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									                      OCA NEWSLETTER NO 244
                     SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2011
                              The Journal of The Old Chelmsfordians Association.
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                                       CHRISTMAS DRAW
We will again be holding a Christmas Draw this year to raise funds for ongoing improvements and you
will find enclosed 10 tickets at £1.00 each. For those who receive the newsletter electronically you will
not miss out as the tickets will be sent to you by post!! Roger Gaffney will again be organising the draw
and has asked that every counterfoil be completed as the books are split with the individual counterfoils
being entered into the draw. If anyone would like extra tickets or wishes to donate a prize they should
contact Roger on 01245 269388. Please do make every effort to support the draw as this is now the only
fundraiser we „impose‟ upon you during the year and the revenue from this really does make a difference
to what we can continue doing at Lawford Lane. The Draw will take place in the Clubhouse on Saturday,
December 3rd at 6.00pm and we would be delighted to see you there!

                                    PRESIDENT‟S DAY 2011

Our President, Malcolm Dewar, reports on the Annual Cricket Match against the School which took place
this year on Sunday, July 10th.

“A truly unique occasion enhanced by a gloriously sunny and warm day. The President‟s team contained
three notable „Firsts‟ - 1) Our ladies captain, Tracy Latimer, 2) One of our colts, Callum Eva, up against
his big brother Matt with mother Jane there supporting both her „babies‟ and 3) a „Band of Brothers‟, all
with strong KEGS/OCA connections. Father Mark Wickham, supported by his birthday girl, playing with
their sons Rob and Jake with their sister also present, Father Martin Lee playing with his two sons, Tom
who was our captain opposing brother Rob who was captaining the School team. Brothers Robert and
Tom Iliffe with mother Judy and their two sisters also present. Ian and Adam Dickens who, like the three
Wickhams, were also over from the USA. The School boasted current OCA players, Rob Lee, Matt Eva,
Karam Lalli and Jovett, their wicketkeeper „towering‟ beneath the stumps. Headmaster, Tom Sherrington,
reinforced his desire for even closer links between the School and Association by proposing visits next
year to Lawford Lane by Year 7, 8 and 9
students which has been strongly supported by
the OCA Committee. Our guests largely
comprised those unsung volunteers, „The Friday
Gang‟ who maintain the ground, clubhouse and
facilities, those others who manage our Cricket,
Football, Tennis, Table Tennis and Bowls
activities and the young „lions‟ of the social
committee. The match itself commenced with
another „first‟, a legitimate spin of the coin
which resulted in Tom Lee inviting the School
to field. Rob Iliffe and Jake Wickham both
holding bats for the first time this year got off to
a surprisingly steady start against hostile School bowling, scoring 43 and 126 respectively. Another „first‟
was Jake completing successive centuries in this fixture having scored 100 for the School against us last
year. Tom declared at 249-3 off 47 overs. The School also started steadily due in no small way to Matt
Eva and Rob Lee being determined not to succumb to Callum‟s spin or Ian Dickins‟s canny off spinners.
Both fell, at 61 and 43 respectively, to towering catches „pouched‟ by Tom Iliffe. Karam Lalli (23) and
Ollie Glasson (28) maintained momentum until time elapsed with the School having reached 202-8 off 46
overs. Rob Wickham with 3-40, spinning away with the odd thunderbolt, was the top wicket taker. The
commendable draw ensured that the School retained the trophy as the defending champions – much to
their surprise. My thanks go to Christ Flint for the immaculate playing surface, umpire Jeremy Pruce,
Ann Salmon for the magnificent photographs taken on the day and Peter Gillott for overseeing the bar.
A truly satisfactory and memorable day”.

Another welcome visitor during the day was Rosemary Appleton who was photographed by Ann sitting on
the family bench in memory of OCs stalwart, Leslie, flanked by three of the Friday Gang who had helped
install this, Callum Maclean, Mickey Butcher and Bernie Oram. We are delighted to report that Judy Iliffe
has subsequently donated a similar bench in memory of her husband Ken and those who played their
cricket alongside this Lawford Lane Legend will appreciate why his bench is to be sited within „hailing
distance‟ of any passing ice cream vendor!!. We really are grateful for these welcome additions to our
ground and Les‟s bench was officially unveiled by Rosemary on Sunday September 25th when lunchtime
regulars set down their pints to join Rosemary and one of her sons, Richard and other family members to
witness this event.

                                        NIGEL FANSHAWE
John Candler, 1947-1953, has written:- “Having read the item on page 2 of
the June 2011 OCA Newsletter I now realise that we owe more to Baroness Platt of Writtle than I had
thought. I knew that, as Chairman of the Essex Education Committee, she managed to thwart the wishes
of the left leaning politicians in respect of the removal of Grammar Schools and the selective entry for
Grammar Schools (what had become the 11+ examination) but I had not been aware that the then Chief
Education Officer, Mr Primmer, was so very anti-Grammar Schools. This fact greatly increases the value
of Mrs Beryl Platt‟s stewardship of the Essex Education Committee. It may be that Baroness Platt of
Writtle would be a suitable person to be a guest speaker (or Guest of Honour) at some function in the near
future; I know that she is now less able to drive herself from home to Chelmsford but, once arrived at a
venue, she is splendid company. Tony Sach is well known to her and chauffeured her to Chelmsford
Cathedral for the 70th Anniversary Battle of Britain Parade and Service in September 2010. Incidentally I
think the Transitus Form was introduced earlier than 1952; I was in the first year science sixth form in
1952 and my year was the last group in which all pupils progressed one form each year. That would mean
that Transitus Form was introduced in 1949 or 1950. Whichever way you look at the School‟s recent
history, Nigel Halford Fanshawe was instrumental in making the School what it is today; the foundations
he laid have been proved sound in every respect. I am privileged to have been one of his first pupils and
am grateful for the attributes he instilled into me as one of his pupils”
The start of term has been marked by another round of celebrations for our examination success, quickly
followed by the usual analysis of where we can improve. It has been a notably difficult year in terms of
bizarre results, appeals and protests about some of the grades. There is a feeling that KEGS students are
increasingly required to shoe-horn their natural, expansive, creative essay-writing style into a narrow,
rigid template so that examiners can understand what they are saying. I've had to write a number of letters
to Chief Examiners and Ofqual to make the case that students are penalised far too readily for thinking
beyond the confines of the standard responses to questions. It is something we have had to contend with
every year but it has been particularly bad this time around. Let's hope we see an improvement in future!

Another feature of the term so far has been a focus on our relationships with partner schools. A group of
10 students and two teachers returned from a visit to Mogonjet school in Kenya cementing a very firm
partnership, now entering our fifth year. Working with the charity Hand-in-Hand, we are committed to
supporting Mogonjet school for the long term and have begun some exciting projects such as developing a
tailoring workshop. It is always a life-changing experience for our students who return keen to share their
experiences. I have just returned from China where I have been contributing to the delivery of a
Leadership Development programme for 60 Headteachers in Wuxi - the home of our partner school, Wuxi
No 1 High School. This programme is part of the wider Essex-Jiang Su link. Whilst in Wuxi I was able
to visit our partner school in advance of the KEGS exchange trip this half-term. Mr Barrow, Deputy
Head, will lead a party of 15 students and three teachers on a 10-day trip that includes a few days in
Beijing. Their Chinese counterparts are due to return to KEGS in July.

The final partnership to highlight is more local. With the full support of the Governors, KEGS has been
engaged by Mark Hall School in Harlow to form the Mark Hall Transformation Partnership in an
innovative school improvement initiative. I have been appointed as Consultant Headteacher and will be
working with staff at Mark Hall to support a radical transformation of the outcomes for their students. It
is a process that will bring benefits to KEGS staff and students, providing a range of community service
and professional development opportunities; KEGS will be funded for all the work that we do. I am
convinced that aspects of the ethos at KEGS, built around extremely high aspirations and our capacity to
challenge our students, can be infused into a different context making a very real impact in time. We are
about to find out!

