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Fishing in France, Spain,
Hungary, Poland, Romania,
USA & Thailand at its very best!
                                                                           How to book
Essex Angling Leisure offer you a wide
                                                                           Booking is very straight forward.
                                                                           Call or email us to check exact costs and
                                                                           availability. We can make immediate
variety of carefully selected worldwide                                    provisional bookings.
fishing holiday venues. From ‘social’ venues,
venues with accommodation, family venues                                   Payment
to venues for the big fish hunter in isolation.
From the simple to follow ‘At a Glance’ table,
you can quickly check out the details of each                              Payment can be made by cheque,
venue. All our venues have toilets and                                     credit card or debit card.
showers on site.                                                           (Credit card payments subject to a 2% surcharge).

                                                                           Juniors £150 unless otherwise noted. Non-
Our pledge to you …                                                        fishing guests £50 unless otherwise noted.
Our team at Essex Angling Leisure Ltd have
searched long and hard for some of the best                                In the event you cancel your confirmed
carp fishing venues in France, Spain, USA and                              booking, the following cancellation
worldwide. We’ve made every effort to                                      charges apply.
ensure the information passed on to you the                                More than 60 days prior to departure -
customer is totally accurate and that                                      50% of total costs.
standards on all venues are maintained                                     Less than 60 days – 100% of total costs.
both through visits and customer feedback.
We don’t promise you’ll catch, but we do
promise you’ll get what you see in our                                     Insurance
brochure! We will organise your fishing                                    We recommend that you take out
holiday, offering full advice and guidance                                 personal insurance. We can advise on a
with respect to the venue that will best suit                              competitive/good policy. Use of boats on
your requirements, travel, tackle, bait and                                venues is entirely at your own risk. Make
tactics. Our aim is to make your trip as hassle                            sure to use a life jacket.
free as possible, so you can relax and enjoy
the fishing.                                                               Bait & Tackle - 10% Discount!
To make things even easier, we also operate                                Be sure to give us a call if you need any
a number of fully guided trips throughout                                  advice or guidance on which bait and
the year, which include transport and                                      what tackle requirements are best for the
guiding from the UK.                                                       venue you choose. We can supply bait and
                                                                           tackle delivered to your door from all the
                       Chris Woodrow                                       leading manufacturers. We offer a 10%
                                                                           discount on all tackle and bait orders for
                          Essex Angling Leisure Ltd                        our holiday customers.

                                                                        ESSEX ANGLING LEISURE LTD
                                                             5 Broadway Parade, Elm Park Avenue,
                                                             Hornchurch, Elm Park, Essex RM12 4RS
                                                     Tel: 01708 438220 / 07810 872473 • Fax: 01708 705800
All the information given in this brochure, to the publishers knowledge, is correct and accurate at the time of going to press.
                                ‘At a Glance’

                                                                                                                                                                        Exclusive Booking
                                                                                Lake Size (Acres)


                                                                                                                                             Food Available
                                                                                                    Fish Size (lbs)

                                                                   Page No.

                               Lac Sebastian                       5           12                   50+                                      ✓                ✓           ✓
                               Etang Francis                       6          10.8                  50+                                      ✓                            ✓
                               Graviere de la Traque               7             8                  50+                                                                   ✓
...times you’ll never forget   Graviere de la Saules               8             8                  50+                                                                   ✓
                               La Francaise                        9           16                   35+                                                                   ✓
                               Woods Lake                      10              12                   45+                                                       ✓           ✓
                               The Great Lake                  11              50                   45+                                                       ✓           ✓
                               Watersmeet                      12                2                  40+                    ✓                                              ✓
                               Lac Tournizet                   13              10                   50+                                                       ✓             ✓
                               Domaine de Boux                 14              10                   55+                                                                   ✓
                               CarpArgonne                     15             4-5                   55+                                                                     ✓
                               The Retreat                     16                3                  45+                    ✓ ✓                                            ✓
                               Blue Water Lakes                17              14                   50+                                      ✓                ✓           ✓
                               Cassien                         18             1100 60+                                     ✓                                  ✓
                               La Botte                        19              40                   50+                                                       ✓           ✓
                               Cuckoo Lake                     20             3-5                   45+                    ✓                                              ✓
                               Lac Des Lesmont                 21              16                   60+                    ✓ ✓                                ✓           ✓
                               Lac Desire                      22              15                   50+                                      ✓                            ✓
                               Etang Des Iles                  23              60                   50+                    ✓ ✓                                ✓
                               Rosewater                       24                3                  45+                    ✓                                  ✓           ✓
                               Etang Damvillers                25              15                   55+                    ✓ ✓                                ✓           ✓
                               La Foret                        26                2                  40+                    ✓                                              ✓
                               Robin Lake                      27                7                  40+                    ✓                                  ✓           ✓
                               KEY SYMBOLS USED

                               TOILETS    SUPERMARKET   SHOWERS               SIZE OF                                  FOOD                ACCOMMODATION
                               ON-SITE       NEARBY      ON-SITE               FISH                                   ON-SITE                  ON-SITE
 ‘At a Glance’

                                                                                                                     Exclusive Booking
                                    Lake Size (Acres)

 Etang de Margot

                                                                                          Food Available
                                                        Fish Size (lbs)

                         Page No.

Ebro Folly               28            R                40+                 ✓ ✓                            ✓           ✓
River Ebro, Flix         30          R                  40+               ✓ ✓                              ✓           ✓
Tarragona Lake Adv       31 500+ 40+                                        ✓ ✓                            ✓           ✓                 ...times you’ll never forget
Hungarian Adventure      32         85                  58+               ✓ ✓                              ✓
Lake Raduta              34 2500 55+                                      ✓ ✓                              ✓
Unichowo                 35         VAR                 45+                               ✓
Top Cats Resort          36 3&10 200+                                     ✓ ✓                              ✓           ✓
St. Lawrence River       37          R                  50+               ✓ ✓                              ✓           ✓
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                                                                                        Lac Sebastian

                                                RI                      LAC SEBASTIAN is a stunning

                                         E •P

                                                                        12-acre venue set in the gorgeous

                                                inc. ferry
                                                                        Champagne region of France,
                                                                        a straight forward drive of just over

                                                  based on
                                                10 ANGLERS   E          3.5 hours. There is a big head of carp, with
                                                                        several forties and a couple of fifties to go
                                            • PR
                                                                        for! The unique shape of the lake and it’s
                                                                        large central island ensures that everyone
                                                                        has his own part of the lake, with the
                                                                        others not far away for a good social!
                                                                        Depths range from 3-9 feet, a clear
                                                                        sand/gravel bottom and maximum casts of
                                                                        90 yards make the fishing simple and
                                                                        enjoyable. There is an on-site fully
                                                                        equipped lodge with bar, English style
                                                                        toilets/showers, full time English site
                                                                        manager, vehicle access to all swims, plus
                                                                        the optional food package make Lac
                                                                        Sebastian a truly unique holiday choice.
                                                                        Shops and the local bar/restaurants are a
                                                                        10 minutes drive away.

