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									                              SIM PHILLY DIGEST
                              2009 Digest Number 4

      TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2009 - 3:30 p.m.
      The Union League of Philadelphia, 140 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia
      Parking/Directions at:

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      3:30 PM Technology Session – “Agile and What It Can Mean for You” –
              Joe Weitzman, Senior Director, Application Development,
              CIGNA; Jared Rakes, Managing Director, LiquidHub

      5:00 PM   Cocktails, Networking

      6:00 PM   Evening Session – “Stop Aligning IT with the Business” – Bob Evans, Senior
                Vice President and Director, Information Week, Global CIO Business Unit

      7:15 PM   Dinner

Evening Speaker:
                  “Stop Aligning IT with the Business”
                Bob Evans, Senior Vice President and Director
                 InformationWeek's Global CIO Business Unit

Thought provoking discussion . . .

Have you ever heard anyone argue successfully that IT should be out of alignment
with the business? Have you ever heard anyone make a compelling case that IT
should be at cross-purposes with the company's strategic mission? So why do we
keep resurfacing, year after year and decade after decade, the tired old bromide
about how "the CIO's job is to align IT with the business"? I mean, have we found
it necessary to repeat ad nauseum through the centuries that the CFO's job is to
align financial reporting with the business? So why do CIO's put up with this?
"Aligning IT with the business" is a broken-down cliché that deserves to be
scrapped for many reasons, with these two being the primary ones: first of all, the
very statement itself quite explicitly says that IT is not part of the business, and
that's a terrible position for a CIO to take. And second, while that phrase might
have had some equity 15 or maybe even 10 years ago, the world today is a very
different place, and the alignment imperative has shifted to this: The CIO's job is to
align IT with the customers.

About Our Speaker:

Bob Evans is Senior Vice President and Director of InformationWeek's Global CIO
business unit, which he has been leading since its launch at the beginning of 2009.
Evans jumped at the chance to lead the transformational Global CIO brand, which
enhances and extends InformationWeek's strategic focus on rapidly evolving and
increasingly vital role of the CIO in today's high-volume, high-velocity global
economy. Before that, he was TechWeb's SVP and content director, with
responsibility for content strategy across TechWeb's online, print, and live-event
brands. Prior to taking on that company-wide role, Evans was Editor-in-Chief of
InformationWeek during its years of massive growth, and later began weaving
together the InformationWeek and TechWeb content teams and properties as
editorial director. Evans is an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University, has
won a number of awards in the business-technology market, and speaks frequently
at technology and business events and at universities. You can access his Global
CIO columns at

Technology Session:
                     "Agile and What It Can Mean For You”
   Joe Weitzman, Senior Director, Application Development, CIGNA; Jared
                  Rakes, Managing Director, LiquidHub

We have two excellent speakers that will address the questions that you have on Agile. We have
Joe Weitzman, who is a Senior Director at Cigna, who has used Agile for his development, and
Jared Rakes, who is a Managing Director at LiquidHub. He is also the founder of the Greater
Philadelphia Area Chapter of the Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN), and he can answer all
your questions on Agile. Some of the areas they will be addressing:

    ● Key issues for execs to understand when undertaking Agile development
    ● Measuring Agile's overall impact on your business
    ● The promise of doing more with less, and the "gives" to get that result.

About Our Speakers:

Joe Weitzman, Senior Director, Application Development, CIGNA

Since April, 2009, Joe Weitzman has led the Intracorp IT organization. Joe is responsible for the
delivery of all IT applications and services required to support the Intracorp business. Joe has
over 25 years of IT experience, including extensive experience in application development and IT
Architecture planning.

Prior to Joe’s appointment in Intracorp, he was responsible for all application development for
CIGNA Group Insurance. Joe joined CIGNA in 2000, and previously headed up Technical
Services supporting Group Insurance and Corporate business functions. Joe has worked in
information technology since 1982, beginning as an application developer. Prior to CIGNA, Joe
headed up the Technical Architecture function at Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia. Joe
received a B.A. in International Relations from Saint Joseph’s University.

