P501,315,467), Buildings (P419,010,295) and               employee of 350 individuals, 95% are
Heavy Equipments (P17,587,890.00).                         permanent, 2% are co-terminus, and 3% are
                                                           casuals. Out of the city’s expenditure, 43% of it
        Key Opportunities/Strengths
                                                           is allotted to wages of its personnel.
       The present leadership of the city has
                                                                  Key Opportunities/Strengths
been very consistent in putting-up a
conservative budget, meaning a prudent                            The city is fortunate enough to involve
spending. This could be gleaned from the total             the participation of its tourism councils and
debt service which is around 4.8% of the city’s            NGOs in all of its activities and projects.
budget and savings is on the average around
                                                                  The city has sufficient feed back
                                                           mechanisms in place that would disseminate
        Main Development Challenges                        information to its constituency through an e-
                                                           mail address, billboards, information and
        Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA)
                                                           complaint desks, radio station and local
        One of the city’s main development                 newspapers.
challenges is its IRA dependence which accounts
                                                                   The computerization of front line
to 71.8% of its total income. The rest of the
                                                           services for Business and Licensing and Real
income, derived from local taxes, is aggravated
                                                           Property Tax Assessment (RPTA).
by the undiversified service sector, 63% of
which engages in retail trade.                                     Cavite City has functional Local
                                                           Development Council, with more than 20% NGO
       The city requires policies that would
                                                           representatives that meets twice a year, to
enhance fiscal autonomy and improve tax
                                                           identify projects and programs that would be
administration system.
                                                           undertaken on a yearly basis.
                                                                  The City has a Legislative Agenda that
        Background                                         complements the Executive Agenda. This is
        Cavite City like any other middle tier             developed in consultation with stakeholders. It
local government in the Philippines is governed            provides legislative action on the Local
by the Local Government Code of 1991. The city             Development Plan.
is administered by a City Mayor, Vice Mayor, ten                   Periodic barangay-level consultations (at
(10) elected councilors, two ex-officio members            least 2 times a year) are being held to seek the
(SK Federation & ABC President).                           stake holder’s views and opinions.
        The administrative organization of the                     Public documents such as transaction
city government is structured following the                records and contract documents are accessible
functional departmental model recommended                  to the public.

                                                              CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

       Main Development Challenges
       Computerization                                         CLUP
        There is a need to computerize other                    The      need      for  an   aggressive
aspects of the operations of the city government        implementation of the Comprehensive Land and
in order to achieve a wider transparency and to         Sea Use and Development Plan (CLUP) and
keep in touch with the IT industry.                     Zoning Ordinances, to properly manage the
                                                        direction of the city’s development.
       Local Councils
        To expand the membership of other
mandated councils, such as Local Health Board,
Local School Board, Local Finance Board,
Nutrition Council, Gender and Development
Council, Council for the Protection of Children,
Small and Medium Enterprises Development
Council, Peace and Order Council, Disaster
Coordinating Council, in order that they could
actively participate in the affairs of the city

