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					Online Fraud Shutdown Service
Intuit Financial Services’ Online Fraud Shutdown Service is an                                                               SECURITY
end-to-end anti-phishing and anti-email fraud service,
powered by RSA Security.

This turnkey service efficiently shuts down fraudulent sites and can proactively monitor, detect
and attack phishing activity before you become aware of it.
Premier Online Fraud Shutdown Service – Proactively detects and shuts down fraudulent
phishing sites, blocks access to phishing sites prior to shutdown, extracts compromised user
information, provides access to secure real-time reports and phishing alerts and includes
technical counter measures to dilute effectiveness of fraudulent attacks.
The Online Fraud Shutdown Service is one of the many ways Intuit Financial Services helps
protect your financial institution’s reputation, give your users peace of mind and reduce your
liability exposure from online fraud attacks.

Give Peace of Mind – The detection and            Minimize Data Exposure – Fast fraudulent site
monitoring services identify online fraud         shutdown minimizes end user data exposure
attacks in the early stages before they           and damages of an attack.
can proliferate.                                  Save Time and Resources – Leverages the
Deter Future Attacks – Counter-Measures           economies of scale to work on behalf of its
weaken the ability of criminals to obtain your    clients and outsource the headache of dealing
end users information, increases the chance of    with phishing. Specifically designed by
catching the fraudsters and helps deter future    anti-fraud financial institution experts for
attacks.                                          financial institutions, so implementation can
                                                  be seamless.

Detection & Prevention                            Reporting – Intuit Financial Services regularly
Real-time Alert and Detection Services* –         provides PDF format reports to your financial
Provides detection and real-time alerts of        institution with critical information to identify
phishing attacks, identified as it takes place    trends and new threats. With this service, you      About Intuit
                                                  have access to a secure Web Dashboard or            Financial Services
and take immediate action. Combines multiple
                                                  Portal that shows a single, comprehensive           We help financial institutions
technologies, such as email probes, spam                                                              improve their profitability with
filtering and chat room monitoring.               real-time view of the status of attack
                                                                                                      smart online, mobile banking
                                                  shutdown. Reports all known attacks through
Counter-Measures** – Counterattacks by                                                                and financial management
                                                  real-time alerts.                                   solutions that make it easier
feeding bad data to phishing sites and baiting
                                                                                                      for their customers to make
the fraudster with traceable information to aid
                                                                                                      better money decisions and
in catching them. This reduces the risk of                                                            achieve their financial goals.
damage from an attack and deters fraudsters                                                           Learn more at
from future attacks.
Features (continued)
Shutdown                                        Site Shut-Down – The 24x7 Anti-Fraud             Solutions & Services
Severity Assessment Services – Immediately      Command Center (AFCC) works on your behalf
                                                to stop the attack typically within hours and    Consumer Solutions
upon detection, the experienced 24x7
Anti-Fraud Command Center performs an           reduce the resources typically required to       Bill Pay & Presentment
evaluation of the attack – estimating its       fend off these attacks. It contacts the ISPs     Check & Statement Imaging
                                                and helps shut down the fraudulent Web sites,    FinanceWorks
severity, as well as additional information                                                      Growth & Retention Services
such as the account holder data that might      sends Cease and Desist letters to ISPs and
                                                                                                 Internet Banking
be compromis ed.                                supports over 15 languages.                      Mobile Banking
                                                Forensic Work – The AFCC conducts forensic       Online Account Opening
                                                                                                 Marketing Support
                                                work during and following attacks and            Secure Support, Secure Chat,
                                                attempts to extract additional valuable           & FAQ Knowledgebase
                                                                                                 Business Solutions
                                                                                                 Small Business Cash Management
                                                                                                 Commercial Cash Management

Support                                                                                          Co-Browse Support
                                                                                                 Automated Clearing House (ACH)
RSA Security provides client support for the                                                     Balance Reporting
detection and prevention, as well as shutdown                                                    Cash Concentration
features directly.                                                                               Controlled Disbursement
                                                                                                 Dual Verification
                                                                                                 Foreign Exchange Trade
                                                                                                 Mobile Banking
                                                                                                 Positive Pay
                                                                                                 Remote Deposit Capture
                                                                                                 Wire Transfers

                                                                                                 Security Solutions
                                                                                                 Multifactor Authentication
                                                                                                 Online Fraud Shutdown
                                                                                                 Browser Protection –
                                                                                                  ID Theft Protection
                                                                                                 Security Education for
                                                                                                  Financial Institutions
                                                                                                  & Consumers

                                                                                                21215 Burbank Boulevard, Ste. 100
                                                                                                Woodland Hills, CA 91367
                                                                                                                       SS_OnlineFraud 09/11

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