The essence of broiling a great steak or chop is in the quality of the by jlhd32


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									The essence of broiling
a great steak or chop is in the quality of the
broiler that prepares it. Invisible, infra-red
rays create super heated energy that quickly
sears the outside of the meat, sealing in
natural juices, and leaving the interior at
just the perfect degree of doneness.

But as new age menus evolve,
the essence of delicious broiled food has
grown to include poultry, seafood, and
even vegetables. To consistently produce
that juicy, succulent flavor, texture, and
appearance that only infra-red broiling can
achieve, your equipment and techniques
must be more flexible and controlled than
ever before.

The newly-redesigned
Master Series Infra-Red Double Broiler
from Garland captures the essence of great
broiling, giving you power and control on
another level. Every load, from any menu,
can now be broiled to perfection each and
every time!

 In the US: Garland Commercial Industries, Inc.

In Canada: Garland Commercial Ranges, Limited

            On the World Wide Web:
The new Garland M110XM Master Series Infra-Red Double Broiler has a strong developmental pedigree.
Innovative technology and constant product improvement are the keys to the future for Garland. The M110XM
takes the learning of the past and blends it with the needs of the future to give you a product that is designed
to give you flexibility, durability, productivity, and efficiency.

High Performance                                        Safe and Easy to Use
• 4 burners per broiling chamber apply an even          • An air-proving safety interlock system ensures
  concentration of infra-red energy on the cooking        that the gas supply is cut off if the blower motor
  surface.                                                shuts down or the air filter becomes dirty.
• Meats are instantly seared, producing the               Increasing the level of safety in the kitchen.
                                                                                                                       High-performance, infra-red burners
  distinct flavor, texture, and eye-appeal of           • Easy-to-clean, removable air filter
  infra-red broiling.                                   • New rack handle design and placement
• Burners are manufactured with an incoly mesh            ensures the handle is out of the path of
  for protection of the delicate ceramic tiles on         infra-red rays. The handle stays cool-
  the burner and to increase efficiency by having         to-the-touch, enhancing ease of use
  more “red” surface. This all means longer life          and operator safety.
  and higher rack temperatures.                         • 2 Enclosed broiling chambers and efficient
• Fan-assisted, filtered, primary air supply               use of infrared heat result in a cooler
  ensures clean combustion air, efficient burner           working space around the new M110XM.
                                                                                                             New offset rack adjustment handle
  performance, and extended burner life.                   Cooler, more comfortable employees
                                                                                                           design keeps the handle, and your hand,
                                                           will be happier, more productive, and
                                                                                                                    out of the heat zone.
                                                           more efficient!
Flexible & Efficient                                    • Large-capacity grease containers are located
• The right combination of power and control              outside the heat zone of each broiling chamber,
  opens up a world of menu possibilities, making          reducing the chance of splatters or smoking
  this broiler multi-functional and more versatile        due to trapped grease when your operation is
  than traditional broilers. Your entire staff can do     running at full capacity. Clean up is safe and
  more with the M110XM than with a traditional            simple.
  infra-red broiler.
                                                                                     • Redesigned, filtered
• Infra-red broilers heat instantly,                                                 combustion airflow
  (start broiling in 2 minutes), and                                                 produces a cleaner                Easy-to-clean, removable air filter...
  burn very efficiently. Studies                                                     burn, using less fuel.
  show that fuel costs are reduced                                                   Maintenance time is
  by up to 50%, when compared                                                        reduced dramatically,
  to conventional broilers.                                                          while productivity and
• The M110XM is a proven per-                                                        reliability increase.
  former in any application. It’s
  the perfect à la carte broiler
                                                                                     Garland M110XM
  for hotel or restaurant dining
                                                                                      Master Series
  rooms, yet heavy duty enough
  to function as a steak and chop
                                                                                      Double Broiler
  broiler in a steak house or                                                                                    Thermal imaging demonstrates that despite
                                                                                        (shown with
  banquet environment.                                                                optional stainless         intense, infra-red broiling power, the outer
                                                                                         steel sides)            surfaces of the M110XM stay cool and safe.

                                                                                                                          Master Series

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