                                                                   CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

                                       III. Vision and City Brand

 “THE HISTORIC AND CULTURAL CITY BY                         (4) CDS principles of Livability, Bankability,
              THE BAY”                                      Competitiveness and Good Governance. to wit:
Vision:                                                     Livability
“A community by the bay which is the                        GOAL: Uplift the quality of life of informal
premier “histo-cultural” destination in the                 settlers in their respective areas by 2015.
CALABARZON and Mega Manila area and a
                                                                     This entails the integration of the
major aquaculture products provider by
                                                            informal settlers into the city’s development by
                                                            taking into consideration the accessibility of
         As the “Historic and Culture City by the           their livelihood, their housing requirements and
Bay” the city aims to optimize its nearness to              to mitigate the risks they pose in the
the seas by focusing on it as a take-off board              environment as well as in the city’s coastal
for development. It acknowledges what it has                waters
and embraces it so that other benefits would
                                                            GOAL: Provisions of an alternative route either
follow and this is in terms of conquering a
                                                            by land and/or by sea by the year 2010
significant market for mussels and oyster
production in Cavite and its adjacent areas                         Since the envisioned development of the
leading to its being a center of aquaculture                city is in the context not only of the
production.                                                 CALABARZON but also the Manila Bay area,
                                                            which includes the Metro Manila, etc., the
        It is also envisioned to be the center of
                                                            CONSTRUCTION OF A VIA-DUCT and its
local and foreign investments; opening the
                                                            nearness to the on-going Coastal Road R-II
market for trade and commerce, export
                                                            extension project would provide the city
processing zones, shipbuilding/repair and
                                                            accessibility as it would have an alternative link
industrial parks, to promote employment
                                                            to other areas within the region. The
opportunities and gateway that would link the
                                                            DEVELOPMENT OF CAÑACAO BAY AS A
city through roads and bridges to the
                                                            SEAPORT would optimize its advantages as a
                                                            natural harbor and would serve as a base for a
         Likewise, it seeks to utilize the richness         tourism loop that would cover Corregidor, Cavite
of its history as an enticement for local and               and the Mall of Asia in Parañaque.
foreign tourists to visit the place and relive our
libertarian struggle in the site where it started it
all. Tidbits of history and significance are                GOAL: To accredit the city as a tourist
continuously being lost since the city lacks the            destination in CALABARZON and Mega Manila
financial capability to promote itself via                  Area.
extensive propaganda through the tri-media. By                       There is a need to heighten the
aggressively coordinate with agencies concerned             awareness of its people and local visitors by
and by tying-up the area with the promotion of              providing them with a ONE-STOP SHOP that
Corregidor, it could generate media mileage                 would provide documents and information about
thus giving it a chance to utilize its nearness to          the city.
Manila as leverage for tourists to spend their
time with the city.                                                 The availability of a local radio station
                                                            that has a reach that extends up to Manila
        Cavite    City’s   development     goals            would also be tapped to broadcasts or air tidbits
/objectives and strategies are to be embodied in            of information about the city.
a Master Plan that would incorporate the four

                                                                 CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

GOAL: To increase production and marketability            Good Governance
of fish & aquaculture products
                                                          GOAL:      Institutionalize  various   tourism
         In order to optimize the city’s vast sea         undertakings and establish linkages that would
resources and protect it from harmful effluents           help maximize the potentials of Corregidor
and wastage, a detailed plan for utilization of           Island and Sangley Point
the sea has to be set in place to protect and
                                                                    By networking or by linking-up with
rehabilitate it from various elements so that fish
                                                          several important agencies, it would help the
sanctuaries could be cultured.
                                                          city secure vital information or possibly grants or
Bankability                                               memorandum of undertaking that would
                                                          facilitate the implementation of its priority
GOAL: Enhance fiscal autonomy and improve
                                                          projects and programs. The city would also
tax administration system;
                                                          explore the possibility of a Joint Use of Sangley
        Admittedly, the city has to increase its          Point for the establishment of light-industries
tax base to improve its financial capability              and a JOINT HISTO-CULTURAL TOUR PACKAGE
especially in sustaining growth and building up           of Cavite City and Corregidor Island
necessary development infrastructures. This
could be attained by focusing on the strict
implementation of its fiscal policies, especially
on its collections and proper assessments.

                                                                   CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

                                      IV. Development Strategies

        There are several issues that hinder                        Formulate Policy to control ground water
Cavite City’s growth. However, there are                            extraction and usage of potable water
likewise opportunities that we could harness and                    other than its main purpose
would serve as a challenge for us to collectively
                                                                    Construction of           a    Rain-Water
move ahead based on the parameters of the
                                                                    Harvesting Facility
CDS: Livability, Bankability, Competitiveness and
Good Governance.                                            STRATEGY: Social Service Program - To
                                                            provide a continuing and sustainable
                                                            social service program and projects
         Under the standards of livability with
                                                                    Primary Health Care Program
social and environmental indicators, issues that
affect us are: the informal settlers in our                         Provision of Scholarship Program
coastline areas, the lack of modern knowledge                       Construction of Training and Research
and technology on fishing, the poor quality of                      Center for Aqua Culture Products
our waters, no available area for a sanitary
landfill, continuous soil erosion and the                           Livelihood Center for Aqua Culture By-
shallowing of our bays.                                             Product Production
         However, the opportunity that the city is                  Construction     of   Barangay      Toilet
a peninsula that is surrounded by three bays                        Facilities;
has a huge potential for aqua-culture products                      Construction    of    Footbridges     and
and a center for tourism port and commerce                          Pathways
and would serve as the primary livelihood of
small fishermen.                                                    Construction of Deep Well Water System

