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                     HOUSE RULES



Windward Acres House Rules    1
                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

1. Introduction                                        3
2. Move In/Out                                         4
3. Registration                                        4
4. Use and Maintenance of Apartments                   5
5. Building Appearance and Storage of Personal Items   6
6. Modifications                                       7
7. Air Conditioning                                    7
8. Use of Common Elements                              8
9. Trash Disposal                                      9
10. Parking and Parking Areas                          9
11. Noise and Nuisances                                11
12. Barbecue and Recreation Area                       12
13. Pets                                               12
14. Soliciting                                         13
15. SMOKING PROHIBITED BY STATE LAW                    13
16 Emergency Services                                  13
17. Right of Entry                                     14
18. Association Employees                              14
19. Compliance and Enforcement of House Rules          14
20. Appeals                                            15
21. Maintenance Fees                                   16
22. Priority of Payments                               16

Directory of Important Information and Numbers         17

Windward Acres House Rules   2
                     WINDWARD ACRES
                        HOUSE RULES
                 Adopted: October 25, 2001
                 Effective: January 1, 2002

WINDWARD ACRES, acting pursuant to the authority vested in it by the
Declaration of Horizontal Property Regime and By-Laws of said Association, has
enacted the following Building Rules which shall govern the residential living of
all owners and tenants of WINDWARD ACRES effective January 1, 2002.

The primary purpose of the House Rules is to protect all residents from
annoyance and nuisance caused by improper conduct or use of the Project and
to protect the reputation and desirability of the property by providing
maximum enjoyment, comfort, and safety for all residents.

These House Rules are based on common sense, consideration for others and
pride in one's home. The published Rules only go part way and only formalize
the more obvious. What really counts in a quality community are the unwritten
“good neighbor” rules which we live by daily and which are born out of respect
and consideration of the needs and rights of our neighbors. The Association
encourages all residents to practice reasonable tolerance, remembering the
close proximity in which we live.

Compliance with association house rules is required by Hawaii state law. The
Board of Directors is held responsible for enforcing and amending the House
Rules, in accordance with the Association's By-Laws. The Board has delegated
the authority for administering and enforcing the rules to the Managing Agent.
Authority for on-site enforcement of the House Rules has been given to the
Resident Manager under the supervision of the Managing Agent. All residents
and their guests shall be bound by these House Rules and by standards of
reasonable conduct whether or not covered by these House Rules.

The Board of Directors, from time to time, may post special safety regulations
or other rules concerning the property. The Board's posted rules shall be
considered extensions of these House Rules.

Windward Acres House Rules              3
The House Rules are subject to change by action of the Board of Directors.
Suggested changes are welcome and should be delivered in writing to the Board
of Directors.

Each apartment owner, tenant, and guest shall at all times observe and comply
with all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations now and hereafter made by any
government authority, the Association or the Board of Directors applicable to
the use of the Project.

Violations of the House Rules should be promptly reported at the time of
occurrence to the Resident Manager who will take appropriate action.

Subject to the provisions of the Declaration and By-Laws, these House Rules
may be amended by a majority vote of the members of the Board of Directors
present at a duly called meeting of the Board or by written consent of all
members of the Board.

The Resident Manager shall be notified in advance of all moves. Moves shall be
conducted between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm and residents shall be responsible for
vehicles used for moving and will have such vehicles moved immediately after
use or upon request of the Resident Manager. Tenants should work with the
Resident Manager to arrange a place for moving vans to be parked; most
moving vans will not fit in the garage areas. Lowering and raising of items over
the railings is strictly prohibited! This compromises the strength of the railings
and result in a potential liability for the Association.

Tenants must not leave large boxes and bulky items by the trash bins when
moving in or out, or at any time. If large items are left behind with no
provision for their removal, the owner will be assessed the cost of their

The Association must be able to contact the appropriate parties in order to
conduct business with owners and to allow management to respond quickly to
situations and emergencies that affect residents and property.

