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                                        Fleets Recognized
Increased use of alternative fuels, significant monies saved through higher fleet utilization,
and reduced turnaround times are why these fleets are considered the 100 Best.

                                                                                                    ON-ROAD         OFF-ROAD          MAINT.
 RANK                  ORGANIZATION                                   CONTACT                                                                         FUEL OPS.           FLEET BUDGET
                                                                                                     UNITS            UNITS          FACILITIES

     1                    TROY, MI                           Samuel Lamerato, CPFP                     400              100               2                ✔                $7 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Continue to grow in-sourcing program with eight communities now participating; continue to run utilization studies and reduce the number of
underutilized fleet vehicles, thus reducing costs; and received two energy grants for use to change the lighting at the DPW facility to energy-efficient lighting, as well as offset
the cost of hybrid vehicles.
     2                 PORTLAND, OR                              John Hunt, CPFP                      2,427             400               7                ✔               $20 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: A high-trust and performance-driven culture led to enhanced business partnerships, fleet analysis, inventory management, innovation, and reduced overall
budget by $3.2 million; right-sizing reduced fleet by 146 units, saving $3 million and reduced overtime 64 percent; lead for $2.4 million EPA Grant; and increased Motor Pool revenue 25
percent and shop productivity by 9 percent.
     3               POLK COUNTY, FL                         Bob Stanton, CPFP, CPM                   2,100             335               12               ✔              $4.9 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Reduced overall fuel consumption by 11 percent; pioneered merger/consolidation of two City fleets into fleet management; and implemented long-term
vehicle purchase program, saving millions in operating and administration costs.
     4                  OXNARD, CA                                Dan Berlenbach                       824              118               3                ✔               $7.8 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Partnership with local college paid big dividends; custom developed classes for fleet technicians, taught by expert college instructors and tailored to fleet
services’ needs reduced training costs by 62 percent; completely overhauled safety program; established hearing conservation program; developed hazardous communications and spill
prevention plans and injury and illness prevention program; rewrote safety standard operating procedures (SOPs) and full job hazard analysis; enhanced technician safety while ensuring
100-percent OSHA compliance; reduced downtime and costs associated with PM; closed-loop, automated oil fill/drain system reduced oil change time by 50 percent; and extended-life filter
conversion on 600-plus vehicles saved $145,000 in labor costs and 6,000 gallons of oil annually.
     5                  DENVER, CO                                    Ernie Ivy                       1,389             198               7                ✔              $22.9 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Earned Public Works Safety award for 2009 for most improved safety program in department history; designed state-of-the-art fleet facility incorporating
employee’s ideas for streamlining operations and enhancing customer service; and achieved a 95-percent excellency rating in customer service and satisfaction.
     6               FAYETTEVILLE, AR                              Dennis Pratt                        322              163               1                ✔               $6.6 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: New recap tire contract saved 13.6 percent of the tire budget; instituted sample-driven oil changes and extended oil service with Micro Green filter, saving
26.7 percent of oil budget; and instituted police e-mail repair request system that sends requests directly to technician e-mail sites which allows tracking and reduces paper use.
     7                CULVER CITY, CA                              Paul Condran                        530              25                1                ✔               $7.5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Awarded No. 1 NAFA Fleet Management Association Sustainability Award for heavy-duty fleets in 2010; awarded No. 1 Best Green Fleet in North America
in 2009; and fleet manager was a finalist for Government Fleet Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year in 2009.
     8             FORT LAUDERDALE, FL                             Ken Kalen, PE                      1,300             250               1                ✔              $14.4 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Saved $10.8 million in FY 09/10 budget and general fund due to refinement of lifecycle extension program, increasingly aggressive utilization studies,
and auction cost savings ($2.5 million increase over FY 08/09 budget savings); purchased vehicles and equipment to replace aging fire dept. units which resulted in decreased downtime,
increased combat fleet availability, significant operation and maintenance cost savings, increased reserve unit availability, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and increased fuel savings; and
secured competitively bid contract with local vendor for police warning lights and equipment, saving $1,100 per marked police unit over Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) contract, resulting
in a total savings of $131,600 in first two years of use.
     9             MANATEE COUNTY, FL                         Michael Brennan, CEM                     992              348               3                ✔               $9.4 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Completed second biennial lifecycle analysis, reducing capital expenditure by more than $1 million in 2009; renegotiated extended equipment contracts with
vendors which streamlined replacement cycles and saved more than $118,000; and completed construction and commenced operations in new $2.5 million facility, dedicated to utilities
infrastructure operations.
     10                  MOLINE, IL                         J.D. Schulte, CAFM, CPFP                   182              198               1                ✔               $3.5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Secured $190,200 in U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grants to purchase nine hybrid vehicles; installed LED lighting at fuel island with U.S. DOE grant funds,
reducing energy costs by 84 percent; in-sourcing work from Dept. of Defense and became a GSA contract provider for federal government; and lowered labor rate by $5 per hour.