        It is our goal to uplift the quality of life        STRATEGY:      Environment    Protection
of our informal settlers in their respective areas          Program - To formulate policies and
by 2015. This could be achieved by                          programs that       would  protect   the
incorporating the informal settlers into the city’s         environment and maintain its cleanliness
development plans and organize them and place               for future generations
them into a resettlement community.                                 Construction of a Rockwall for shoreline
STRATEGY: Resettlement       Community                              protection
Program - To organize informal settlers in                          Barangay     Solidwaste       Management
a resettlement community.                                           Training Program
Projects/Programs/Activities:                                       Construction of a Material Recovery
        Formulation of a continuing and                             Facilities by District
        sustainable housing program through                         IEC on Integrated Coastal Management
        tie-ups with the various private sector                     Program
        organizations and socio-civic groups
                                                                     Still underneath Livability is Urban
STRATEGY: Barangay Water System                             Design Transport Indicators. The city realizes its
Program - To safeguard and protect the                      difficulty in having a sole entry and exit as well
city’s limited source of potable water                      the narrowness of our national roads.
        Construction of       a   Water     Sample                  But there is the potential of our natural
        Treatment Center                                    harbor, Cañacao Bay, and the short distance of

                                                                CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

our city to the on-going construction of a                Projects/Programs/Activities:
Coastal Road extension that could be link up to
                                                                Construction of a Galleon Ship Museum
the proposed via-duct
                                                                at Canacao Bay
       The provision of an alternative route by
                                                                Construction of a Ciudad Nuevo Hotel
land and/or by sea by the year 2010 would be
                                                                and Training Center at the old site of the
our immediate goal.
                                                                public market
STRATEGY: Urban Transport System
                                                                Extension of the Rosario Isthmus Board
(Mobility) - Link-up with Metro Manila and
other local destination by land and sea
transport.                                                      Construction of a Fishermen’s Wharf at
                                                                Bacoor Bay
                                                                Proposed Construction of Replica of the
        Proposed Construction of Via-duct or an
                                                                Porta Vaga Walls at the entrance of
        elevated expressway from Kawit, Cavite
                                                                Samonte Park
        to Cavite City
                                                                Proposed Full Landscaping of Samonte
        Proposed Construction of Jetty-Park at
        Canacao Bay
                                                                Construction of an Extension Office at
        Proposed Construction of Centralized
                                                                Corregidor Island
        Bus Station at Ciudad Nuevo
                                                                Proposed Renovation of the City Hall
        Strict Implementation of the New Traffic
        Code of Cavite City
                                                                Construction of cobble stone walk along
        Widening of Major Thoroughfares in the
                                                                P. Burgos St. from Dr. Salamanca St all
                                                                the way to Samonte Park.
        Sidewalk Development Projects
                                                          STRATEGY 2: Marketing and Tourism
Competitiveness                                              Promotion Program - To market the
                                                             city’s rich history and culture to
         In    terms    of    Local     Economic
                                                             heighten its people’s awareness as
Development, the city has realized that its lack
                                                             well as prospective local and foreign
of a Centralized Station for public vehicles is an
issue that has to be resolved, as well as the
sub-standard tourism facilities and neglected             Projects/Program/Activities
historical landmarks.                                           Publication of brochures, articles,
        The 24-hour availability of the city’s                  literatures and write-ups about the
transportation, Corregidor Island which is known                historical past of the City that will
worldwide, the military installations of Fort San               attract both domestic and foreign
Felipe and Sangley Point, which is already a part               tourists
of the city’s rich history, are some of what the                Preservation of historical names and
city has to offer and the rationale for its                     places like Porta Vaga, Cavite Puerto,
objective to be accredited as a tourist                         Cañacao Bay.        The China Clipper
destination.                                                    Terminal, and Calle Real, to name a few.
STRATEGY 1 : Tourism Infrastructure                             Inventory of all Existing Landmarks and
Program - To build tourism-related                              Monuments
                                                                Development and preservation of the
                                                                city’s own dialect – the Chabacano