    ‘At a Glance’                                                                                 (max 10 anglers)
                                                                                                  Per Person £235
Lake Size: 12 acres                                                                                    Book a Bank
Max Anglers: 10                                                                                    (max 5 anglers)
Depths: Average 1-3 metres (3-9 ft)
Stock: Carp 50lb+
From Ferry: 3.5hrs from Calais
Facilities: Fully equipped lodge,
toilets/showers, site-manager,
vehicle access, optional food
Cost: £235 per angler. Book a bank
£900. £1750 exclusive
  Etang Francis

ETANG FRANCIS Just 3.5 hours from                                                 RI

                                                                           E •P

Calais this lovely Lake of 10.8 acres has

depths ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 metres.                                            inc. ferry
There are five islands and eight swims

                                                                                    based on

with a maximum seven anglers per                                                  7 ANGLERS    E
week. The lake is situated in the
                                                                              • PR
stunning Champagne region of France,
set in glorious countryside. Facilities
include a two storey lodge with a
shower/toilet, TV, aircon, bait freezer
and a bait and tackle shop. Food
package available. The bakery van
comes to the lake everyday, shops are
15 minutes away. There are charging
points for batteries. Stock fish from
twenties to fifties, no bream, tench or
any other nuisance fish in the lake.
Exclusive (max 7 anglers) £1675
Per Person £250

                                                    ‘At a Glance’
                                                Lake Size: 10.8 acres
                                                Max Anglers: 7
                                                Depths: Average 1.5-3.5 metres
                                                (3-9 ft)
                                                Stock: 20lb - 50lb+
                                                From Ferry: 3.5hrs from Calais
                                                Facilities: 2 storey lodge with a
                                                shower/toilet, TV, Aircon, Bait
                                                Freezer and a bait and tackle shop
                                                Cost: £250 per angler.
                                                £1675 exclusive (max 7 anglers)
                                                                             Graviere de la Traque

                                                  RI                      GRAVIERE DE LA TRAQUE with

                                           E •P

                                                                          11 swims offers superb French fishing

                                                  inc. ferry
                                                                          for genuine home grown carp. Its
                                                                          horseshoe shape ensures that every

                                                    based on
                                                  7 ANGLERS    E          angler has his own part of the lake
                                                                          to himself whilst the others are never
                                              • PR
                                                                          far away for a good social! The lake is
                                                                          relatively easy fishing with catches
                                                                          of 10+ fish a day per person not
                                                                          uncommon. Enjoy the bobbins action
                                                                          with a very fair chance of a real biggie
                                                                          during the course of a weeks fishing,
                                                                          no long range equipment is needed.
                                                                          The lake contains plenty of thirties
                                                                          (eight per acre) and enough 40's to over
                                                                          50lb to keep the most ambitious
                                                                          angler happy.
                                                                          Traque is located on the Goncourt
                                                                          Complex, facilities are excellent with
                                                                          hot showers, toilets and freezer
                                                                          facilities on-site.
                                                                                           (max 7 anglers) £1200
                                                                                                 Per Person £200

    ‘At a Glance’
Lake Size: 8 acres
Max Anglers: 7
Depths: Average 1-2 metres (3-6 ft)
Stock: Carp 50lb+, Pike, Perch, Roach
From Ferry: 3.5hrs from Calais
Facilities: Full on-site facilities include
toilets, showers, bakery, dining
Cost: £200 per angler.
£1200 exclusive (max 7 anglers)

  Graviére de la Saules

GRAVIERE DE LA SAULE can be                                                       RI

                                                                           E •P

booked on an exclusive basis for a

maximum group of five anglers. Have                                               inc. ferry
the lake to yourself, enjoy fishing off

                                                                                    based on

the peninsula with your friends for carp                                          5 ANGLERS    E
in excess of 50lb. The lake's horseshoe
                                                                              • PR
shape ensures a sociable atmosphere
with maximum capture chances for all
anglers. Saules has a high stock of big
fish (25lb-50lb+), offering a real
challenge for the angler.
All the fishing at Saules is fairly close
range, with plenty of overhanging
bankside trees and bushes that just
scream carp!
Parking directly behind all swims with a
central cabin, BBQ and a picnic table
available for your exclusive use.
Facilities include toilets, hot showers,
fridge and freezer only two minutes
(max 5 anglers)

                                                    ‘At a Glance’
                                                Lake Size: 8 acres
                                                Max Anglers: 5
                                                Depths: Average 2 metres (6 ft)
                                                Stock: Carp 52lb+, Pike, Perch
                                                From Ferry: 3.5hrs from Calais
                                                Facilities: English toilets, showers,
                                                fridge, freezer, battery charging,
                                                dining room & fresh bait delivery
                                                Cost: £850 exclusive

                                                                                    La Française

                                           RI                      LA FRANCAISE is situated on the

                                    E •P

                                                                   Goncourt Complex, in the gorgeous

                                           inc. ferry
                                                                   Champagne region. It is an exhilarating
                                                                   runs water and you can expect no

                                             based on
                                           6 ANGLERS    E          relaxation here!
                                       • PR
                                                                   The lake is 16 acres of relatively
                                                                   unchartered territory with more fish per
                                                                   square metre than most of its
                                                                   Many of the fish are high doubles, with
                                                                   30lb to 35lb+ becoming a regular
                                                                   Swims are flat and comfortable with on-
                                                                   site facilities only a two minute
                                                                   walk away.
                                                                   The easy drive from Calais to this
                                                                   complex and the super facilities
                                                                   available make it an extremely
                                                                   enjoyable place to spend your holiday.
                                                                   Exclusive (max 6 anglers) £820

    ‘At a Glance’
Lake Size: 16 acres
Max Anglers: 6
Depths: Average 2-4 metres (6-12ft)
Stock: Carp 35lb+,
From Ferry: 3.5hs from Calais
Facilities: Toilets, showers,
bakery, dining room
Cost: £820 exclusive

  Woods Lake

WOODS LAKE is situated alongside                                                   RI

                                                                            E •P

stunning forest region in the

Champagne region of France. It’s a                                                 inc. ferry
fourteen acre gravel pit excavated

                                                                                     based on

in 1987.                                                                           7 ANGLERS    E
                                                                               • PR
In the centre of the lake is a lovely
wild island that forms part of the
carps regular patrol route. Relaxing
and catching plenty of fish are the
order of the day here. The carp are
present in numbers with commons,
mirrors, leathers and some stunning
big Koi awaiting your visit. The lake is
also well known for its impressive
number of Wels Catfish ranging from
30lbs to 100lbs plus. A great place to
enjoy fishing for carp to 40lb+ and big
catfish at the same time.
There are toilets and hot
showers close to the lake, as
well as a large eating area with
bench seats. The owner is a
regular visitor to the site and is
always willing to help out with
tips and advice.
(max 7 anglers) £1150
Per Person £195
                                                    ‘At a Glance’
                                                Lake Size: 14 acres
                                                Max Anglers: 7
                                                Depths: Average 2 metres (6 ft)
                                                Stock: Carp 40lb+, Catfish
                                                From Ferry: 3.5hrs from Calais
                                                Facilities: Communal facilities
                                                including English toilets and
                                                showers, fridge and freezer, cooker,
                                                battery charging, fresh bait delivery
                                                Cost: £195 per angler,
                                                £1150 exclusive

                                                                                         The Great Lake

                                                   RI                      THE GREAT LAKE has 18 swims

                                            E •P

                                                                           (12 anglers max) spread out around this

                                                   inc. ferry
                                                                           50+ acre gravel pit. All swims are easily
                                                                           accessible by car.