Finally, I should report a sad end - the tree in the Art/ DT playground has been removed after being
condemned by a tree surgeon following some worrying signs in recent high winds. A new tree will be
planted in due course but it does look rather empty. However, there is also a new beginning on the
horizon. The LDC extension housing the new Cooking facility (not Food Tech, you notice) and offices
for Maths and Special Needs is due for completion in mid-October. Please do come and have a look
around it. A formal opening will be held later this term. Jim Perry, our catering manager, is going to be
the cooking teacher; he cannot wait to get started in the new facility.

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                                          THIS AND THAT
Past President and Football Stalwart, Mark „Turbo‟ Allison, has recently been in touch with a former
KEGS colleague from 1985-1992, Matthew Gant, who with his partner John Retsas, is now running an
Australian Wine Company. „First Drop Wines‟ are based in South Australia within the unique vineyards
of the great wine growing regions of the Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale. They have
recently attracted a good press having been awarded the full five stars by the top Australian „wine guru‟
James Halliday in his 2012 Edition of the Australian Wine Companion. First Drop‟s wines would appear
to carry some „interesting‟ names but for all that James Halliday awarded them 96 points for their 2008
Fat of the Land Greenock, 95 points for the 2008 The Cream, 95 points for their 2008 Fat of the Land
Ebenezer, 94 points for a 2008 Fat of the Land Seppeltsfield with 93 points each for 09 Mother‟s Milk and
08 2%, and 91 points each for 2010 Bella Coppia and 2009 Mother‟s Ruin. Some of these wines are
available through UK outlets and supermarkets and we have purchased an initial stock of red and white for
our bar for the more discerning of our wine-drinking members. If you are interested in more information
this is available at or through Matt‟s father, John, who runs New School Wines
Limited in Melton Mowbray and who can be contacted at

                      IS IT REALLY FORTY YEARS ON!?– PART TWO
“Early May 1971 was as hot and sunny as this year. The Old Boys‟ Sunday 1st team had reached another cup final
to be played at New Writtle Street coming two years after their previous final there.

The team had changed and was now captained and managed by Steve Little. The line up that day interestingly
includes three players who were to become OCA presidents and was as follows: -

                                                Dick Smith
                          Chris Eve      Roger Sparkes    Cliff Hill    Dave Cole
               Steve Maughan       Howard Swan             Steve Little           Peter Anstee
                                    Tony Noden           Dave Seymour
                                             Sub: Colin Tant

Peter Anstee was in his early 30s and Messrs Swan and Tant in their mid 20s; the rest were 21 or below with Stevie
Maughan the youngest at just 16. Peter, not able to play on Saturdays due to his estate agency work, made this
season his swan song. He was a star turn as a dribbling left sided player but was not named “ticker” for nothing! He
never suffered fools lightly on the football field but the young team took to him, probably ignoring his occasional
rants like those of their parents at home!
Harway were the opposition and were as young as the OCs, based as they were from the boys‟ club in Rectory
Lane. The Chelmsford City ground was in its normal dry, sandy and dusty state with a diamond of worn pitch
surrounded by four corners of green. There was a large crowd of several hundred with the usual OCs contingent
thriving on another final coming along just weeks after the Saturday team‟s Bill Spurgeon Trophy win. With
temperatures soaring towards the 70s the game was not yet 20 minutes old when the OCs found themselves 2-0 in
the lead. Steve Little swept in the first from 20 yards with the keeper unsighted. A neat header from blonde Tony
Noden extended that lead.
Harway were stunned and Harold Glynn might have just popped out to get the champagne when they pulled one
back and later in the second half they equalised. It was now all to play for. The temperature by midday had reached
the high 70s and legs were tired and fatigue had set in for both teams. Do we really need extra time and perhaps a
replay? There were no penalty shoot-outs in those days and after all it was now the cricket season - as Harold
reminded everybody!
As players dragged themselves around the pitch, a slip up in the back line left Alan Coulthard, later to play for the
OCs, through on goal and swiftly moving towards the advancing figure of Dick Smith. Alan shot past Dick as he
spread himself to try and block the attempt. As it bounced agonisingly towards the goal line every one held their
collective breath. The ball cannoned against the inside of the right post at the Wolseley Road end, it then ran across
the line and hit the inside of the other post and there was Chris Eve to kick it into touch. Harway claimed a goal but
knew it had not crossed the line. Shortly after, the referee blew for the end of normal time. A brief rest saw extra
time underway after all the players had taken on copious amounts of water.
Extra time was played out very slowly with everyone withering in the high temperatures and their exertions during
the 90 minutes. Young Maughan gave way to Colin “Wally” Tant who had played in most positions in the team
during the season, including in goal, where he earned the subtle nickname of “Teflon” Tant!! Drawing on reserves
of strength the OCs broke down the left, Steve Little swung over a speculative cross; the Harway goalkeeper and a
defender leapt for it with Dave Seymour. Somehow Dave got the last touch with his head and the ball was in the
net. The OCs fans in the stand went wild, only minutes remained. At last the whistle went. What a match!

There were half a dozen steps up to the directors‟ box where proud Claude Seymour, City chairman and Dave‟s
Dad, stood with the Cup. The players dragged themselves up to get their medals but not before Claude praised both
teams for providing those there with the best match seen at the ground all season, which was saying something!
Down in the cool of the dressing room Harold was indeed there with the champagne. Many of the players just
jumped in the bath and gulped down handfuls of water such was their dehydration. A swift pint at the City bar and
then it was back to the OCs for a long afternoon of celebration. Some were still there after 10 in the evening
although most of the players went home early, elated but thoroughly shattered by their efforts.
To this day, the memory of that success is still fresh in the minds of those involved. Sadly, Chris Eve and Tony
Noden have passed away since then but of course we fondly think of them still”.

         Following the article by Steve Little in the last issue on the Bill Spurgeon Cup win we heard from
                                      Ian Wilson,

“As the captain of the team that won the Spurgeon Cup all those years ago I began to read the article with great
interest until I read the words "In Ian Wilson we had the equivalent of a Ryan Giggs." I stopped at that point,
considering whether to call my lawyer in an attempt to obtain a super injunction for any revelations that might harm
my reputation!!!!! But, on reading the rest of the article I felt quite embarrassed by Steve's assessment of my
footballing ability. In that context I was certainly no Ryan Giggs. I still have the photo from 1996 and fond
memories of the celebration after the match. As for my personal life, I live in Springfield, am on my second
family which includes two lovely girls aged 13 and 11 and a lovely wife. I retired from teaching 9 years ago
although I have continued to do supply teaching at my children's primary school when golfing commitments allow”.

 Fearing that Ian might subsequently consider litigation we passed Ian‟s comments, and liability, on to Steve who
                                                  replied to Ian:-

“George has forwarded your email following my report of THAT match -unfortunately and embarrassingly it was
written BEFORE the "Giggs Affair" hit the headlines! So, many apologies for casting aspersions on your
character!! - of course the comparison was about your sweet left foot and ability to score goals and be a leader too!
You quite rightly made Ricky's all-time best OC's team (I made the bench!). I could say I owe you one though as
you may recall you fired a shot at goal after I had chased a long ball and the keeper spilled it. You saw the back of
the net beckoning and hit the ball on the half volley. I can see it now, coming towards me - I tried to duck (I had
already put us one up and this would have been a good lead!) but it hit me flush on the chin and for the first and
only time I was K.O.'d! When I came round on the touchline with manager Doug Foster standing over me - I stood
up, "I'm OK" I said, "I'm going back on .." "No you're not," said Doug, "we've already substituted you - the team
went on to lose 5-1! Fond memories! I know you are well into golf and if OK with you I'll copy you in on emails
re golf days for old boys - you should try to get to Howard Swan's golf day - Wally Tant and Malcolm Pannell came
last year and there's a few others from our time at the school. Also my year group including Gunn, Biddlecombe,
Hughes, Stoneham etc have formed a little "society" that we wish to grow - Dick Hickman has asked to join today!
We might have a couple of events each year and also go to Howard's day. Sorry again re Giggsy because I know
what a straight-laced, puritan like character you have always been!!”