                                                                  CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

        through putting –up of signages in the                     Livelihood Center for Aqua Culture By-
        language and including it in the city’s                    Product Production
        school curriulum
                                                                   Construction of Fish Port at Barangay
        Development of the city’s limited Natural                  11, Sta Cruz, Cavite City
        Scenic Spots/ Vantage Point at the city
                                                                   Construction of Aqua-Culture Port at
        check point.
                                                                   Barangay 10-A
          Another important thing to consider is
                                                                   Proposed Ice Plant/Cold Storage at
how to utilize the city’s waters for
                                                                   Ciudad Nuevo.
competitiveness. The city saw the shortness of
its fishing facilities, such as fish port, storage         B. Creation of other support services for
facilities, post harvest facilities and others. The        aquaculture
fish productions are noticeable dwindling, the                     Facilitation/provision of credit assistance
fishery harvests are of poor quality and most of                   for fishery activities
all the bays are under-utilized.
                                                                   Conduct IEC on Integrated Coastal
         There is huge potential that the city                     Management Program
could export these fishery products to Metro
Manila, in the big business centers and to other           BANKABILITY
countries due to the extensiveness of the bays’                    With regards to the bankability criterion,
territories and likewise the skills of our                 there are two indicators Local resource
fishermen.                                                 Mobilization and Capital Investment Program.
STRATEGY 3 : Coastal and Sea Use Plan -                             It is a great challenge for the city that it
To formulate a zoning or sea utilization                   has limited or small administrative land, the
plan for the three bays                                    service sector, particularly retail business,
Projects/Programs/Activities:                              composes our local economy, the city is IRA
                                                           dependent, there are tourism infrastructures
        Orderly delineation of areas for
                                                           that is based on DOT standards and the oldness
        mussel, oyster farms and other
                                                           of our slaughterhouse.
        aquaculture products at Bacoor Bay
                                                                   There is a huge possibility that the city
        To coordinate with the Laguna Lake
        Development    Authority   in   the                could overcome all of these since it is in close
        development of a Water Zonification                proximity to Industrial Zones and to Metro
        Plan                                               Manila and most of all, the city has a natural
                                                           harbor and a rich history and culture that the
        Strict Implementation of laws related to           city could develop.
        the protection of territorial waters and
        encroachment of commercial vessels                         It is therefore the goal of the city to
        and against illegal fishing practices              improve its tax collection efficiency and reduce
                                                           its IRA dependency.
STRATEGY 4: Aquaculture Development
and Marketing Program - To formulate                       STRATEGY: Fiscal Policy Program -
Aquaculture Development Marketing                          Formulation of ordinances that aims to
Program                                                    enhance its financial policies and improve
                                                           Capital Investment Program
 A. To construct a production or market-
related facilities                                         Projects/Programs/Activities:

        Construction of a Training and Research                    Revision of the Revenue Code of the
        Center for Aqua Culture Products                           City

                                                               CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

       Enactment of the City Investment and
       Incentive Code
                                                                 However, the city acknowledges the
       The incorporation of various tourism             efficiency of its Tourism Council and the active
       incentives under the City Investment             participation of the different civic groups and
       Code                                             NGO in government affairs. There is likewise a
                                                        number of exceptional youth in the field of
       Capability Building of Human Resources
                                                        information technology.
       for a more effective and efficient Tax
       collection                                                It is the city’s goal to establish linkages,
                                                        institutionalize      the      different      tourism
       Formulation   of    Cavite  City
                                                        undertakings and to maximize the potential of
       Comprehensive Revenue Generation
                                                        Corregidor Island.
                                                        STRATEGY:        Mainstreaming      Tourism
       Strict Implementation of Cavite City
                                                        Development Plan - To strengthen and
       Market Code.
                                                        institutionalize tourism as a focal point of
STRATEGY: Capital Investment Program -                  the city’s development
To improve business structures and
facilities to improve local revenue
extraction                                                      Creation of City Tourism Office
       Construction of a New Slaughter house                    Construction of a One-and Stop Shop
       at Ciudad Nuevo.                                         that would process businesses and
                                                                establishments that caters to and assist
                                                                in the development of tourism sector
        The city has no tourism office, no plans
                                                                To come-up with various tourism
for a modern Information Technology and no
                                                                promotion package that would entice
linkages to other agencies, especially with the
                                                                visitors to visit the city
DOT and the Corregidor Foundation.