Each resident must register with the Resident Manager before occupying their
apartment by providing the names of occupants, address, phone numbers,
vehicle descriptions, pet information and other information that may be
requested. Residents must also notify the Resident Manager of any changes in
the information.

Windward Acres House Rules              4
Owners who do not reside at the Condominium must provide their current
address and phone number, and the name, address and telephone number of
their rental agent, if any, to the Managing Agent. In accordance with Hawaii
law, an apartment owner whose residence is outside the State of Hawaii shall
designate a local agent to represent such owner's interest. Such owners shall
file their out-of-town address and telephone number and the address and
telephone number of their local agent with the Managing Agent. The absentee
owner, at his expense, shall have an agent, friend, or maid conduct periodic
inspections of his closed apartment, and shall assume responsibility for the
contents thereof.

Owners and/or their Rental Agents are responsible for registration compliance
of their tenants and for notifying the Association if their apartment becomes
unoccupied for any reason for more than thirty days.

The apartment shall be occupied and used by the respective owners, their
tenants, and such owners' and their tenants' families and guests for residential
purposes only and in compliance with the By-Laws and restrictions contained in
the respective apartment deeds. If an apartment owner is unable to control the
conduct of any occupant or guest, the apartment owner shall, upon request of
the Association, immediately remove such occupant from the premises, without
compensation from the Association or Managing Agent for lost rental or profits
or any other damage resulting thereof.

Owners and tenants are responsible for the conduct and supervision of their
family members and their guests at all times. Owners are reminded that
children are not allowed to play in the driveways, parking areas or planted
areas of the common elements that may cause injury to the children or harm to
common elements. The Board would like every parent's cooperation in
monitoring their children's whereabouts.

Apartment owners and their tenants are responsible for the cleanliness, repair
and maintenance of their apartment’s windows, screens, caulking and water
sealant, and doors.

Nothing shall be allowed, done or kept in the Project which would overload or
impair the floors, walls or roofs of the buildings, or cause any increase in the
ordinary premium rates or the cancellation or invalidation of any insurance
maintained by or for the Association or the Board of Directors. The use of
waterbeds is prohibited without proper evidence of additional insurance
specifically covering waterbeds.

Water shall not be allowed to flow unnecessarily. Apartment faucets and
other plumbing fixtures shall be properly maintained and all leaks promptly

Windward Acres House Rules              5
repaired. Low flow toilets and shower heads are recommended to help reduce
water expense. Main shut off valves are located in water heater closets in each
unit. Apartment owners will be liable for any and all costs incurred by the
Association to obtain access to these valves.

Termites and other wood destroying pests, if discovered inside apartments
and/or storage units, must be immediately reported to the Resident Manager or
Managing Agent and all recommended treatment and repairs must be carried
out in a timely manner.

All window treatments (draperies, blinds, shades, etc.) visible from the outside
shall be white or off-white or lined with white or off-white material.

Items such as clothes, towels, rugs, or other objects shall not be hung on or
from doorways, windows, walkways or railings or any other part of the common

Walkways, entrances and stairways shall not be obstructed or used for any
purpose other than access.

Residents shall be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance
of their respective entrance areas.

No personal property except ornamental potted plants and doormats shall be
left or allowed to stand on any part of the premises, other than within the
confines of an apartment or in a storage area set aside or assigned for such
purpose. Chairs may be used outside doorways provided they do not block
ingress/egress to adjacent units, but must be removed when not in use.

Potted plants in plastic or ceramic planters will be allowed on the walkways as
long as they do not obstruct access to and from any unit. No hanging plants of
any type will be allowed. Plant stands will be allowed but must not exceed
dimensions of 30" (W) x 12" (D) x 36" (H) and must be colored either white or
gray, no darker than the front door.

Footwear may be placed outside apartment entryways so long as they do not
create a safety hazard or obstruct ingress/egress to the adjacent units, up to a
maximum of five (5) pairs of shoes. No shoe racks may be placed outside
apartment entryways.