                                                     based on
                                                   12 ANGLERS
                                               • PR
                                                                E          If it is fully scaled and linears that you
                                                                           are after, then this has to be the
                                                                           ultimate place. Most carp are caught in
                                                                           the margins or close to the weedbeds
                                                                           and islands (present June-end July)
                                                                           spread around the lake. The place is a
                                                                           revelation in terms of fish beauty, the
                                                                           lake itself is fairly open with grassy
                                                                           banks, but the fishing is really special.
                                                                           Full facilities on site include english
                                                                           toilets and showers, electric,
                                                                           fridge/freezer facilities, battery
                                                                           charging, a dining room and a visiting
                                                                           bakery van.
                                                                                            (max 14 anglers) £2000
                                                                                                   Per Person £195

    ‘At a Glance’
Lake Size: 50 acres
Max Anglers: 12
Depths: Average 2 metres (6 ft)
Stock: Carp 45lb
From Ferry: 3.5hrs from Calais
Facilities: English toilets and
showers, fridge and freezer, cooker,
battery charging, fresh bait delivery.
Cost: £195 per person. £100 per
junior. £25 per non angler,
£2000 exclusive

WATERSMEET is situated in the                                                         RI

                                                                               E •P

French Mayenne countryside near the                                                   £292

village of Larchamps. Driving time from                                               inc. ferry
                                                                                         based on
ports: St Malo 1h45, Caen 1h30,

                                                                                      2 ANGLERS
Cherbourg two hours, Le Havre three                                                   +2 NON-ANGLERS
hours, Calais 4h 30. There are two lakes,
                                                                                  • PR
a 2.5 acre carp lake with fish to 40lbs
and a 1 acre coarse lake, with plenty of
smaller fish to 26lbs.
The carp are of the famous fast growing
royal strain with around 75% mirrors,
25% commons. There is a beautiful
completely renovated house            Inclu ry
which overlooks both lakes              luxu e
and sleeps six for exclusive           lakes dation
use by guests. Just five yards             mo
from the lake the owners have      accom
designed and built a superb
sheltered BBQ area which helps guests
pass the time in a great atmosphere.
Two picnic tables are by
the lake also. This is a
superb venue if you are
thinking of taking the
Exclusive Only
Exclusive (max 4 anglers)
sleeps six comfortably
                                                     ‘At a Glance’
                                                 Lake Size: 2 acres
                                                 Max Anglers: 4
                                                 Depths: Average 1-2 meters (3-6 ft)
                                                 Stock: Carp 40lb+
                                                 From Ferry: 1.5 - 4.5hrs
                                                 Facilities: English toilets and
                                                 showers, BBQ area, picnic tables,
                                                          fresh bait
                                                                Cost: £995 exclusive

                                                                                           Lac Tournizet

                                                   RI                      Lac Tournizet is a privately owned

                                            E •P

                                                                           carp fishery set in the gorgeous

                                                   inc. ferry
                                                                           Champagne region of France, a very
                                                                           mature fishery in peaceful surroundings.

                                                     based on
                                                   8 ANGLERS    E          Over 150 carp live here, from 17 –
                                                                           55lbs. There are several known fish over
                                               • PR
                                                                           40lbs, with the biggest a stunning
                                                                           Mirror of approximately 55lbs. Situated
                                                                           approximately 230 miles from the port
                                                                           of Calais, the lake can be easily reached
                                                                           in just over three hours – a few minutes
                                                                           drive from the main motorway between
                                                                           Vitry La Francois and St Dizier.
                                                                     The lake, which was excavated
                                                                     approximately 10 years ago, covers
                                                                     about 10 acre. The lake is an irregular
                                                          shape, with quiet bays, open water and an island
                                                          offering varied and interesting fishing conditions.
                                                          There is a gated entrance for your security and
                                                          although close to the towns mentioned, the lake
                                                          retains a tranquil atmosphere. Eight spacious
                                                          single and double swims (three).Vehicle access to
                                                          all swims. A maximum of eight anglers. The lake is
                                                          within easy casting range (60–75 yards max) and
                                                                          is well suited to English fishing
                                                                          tackle and methods. No nuisance
                                                                          species, as such, to worry about.
                                                                          The lake has a nearby cabin, with
                                                                          UK style toilets and showers, plus
    ‘At a Glance’                                                                   gas cooker, tables etc for
                                                                                        anglers use 24 hours
                                                                                         a day.
Lake Size: 10 acres
Max Anglers: 8                                                                                      (max 8 anglers)
Depths: Average 6ft                                                                                         £1550
                                                                                                        Per Person
Stock: 17lb - 50lb                                                                                           £235
From Ferry: 3hrs
Facilities: Cabin, English toilets and
showers, gas cooker, tables etc.
Cost: £1550 exclusive,
£235 per person.

  Domaine de Boux

BOUX needs no introduction, its                                                      RI

                                                                              E •P

superb head of big carp feature

regularly in the angling press. It is a five                                         inc. ferry
hour drive from Calais and the home of

                                                                                       based on

250 carp up to 55lb+. There are grass                                                5 ANGLERS    E
carp up to 40lb, a large amount of carp
                                                                                 • PR
20lb+ with plenty of thirties. Catches of
50-80 carp in a week is not uncommon.
Boux is in the beautiful Morvan region
of France, the lake is set in quiet
countryside with no public footpaths or
public access. Supermarkets and local
shops are only five minutes away from
the lake and toilets and showers are
available on site. The lake is rented
out on an exclusive basis from
Saturday to Saturday for a
maximum of five anglers.
The maximum cast distance is
under 100 yards and most fish get
caught within 30 yards of the bank.
A boat is recommended for rig
placement. Boux fish respond well
to single hook baits
and light baiting
(max 5 anglers)
                                                        ‘At a Glance’
                                                    Lake Size: 10 acres
                                                    Max Anglers: 5
                                                    Depths: Average 1-2 metres (3-6 ft)
                                                    Stock: Carp 55lb+, Koi, Grassies
                                                    From Ferry: 5hrs from Calais
                                                    Facilities: English toilets and
                                                    showers, electric, fridge/freezer,
                                                    battery charging, dining room and
                                                    fresh bait delivery service
                                                    Cost: £850 exclusive


                                            RI                      CARPARGONNE comprises of two lakes

                                     E •P

                                                                    set in the Argonne Forest in the

                                            inc. ferry
                                                                    Champagne Ardennes area of France.
                                                                    Established over 30 years ago, the venue

                                              based on
                                            4 ANGLERS    E          is very mature, surrounded by heavy
                                                                    woodland and Poplar tree plantations. 3.5
                                        • PR
                                                                    hours from Calais by car. Previously used
                                                                    for fish breeding. This is a totally private
                                                                    water, so fishing 24 hours is permitted
                                                                    with no licence required. Facilities are
                                                                    simple, clean and functional, comprising
                                                                    of a toilet and shower adjacent to the
                                                                    lake. Secure parking is at the entrance to
                                                                    the main lake. Shops, supermarket etc are
                                                                    a 10-minute drive away. The larger lake is
                                                                    approx. 4.5 acres and has a small island,
                                                                    with willow trees at one end. It features
                                                                    overhanging trees, reed lined margins and
                                                                    lily pads in several areas. Depths vary
                                                                    from 3–15 feet (1–5m), the deepest area
                                                                    is at the dam end. There are over 150
                                                                    carp, from 20 – over 50lbs, biggest so far
                                                                    a cracking 58lb+ Mirror, there are several
                                                                    other forties and a common over 37lbs.
                                                                    The smaller lake is 2.5 acres, extremely
                                                                                    secluded, and comes ‘free’
                                                                                         when you hire the main
                                                                                          lake. It is ideal for
                                                                                          stalking, stocked with
    ‘At a Glance’                                                                         over 70 Koi Carp.
                                                                                              Exclusive (max 4
                                                                                                anglers) £695
Lake Size: 4.5 acres
Max Anglers: 4
Depths: Average 1-5 metres (3-15ft)
Stock: Carp to 58lb+
From Ferry: 3.5 hrs from Calais
Facilities: Shower and toilets
Cost: £695 exclusive

  The Retreat

THE RETREAT is an ideal venue for a social                                                 RI

                                                                                    E •P
fishing trip for four friends or for anglers who


like to combine a family holiday with a bit of                                             inc. ferry
fishing. The lake is approx three acres in size                                               based on

and heavily stocked with carp to 45lb+. Fed                                                2 ANGLERS
                                                                                           +2 NON-ANGLERS
by 2 natural springs, the levels and water                                             • PR
quality are superb all year long.
Set in the Mayenne countryside near the town
of Chateau Gontier, about two hours from the
Ports of Caen and St.Malo and 5.5 hours from
The two bedroom property that comes
with the lake has been restored to a high
level and has all the necessary amenities.
A fully glazed breakfast room overlooks
the lake giving views across the water
and surrounding countryside.
Their is a large tackle store and wet room for
fishing clothes and boots and two x Bait freezers.
Outside, the adjoining garden area is landscaped
and a large deck area complete with BBQ and
patio furniture is an ideal place to spend your
evenings when not fishing. A full set of
swings, slides etc will keep the children                             Inclu
                                                                       luxur es
The owners are on site                                               lak     y
for help and advice                                               accom eside
24/7 and will make                                                       moda
your week at The                                                               tion
Retreat one you will
be sure to remember
and one that you
will re-book for
                                                         ‘At a Glance’
Exclusive use                                        Lake Size: 3 acres
only £895
(max 4                                               Max Anglers: 4
                                                     Depths: Average 1-3 metres (3-9 ft)