                                                                CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

             V. Priority Program/Projects and Capital Investment Program (CIP)

       Prioritization Process                            Competitiveness:
        The City Government of Cavite                             Primary importance is given to our
formulates several programs and projects to              environment, Cavite City being surrounded by
address the most serious and difficult problems          three (3) bays. Programs and projects that
of the different sectors in the City. It is also         directly affect the quality, economic and tourism
their responsibility to monitor and assess the           potential, correct land and sea use as well as
success and viability of such program or project.        develop existing communities that are
However, because of the lack of financial                dependent on these environs should be
resources it is always a hindrance to them. To           supported and encourage.
have a better grasp of the existing situation and        POLICY:     Relevance    to   the    city’s
understand the City’s aspirations, the City              productivity and competitiveness of target
Development Council arranged a dialogue with             barangay or constituents.
all the department heads of Cavite City to
discuss issues and concerns affecting the city.          1. The program/project should have a wide
                                                         social acceptance.
        It is in this context that The City
Development Council (CDC) developed and                  2. The program/project should seek to
adopted a set of policies and criterion in the           strengthen the capabilities of            existing
selection of projects and programs for inclusion         institutions that would help develop institutional
in the City’s Annual Investment Program and              linkages within the city and perhaps other
Local Development Investment Plan. To wit;               national institutions that would be helpful for
                                                         future endeavors.
                                                         3. The program/project must have a possible
        Social well-being mirrors the quality and        multiplier effect. The ripple effect of the project
quantity of the delivery of basic needs of               will result in the improved living conditions and
people. It is important as a prime consideration         encourage the residents to stay in the city.
that any and all recommended projects and
programs should support their economic, socio            4. The program/project should be unique and
and cultural development.                                are exceptionally beautiful that can be a source
                                                         of pride for the city.
POLICY: Social Impact
                                                         POLICY: Environmental Implication
1. The program/project should improve the
standards of living of the City’s households.            1. The program must bring positive effects to
                                                         the environment.
2. The program/project should improve the
social services such as health, education,               2. It must remove or reduce environmental
protective services, etc. including basic needs          threats; have minimal effect on the environment
such as water, power, food, shelter and                  or enhance the     visual quality of the natural
mobility.                                                and built environment.

3. The program/project should create                     3. The improvement of the environment should
employment and livelihood opportunities.                 be felt by a large section of the City to
                                                         encompass several Barangays or surrounding
4. The program/project should strive to upgrade          municipalities to be truly far reaching in scope.
the skills and capability of the city’s working

                                                                 CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

Bankability                                               Good Governance
       One of the primary concerns of the city                     One of the attributes of local
government in deciding whether a project can              development is Local Partnership, be it by the
be implemented is the cost. Therefore, access to          community, NGO’s and private funding
funding is a consideration.                               institutions. It is important when taking into
                                                          consideration program and projects to look into
POLICY: Financial Viability
                                                          the possibility of consolidation. The bigger the
1. The cost of the program/project should not             demand on a particular project; the more funds
be limited to start-up cost; but should also              are required.
consider operational and life cycle costs.
                                                                    Accordingly, it will be easier for the
2. Program/s and projects should have an                  local development planners and community
economic impact.                                          leaders to tap the support of the NGO’s and
3. Programs/ and projects that have potentials            private funding institutions to channel funds or
for generating huge revenues are favored;                 resources to similar projects in the most cost
because it can recover the cost and may even              efficient purchase and management of materials
have more revenues to finance other sectoral              and       equipment       needed      for    the
projects that could not be funded.                        programs/projects.

4. Programs and projects should derive savings            POLICY: Urgency of needs
to the City.                                              1. The program/project has been identified in
5. The economic gains of the project must not             most barangays unit as priority.
only benefit the privileged few; but rather affect        2. The program/ project should have the
more people in all income brackets.                       potential for a tri- partite participation-the
                                                          public, private and community for its
                                                          3. The program/project should be performance
                                                          measurement oriented based on RPMS
                                                          (Regional Project Monitoring System) monitoring
                                                          4. It should catalyze sustainable and positive
                                                          influences for urban development.