Advertisements, bills, posters, and other signs shall not be posted on or about
the premises by owners or occupants other than Association approved signs.
Except for temporary holiday decorations and banners, nothing shall be
attached to, hung from, or placed on exterior buildings or railings.

Windward Acres House Rules             6
Storage Lockers: One storage locker is provided for each unit in Windward
Acres. Lockers and the safeguard thereof are the full responsibility of the
owners and/or occupants of the apartments. The Association will not be
responsible for the loss of any property therein due to theft, fire, mysterious
disappearance, or any other cause whatsoever. All items must be stored in your
assigned lockers only. Nothing of a volatile, flammable or odorous nature shall
be stored in any locker. Each owner/occupant will be given one key to the
appropriate storeroom. There will be a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) charge for a
second or replacement key.

No modifications, alterations, or changes shall be made to the apartment,
common or limited elements by any owner or resident as provided for by the
Association's Declaration and By-Laws. Any improperly made modifications,
alterations or changes shall be removed at the owner's expense.

Window tinting, if any, must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Apartment owners or occupants shall not install any wiring for electrical
fixtures, telephones, television antenna, machines, or appurtenances
whatsoever, on the exterior of project or protruding though the walls,
windows, or roofs thereof.

Air conditioners will be allowed in units providing they do not exceed 12,000
BTU's; anything over 12,000 BTU will need prior consent of the Board of
Directors. Air conditioning units must have a self-contained or drip-in
condensation collection system. No water is to be disposed of outside the unit.
No split system units will be approved as they require an outdoor compression
unit. The only two exceptions are in "A" Building as they are "grandfathered in"
by being the original model units. Any portable unit is acceptable as long as
mounting is done internally to units with no exterior alterations to the building.

Air conditioning units installed on the courtyard walkways may not protrude
further than an open jalousie (1-112 inches beyond window frame). Any
framing material used in the installation of any air conditioner must be painted
to match the exterior of the building. No foam, foil, towels, or Styrofoam will
be allowed.

Windward Acres House Rules              7
The common elements will be used for their designated or intended purposes
only and will not be altered, transferred or removed without written consent of
the Association.

Open areas are for the use of the owners, tenants and their family members
and guests. They may be used during the daylight hours, but not prior to
8:00am and not later than 9:00 pm. No horseplay will be allowed to the
annoyance of other Apartment residents. All persons shall comply with the
requests of the Managing Agent and the Resident Manager in respect to matters
of personal conduct in and about the Open areas.

Profane language is prohibited at all times in the Common areas.

Bicycles, scooters, skateboards and razors shall not be ridden on the driveways,
walkways, garages or planted areas or on the common elements.

Damage to vehicles and other property and objects or to the Common Elements
shall be the responsibility of the person causing the damage.

Littering In the common areas is prohibited. Dust or rubbish may not be swept
or released from any apartment, courtyard or lanai into the common areas.
Cigarettes, matches and chewing gum must be disposed of in appropriate
receptacles. Dumping or littering on the premises or along the perimeter of the
property is subject to House Rule citations and fines.

No hazardous activities or conduct shall be engaged in on the premises. Playing
on, climbing on, or sitting on fences, gates, walls, roofs, stair railings, trees,
landscaped areas, equipment, picnic tables or other structures or fixtures is
prohibited. Motorcycles, mopeds and other motorized vehicles may not be
ridden on sidewalks or lawns.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages in the common areas is not permitted.

No camping, staying overnight or use of tents in the Common areas of the
project is allowed at any time.

Firearms may be carried outside the Apartments only if kept inside a carrying
case, unless otherwise licensed to carry firearms.

Use of fireworks of any kind is strictly prohibited at all times. If you are found
in violation of this rule, your will incur an immediate $100.00 fine.

