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					What Is Bullying?
                                                       School Rules Against
                                                                                                Rancho del Rey
                                                       • We will not bully others.
                                                       • We will help students who are
                                                       • We will make it a point to
                                                         include students who are left
Bullying occurs
when one child or a group of
children   repeatedly    hurts   another     child     • When we know somebody is

through words or actions. Behaviors may in-              being bullied, we will tell an

volve physical aggression – such as hitting              adult at home.

and shoving, and verbal aggression – such
                                                     Rey Middle
as name calling, teasing and threatening.
Bullying may also be more subtle, such as
ignoring targeted individuals, deliberating ex-
cluding others from a group, telling lies and                                                      Olweus Anti- Bully
spreading rumors. Bullying involves an im-
balance of power and it is difficult for the bul-
lied student to defend himself or herself.

3 ways to report bullying;
                                                             For more information,
(1) bully box                                              please contact Sonja Ortiz
(2) bully hotline: # (619) 397-2590                      (counselor and SOS Advisor)
Olweus Anti-Bully Program                             The Effects of Bullying                             What Can You Do About Bullying

The Olweus Anti-Bullying Program at Rancho del                                                            Students:
                                                      Children who are bullied
Rey Middle School includes school-wide and
                                                      • In the worst cases, some students become ill,     • Report any incidents of bullying whether
classroom-level activities, along with individual
                                                        depressed and even suicidal.                        you are a victim or a witness.
interventions with bullies and victims. The bully
                                                      • Some students take a vigilante approach and       • Be a friend to someone who is being bul-
prevention program combines the effort of all
                                                        feel the need to fight back with weapons or in      lied.
school staff (including teachers, principal, assis-
                                                        other dangerous ways.
tant principals, counselors, etc.) as well as stu-                                                        Parents:
dents, parents and other members of the commu-        Children who bully                                  • Talk frequently with your child about prob-
nity to reduce bullying and other violent behaviors. • Young people who bully are more likely than          lems associated with bullying and report
The Program Includes:                                  those who don't bully to skip school and drop
                                                                                                            incidents immediately to the school.
• A no tolerance stand on dealing with bullies.         out of school.
                                                                                                          • Be alert to any changes in behavior or at-
                                                      • They are also more likely to smoke, drink al-
• An Anti-Bullying Action team of teachers, staff
  and students.                                         cohol and get into fights.
                                                                                                          • Eliminate bullying acts at home.
• Established school-wide rules and applying con-     Warning Signs of Being Bullied
                                                                                                          • Continue checking with your child to see
  sistent consequences for bullying.                  • Torn, damaged, or missing pieces of clothing,
                                                                                                            how things are going.
• School-wide assemblies/activities to promote          books or other belongings.
  violence prevention and anti-bullying messages. • Unexplained bruises, cuts or scratches
• Identify bullies and those who are bullied in or-   • Refusal to go to school/Absences.

  der to address individual needs, including inter-   • Appears sad, moody, teary or depressed

  vention programs for bullies.                         when he or she comes home.

• Regular announcements and presentations dur- • Appears anxious or suffers from low self-
  ing advisory and morning broadcasts.           esteem.

• Peer education students give interactive presen- • Drop in Grades.
  tations during advisory.                            Warning Signs of Bullying Others
• Parent presentations on bullying and internet       • Unable to compromise , share spotlight.
  safety and cyberbullying.                           • Manipulates others to get their way.

• School-wide bully survey to monitor program’s       • Unable to resolve conflict with a win-win solu-

  needs and progress.                                   tion, Assumes his/her way is the only way.

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