                                                                 CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

        List Of Priority Projects                         Manila-Acapulco Galleon trade and to showcase
                                                          the early Caviteños ship-building and repair
1. Project Title:
                                                          skills. It would be located at the Cañacao Bay,
 Proposed Construction of Via-duct or an                  at the back of Cavite City Hall within the
elevated expressway from Kawit, Cavite to                 proposed heritage district of the city.
               Cavite City
                                                          4. Project Title:
Estimated Cost          : Php2.5 billion
                                                          Proposed Construction of Centralized Bus
Target Beneficiary     :   The    entire     city                Station at Ciudad Nuevo
population and other neighboring municipalities
                                                          Estimated Cost         : Php4 million
Project Description:
                                                          Target Beneficiary     :   The    entire     city
        The proposed viaduct is a high-speed              population and other neighboring municipalities
road link from Cavite to Manila and its
                                                          Project Description:
neighboring towns. It would traverse the 2.5-
kilometer Bacoor Bay into the marshlands of                       Construction of a Centralized Bus Station
Kawit finally connecting to the R-1 linking it to         for transport companies operating and catering
Bacoor, the province’s nearest municipality to            to the transportation needs of commuters and
Metro Manila.                                             movement of goods from the neighboring
                                                          municipalities of Cavite City
2. Project Title:
                                                          5. Project Title:
  Proposed Construction of Jetty-Park at
             Canacao Bay                                   Proposed Construction of Ciudad Nuevo
                                                          Hotel and Training Center at the old site
Estimated Cost          : Php45 million
                                                                    of the public market
Target Beneficiary     :   The    entire     city
                                                          Estimated Cost         :Php50 million
population and other neighboring municipalities
                                                          Target Beneficiary      :   The   entire    city
Project Description:
                                                          population and other neighboring municipalities,
        A structure, such as a pier, that projects        tourists, business entrepreneurs
into a body of water to influence the current or
                                                          Project Description:
tide or to protect a harbor or shoreline from
storms or erosion. The development of Cañacao                     This project includes the development of
Bay into a transshipment area and for ferry               a multi-story building under a complex concept
services                                                  with the following components: a parking level,
                                                          spaces      for    banks       and      commercial
3. Project Title:
                                                          establishments; convention center/function hall
  Proposed Construction of Galleon Ship                   and a hotel to stimulate commercial business,
        MUSEUM at Canacao Bay                             functional and service activities in the area
Estimated Cost          : Php50 million                   6. Project Title:
Target Beneficiary      :   The    entire     city           Proposed Construction of Porta Vaga
population, students, researchers and tourists                       Fishermen’s Wharf
Project Description:                                      Estimated Cost         : Php50 million
        The construction of a Galleon replica is          Target Beneficiary     : The entire city’s
envisioned to serve as a museum that would                population, business entrepreneurs, tourist.
highlight the city’s historical past as a
                                                          Project Description:
transshipment port during the heydays of the

                                                                CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

         The construction of a Wharf that would          9. Project Title:
house several food establishments that would
                                                           Proposed Construction of Training and
serve fishery products.
                                                             Research Center for Aqua Culture
7. Project Title:                                                       Products
  Proposed Extension of Rosario Isthmus                  Estimated Cost         : Php5 million
               Board Walk
                                                         Target Beneficiary     :   The    entire    city
Estimated Cost          : Php10 million                  population and other neighboring municipalities,
                                                         researchers, students.
Target Beneficiary      :   The     entire   city
population, tourists.                                    Project Description:
Project Description:                                             The construction of a community-based
                                                         Fisheries and Aquaculture Research and
        Development of the Rosario Isthmus
                                                         Development Center, Livelihood Training Center,
and Bacoor Bay area. It requires dredging along
                                                         Fish and Aquatic Produce Processing and
Bacoor Bay; construction of a Boardwalk and
                                                         Preservation Facility and Seashore Tourism
easement; construction of shops and business
                                                         Program. This is envisioned to increased fishery
establishments for rent; construction of a
                                                         products productivity, ensure quality of the
floating seawater fountain; development of
                                                         products and provide the needed know-how and
water sports and recreational activities and
                                                         modern fishing technology
construction of a floating hotel and restaurant.
                                                         10. Project Title:
8. Project Title:
                                                         Proposed Construction of a Water Sample
Proposed Construction of Replica of Porta
                                                                    Treatment Center
  Vaga Wall at the entrance of Samonte
                  Park                                   Estimated Cost         : Php2.5 million
Estimated Cost          : Php10 million                  Target Beneficiary     :   The    entire     city
                                                         population and other neighboring municipalities
Target Beneficiary      :   The     entire   city
population and tourists                                  Project Description:
Project Description:                                             The project consists of putting up a
                                                         center that would test the quality of water and
        The project entails the mounting of a
                                                         the presence of water borne bacterias. This
replica of the Porta Vaga Wall at the entrance of
                                                         would help ensure the cleanliness of the city’s
Samonte Park. This would cover the city hall’s
                                                         water system.