                                                     Stock: Carp 45lb+

                                                     From Ferry: 2hrs from Caen/St. Malo
                                                     & 5.5 hours from Calais

                                                     Facilities: Full accommodation
                                                     facilities, bait shop, children's play
                                                     area, BBQ, bait freezers

                                                     Cost: £895 exclusive
                                                                        Blue Water Lakes

                                            RI                 BLUE WATER LAKES is set in a totally

                                     E •P
                                                               private estate within 25 acres of classic


                                                               French countryside. This lake is located in
                                            inc. ferry         the Champagne region in extremely

                                                based on
                                             10 ANGLERS
                                                    E          peaceful surroundings with no noisy roads
                                        • PR                   or any other annoying disturbance. This
                                                               lake offers you the opportunity to enjoy
                                                               some outstanding carp fishing in truly
                                                               unspoiled and tranquil surroundings.
                                                               Plenty of Carp to over 50lbs, real runs
                                                               water with superb lakeside facilities
                                                               makes this venue a great choice for the
                                                               discerning angler.
                                                               Fishing is straight forward and mainly
                                                               close range, with simple tactics and a little
                                                         thought accounting for some bumper catches!
                                                         Drive and Survive
                                                         Package, includes lodge facilities and angling
                                                         for 7 Days, (Saturday to Saturday). Price £210
                                                         Fully Inclusive
                                                         As above with full English breakfast and
                                                         evening meal. Price £305
                                                         Exclusive (10 anglers max)
                                                         Whole lake can be booked for
                                                         £1500 (drive and survive)
                                                         Whole lake can be booked
                                                         for £2000 (Fully inclusive)

    ‘At a Glance’
Lake Size: 14 acres
Max Anglers: 8-10
Depths: Average 2-3 metres (6-9ft)
Stock: Carp 50lb+, Sturgeon 70lb+
From Ferry: 3.5hrs from Calais
Facilities: Lodge, shower/toilet, on-
site bailiff, food package available
Cost: £210 per week,
exclusive £1500

Cassien is, has been, and probably will be                                       RI

                                                                          E •P

for a long time the mecca of continental

carp fishing. Whilst other venues
occasionally steal the limelight, Cassien is                                £325

always at the hearts of serious carp                                                   E
anglers and just to walk the banks of this
                                                                             • PR
incredible venue is a privilege.
This is a fantastic location which basks in
the sunshine near to Nice in the South of
France. The holiday season out here is
between the middle of June and the
middle of September and it's the ideal
place to get a bit of sunshine and land a
historic carp.
We've got accommodation, transfers from the
airport, tackle provided and also full advice on
the best way to fish there so you literally just
need to bring yourself, your clothes, some
buzzers and reels, and your terminal tackle box.
You fly into Nice airport and we'll pick you up
from the airport and take you to our base 10
minutes from the lake. From there we'll kit you
out, point you in the right direction, get you
fishing. French rules only allow fishing from
dawn until dusk but this is
often the most productive
time especially though
the holiday season.
Standard price £325 per                                 ‘At a Glance’
week. The season runs
from mid June to mid                                Lake Size: 1100 acres
                                                    Max Anglers: N/A
Upgrades to
mobile homes                                        Depths: Up to 100ft!
/chalets start
at 100eu                                            Stock: Carp to 70lbs!
per week                                            From Airport: Nice, 45 minutes
                                                    Facilities: Mobile home
                                                    Cost: Standard price £325 per week.
                                                    Upgrades to mobile homes / chalets
                                                    start at 100eu per week

                                                                                                 La Botte

                                            RI                      LA BOTTE is situated in the gorgeous

                                     E •P

                                                                    Champagne region of France, just over

                                            inc. ferry
                                                                    three hours drive from Calais. A superb
                                                                    established carp fishery, added newly to

                                              based on
                                            12 ANGLERS   E          our portfolio.
                                        • PR
                                                                    With loads of carp to over 50lbs, this is a
                                                                    good place to enjoy the tranquil
                                                                    surroundings and get a bend in your rod.
                                                                    The lake is almost square in shape, with an
                                                                    elongated island running roughly down the
                                                                    centre (the island can not be fished from)
                                                                    20 swims and a maximum of 12 anglers on
                                                                    this 40 acre venue ensures that everyone
                                                                    has plenty of water. An old gravel pit
                                                                    means their are lots of features, in addition
                                                                    to the large central island. Average depth is
                                                                                            around 6ft
                                                                                            depending on the
                                                                                            time of year. The use
                                                                                            of boats is
                                                                                                Exclusive £2000
                                                                                                Per person £195

    ‘At a Glance’
Lake Size: 40 acres
Max Anglers: 12
Depths: Average 2 meters (6ft)
Stock: Carp 50lb+
From Ferry: 3.5hrs from Calais
Facilities: Showers and toilets
Cost: Exclusive £2000,
£195 per person

  Cuckoo Lake

CUCKOO LAKE, is a 3.5 acre lake set                                                          RI

                                                                                      E •P

within a stunning 40 acre forest that forms

part of the ancient forest of Double. Here                                                   inc. ferry
you feel as though you have stepped back

                                                                                               based on

in time by at least 40 years! You will                                                       4 ANGLERS    E
certainly hear, and if lucky, see the varied
                                                                                         • PR
wildlife of France at its most natural - wild
stags are often heard calling and eagles
circle the lake. Although the location of the
venue is very rural, it is only three minutes
drive to the nearest village with bar,
restaurant and a shop.
A 10 minute drive will bring you to the
larger town of St. Aulaye with
supermarkets, bar / restaurant, bank,
pharmacy etc.
The facilities on this venue are basic, but
comfortable, and include a self contained lakeside
cabin. This is a 'Drive and Survive' style destination.
The facilities in the cabin are as follows:
• Solar panel for lighting • Rain water collected for
washing • Calor gas for water heating, fridge and
two ring gas hob • Chemical/compost toilet
• There is no electricity or mains services on site
• There is a BBQ hut
The lake is well stocked, fish range from the largest
resident around the 50lb mark with at least three
other known good 40's. There
are plenty backup 20 and
30lbs fish.
                                                               ‘At a Glance’
Exclusive use for four anglers                            Lake Size: 3.5 acres
£695 or £200 Per Person
(Drive and Survive)                                       Max Anglers: 4
makes this venue
                                                          Depths: 2-12 ft
seriously good
value for                                                 Stock: Large head of carp from low
money. A small                                            twenty to 46lbs+, 3 known forties
deposit will
secure your                                               From Ferry: 7hs from Caen
booking.                                                  8hrs from Calais
                                                          Facilities: Lakeside cabin, showers,
                                                          toilet. supermarket 10 minutes drive
                                                          Cost: Exclusive £695. £200 per person
                                                          Drive and Survive
                                                                                        Lac Des Lesmont

                                                       RI                      LAC DES LESMONT is situated in

                                                E •P

                                                                               the gorgeous Aube area of France, in

                                                       inc. ferry
                                                                               the Champagne region. At just over
                                                                               three hours drive from Calais, it is a