                                         FROM OUR MAIL BOX
Steve Little also informed us that he has just discovered that Gus Rendall, a friend of his daughter who he
has known for over 15 years, is the grandson of the Reverend Franklin who taught at the School during
Steve‟s time. Steve thought that he had lived in Swiss Avenue but was corrected that it was Waxy
Wheatley who lived there and Gus further updated Steve on those Latin and Greek teachers of old:-

“I saw my mum last night and Grandad never lived in Chelmsford so think you are mistaken about that
bit. He moved straight to Great Leighs from London and after Great Leighs he moved to Felsted where he
was the vicar of Felsted Church and taught at the local school. He lived there until he died in his
90s. I can't remember the exact year he passed away but it would have been about 1995/96. My Grandma
(who was 16 years younger) stayed in Felsted for a while before she had to go into a home and my mum
moved her down to live in Molesey where there is a nice home for widows of servicemen. She passed
away about 4 years ago. He did indeed sink in the 1925 University boat race!!! Sadly his oars ended up
back at the college he attended in Oxford. I have been meaning to ask them if I could have one of them
back for years. You may not know that he served as the chaplain in the 8th army during the 2nd World

War - mostly in Africa but also Europe. I still have his old forces newspapers, including his handbook for
the invasion of Sicily. He was a very keen chess player and devoted to his allotment. He also made the
best homemade bread and raspberry jam!! I've just realised that the other classics teacher, Nigel
Wheatley, lived in Swiss Avenue. We were good friends with the family and I saw his son who is an actor
playing at The Rose Theatre recently - we had a good chat – and Nicola, his daughter was a great friend of
our family".

        Steve having mailed this information to his classmates received the following responses:-

Paul Biddlecombe wrote “My memory of the Rev, apart from his Latin teaching, was the time when he
was late coming to a class. By the time he arrived in the room one of us - (who must have had very narrow
hips) - had been jammed backside first into a waste paper basket and in this arrangement was placed on
the master's desk, with all four limbs waving in the air like a tortoise stranded on its back. It did look
extremely funny but the Rev didn't see it that way and called the victim "a miserable little worm!". My
memory is that Bob Martin was somehow involved but perhaps he'd like to tell us himself?”
Bob Martin, who splits his time between France and Australia, responded “Sadly my memory has been
dimmed by too many bottles of red wine over the years so I can‟t recall this incident. But, being the model
pupil that some will remember I was, I cannot imagine that I would have been involved in such a prank!”
John Dowsett added: “I do recall this incident. I think it was the unfortunate 'Blinman' - first name
escapes me. He was one of the smallest people in the year so that fits ..! I hated Latin - grade 9 'O' level.
You might like to know that since the reunion last September I have exchanged a delightful, intermittent
correspondence with our former headmaster, NHF, – but mainly re cars rather than my academic career!!”
Brian Watson commented “Ah, those waste-paper baskets – SO versatile! I do recall having several
KEGS-crested school books of my hastily thrown together homework meet a similar fate.”

Our own recollection of the Reverend‟s arrival at School was his two tone convertible Ford Consul which
 seemed at the time a most unlikely mode of transport for a Reverend. This was put to his daughter who
remembered the Consul well with its coral coloured roof and advised us that this was known in the village
                                        as the 'passion wagon'!

Gerald Cox (1946-1949) has written from „Treganowan‟, Tregeseal, St Just, Penzance, TR19 7PH.
“Thank you for picking up on the piece in the Essex Chronicle concerning David‟s and my evacuation to
Australia in 1940 on the good ship Batory - the „lucky‟ ship!! We returned to England from Brisbane
shortly before Christmas 1945 on the Stratheden and joined the School in January 1946, complete with
Aussie accents. I celebrated my 80th birthday in May but felt like a „beginner‟ when I phoned Nigel
Fanshawe for an enjoyable chat. He was my Headmaster for just one term, my last term at the School,
Summer 1949, but I have enjoyed meeting him on a number of occasions over the years. I look forward
one day to seeing all the alterations at Lawford Lane‟.
James Hasler (1936-1943) has written from 28 Harrowden Road, Wellingborough, NN8 5BH with some
photos from the early forties “which surfaced recently when I was looking for something else”!! These
will be added to our photographic archive and are of the School 1st XI Soccer Team and Cross Country
Teams from 1942-43, members of the Lower VIth and other members of the VIth form 1941-42. Named
amongst the soccer and athletics teams were Stacey, Richardson Hasler, (Nielson?) Patch, Salmon,
Smeaton, Pennock, Butler, Hoy and Collins. Members of the lower sixth were Butler, Thompson, Patch,
Kirton, Hasler and Pyle. This group were joined by Holman, Weston, Stedman and Riggulsford in the
Sixth Form photos and James adds that Holman was Head Boy with Kirton his deputy. Weston and
Stedman were the only members of the Upper Sixth that year! Stedman won a state scholarship to St.
Catherine‟s, Cambridge (with some influence from T.G. Bone of the staff) and became a Birmingham
University lecturer in Geography. Riggulsford was a year behind and therefore a fifth former and James
thinks that these photos were taken on a visit to Panfield Lane, Braintree, to see a Shakespeare play being
put on there. James himself did some teaching practice (42) and Supply (43) at the Panfield Lane School
where the head was keen on drama and produced a cut version of „Macbeth‟ in his time there. James also
sent two photos of the School Sports Day, 1946, and suggests he must have been home on RAF leave and
had bought himself a second hand „Kodak Jiffy‟ camera for £5 with his 21st birthday money. 2 photos of

the tug of war show the housemasters famously urging on their teams in the most dramatic ways. Findlay
used his rugby-playing background, crouching very low himself and with a long low sweep of the right
arm inched his team backwards with urgent grunts. Lee by contrast used the windmill technique,
swinging his arms in a huge three-quarter circle; his voice was higher pitched than Findlay‟s and sounded
as if it had not fully broken! However, for both of them, it was a wonderfully serious business indeed!!

Steve Little (who can be contacted at has sent us news of the death of Mike
Sargent who came to KEGS in 1966 when his father transferred from Lincolnshire County Council to
Essex. Mike was a tall left handed fast bowler who played several games for the OCs - he was also
excellent at basketball which had just started in the new gym. He played cricket for the school teams and
was my contemporary with Chris Flint, Peter Hollebon, Dick Smith et al In late July he had a heart attack
and died aged just 61. It was sudden as he had been playing golf just the day before. Steve added that
Mike was a really great lad at school – „I had written to him recently to make contact after all these years
but now that will not be possible. When we were in the Upper 6th he wrote to his then girlfriend back in
Lincolnshire EVERY day - presumably receiving replies! He had no telephone at home and, of course,
there was no email or texting!!!‟
Chris Weekes also knew him from his time in Nottingham and writes:- “I went to Mike Sargent's funeral
yesterday in Nottingham attended by over 100 people reflecting the fact that he had lived in the City for
over 40 years and knew so many people there. Much mention was made of his sporting life and there
were so many stories. We had the wake at the Trent Bridge cricket ground and on the score board was a
message, MIKE SARGENT - 61 - CAUGHT OUT!, a fantastic vision. He lived in Nottingham and
worked for a number of legal firms and played cricket for Plumtree cricket club. He was a great Notts
Forest supporter and was present at both of their European cup finals - founder member of Cotgrave Place
golf club Nottingham -married to Barbara with 3 sons - he played at Trent Bridge in 1991 during the
Bruce French (ex England and Notts wicketkeeper) testimonial match, a typically belligerent innings but
as ever played in the true spirit of the game so typified by the man”.

Julian Kelsey (1946-1953) has written from 96 Empingham Road, Stamford, Lincs PE9 2RJ to advise
that his brother Ronald who was at School from 1940-1945 had died in February. He had lived in
Pembrokeshire for some 25-30 years. Sadly Julian‟s daughter Helen also died in May after a long fight
with cancer. She was a consultant haematologist at Kettering and like her two aunts she was a pupil at the
High School as was his other daughter, Sarah. He added that on a lighter note he has managed to put
some names to faces for Philip Mizon and since moving to Stamford had met Peter Stevens who was a
boarder at the School for a while during the war but left to go to Felsted. “I have just been looking at the
April/May 2010 newsletter in which Tony Hasler mentions so many familiar names from the past which I
connect with my brother”.