20        Government Fleet             July/August 2010
                                                                                                  ON-ROAD         OFF-ROAD         MAINT.
 RANK                   ORGANIZATION                                   CONTACT                                                                     FUEL OPS.          FLEET BUDGET
                                                                                                   UNITS            UNITS         FACILITIES

  11                    SAN DIEGO, CA                             John Alley, CAFM                  3,759            302               14               ✔              $90 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Reduced fleet by 300-plus underutilized vehicles, saving $11.5 million; saved $3.5 million through business process reeingineering effort; and exceeded fleet
availability industry standards for Priority 1 vehicles.
  12          SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, CA                    Roger Weaver, CAFM, CPFP, CPM            3,000            500               6                ✔              $26 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Established reporting requirements for all employees with feedback that drives accountability, continuous improvement, and client-focused environment;
implemented online user interface tools that include a dashboard and work order review portal, which provide users with continuous feedback of performance and cost, plus the status of
work currently being performed; and solicited external customers to improve overhead distribution, decreasing cost per work unit and increasing competitiveness, current in-source revenue
exceeds $1.5 million annually.
  13               SARASOTA COUNTY, FL                            Greg Morris, CEM                   788             355               3                ✔              $17 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Installed two above-ground fuel tanks, replaced two in-ground fuel tanks increasing gasoline capacity from 48,000 gallons to 54,000 gallons and diesel
from 48,000 gallons to 84,000 gallons; greening fleet with four plug-in Toyota Prius models and two hybrid bucket trucks; and painted maintenance floors and installed canopies on
maintenance facilities to provide cover for technicians making repairs.
                 LAS VEGAS VALLEY WATER
  14                                                              James Morwood                      639             600               6                ✔              $5.4 Million
                       DISTRICT, NV

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Changed from five-day work week to four-day work week, saving estimated 5 percent in fuel and building costs; extended service intervals on light-duty
vehicles from 3,000 miles to 5,000 miles, saving estimated 25 percent in PM costs; and started program to recycle light-duty service bodies, saving an estimated $100,000 annually.
  15                   FORT WORTH, TX                               Wayne Corum                     3,026            365               4                ✔             $25.7 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Reduced take-home vehicle privileges on 142 units, saving around $500,000 in annual operating costs; created first national fuel contract with guaranteed
annual savings of $25,000 and potential savings of more than $100,000 per year; and reduced fleet by 3 percent, creating an annual savings of $142,000 and gaining one-time revenue of
  16                    COLUMBUS, OH                                 Kelly Reagan                   3,100           3,000              4                ✔              $33 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Decreased operating costs by almost $1 million by reducing supplier services, purchasing aftermarket parts, and enhancing training on the floor; increased
sales proceeds by $600,000 by moving to online auction process, increasing proceeds on most equipment by as much as 50-60 percent per unit; and reduced fuel consumption by 3 percent
(or more than 100,000 gallons of fuel) by reducing fleet size through right-sizing and increasing biodiesel use (over 70 percent of all diesel consumed is biodiesel).
  17                     VIRGINIA DOT                           Erle Potter, PE, CEM                5,217           2,291              37               ✔              $82 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Despite 16-percent staff reduction, closing half of VDOT shops, and a significant increase in winter weather, fleet maintained an availability rate of 92
percent, accomplished 92 percent of work within standards, and performed 96 percent of scheduled PMs on time; reduced workload by reducing size of fleet by 8 percent (14 percent over
three years) through improved utilization management; and expanded capabilities and use of vehicle diagnostic laptops, with plans for added equipment diagnostic software, enhanced
wireless connectivity, software updates via the Internet, and telemetric uploads to M5 in near future.
  18                    CONCORD, NC                            Daniel Nuckolls, CAFM                 707             324               1                ✔              $2.6 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Lowest cost-per-vehicle equivalent unit among 15 cities in N.C. benchmarking program; maintain 98-percent vehicle availability rate; and 30-percent
increase in value on sales of surplus vehicles by switching to online auctions.
  19                      FRESNO, CA                              Jim Schaad, CPFP                  1,700            300               3                ✔              $30 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Largest clean-air fleet in central California; in-sourced significant services; aggressively pursued alternative parts suppliers for improved turnaround and cost
savings; and increased employee involvement through rewards and recognition program.
  20              PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL                      Douglas Weichman, CAFM                 2,104           2,149              3                ✔             $46.5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Created rating system to help fleet and customers make tough decisions related to stretching replacement cycles; eliminated 250 underutilized vehicles/
equipment along with stretching replacement cycles, resulting in fleet giving back $7 million from vehicle replacement fund to County general fund; seventh consecutive year being ASE
Blue Seal facility; and six members of management team have achieved CAFM designations.

                                    THE FOLLOWING FLEETS, LISTED ALPHABETICALLY,
                                                                                                  ON-ROAD         OFF-ROAD         MAINT.
                  ORGANIZATION                                         CONTACT                                                                     FUEL OPS.          FLEET BUDGET
                                                                                                   UNITS            UNITS         FACILITIES

             ALACHUA COUNTY, FL                                   Ray Griffin, CPM                   292             406               2                ✔              $5.2 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Team-based self-directed work teams for more than 10 years on skill-based pay system; 5-5-5 reduction plan reduced fleet by 9 vehicles; 7,575 gallons of
fuel reduced in first year; and customer service satisfaction rating of 99 percent.
             ALAMEDA COUNTY, CA                                       Doug Bond                     1,093              0               3                ✔              $9.6 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Upgraded to FASTER fleet management software; installed wireless Internet access in shop and provided technicians with laptops; and launched Bay Area
EV Corridor project with other local agencies to bring electric vehicles to the Bay Area.