                                                             CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

Capital Investment Program (CIP)                       Services, followed by Economic Services at
                                                       29.90% and the other Social Services totals
Revenue and Expenditure Analysis and
                                                       to 19.79%, while the remaining 11.38 goes to
                                                       Other Development Services (Table 3).
        The ability of the local government
                                                       In terms of average percentage share of each
units (LGUs) to mobilize and manage
                                                       items in the Expenditure Pattern of the City,
available financial resources both internally
                                                       Social Services occupies a 64.95% share of
and externally, i.e. from the private sector,
                                                       the total aggregate budget while General
civil society, NGOs, speaks greatly of the
                                                       Public Services has 11.72% share and the
foresight and vision of its leaders and fiscal
                                                       rest goes to Developmental Services(Table 4).
                                                       Financial Projections
         Cavite City has through the years been
very consistent in putting-up a conservative                   The financial projections shown in
budget through prudent spending and                    Table 5 are based on the analysis of the
meticulous budgeting. This could be                    historical growth pattern for each item,
attributed to the economic constraints                 although it must be emphasized that the
brought about by several lingering issues and          relative increases in collections and similarly
difficulties ranging from the lack of inducing         of expenditures may be sustained with
policies on businesses and prospective                 existing financial measures in place. Thus, for
investors to innate inadequacies such as               estimation purposes, major guidelines set by
limited lands and its geography.                       BLGF are considered which allow a maximum
                                                       increase in revenue items of up to a
                                                       maximum 15%. Personnel expenses should
        Based on the historical financial              not exceed 55% of the total income while
performance of the City of Cavite, the                 other expenses are assumed to increase in
average percent share of Local Revenue                 equal proportion to income. Cavite City’s
Sources from FY 2001-2005 totals to 24.85%             financial performance has consistently been
while the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA)             within the limits of BLGF guidelines as already
share’s average for the same period stands to          indicated in its minimal personnel expense.
about 74.14% (Table 1). At present, the IRA
                                                               Using a conservative 4.33% average
of the city is pegged at 71.8%.
                                                       annual growth rate for locally generated fund,
        The city’s annual revenue growth rate          the City 5-year income projection distribution,
from 2001-2005 is 5.85% (Table 2). This is             are projected in Table 5, with comparable 5-
not an indicative of an increase in commercial         year expenditure pattern by sector with an
establishments but from increases on RPT               average increase of 4.7% in all sector.
taxation and licensing fees as evident in the
                                                               The measure of expenditure efficiency
decrease in Business Taxes, Fees and
                                                       is the Service Expenditure Percentage or the
Charges and Slaughterhouse collections
                                                       SEP. The higher the SEP the higher is the
during the year 2004.
                                                       fiscal efficiency of the LGU. The table shows
       The fluctuating figures under Total             that in 2006 the direct public services (this
Revenues-General Fund from 2001-2005                   includes General Public Service, Education,
could be attributed to the various loans from          Health, Social Welfare and Housing) of the
banking institutions.                                  City Government averages to 61% of the total
Expenditures                                           budget allocation and this will continue until
                                                       2001 with an average of 70%. This means
      The itemized expenditures of the city            that the city allocates more for direct public
shows that 38.93% goes to General Public               service than to administrative expenses. It is