No flammable fluids, such as gasoline, kerosene or explosive materials, or
articles deemed extra hazardous, toxic or poisonous to life, limb, or property,

Windward Acres House Rules               8
shall be brought into the buildings or stored in or about the buildings in the

Trash must be secured in tied plastic bags and deposited inside the trash
container (dumpster). Empty boxes and other small collapsible items must be
flattened and placed inside the dumpster. Residents are reminded that
household members who are not physically able to place a bag inside the
dumpster should not be asked to take out the trash. Overflowing dumpsters
should be promptly reported to the Resident Manager.

Residents are strongly encouraged to recycle newspapers and cans in the bins

Residents, not the Association, are responsible for disposing of bulk items such
as major appliances, mattresses, water heaters and furniture. The rubbish
disposal company will not pick up these items. Bulk items must not be left in
the trash enclosure areas without the prior consent of the Resident Manager.
All residents are asked to promptly report violations of this House Rule to the
Resident Manager. Violators are subject to fines in addition to being held
responsible for the costs incurred by the Association to promptly dispose of
unauthorized bulk items left in the trash enclosures or other common areas.


Residents may arrange for free disposal of bulk items by calling the City &
County at 247-3553.

All residents and guests shall exercise extreme caution in operating and parking
any vehicle within the Project. A posted speed limit is established for all areas
within the Project. The speed limit is 5 mph. Driveways shall be used for
ingress and egress only.

All vehicles on the premises shall be operated in a quiet manner. Racing or
gunning of motors is prohibited.

All resident's vehicles must be parked in their assigned stalls. Residents with
arrangements to park in the stall of another resident must first have a letter on
file with the managing agent from the owner of the said parking stall giving

Windward Acres House Rules              9
permission for another vehicle to be parked in their stall. The owner of the
stall must also provide the make, model, color and license plate information of
the vehicle they have allowed to park in their stall.

Vehicles must be parked within the marked stall area centered between the
white stall lines and in such a manner as not to intrude upon the common area
or other parking stalls. The parking stalls shall not be used for painting or for
storage of auto parts, boats, oversized trailers, household articles or other

Vehicles parked in driveways, other residents' stalls, and NO PARKING areas will
be removed at the owner's expense.

All vehicles on site must comply with state regulations and requirements
regarding insurance, safety checks and registration.

Abandoned and/or inoperable vehicles are not allowed on the premises and are
subject to being towed at the owner's expense. Free disposal of vehicles can be
arranged with the City & County of Honolulu by calling 532-7700.

Guest Parking
A limited number (12) of designated guest parking stalls are available
exclusively for visitors of the property. Residents are prohibited from using
these stalls. When there are no vacant guest stalls available; guests must park
outside on the street. All vehicles parked in guest stalls must have a yellow
guest pass displayed at all times. The yellow pass is reusable and good from
6am through Midnight daily. Residents will be issued two passes from the
Manager. Residents need to recover the pass from their guest at the end of
their visit. Unauthorized vehicles without a yellow guest pass in a guest
parking stall shall be towed at the expense of the registered owner of the

Overnight passes are blue and will be necessary from twelve midnight to 6am.
Overnight parking passes may be obtained from the Resident Manager or night
security for not longer than two (2) nights and you must provide the make,
model and license number of the vehicle before obtaining the overnight pass.
Unauthorized overnight vehicles will be towed at the registered owner’s

Residents are responsible for their guests' compliance with the parking rules.
Guests include contractors, repair crews, and other service providers called
upon by residents.

Vehicle Repairs: Only minor repairs and emergency start ups are allowed on the
premises. Residents are responsible for disposing of engine oil, batteries, and
other waste materials in accordance with environmental laws and ordinances.

Windward Acres House Rules              10
Extensive repairs of cars, boats, surfboards, or other equipment shall not be
permitted within the Common Elements or Limited Common Elements if such
repair operations are visible from other Apartments or are disturbing to other
occupants. All cleaning of, and any repairs to, Common or Limited Common
Elements caused from such repairs shall be the responsibility of the Owner.
The Association routinely cleans the parking lots of leaves and other debris.