                                                                                                                             Government Fleet                July/August 2010           21
10 0 Best Flee t s

                                                                                                   ON-ROAD         OFF-ROAD          MAINT.
                 ORGANIZATION                                         CONTACT                                                                        FUEL OPS.          FLEET BUDGET
                                                                                                    UNITS            UNITS          FACILITIES

           ALLEGHENY COUNTY, PA                                      Bob Gilner                       740              500               7                ✔                  $6 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Kept all of Allegheny’s roads clear during one of the worst snow seasons in many years.

            ARAPAHOE COUNTY, CO                                  Donald Carson, CEM                   709              145               2                ✔                  $1 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Approved engine idling policy, which includes employee education; created idea of a “fleet fair” to educate employees on idling policy; in
first phase of a five-year plan to institute a keyless fueling site utilizing radio frequency (RF) technology; and fleet records a minimal number of “comebacks” with a current
satisfaction rating of 95.6 percent.
                 ARIZONA DOT                                        William Kohn                     2,379            1,042             23                ✔             $28.3 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Eighty-nine of 115 technicians hold one or more ASE certifications (together all technicians hold 1,231 core certifications); 12 shops recognized as Blue Seal
shops; equipment services only had four lost days due to work-related injuries, equating to 32 hours of the 276,654 logged hours; on-the-job safety improved for six consecutive years;
and each shop operates with a best management practices (BMP) manual and are inspected throughout the year and compete with other shops to be recognized as the ADOT Top Green
            AUGUSTA COUNTY, GA                                      Ron Crowden                      1,149             129               4                ✔              $9.3 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Decreased fuel consumption by more than 25,000 gallons with implementation if GPS tracking devices on vehicles; reduced repair labor costs by $83,258
and decreased sublet costs by improved training, diagnostics, and QA program; and increased monthly meetings and improved communications between maintenance management and
department heads resulting in a 15-percent increase in meeting PM scheduling.
                    BOISE, ID                                     Craig Croner, CPFP                  883              369               5                ✔              $2.5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Outsourced parts management to NAPA/IBS, sold existing inventory to contractor for $65,000; increased shop efficiencies by 8 percent; conducted
comprehensive city-wide fleet utilization study that reduced capital expenditures by $200,000; and coordinated with fire to eliminate seasonal studded tire use, saving $40,000 annually.
     BROWARD COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE, FL                             Scott Barnett                    3,400              10               2                ✔                  $6 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Realigned operating costs (saving 18 percent), vehicle purchases (saving 5 percent), and fuel purchases (saving 5 percent).

              CECIL COUNTY, MD                                     Craig Whiteford                    330               58               1                ✔              $1.3 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Increased fleet availability to 98.2 percent; increased GREENCARD participation to 81-percent return rate; revised County take-home vehicle policy, reducing
non-essential units; and achieved ASE Blue Seal certification.
               CEDAR RAPIDS, IA                                  Dennis Hogan, CAFM                   850              250               2                ✔              $6.6 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Repair parts procurement contract reduced invoice payment and processing time by 75-80 percent; data driven monthly chargeback or rental program rate
calculator utilized; and improved mechanic productivity by 35-40 percent.
                CHESAPEAKE, VA                             George Hrichak, CEM, CPFP                 1,400              56               1                ✔              $9.2 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Achieved ASE Blue Seal two years in a row with 92 percent of technicians ASE certified; reduced commercial repair costs by 13 percent ($87,000) by focusing
on advanced technician training; and reduced vehicle turn-around time by 12 percent by focusing on business processes.
              CITRUS COUNTY, FL                                   Michael Webster                     400              172               1                ✔              $1.3 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Reduced asset replacement costs by $707,000 from fleet reduction and equipment refurbishing in lieu of replacing with new units; reduced inventory cost by
more than 45 percent versus last year from changing parts suppliers and using retread tires; and opened new fuel-site facility with 25-percent capacity for biodiesel use.
              COLLIER COUNTY, FL                                      Dan Croft                       751              814               4                ✔              $10.4 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Reduced fleet size by 61 vehicles with one time replacement savings of $1.4 million and $200,000 savings in annual operating costs; extended and revamped
major PM services for small vehicles with annual estimated savings of $120,000; and extended small vehicle replacement cycles with annual estimated cost savings of $300,000.
                   COLORADO                                           Art Hale                       5,800             500               4                ✔                  $30 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Greening Government, State Green Fleet, and National Sustainable Green Fleet Award (NAFA); achieved year-to-date 15-percent petroleum use reduction
(target of 25-percent reduction by June 2012); and established a large network of partnerships, private and public, to collaborate petroleum reduction strategies.
           COLORADO SPRINGS, CO                                     Tom Monarco                      3,000            1,450              9                ✔              $19.5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Implemented lease purchase program for purchasing 150 police cruisers over a three-year period; reorganized fleet operation to compensate for losing 14
percent of workforce with no reduction in customer service; and used fuel futures to purchase fuel and realized nearly $1.4 million in savings.
                  CONROE, TX                                     Thomas Higgs, ACFM                   232              183               1                ✔              $1.2 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Implemented 3 annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, producing a result of 96-percent satisfied; switched to use of purchasing credit card, resulting in an