                                                              CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

also shown that the city will have an                  Debt Service Limitation
operating surplus for the succeeding period
                                                               Debt Service Limitation is a cap set by
and will thus be able to cover its
                                                       the LGC of 1991. It is the maximum amount
requirements for capital expenditures.
                                                       an LGU could appropriate to service all of its
         The erratic trends in both income and         debts. Debt Service Capacity is the balance
expenditure levels cannot be analyzed item-            of the cap after deducting the annual
by-item since these require tracing the                amortization on existing loans. Debt service
policies of the Local Chief Executive (past and        capacity bares the capability of an LGU to
present) and its respective offices, and these         service a proposed loan.
activities may not be sustained in the future.
                                                               The     Local      Government     Code
Thus, for purposes of analyzing the potential
                                                       prescribes that about 20% of the total annual
amount that would be available for projects, a
                                                       regular income can be considered the level of
growth rate of 15% (annualized) for income
                                                       debt service capacity. The computed debt
items such as RPT and BT allotment may be
                                                       servicing capacity is less than 20% for 2005.
assumed as an alternative.
                                                               For the city of Cavite it has a total of
       For fees and charges, which registered
                                                       P114, 042,188.75 for the period 2000-2005.
seemingly low historical growth, it is
                                                       The city’s debt servicing capacity to total
projected that Cavite City can implement
                                                       regular income is only 4.8% way below the
some changes such as an increase in the
                                                       prescribed formula of the Department of
rates for its economic enterprises and other
fees in order to achieve a 5% increase in
revenues annually.                                     City Assets
       Proper management as well as proper                    The    city’s  assets   totals  to
accounting of resources spent for the                  P937,913,652.00, enumerated as Land
economic enterprises will certainly improve            (P501,315,467), Buildings (P419,010,295)
operations and promote an increase in the              and Heavy Equipments (P17,587,890.00).
rates to be implemented, while collection of
fees should be intensified.

                                                              CAVITE CITY – CITY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES

Capital Budget Analysis                                operations and maintenance. However, there
                                                       were priority projects whose completion
       The city has a total of 174 projects
                                                       would entail at least four (4) years and there
mapped out for implementation from the
                                                       were some who are scheduled for
years 2007 to 2011 (Table 9). Out of these
                                                       implementation only on the sixth (6th) year,
numbers, 10 have been identified as priority
                                                       so the rate of cost recovery could not be
projects with a total cost of Php 2,686,
                                                       computed or projected for the meantime.
                                                               The availability of cost sharing by
       The projects were divided into 4
                                                       different tiers of government (or public
projects for 2007 (Php 70,000,000.00); 6 in
                                                       private partnerships); at present the city was
2008 (Php 2,571,500,000.00); 5 in 2009 (Php
                                                       able to seek the assistance of the Department
27,000,000.00);    3    in    2010     (Php
                                                       of Transportation and Communication and
6,000,000.00); and 2 in 2011 (Php
                                                       other concerned agencies and has partly
                                                       funded the construction of a Jetty Park at
        The city’s sources of financing for the        Cañacao Bay.
aforementioned are likely to come from
                                                               Finally,     Debt    structures    and
various sources. These are from the budget
                                                       instruments (debt-carrying capacity), as the
surpluses, the increase in tax collection, from
                                                       city’s debt servicing capacity to total regular
the revision of the city revenue code, income
                                                       income is only 4.8% way below the
deriving from these projects (user charges),
                                                       prescribed formula of the Department of
bank loans, bond loans, BOT/Joint Venture,
                                                       Finance, based on projections made by the
Grant/     Subsidy     from     the    National
                                                       City Accounting Office, the city would be free
Government, i.e. coming from government
                                                       of financial liability by 2010 and would be
agencies such as DOTC, Senators’ and
                                                       paying Php 4,438,818.40 less than the
Congressmen’s Countrywide Development
                                                       previous four years. This could be utilized in
                                                       funding several projects from the Capital
         The number of infrastructure projects         Investment Plan of the City and the reason
and development that a local government                that the city could avail of another loan in
could finance hinges on the capital budget             2008 and 2010 to finance the other
allotted for these and should have several             infrastructure projects as the burden of the
critical components.     First of all is the           previous loan starts to lighten on the city’s
recurring future operating expenditures;               financial capability.
which in this case amounts to 20% of the
                                                               It should also be noted that the
total revenue of the city, which total is
                                                       projects listed were up until 2011. The city’s
allowable under the Local Government Code
                                                       incumbent Local Chief Executive (LCE) whose
for development projects. Based on projection
                                                       capital budget should ideally coincide with his
table for net new financing, the increase in
                                                       term, would be on his third and last term, if
recurring operating expenditures amounts to
                                                       ever he wins reelection by 2007. So by 2011,
2.4% until 2011, a manageable increase.
                                                       it is up to the new LCE if he continues to
         Secondly, the cost recovery elements          pursue the completion of the 17 projects
for individual projects and the potential for          listed or he would have a different set of
the public investment to be revenue                    priority projects that he would like to initiate
generating; since the city’s thrusts for the           at the start of his term.
next 10 years is to make the city a historical
and aquaculture hub, the priority projects
identified were considered for their ability to
be self-sustaining, that is in terms of its


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