Maureen Taylor has written from „Brynthorn‟, Holeyn Hall Road, Wylam, Northumberland, NE41 8BE
to advise us of the death on April 22nd of her husband Michael Lough Taylor who was at School from
1944-1953. She writes:- After leaving School he joined Crompton Parkinson leaving them to join the
Electricity Supply Industry both in Brentwood and London. In 1965 we moved to the North East where
he worked for the NEEB in Newcastle. We both retired in 1995 and were able to enjoy many holidays
abroad and in the UK. We very much enjoyed living in Northumberland and our visits to Chelmsford
became rare after the death of our parents. We did manage to get to one Coffee Morning organised by
Brian (Michael‟s uncle) and Muriel Turner. Two weeks before his death he wrote to and received a letter
from Nigel Fanshawe, his old headmaster, which he was delighted with.

Alan Hayden, has advised us that J.P. (Peter) WILKINSON, 1945 to
1951 (I think those were his dates ) has died in Blandford, Dorset. Peter was a chartered accountant who
started his career with Luckin and Sheldrake and worked for various national construction companies
before retiring to Dorset.

                             Michael W P Rondel (At School 1935-1944)
We were advised by Michael‟s brother Richard Rondel 1938-1949 and their cousin Ray Collins 1936-
1943 of Michael‟s death on August 22nd and reproduce below the tribute made at the funeral on 1st
September by one of his work colleagues, Mike Perkins.

I was in my forties and working at the Birmingham branch of one of the world‟s major insurers. I was doing
reasonably well although held back perhaps by the prominence in my life of Cricket and Rugby. We were asked to
stand by on a particular day for a „Visitation by a member of Staff Department‟. My interview didn‟t come until
about a quarter to five and on entering the room he had been allocated I was confronted by a man of huge stature
lolling in his seat and with his feet up on the desk. He completely disarmed my well-rehearsed defences with his
opening question: „Doesn‟t this job sometimes make you want to climb up the wall?‟. But he didn‟t use the word
„climb‟-instead a more Anglo-Saxon one. He was of course Michael Rondel whose life we celebrate here today.
That was often his way: he would rub people up a bit to try to find out what they were really like. He had a razor-
sharp interviewing technique and many years later a colleague of mine whom he interviewed walked straight out of
his room after an interview in which he was „taken to pieces‟ and spent four or five hours wandering round the City
trying to make sense of what Michael had said.
Michael joined Royal Insurance in 1950 and worked in the South East and City branches. He became Assistant City
Manager in 1964 and Assistant Staff Manager in 1967. He managed branches at Slough, Worcester and Reading
before his appointment as Manager, Birmingham in 1977 from which position he was advanced to Manager, West
Midlands Area. His advent in Birmingham created an enormous stir. It started with his own Environment: out went
the important-looking manager‟s mahogany desk and in came a glass-topped table and some easy chairs. A shower
was installed in the Managerial Ablutions.
Every member of his staff numbering over a hundred was interviewed and many were assigned to new jobs.
Everything we did was questioned and looked at from a different angle. Old ways of working were scrapped and
individuals were expected to take more responsibility. Awkward questions were asked. I as an Inspector was able
of course to trot out my District Income. „No, not that figure‟ Michael replied „I want to know the total insurance
premiums paid by all the businesses operating in your District‟!
The business of Insurance without which people and commercial and industrial enterprises cannot function is simple
enough in its concept: the many pay into a central fund with the purpose of alleviating the losses of the few. The
problem of course is that the cost isn‟t known at the outset and the assessment of likely losses requires a great deal
of technical know-how. Then people are needed to maintain records and accounts, pay claims, undertake surveys
and to represent the insurance company to the public at large.
This was the enterprise Michael so successfully managed during his years at Birmingham and in his quest for
efficiency and new ways of doing things he was without doubt years ahead of his time.
His concern for the development and motivation of people - his staff - never left him and many of us here will
remember meetings with him-sometimes uncomfortable but always stimulating. One lunchtime as I was waiting for
the lift up to the canteen, Michael came out of his office and said „Fancy a Beer?‟. As it happened I was particularly
busy and was just going to snatch a sandwich upstairs. As we walked across to „The Grand‟ my mind was racing:
what proposition would he put to me? Three beers later he asked for some food. They had finished serving. Over to
„The Imperial‟. Three more beers (and still no food!) and I was anxiously waiting for whatever the Manager was
going to put to me. It was a stimulating chat but no proposition came my way. He had just fancied a beer!
Michael was liked and respected by Clients and could be a great ally in the development and retention of business.
Once when I had reached an impasse with one of my clients who was on the point of taking away from us a very
large parcel of business, I enlisted Michael‟s help. After the lunchtime meeting I asked him how the meeting had
gone? „Oh fine‟ was his airy reply „he only wanted to talk about his holidays‟!! …..and we kept the business.
After he retired, I began to see a new side of Michael as he invited me to join him from time-to-time for lunch with
his beloved wife Sylvia. Autumn was a favourite as he would source some Pheasant or Grouse from his butcher and
we would enjoy a gourmet meal prepared to the highest standards by Sylvia from her wheelchair. We would sit long
into the afternoon over the Burgundy and Port looking out over the River as the sun went down putting the World to
rights and sparking off memories of business triumphs and failures.
He loved the Cotswolds and the pubs and restaurants of South Warwickshire. We talked too about holidays to
country areas of France with Sylvia and also of Music which was an interest I shared with them. His life was so full
with Music and Reading and Fishing and good Wine and Food that unusually they didn‟t have time for television.
Just a couple of weeks ago we spoke on the phone to arrange a lunch in September after what he assured me was to
be „a very routine operation‟. I shall miss the words coming from his sharp brain, I shall miss his advice from which
I have several times benefited and I shall miss a friend and mentor. I am sure that all of us here in this Chapel will
feel likewise. Here truly was a giant of a man both in stature and in intellect. A man who has left a mark in so many
spheres. A man who found great happiness with his wife Sylvia. Michael, may you rest in peace and rise in glory”.
Ray Collins attended the funeral and told us that the day had been one of family celebration and Richard
Rondel confirmed this - “It was a good celebration of a life well lived and, as Ray said, the day did
indeed go well”.

Whilst the above tribute concentrated much on Michael‟s working life Richard added that he felt it equally
important to pay tribute to the wonderful life Mike and Sylvia created after he retired. They lived life to
the absolute full, and between them cultivated, and enjoyed the company of, a wide circle of interesting
friends from many walks of life. They famously kept a good table (and cellar!!) and lunch gatherings
chez Rondel were always noteworthy events!
Beyond that, they travelled widely, tending overall to favour France. They discovered a particularly
attractive gite near Beaune where they stayed quite often - in the process becoming very friendly with the
owner and his wife, so that in some ways it almost became a second, much valued, home from home for
them. They also loved to spend time in North Norfolk, tending more recently to focus a little more on
stays up there as the journeys to France became a little more challenging. They also always took full
advantage of the excellent cultural life of the Warwickshire region and frequently attended the best of
what was on offer in terms of concerts, plays, museum exhibitions and films. I also feel it right to mention
the fact that although Sylvia is in a wheelchair this never appeared in any way to restrict their joint ability
to create a life of quite remarkable richness. There seemed to be no limitation whatsoever in terms of the
way they lived their life together and in doing just whatever they chose to do. Quite amazing!.
Mike very much championed the need to preserve our precious countryside and has asked that anyone
who might care to, should make a donation on his behalf to the Council for the Protection of Rural
England, Warwickshire Branch. Sylvia tells me that she will continue to live in the flat, which is well
adapted to her particular needs, and where she has a number of good, genuinely supportive friends - both
in other flats in the Mill, and nearby.     Her address, for anyone who may wish to contact her, is:
Flat 6 Clifford Mill, Clifford Chambers, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 8HW.