estimated direct dollar savings of $25,000; and achieved a 90-percent downtime rating for less than 24 hours.
         CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, CA                                     Rick Ranger                     1,156              79               1                ✔              $2.5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Increased hybrid fleet by 30 units in budget-year 2009-2010 for total of 140 hybrid and 52 CNG vehicles; Wi-Fi in shop to look up info with Ford Oasis (now
80-percent Ford fleet); and replacing 25-year-old alignment machine with new Hunter unit.
                  CORONA, CA                                        Steve Szueber                     471               28               1                ✔              $4.2 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Qualified for ASE Blue Seal of excellence for past three years (all fleet service technicians hold ASE Master certifications); technical staff has online access
to Chrysler and Ford factory OEM diagnostic tools, technical information, and training; qualified Chrysler certified warranty center; operates and maintains on-site CNG compression plant
and dispensers; and offers community around-the-clock source for CNG fuel.

24     Government Fleet                July/August 2010
                                                                                                      ON-ROAD         OFF-ROAD         MAINT.
                 ORGANIZATION                                          CONTACT                                                                         FUEL OPS.           FLEET BUDGET
                                                                                                       UNITS            UNITS         FACILITIES

                   DELAWARE                                        Terry Barton Jr.                     2,433              0               0                ✔              $14.8 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Acquired AVL/GPS provider allowing 23.3-percent reduction in state vehicles and automated vehicle inspections; automated weekly driver’s license
verifications; and instituted online self-reservation system, allowing for a 30-percent reduction in reservation staff.
                   DENTON, TX                                         Mike Ellis                         830              250              1                ✔              $10.8 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Increased purchase of hybrid and alternative-fuel vehicles to more than 33 percent of all replacements for 2009; secured $725,000 in grant
funding for alternative-fuel infrastructure and hybrid vehicle purchases; and negotiated parts warehouse management contract with restructured costs and performance
penalties, saving $36,000 annually.
                  DURHAM, NC                                          Kent Cash                         1,350             500              3                ✔              $3.8 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: High PM compliance, exceeding expectations over past two years at 100-percent compliance; responsibility for total fleet replacement occurred in 2006,
allowing standardization of fleet where possible — first three years replaced approximately $27 million, allowing the placement of a larger number of clean diesel vehicles on the road;
fleet was selected as the 34th Green Fleet in 2009.
               EAGLE COUNTY, CO                                     Gusty Kanakis                        350              150              4                ✔              $6.7 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Downsized light-duty fleet; using FASTER software’s 15-point replacement program; and setting time standards on repair types.

                   EUGENE, OR                                       Tony Jobanek                         668              413              1                ✔              $4.4 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Reduced overall fuel use by 3 percent and total fleet count by 3.5 percent; reduced fuel consumption by 125,000 gallon over previous year; established
seasonal use motor pool and central motor pool with associated cost models for City departments, resulting in overall savings; and established interactive Web site for customers, which
includes individual vehicle data, motor pool reservation system, online policy manual, and customer feedback capabilities.
                  FAIRFIELD, CA                                David Renschler, CPFP                     218              83               1                ✔              $4.6 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Saved $65,000 by extending light-duty vehicle inspection intervals; reduced training costs, overhead, and procurement costs by standardizing vehicle
replacements; and reduced diesel fuel consumption by 50,000 gallons from previous year.
            FERNANDINA BEACH, FL                                  Jeremiah Glisson                       130              105              2                ✔                $865,000

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Improved surplus program and increased surplus revenue by 500 percent from previous methods; implemented biannual recycle/community cleanup event;
and was selected one of the 100 Best Fleets in 2009.
                  FLORIDA DOT                                      Timothy Smiley                        180              21               1                ✔              $3.9 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Improved shop turn-around time by 15 percent; improved PM turn-around time by 20 percent; and reduced shop inventory by 40 percent.

                FORT MYERS, FL                                     Kenneth Sibely                        585              96               1                ✔              $5.7 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Maintained 98 percent fleet availability up-time with 30-percent reduction in staff from previous year; reduced fuel use in 2009 by 69,000 gallons due to
purchases of several clean-diesel vehicles which increased vehicle fuel efficiency; and implemented and consolidated a city-wide fuel management system.
                 GLENDALE, AZ                                       David Harvey                        1,148             213              1                ✔              $10.5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Fleet cost reductions have been an ongoing effort to improve PM compliance rates, increased quality control program, and enhance technician training;
identified numerous underutilized vehicles in fleet, first 20 vehicles turned in were used to create two motor pools — in past two years fleet has been reduced by 100 vehicles; and increased
selectivity of vehicle replacements to improve fuel economy — over five-year period resulted in 6-percent increase in fleet miles driven and 3.5-percent reduction in gallons of fuel used.
                 GOODYEAR, AZ                                      Richard Sweepe                        331              36               1                ✔                $2 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Received Police Chief’s award of Excellence in Recognition of Professional Excellence; gained city manager support and set utilization rates for all vehicles;
set criteria for minimum use on all vehicle classes, resulting in 50 vehicles removed and sold at auction; and applied and received grant for the cost of constructing an E-85 fueling station,
successfully implemented E-85 use policies, and utilized 50,000 gallons of E-85 since site went online.
                   FT. RILEY, KS                                   Michael Powell                       1,600              0               1                ✔                $777,132