Residents are responsible for keeping their parking stalls free of oil, grease and
other fluids that adhere to the parking lot surface. Owners will be liable for
any costs incurred by the Association to clean parking stalls and/or repair any
damage to the parking lot surface caused by vehicle fluids.

The Resident Manager may issue a citation with a deadline for cleaning of a
parking stall. In the event the cleaning is not done by the deadline, a fine of
$25.00 will be issued and the stall will be cleaned by the Association. Any
vehicle that is in violation of the parking rules is subject to being towed by the
Association's contract towing service at the expense of the vehicle
owner/operator in accordance with Hawaii state law. If the violator is a
tenant, or is a guest of any resident, the resident and/or apartment owner will
be jointly and severally responsible for payment of the towing and storage

Unreasonable noise and disturbance that may annoy or interfere with the
rights, comforts and convenience of anyone at WINDWARD ACRES shall not be
tolerated at any time. This rule shall apply especially to stereos, TV sets,
radios, musical instruments, singing, shouting, loud talk, social gatherings, door
closings, and running in walkways.
Quiet shall prevail between:
10:00 pm and 8:00 am Sunday through Thursday evenings.
11:00 pm and 8:00 am Friday and Saturday evenings and on evenings before a
Noise must be kept to a minimum while guests are leaving at night.

Excessive noise at any time should be reported to the Resident Manager and/or
the Security Company, who then will take appropriate action.

Noisy appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, etc.
shall not be used after 10:00 pm or before 8:00 a.m.

No workmen will be allowed on the premises before 8:00 a.m. or after 5:00
p.m., except for emergencies.
All work vehicles shall be parked on the street, in the owners stall or the visitor
parking with a parking pass.

Windward Acres House Rules              11
The barbecue and recreation area is provided for the enjoyment of all
residents of Windward Acres and their guests. The general upkeep of the area
is the responsibility of Windward Acres residents. The area must be returned to
its original order after use; Hours of use are between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
daily, including weekends and holidays.

Running, horseplay, pushing or any other dangerous conduct is not allowed.
The area may not be used for sports activities. Jumping from, sitting on or
climbing over the tables is not allowed.

The use of glassware, bottles, ceramics, chinaware or other breakables in the
recreation area is prohibited. Used paper cups, plates and other trash should
be deposited in the trash bin provided for that purpose.

The drinking and/or possession of alcoholic beverages in any of the common
areas, including the barbecue area, is prohibited.

Fires must be tended by an adult (18 and over) at all times. Hot coals must be
disposed of in the container provided prior to leaving the area. There shall be
no charcoal grills or open fires allowed in any other area other than that
provided by the Association. Violations of this rule will incur an immediate one
hundred dollar ($100.00) fine. Smoker devices are prohibited.

Music may be played within the barbecue area between the hours of 9:00 a.m.
and 9:00 p.m., but the volume must be at a level so as not to disturb the
residents and must be stopped upon any complaint.

Guests in excess of 12 people require advance reservations. The Resident
Manager will handle the scheduling. Residents must tell their guests to park
either in the visitor stalls, with a proper pass, or off the premises.

Umbrellas are available upon request through the Resident Manager and
require a $25.00 deposit, which will be returned when the umbrella is turned

13. PETS
No animals or pets shall be kept, bred or maintained for any commercial

Pets are allowed as long as they do riot become a nuisance or infringe upon the
rights of other residents or their enjoyment of the Project. Pet owners must
not allow excessive noise, parasitic infestations such as fleas or ticks, odors, or
other nuisances to be caused by their pets. Any pet causing or creating a
nuisance or unreasonable disturbance or noise shall be permanently removed
from the project upon three (3) days written notice from the Board.