                                                         based on
                                                       8 ANGLERS    E          simple journey consisting of mainly
                                                                               motorway. The lake is 16 acres in size
                                                   • PR
                                                                               and was dug some 20 years ago as a
                                                                               gravel pit, hence it is very mature with
                                                                               lots of trees and bushes surrounding
                                                                               it’s edge. Perfect for some stalking and
                                                                               a stunning place to spend the week!
                                                                               Depths range from three to over
                                                                               twenty feet in places, with plenty of
                                                                               features to go at. The lake bed is of a
                                                                               sandy gravel consistency, with no real
                                                                               snags and no poissons or crays to
                                                                               bother you. With over 300 fish to
                                                                               60lbs+, loads of twenties/thirties and a
                                                                               big head of Grass Carp to mid thirties,
                                                                               Lac Des Lesmont is worth serious
                                                                               consideration as your holiday choice!
                                                                               Facilities include UK style toilets,
                                                                               showers, BBQ areas, easy access to and
                                                                               parking behind all swims.
                                                                                                     £250 Per Person
                                                                                                 Exclusive use £1800
                                                                                                       (8 anglers max)
                                                                                            Two bedroom luxury lodge
                                                                                              available with a private
     ‘At a Glance’                                                                              swim £675 per week,
                                                                                                  including fishing for
Lake Size: 16 acres                                                                               one angler in group.
Max Anglers: 8
Depths: Average 1-7 meters (3-24ft)
Stock: Carp 55lb+
From Ferry: 3.5hrs from Calais
Facilities: 11 First class swims, toilets,
showers, car access to all swims,
BBQ area
Cost: £250 per person. Exclusive use:
£1800., Lodge £675 per week
(includes free fishing for one group
member)                                                        21
  Lac Desire

LAC DESIRE is located amidst stunning                                                   RI

                                                                                 E •P
countryside in the Champagne region of


France. New for the 2007 season, this venue
is owned and managed by the hugely                                                 per person

popular Lac Des Lesmont team. Set in 45                                             per week
acres of privately owned grounds, Lac
                                                                                    • PR
Desire is a very mature 15 acre venue with
14 purpose built comfortable swims. There
is an impressive fish stock, with a large
head of Carp including lots of forties and
several fifties. Depths range from 6-12 feet,
with islands, bays and stalking areas. First
class facilities compliment the first class
fishing, with UK style toilets, showers,
English speaking on-site staff, freezer
facilities, bait shop and UK charging points.
A food package is
This is sure to be a
popular destination, so
get in quick or you will
miss out!!
Drive and Survive
£250 per person,
per week.

                                                         ‘At a Glance’
                                                     Lake Size: 15
                                                     Max Anglers: 10
                                                     Depths: 6-12ft
                                                     Stock: Carp to 50lb+
                                                     From Ferry/Airport: 3.5hrs from
                                                     Facilities: Toilets, shower, bait shop,
                                                     charging points, English speaking
                                                     staff, food
                                                     Cost: £250 per person, per week

                                                                                 Etang Des Iles

                                          RI                       Etang Des Iles is situated on the

                                   E •P

                                                                   super and well appointed Pescalis

                                          inc. ferry
                                                                   complex, near to Poitiers (5 hours from
                                                                   Calais) this is a real family style venue.

                                            based on
                                          4 ANGLERS    E           A 60 acre lake, crammed with carp with
                                                                   loads of thirties, forties to over 55lb!
                                      • PR
                                                                   There is a very high stocking density of
                                                                   carp between 17 and 35lbs too!!with
                                                                   at least 15 between the 45lb and 55lb
                                                                   mark. As well as ‘Drive & Survive’, we
                                                                   have two bedroom bungalow's, plus
                                                                   houses that sleeps eight on the
                                                                   complex with swimming pool,
                                                                   restaurant, bar, kids playground, three
                                                                   restaurants and much more!!
                                                                   Absolutely perfect family venue.
                                                                   Other available 'extras' include horse
                                                                   riding, crazy golf, abseiling in the
                                                                   forest, go karts, golf, aquarium,
                                                                   children's clubs
                                                                   One week 'Drive and Survive' including
                                                                           use of showers / toilets £225
                                                                       We also offer shorter breaks at this
                                                                                           cracking venue:
                                                                                        72 hours for £100
                                                                        Two person apartment (18m2). Two
                                                                    single beds, kitchenette, shower, toilet.
    ‘At a Glance’                                                        Two room, four person apartment
                                                                    (36m2) one bedroom, living room with
Lake Size: 60 acres                                                pull out bed, kitchenette, shower, toilet,
                                                                       terrace with garden furniture. £375
Max Anglers: N/A
                                                                        Eight person house (72m2). House
Depths: 6-12 ft                                                       comprises two bed-sits upstairs and
Stock: Carp to 55lb+                                                one two room, four person apartment
                                                                       on the ground floor, with a private
From Ferry: 5hrs from Calais                                          staircase. Kitchenette, shower, toilet
                                                                                 and a terrace with garden
Facilities: Showers, toilets,                                                               furniture. £499
swimming pool, apartments,
restaurant, bar                                                                                 Prices for
                                                                                     accommodation are
Cost: £225 Drive and Survive                                                       extra to fishing costs.


ROSEWATER is situated near to the small                                                  RI

                                                                                  E •P
town of Caussac Bonneval in the Limosin


region of France. Travel time from Calais is
around 6.5 hours, Limoges airport is only                                                inc. ferry

                                                                                           based on
30 minutes away and fly packages can be                                                  4 ANGLERS
arranged. In the local town you will find
                                                                                     • PR
all that you need to kit you out for your
stay at the lake. A bakers, Butchers,
Supermarche and a lovely restaurant are
all within a 8km drive from the lake.
The lake was constructed over 30 years
ago and is fed by three springs and a
small stream, this ensures a healthy
supply of fresh water even in the heat of
the summer. The lake spans just under
three acres and starts at two feet in
depth, this depth drops to 11 feet along
the barrage (dam) wall. The lake is spilt up
by two large lily beds that offer sanctuary to
the lake's residents during the summer
We currently know of fish to mid forties, this
is not to say that there is not larger fish
hiding in Rosewater. The lake is unpressured
and has never been fished on a regular basis.
Weekly Rates - What you get
Included in our rental rate is the full and
private use of the lake, gite and forest. We
supply six carp rods, three bivvies, four
bedchairs, bank sticks, slings etc. All you need
to bring is reels, buzzers, terminal kit and
sleeping bags. We ask you also to bring your
own towels, bed linen is supplied.
                                                            ‘At a Glance’
Weekly Rental                                           Lake Size: 3 acres
We charge £750 per week (Saturday to
Saturday four Anglers max). You are                     Max Anglers: 4
requested to depart at 11am on the day your             Depths: 2-11 ft
holiday ends.
Airport Transfers                                       Stock: Carp 40lb+
We can arrange a transfer from Limoges
Airport (1/2 hour) at an additional cost of             From Ferry/Airport: 6.5hrs from
£45.00 each way for those of our guests who             Calais or 1/2hr from Limoges airport
would prefer to fly. Flights to Limoges are             Facilities: Toilets, showers,
available via Ryanair from Liverpool and
Stanstead airports. East Midlands airport will          supermarket, accommodation
be available from March 2006.                           Cost: £750 per week

                                                                                      Etang Damvillers

                                                  RI                       ETANG DAMVILLERS is a beautiful 15

                                           E •P

                                                                           acre lake, set within 35 acres of private

                                                  inc. ferry
                                                                           grounds in the Lorraine region of France,
                                                                           just 3.5 hours drive from Calais (A26, A4