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Being selected as one of the 100 Best Fleets in 2009; vehicles going green through new purchases; and improved operating costs by keeping
maintenance and repairs low.
            HARFORD COUNTY, MD                                     Warren Patrick                       1,015             123              2               N/A                  N/A

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Reduced take-home vehicle fleet by 100 vehicles, resulting in net savings of $300,000 in vehicle operating costs and reduced fuel use by 52,000 gallons;
increased revenue for vehicle sales through utilization of different venues; and 12-hour turnaround availability over 12-month period was 98.7 percent.
             HAZLET TOWNSHIP, NJ                                David Rooke, CPWM                        104               9               1                ✔                $412,874

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Increased shared services by aiding neighboring towns with repair diagnosis; continued search to increase repair part cost savings; and acquired new training
access for more in-house diagnostics and repair.
                 INDIANAPOLIS                                       John Williams                       3,916             917              3                ✔               $25 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Absorbed nearly 80 pieces of light- and heavy-duty fire equipment without increased number of full-time employees; granted authority to make
all vehicle purchases for the public safety (police and fire) and public vehicles as well as manage the acquisition process for those agencies; and increased green fleet count by
89 vehicles, or 2.25 percent.

                                                                                                                                Government Fleet                 July/August 2010            25
10 0 Best Flee t s

                                                                                                 ON-ROAD         OFF-ROAD          MAINT.
                 ORGANIZATION                                         CONTACT                                                                    FUEL OPS.         FLEET BUDGET
                                                                                                  UNITS            UNITS          FACILITIES

                   IRVING, TX                                      Ramiro Lopez                     857              99                 3             ✔             $7.2 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Encouraged creativity through training, seminars, or workshops sponsored by the City; technicians are encouraged to acquired ASE certifications
or other industry recognized training and certifications; City reimburses college tuition costs; management utilizes Lean Six Sigma methodologies to promote efficiencies
throughout the City — through these initiatives, all employees can provide input, receive feedback, and assist in restructuring processes and procedures to enhance internal and
external customer service; and City and fleet services efforts were recognized in 2009 when the City received the Texas Quality Award — the only local government to achieve
that distinction.
        JOINT BASE LEWIS McCHORD, WA                                 Jeff Iafrati                   500            3,500                8             ✔              $18 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Lowered costs by implementing custom-built FMIS based on federal maintenance standards; improved quality control / ISO program — the ability to record
and store systemic information that provides percentage defect levels by means of weight measurement and graphs; and continue to employ persons with disabilities.
                   KENTUCKY                                        Forrest Banta                   4,649              0                 1             ✔              $30 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: “How’s My Driving” program lowered at-fault accident rate by 34 percent, saving more than $150,000 in the program’s first year; Smart Government
Initiatives committee instituted, where all aspects of vehicles (from contracts to best maintenance practices) have been reviewed; and the installation of 262 GPS units in motor pool
vehicles, which resulted in a 1.5 mpg increase in fuel economy per vehicle.
               KING COUNTY, WA                                   Jennifer Lindwall                 1,678            581                 2             ✔             $32.5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Awarded more than $500,000 in grants to purchase advanced technology vehicles that will save approximately 32,725 gallons of fuel annually
and install EV charging stations; in collaboration with Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition and eTec to install additional charging stations; implemented vehicle utilization policy
resulting in 80 vehicles turned in by departments, saving an estimated $150,000 in annual operating costs; and expanded online unattended vehicle rental reservation system,
with three units serving employees.
                 LITTLETON, CO                                      Alan Brown                      220              75                 1             ✔             $2.4 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Held operating costs steady for past five years; replacing shuttle bus fleet with hybrid-electric vehicles that will be 34-percent more fuel efficient; and
working with a local company to convert a 2008 Ford Ranger to electric power to be used as a parts runner.
                LONG BEACH, CA                               Leslie Horikawa-Thiede                1,600             60                 8             ✔              $44 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Use of alternative-fuels in all vehicle classes (LNG, CNG, bio-, and flex-fuel E-85); refuse fleet currently 60-percent LNG powered with remainder
of heavy on-road fleet being converted to LNG as new units are purchased; right-sizing of fleet to reduce fuel use while still providing end-users appropriate vehicles; replaced
many 3/4- and 1-ton Parks vehicles with 1/2-ton pickups or hybrid units; and modified employee schedules and shop operating hours which reduced maintenance personnel
overtime by approximately 35 percent.
                 LONGVIEW, WA                                       Dan Zenger                      162             133                 1             ✔             $1.9 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Labor rate of $87 is 6-percent lower than average local area shop labor rate; provide safe, reliable fleet to customers through customer service,
teamwork, and responsible use of City resources; and began holding an annual Customer Appreciation Day in 2008 where internal customers are invited to visit throughout the
day for cake and punch.
                LYNCHBURG, VA                                     John McCorkhill                   508             207                 3             ✔             $6.2 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: More than one-fifth of operating budget was returned to City in 2009; 98.3 percent of public safety fleet vehicles were on the street each day of the year;
and 63 percent of customers completed a written survey during the year, of which 70 percent gave technicians a rating of Excellent in the Employee Courtesy category.
     MARIETTA BOARD OF LIGHT & WATER, GA                           Eric Johnston                    557             104                 1             ✔              $3 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Customer satisfaction rate of 9.3 (out of 10) including 100-percent of respondents believing overall condition of the fleet was safe; maintenance program
and commitment to police department requires same day turnaround on maintenance performed to patrols cars (unless major issues are found); and due to in-house NAPA contract and
outside tire contractor fleet does not maintain an inventory, parts and tires are charged based on use.
                                                          Pete Scarafiotti, CDM, CAFM,
                      MESA, AZ                                                                     1,680             50                 2             ✔             $27.5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: ASE Blue Seal certified; reduced operational budget by $2.3 million; reduced police fleet by 80 marked units and 31 unmarked units; identified 133 general
fleet units for reduced based on utilization; and implemented vendor consignment inventory to reduce standing inventory capital cost.
                      MIAMI, FL                                   Jose Davilla Sr.                 2,239             46                 1             ✔             $9.4 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Purchased first true hydraulic hybrid automated garbage truck with fuel savings of 42 percent (conservative) compared to similar, traditionally fueled models;
coolant recycling program reduced antifreeze purchases by 60 percent and eliminated cost to remove waste coolant; and opened new automated truck/vehicle wash which recycles more
than 80 percent of water, increasing efficiency and reducing Worker’s Compensation claims.
               MINNEAPOLIS, MN                                   John Scharffbillig                1,500            500                 4             ✔              $45 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Improved fleet documentation for fleet measures; retrofitted all Class 8 trucks and started on fire trucks for aftertreatment devices; and installed
a new fueling site.
             MONROE COUNTY, NY                                      Melvin Rose                     467              412                1             ✔             $2.5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Reduced overall fleet by 10 percent with fleet reduction program and purchased more fuel-efficient E-85 units; moved from three-year closed-end lease to
five-year municipal lease; and continue to advance to totally green fleet.