Jared Rakes, Managing Director, LiquidHub

Jared Rakes is a Managing Director in LiquidHub’s Management Consulting
Practice, where he runs their Project Management and Governance COE.

Jared has extensive experience creating customized project management
frameworks and re-engineering SDLCs and other processes for clients in financial
services, pharmaceutical, and non-profit organizations. He teaches classes on
project management, including preparatory courses for the Project Management
Institute’s PMP certification, as well as classes on Agile software development
methods. He is the founder of the Greater Philadelphia Area Chapter of the Agile
Project Leadership Network (APLN). Jared is a Certified Project Management
Professional (PMP), as well as a certified ScrumMaster Practitioner. Jared holds a
B.A. from Ursinus College and an M.A from the Ohio State University.
How to Register for the Meeting:

The fee for cocktails and dinner is $75.00 for guests, $60.00 for academic
members, members in transition, RLF members and retired members. Corporate
members' dinner fees were included with the 2009 membership dues. Register
online at and pay by credit card. You can
also pay by check by registering online and mailing your dinner fee to SIM
Philadelphia, c/o Patricia A. Brown, 240 Center Point Lane, Lansdale, PA 19446

Reservations will be accepted up to the close of business on Friday, October 2,
2009. Please make your reservations promptly so that we may have an accurate
count. Appropriate business attire is required, and the Union League has a dress
code which is posted at

Please advise if you have any special dietary restrictions or requests.


       2009 Chapter Meetings:
       October 6, December 1
       2010 Chapter Meetings:
       February 2, April 6, June 1, October 5, December 7


       The Chapter Welcomes Our New Members

       David Steinberg, Senior Vice President

       Angelo Valletta, Senior Vice President and CIO
       Sun National Bank

       Stephen J. Haindl, Vice President IT

       David Armstrong, Director of Technology and Network Operations
       PEI Genesis

       David Saggiamo, Senior Director
       Shire Pharmaceuticals

Check out the terrific 2009 Teen Tech Camp at Thanks to all
of our SIM members and sponsors who contributed to this worthwhile and fun annual event.
Special thanks goes to our own John Connolly and his team at InspiriTech who once again
managed, organized and planned a special time for some special campers.


Nominate your candidate for the 2009 SIM Leadership Award at

Do you know we have a SIM LinkedIn Group? If you’re not LinkedIn yet, go to and join the SIM-Philadelphia Chapter group.

The Fairfield/Westchester Chapter is hosting The CIO Executive Leadership
Summit on October 27, 2009 at the Stamford Plaza Hotel and Conference
Center. The theme is “The Transformational Leader - Transforming IT into a
Highly Valued Business Partner.” For more information or to register, go to:

NJ SIM CIO Technology Exchange & Charity Golf Outing
October 5th, 2009

Please join us on October 5, 2009 for this year’s SIM NJ CIO Technology
Exchange and Charity Golf Outing at Neshanic Valley Golf Course. This unique
all-day event combines the best of networking, information exchange and fun, as
well as an opportunity to support the NJ SIM Foundation and Scholarship
programs. Last year in addition to great golf, networking and great sponsor
interaction, we raised over $40,000 for the NJ SIM Technology Enablement
Foundation which provides among other services, a local Educational
Scholarship Program. Last year, in addition to supporting the Foundation, we
gave away thousands of dollars in prizes, and we anticipate 2009 to be even
bigger and better!
This event is free for SIM NJ members and SIM Practitioners outside the NJ
Chapter. Hold your reservation by paying a $100 deposit. Deposits will be
refunded when you sign-in at the outing at registration. Note: Registration closes
at 10AM, after that no deposit refunds will be issued. For information on guests,
sponsorships, and vendor’s participation, please see the website.
If you are interested in registering for this event now, please send your full
contact information via email to Karen Kostulas (

Please join in the SIM NJ Golf Group on LinkedIn. We have also included a
Subgroup where we will be posting information about our Corporate Sponsors for
our members to review.

Are you being interviewed by a reporter? Posting info onto a Blog or other
industry website? Be sure to mention SIM and things like Teen Tech Camp the
next time to help keep us in the news.


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          As the number of members within the Chapter expands along with the number of
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