Mark Piper,, wrote “I believe I took out Life Membership in the late 70s (I was at
KEGS 65-72), and received the newsletter for some years, but then life became more hectic with house
moves etc and contact was lost (almost certainly due to my failure to advise changes of address!)
A recent contact with Tim Carey (who was giving a concert near where I now live in Cornwall) prompted
a renewed interest and I performed a web search and found your contact details on a recent newsletter
posted on the OCA site. I should be very pleased to receive future copies of the newsletter by email.
Am I to understand that the pdf versions of the newsletter are no longer available? Given a free choice that
would be my preference, but will try to cope with whatever is available. It is just possible that your
records have me as Stephen Piper, although I was only known at school as Mark”.

We also heard from Paul Logsdon,, who had written to the School “I'm a
KEGS Chelmsford 'old boy' from 1974 but emigrated to Australia in 1975 and still reside there. I have
returned to England from time to time for family visits and have considered joining the Old Boys but
never got around to it (career and three children to look after). I am a registered (chartered) Architect
(RAIA & RIBA) and have worked in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, UAE) between 2007 and 2010 as the
Lead Consultant for hotel/hospitality projects. I would like to find out two things if I may.
Firstly, how do I apply for membership of the Old Chelmsfordians (do you have overseas members?) and
can this be done on-line or via email? Secondly I would like to know whether my School Athletics
records for javelin throwing still remain (sorry, curiosity has got the better of me). Could you please
confirm? Is it possible to get a current copy of the school Athletic records? I recall that John Archer held
the 1 mile (1500m) record for some considerable time”.
We were able to advise Paul regarding membership of the OCA which he intends taking up on his return
to Australia and that his javelin record would appear to have fallen as the School v OCA Athletics
programme for 2003 shows the Javelin Record being held by P Stephens at 47.58m in 1987. However
John Archer still held the 800m record set in 1963, 2min 1.7secs, whilst Steve Hayward, 100m, 11.1secs
1964 and Bob Chapman, 1500m 4min 2.6secs in 1965 were other long time record holders.
Paul subsequently suggested that he recalled that his javelin record was set at the School Sports held in
June 1972, but that there had been many throws in away competitions with other schools that went
unrecorded. He would have been delighted to return next year to have a throw against the school boys (I
might tighten up the arm and work on the core strength in the meantime!) but sadly the annual athletics
fixture between the School and Association is no longer held.

Jeremy White, (Mildmay, 1975-82),, is another welcome new member from
past years whilst Lisa Rayner (nee Robins) who was at School from 1982-1985 has taken the opportunity
of joining the Association at the same time as her son Christopher who is one of this year‟s School-
leavers. Whilst having several father/son combinations on our membership database we think that Lisa
and Christopher are the first mother and son combination and we also welcome his school colleagues as
Life members, Samuel Harris, Tom Herbert and Katharine Wiseman. We are also delighted to
welcome twins Abigail and Patrick Calver as new members who like the twins Mark and Peter Wilkes
last year are both off to University in Cambridge, Abi reading Politics, Psychology and Sociology and
Patrick, English.
                                     E-MAIL CONVERSIONS
Amongst those converting to the electronic version of the newsletter are:-
Sean Bermingham, 1983-1990,, Penny Evans,,
Thomas Flynn, 1991-1998 and IanWilson,

Terry (TIP) Baldwin, 1952-1957,, who writes “I do enjoy reading through
the newsletter but I‟m afraid I‟m not a contributor. Please save yourselves postage and send me copies via
e-mail. I‟ll try and work it out!! Please send my best wishes to all members who may remember me.”

Bob Kilvington, 1964-1972,,, „Didn't realise this
was an option until now, perhaps I should read more carefully!‟.

Bob (Jock) Matthew,, „I've finally caught up with the electronic age and
will be pleased to receive all future newsletters by e-mail. Give my best regards to everyone‟.

Clare Oddy has asked us to send her son Adam's OCA Newsletter by email to in
future as he is currently working in South Korea and forwarding it by post is not straightforward.
Adam was at School from 1995-2002

Andrew Dyson, 1998-2005, who wrote „I notice from page eight of your June edition that the OCA
newsletter is available via email. Please could I receive email instead of paper copies: my email address is

                                       COFFEE MORNINGS
Hugh and Pat Piper were in charge of the Coffee Morning at Lawford Lane on Thursday June 16th and
presented a London quiz which was somewhat simpler than their previous offering! There were15 people
present - perhaps the weather had deterred others as it poured most of the morning - in fact most of the
day. Conversation was, as usual, abundant, but the meeting broke up earlier than usual; weather again?!

Brian and Margaret Churcher took their turn to be the coffee-pourers at the Coffee Morning on
Thursday 21st July when twenty one members, including our ladies, were in attendance at what proved a
very convivial get-together. Whilst one or two were away on holidays the normal regulars were there and
£41 was raised via the coffee and the raffle to go to our designated charity. Brian suggests that it would
be great to see some of the more recently retired Old Chelmsfordians coming along - we don't seem to get
many fresh faces, and that's what we need to keep going!

Selwyn Wheeler reports that the August meeting on the 17th continued in spite of the fact that less
members than usual tuned up. However this is normal for August but those who did turn up seemed to
enjoy themselves. This is a very early notice of our Christmas morning lunch which will be on Thursday
15th December. Coffee and Biscuits will be served from 10.15am and lunch will be at approximately
12.30pm. It will consist of fish and chips, home made desserts and cheese and biscuits. The cost will be
£8 with the profits going to our charity. This early notice, it is hoped, will attract OCs from further afield
as well as locals who do not normally attend. Let‟s make it a real reunion party. Anybody should if
interested phone me, Selwyn Wheeler, on 01245 471261. We do need to know numbers as early as
possible as the fish and chips have to be ordered early. The cost will be negotiated well before the event
and will be based upon the number ordered so….
      “Let‟s be hearing from you! It would be good to see a few more of you at Lawford Lane”.


Graham King has sent us these 2011 Pre-season Results and early season Match Reports:-

Monday 18th July Tom Farr Charity Trophy v Galleywood. Won 1-0. Goalscorer: Damian Lee
Thursday 21st July Tom Farr Charity Trophy v Writtle       Won 9-3. Goalscorers: Ryan Sutton 2,
Dan Pound 2, James Ward 2, Will King, Ryan Fleming, Ryan Matthams
Saturday 23rd July Friendly v Kelvedon Hatch                Lost 1-3 Goalscorer: Rob King.
2nd XI Friendly v. Kelvedon Hatch Reserves Lost 4-6 Goalscorers: Shane Bone 3. Darren Riches (pen)
Saturday 30th July Friendly v Coggeshall Town        Won 2-0. Goalscorer: Matt Hearn 2
Tuesday 2nd August Tom Farr Charity Trophy Final v Springfield Won 2-1 Goalscorers: Matt
Hearn. Rob King
Saturday 13th August      Friendly v Hutton            Lost 1-2 Goalscorer: Dan Griffin
Thursday 18th August Friendly v Broomfield             Won 4-3
Tuesday 23rd August       Friendly v Witham Town XI Won 4-3 Goalscorers: Matt Hearn 3, Darryl

Of the Tom Farr Charity Trophy Final held at Paradise Road, Writtle,
Graham writes:- A game of two halves was exactly how Trevor Farr
who presented the trophy to OCs skipper Will King described this
game. However, despite a lack-lustre start to the game, OCs started
to find their previous pre-season form in the second half and went
on to take the trophy for the third consecutive year. A flat but very hard
pitch did OCs no favours early on and a lively display from a young
looking Springfield had OCs on the back foot for most of the first half
although resolute defending kept the score line blank. The very warm
evening also took its toll but both teams gave everything and referee
Campbell did a good job in controlling the pre-season enthusiasm from
both teams. Springfield opened the scoring when an OCs attack was
cleared and for once caught the back four square. The Springfield forward
finished well from wide on the left but then OCs started to dominate
possession and this allowed Matt Hearn to „nick‟ a well-deserved equaliser. OCs
supporters started to anticipate extra time but the winner came with about 10 minutes to go when Rob
King squeezed a shot past the lively Springfield keeper at the far post. OCs received the trophy from
Trevor Farr, who paid tribute to all who took part in this, the 26th year of this charity competition.