26      Government Fleet               July/August 2010
10 0 Best Flee t s

                                                                                                       ON-ROAD         OFF-ROAD           MAINT.
                 ORGANIZATION                                           CONTACT                                                                           FUEL OPS.           FLEET BUDGET
                                                                                                        UNITS            UNITS           FACILITIES

           NEW YORK CITY DCAS, NY                                Stephen Weir, CAFM                      2,156            1,010               0                ✔               $3.7 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Operate and maintain the largest hybrid fleet in the nation with 3,452 vehicles, and total of 5,843 alternative-fueled vehicles (54 percent of fleet runs on
alternative fuels); operated with mechanical downtime of 1.58 percent and accident downtime of 0.69 percent; approximately 86 percent of maintenance jobs now completed within 24
hours; and per-vehicle maintenance cost of $907 and calculated cost-per-mile of nine cents.
         NEW YORK CITY POLICE DEPT.                                Robert Martinez                       7,864             305               13                ✔               $73 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Decreased fuel consumption by 611,000 gallons through use of hybrid applications and vehicle right-sizing; instituted internal employee evaluation to
establish atmosphere of empowerment; and implemented technological advancements on fleet to increase safety and efficiency.
         NEW YORK PARKS & REC., NY                                   Keith Kerman                        1,687             696                8                ✔                $6 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Parks fleet is now 65-percent alternative-fueled; reduced number of sport/utility vehicles by 40 percent and replaced with hybrid sedans; and deployed 17
medium-duty hybrid diesel-electric trucks in fleet.
                 OCEANSIDE, CA                                        Jeffery Hart                        478               25                1                ✔               $4.4 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Achieved ASE Blue Seal status four years in a row and seven of nine technicians are certified ASE Dual Masters in automotive and heavy truck; monthly
average vehicle availability city-wide, including police and fire units, is 96.4 percent and technician efficiency is 105 percent; and struck deal with local college to upfit their incoming fleet
of new police vehicles and perform needed repairs on emergency equipment.
                PITTSBURGH, PA                                        Jake Harvey                        1,030              0                 2                ✔                    N/A