                                                    based on
                                                  6 ANGLERS    E           to Verdun). It was originally dug in the
                                                                           1920's as a gravel pit and is both mature
                                              • PR
                                                                           and very well established. The lake is
                                                                           stream fed ensuring excellent water
                                                                           quality. There is a good head of big carp
                                                                           with several known, including a dozen fish
                                                                           40lb to 55lb+.
                                                                 Depths range from 3ft to 7ft in the main
                                                                 body of the lake. There are bars, troughs
                                                                 and an old stream bed in the lake. It has
                                                                 mostly a hard bottom with odd silt
                                                  patches, no snags to worry about. 10 swims of which
                                                  most are doubles. A maximum of eight anglers on the
                                                  lake at any one time, including exclusive bookings. The
                                                  village is a two minute drive or a short walk from the
                                                  lake. There is a supermarket, butcher, baker, tabac, post
                                                                     office bar and a small hotel.
                                                                                    Facilities at the lake are
                                                                                     excellent. We have running
                                                                                     water and clean english
                                                                                      flushing toilets at either end of
                                                                                      the lake. Freezers are provided
                                                                                        for anglers bait and bait boat
                                                                                                   charging facilities
                                                                                                     are available. On-
    ‘At a Glance’                                                                                       site bailiff 24/7
                                                                                                          to assist.
Lake Size: 15 acres
Max Anglers: 8
Depths: 3-7 ft
Stock: Carp to 55lb+
From Ferry: 3.5hrs from Calais                                                                                   (max 8
Facilities: Showers, toilets, English                                                                             £1250
speaking staff                                                                                               Per Person
Cost: Exclusive (max anglers) £1250,                                                                               £225
per person £225

  La Foret

LA FORET means the forest. That is the                   RI

                                                  E •P
name given to this stunning venue near to

Limoges. The house and 2.2 acre lake are                 £296

                                                         inc. ferry
set in the middle of 5 acres of private                     based on

forested area. Included in the price is your             2 ANGLERS
                                                         +2 NON-ANGLERS
exclusive use of the beautifully appointed           • PR
converted barn, with shower, double
bedroom, twin bedroom, WC, satellite TV
and fully equipped kitchen.
The lake is well stocked with around 80
carp over 20lbs, to over 40lbs, with a good
number of 30 lbs plus fish. The carp are
growing well as they are fed all year
round. The carp are high quality, fast
growing fish and recognised as being
some of the finest in the country.
The lake is limited to 2 anglers at any one
time. A really great venue for a family trip
or a couple wanting some peace and
Six leg bed chairs and one man bivvies are
available to hire. The cost is £50, for both
items per angler per week.
Exclusive £995

                                                                           ‘At a Glance’
                                                                  Lake Size: 2.2 acres
                                                                  Max Anglers: 2
                                                                  Depths: 2-13ft
                                                                  Stock: 80 Carp to 40lb+
                                                                  From Ferry/Airport: 6hrs from Calais
                                                                  Facilities: Luxury Converted Barn
                                                                  with all Mod Cons
                                                                  Cost: Exclusive £995

                                                                                              Robin Lake

                                                        CE                 ROBIN LAKE is on the Goncourt
                                                                           complex of lakes situated in the

                                            E •P

                                                   £169                    Champagne region of France,

                                                   inc. ferry              approximately 3.5 hours from Calais.

                                                     based on
                                                   6 ANGLERS    E          Robin Lake is a real runs water with an
                                               • PR
                                                                           average weight of 20lb+!
                                                                           Fishing is straightforward here, with
                                                                           lots of fish coming to standard UK
                                                                           Robin Lake is set in quaint countryside
                                                                           with shops and supermarket only
                                                                           a short drive away.
                                                                           There is a good stock of twenties and
                                                                           thirties, with the occasional 40+,
                                                                           thrown in for good measure. The
                                                                           Goncourt strain of carp are one of
                                                                           the most beautiful carp in France.
                                                                           The communal facilities on the whole
                                                                           complex are excellent and English is
                                                                           widely spoken. The use of the fully
                                                                           appointed mobile home is included
                                                                           within your stay.
                                                                                                Exclusive including
                                                                                                      mobile home
                                                                                                   (max 6 anglers)

    ‘At a Glance’
Lake Size: 7 acres
Max Anglers: 6
Depths: Average 2-3 metres (6-9 ft)
Stock: Carp 40lb+
From Ferry: 3.5 hours from Calais
Facilities: On-site facilities include
Toilets, showers, fridge, freezer,
cooker, battery charging, fresh bait
Cost: £820 exclusive. use including
mobile home

  Ebro Folly, River Ebro, Spain

Ebro Folly is without a doubt the most
well appointed and stunning venue on the
banks of Spain's famous River Ebro. Essex
Angling Leisure are proud to be able to
bring you this incredible experience, at
sensible prices!!! We have top guides, all
the tackle, boats and access to some of the
best stretches of the River Ebro.
A fabulous venue for a group of friends or
families!! Highly recommended and for sure
to be the most popular destination on the
This is a real experience with swimming
pool, twin en-suite rooms with ceiling fan,
on-site bar, pool table, darts, restaurant area
and much more!! We provide all tackle,
including Delkims, Shimano rods / reels,
Euro pods, bedchairs, unhooking mats, nets
etc - basically everything you need for a
truly memorable experience.

                                                                   Ebro Folly, River Ebro, Spain

                                                CE           Prices include airport transfers from Reus
                                           RI                (45 minutes), accommodation, use of all

                                    E •P

                                                             facilities, breakfast and lunch, tackle and

                                       FROM                  guides, transfers to / from the lake.

                                                 E           £549 7 days £425 5 days £189 3 days
                                       • PR
                                                             Extras - License / Permits 35 Euros
                                                             Evening meals (with beer or wine) 15 Euros
                                                             Boat Trip (Half Day) 45 Euros per person
                                                             All extras are payable at venue please
                                                             Weekly CATFISHING
                                                             Includes airport transfers, all tackle, half
                                                             board accommodation (room, breakfast,
                                                             packed lunch), daily guided boat fishing.
                                                             £750 (based on two anglers).

    ‘At a Glance’
Lake Size: River
Max Anglers: 12
Depths: N/A
Stock: Carp, Catfish
From Ferry/Airport: 45 minutes from
Reus Airport
Facilities: Swimming pool, well-
appointed en-suite rooms, bar, pool
table, sky TV
Cost: £549 7 day, £425 5 day,
£189 3 days, Catfishing £750

  River Ebro, Flix, Spain

Flix, River Ebro, Spain where your                                                         RI
base is 150 yards from the River, many

                                                                                    E •P

good carp and cats are caught with a

leisurely cast from the comfortable

bankside swims. Your English speaking host
and guide, will cater for your every need                                              • PR
and there is regular evening BBQ's in your
Your accommodation on the river consists
of three comfortable double bedrooms with
ensuite facilities, which open out onto
beautiful gardens. Banks are shallow
making it perfect for families with small
children. A fully stocked tackle shop and
bar are on site for your convenience. The
stretch of the river at Flix is governed by an
upstream dam making conditions as near
perfect as they can be. Depths go from very      Prices - £450 per person per week fully inclusive,
shallow to about five metres. Tackle, guiding                           trips run Saturday – Saturday.
and free airport transfers are included.
                                                         Long weekend (two night) trips are available
Flix is a small market town, a stroll of 10                                              from £169
minutes will take you to its centre. Once
guarded by its now                               We also offer Monday – Friday mid-week trips from
ruined castle it boasts                           £360. (Prices excludes flights, we suggest Ryan Air
many restaurants, bars                              to to Reus). These cost anywhere from a penny to
and shops, not to                                   £60 per person depending on the time of year.
mention a disco and                                                         FREE transfers from Reus.
public swimming pool.