Saturday 27th August 2011

Runwell Hospital 3 v OCs 1st XI 2                                                                               EOL Div 1
With seven first team squad members not available for the first game of the season against one of the strongest teams in the
league the performance of the team for 70 minutes was very encouraging for the rest of the season. The first half football
played by OCs was very pleasing and the Old Boys went in at half time 2-1 up with goals from Matt Hearn and Ben Sanders.
The second half became more of a battle and with no resources on the bench, due to a management mistake, the home team

finally drew level. A blatant handball was then not seen by a very poor official and this error led to a third and winning goal.
OCs must take the positives from this defeat and with a full strength squad should show they will be a force to be reckoned
Debden Sports Res 5 v OCs 2nd XI 0                                                                               EOL Res Div 2
OCs lost an early goal to a header from a corner and then always looked second best. Debden`s second was a tap in and OCs
then conceded three in the last five minutes including an own goal. OCs looked promising at times but need to be tighter at the
back and ensure they take their chances at the other end if they are to survive in Division Two.

Saturday 3rd September 2011                      Week 3

Wadham Lodge 0 v OCs 1st XI 3                                                                                      EOL Div 1
After the bitter disappointment of last week‟s result a much stronger looking OCs squad had another difficult away trip to
newly promoted Wadham Lodge. Building on the encouraging work from the previous game OCs soon got into some free
flowing football and created a number of chances before another well taken free kick from the returning Matt Hearn avoided
everyone and went into the far corner. This was quickly followed by the second just before half time from new boy Will King
with a well taken volley from another Hearn free kick. The second half started with the hosts putting the well drilled defence
under some pressure and a couple of great saves from new keeper Jordan Sole kept a clean sheet along with some strong
defending from the whole team. Another couple of well worked chances went missing but the game was finally clinched by a
quickly taken free kick from another new boy Paul Hudson. This was the hosts first match since promotion and only their
second home league defeat in three seasons and on this performance and with the depth of squad things can only get better for

Sunday 4th September 2011

Little Baddow 2 v OCs 1st XI 4                                                                               P&S Div 2
Little Baddow and OCs produced three or four tight games last season in the league below and this was no different. OCs
however claimed victory in this one winning 4-2.
William De Ferrers 3 v OCs 2nd XI 5                                                                           P&S Div 4
William De Ferrers scored three goals in this opening league game but were unable to stop OCs reserves hitting five
themselves. 5-3 to the OCs

Saturday 10th September 2011                    Week 4

OCs 1st XI 5 v Burnham Ramblers Reserves 0                                                                 EOL SEN.CUP 1st rd
After the great result last week it was important that OCs kept the momentum going but things got off to a very bad start with
the loss of the colossus that is Darryl Tredgett after only 10 minutes. After a few positional changes the home side settled down
and finally started to knock the ball around with the midfield being controlled by the superb Paul Ellis and the returning Dan
Cox. Goals from Matt Hearn, Ryan Sutton and Josh Goodey before the half time break settled the game and allowed the second
half to pass by with OCs controlling the game and finishing with two more goals, a penalty from Hearn and a well taken second
from Sutton. Manager Peter Gillott says “most importantly another win with a clean sheet-long may it continue boys”

Hockley & Hawkwell 2 v OCs Vets XI 2                                                                      EVL Div 2 East
Mark Hiskey gave the Vets a one nil half time lead away to Hockley & Hawkwell but despite substitute Paul Groom`s second
half strike the Vets conceded two to share the points.

Sunday 11th September 2011

OCs 1st XI 3 v Athletico Billericay 3                                                                                 P&S Div 2
OCs and Athletico Billericay could not be separated in a six goal thriller and both teams now sit with four points in two games.
Mike Forman netted twice and Aaron Huckett the other for OCs. Rob Moore, Ashley Munro and James Morkunas replied for

Carpenters Arms 0 v OCs 2nd XI 1                                                                                     P&S Div 4
Carpenters Arms lost out 1-0 to the OCs 2nd XI, who claim top spot at this very early stage.

Saturday 17th September 2011                   Week 5

Aldborough Athletic 2 v OCs 1st XI 1                                                                              EOL Div 1
Another difficult away game was made even harder by the injuries to key defenders Darryl Tredgett and Will King. However
with the strength in depth that OCs have this season and the welcome return of Shaun Crockford to the squad all looked good .
A very scrappy first half with the only football being played by OCs saw two good chances go begging. However, just after the
break Crockford, on for the injured Matt Hearn, scored with a great curling shot into the bottom corner and this led to some
great football being played by OCs with a number of very good chances created but which turned out to be their downfall as

they were not converted. The home side fought their way back into the game and a very good first goal was followed by a
scrappy winner after another superb save from the very impressive Jordan Sole. Manager Peter Gillott says “This was a tough
result to take and only a very strong positive attitude is needed now, as there can be little room for any more defeats, if our aim
of winning the league is to be achieved”.
OCs 2nd XI 1 v Basildon Town Reserves 2                                                                      EOL Reserve Div 2
OCs 2nd XI started very slowly against the visitors and it did not help when they conceded a sloppy goal after just one minute‟s
play. The rest of the half saw OCs struggle to find a pass and they had „man of the match‟, goalkeeper Dan Smith, to thank for
keeping the score at just the one although within the last minute of the half OCs did conced again! In the second half OCs
performance had to improve and it did. Stuart Gleed`s penalty after 51 minutes gave the Old Boys a chance to get the result
their second half improvement deserved but unfortunately it was not enough.
Battlesbridge 7 v OCs 3rd XI 3                                                                          Dave Strachen Cup 1st rd
OCs Vets XI 2 v Dunmow Rhodes Vets 0                                                                             EVL Div 2 East
OCs eventually found a second goal late in the second half to maintain a steady start to the season. After last week‟s draw
against Hockley & Hawkwell, having squandered a 2-0 lead, there was always a chance of it happening once more. The first
half saw chances go begging until a good move down the left saw Mick Kilbey slot home from close range. But Dunmow
defended well and the keeper made some good saves to keep the score at 1-0 at the break. The second half once again saw
chances missed (enough said Mayo!) OCs became more and more anxious at getting a second goal, but with time running out
Johnny Ruffles showed his experience by calmly stroking the ball home from just inside the box to seal a deserved win.

Sunday 18th September 2011

Priory Sports Reserves 2 v OCs 1st XI 4                                                                      P&S Div 2
OCs continue to impress in the early season and goals from Mike Forman, Ryan Fleming, Paul Tiffen and Luke Anderson saw
them take the points away to Priory Sports and go top of Division Two.
OCs 2nd XI 4 v E2V Mannex 3                                                                                  P&S Div 4
The 2nd XI remain unbeaten and top Division Four, this win at home to E2V was secured with goals from Craig Robertson,
Jack Harris, Dan Pettit and Ben Bailey.


Shorter days, a drop in temperature and the return of Premier League football all adds up to one thing - the end of
the cricket season, writes Baz Bowerman.

As reported back in June, the First Eleven did not make the best of starts, losing their first seven matches. Injuries,
career breaks and University attendance had all combined to weaken the First Eleven squad. They remained
confident in their own ability however, and a return to the fold of some of the absent players prompted a late
recovery that almost saw them stave off relegation. The firsts won four of their last seven games but it was not
enough as they fell two points short of staying up. The ones went into the last game of the season needing a win,
whilst hoping that relegation rivals Pegasus & Corringham lost. Frustratingly, a last-day 223-run thrashing of
Chignal counted for nothing in the final reckoning as Pegasus also recorded the win that kept them up and sent us

The Second Eleven continued to show the form of the previous two seasons throughout 2011. The twos were
second in the table with two games to go, and winning both matches would have been enough to send them up to
Division Three as champions. Unfortunately, the penultimate game was lost to title winners Woodham Mortimer
and the last game ended in a loss to Little Baddow. The latter defeat was particularly hard to take as Little Baddow
only won six games all season, but managed to beat the twos both home and away. It meant that the second eleven
finished third, 14 points away from automatic promotion.