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Transitioned to B-20 fuel; improved average vehicle age and vehicle selection by increasing fleet replacement; and achieved training goal of 40
hours per employee.
                    PLANO, TX                                        Reid Choate                          750              450                1                ✔                $6 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Revised vehicle-use policy resulting in 70-percent reduction of take-home vehicles and reduced number of underutilized vehicles by 16 percent; expanded
motor pool program operations to two sites and moved underutilized vehicles into Fleet Share program, maximizing existing vehicle fleet; and achieved 70-percent reduction in overtime
over past year due to operational efficiencies and implementation of new overtime procedures.
         PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, VA                                  Greg Compton                         1,079             178                1                ✔               $6.5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Saved 15 percent on fuel through fuel reduction and best practices; received E-3 ranking and certification through DEQ for management practices; and
installed Clean Burn heating system that utilizes used oil as heating source, also installed methane lines from landfill to provide energy for infrared heating system.
             RICHLAND COUNTY, SC                                       Bill Peters                       1,026             149                1                ✔                $5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Continued implementing hybrids into fleet — 33 units currently with 12 to be purchased through a grant; increased PM compliance by 27 percent; and
implemented fleet management information system (FASTER).
                  RIVERSIDE, CA                                    Martin Bowman                         1,024             312                2                ✔               $9.7 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Designation of ASE Blue Shield Shop (most mechanics are ASE certified and have Master certification as well); added new state-of-the-art car
wash with detail station and car wash attendant, which marks a shift in City’s philosophy to operate fleet management as a private business rather than government entity to
better serve clients; operates second-largest CNG public access fueling station in Calif.; and 70 percent of fleet is clean energy or hybrid vehicles, with 55 percent of targeted
vehicles using alternative fuel.
                 ROCHESTER, NY                                     Mike Quattrone                         900             1,000               1                ✔              $12.5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Warranty recovery program created in 2006 recovered $780,000, approved for numerous manufacturers including GM and Ford; right-sizing of City heavy
fleet reduced heavy-vehicle fleet by 59 units, providing cost avoidance of $3.5 million; and balanced scorecard and business plans in place with customer satisfaction at 100 percent,
technician productivity over 80 percent, and employee satisfaction at 82 percent; technicians also hold 189 ASE certifications.
               SACRAMENTO, CA                                         Keith Leech                        1,919             109                6                ✔              $33.4 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Awarded contract to NAPA Auto Parts (IBS) for services, estimated to save $2 million over five-year contract by reducing costs of procurement, shrink,
management, and accounts payable; awarded contract with Zonar Systems for GPS/telematics, improving fuel consumption mpg 8.4 percent, based on ROI analysis of City’s refuse fleet;
and developed real-time employee scorecard report to enhance employee awareness of achieving technician productivity goal of 70 percent (average) with annual business planning and
budget development.
              SALT RIVER PROJECT                                     James Wood                          1,800             400                7                ✔                    N/A

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Aggressively cut costs during the recession, reducing staff from 95 to 82 employees while maintaining vehicle/equipment service levels acceptable to
customers; re-evaluated service intervals for the entire fleet and extended intervals in some cases with good results; and worked aggressively with internal customers regarding vehicle
utilization guidelines and take-home use policies.
     SAN ANTONIO WATER SYSTEMS, TX                                 David Kilbourne                        450              550                4                ✔              $12.1 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Reduced turn-times by 0.5 days, in addition to previous gain of nine days; addition of green assets, such as hybrids, pure electric and flex fuel vehicles, and
specialized trailers; and added morning prep service for sewer cleaning crews, which increases line cleaning operations for crews.
                SAN ANTONIO, TX                                     Florencio Pena                       3,800            1,200               7                ✔              $56.6 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Implemented new automated fuel management system to aid in accountability of fuel and vehicle utilization; assumed responsibility for mobile fueling
trucks and added job duties to technicians fueling off-road equipment to report conditions and conduct minor repairs; and designated a Ford certified warranty repair center, improving
repair turnaround time for police cruisers.

28    Government Fleet                  July/August 2010
10 0 Best Flee t s

                                                                                                    ON-ROAD          OFF-ROAD          MAINT.
                   ORGANIZATION                                       CONTACT                                                                          FUEL OPS.           FLEET BUDGET
                                                                                                     UNITS             UNITS          FACILITIES

              SAN CLEMENTE, CA                                      Tom Bonigut                         105              39                1                ✔                $554,215

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Continued to operate under budget target; exceeded quality measures in each category; and maintained a safety working facility — accident
and injury free.
     SANDIA NATIONAL LABORATORIES, NM                             Mark Crawford                        808             2,050               4                ✔              $8.1 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Reduced hazardous waste by 60 percent as a result of recycling efforts; developed Life Safety Critical Generator Maintenance program (to ensure operational
reliability, generators must start and accept full load within 10 seconds to protect life of operations personnel); and prototyped and modified photovoltaic charged low-speed vehicle for
proof of concept to reduce charging infrastructure and create a greener, more energy-efficient campus.
                   SANTA ANA, CA                                  Rick Longobart                       700              250                1                ✔                $9 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Moved operations toward environmental green principles, including the purchase of CNG, hybrid, and electric vehicles, as well as the use of five hydrogen
vehicles and fueling stations; recognized as one of the best public sector operations seven consecutive years by the Reason Public Policy Institute resulting in service excellence and reduced
operational costs; and a full-service city that provides city-wide services.
                    SEATTLE, WA                                 Dave Seavey, CAFS                      3,178            422                6                ✔               $57 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Implemented new vehicle replacement financial model and refunded $2 million to City; reduced 179 vehicles city-wide in 2009 and commissioned vehicle
utilization study in 2010; and implemented Fuel Focus at three major fuel sites to collect meaningful operating and financial data.
           SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WA                                Allen Mitchell, CPFP                    900              400                3                ✔               $29 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Received ARRA grant award for four solar-powered electric vehicle charging facilities and three additional alternative-fuel tanks; implemented
fleet downsizing to reduce costs and save approximately $500,000 annually; and continued greening the fleet by replacing vehicles with more efficient and less polluting units
despite economic downturn.
             SONOMA COUNTY, CA                                      David Head                        1,227             215                3                ✔              $10.5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Started hybrid vehicle program in 2002 with four Toyota Prius sedans, now have 231 hybrid vehicles driving more than 1.5 million miles per
year, saving an estimated 20,000 gallons of gas annually, with an estimated greenhouse gas reduction of 217 tons; all vehicle upfitting is done in-house, in addition to Sheriff
and other County vehicles and equipment, fleet provides upfitting for three other police departments and the junior college district police, vehicle upfitting generates about
$350,000 in annual revenue; and sent five mechanics to training to perform diesel retrofits as required by CARB, enabling fleet to control installation process, fabricate custom
mounts for vehicles, and minimize vehicle downtime.
                    SUNRISE, FL                                    Hameed Khan                         464              218                1                ✔               $1.2 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Instituted no-idling policy to decrease emissions and improve overall fuel economy as well as decrease carbon footprint; reviewing vehicle purchasing —
vehicle types and how they can be best utilized and vehicle retentions with best maintenance practices and increased use of synthetic products; and replacement vehicles are auctioned
online to increase resale value versus local auctions with increased exposure.
                    TACOMA, WA                                    Frederick Chun                       1,100            100                2                ✔                $6 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Met the maintenance performance goals in all categories by 90 percent of higher; reduced fleet by five vehicles through a fleet utilization study; and reduced
fleet replacement budget by $3 million to contribute to budget deficit.
                     TAMPA, FL                                        Tim Perry                       2,682             218                2                ✔              $15.5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Absorbed Fire Rescue fleet maintenance operation while reducing staff by four positions; opened new fuel site providing 15,000 gallons of
additional capacity for routine operations and hurricane/emergency services; and installed a 6,750 sq.-ft. canopy over outside work area for refuse vehicles to minimize
contaminated storm water runoff.
                   THORNTON, CO                                    Mike Skipper                         420             180                1               N/A                  N/A