Windward Acres House Rules              12
Dogs and cats must always be leashed (unless they are being carried) when in
the common areas. There is a designated and fenced pet area behind Building E
for the enjoyment of our pets. You may take them off-leash in this area only,
but you must remain with them at all times. Any animal found on the premises
unattended is subject to being picked up and turned over to the Humane
Society. Pets must be controlled by a responsible person at all times. Pets may
not be tied or chained in common areas or limited common areas. Pets are not
allowed in the recreation or barbecue areas at any time.

Residents must register their pets with and provide a photo of the pet, to the
Resident Manager. Pets shall be permitted only upon the signing of a copy of
this rule.

Pet owners are responsible for the immediate removal and proper disposal of
pet feces. Feces must be wrapped in a plastic bag and disposed of in a trash
container. Failure to comply with this rule will result in an immediate fine of

Guests shall not bring pets on the premises except for certified seeing-eye
dogs, certified signal dogs or certified service dogs.
The owner of any pet shall compensate any person hurt or bitten by the pet
and shall hold the Board, the Association and the Managing Agent harmless
from any claim resulting from any action of the owner's pet

No soliciting of goods, services, or religious activities is allowed in the Project.
All solicitations should be reported to the Managing Agent or the Resident

15. Smoking Prohibited By Law
Effective November 16, 2006 WINDWARD ACRES is a Smoke Free Building
Smoking is prohibited in the following areas:
    Stairwells
    Walkways
    Courtyards
    Parking Garages
    Within 20 Feet from any doorway, window or air vent.
    Within 20 Feet from any Building, covered or partially covered area.

When emergency services of the Police, Fire Department, paramedics,
ambulance or physician are needed, the appropriate agency or person should
be called directly. Any emergency involving physical injury, property damage,

Windward Acres House Rules               13
break-ins, or thefts on the premises should also be brought to the immediate
attention of the Resident Manager and/or Managing Agent.

Every Apartment Owner, tenant and guest hereby grants right of entry to the
Managing Agent and other persons authorized by the Board, in any event of
emergency originating in or threatening such Apartment or any other
Apartment, whether or not such Owner or occupant is present at the time. In
case of emergency, the Managing Agent or other persons authorized by the
Board may enter any building or Apartment as the Managing Agent may deem
necessary. In such case, the Managing Agent shall promptly notify the Owner or
occupant of the reason and result of such entry.

Each owner is to provide contact phone numbers on their registration forms
and keep those numbers up to date. Such information must also be provided by
the owner for any renter or resident. It is the responsibility of the owner to
have this information, even if the resident does not provide it to the Managing
Agent or Resident Manager.

The employees will make every effort to keep the grounds clean. However, the
employees do not work on a 24-hour basis and much of their time must be
devoted to repair, maintenance, etc. Therefore, all residents must do their
part towards keeping the premises neat and clean.

The Resident Manager is under the direction of the Property Manager and Board
of Directors. All other employees are under the sole direction of the Resident
Manager. Employees are not to be diverted to the private business or
employment of any resident.

No employee shall be asked by a resident to leave the common elements unless
there is an emergency endangering other apartments or the common elements.

Compliance with the House Rules is required of all association residents by
Hawaii Revised Statutes, Section 514A-88. Owners are responsible for
compliance with the House Rules by their tenants, guests and invitees. The
House Rules shall become part of any and all Rental Agreements.

Owners or their assigned Rental Agents will ensure that a copy of these House
Rules is provided to their tenants at the time the lease agreement is signed. A
copy of a statement indicating receipt by tenants will be provided to the
Managing Agent along with the signed lease agreement.

Windward Acres House Rules             14
House Rule violations should be reported promptly at the time of occurrence to
the Resident Manager who will take appropriate action.

Residents will be given written notice of House Rules violations by the
Managing Agent or the Resident Manager and a copy of such notice will also be
sent to the owner and/or agent. Fines will be assessed against the owner of the
apartment whose resident or guest caused the violation of a House Rule.

All House Rule violations are subject to citations and fines. In order for the
Association to enforce these House Rules, the following procedure will be used
in issuing citations and fines:
    1. A written warning will be issued to an owner and/or tenant for the first
        violation of a House Rule.