                                                               ‘At a Glance’
                                                          Lake Size: River
                                                          Max Anglers: 6
                                                          Depths: Varies greatly
                                                          Stock: Carp, Catfish, Zander, Coarse
                                                          From Airport: Reus 1hr.
                                                          Facilities: En-suite shower/toilet,
                                                          breakfast, lunch, equipment
                                                          supplied, fresh bait, guide.
                                                          Cost: Long weekend trips £169,
                                                          Monday-Friday trips £360, fully
                                                          inclusive week £450 excl. flight.
                                                                Tarragona Lake Adventure, Spain

                                                 CE            Tarragona Lake Adventure Based at
                                            RI                 the stunning Ebro Folly in Flix, new for

                                     E •P

                                                               2007 is Tarragona Lake Adventure. We have

                                        FROM                   a spectacular 500 acre lake that is

                                                               crammed full of big Carp and Cats! Already
                                        • PR
                                                  E            Carp to over 50lbs and Catfish well into
                                                               their hundreds have been seen. This is a
                                                               real experience and your base at the Ebro
                                                               Folly is without hesitation the finest in the
                                                               region. With swimming pool, twin en-suite
                                                               rooms with ceiling fan, on-site bar, pool
                                                               table, darts and much more!! We provide
                                                               all tackle, including Delkims, Shimano rods /
                                                               reels, Euro pods, bedchairs, unhooking
                                                               mats, nets etc - basically everything you
                                                               need for a truly memorable experience.
                                                              Prices include airport transfers from Reus
                                                  (45 minutes), accommodation, use of all facilities,
                                                  breakfast and lunch, tackle and guides, transfers to /
                                                                        from the lake.
                                                                                              £549 7 days
                                                                                              £425 5 days
                                                                                              £189 3 days
                                                                                                   Extras -
                                                                                                 License /
                                                                                               Permits 35
                                                                                            Evening meals
    ‘At a Glance’                                                                            (with beer or
                                                                                          wine) 15 Euros
Lake Size: River                                                                                  All extras
                                                                                             are payable at
Max Anglers: 12                                                                               venue please.
Depths: N/A
Stock: Carp, Catfish
From Airport: 45 minutes from Reus
Facilities: Swimming pool, well-
appointed en-suite rooms, bar, pool
table, sky TV
Cost: £549 7 days, £425 5 days,
£189 3 days

  Hungarian Adventure

Our lake in Hungary is 36 years old, 85
acres and is a stunning looking place,
never drained or commercially fished.
It’s very secure and safe, very rural and
totally fenced.
There are nine swims, most with cabin
that sleeps two, so maximum 18
anglers. We provide bedchairs, bivvies
(where needed), unhooking mats, chairs,
cookers, boats and three electric
engines. Facilities include showers and
toilets which are very clean and good.
10 boats. Cold beer, snacks, drinks are
also available.
The lake is very deep in areas, up to 33m and the water is
very clear (like Cassien) as it is fed by three natural springs.
It has been fished on a very limited basis by a few Slovakians,
Hungarian's. The current lake record stands at almost 60lbs
and was caught by UK carper Nick Buss on
one of our early exploratory trips. We have
certainly seen bigger! There are lots
of snags, so most who have fished
it lose them as not prepared. Sunken
forests, trees etc. Simple stuff to
deal with if prepared!!
We have an 'Essex Angling Leisure'
employee there who will
meet clients etc, he
speaks English fluent
and good Hungarian.

                                             Hungarian Adventure

                                             £450 all inclusive price, includes
                                             transfers, guides, boat, bedchair, use
                                             of cabins / bivvy, chairs, cooker,
                                             showers, toilets, breakfast and
                                             dinner delivered to your swim. Trips
                                             are normally seven nights, however
                                             some two week trips are being
                                             organised during 2007/8. Flights
                                             leave from Luton 7am, so we are
                                             fishing by 2pm and return flights
                                             depart 8pm so we don't need to
                                             leave the lake until after lunch on
                                             day of departure. Flights cost
                                                   approx. £150 and include
                                                   allowance for a rod tube.
                                                          We can cater for groups
                                                               from 2-18 anglers.

                                                        ICE •


                                                                inc. tra
                                                                  food/b        /

    ‘At a Glance’
Lake Size: 85 acres
Max Anglers: 18
Depths: 6-100ft
Stock: Carpto 60lb+, but much bigger
Facilities: Toilets, showers, cabins,
restaurant & bar
Cost: £450 including transfers, food
and boat

  Lake Raduta, Romania

RADUTA was discovered in 1998 and it
shot to fame for the massive commons it
was producing. It held the world record for
both common (76lbs Erich Unger) and
mirror (82lbs Christian Baldermair) carp,
but in 2004 disaster struck. A large fish kill
hit the population quite badly and since
then few anglers have been over there to
see what is left.
However, they are now starting to return,
and this historic lake is now proving that
things are not as bad as were originally
thought. In fact the fish that have survived,
and there are an awful lot of them, are
piling on the weight so much so that the
fishing at Raduta can also now be
described as fairly easy. Raduta can now definitely be
described as prolific. The remaining fish have really
grown on, and a lot of the old original fish that
were separated from the main lake when
some of the bays were dammed off
have now returned home.
The lake is full of upper twenties
and thirties, and if you haven't
caught a 30lb common this must be the
best place in the world to do so. However,
it's the 40s and 50s that we are going there
for, and once again Raduta offers you probably the
best chance in the world of achieving your aim,
especially if you want a carp from a lake that has a lot
                                                                  ‘At a Glance’
of credibility.                                              Lake Size: 2500 acres
If you want a trip that offers the opportunity of some
awesome sport, some big fish, a good social scene and        Max Anglers: 18
also the chance of fishing on one of the most historic       Depths: Various
lakes in the world, then Raduta is for you.
                                                             Stock: Big head of Carp to 55lb+
Trips cost approximately £450 per week including
transfers and food. Flights cost approximately £325          From Airport: 1.5hrs airport transfer
and include a 50kg baggage allowance
                                                             Facilities: Showers, toilets, bar,
The lake itself is approximately 2500 acres but is not       accommodation
too daunting as it is split into river sections and larger
bays or open areas of water.                                 Cost: Approx £450 per week plus flights
A boat and echo sounder are essential pieces of kit on
this lake as there are some seriously snaggy areas that
are unforgiving should a carp get into them.

                                                                      Unichowo, Poland

                                            RI                Poland - Probably a destination that few

                                     E •P
                                                              have thought about with respect to Carp

                                        FROM                  Fishing, however with the country record of
                                        £375                  66lbs, there is plenty to think about!! Our

                                                  E           man on the ground there and his staff will
                                        • PR                  look after clients at two stunning venues,
                                                              both of which have produced fish over
                                                              25kgs but still have not had their real
                                                              potential unlocked. Fly in and our staff will
                                                              collect you and a truly unspoiled
                                                              experience awaits! We provide bivvies,
                                                              bedchairs, rods, airport transfers and
                                                              Trips start from as little as £375 per
                                                              person, including meals, airport transfers,
                                                                             use of showers / toilet
                                                                             facilities, tackle and English
                                                                             speaking guides. Flights to
                                                                             Gdansk are cheap with EasyJet
                                                                             but are not included in the
                                                                             price above.
                                                                             Let us know when you fancy
                                                                             going and we will organise it!!
                                                                                          Call 01708 438220
                                                                                                 for more Info.

    ‘At a Glance’
Lake Size: Various
Max Anglers: 12
Depths: 6-20 ft
Stock: Carp to 66lb+
From Airport : Gdansk airport
Facilities: Showers, toilets
Cost: £375 per person excluding

Most anglers will have never seen such a                                       RI

                                                                        E •P

diverse range of large fish in one place.