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Purchased additional hybrid vehicles, including a hydraulic hybrid trash truck, with two more on order; completed installation of an E-85 fueling station,
saving more than 1,000 gallons of gasoline and reducing fleet’s carbon footprint by an estimated 68,000 lbs. annually; and implemented GPS for various equipment to reduce unnecessary
mileage and promote more efficient routing.
                    TOPEKA, KS                                       Ron Raines                        700              425                3                ✔               $1.4 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: ASE Blue Seal-certified shops for seven consecutive years; 85-percent one-day turnaround time; and 97-percent fleet availability rate.

            TOWN OF BUCKEYE, AZ                               Michael DePaulo, CPFP                     205              62                1                ✔                $768,619

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Right-sized fleet by reducing total fleet by 6 percent, including the implementation of a motor pool; operating 23-percent under current fiscal-year budget;
and started a vehicle replacement fund with auction proceeds and working towards implementation of collecting vehicle depreciation from each department/division.
      UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS                    Richard Battersby, CAFM, CPFP                 1,017              0                1                ✔              $6.2 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Reduced annual operating expenses by $575,000; reduced fleet size by 5 percent to better align with organizational right-sizing efforts; and planned and
implemented a second remote vehicle pool car share operation.
          UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY                                     Ted Walker                         850             420                5                ✔              $3.2 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Fleet technicians continue to maintain ASE Blue Seal of Excellence standards; self-funded motor pool continues to improve with lower mileage
and more diverse vehicle selection; and striving to become decentralized and expand reach to statewide University employees by implementing motor pool and fleet services
operations at various state locations.

30     Government Fleet                July/August 2010
                                                                                                      ON-ROAD          OFF-ROAD           MAINT.
                 ORGANIZATION                                          CONTACT                                                                            FUEL OPS.           FLEET BUDGET
                                                                                                       UNITS             UNITS           FACILITIES

          UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                                William Stahlmann                        850              450                1                ✔               $4.7 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Use of hybrids in rental fleet reduced mileage costs by 14.2 percent; reduced size of rental fleet by 8.3 percent, increasing utilization rate by 7.9 percent; and
buys fuel in consortium, locking in fuel rates for calendar year and making budgeting easier.
         UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON                                   Anne Eskridge                         683               0                 1                ✔                $5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Ucar growth by more than 150 percent through inhouse flex-car program; software and hardware improvements made for Ucar program; and fleet reduction
of obsolete vehicles to improve rate structure for customers.
                                                                   Honolito Directo                       900              500                6                ✔               $1.5 Million
              SQUADRON, NV

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Reduced fuel consumption by converting 45 1/2-ton pickups to low-speed vehicles i.e., golf carts and gators; replaced 23 gas-operated vehicles with
alternative-fuel hybrid models; reduced contract cost by purchasing computer alignment machine; and in-house repairs saved more than $10,000 in annual costs.
                VANCOUVER, BC                                       Doug Smith, PE                       2,000            2,300               5                ✔               $57 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Implemented work order estimating program; full staffing review; and a strategic plan.

               WAKE COUNTY, NC                                      Thomas Kuryla                         885              150                1                ✔               $8.5 Million

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Increased alternative-fuel compatible inventory to 38 percent; awarded contract to replace fuel management software to enable engine idle time tracking,
increased security, increased data integrity, and ability to pull vehicle diagnostic codes from fuel transactions; and created an installation shop to centralize specialty equipment installations
and repairs once managed by individual departments through multiple vendors.
                WILMINGTON, DE                                      Edward Stone                          610               26                1                ✔                  $6.8M

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: City updated fuel management system to better monitor and control use of fleet equipment fuel consumption in light of the current tight fuel budget;
auditing facilities electrical and heating energy use and reducing consumption with more efficient equipment and lighting; and the City is carefully reviewing options for lowering fleet
equipment fuel consumption of foreign produced fuels, purchasing more fuel-efficient equipment and utilizing domestically produced fuels.

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