The Agile _BA_ Business Analyst by wuyunqing


									The Agile (BA) Business Analyst

Duration                 Course Description
2 days
                         The business analyst role seems conspicuously missing from most
                         agile methods. There are product owners and on site customers, but no
                         business analysts. Do agile methods make business analyst an
Instructors              obsolete role like a locomotive fireman? Certainly not! The iterative,
Steve Adolph             incremental and opportunistic nature of the agile methods changes the
                         business analyst role to a more exciting and fulfilling one. A rose by any
                         other name still smells as sweet and the needs that gave rise to the
                         discipline of business analysis do not vanish with the use of agile
                         methods. But how do you integrate what is sometimes portrayed as a
Class Limit
                         plodding and documentation driven role into an agile project?
20 students
                         This workshop helps dispel many of the myths surrounding the
                         business analyst role and agile software development. Like all other
                         agile software development roles, the business analyst is a much more
                         integrated and collaborative role where the agile business analyst
Familiarity with
business analysis,       utilizes their domain knowledge and a burgeoning bag of tools to
requirements, use        resolve the conflicting wishes of numerous project stake holders, satisfy
cases, and agile         the governance needs of the development organization, and ensure the
software develop-        project team clearly understand what is required of them. This course
ment methods are         provides participants practical guidance for how the business analyst
assumed                  integrates and collaborates with all members of the team and how to
                         improve the business analysis process by leveraging the agile software
                         development process.

• On-site delivery       Intended Audience
Please contact SPC       This intermediate level seminar is ideally suited to the Business Analyst,
for pricing              Project Managers, Developers, Testers, Stakeholders wanting to learn
                         strategies and practices for integrating the business analyst into an
(Contact                 agile process. This course is about creating an agile process business
information on page      analysis process and is not an introduction to agile or business
                         analysis. Familiarity with business analysis, requirements, use cases,
• Public Training        and agile software development methods are assumed.

$1095 (1 day)            Instructor
*Discount available
for early registration   Steve Adolph is senior consultant with 20 years of software development
                         experience. He has an excellent grasp of the technology issues facing
                         today’s companies. His software development experience includes call-
                         processing software for cellular telephone systems, railway-signaling
Materials Provided       software and direct to plate systems for the graphics art industry.
• Workbook
  containing class       Steve knows firsthand the problems with Agile development practices.
  notes and class        Steve is a regular speaker at Agile conferences as was one of the founders
  exercises              of the Agile Vancouver User Group.
The Agile (BA) Business Analyst

Course Objectives                                 Course Outline
   •   Understand the role of the business           •   Square Peg in the Round Hole? The
       analyst in agile software development             Agile Business Analyst
       teams                                         •   The Rise of the Business Analyst
   •   Understand the difference between user        •   But where is the BA in an Agile Process?
       stories and use cases.                        •   Gazelles and Gazebos ‐ User Stories
   •   Learn strategies for iteratively and              and Use Cases
       incrementally developing requirements.        •   Agile Grows UP
   •   Know how to reduce waste by taking a          •   Context, Context, Context! Agility and the
       lean approach to software requirements.           Software Development Lifecycle
   •   Know strategies for integrating               •   Strategies and Practices for Integrating
       requirements management into an agile             the BA with Agile Software
       software                                            o Development teams
   •   Development process.                                o Individuals and Interactions Over
   •   Know when to effectively use different                 Processes and Tools
       requirements modeling and                           o The Best Is the Enemy of the Good
       documentation                                       o Incremental Requirements
   •   Practices (e.g. use cases, IEEE 830,                   Development
       user stories, etc).                                 o Leveraging the Agile Software
   •   Know guidelines and practices for                      Development Process: Incremental
       designing and deploying an effective                   and
       agile                                               o Iterative Requirements Development
   •   Business analysis process.                                Shared vision – Aligning the
   •   Know how to leverage the agile software                   Vision
       development process to improve the                        Breadth Before Depth –
   •   Quality and responsiveness of the                         incremental development of
       business analysis process.                                requirements from 30,000 feet
   •   Use the Eclipse Process Framework                         down to the ground
                                                                 Spiral Development ‐ Iterative
       (EPF) to inform the design of a scalable
                                                                 development of requirements
       agile process.                                            Ever Unfolding Story – keeping
                                                                 requirements manageable
                                                                 Adornments – using use cases to
 For more information on this or other                           integrate a wide variety of
 SPC Springboard courses, please visit                           requirements artifacts or e-mail SPC at             •   Requirements Management in an Agile                                             World
                                                     •   The Requirements Process and Software
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