There are over 4000 fish and more than

20 different species to catch. Mekong
Catfish, giant Siamese Carp and Araipama                                             E
                                                                           • PR
await you!
Our helpful English speaking staff can
advise you of the special techniques and
baits required to catch each fish. After that
it’s up to you! Take a look at a few of our
fish and try to decide which one takes
your fancy.
Accommodation is in luxury fully
air-conditioned houseboats. All tackle
(except terminal bits) supplied, breakfast
and airport transfers also included.
Thailand has proved such a popular
destination that our second venue in Krabi
is opening in 2008. A 10 acre freshwater
lake with 16, two bedroom bungalow's,
restaurant, pub, English speaking guides.
We are taking bookings now!
£575 per angler,
£288 for each additional
£115 for non fishing
£800 for 2 adults/2
                                                      £575   Per Angler

                                                      £288   For Each Additional
                                                      £115   For non fishing
                                                      £800   For 2 adults/2 kids

                                                                                   St. Lawrence River, USA

                                                                            ST. LAWRENCE RIVER is a place where loads of
                                                                            fabulous commons to over 50lbs call home! Fast
                                                                            flowing currents, shore-line drop offs and swirling
                                                                            back-eddy’s characterise this North American River,
                                                                            swollen with massive carp. Imagine an island to
                                                                            yourself rimmed with high-action swims that will
                                                                            magically produce your PB. These waters are dotted
                                                                            with too many islands to count. This ultimate carp
                                                                            habitat produces colossal commons and redefines
                                                                            the term ‘carp fishing adventure’!
                                                                            A typical week is to arrive and depart on Tuesday's
                                                                            for easier travel. Your living quarters are clean and
                                                                            comfortable, each with it’s own bath and shower. All
                                                                            rooms are air-conditioned. Kitchens include a full
                                                                            stove, refrigerator, colour TV. and microwave. There is
                                                                            also toasters, dishes, pots/pans, utensils, tea/coffee
                                                                            pots, alarm clocks, linens and towels. The
                                                                            accommodation is based on a two person
                                                                            occupancy.There is safe storage for your personal
                                                                            belongings and separate room keys. Your rooms have
                                                                            a spectacular view of the St. Lawrence River, only a
                                                                            two minute walk away from the carp-infested river.
                                                                            Relax in the evening with breathtaking sunsets and a
                                                                                       gentle breeze. Hospitality has been the
                                                                                       American way of life for many years! You
                                                                                       will experience some of the best fishing in
                                                                                       the world, but expect to be spoiled a little
                                                                                       as well!
Package 1 - Full Board
£540 Per Week £850 2 Weeks
Package Includes: Pickup and return to airport. Fully Equipped
Kitchenettes, spacious and clean. All meals - Breakfast on site,
packaged shore lunch and a home-cooked evening meal.
Licensed Guide to and from desired swims. Daily maize
allocation. Tackle hire available for this package (£26 per angler).

Package 2 - Self Catered
£195 Per Week £335 2 Weeks
Package Includes: Fully equipped kitchenettes, spacious and
clean. Food Delivery Service Available. Complete tackle hire
available for this package (£26 per angler). Daily maize
allocation. Free Pickup from Cornwall Train (Canada) can be
arranged if you book your flight into Montreal (Dorval) or
Toronto Canada. A flight into Ottawa Canada would require an
additional charge of £52 based on availability on Transport Van.
Car Rentals Available On Site

*Prices may vary slightly depending on US$ exchange rate..
••Season runs from May 1st to October 31st.
Bait Bait Bait Bait Bait Bait
 ssex Angling can deliver fresh to your door any bait from the leading UK bait manufacturers. We can
 lso offer advice on quantities / preferred bait for your holiday destination. Here are a few examples.
Mainline      14mm or 18mm Frozen                            Nutrabaits   15 or 20mm
                                     5kg            10kg                                5kg          10kg
                                                             3D                        £59.95       £119.90
 ulse                              £55.00          £99.99    Trigga                    £59.95       £119.90
 ro-Activ Pineapple                £55.00          £99.99    Trigga ice                £59.95       £119.90
 usion                             £55.00          £99.99    Big Fish Mix &
  ssasin 8                         £52.50          £89.99    Cranberry                 £59.95       £119.90
Maple 8                            £52.50          £94.99    BFM/Ever-vite
                                                             Combo & Wonderfruit       £59.95       £119.90
  RG                               £52.50          £94.99    Four Seasons Mix Banana
  range                            £52.50          £89.99    Cream & Black Pepper      £59.95      £119.90
  ctiv 8                           £52.50          £89.99    Trigga Pellets            20kg - £69.00
 esponse pellets to suit all the above £19.99 per 5kg bag.   Total hemp Pellets        20kg - £69.00
  emp pellets £18.99 per 5kg bucket.                         CSL Pellets               20kg - £69.00

                                                             Dynamite     Prepared Particles
Nash    15mm or 20mm Frozen                                                          2.5kg jars
                             4kg           8kg               Hempseed                   £6.99
                                                             Mixed Particles            £6.99
Monster Pursuit Plus        £39.90       £79.80              Jumbo Tigers               £9.99
 copex Squid Plus           £39.90       £79.80              Mini Tigers                £9.99
 angee Peach Plus           £39.90       £79.80              Chopped Tigers             £9.99
Maple Squid Plus            £39.90       £79.80              Maize                      £6.99
 ormula One Plus            £39.90       £79.80              Lupins                     £6.99
                                                             Tares                      £6.99
 ebastian Specials          £39.90       £79.80              Maple Peas                 £6.99
Whisky                      £39.90       £79.80
Monster carp pellets to suit all the above £2.48             Dynamite Pellets                         20kg
 er kilo.                                                    Marine Halibut Pellets                  £60.00
                                                             Swimstim Natural Pellets                £60.00
                                                             Swimstim Amino Black Pellets            £60.00
 olar  18mm or 14mm Frozen                                   Swimstim Betaine Green Pellets          £60.00
                              5kg          10kg
 YT                          £52.50      £105.00             Dynamite Boilies          5kg           10kg
                                                             Source                    £44.75        £89.50
 lub Mix                     £52.50       £105.00            Tiger Nut                 £44.75        £89.50
 ed Herring                  £52.50       £105.00            Marine Halibut            £44.74        £89.50
op Banana                    £52.50       £105.00            Spicy Chicken             £50.00        £100.00
Winter Secret                £52.50       £105.00            Meaty Marine              £44.74        £89.50
 runch pellets to suit all the above £4.95 per kilo.
                                                                                                5kg      10kg
                                                             Squid & Octopus Fishmeal           £39.99   £79.98
Heathrow Bait Services             14mm or 24mm              Strawberry & Ice Cream Birdfood    £39.99   £79.98
                                                             Pineapple Plus Birdfood            £39.99   £79.98
                                  5kg        10kg            Monster Crab Fishmeal              £39.99   £79.98
 ed Indians                      £52.50     £105.00          Spicy Shrimp & Prawn Fishmeal      £39.99   £79.98
 yster Cranberry                 £52.50     £105.00          Scopex Birdfood                    £39.99   £79.98
M & Ms                           £52.50     £105.00
 ed Nut                          £52.50     £105.00
 ut Mix                          £52.50     £105.00
 wesome                          £52.50     £105.00
ndian Spice Pellets              £15.00
 arp Pellets                     £10.00
 etaine Pellets                  £10.00
   Want to Live
         the Dream???

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with one
of the largest lake and property agents in France and
now act on their behalf offering UK clients an extensive
range of properties with lakes and lakes throughout
France. We also offer lake management advice, legal
information including all purchase formalities, stocking,
staffing, bookings, bi-lingual consultancy services, water
quality testing, health checks, landscaping, marketing
advice, equipment advice and rental, excavation equipment
with English speaking staff, swim construction, boreholes,
cabins and much more.

We have an extensive portfolio of venues, with or without property,from modest
budgets to complexes in excess of 2 million Euros. We also offer existing
commercial venues that may well be of interest to those looking for an
established up and running operation. If you let us know your budget we can
also put you on our ‘Priority Alert’ system that means you get contacted
immediately a suitable venue comes onto the market in your price range.

We’ll take the hassle out of buying a lake in France!!
                   Serious customers are invited to call on 07810 872473
                    and speak directly with us for free and impartial advice.
                                ESSEX ANGLING LEISURE LTD
                                    5 Broadway Parade, Elm Park Avenue,
                                    Elm Park, Hornchurch, Essex RM12 4RS
                                      Tel: 01708 438220 / 07810 872473
                                              Fax: 01708 705800

                                                   BOOK AN

    Essex Angling Leisure Ltd is officially a Speed Ferries tour operator.

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