   2. A twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fine will be assessed for a second violation
      of the same House Rule.
   3. A fifty dollar ($50.00) fine will be assessed for a third violation of the
      same House Rule.
   4. A one hundred dollar ($100.00) fine will be issued for a fourth violation
      of the same House Rule.

The Board of Directors will determine appropriate fines and actions for
subsequent violations of the same House Rule.
Exceptions to the above schedule of fines:
    1. An immediate one hundred dollar ($100.00) fine for use of any type of
        fireworks on the property.
    2. An immediate one hundred dollar ($100.00) fine for anyone barbecuing
        anywhere on the common areas except for the designated barbecue
    3. An immediate twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fine for failure to clean up pet
All fines are in addition to any related costs incurred by the Association to
clean or repair property, tow vehicles, dispose of bulky Items, State or City &
County fines, and any other expenses.

When deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors, special fines or
assessments may be levied for damage to the common elements.

Residents may contest citations and/or fines by writing to the Board of
Directors in care of the Managing Agent's office within ten days of receiving
notice of the citation and/or fine. Correspondence should provide the relevant
facts and specify the grounds for the objection, which the Board will consider
in rendering a final decision. Whenever possible, the Board’s decision will be

Windward Acres House Rules             15
put forth in writing to the appealing resident no later than sixty days from
receipt of the written appeal.

All fines, including those for contested violations, must be paid no later than
thirty days from the date of citation. Fines relating to decisions reversed by the
Board through the appeal process will be immediately refunded.

Maintenance fee payments are due and payable in full on the first calendar day
of each month. A ten ($10.00) late fee will be assessed if full payment is not
received and credited to the owner's account by the 15th day of each month.
To avoid fate fees, owners should allow at least three business days for
payments to be processed and credited to their account, regardless of the
place and manner of making payment.

Any time there are unpaid legal charges, late charges, fines, bad check
charges, Agreement of Sale payments, or special assessment fee payments or
other charges on the account ledgers, the next Association fee payment
received from the owner will first be applied to liquidating these fees in the
order stated above. After these fees are paid, the remaining amount left over,
if any, will be credited to the owner's maintenance fee assessment account.

Hawaii law provides that failure to pay these charges (including late fees) will
result in the deduction of these fees (including late fees) from future common
expense payments, for so long as a delinquency continues to exist. Late fees
shall be imposed against any future common expense payment which is less
than the full amount owed due to the deduction of these unpaid fees (including
unpaid late fees) from such payment.

Windward Acres House Rules             16
                     Windward ACRES DIRCTORY
Site Manager
Janice Akeo Office Phone/Fax: 247-4033
Call the Site Manager with any problems, questions or concerns about the
physical property.

Certified Management, Inc. Phone: 836-0911
3179 Koapaka Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 07819

Lillian McCarthy, Account Executive Office Phone (808)-837-5247
Email: Fax: 839-9430
Call the CAM with any problems, questions or concerns about the general
management and administration of Windward Acres.

Securitas Guard Service Phone: 478-8693
On-site guard-(call for noise or other complaints or overnight Parking Passes) If
you are unable to locate a guard between 10pm and 6am please let the Site
Manger know.

Police, Fire, Ambulance Call 911
When calling for emergency services, be prepared to give your complete
address: "46-261, Unit #X123 (or whatever your address is). Do not use only
Windward Acres to describe your location.
After calling for required assistance, also notify the Resident Manager or
Security Guard if between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am of any incidences or
emergencies involving personal injuries, property damage, break-ins, or thefts
on the premises.

Nalo Tow Phone: 864-9155
3103 N. Nimitz Highway, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
If you need a vehicle removed from your parking stall, call directly for the tow.

Bulk item pick-up: City and County Phone: 247-3553

Junk car pick-up: City and County Phone: 532-7700 ext. 250

Hawaiian Electric Company Emergencies: 548-7961

Windward Acres House Rules             17

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