It is often said that no man is bigger than a club, but someone who came close to being that man brought down the
curtain on a long and illustrious Old Chelmsfordians career on 3rd September. Steve „Wiz‟ Wilson strode out to the
middle of Lawford Lane for his last ever League innings. It is a shame that we don‟t have a historical archive of
scores and performances going back over the past few decades as I‟m sure Wiz would have set some records that
might never be surpassed. We do have electronic records for the past five seasons and I can tell you that Wiz scored
1,510 runs (one ton and 14 fifties) in those five years at an average of over 30. Most people would be proud to have
those stats at the peak of their career, so it gives all of you who may not have seen or played with Wiz in his pomp
the chance to realize just how good he actually was. One of my first games for the club was away to Clacton on a
Sunday in 1984. Steve scored 132, he ran someone out, he bowled (took a couple of wickets) and took two catches
in the slips. Incredible. To put Wiz the cricketer into some sort of context, I refer to the records I have kept of the
best individual batting and bowling performances in the second eleven since 2003. Steve occupies six out of the top
15 places on the highest individual innings chart and has a seventh place on the best bowling chart - a 5 for 25 in

2005 after I managed to persuade him to come out of bowling retirement to chance his arm in a game we had all but
lost and ended up winning. Wiz is the only person who features on both the batting and the bowling lists. Thank you
for all your efforts Wiz and enjoy your cricketing retirement – we will miss you.

After a bright start to their season the Third Eleven got into a habit of losing close games and, try as they might,
they were unable to haul themselves out of the relegation zone. Four wins from 18 games left them 23 points from
safety and they will be back in Division Nine next season. The same fate befell the Fourth Eleven who managed
three wins in the season and finished ninth in Division Ten.

The Sunday Eleven turned in some excellent performances during the season, none more so than a comprehensive
victory against Great Waltham when the two openers – brothers Tom and Rob Lee – carried their bats to secure a
10-wicket win.

The section as a whole is still in excellent shape, with a good crop of youngsters coming through, most of whom
picked up valuable experience this season either playing for our under-15 side or the fifth eleven, with some even
performing admirably for our league teams.

Finally, it is hats off to our Women‟s Cricket Team, who won the inaugural Rayleigh Ladies Cricket Festival this
year. So, well done to Tracy, Charlotte, Frances, Sam, Rebecca, Laura, Kate and Beena.

The season‟s results from 18 June onwards for all our teams, with individual performances of note in brackets, are:

First XI

18 June - OCA 167-7 lost to Springfield 168-8
25 June – OCA 191-9 (Stu McNeill 100) bt Rayleigh 148 all out (Will Davis 4-43)
2 July – OCA 258-4 (Matt Eva 57*) lost to Chignal 260-5
9 July – OCA 114 all out (Matt Eva 53) lost to Bentley 188 all out
16 July – OCA 89 all out (Damien Westwood 51) lost to Hatfield Peverel 134-5
23 July – OCA 172-8 (Stu McNeill 53) beat Pegasus & Corringham 123 all out (Rob Wickham 5-15)
30 July – OCA 137 all out lost to High Roding 161 all out (Jake Wickham 4-31)
6 August – OCA 216-8 (Damien Westwood 61) lost to Aythorpe Roding 255-8
13 August – OCA 190 all out (Paul Kirby 59) bt Lt Baddow 99 all out
20 August – OCA 119 all out lost to Springfield 120-4
27 August – OCA 94-5 (Damien Westwood 63*) beat Rayleigh 93 all out (Paul Kirby 5-32)
3 September – OCA 266-7 beat Chignal 43 all out (Rob Wickham 8-25)

Second XI

18 June – rained off
25 June – OCA 202-7 (Dips Patel 51) beat Woodham Mortimer 193-8
2 July – OCA 205-6 (David Scarfe 86) lost to Lt Baddow II 206-2
9 July – OCA 181-9 beat Southend Ekco III 177-9
16 July – rained off
23 July – OCA 127-2 (Steve Wilson 60*) beat Brookweald II 126 all out
30 July – OCA 224-5 (Rob Lee 68, Dom Norman 61*) beat Sandon 204-9
6 August – OCA 229-9 (Andy Cook 91, Gerard Wiley 68) beat Terling 135 all out (Michael Hadjimichael 5-33)
13 August – OCA 186-4 (Baz Bowerman 65*, Nick Bastian 50*) beat Fyfield 186-8
20 August – OCA 170-6 (Andy Cook 51) beat Rayne 90-9
27 August – OCA 150-9 (Rob Lee 61) lost to Woodham Mortimer 153-3
3 September – OCA 171 all out (Andy Cook 61) lost to Lt Baddow II 172-5

Third XI

18 June - OCA 87 all out lost to East Hanningfield II 88-3
25 June – OCA 193 all out (Baz Bailey 59) lost to Broomfield 200 all out
2 July – OCA 135 all out lost to Herongate II 138-1
9 July – OCA 110 all out lost to Eastwood II 215-9
16 July – rained off

23 July – OCA 204 all out (Karam Lalli 75) beat Canvey Island II 100 all out
30 July – OCA 154 all out (Jez Crook 93) lost to Burnham II 278-5
6 August – OCA 173 all out lost to SW Ferrers II 197-7
13 August – OCA 203-8 (Baz Bailey 92) lost to Danbury 204-6
20 August – OCA 141-8 tied with East Hanningfield II 141 all out
27 August – OCA 168-6 (Nick Bastian 68) lost to Broomfield II 170-5
3 September – OCA 191-5 (Baz Bowerman 72, Matt Cranfield 65) lost to Herongate 194-6

Fourth XI

18 June - OCA 70 all out lost to Rankins III 71-1
25 June – OCA 141 all out (Adam Dickens 52) lost to Rayleigh IV 179-7
2 July – OCA 106 all out lost to St Andrews 205-6
9 July – OCA 202 all out (Si Govus 46) lost to Navestock II 206-8
16 July – rained off
23 July – OCA 137 all out lost to Wickham 139-3
30 July – OCA 177-9 (Les Gray 60) lost to Rayne II 179-8 (Malcolm Dewar 4-52)
6 August – OCA 89 all out lost to Chignal 225-8 (Ian Dickens 4-23)
13 August – OCA 153 all out (Adam Joy 67) lost to Eastwood III 156-4
20 August – OCA 57 all out lost to Rayleigh III 60-0
27 August – OCA 135-9 lost to Rayleigh IV 136-4
3 September – OCA 95-9 (Si Govus 48) lot to St Andrews 97-3

Fifth XI

2 July – OCA 128 all out (Les Gray 59) lost to Upminster 131-3
9 July – OCA 119-6 (Les Gray 61*) drew with Chelmsford VI 230-7
23 July – OCA 147-6 drew with Writtle III 201-8 (Matt Robson 4-38)

Sunday XI

26 June – OCA 114-0 (Tom Lee 70*, Rob Lee 41*) beat Gt Waltham 112 all out (Lewis Bartlett 4-24)
17 July – OCA 90 all out lost to Tillingham 104 all out (Rob Wickham 5-11)
7 August – OCA 202 all out (Tom Lee 95) lost to Sawbridgeworth 208-8
14 August – OCA 261-8 (Rob Wickham 82*) beat Gt Waltham 165-4
21 August – OCA 214 all out (Rob Wickham 76) beat Primary Club 100 all out
4 September – OCA 77-4 beat Rettendon 73 all out
11 September – OCA 244-6 (Rob Wickham 92*) bt Terling 199 all out
18 September – OCA 215-7 (Clive Barnstone 78, Jeremy Pruce 40) lost to Sawbridgeworth 216-3

Womens and Girls XI

24 June – OCA 92-6 (Frances Mower 25) lost to Woodham Mortimer 94-4
1 July – OCA 105-8 lost to Rayleigh 112-4
3 July – OCA 78 all out beat Maldon 15 all out (Ally Farrar 3-7)
15 July - OCA 85-3 (Tracy Latimer 25) lost to Sudbury 98-4

Under-15s        23 June – OCA 134-5 (Karam Lalli 48) lost to Lt Baddow 162-5

                                           TABLE TENNIS
Matthew Porter has provided us with this pre-winter season report:-

Ahead of the start of the 2011/12 Chelmsford and District League beginning the following week, Old
Chelmsfordians Table Tennis Club held their annual closed tournament on Monday 5 September. There
was a junior singles, senior singles and mixed junior and senior doubles tournament taking place during
the evening.
Junior Tournament

Group A 1st - Jack Crook; 2nd - Shane Bliss; 3rd - Charlie Mariner
Group B 1st - Tom Barker; 2nd - Daniel Berry; 3rd - Josh Watts
Semi Finals
Tom Barker beat Shane Bliss 2-0 ; Jack Crook beat Daniel Berry 2-0
Tom Barker beat Jack Crook 3-0

Senior tournament

                             Group A      1st - Robbie Burton; 2nd - John Watts; 3rd - Mick Hayes;
                                          4th – Matthew Porter
                             Group B      1st - Steve Northcott; 2nd - Frank Hodge; 3rd - Adrian North;
                                          4th - Tom Adam
                             Semi Finals
                             Robbie Burton beat Frank Hodge 2-0 : Steve Northcott beat John Watts 2-0
                             Final   Steve Northcott beat Robbie Burton 3-0

The doubles tournament was won by Robbie Burton and Jack Crook
and our photos show Tom Barker (junior champion), Stephen
Northcott (senior champion) and Jack Crook and Robbie Burton
(doubles champions) being presented with their trophies by the table
tennis club secretary Hil Dowsett.

After a reshuffle of teams in the Chelmsford and District League,
OCA have two teams in Division One, two teams in Division Three,
four teams in Division Five and a junior team in the introductory
CLICK league. Strength-in-depth within the club should be
boosted this season by the welcome addition of a number of promising young players from Hylands
School. The teams in the first division will also benefit from the presence of new arrivals Dave Cole and
Peter Hayden. Dave has an impressive reputation within the Chelmsford League as a two-time winner of
the Men‟s Singles competition.

   Anyone requiring further information about the OCA Table Tennis section can contact John Watts

Alan Coulthard writes:-

Court Replacement              The work to replace the courts was completed on 26/8/11, one week ahead of
schedule, and we are now gradually getting used to the difference in the way that the new surface plays. It
is slower, balls bounce a little higher and spin now seems more evident. We also heard recently that the
Essex County LTA have approved an interest-free loan of £15,000 towards the cost to be repaid over 5
years so the wider OCA finances will be under a little less strain than otherwise.

Summer Leagues                The summer league season ends on 30/9/11 and six of the seven teams are
comfortably placed in their divisions. This means that Men‟s 1 will retain their place in the top division, a
really good effort on their part. The one exception is the Mixed 1 team who were promoted to the top
division last summer and as predicted in an earlier newsletter, they have found the going tough. They
currently lie second from bottom but are well clear of the team in last place. The number of teams

relegated can change from season to season, sometimes one and sometimes two, so we will have to wait
and see what the final outcome will be.

Club Championships              Our annual championships culminate at our Finals Day on Saturday
17/9//11. Malcolm Dewar will officially declare the new courts open and present winning trophies. In
addition to the finals, one of our junior teams won their league in a regional AEGON Team Tennis event.
Members of that squad, all aged 11 to 14, will play an exhibition match on the day and spectators are in
for a treat. The squad members are Daniel Bacon, Charlie Mariner, Mathew Morley-Jacob, Mark
Robinson, Callum Tween and Alfie Whitten

Membership If you are not currently a member of the tennis section but have always fancied trying out
the great courts, particularly with the new surface, contact Alan Coulthard on 07795 105328. If your
tennis is a little rusty, Alan and Derek Rogers (Head Club Coach) can organise coaching sessions to
individuals and small groups. Also, our website at is a good source of
information about the section.

                                          Howard Swan has supplied this report on the Alex Swan Trophy golf day
                                          held on June 23rd 2011.

                                        “Some 40 of us gathered together at Bentley Golf Club in Brentwood for
                                        the 26th Trophy meeting in memory of my father, who we recalled was a
                                        greatly enthusiastic and proud Vice President of the Association. Those
                                        who came had travelled from far and wide, a few local OCs with
                                        colleagues and friends ... and many clients from much further – from the
                                        West Country, from Yorkshire, from the Midlands and remarkably, the
                                        British High Commissioner from Bangalore in India, where we have been
                                        working. What was lovely was that there were so many families – the
                                        Flints, the Littles, the Redmans, the Biddlecombes, the Balls, the Salmons
                                        – three generations, the Swans – four generations there either playing or
supporting the event. All enjoyed a fine day.

The weather was warm and sunny almost throughout the day for the two competitions with the exception of the
players and spectators having to endure a remarkable storm in the early afternoon. The golf course was quite
excellent, well prepared and presented and a testimony to my father‟s work, with a little help from a rather younger
me, in laying it out some 40 years ago and it standing the test of time very well.

The morning saw a Texas scramble over nine holes to get us in the
swing, so to speak, with Chris and Gary Flint taking the first prize with a
gross 37 strokes – way out in front of the rest of us. Ann Salmon and her
daughter Julie picked up the pink socks and balls for an outstandingly
indifferent score!

The main event in the afternoon saw some highly impressive golf with
some great scoring.

The David Salmon Trophy, for parent and sibling, was a close fought
affair between the two Littles and the two Flints, with Chris and Gary
prevailing on count back with some 41 points in the Stableford.

In the Alex Swan Trophy itself, Richard and Ben Salmon played superbly to take the third prize with 44 points, my
colleagues Nigel Henbury and Nigel Draffan being runers up with 45 but the Ingleton brothers, Toby and Jon,
publishers of my profession‟s journal, Golf Course Architecture, in which I write regularly, came out clearly on top
of the pile with an outstanding 47 points. A cut in handicaps is called for in 2012 which all of us demanded! Steve
Little and Eric Giachardi took the accolades for their accuracy in coming closest to the pins on the short holes.

All in all, a brilliant day – my father would have simply loved it – family, friends and fun on his golf
course – which all of us thoroughly enjoyed. My only regret is that there were not more OCs. Many of the
regulars did not come. However, with Steve Little‟s immense efforts to gather all his contemporaries
together as often as he can, the Spring meeting (it was at Warley Park in May), the Autumn meeting (it
will be at Stratford on Avon on 21st October) together with the Alex Swan and David Salmon Trophies
being played for in the summer I hope we will see many more Old Boys searching for those clubs buried
somewhere in the cupboard and joining us”

  Our two photographs show Howard with the Ingletons who won the Alex Swan Trophy and the Flints
                            taking the David Salmon Trophy from Ann.

We are delighted to hear that Howard is to be part of the panel for a „New Formats for Golf‟ debate at the
Asia Pacific Golf Summit to be held in Pattaya, Thailand. Howard will be joined by other leading lights
of the industry to discuss how innovation can help to ensure a healthy future for golf. Having pioneered
the provision of small, flexible golf facilities through his FirstGolf initiative in countries such as India,
South Africa and Ghana, Howard is perfectly placed to address this topic. Closer to home Howard is
currently working on improvements to the Gerrards Cross Golf Club in Buckinghamshire and the Ripon
City Golf Club in North Yorkshire.

                                    FORTHCOMING EVENTS

                            Casino Night in the Clubhouse
                       Saturday November 19th from 7.15pm
         Contact Mark Allison : 07866 594576 :

                                  Annual General Meeting
                     Monday November 28th, 8.00pm in the Clubhouse.
                   All are welcome to join your committee on this evening.
                           Contact the Secretary, George Heseltine

                                     Christmas Draw
                      Saturday December 3rd, 6.00pm in the Clubhouse
                           Contact Roger Gaffney : 01245 269388

                                   Christmas Coffee Morning
                                 Thursday December 15th 2011
                              Contact Selwyn Wheeler 01245 471261

                                  Annual Dinner 2012
                   Saturday March 24th. Details to follow nearer the time.

  And thank you again for your contributions for this newsletter and we look forward to
receiving news items and articles for the next which should be available during December.
  These should be sent to the address below as should any changes to your residential or
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